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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
She came up for air with a gasp, reluctantly pulling her lips away just enough for a few panted breaths as Reika pulled her even closer. Limbs shifted, hips rolled, hands grasped and squeezed; Kino’s ignored the towel still – somehow – wrapped loosely around the Andorian; they went under it, pulled it open, to get at what she wanted. Blue skin, curved, soft. Strong, toned legs aching to be worshiped wrapped around her, loving arms held her close. A wet furnace, so teasingly close, brushed across her thigh and pelvis, as both of them sought to pleasure the other.

Gorgeous, Kino’s mind registered the word; its meaning lost in the misfiring neurons of her desire-addled mind. Just a word, yet the way it rolled from Reika’s lips sent the Trill’s heart hammering faster, while her entire body quivered. “My Reika – you…,” she blinked into those ice-hued eyes, but the words wouldn’t come. Nothing could ever do the Andorian justice; beautiful was just another word, incredible just a label of something beyond description. The needs of her heart and body outweighed the capacity for speech; so she let her body, mouth, hands and eyes speak for her. A tug, with a grunt of effort, and the pesky towel was finally removed from between them. Pale hands sought their prize, as the Trill pressed her spotted body into the blue one beneath her, her mouth trailing wet kisses down Reika’s neck, between the valley of blue mounds. The object of her desire lay southbound, however, Kino paused to pay each hardened peak flanking her face dutiful attention, loving the way each swipe of her tongue set the Andorian to squirming.

As much as she wanted to say something sweet and endearing, Kino’s humor couldn’t be held back any more than her unleashed libido. “Gotcha naked again,” she quipped with the flash of a grin, before her mouth pounced on the opposite blue nipple with abandon. A hand wandered down, along Reika’s flank, until it ran into the hip and outer thigh wrapped tight around Kino’s waist – only to slip it between them, down into that slick furnace. The effect was immediate, and insanely arousing; the blue legs holding her slackened enough for Kino to arch her ass in the air and shimmy further south, giving her mouth access to the taunt lines of Reika’s abs. Her eyes flashed up after a particularly long suckle to blue skin, which released from her lips with a wet pop. A brow arched up as she smirked, wiggling her ass in the air playfully. “You just stay right there and enjoy the view for awhile honey,” Kino purred through a smile, before her tongue and teeth nipped playfully just below Reika’s navel.

Pale hands slid down across her blue body as she moved, smoothing across the lines of her pelvis, down into the soft, sensitive curves of inner thighs; Kino kissed and licked as she went, teasingly soft, preempted by soft exhalations of breath from her nose and mouth. All the while, her eyes never left Reika’s, only finally falling closed as the taste of the Andorian’s sex filled her mouth – no teasing flicks, no subtle bids to draw out the inevitable – Kino was far past such pleasurable games. At that moment, all she wanted was to make her Reika know that she wanted her; her love, her body, her pleasure…Kino couldn’t stop her hands from wandering across blue skin, as her mouth worked into position, tongue guiding the way. With the first suckle, light-blue eyes flickered open with a throaty hum as she watched her lover’s face intently. Giving pleasure had always aroused Kino; yet never more than the look of barely controlled desire she witnessed in Reika’s eyes. The hum turned deeper, almost a growl of satisfaction as she continued...
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 20 [0900 hours] Of Problems Past and Present
Last post by RyeTanker -
[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Planetology Lab | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dree

Quite a bit of ground was being covered by the Andorian worked to catch up on everything she'd missed since going into stasis and Frank laughed at the shenangian that Zark had managed to get herself into.  Truth be told, he understood it wasn't really her fault since Kala Marika had to detail someone later on to take a look at the replicator system in sickbay in addition to a few other things that day.  This was the first he was hearing of the the events that had led to that particular request though, and given that Andorian's free exuberance with her affections and passions, it was no surprise that things had gotten even more out of hand than usual.

When Reika went on naming people she'd served with, the Chief Engineer shook his head in a negative as the name didn't ring any bells.  Not really surprising given how Starfleet had really expanded in the lead up to the second Borg invasion and the Dominion War that followed.  Passed a certain point, the ability to get to know each person in the organization just became too hard and despite his age, he'd buried himself in research for a while instead of ship board or station duty.  That had limited his interactions with most of the crews that had been exploring galaxy till later.

