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Topic: CH02: S [D02|1600] Daa'maq (Read 308 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH02: S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
Stardate 57652.28
April 17, 2381
16:00 hrs.
Day 2

[Ensign L'Nari | Upper Shuttle Bay (Bottom Level) | Deck 11| USS Theurgy | Aldea] Attn: @Number6 @Masorin

The USS Tigris was the last remaining Danube-class Runabout aboard the USS Theurgy, following the destruction of the USS Thames. It was a small but nevertheless highly reliable ship with a maximum cruising speed of Warp Factor 5, at least according to the technical specifications on the PADD which Ensign L'Nari had found laying on the seat of the CONN. She reasoned that the PADD was deliberately left there by the Shuttlebay Manager so that anyone who was assigned to the USS Tigris could familiarize themselves with the ship, and with little else to do but wait until her fellow officers would arrive, the black-furred Caitian had leaned back in the comfortable seat, carefully put her feet on the middle console, and read up on the Tigris maintenance history and quirks.

What she'd read on the PADD only confirmed what the black-furred Diplomatic Attaché already knew when she first boarded the small Danube-class Runabout; they were assigned the perfect ship for this mission. While it wasn't supposed to be an extensive operation -they were supposed to rendezvous with the ship of Daa'maq, son of Faa'rag, post haste and send him the intercepted transmission which was given to them by General Chu'vok- it never hurt to be assigned to a ship with the comfort of a bunk. Just in case things didn't go to plan and they would have to stay for the night. In fact, before she even made it to the cockpit, L'Nari had dropped off her duffle bag -which contained a spare skirt version of the Starfleet uniform and some various other things, in the starboard crew module to claim it as her own.

In the meantime, all she could do was wait for her travel companions to show up.
Ensign L'Nari | Diplomatic Attaché

Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Lt. J.G. Foval| Upper Shuttle Bay (Bottom Level) | Deck 11| USS Theurgy | Aldea]
@Nesota Kynnovan @Masorin

Foval was expecting another day of meetings, when he got briefed about the situation with Da'maaq.   He had things that he would much rather spend his time doing, however, none of them were currently in the line of duty.  

He made sure to prepare himself.   From his earliest days at the Academy, he knew that dealing with Klingons was a deceptive prospect   On the one hand, they respected strength, honesty and forthrightness.   On the other, they were sticklers for precedence and protocol.   Getting involved in Klingon Politics, particularly at house level, was like trying to defend a fire pit from a flash flood  

Still, it was his first mission as mission CO, he was eager to get things kicked off and prove his worth to Rutherford and the command staff.  

The Runabout Tigris was waiting for him on the shuttlepad    He gave a polite nod to the dark furred Caitian ensign sitting in place.  

"Ensign" he said   He eased himself into the pilot seat and set about powering up the console.   It had been some time since he had been behind the console of an actual ship, although he had kept his flight clearance via the holodeck.  

"I will have a pre mission briefing when the third person in our party arrives." He said as all the precheck diagnostics showed green.   Engines were fine, there was enough fuel to last them several weeks, and life support was ready.  

"I understand you discussed this mission extensively with Commander Rutherford when she set it?" he said,   
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[Lt. Vanya |Assistant Science Officer| USS Theurgy]

[Lt. J.G Foval |Assistant Diplomatic Officer |USS Theurgy]

Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Robert Guthrey  Upper Shuttle Bay (Bottom Level) | Deck 11| USS Theurgy  ]attn: @Nesota Kynnovan  @Number6

Jack, or rather now as he was named Robert Guthrey, already regretted the name change. He would get used to it honestly it was a good name, he wasn't sure if it was just a cover for now or something he would be using for a long time to come if he was stuck with it, it wasn't the worst name in the world.

Walking into the turbolift to get to the shuttlebay he kept adjusting the unform, he hadn't worn one in a long time, It felt a lot lighter than the KDF uniform had been, and his right artificial arm didn't snag or catch on the material, but  he kept fidgeting with it regardless. It was his first day back to being an ensign within the Federation, a full rank down from where he had been two months before, but honestly he was much happier with the posting no matter the convoluted reason he had gotten it.

