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Cinn's head fell back against the wall, breathing hard.  His eyes were still on her and a grin began to form and spread slowly until his face was alight with it, "Edena.... that was incredible.  Don't worry about anything, sweet lady, you are amazing.  Thank you... you didn't have to go that far but I am grateful you did.  Thank you."

He lifted a hand to her chin and with gentle pressed made her look at him, "You are amazing."

Slipping the hand behind her head he pulled her closer, over his body, until his lips met hers and he kissed her tenderly.  His other hand reached for her waist and slid around her to caress her back.  Despite the powerful orgasm she had given him he could feel the pull of his loins already suggesting that round two would not be too long away, long enough to enjoy this tender moment with her but close enough that the passion would be back and he would fulfil his desire to have her surround him soon.

He could taste himself on her tongue, not overpoweringly but just a hint of it.  He shuddered and groaned into the kiss at the thought of how that taste got there fanning the flames of the heat once more.  He kissed her deeper and more passionately, running his hand down her back and to her buttock and squeezing it gently.

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To be thanked for the act, to be called amazing, all of it served to make Edena blush even more, to make her arms pull in and an attempt she might have thought made her smaller, but only served to press her bosom together tighter, providing Cinn with an even more sensual image.  The kiss made her forget that shyness, get lost in just the taste of her lover's mouth, the scent of his skin, and the feel of his body against hers as she straddled him, getting into prime position for what was to come.  She didn't even have to think about it any longer.  She knew she was taking this all the way.

As he squeezed her rear end, Edena broke the kiss, only to reach down and grasp Cinn's manhood, holding it as the base as she guided it into herself, lowering down as she sheathed him within her body.  Her lips parted, the small sound of a gasp overcoming her, as she sank onto him.  Before long, he was fully sheathed, and Edena's hands were against his chest, holding herself stable as she adjusted to a sensation that made her just want to faint.  "You're . . . you're bigger then I'm used to," she said, her innocent nature making that compliment feel all the more satisfying, as just having him inside her seemed enough for the Commander, let alone what came next.  When her butterflies settled, she finally began to move, her hips rocking forward, a move that was as smooth as she could make it, though her hitched breath at first made her tremble in arousal.  It felt good, and she only hoped she could hold out long enough to fully enjoy it.

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Looking back upon their first true meeting, when he had thrown her into the Brig for spying on the crew on the orders of Starfleet Intelligence, Cinn had never imagined to end up being intimate with the Trill. Especially not after having been restored to life by the Prophets and finding her to be his new First Officer. Sometimes, he wondered if they had any sense of irony, or even humour, the spirits that he worshipped.

As inexperienced as she might have claimed to be, there was no mistaking her desire to go through with this any more. Lying there on the sheets of the bed in the beach house, his captive-turned-superior-officer mounted him, and he felt the warmth of a woman for the first time in a long time. The first time, in fact, in this second life he led. A noise escaped his throat, unwillingly, when she began to rock on top of him. Her confines smote the lingering doubt about him actually being alive, and he felt like he was truly a man once again. In act of desperate desire, as he eventually reached for her hips and helped press her down unto himself. Yet he only did so since she had had gotten used to his thick girth.

With desires awakened from his past life - reminiscence animated in animal grind and noises - Cinn's fingertips dug into the Trill's hips, then her back. Her shoulders, pushing her down. Soon, he sat up with her still straddling his lap, and he wrapped his muscular arms around her frame - made her weightless in their union. He savaged her neck, throat and breasts in turn with his lips, and he may have scratched her with his beard. Upright, he could bring her down harder unto his aching hardness, and he could feel her breasts against his skin as she moved.

"It will be my pleasure," he rumbled against her neck as they moved in the dance older than both written or spoken word, "serving under you, Edena Rez."