Finally, while he did nod and accept the offer to spar with the Shen at a later date, her description of the Chief Diplomatic Officer elicited a hard frown.  The impression sounded too much like one Enyd's staff that was having problems integrating with everyone on the ship, and even worse, her department in particular.  The only reason he knew this was how Enyd would discuss personnel on him, especially in light of an evaluation of the attache in question that Zark had given to his current sparring partner early on in the ship's repair evolution.  The scientist executing the experiment brought his attention back to the present and he looked at her for a moment.  Given the way his face was though, it looked more like he was trying to bore a hole through her head with his eyes. "I hope not.  If we have to shut down the lab for just this, we're looking at taking down everything we come across that this code touches."  Frank gave his usual easy smile as he shrugged.  "And, we won't know more till we can actually locate the junction and run follow the trail, so carry on and if we need to turn the power off, I'll let you know."

Making his way to the Jefferies Tube access, Frank punched in a code and pulled on a latch to open the hatch.  The inside was like any crawl space.  Well lit and cramped. Sighing at the pounding his knees and hand were going to take, he moved in first and began crawling.  If his memory served, they'd have to move past one cross way, then the ODN junction would be half way down the following tube.  Deciding to carry on the conversation from where they'd paused to interact with the science types, Frank felt it necessary to explain Lieutenant Madsen's situation. "The thing is Reika, Miss Madsen doesn't actively seek to get into fights, they just sort of happen to her as she moves through life. I'd even go as far to say the universe has it out of her, since she keeps getting tossed all sorts of crazy encounters whether she wants them or not." Frank snorted at one of his more fascinating memories. "If it's the incident I'm thinking of where Zark was stabbed; Enyd had just completed a negotiation with a rebel faction, but there were hold outs in the camp and they decided their return to the fold was unacceptable, so a fight broke out."  There was a bit more crawling. "In another incident, she ended up being kidnapped after attending the Opera of all things.  That's the event where we picked up a Romulan, Hirek I think was his name.  Don't know anything else beyond Enyd doesn't like him."  Some more crawling. "Then there was I think a tour of some ruins where some Orions and Nausicans tried to turn her into a stripper."  The more he thought about it, the more hindsight told him the next event was his fault for missing all the signs as he crossed the junction and crawled into the next tube. "The next one I saw personally was on a food tour where we were almost attacked by some sort of Klingon vampire bugs, and when we went to a bar, Zark ended up kissing Enyd and dropping some strange drink into Enyd's mouth in the process.  Very much against her will I'll add, though Zark looked like she really enjoyed it.  Enyd ended up getting some sort of Klingon battle juice that made her really aggressive and tried to choke Nysari.  Zark was hammered but seemed to recognize the situation and fixed the situation it by the simple expedient of hitting Enyd senseless."  Frank shook his head at the memory of the night and one of the most amazing displays of high functioning drunkenness he'd seen.  There was also word that the the night had gotten even more rowdy afterwards.

Frank finally reached the junction compartment and shifted to sit on his butt as he punched in the code to open the panel then pulled out his PADD and plugged in the leads to begin getting readings. "So it's more of a case that chaos follows Enyd around everywhere and that's part of her life." Frank snorted. "Really unfortunate that one of her best friends is Zark since that one also has chaos follow her around, but our fellow case of blue exuberance likes to get into fights with it and drags Chaos around with her on a leash."

Shout out to @Ellen Fitz cause of Enyd
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [1615 hrs] The Fightin Fashionistas of the Gloamin
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

As soon as Zark had caught up with Enyd, her head began to spin at all the changes that were going on as she unslung the rifle as the unknown traveller came into view.  Pulling back the arming hammer, she kept it pointed generally pointed in the traveller's direction in case they showed the slightest bit of hostility. The plots within intrigues within mysteries were starting to make her come to appreciate the dynamics that a diplomat had to deal with, but at the same time, made her grateful for the fact that she generally acted in a direct action capacity, and usually to save lives, but left the word manoeuvring to people like Enyd.  If it was a hostage negotiation, Zark could be useful, but not this kind of stuff.  The Zhen smiled at her human friend for the fact that she was the one piece of stability in this whole affair and even then it was more of a nod at whatever insanity she'd been roped into since she hadn't the slightest clue as to who was who aside from they groups being mentioned were different sub groups that many humans still insisted on using.  The only ones that were familiar to one degree or another were the French and British. The latter because of her extensive time immersing herself in the bagpipes, the former because they were usually a participant at any high spirited insult laden argument at a highland festival where Brits and Germans were attending.