It seemed for whatever the reason he had made an impression on two members of the senior staff, and one of them had recommended him for the mission. He was wearing science blue again, but this was a diplomatic mission, with a cross into the intelligence field.  Though Robert was a science officer first, he had agreed to be an intellegence asset when needed, and apparently at some point a diplomat for the klingons.

So now he was serving three roles on this ship. He had a lot to make up for, so honestly the higher ups could keep the work coming. Arriving at the shuttlebay he gave his shirt one final downward tug and walked up to greet the other two members of the team that would be on this mission, already aboard the Tigris.

"Sorry if I kept you waiting, I'm Ensign Robert. Guthrey." He held out his robotic hand towards the Lieutenant.  His eyes meeting the dark furred Caitian girl, a true sight to behold, jack was actually a bit taken with her, but tried not to let his vision linger any more than was professional. "My name change may not be in the system yet, heck my ensign credentials may not even be in the system yet I was a civilian asset this morning. Reappointed and then requested so here I am. Though to be honest I only got the summons a few moments ago I don't actually know what the mission is yet."
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Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Lt. JG Fova  Upper Shuttle Bay (Bottom Level) | Deck 11| USS Theurgy  attn: @Masorin @Nesota Kynnovan

Although considered by modern Vulcans to be a racial stereotype right up there for "Top of the Mornin" for Humans from the earth Island named Ireland, or "G'day mate" from its Australian continent, Foval raised an eyebrow at the sight of the being that entered the shuttle and offered his hand.     

With his cybernetic eye, and artificial hand he briefly considered if, like him their party's third member was an XB.  However, from Foval's brief examinations, this did not appear to be so  The prosethetics were the result of Federation science, and while some drones were liberated from the collective without having to retain any implants, these cases were usually rare where the drone had been rescued shortly after assimilation. 

"Ensign" Foval said in greeting offering a Vulcan salute with his real hand instead of shaking the hand.  "I take it you were the individual who once used the name Hi'Jak?  I just wish to verify the correct person is on the mission after all."

Foval closed the  runabout door and began the briefing in answer to his question. 

"As Mr. Guthery here will no doubt be able to report better than I can, The house of Daa'maq, formerly the house of Faa'rag is one of the fastest growing houses in the Klingon Empire.  Faa'rag's noble death during the Dominion war, and the training that he instilled in his son, and anyone who serves along side them have led to the warriors of house Daa'maq becoming some of the most respected and formidable." 

He brought up a graphic showing the Daa'maq house crest  He gestured towards Guthery.  "Again, the ensign here will be able to address the issue better than I, but it is our understanding that politically, House Daa'maq is neutral.  Faa'rag and Martok were rivals, though they declared a truce during the war prior to Martok's ascension to chancellor.  After the war, Daa'maq has shown know enmity towards Martok, but they haven't declared loyalty to him either." 

He flicked some more controls on his pad.  "L'Nari here has intelligence from General Chu'Vok.  Dam'aaq's sister is apparently smitten with Gorka, to the point where she plans to assassinate her brother, and throw the support of house Daa'maq behind Gorka, leaving Martok weakened.  A weakened Martok is bad for Theurgy.  It is our mission to intercept Dam'aaq on the May'Siq, his  command, prevent the assassination attempt and possibly bring the warriors of Dam'aaq to the aid of Martok." 

"Ensign Guthery, your job is to advise us where possible on the political situation, as well as any pertinent intelligence we don't have access to" 

He then turned to the eager Caitian "L'Nari, our mission will be to represent the Theurgy and our alliance with Martok the best we can.  If things do go south, as humans sometimes say, we may need to be... creative."
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[Lt. Vanya |Assistant Science Officer| USS Theurgy]

[Lt. J.G Foval |Assistant Diplomatic Officer |USS Theurgy]

Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Ensign L'Nari | Upper Shuttle Bay (Bottom Level) | Deck 11| USS Theurgy | Aldea] Attn: @Number6 @Masorin

As she heard someone enter the Runabout, L'Nari had quickly taken her feet off the console in order to look presentable. By the time Lieutenant Foval, the assigned mission commander, entered the cockpit she was sitting up straight and acknowledged the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer with a courteous nod. While the Lieutenant eased himself into the pilot seat right next to the Ops station where she was sitting, the black-furred Caitian considered to tell him that she was the one who initially brought the overheard Klingon intelligence to the Chief Diplomatic Officer's attention and that, as such, she was intimately familiar with the mission parameters. Realizing that her pride in this accomplishment could be taken as boastful however, she instead just nodded and acknowledged with a more modest "Yes Sir."

