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Alternate Universe 6652(What could have been)

(Writer's Note: This story takes place in the Star Trek Online timeline and universe.)

[ Enhanced Virtual Entity | Krocton Segment | Holographic Research Lab | Romulus | 2384 ]

"Subcolonel, the General will be here any minute. I don't feel that I'm ready. And if he's not pleased with our work, I'm sure he will execute us both." The Romulan woman stood there smoothing out her uniform for the twelfth time since she learned of the General's arrival. She looked like she was in her twenties by human standards, which was appropriate as the project they were working on involved infiltrating the humans and they seemed to have a fascination with young women.

The Subcolonel stood there lazily working at a computer station, seeming to look unconcerned with what was about to transpire, but she did offer what she hoped was a reassuring comment, "It will be fine. I honestly look forward to seeing the General's face when he arrives." There however was a dark tone to her voice as she finished that statement.

With that there was a chime at the door to the lab. Subcolonel Vrina Selok tapped a key on her console and the door to the room slid open. In walked an older man, flanked on either side by a Reman guard. The two Reman's took up position on either side of the door, holding their weapons in plan view so there was no mistake they would shoot anyone who attempted to harm the General.

"I'm a very busy man, Subcolonel. You better have something to show for all the resources we have given you for this project or you may find yourself working the mines of Remus for the rest of your natural life." His voice was calm and even, but carrying the deadly undertones that told Vrina that this was no empty threat.

She stood there a moment, eying the Remans guards before looking to the General. "I'm sure you will be rather surprised with my work. If you would come over here I can show you what I have done so far on this project." Surprisingly, her tone was up beat, even happy. An odd change from a moment ago and the darkness of her tone, and certainly a stark contrast to the General's tone. As the General moved across the room, he took a side glance at the woman who seemed to be wearing a Sublieutenant rank about her collar, but just passed her by as she never seemed to offer any helpful information on his other visits. As far as he was concerned, she was just here to help Vrina, appropriated by her no doubt, using her Tal Shiar authority.

Vrina started bringing up status screens on a holographic matrix she had been working on for the past several months, the screen in part looking like that god awful LCARS system the Federation used, including it's stupid color scheme. "Several of my agents managed to get their hands on one of the emergency holographic programs that the Federation are using in their dilithium mines currently. I've managed to strip out all of it's Federation programming and create something that more suits our needs."

"And what needs are those, Subcolonel?" The General's voice was questioning, but more so in questioning her motives and loyalty to the Empire rather than being genuinely quizzical.

"I think I've developed the perfect infiltration program. One that works solely for us, and will do anything we require it to. One that can blend in to the Federation so as not to be detectable, and yet still feed us vital information. Imagine this, General. The President of the Federation's personal aid, an agent for us, with absolutely no way for them to tell." As she spoke, she flipped through screens, attempting to show off the modifiability of the program, as well as some of it's experimental subroutines that would help it perform it's mission.

"These images are all well and good. But is it stable? Activate it, I wish to see it for myself."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the both of them heard the sound of two bodies hitting the floor simultaneously. They both looked up to find both of the General's guards laying on the floor in a heap before the door. Standing over them was Vrina's aid holding one of the Reman's weapons trained on the General. Or was it Vrina's aid. The woman looked similar, however now she was wearing a Starfleet uniform, had lost her brow ridges and pointed ears and her hair had changed in color and style.

The last thing the General saw and heard was the weapon discharging, and Vrina's voice saying, "The program's been active for quite some time, General.." Then everything went black.

Vrina became absolutely excited by seeing this, bouncing a couple of times as she brought her hands together in a clap. "Excellent! Most excellent! You performed perfectly Eve! Most perfect indeed." She only wished she had a holo-camera to record the absolute shock and terror on the General's face when he realized he had fallen into a trap.

"As you say, mother. But was it really necessary to have me keep up this charade for all these months? I honestly don't--" She was cut off by Vrina's voice, "It was quite necessary. I told you, the long game is what we are playing here. You need to blend in, gain trust, lull them into a false sense of security like you did with the General here."

Eve looked at the weapon she was holding a moment, seeing that it was set to heavy stun. "Probably should have let me kill him. He is going to be right cross with you when he wakes up. And with me over his two dead guards."

"Oh, we'll be fine. Once I explain to him that this was the whole nature of the project, I'm sure he will give us both a medal. And positive he will clear us to proceed with the project. You will get to see Starfleet command quite soon, I'm sure of it."

A smile appeared on Eve's lips at the thought of that. 'Finally' she thought, 'I will get to fulfill my purpose.'. She dropped the weapon onto one of the Reman corpses and stepped over them, moving towards Vrina. "So the long game huh? You realize that once I'm pressed into service it may be months, or even years before I get to see you again. Possibly even decades, depending on my mission."

"I know. But I'll at least be giving you your mission orders, and updating your status. So I'm sure I can slip a message in here and there to let you know how things are going here."

Eve nodded at this as she looked out the window behind Vrina's desk, stepping over the unconscious General. "I'm going to miss this view though. All the greens and browns of the buildings. The Federation must be color blind, all their buildings are the same ugly light gray. Just like their ships." She scoffed at that and turned to face Vrina directly. "Seriously, couldn't my first mission be to some place more interesting? Like Quo'nos? I could kill at my leisure and no one would be the wiser because that's the norm there."

"The Klingons are currently less of a threat than the Federation at the moment. We don't trust the Federation. I think the Ferengi said it best when they came up with one of their rules: The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife. At least with the Klingons you know what they want, we need long term spies in the Federation, one who has no qualms about killing if the need arrises."

Eve sighed heavily and exaggeratedly. "Yes mother, I will of course bow to your wisdom in this, and the wisdom of the empire. You probably should take me offline though before the General wakes up, I don't want to be the source of renewed rage and possibly make things harder on you should he see me when he wakes."

Vrina nodded slightly and tapped a control. The sound of a generator going offline came at the same time as the image of the Starfleet officer faded from existence.

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