A ragged grass stomping noise alerted the turncoat officer to someone approaching from the rear and Zark spun as she turned the Baker rifle on the pursuer and spotted Enyd's original kidnapper coming after them in a less than straight line and desperate to try to catch up.  Zark weighed the options and grumbled as she turned to Enyd while the latter entered the carriage. "Enyd, cover me." Zark called while she safetied the rifles and tossed them in after the diplomat turned spy turned wife (?). "Not yet!"  The Grecian yelled as he tossed her a dark leather jacket.  "Makes you less conspicuous than that white shirt you have on." The Andorian nodded and quickly threw it on while worrying about buttoning the thing up later then ran towards the princeling.  A pair of loud bangs caused Zark to duck her head and someone screamed up ahead as she could see shadowy figures approaching quickly. "Shite!  Is anyone hit?" "Don't know Sarge!"  "I think it came from up ahead!"  "I think the bitches are over there!" Another yelled. "Fuck capturing them, kill em all! Hurry!" Someone yelled in an enraged Irish brogue and Zark's danger sense ratcheted up even higher.  As Zark caught up to the princeling, he pulled a pistol out and aimed it at Zark and the Andorian took a risk by pulling her pistol out but holding it skyward to indicate she was armed but not a threat.  The wounded man eyed her suspiciously while Zark kept a close eye on the gun in his hand.   "Look, we can stand here till those angry men come over and kill us, or you can let me help you get into the carriage."  "Why should I believe you?  You shot me." "And they won't?" Zark gestured in an exasperated manner. The Princeling considered this for a second and nodded. "You make a good point." he conceded reluctantly as his arm lowered the pistol and Zark ran to him and looped an arm over her shoulder then helped him run towards the carriage.

The two made a hobble dash towards the carriage with the Grecian driver urging them on while he reloaded.  "Sarge!  I found Hagman! Bullocks!  Harris is here too! They're both dead!" Oh this is gonna be close!  Zark though to herself as she heard a roar of outrage behind her and pretty much threw the injured Prince into the carriage then quickly climbed in. "Go!"  Zark yelled and the driver needed no encouragement as he yelled "Ya!" and whipped the reins.  The Andorian grabbed both pistols and aimed then out the door and fired to give what pitiful cover she could get as the carriage picked up speed.  The Andorian took the precaution of grabbing Enyd's clothes and dragging her to the ground as the rifleman fired at the high tailing carriage and the crashing sound of wood splitting could be heard as lead balls smashed their way through interior, incidentally a pair going through the area Enyd had just occupied before Zark had pulled her down on top of herself.  Zark was honest to admit to herself that she did like the feeling of the human's body on top of her and she smiled for a moment before helping her get off. 

Looking up out the door window, the Andorian's eyes widened once more and she ducked while pulling everyone down and lying on Enyd as a giant bang sounded.  The furious Irish sergeant had fired his Nock gun and a pattern of pistol balls peppered the back of the carriage.  Zark yelped as a ball nicked her leg and she gripped the wound as the holodeck applied a shock to her leg. The Andorian gritted her teeth and groaned angrily before quickly discarded her jacket and once again without concern for modesty stripped her shirt off and wrapped it around the wound to staunch the 'bleeding.'  The angry medico grabbed one of the spare rifles and pointed it out the back  to shoot but realized that there was very little chance of actually hitting anything, so she pulled the rifle back in and gingerly sat down.  Screwing her face, she took a look around and noticed the princeling was getting into even worse shape and began searching the carriage for anything that would help stop the man from bleeding out.  Seeing Enyd, she froze for just a moment before mentally shrugging and grabbing whatever bits of clothing would come off the brunette to turn into a bandage. "Enyd.  I have no idea what's going on, but I hope all this blood is gonna be worth it."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 09 [1845 hrs.] The Mysteries of Thea's Bowels
Last post by rae -
[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Jefferies Tubes | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff

“Speak of the devil, and it shall appear,” she told Alistair in an exaggerated whisper, though her voice still seemed quite loud in the silence that followed each roar. She’d never been entirely sure what the phrase meant, but one of the ensigns on the Excalibur had said the phrase with such fervor – and frequency – that it had become something of an inside joke for that engineering team.

