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Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @Griff

So this was how she died. 

In bed.  With a gorgeous woman. 

Presumably of a heart attack. 

Or maybe she was already in heaven, or some...alternate, paradise, sex dimension?  Or something. 

Wait, no, her side was still hurting.  Somehow, this was reality. 

"Yes, Mistress," Anh-Le heard herself say. 

Lillee's eyes went dark at that.  Green blood flushing her cheeks.  Anh-Le would pump her fist for getting that reaction if she didn't have orders from her girlfriend. 

Or rather her Mistress.  Yeah, that sounded better.  Fuck!  This was so hot. 

She pulled herself up with an arm around her girlfriend (when your girlfriend was a wiry Vulcanoid, you could do that, and oh fuck was it hot) and locked her lips around one of Lillee's nipples.  That got her a gasp and a moan that went right down to her core. 

A hand ripped her top apart with three clumsy tugs, and Anh-Le moaned into Lillee's breast, that was so hot, she was burning up, slick fluid slipping out between her nether-lips, she'd need to double up on meds after this just in case (she was probably just being paranoid, she'd taken her meds just before starting the program, but Orion women burned through them faster when turned on, and she was like a warp core pushed dangerously far past the red line right now), Lillee's hand slipped Anh-Le's bra straps off her shoulders, cool air on the Orion's nipples, not that they could get any stiffer, and Anh-Le was mewling into her lover's warm flesh, heartbeat thundering in her ears. 

She pulled back for just a moment as Lillee's fingers traced over her abdomen, circling the Orion's belly button instead of slipping into her pants and teasing her hot, needy slit.  "Please," Anh-Le moaned, voice stuttering and hitching.  "Please, please Mistress, please make me yours...
OOC: Sorry for the delay, had three full days in 100 degree heat this week helping lead paleo digs, and I am exhausted. 
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @GroundPetrel


Well, that did it. As much as Lillee wanted to play with her toy, to tease Anh-Le into a frenzy, there was no way she could refuse her lover's mewling plea. It would be cruel to make her wait, after all, and regarding the heated emerald beauty before her, Lillee wasn't sure that she could wait either. She hadn't noticed on the hilltop, but flushed as Anh-Le was, it was like her skin was the colour of blood...

Suddenly, with a primal glint in her eye, Lillee hooked her hands under Anh-Le's buttocks and heaved her further up the bed with none of the gentleness of earlier. Her eyes never leaving Anh-Le's, Lillee then proceeded to aggressively remove the rest of the dress and her shoes, until within mere seconds, she was completely nude. Not wasting a moment, Lillee leapt onto the bed at Anh-Le's feet and removed the shoes and socks, tossing them aside, before moving to unbuckle the pants. Seizing the waistline with both hands, Lillee hauled both pants and underwear off in short order.

That done, Lillee simply dove in, licking the length of Anh-Le's womanhood without a shred of mercy. She lavished more attention on Anh-Le with both lips and tongue, relishing her lover's writhing and moans, but it was apparent that this was only the beginning. Lillee's deft fingers entered the fray, playing with Anh-Le's overstimulated lips, before first one entered, then two. Her channel was so wet that it was all too easy for Lillee to insert her fingers deep, using her digits to play Anh-Le like a sexual instrument.

Lillee spread Anh-Le's legs wide and knelt inbetween them, her fingers never stopping their ministrations, all to watch how Anh-Le reacted. "Don't be shy," she whispered with intensity. "Be as loud as you want, tell me how much you want this, want me to do this..."

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @Griff

What Anh-Le tried to say was Yes, please, please Mistress fuck me harder.  Or something along those lines. 

What came out was "Yghbluh--please...uh!  Fuck...ghnnn, ohmigod" and then Lillee sucked on her clit and Anh-Le's body arched up, something twinged in her side, but that barely registered because her legs had sort of come up involuntarily and were now awkwardly half-around Lillee's back, squeezing rhythmically as the Orion's body found and just as quickly lost the coordination to desperately pull her lover closer.  Anh-Le's arm came over her face and she moaned again as Lillee carried her over the peak and down, down into a wash of endorphins, the fingers' pace slowing as the Romulan found a new, gentler pace. 

"Ohmigod," Anh-Le managed after what felt like eternity.  "Oh hot...oh my god..."  She was still throbbing, a fire still curling deep within her core, ready to emerge again, and another, less pleasant feeling in her side, but she'd been clear for everything short of active combat so she should be fine, and anyway her girlfriend was sliding up her body as Anh-Le's legs slumped, and that was much more important. 

