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SD 57559.05 Bridge Officer Test

STARDATE 57559.05
MARCH 11, 2381
1259 HRS.

[ Captain Ives | Holodecks 1 - 2 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife @trevorvw
In one minute, the time the two Lieutenants had available for their tests would be at an end, and Captain Ives had taken the time to be there when they exited their separate holodecks. She stood there - in her female form - and waited for the time to run out, with Thea at her side. The chameleon bodysuit of the Ship A.I. interface had the black colours, since she wasn't representing any specific Department in her current function.

"How are you, Thea?" asked Jien and turned to look at the A.I. projection, a faint smile on her face. The two of them had been through a lot. The toll it had taken on Jien wasn't something she was open about, but she still hoped that the A.I. would have fared better than her, and that she was able to tell her if something about the experiences on the Versant had affected her.

"All things considered, Captain, I believe I am quite well, thank you," said Thea and returned the smile, her hands still folded behind her back and her shoulders squared. "Lieutenant Sinead O'Riley was able to upgrade my mobile emitter yesterday, and I now have an olfactory system that can detect scents. It's remarkable, even though I have yet to fully explore this new feature yet."

Jien chuckled quietly and turned her head to look at the doors to the two holodecks again. "I can imagine it feels like for you like it would an organic, such as me, to suddenly gain another sense. It must be a remarkable experience, digital or not."

"Quite so," said Thea, and at that time, the doors opened, and the two Lieutenats were due to emerge from their tests. Jien waited without comment for the two Endeavour officers to step through, after which he'd ask Thea to relay the results.

OOC: I leave it up to you how much of the Bridge Officer tests are featured in your posts, be it actually writing it out fully or your character remembering what kind of challenge was given to them. Please keep in mind the challenge that Deanna Troi underwent when she sought to become a Commander in TNG when you post. :)

Re: SD 57559.05 Bridge Officer Test
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[ Lt. Kai Akoni | Holodeck 1 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan @Fife

To say that Kai had a whirlwind few days would be an understatement. It had started aboard the Endeavour, ended up here on the Theurgy, studied most of the night and now he was about to start the Engineering Qualification portion of the Bridge Officer's test. He had already done the rest of the portions, hopefully passing them. Diplomatic Law, First Contact procedures and Bridge Operations were all done. Now he faced what he figured may be the toughest part of the test.

The computer had announced that the Engineering Qualification was about to begin, as it beeped as a sort of countdown. Kai took a deep breath and waited for the simulation to begin and hoped he could pass it. He looked down at the floor of the holodeck as the room changed to resemble Main Engineering aboard the Theurgy.

There were crew members rushing around as the red alert klaxon sounded. The red lights intermittently illuminated the room. Kai found himself standing at the Master Situation Table whilst looking at the warp core.

"We just lost contact with everything above Deck 17, including the Bridge" one of the Engineering crew members had told Kai as they looked at Kai for instructions. In Kai's mind he had figured that a situation where he would be the ranking officer in Engineering would be a rare occurrence, however he did understand that it was a possibility nonetheless.

Kai looked at the displays in front of him and noticed that there was something wrong with one of the antimatter storage containment units. The information he was seeing was that it was loosing integrity for some unexplained reason. He was informed that they were around 90 seconds from containment breach. He ran through the Engineering specifications in his head as the clock counted down towards the destruction of the Theurgy.

"Shunt the power through the neodyne relay to try and restore containment." Kai ordered one of the numerous engineering crew members around the room. Someone had acknowledged the order and tried to do what he ordered.

"The neodyne relay isn't holding. The magnetic field is fluctuating." came the reply to Kai as he shook his head once and thought of the next item on the emergency procedures list.

"Computer" Kai had realized the next option on the list, "Eject antimatter storage pod four, authorization Akoni Four-One-Bravo-Eight-Eight"

The computer thought for a few milliseconds before giving its response.

[Unable to comply. Ejection systems offline.]