“Maybe the Klingons sent us a pet trag as a joke?” she continued, back to a normal voice now. “They’re not happy that we have priority use on the industrial replicators down there.” Her musings were interrupted by another fit of laughter as he stuck the dildo into his belt. Too bad she was in the lead, because she had to get a picture of that. Azrin imagined him drawing it like a phaser and ordering anyone having sex in the tubes to cease and desist, and dissolved into laughter again. She would have explained, but she couldn’t catch her breath long enough to get the words out.

When she was finally under control again, Azrin got moving, and found herself explaining some of the weirder aspects of space travel instead. “It’s not about comfort. It’s a badge of honor! The tubes are an easy one. I’ve caught people plotting to defile my warp core. Nasty and all sorts of dangerous. The crown is the captain’s chair, but that only happens in the holodeck. Far as I know anyway.” Trap hundreds of people from high libido species together in a sealed and pressurized metal box for years, and some shit was just bound to happen.

“Up there as in above us?” Azrin asked cheerfully when she finally got back around to work. “Everything is above us. We’re bottom feeding, the lowest of the low. As for here, there’s nothing critical on this deck. Standard environmental controls, power supply and projectors for the holographic areas in the lounge, mid-size replicators – also for the lounge – not industrial but bigger than a normal crew room. Ummm… whatever we have in the cargo bays? That’s your department. Cargo transporters. The only thing beneath us is landing gear and escape pods.”

“Maybe the holosuite is on the fritz and they have… all the doors open?” They were in another junction now. Basically taking a long, crawling route around the cargo bay. This deck wasn’t large. There weren’t that many places to go. “No, that doesn’t make sense. I know you said not to, but can I ask the noise what and where it is again? Maybe it’s friendly!”

As though responding, the roar came again, loud and world shattering. “See?” She could barely hear herself talk over the ringing in her ears. “It was definitely agreeing with me.”

Azrin was looking back at Alistair, waiting for his approval, so when the mysterious creature finally made its appearance in the adjoining tube across the junction, Azrin didn’t see it. It looked like a rabbit, pure white with floppy ears, hind legs made for jumping long distances. Though the similarities were ruined by the sharp canines protruding from its mouth. It was far smaller than its roar gave it any right to be, but if this creature had evolved on Qo’noS, it was presumably something to be reckoned with.

Director's Cut / [2381] USS Aurora: The Memories of Nobody
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Stardate 57498.4
February 15, 2381
10:00 hrs

[Captain Rebecca Anders | Conference Room | Deck 1 | USS Aurora]
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Attn: @Brutus, @Eirual and everyone else who wants to join! Just send me a PM if you are interested.

’Captain’s log, stardate 57498.4. Following scheduled routine maintenance at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the USS Aurora is assigned to rendezvous with the USS Ranger at the edge of the Traxis Badlands. As they were chasing a smuggler far outside the boundaries charted Traxis Run, the sole safe route through the Traxis Badlands, the Ranger made an interesting discovery for which the Aurora is uniquely qualified.

Our rushed departure from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards leaves us without the expertise of our Executive Officer however. Commander Took has yet to return from his temporary assignment aboard the USS Osceola and will rendezvous with us at Starbase 39-Sierra after our mission is complete. Further changes to our crew come in the form of our Chief of Security; Lieutenant Commander Bryce Walker has been promoted to the rank of Commander and reassigned to the USS Franconia as her new Executive Officer. Starfleet Command assigned Lieutenant Amilee Monroe to the USS Aurora to replace him as our new Chief of Security. With the absence of Commander Took, Lieutenant Monroe has seniority amongst my staff and, as such, I have seen fit to assign her the duties of Executive Officer, pro tem. It will be a good test of her abilities, and I am curious to see how she will develop herself in this temporary new role.

Due to the nature of our mission we also took aboard several scientific specialists whose fields of expertise will hopefully prove beneficial.’