"Fuck, baby," Anh-Le managed, pulling down her leaden arm to see an impish smile, just a hint of wickedness there with the flicker of worry as Lillee's busy hand moved from vulva to bedspread (drawing a whimper of loss from the Orion), the blonde's free hand sliding gently up Anh-Le's side to check her recently-repaired wound.  "Oh god," Anh-Le moaned, shuddering at the touch.  She was always so damn ticklish, and now a single brush of her lover's fingers was almost enough to drive her straight to orgasm again.  "Fuck, baby."  Oh, really smooth.  She was straight up repeating herself.  That was intelligence-y.  Intelligent.  Whatever.  Words were hard. 

Well, one word was easy. 

"I love you, Mistress," Anh-Le murmured, and the flush that drew made her certain that this was a scene she wanted to re-play sometime.  And maybe...

I wonder if she wants me to top her again, a traitorous part of her thought, but she quashed that.  Aldea had been...just being aggressive.  Yeah.  Not...not a dominatrix thing.  She didn't boss people around in bed.  Too much risk.  And you needed experience to be a domme.  Everybody said so.  Better to this.  This was hot.  She didn't need to be the top.  That was a bad fantasy, a sick one, a pheromones fantasy, because the thought of losing or taking someone's free will was repulsive on a visceral level, and it was probably just those bad instincts making Anh-Le want to have a lithe blonde beauty on a leash gazing up at Anh-Le adoringly from her spot at Anh-Le's...

A flick of her clitoris and a kiss on her lips interrupted her thoughts and broke her out of the spiral of ADHD and obsession.  "Huh?  Lillee--I mean,. Mistress?" she asked. 
OOC: Sorry this took so long, we got the fibula out a week ago and then we had a SNAFU involving dig supplies that had me distracted.  Hope this is good to work with!  :)

also, GDI, every character I write ends up having a grab bag of emotional issues.  XD
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @GroundPetrel


"Hm?" Lillee murmured, her brown eyes considering Anh-Le from mere inches away. She was starting to recognise when Anh-Le became distracted with her own demons, and so Lillee eased herself to the side to give Anh-Le time to recover, propping herself up with an elbow. Her free hand shifted to instead lightly tickle Anh-Le's toned stomach as Lillee patiently watched and waited, the fire crackling merrily.

Anh-Le's desire to be dominated wasn't surprising, as such, and a part of Lillee profoundly enjoyed it, even if she didn't quite understand how it all worked. Clearly, research was required. None of her previous partners had enjoyed such fetishes, and Lillee was quite curious. She did so love to play with her toys. Now, though, Lillee was struggling with twin desires: to avoid hurting Anh-Le, either physically or making her uncomfortable...and the desire to sit on Anh-Le's face and ride herself to bliss.

As Lillee's eyes tracked over Anh-Le's body, still recovering from what Lillee had just done, the latter was starting to win out.

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @Griff

Anh-Le bit her lip.  "Just...Sorry.  I was getting lost.  In my own head."  She huffed out a breath.  "It happens sometimes, I need to be...better about that.

Stupid neurological whatever.  She was just trying to have a nice night with her girlfriend.  She needed to be focused. 

...though, Lillee was good about keeping her focused, she mused as slender fingers trailed over her left breast, drawing a shiver from the Orion.  Dark eyes gazed down at Anh-Le's lips, and the Orion blushed as she recognized the look. 

Does she want me to suck her tits again?  Or kissing?  Or does she want oral, like back on Aldea? 

OK, that was a hot thought.  And a Hell of a memory.  Aldea had been...

Wild?  Spontaneous?  A WTF experience?  Definitely the sort of thing Anh-Le's mother would give her the Pheromone Lecture over, for the fifth or sixth time. 

Whatever.  Lillee was worth the Pheromone Lecture, and then some.  And Anh-Le was reasonably sure that her parents would like the pretty Romulan--her dad got along with anyone who could share a beer with him and politely listen to his talk about association football, and her mother would approve of a fighter pilot who'd had the good sense to not have her kids in a museum refreshment line.  (Granted, the latter was a pretty low bar, but Anh-Le's mother rightly made it a very firm low bar)

Fuck.  It's going to be years before we get home.  And that was if the enemy didn't...

No.  Bad train of thought.  This was recreation, damn it, she was literally in the middle of sex.  Fuck work, the enemy, the eternal puzzle of figuring them out. 

Time to have some fun. 

Lillee moved up Anh-Le's body, and the Orion re-focused on her lithe form.  Fuck it, Anh-Le decided, feeling her body heat up in preparation for another round. 

"Mistress," she murmured in her best husky seductress voice (Needs work, five out of ten tops...), "Please allow me to pleasure you, Mistress.  You've taken such good care of me, and I'd be a bad girl if I didn't return the favor." 

Now that got a pleasant reaction. 
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @GroundPetrel


WIth the offer of reciprocation, that electric thrum of excitement began to fill Lillee anew. Anh-Le's sultry voice drew another devilish smile from her as Lillee looked up and down Anh-Le's body. Her fingers idly played with the dark nipple of her lover's breast as Lillee took in the view. The firelight added a wondrous intimacy that the Aldean sun had not, adding to Anh-Le's allure. Lillee was still taken aback by just how magnificent her girlfriend was.