By that time another Ensign made it aboard, one of the many whom she hadn't met yet, and he introduced himself as Ensign Robert Guthrey. Welcoming the man aboard with a friendly. "Hello!", L'Nari put down the PADD with the Runabout's technical specifications and took out her own PADD. She knew that, now they were complete and ready to go, Lieutenant Foval would want to begin the mission briefing any minute now, and having the mission details ready might help in case she would have to answer any questions the Lieutenant or Ensign Guthrey might want to ask of her.

As Lieutenant Foval began to brief them, L'Nari listened attentively and found herself rather impressed by how fast Commander Rutherford had brought him up to speed regarding the mission. When the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer finished his briefing by mentioning that a certain creativity might be required if things would go wrong, the black-furred Caitian nodded in agreement and spoke up herself. "If I may, Sir." A smile began to appear on her face and, as her Caitian-accented voice left her lips, L'Nari turned her green-eyed gaze from Lieutenant Foval to Ensign Guthrey and back. "We stumbled upon this intelligence by sheer luck, and from what I gathered from Commander Rutherford it seems that Klingon Intelligence is conflicted about the validity of the information regarding this assassination." L'Nari took care to avoid mentioning her own role in obtaining this information, both in case things might really go wrong and just simply because it wasn't her place as a Diplomatic Attaché to boast. "I propose that we, as humans sometimes say, 'haul ass' to the rendezvous point and carefully play it by ear once we get to confront Daa'maq and Eriska. If we end up accusing Eriska and the intelligence turns out to be wrong after all, we might insult House Daa'maq and if that happens I don't exactly give a whole lot for our chances in a Runabout."
Ensign L'Nari | Diplomatic Attaché

Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Robert Guthrey  Upper Shuttle Bay (Bottom Level) | Deck 11| USS Theurgy  ]attn: @Nesota Kynnovan  @Number6

At the mention of his old, or actual name in this instance Robert actually looked completely panic'd for a moment, immediately his eyes went to the entrance of the shuttle checking that the word hadn't reached outside of the ship. It took a few seconds for the panic to resettle into discomfort. "Sir, that name is not welcome within the Klingon Empire at the moment. I'm in what some would consider as the witness protection program from ancient earth at the moment." It was in fact barely acceptable on the ship at the moment, hence why it had to be changed while things settled down. He let out a long sigh after he made sure that he wasn't about to be attacked.

He took a seat at what counted as a science console on this shuttle and listened to the briefing. He blinked hearing that his job was to run intelligence or inform them on the political situation, it was a little suprising to hear, but then he did say he would act as an intelligence operative when and where he could. He blinked for a moment trying to think it over for a moment. "House Daa'maq has a flair for the dramatic unfortunately they consider themselves a swing vote because of the amount of power they have they like to throw their weight in at the last possible moment. Which of course incidentally means that they end up throwing their weapons towards the winning side which then preserves their power and reputation."

"As for the plots this is the first i've heard of it, but the fact that Klingon Intelligence doesn't want to make a move in my mind makes it more valid. Having worked for Klingon Intelligence most my life I can tell you that plots like this don't tend to register high on their priorities. As Daa'maq's sister Eriska does technically have the right to challenge her brother for command of the house. However that would only be the case of a direct challenge, I don't think that would be the way Eriska would go about this, Daa'maq is a warrior in his prime she is less experienced any sane individual would put there latinum on Daa'maq." Robert rubbed his chin for a moment. "If she were to act dishonorably and attempt an assassination Klingon Intelligence would be too late to react. and Gorka could later pardon her house for having supported him."

He nodded at the idea that they should haul ass, he found it amusing that everyone was saying 'as the humans' would say considering he was only half human. "Either way it would be in our best interest to make haste and guarantee that this power exchange doesn't happen either way loose house Daa'maq and Theurgy may very well end up loosing the Empire."
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Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Lt, Foval |Upper Shuttle Bay (Bottom Level) | Deck 11| USS Theurgy  ]attn: @Masorin @Nesota Kynnovan

Foval inclined his head.  The mission reports he had read obviously had yet to be redacted.  It certainly seemed an intense position to be in.  To  go into hiding posed a massive risk  Still, Foval knew a fair bit about shame from his time on the colony.  Regardless, time was pressing, and the Vulcan felt that he didn't have time to engage in further details. 