As she stood behind her seat, the blue eyes of Captain Rebecca Anders calmly gazed over the faces of her senior staff and the various scientific specialists. Amongst these specialists were geologists, astronomers and even a hydrologist to supplement the Aurora’s Science Department on this mission. What each of these specialists had in common, both with each other and with the assembled senior staff, was that no one was fully briefed on the sensitive nature of their mission. In fact, the nature of their mission was so confidential that Rebecca hadn’t even directly mentioned it in her logs since the Aurora’s departure from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards; instead deliberately choosing to remain vague about their destination.

Until now, at least. After spending over a week at Warp 6, the USS Aurora was about to rendezvous with the USS Ranger near the edge of the Traxis Badlands and it was time to fully brief the assembled senior staff and their scientific guests. With a soft cough, the blonde-haired Captain spoke up. ”Good morning everyone.” As she spoke, Rebecca’s slightly German-accented voice accentuated the polite smile on her face. An attempt at sympathy towards those assembled here before her, who had spent over a week in the proverbial dark. ”Before we begin I would like to thank each and every one of you for your professionalism and dedication in these past couple of days. I understand if any of you might have concerns about our current mission, or rather about being kept in the dark given how we are normally much more open about the nature of our missions.” Rebecca slowly began to make her way from the narrow side of the conference table, where her own seat was placed, to the much broader opposite side of the table where the holographic projector was mounted and the additional seats of their guests were placed. In doing so, she passed the seats of Lieutenant Amilee Monroe, the Executive Officer pro tem, Lieutenant Junior Grade Hailey Bennion, the Chief Operations Officer, and Ensign Lucy Hunt, the Chief CONN Officer, and gently placed her left hand onto each of their headrests in passing.

”We are assigned to rendezvous with the USS Ranger near the edge of the Traxis Badlands.” As she spoke, the holographic projector on the broad side of the table came to life and displayed the part of space known as the Traxis Badlands. It covered a part of Federation space and, from there, snaked its way through the Romulan Neutral Zone all the way to the borders of the Romulan Star Empire itself. ”Two weeks ago, the USS Ranger was on a short-range patrol along the only charted route through the Traxis Badlands, a corridor known as the Traxis Run.” The holographic display changed and now brightly highlighted a narrow corridor that snaked its way through the nebula. ”Given the hazardous nature of the Badlands and the fact that Starfleet can’t cross into the Romulan Neutral Zone, this area of space is popular amongst smugglers. During her last patrol, the USS Ranger encountered an incoming unidentified freighter travelling along the Traxis Run. When she tried to intercept the freighter for a routine cargo inspection, the freighter left the Traxis Run and made an attempt to lose her inside the Badlands. The freighter succeeded in doing so and, when the Ranger made an attempt to pick up their trail once more, she instead found this.”

With those words, the holographic display changed once more and displayed the rough outline of a planet instead. ”I present to you, the aptly named Traxis Prime. Courtesy of the Ranger and her preliminary scans. It is a world that shouldn’t be there, and Starfleet has no idea how it got there or how long Traxis Prime has even been inside the Traxis Badlands to begin with. The Ranger’s preliminary scans indicate that this planet has all the infrastructure necessary for a technological civilization to thrive. It has massive urban areas linked by an extensive surface transport network, but the planet seems to be totally abandoned with no signs of extant sentient life whatsoever.” Turning away from the projection, Captain Anders made her way back to the narrow side of the table and began to lean against the backrest of her seat while looking at those assembled in the conference room. ”Our mission is to perform a planetary survey and hopefully discover what happened on that planet.” The smile suddenly disappeared from her face however and, when Rebecca spoke up once more, her voice was a little softer which gave it a somewhat darker intent that matched her facial expression. ”I would like to remind everyone in this room that the presence of a potentially habitable world deep inside the Traxis Badlands, so close to the Romulan Neutral Zone, is a matter of concern to Starfleet. What we have discussed here will stay aboard this ship, so please remind those within your respective departments to be discreet about this as well.” Then, as if she flipped a switch, the polite smile returned to the face of the German Commanding Officer and the volume of her voice returned to further amplify the smile. ”Are there any questions thus far?”
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
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[Ensign XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Ens. Zark) | Cardassia Prime]   Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Ensign Zark stumbling was a very generous description of what she did as she took two steps then fell Over. The alloy body of the rifle clattered as she dropped it and the Andorian groaned when her face landed in the floor. Precious seconds were wasted as Zark had to let the pain subside while her brain worked to reset itself to something approaching normal operations. The yelling of the advancing Starfleet and Cardassia personnel trickled it's way though to her cerebellum and her eyes focused on the dropped rifle and she grabbed at it while gritting her teeth. At this point, while she was sure she didn't have any internal bleeding, there was good chance her torso exoskeleton had been bruised and any sort of bone injury was painful.