Still lying beside Anh-Le, fingers still teasing her breast, Lillee nodded in mock severity. "Oh yes," she agreed in her own sultry whisper, "you would be a very bad girl if you were selfish. If you were a bad girl...well, then I would have to punish you."

Without warning Lillee pinched the emerald nipple, carefully observing Anh-Le's reaction, before swiftly dipping her head and kissing the nipple, licking and suckling it. A moment later, Lillee swung a leg over to Anh-Le's far side and straddled her as she lavished the breasts, one after the other, steadily gaining momentum. Finally Lillee emerged, crawling up Anh-Le's body to kiss her softly, before pulling herself straight, kneeling atop her lover's chest. Even on the edge of the glorious abyss, Lillee was careful not to put any weight on Anh-Le's stomach.

"But you're going to a good girl, so..." Lillee said softly, taking each of Anh-Le's hands and pulling them up to her own breasts, encouraging her lover to knead them. Lillee was so pent-up at that point, her cheeks flushed green and her own nipples as hard as could be, that the simple act of massaging her breasts made her eyes flutter as powerful shocks of pleasure rippled through her body. Unable to delay any longer, Lillee shuffled up a a bit further, now kneeling atop Anh-Le's beautiful plaintive face, the sight of which below her only further stoked the fire within.

"Ocala sharah prar..." Lillee muttered as she closed her eyes and waited for first contact.

Ocala sharah prar - "fire take me"

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @Griff

Ok, new kink.  Gentle nipple pinching was in.  She'd have to do research and then talk to Lillee about...options for that.  Once she'd done her due diligence, of course.  (Vulcan Love Slave had a comprehensive kink menu in the DLC, but the safety guide for that was a separate piece of DLC.  Quark Enterprises was downright ethical by Ferengi standards--Gaila Industries required a monthly subscription just to get the damn software, to say nothing of Brunt Incorporated, currently banned in seven nations for its lootbox mechanics--but that still meant its business model was comically exploitative)

She needed

Lips on her breasts.  Suckling on her nipples.  OK.  Yeah, that was...  "Oh god.

She had to...put that...kink list.  Right.  Fuck.  OK.  Tits were in. 

Hands on hers.  Pulling them up to Lillee's boobs.  Oh god.  Anh-Le squeezed.  Lillee moaned.  Fuck, that was hot.  Do that later...

The boobs were gone.  Anh-Le whined.  She opened her eyes, trying to think...

And there was her girlfriend, kneeling over her, head flung back, breathing heavy, sweat glistening on her thighs and something stickier glistening in the neat little thatch of blonde. 

Anh-Le's experience may have been limited to a couple of dates with one real woman and an unhealthy amount of time in porn and erotic romance sims, but she wasn't stupid.  She pulled her girlfriend in, or herself up, she was kind of losing perception of everything outside of this moment, and she tasted Lillee again. 

So it hadn't just been the clean air of Aldea.  Either Lillee was just that awesome, or Anh-Le liked the taste of girls.  Probably a mix of both. 

Lillee shook in her grip.  Anh-Le squeezed her butt as best she could.  She flicked Lillee's clit with her tongue.  That was good, she was pretty sure she remembered. 

She'd forgotten about the war.  The enemy, all of it.  The sounds of the sim were fading away.  This was...this was what she needed.  Things were probably going to go to hell in a handbasket again soon.  Whatever.  She had her badass girlfriend in her arms with Anh-Le's tongue teasing her clit.  Right now, here, life was fucking awesome. 
OOC: Sorry for the delay with this, I had an opportunity for my thesis come up and I had a little trouble figuring out where I wanted to take Anh-Le's head space here. 
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @GroundPetrel


After so much time, a long romantic date and all the foreplay, not to mention bringing Anh-Le to orgasm, Lillee was primed and ready. The first touch of Anh-Le's tongue sent a bolt of pleasure through her body, drawing an uneven moan from Lillee as she rode out the initial contact. From that point onward, Lillee simply held on, enjoying the sensations as they came.

After some time, a distant part of her mind reflected that Anh-Le's technique was timid, remarkably so. Sweating profusely now, her body heating up, Lillee craved that orgasm intensely, but it just felt frustratingly out of reach. Kneading her own breasts in a mix of arousal and frustration, she wondered if Anh-Le was deliberately edging her...a dangerous game...or was it? She'd been gentle on Aldea too...

Looking down at Anh-Le, Lillee realised that her gorgeous green girlfriend wasn't doing it deliberately. The very sight of Anh-Le between her thighs, dark hair splayed around her on the sheets, was powerful in itself, but it was also clear that Anh-Le was being gentle...romantic...soft.