"My Apologies Mr Guthery.  You have it on my honour that your name won't be disclosed.  Ensign L'Nari, I must order you not to disclose to Mr Guthery's former name unless ordered to be a superior officer, or consented to by the ensign himself.  Am I clear?"

True, that still meant that L'Nari could disclose the secret to anyone from a Lt. J.G. to a Commander, but considering they were currently classed as renegades that wasn't an option. 

The former Klingon finished his briefing.  "Thank you.  I suggest as Ensign L'Nari suggests we "propel our posteriors" to the approximate location of the ship. 

He turned to face the console, the sealed the doors shut, and began the fire up sequence of the shuttle.  For a brief ghost of a moment, he was reminded of being the ensign he was a few decades earlier, before he felt the business end of an assimilation chamber.  A ship, controls, and a direction to travel in.   

The door to the hangar bay opened, and they received their clearance instructions.  They departed, and were again in open space.  Foval set the controls, and engaged the warp drive.  The stars and Theurgy warped for a split second, before the ship exploded into warp. 

"So, how should we approach Daa'Maq?" Foval asked them both.  "Some Klingons prefer deference and reverence.  Others prefer stark honesty, others still prefer the combative attitude that Tellarites would find commendable."   
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[Lt. Vanya |Assistant Science Officer| USS Theurgy]

[Lt. J.G Foval |Assistant Diplomatic Officer |USS Theurgy]

Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Ensign L'Nari | Cockpit | USS Tigris] Attn: @Number6 @Masorin

As the USS Tigris jumped to warp, L'Nari was still pondering on the words of Ensign Guthrey. Klingons could often be a little touchy and delicate in terms of practical communication, even somewhat on the dramatic side depending on the discussed subject, and the black-furred Caitian knew that their mission was a dangerous one; Klingons could -and sometimes would- swear a feud sealed by blood over something relatively minor like a difference of opinion, and there was absolutely no way of telling how Daa'maq would react to their accusations regarding his own sister. It was highly unlikely that he would immediately welcome them aboard with open arms and invite them to partake in bloodwine with him though, and L'Nari honestly felt relieved that Ensign Guthrey displayed such an intimate knowledge of Klingon culture.

"Well, I don't think it's wise to approach Daa'maq's ship and immediately accuse his sister of conspiracy to commit murder." As L'Nari spoke, she swivelled the seat of the Ops station around so she could shift her green-eyed gaze from Lieutenant Foval to Ensign Guthrey and back. "The way I see it, the only evidence we have is an intercepted transmission. Ensign Guthrey just confirmed that Klingon Intelligence isn't overly concerned about these kinds of things as it is, so it's safe to say that our evidence will be regarded as somewhat... thin. Plus, how would any of us react if someone were to accuse our siblings of planning to kill us in cold blood, without the evidence to back up that claim?" The black-furred Caitian pondered their options for a moment, thinking of a way to approach this which wouldn't result in upsetting Daa'maq and the possibly lethal consequences it might have for them. "Ensign Guthrey," L'Nari turned her green-eyed gaze to the man sitting behind the science console. "Would there be a way to trick Eriska into revealing her involvement? If we can make her slip up and admit to something, it might not hurt our credibility."
Ensign L'Nari | Diplomatic Attaché

Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Robert Guthrey  | Cockpit | USS Tigris ]attn: @Nesota Kynnovan  @Number6

Robert was genuinely trying to listen to everyone and evaluate the situation as he thought about it. L'Nari seemed to be an established diplomat and was already a few steps ahead of him when it came to all of this. They couldn't exactly go in guns blazing against house Daa'maq it wouldn't end well with them in just a shuttle to be honest. With the shuttle at warp and heading towards Daa'maq's last known location they would need to be on their toes and ready for just about anything.

The idea to get Eriska to reveal herself was interesting, but asking him to come up with such a plan was  asking a lot of the former member of Imperial Intelligence.  he tapped at his chin for a moment reading over information they had on Daa'maq and thought about it. "Honestly, I don't think we will need to trick Eriska into showing her true colors."