She had people in need and a mission to fulfill though and blue eye lids screwed tight as she worked to harness the pain for her own determination and groaned as she shakily got on all fours. A pair of hands lifted her off the ground and the admiring gaze of the two Cardassian police officers she'd stormed past earlier greeted her. "That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! I mean the way you ran in and then there was a bang, then shooting..." Ensign Zark couldn't help but grin at the praise, but she really needed to add her skills to the fight. "Officer. I'll sign an autograph later, but just help me get to the window."

The police officer looked slightly flummoxed, but realized he'd been babbling and flushed. "Of course. At once!" and he lifted the Andorian to the window sill while the other one opened the window. The security officer wasn't sure how far she would be able to trust the two officers, but they seemed to be on the same side for the moment. Hopefully nothing would happen, but each passing second gave Zark's body more time to cope with its injury to the point she'd be able to operate normally for a limited duration. Zark printed at a next window over and the door. "Make sure nobody sneaks up on us while I provide cover." Thee other two nodded and art themselves up as they pulled their pistols and took cover.

Ensign Zark took a moment to pray she'd made the right decision then settled the rifle on the window. Typically she'd hide inside the room as a sniper, but in this case, she judged it better to be seen to relieve any pressure from the Castellan's position. Taking a breath and pulling the rifle into her shoulder, Zark settled her cheek on the butt and laid her other hand over her trigger hand, then peered through the sight. Pressing a few buttons, she adjusted the zoom in the weapon and was dismayed by what she saw. The Castellan, CDO, Javec, Enyd, and one guard were covering while nine or ten uniformed Cardassians pushed towards them. Three or four more were forming a rear guard to hold off the reinforcements making their way from the main thoroughfare and the insurgents were being squeezed. This lent a desperation since their only way out was to get the Castellan.  The Andorian had to make a decision on who to engage.

Taking a deep breath, Zark set her sights on the man furthest in the lead towards the Castellan and gave her body a moment to settle, the applied the most minute pressure to the firing stud and a full power stun bolt slammed into the man's back and knocked him out.  She knew that she should have targeted the lead group from back to front, but they were getting to close and she needed something to check their advance as she shifted slightly and targeted the next man and fired.  Her targets slammed bonelessly against a shop stall and slithered to the ground.  The man next to him was wondering what was going on and looked around for a shooter.  A single bolt hit him in the chest and he fell sitting against the same stall.  Zark walked her fire along the line, and the attackers were so intent on getting to the Castellan that they didn't notice the orange bolts being fired their way. The rear guard had too much to deal with and they were soon overwhelmed and lay comatose on the floor. The insurgents continued to push and try as she might, Zark couldn't get them all as a pair of survivors vaulted over final barricade and the body guard jumped in the way and died as he was hit twice, but he'd done his job as the ambassador ushered the Castellan out of the way and into cover while Javec and Enyd began to struggle with final pair of assassins.

The Andorian tracked unflinching through the scope as the scuffle continued. If those two held out long enough, the team for the Voroth and the local security would be on them. If not, Zark hoped they'd be able to create an opening for her to shoot them.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 13 [1700 hrs.] The Chrono-Deflector Schematics | Tempus Sigillum
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[ Lt. JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath | Catacombs | Qo'noS ] Attn: @RyeTanker @P.C. Haring @Pierce

She ended up leaving Korath there, and she didn’t feel the least bit bad about it. Dragging the fat Klingon around had been difficult enough with two working arms. Zark, meanwhile, looked worse than Nysari felt, though the medic seemed to be handling it much better, allowing a moment of shared relief before getting back to work. “Lucky would be not getting shot at all,” she countered, the words escaping gritted teeth. Nysari had maintained her silence as her arm was twisted in increasingly painful ways, knowing it was necessary for the medicine. She had thought for a moment to deny the hypo, worried that it would slow her mental facilities even more than the pain already way, but she wasn’t fast enough to stop Zark. The painkiller, when it finally came, was a relief.