Kai slammed the padd he was holding down on to the table in front of him while simultaneously swearing under his breath. He tried to keep his cool so the crew members, despite being holographic, could see he was keeping his composure.

He looked around the room and saw all the engineers either working hard to solve the problem or looking at him for orders.

"I need ideas people...and I need them now!" the potential Lieutenant Commander called out to no one in particular. 

He heard some ideas being called out which included transporting the storage unit away from the ship. He realized that this wouldn't work as the transporter wouldn't be able to get a lock on the storage unit with the fluctuating magnetic field.

He stopped and thought about all the options. He felt himself failing the test and losing his plan to become Chief of Security on the Theurgy. He was going to let Commander Ducote and Captain Ives down. He had been so confident about this test and voiced that to them. He knew his first duty was to the ship.

The ship...

Kai's first duty was to..the..ship..

It was like a light bulb moment had just happened for him. He realized what he had to do.

He turned to the Ensign who was to the left of him, "Ensign, can you manually stabilize the containment field at the antimatter pod?"

"Sir, it should be noted that Ensign Farmer would be exposed to lethal radiation levels during the performance of that task." Petty Officer T'Laras informed Kai.

Kai was already aware of that before asking the question; however, it was still nice that the crew informed him of the consequences.

"I understand that. Proceed Ensign Farmer."

The Ensign nodded and went into a crawl space in order to attempt to fix the issue. Kai continued to monitor the situation on the screen in front of him. Potentially ordering someone, even a hologram, to their death wasn't an easy decision. 

Kai noticed that Mr. Farmer had made it to the antimatter pod and had begun manually stabilizing the containment field. The containment field was 5 seconds away from complete failure when the Ensign had stabilized the field, while at the same time, Kai noticed that the life signs of Ensign Farmer had dropped to zero.

The ship was now safe.

[Simulation Complete.] The Computer had announced as the simulated crew members and main engineering had disappeared around him, leaving the bare holodeck grid. He sighed and wondered if he had done enough to pass. He had hesitated, however, like most mistakes he's made in his life, he wouldn't do that again.

Overall he had felt pretty confident coming into the test. He still felt confident after the test, while at the same time feeling like he'd been knocked down a peg or two so to speak. It was tougher than he had imagined, but all in all, he felt like it was good enough.

The main question was...would it be good enough for Captain Ives? He was sure he would find out soon enough as he headed for the holodeck exit.

The doors parted and he noticed Captain Ives, in female form along with Thea standing in the corridor. He also noticed that his friend hadn't emerged from his test yet. He hoped Cross was doing well, as Kai had every confidence in his friend, as he did in himself.
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Re: SD 57559.05 Bridge Officer Test
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[ Lieutenant Cross | Holodeck 2 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @trevorvw

The doors of Holodeck 2 whirred as the drifted apart, showing a view of the simulation grid beyond. Cross stepped through the doors and into the corridor a moment later, feeling a sense of weariness settling over him. He felt fairly confident about his performance in the testing, the Bridge Operations portion having gone well. He felt he had struggled in the First Contact and Diplomatic portions of the testing, though few who knew him would find that a surprise. Diplomacy had never been one of Cross' strengths. Cross couldn't help but wonder if Captain Ives would have been able to hear his teeth grinding from the corridor during that part of the testing. He had managed to keep his cool, if only just, and he was fairly certain he had passed.

The Engineering portion had been easier for him, though admittedly he had had to study a great deal the night before to bring himself up to speed on the Engineering systems. Blue would be furious with him if she knew how rusty his engineering knowledge from the Academy had become.

He knew the last part of the test as meant to be the biggest challenge, sending a crew member to their death, sacrificing one life to save the rest of the crew. Cross supposed he had a leg up in that department, as he was generally known to be cold. It wasn't that he didn't care about people, but rather that death had been a constant possibility throughout the first half of his life, and he had seen many die in the camps. Duty was a ruling factor in his life now, and his duty was to the ship, and the crew. If that duty required that he send one on a suicide mission to save the rest, then that was what he would do.