In that moment, Lillee wanted to be fucked.

"Stop teasing me," she commanded sternly. "Give me everything, taste me, have me, fvadt, hard!"

Lillee didn't know what Anh-Le did next, but it was enough to disrupt her balance, making the blonde Romulan fall forward onto her arms. The explosion of sensation in her core drew a cry from Lillee, and she could do nothing else but withstand the oral barrage on her nethers, merely groaning and shuddering.

Her climax came suddenly and violently, drawing an even louder cry from Lillee as ecstasy flooded her body. Shaking and panting, she rolled onto her back as the orgasm's aftermath rippled through her, her head now neatly on one of the large pillows.

"Oh, I needed that," she said softly, still out of breath. "You certainly did as you were told...hmph...oh..."

Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @Griff

Lillee's words managed to penetrate the haze of lust suffusing Anh-Le's brain.  Well, she had asked to be ordered around...and anyway, even if she hadn't...

Who was Anh-Le to deny a request from her girlfriend? 

She ever so gently grazed her teeth over Lillee's clit.  That got her an incoherent cry, and Lillee's legs clenched, drawing a complaint from Anh-Le's shoulders that probably would mean bruising later (not that she'd mind when her brain managed to string two coherent thoughts together, if you weren't into a little bit of unintentional roughness you'd be an idiot to date a Vulcanoid), then the light darkened as Lillee slumped over her, and Anh-Le let herself fall back as Lillee's hips shifted back. 

Her girlfriend rolled off, and Anh-Le remembered that there was a world outside of the two of them.  She took a moment to just admire the sight as Lillee caught her breath, slumping on a pillow with green-blushing cheeks.  That was hot as Hell.  Just one beautiful woman, half-smiling at her, gasping for breath as her legs' trembling slowed. 

One of Anh-Le's college friends had sworn up and down that a woman was most beautiful in mid-orgasm.  Anh-Le thought that she had pretty convincing evidence that this was incorrect, and that the sight of mounting peace, fulfillment, and fatigue all mingling on the face of a woman coming down from her peak was far more lovely. 

In response to Lillee's words, Anh-Le managed her best sexy grin, though she was fairly sure her oncoming exhaustion was showing, and licked the taste of Lillee off of her lips with an ostentatious flick of her tongue.  "Thank you, Mistress," she murmured.  That got darkened cheeks again, and she half-rolled closer on the bed.  "Thanks for this, by the way," she said in a less husky tone.  "I...I really need the distraction."  She reached out with one hand, gently stroking along Lillee's lower lips with one thumb.  Anh-Le's eyelids were drooping--the excitement, exertion, and now the sluggish cuddling stage, were all getting to her. 

"We should get...get back to our quarters," Anh-Le said regretfully, cut off by a yawn in the middle.  "At some point.  In a bit.  I forget how much time we have left."  She hoped that they had a bit more time.  She wanted to savor some cuddling time; she'd always needed the intimacy of close contact and soft squeezes, she was pretty sure, but now more than ever it was needed for the stress relief. 
OOC: Sorry for the delay, forum updates hit at exactly the wrong time lol. 
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...


Re: Day 04 [2100 hrs.] La Gloire de Julie d'Aubigny

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Holodeck 06 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @GroundPetrel


Basking in the aftermath of sex, Lillee smiled in contentment at her lover. Anh-Le's teasing touch on her sensitive nethers brought on thoughts of more sex, more positions, more ideas, but it was obvious that Anh-Le was spent. In any case, a good cuddle was a very inviting prospect in its own right. Sex was fun but relatively easy to come by, a fleeting moment of passion and lust that left little impact on memory or soul. A cuddle in a big warm bed with her beautiful lover was far more rare, and far more precious.

"Come here," Lillee murmured, slipping an arm under Anh-Le and pulling the other woman in close. Their bodies were both warm and slick with sweat, which likely would've made a mess of the sheets if they weren't just photonic projections sheathed in clever forcefields. The reminder that their time was limited in this wonderful space made Lillee sigh. She truly didn't relish leaving this island of contentment to return to a world of metal and blood, of terror and pain. She would, of course; the path back to her babes lay out there, and Lillee would burn the galaxy for them if need be.

Still, that was a problem for the future.

"Sleep now, Anh-Le," Lillee whispered into her lover's ear. "I'll wake you when we need to go. This...this was the most wonderful date that I have ever been taken on. I needed it too, so much. Sleep now." A moment later, she added softly, "computer, give me a visual indication of our time remaining in this holodeck."

A clock appeared in a corner of the bedroom, mercifully quiet. Lillee had to take a moment to puzzle out the antiquated Earth time system, but she eventually worked out that they had less than thirty minutes left. The clock was mercifully silent, and with only the crackling of the fire, the two lovers lay in their bliss.


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