“Going to sleep sounds like a delightful idea.” Nysari felt no desire to prove her strength. She would happily let the doctors in sickbay knock her out and wake up when they were finished. “But I suppose it will have to wait.” When Zark went to look at Reggie, Nysari pushed herself to her feet with her good arm, the other held close to her side. “You should look at your own injuries too.”

The pain was fading, as promised, replaced by a numb, floating sensation that was affecting more than just her arm. Nysari shook her head a few times, as though blowing away the clouds affecting her brain. It didn’t help.

“It could be dangerous if Korath remembers us at all.” She was gathering the thoughts too slowly, entering the conversation last. “The Klingons won’t like knowing that someone found their secret lab, be it scions or us. They’ll have to pack up and move for operational security. And they’ll go through everything with a fine-toothed comb once they figure out that Korath was black out drunk, to make sure nothing was stolen. If they pause the project for security issues, we could just as easily be the ones to change the future." Nysari paused for a moment to think. "Could you rewrite the memory instead, so he remembers Klingon women? He seems like a man who has brought guests down here before.”

As she spoke, Nysari was walking around the room, looking for the bloodwine stash. It didn’t take her long to find a barrel stashed away in a back closet, conveniently tapped with a spicket with large mugs stacked on top. She wasn’t strong enough to move the barrel itself, but she could fill up a mug. A full serving was poured on Korath, and his fingers wrapped around the handle. Splashes were poured in the others, which were arranged around the room. A decent amount was poured on the floor. The Andorian was making up the aftermath for quite a party. Set dressing.

“All we need to do is tell sickbay that we got on the wrong side of some Klingons at a bar. Fights are common enough on this planet. No one will scrutinize the story too closely. We’d have more questions to answer if medical finds evidence of trauma during your next physical that they have no records for.” Faking a drunken outing would fool the Klingons down here. It would fool the doctors on the Theurgy too. Besides, what did a back-alley doctor on Qo’noS know about Andorian anatomy anyway? She did not want it to scar.

“Anything else we need to do?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [Day 01 | 0700hrs] Pull up a chair...
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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz   @Dumedion

Reika listened as Cross walked the two of them through his thoughts on differing viewpoints.  The Andorian hadn’t considered even considered that the conflict could end with a victory on their part only for the groups that were working together against a common enemy to continue the conflict, except now with each. 

As he began to remark about the ‘histories of countless planets’ she thought of several.  Even within her own culture, she could think of several instances where towns that had allied with each other to overcome a common enemy.  They worked in lockstep with each other in every way - supplies, logistics, planning, executing their mutual plans - and because they worked so well together they won.  But once the enemy tucked its tail between its legs or in several circumstances was simply anihilated,  then the grievances with each other that had been so readily set aside because of need returned to the forefront.   Clashes, not just between the villages as a whole, but even oftentimes between factions of the villages became more common and sometimes, if they couldn’t be productively dealt with, it would result in a war between the villages which had so recently been allies. 

She huffed under her breath as she thought it through in each facet.  And the realization that she had not thought of it on her own shamed her.  Probably why he’s a LtCmdr and I’m just a Lieutenant, she thought silently to herself.  Maybe that’s something I should be considering - since moving from Tactical, I’ve left a lot of the plotting and planning behind, and focused on making sure that whatever ship I was on was well supplied, that problems were solved, that needs were met, and I’ve neglected the larger problem leaving it to others.   If I ever want to move up in position and rank, damn I need to up my game.

Reika hadn’t expected to be confronted with such an idea - at breakfast of all places.  And while her newfound relationship with the torrid Trill next to her had encompassed all of her thoughts, she realized at that point that she would need to allocate - at least a little - brainspace to improving herself again.  But at that moment, she realized that Cross had asked a question of Jeen, so she turned her icy blue eyes toward her girlfriend to hear the story about how her rifle was cut in half.
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Quite a show is an understatement,”  Reika laughed and barely stifled a snort.  “She pulled me into a drug induced dance and then as she twirled around, she grabbed a hold of the gown of a Wolf on the biobed next to me…I don’t remember her name.  In the process, Zark yanked the Wolf’s gown off before two people escorted her back to her biobed before Dr. Rez sedated her.  It was, well, I’d say it was a site, but there’s a site and a *sight*  the latter was the case this time.  But it made me laugh after my scalp stopped hurting from where she almost yanked my hair out.  Ya know, it certainly helped my waking from stasis be a memorable one."