And that is exactly what he had done.

The Junior Lieutenant had been a young man, and had looked frightened when Cross gave him the assignment, but he had done his duty and performed his task admirably, even knowing death would follow. Cross knew it was only a simulation, but there was something touching about it nonetheless. The Vulcan felt somewhat frustrated that he couldn't remember the Lieutenant's name. Wert? Wort?

It didn't matter. It was all just a simulation. There would be no letter home to the man's family. Even if it had really happened, Cross supposed sending a letter to the man's family would be impossible while they were on the run, branded traitors by the Federation.

Cross sighed, pushing the thoughts from his mind as he glanced down the corridor and saw Captain Ives standing with Thea and Kai at the entrance to Holodeck 1 and moved to join them. Kai must have finished before him, and he hoped the big Human had done well on his tests. Kai would doubtless score much higher than Cross himself. Kai was nothing if not professional, and the man's charismatic aura would no doubt allow him to pass the diplomatic portions of the test with ease where Cross had struggled.

"Captain." Cross said in greeting, nodding to Ives as he approached. His gaze turned to Kai, and he gave his friend a grin before turning his attention to Thea. "It's good to see you, Thea." He hadn't seen the ship's AI since they escaped the Versant, and seeing the AI's female avatar walking the corridors of the Theurgy was still a new experience for him. The sight of her brought back a brief flash of memory.

Fighting through the Versant, the members of their team falling to Ante weapons fire all around him. The sight of Thea in the containment chamber, and the battle to free her. The flash of pain as his hand was  severed, and the greater pain of dealing with the wound. All those images flashed through his mind in an instant, then were gone. He smiled at the holographic AI before turning to Captian Ives.

"Well, Captain? How did we do?"
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Re: SD 57559.05 Bridge Officer Test
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[ Captain Ives | Holodecks 1 - 2 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife @trevorvw
The two officers emerged, the second not long after the first, and they approached Ives and Thea.

Watching them, Jien thought of the number of Endeavour officers that might end up in the new Senior Staff, and how it would be a time of adaptation for a lot of people aboard the three Vectors. Not just for the two men in front of her, but the ones that might end up reporting to them. That, not even taking into consideration how they would fare in working with the rest of the Senior Staff either. Still, Jien felt that it was a positive thing. The ship needed leaders that hadn't been persecuted for five months too.

When Lieutenant Cross asked his question, Jien simply turned her oaken eyes towards Thea with a faint smile.

"It would appear your total score ended up the same," the Ship A.I. began to say, the results already accessible to her. "Of course, you scored differently in different parts of the test, but the sum total is still at 93,2 % for you both. Passing the test, as you are aware, requires a sum total 85% success-rate. As for the errors made, they will be sent to you individually so that you may peruse them and adapt for your duties to come."

Which led to Jien speaking up, because as it had been stated, if they passed the test, they would be considered for the Departmental Head positions. She was a woman of her word.

"Congratulations, to the both of you," she said and when she unfolded her hands from behind her back, she showed two small boxes with their additional black pips. She gave them to Thea, who held them for her, so that she could proceed to talk to them while she fastened the pips at their collars. "It's not easy to put the past behind, the loss of Captain Amasov as heavy for you as some of the losses I have suffered in the past few months. It's far easier to linger in such thoughts, and have difficulty moving on."

She had fastened Akoni's new pip at his collar, and then went to Thea to to collect Cross'. "At some point, I hope you both will be able to consider yourselves members of the Theurgy crew, and not primarily survivors of the Endeavour. It is my wish that those under your command, in your separate Departments, also cease to think of you as outsiders sooner rather than later, because they might not know how dearly they need leaders that doesn't consider themselves renegades, but Starfleet officers."

After having given Cross his new pip as well, Jien folded her hands behind her back again. "Well done, Commanders."

Somewhat of an understatement, considering how little time they'd been given to study for the test.
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