"If we go to Daa'maq directly say we are representing Martok, and the Theurgy, asking the man to come to our side and defend his chancellor, it would force Eriska to move against us, or her brother. If she attacks us while aboard their ship it will be a lot easier to drag her out into the open. If she moves against her brother she will show her true colors then and there." As with all things Klingon the direct approach was usually the best one.

"Speaking from experience Klingons are rarely known for their subtilty." Ensign Guthrey would rather they not play their cards close to their chest or make up more lies. The direct and fastest approach was what they needed.

At which point they dropped out of warp. Reaching the last known cowardinates of Daa'maq's ship. For a moment nothing was on sensors before it decloaked. The suttle was simply dwarfed and outgunned by  looming Negh'var battlecruiser that was now several hundred meeters above them. The sound of a hail on coms pinging the ship. Robert looked at L'Nari, and then to Foval. "I am definitely not high enough rank to answer that." worry seeping into his tone.


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Re: CH02: S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Lt. J.G Foval  | Cockpit | USS Tigris ] @Masorin @Nesota Kynnovan

Foval listened to both approaches.  Both approaches had their own benefits.  When competing for another's favour,  allowing an opponent to show their undesirable qualities was almost like winning by default.  However, there was no love for the House of Martok from Daa'maq's house.  The drect approach, while having to rely on trust, was more honest. 

"I must concur with Ensign  Guthrey's suggestion."  Foval said.  "There is a time and a place for subterfuge, and if we had the resources to manipulate Eriska into showing her true colours, I think we could, however we have neither the time or the resource to deploy a deception that is both believable.  However, confronted with the truth, Daa'Maq will at least investigate.   

There was of course every chance that Daa'Maq would kill them because they weren't to be believed.  At least dying to preserve the truth was better than dying in pursuit of a lie.  Ironically that was something that their Klingon friends would no dobut relate to. 

"Thank you for your suggestions." Foval said as he turned back towards his console.  "I am scanning for Daa'Maq's ship. "We will be following Ensign Guthrey's plan.  We must however remember to be differential without being toadies.  Forthright without being annoying.    Assertive without being combative."     
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[Lt. J.G Foval |Assistant Diplomatic Officer |USS Theurgy]

Re: CH02: S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Ensign L'Nari | Cockpit | USS Tigris] Attn: @Number6 @Masorin

While L'Nari was somewhat disappointed to hear that Lieutenant Foval decided to follow through with Ensign Guthrey's idea instead of hers, it made sense given how the Science Officer was much more experienced with Klingon affairs than she was. Plus, even if it wouldn't have made sense it was still a fact that the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer both outranked her and was assigned to serve as the mission commander; either one of those facts alone made that there was preciously little choice to accept his decision on the matter.

Not that the black-furred Caitian was inclined to question Foval's judgment but, as she turned her attention to the OPS-console in front of her, L'Nari nevertheless couldn't help but sigh ever so softly. "Alright, that's fair enough." As she spoke L'Nari just hoped that, if they were to force Eriska into moving against Daa'maq, the woman wouldn't succeed in slaying her brother and assuming control of their house; if that were to happen, they would surely be up the proverbial estuary without a means of locomotion.

As the mighty Negh'var battlecruiser decloaked all of a sudden and all kinds of sensor readings began to show up on L'Nari's console, she couldn't help but hope that this wouldn't be the start of that proverbial estuary. The easily recognisable ping, indicating that the huge warship was hailing them, did manage to put the black-furred Caitian at ease a little bit; surely Eriska would have greeted them with something a little more deadly than a hail. Since she was sitting behind the OPS-console anyway, the young Caitian Diplomatic Attaché quickly moved her hands across the console to accept the hail for Lieutenant Foval.

"This is the Federation Runabout USS Tigris for the-" As she spoke, L'Nari quickly double-checked the hailing signature. "IKS May'siq. Do you copy?"
Ensign L'Nari | Diplomatic Attaché

Re: CH02: S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Daa'Maq | Bridge | USS Tigris] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan @Masorin

"And you got my gift" 

Daa'Maq held the blade in his hand.  It brought back memories of hunting some of the plains of Qup'Nos with his father.  They were simpler times  The only things he had to worry about was excelling in his studies (he did) and picking up the scent of prey on the wind. 