As Frank finished his packing, Reika stood up from her perch where she had been leaning and stepped out after the engineer listening to the places that he had been posted.  “I had a friend, Nihla Grik.  She was a Lieutenant from Tactical  Ever heard of her?  But I don’t know anyone else who served on any of your other ships. "

Yeah.  I like a good fight - probably as much as anyone who’s been a part of tactical at one point or another.  Even after transferring to OPS a few years ago, fighting keeps me on my toes.”  And garnered me my girlfriend.  So damn straight I like fighting.  “How much trouble can a diplomat get into where she needs to fight?  You talk like she’s a walking diplomatic time bomb who finishes her negotiations with her fists instead of ideas and ideals.  But if you like fighting, we should spar sometime,” the Andorian suggested.

Once the turbolift doors opened in front of them, Reika stepped off the lift and stepped aside waiting for Frank, catching the looks of several of the scientists.  She guessed that people would at least recognize the chief.  “Nothing to see here,” she quipped as eyes continued to follow them heading for the ODN junction on the deck. 

You’re not going to take the lab offline, are ya?” a particularly petite brunette made eye contact with Reika as she was looking her direction.  “We’re halfway into a three hour long procedure, and if we lose power….I don’t even want to think about how much extra work and what new supplies we’ll need because of it.

Reika looked from the woman to Frank. “I don’t think we should have to.  D’ya think, Chief?
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Dark eyes narrowed playfully at the blonde again, as the pilot wondered if Goldie really wanted to get her brains humped out, or if this was all just a clever scheme to fuck with Talia – Tessa seemed to be putting out both signals, which wasn’t helping Shadow make any kind of decision at all. Ultimately, she decided to play it safe and wait.

Ah well, Talia laughed to herself. Might as well have some fun at her expense, I suppose – if I’m quick enough, Talia smirked as she moved, practically holding her breath while Tessa dug around in her locker. Shadow moved as silently as she could, scooping up a damp towel from the wet floor to position herself on Goldie’s opposite side, closer to the door. One, two, three twists, and the towel was held up at a forty-five angle, aimed at the blonde’s perfectly squeezable ass. Such a nice butt, too. Shadow almost pouted then, but the decision had been made. I’m sure this wont be the last prank we pull on each other, she smirked and tilted her head, waiting for the blonde’s head to pop out of the locker. Soon as she did, the game was on.

“Deal,” Talia grinned, as the towel snapped out with a loud crack, right into Tessa’s left butt-cheek; a flawless hit, which sent the target mass jiggling pleasantly. As the blonde jerked upright in abject pain and shock, Shadow’s hand shot into the locker and grabbed a fist-full of clothes, just in case Goldie had more tom-foolery in mind. A tanned finger came up before Tessa’s lips as dark brows rose with a stifled chuckle. “Ah-ah, don’t get mad – I pay my debts,” Talia explained, then closed in for a wet, passionate kiss before the other woman could really do much of anything else; the suckling sounds of lips and tongues sliding over and around each other filled the locker room for the briefest of moments, while Talia made good on her ‘payment’.

“There,” she gasped for air after releasing Tessa’s bottom lip from her own. “All settled.” Licking the taste off her lips, Shadow tilted her head as she pulled back. Great kisser, too – fuck!
“So, my place, then? Or are you done teasing me for the night,” Talia’s lips pursed, then she smirked again. Either way, the prank war’s begun. After taking a few steps towards the door, a glance at the ‘clothes’ in her hand had her laughing again; she turned, holding up the smallest and most colorful spaghetti strap tank and boy shorts she’d ever seen. Seriously?” Talia chuckled, then shook her head and started tugging them on, stretching the fabric to its limits. She could feel her ass hanging out of the shorts, and the tank was so tight it felt like a corset. Gonna be a long walk back to the room in this getup, Talia huffed in amusement, trying to adjust her boobs which were being crammed together uncomfortably while she waited for Tessa.
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