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Though she was on top, Cinn made every effort to show he would not just be laying there taking what she gave.  It was yet another difference between him and any other lovers she personally had in the past.  With any of them, the one on top did all the work, whether it was her working her hips in a cowgirl position, or whether it was her male partner, driving into her while she laid there, her hands the only thing that moved, touching along arms or back.  Cinn's hands gripped her hips and used it to pull her down against him, fully sheathing himself within her, rousing a surprised moan from Edena.  Brought against him, her breasts, squished against his chest, their motions seeing her nipples rub back and forth against his firmer body, serving as just another layer in the experience.  Of course, he had to make the joke about serving under her, but with the way she was feeling thanks to him, it came off a lot more amusing to her then it might have in another situation.

"Just make sure you stand at attention until we're relieved," she added, even going so far as to make a joke of her own, as she took even more of an active approached.  He took charge of sliding in and out of her with his motions, so she took of motioning herself around, the combination of the two actions serving to pleasure both of them.  he had been so kind to her already in terms of granting her climaxes, so she intended to return the favor to him again, and continue where she had left off when she performed oral sex on him.

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"Copy that," Cinn grunted in humour, her undulating movements taking the breath out of him.

Oh, but the Trill felt good. She was siphoning the climax out of him with her inner walls - positively milking it out of him. He might be helping out with how he made her rise and fall down unto him again, but her movements really squeezed his thick girth in their sideways motions. In the passionate throes they shared, Cinn lost himself and the sense of time passing, distracted by the new discoveries that his hands and mouth made across her body. He wished he could linger in the moment, alas, after having missed the touch of a good woman for so long, he was fighting a loosing battle. And why fight it? It was the ending that truly mattered, and she was really putting an effort into making him come as well. Even if he wanted to stay like he was, it would hardly be courteous to keep it up until either of them developed a cramp, right? The Prophets knew he held on for as long as he could in order to make her feel good once more, but in the end, he could not persevere.

Grunting harder, he erupted inside her, and he could not remain upright any more. He laid back against the bed, defeated, and the powerful seizures raked through his body. His hands slid down over the hard peaks of her breasts and seized her hips for the duration of it - instinctively keeping her tight and wet confines down and encompassing him until his head fell back against the bed-covers. He panted hard into the imitation of Niga's humid air, and he thanked the Prophets for keeping him alive after all. As he recovered, he removed his hands from her hips and laid his powerful arms back against the sheets above his head.

"Well that proves it," he rumbled as he smiled a bit with pursed lips, "I am definitely alive again."

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Cinn had been working to hold out, which was ironically against Edena's own game plan, which was all about delivering him another climax.  As a result, by the time it came to a finish, and he could withstand no more, she too was feeling exhausted, collapsing against him not long after his own body laid back.  Slick with sweat, her body pressed into his own, the rising and falling of their chests the only motion, the sound of breaths being taken the only noise.  Edena felt strangely fulfilled, not just to have sex, but to truly work for the satisfaction of her partner, knowing that he had been working for hers.  It was give and take, not just something quick and easily gratifying, a whole new experience for what a man and a woman could do together.

When at last he spoke, noting he truly felt alive now, she looked up at him, studying his face for the answers that words alone did not grant.  What she found was that his thoughts and his words seemed to be the same, and a weak, tired smile came over her.  "I'm definitely alive too . . . maybe for the first time."  Her heart had never raced like this, not without running a damn marathon back in basic training, and that was nowhere near as fun and satisfying as this had been.  Laying her head back down on his chest, she closed her eyes, breathing beginning to ease a bit.  "I hope you weren't in a rush to go, because after that, I don't think I move for a bit.  Let's just . . . catch our breath.  Rest for a while."

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With the comfortable weight of Edena on top of his bare self, Wenn Cinn began to think along the same patterns as her, wanting to rest for a bit.

The feeling of a woman combined with the nocturnal breeze through the open windows was soothing, comforting in how it gave him the illusion that everything was right in the world. Yet he still knew that nothing was right, and that things were so bad that the Prophets had decided to revive him, thinking that he could make some kind of difference. A humbling thought, and also difficult to handle for him, since he did not know what he should do in order to make that difference. "Agreed..." he murmured belatedly, his heartbeat starting to slow down. "Some rest."

Soon, he drifted off, even if he did not mean to - eyes shutting on their own accord and his breathing becoming deep and far-in-between. Asleep, he would not have to worry about what he must do, and the respite he got might be the last he got in a long while.


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