Now he was the head of the house, he had a thousand other things to worry about as an individual, and a thousand other things to worry about as a leader.  One of them was intolerable toady's

"Yes, I did thank you.  My father would be happy to see it returned  Tell me, what would such a gift cost." 

The Klingon on the viewscreen shrugged dimissively "It is but a token of appreciation from the house of Morrik.  Consider it a down payment on a glorious alliance between our houses." 

Of course. 

"One more question." Daa'Maq asked.  "Which Ferengi gift shop did my father die in?" 

The smile on the Klingon's face shifted.  It was still there, but there was a hint of panic. 

"He died at the battle of Fordellai." He said 

"Oh, how strange."  He said taking a step down from his command chair and waving the sheathed blade at the screen.  "You see, you are the third house this year to come into possession of one of my father's heirlooms from the time of his death." Daa'Maq said conversationally.  "So, naturally I assumed with so much merchandise being preserved, he was in the vicinity of a specialist retailer." 

"I'm not sure..." the Klingon started to splutter. 

"First we get my father's Bat'leth.  His favourite weapon, but too large for close quarters combat he was likely to come across on his ship.  Found by the house of Kerg, an ally of the house of Chu'vok.  Then a last barrel of my father's 2309 Bloodwine.  Somehow it survived the years of vaoccum and cosmic radiation to be drinkable.  Found by another ally  Finally, you bring me his hunting knife, I know it to be his hunting knife, as he coated the blade to reduce the amount of pain experienced by his prey, a fate he denied his foes.  I think my father knew that his last mission was a suicide one.  I think he sent a few heirlooms home by courier, and they were intercepted by pirates.  Orions perhaps, and I wonder are you aligned with house Chu'vok?"

"It is only a gift." His benefactor said curtly.  "Nothing more."  The transition priomptly ended.  Daa'maq raised a palm to his head.  His sister, enamoured with Chu'Vok had recently started mithering him for an alliance. 
"You do realise." Flek, his aid said to him quietly.  "That this will get back to your sister." 

Daa'Maq laughed, the implication that her spies were amongst his crew "I suppose so.  I have no ill will towards Chu'Vok, but it is not trinkets that impress me, but deeds and hnour.  I have no love for Martok, but it will take more to get me to oppose the Chancellor of the High Council than a few keepsakes. 

A shrill beep came from the communication console. 

"Sir." The communication officer said  "Incoming message." 

Daa'Maq rolled his eyes.  "Perhaps someone has found my mother's long lost recipe for Rokeg Blood Pie." 

"No sir." The officer said.  "Its Federation." 

Daa'Maq nodded and the message played. 

"This is the Federation Runabout USS Tigris for the-" As she spoke, L'Nari quickly double-checked the hailing signature. "IKS May'siq. Do you copy?"

"This is Daa'Maq" he replied.  "What fresh torture does Starfleet bring to my already sunny day?"
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Re: CH02:S [D02|1600] Daa'maq
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[Robert Guthrey  | Cockpit | USS Tigris ]attn: @Nesota Kynnovan  @Number6

Ensign Guthrey started to prep a few things. He wanted a plan encase this meeting went south, and their tiny shuttle would never stand up to the might of the IKS May'siq. Robert only really had one contingency plan at the moment. That being a site to site transport, onto the IKS May'siq. It was preferable to being exploded along with their shuttle if negotiations went far south, but A Neg'var had room for up to two thousand warriors, so if they took that option it would be a long day.

Thankfully Daa'Maq responded to their hail. Unfortunately he assumed that they were with regular Starfleet.  Which meant that they would have to start with a correction. Robert supposed this was partly why he was assigned to this mission. So that he could speak on slightly better terms with the Klingons. Still it felt weird talking on the behalf of two diplomatic officers. His throat suddenly felt rather dry as he spoke up.

"We appologize coming to you unprepared but speed was of the essence." Robert decided that like they said it was the blunt truth that would be their tactic. However for the moment he avoided mentioning the sisters message. "We are members of The Theurgy crew, we have dispatched to parlay on behalf of the High Chancellor. High Chancellor Martok could not spare any of the small contingent of loyal warriors he had with him when He departed from Aldea aboard the Theurgy. We were dispatched. To plead our case and invite you to join the battle that general Chu'vok is attempting to start." Robert tried to pick his words as carefully as he could he wasn't that great at public speaking, but he tried his best. He made sure to make it sound like an invitation to join the combat, not an attempt to have Daa'Maq bend to Martok.

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[Ensign L'Nari | Cockpit | USS Tigris] Attn: @Number6 @Masorin

There was a lot that L'Nari thought she could contribute to the ongoing conversation, something she could say or do to help Lieutenant Foval or Ensign Guthrey, but as it was the black-furred Caitian knew that it would be best to just let them handle it; the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer was their assigned Mission Commander and the Scientist whom accompanied them was more of an expert on Klingon culture and behaviour than she was. Not that she wasn't disappointed or felt a little unneeded at this point, but the Lieutenant had chosen his preferred strategy for handling the situation and all she could do was sit back and let it play out, and possibly be of assistance where needed.

On the bright side, the Klingon known as Daa'maq mentioned that he was having a sunny day; as far as Klingon greetings usually went, L'Nari knew that this was about as positive as they would get given the news they were about to deliver. The average Caitian would be suspicious and unhappy at best when complete strangers would come bearing the news that their sister was involved in a plot to kill them in cold blood, and the Diplomatic Attaché knew only too well that Klingons were even more dramatic about these kinds of things... as with many other things. No, if there was one thing she could do right now, it was to sit tight and hope for the best.
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[Lt. J.G Foval | Cockpit | USS Tigris]
[Daa'Maq | Bridge| IKS Maysiq

Foval watched as Guthery pleaded his case before the bored looking Klingon.  He wondered how the influential would take the news that there was a plot against him.  A human diplomat once said that dealing with Klingon houses was like trying to fight fire with fire.    There was every chance that you would get burned no matter what you attempted    However, Guthery was truthful, honest and to the point, something that Klingons admired in spades.  He was content to see how this played out.   

Daa'maq tilted is head back and laughed a hearty laugh as the human pledeaded his case.  Martok, the one eyed commoner from the Ketha lowlands was asking him - him of all people for his help.  The old man and Daa'Maq's father had bee fierce rivals back in their youth.  While blood had never been spilled, they were constantly jockeying for position within Klingon society.  Martok began an advisor and enforcer of Gowron, someone his father hated even more.  However, at the rivalry's bitterest point - the lead up to the Klingon attempted invasion of Cardassia, it transpired that Martok was being impersonated by a changeling. 

The real Martok was rescued from Dominion terriory shortly after the imposter's exposure.  As the war rampted up, Martok and Daamaq's father declared a truce.  Their business was never concluded when his father died.  Loyal to the empire, but with no loyalty towards Martok himself, Daa'maq has simply gone about his business. 

As much as his father would hate to admit it, both of them were cut from the same cloth, stubbournly proud, with only the prospect of all out war to prevent them from bickering in public.  That the old man would come to him, even through the medium of renegade Starfleeters showed how concerned he was.  He decided that he needed more information before he acted. 

"This is interesting    By all means come aboard and tell me what the man who once said that what my house lacked in honour, we made up for in pomposity.  Prepare for transport." 

Foval decided that it would be redundant to identify himself as the mission leader, instead he gave Guthery a small nod of he agreement.  Foval had to prepare himself, they were beaming over to a Klingon ship, he was concerned that a few of their warriors may make things uncomfortable for him. 

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[Ensign L'Nari | Cockpit | USS Tigris] Attn: @Number6 @Masorin

While L'Nari had never been overly fond of violence, she had learned to absolutely abhor it over the years. Especially when it was directed at her. Her father, a renowned Starfleet Diplomatic Officer whom had been away more often than not during her childhood, taught her that violence was dirty and uncivilized; it often showed its ugly head as a last resort, usually when diplomacy and other means to acquire a peaceful solution ended up without the desired result. In terms of diplomacy, the man had been a most charismatic artist and, while they only came to bond after many years, her father was the reason why L'Nari eventually joined the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps herself.

As L'Nari reminisced about that while listening to Ensign Guthrey, she couldn't help but to feel anxious. A part of her anxiety came from the violence she'd threatened Faye with back on Aldea and, as she began to rationalize that the woman, no matter how utterly annoying, had only come to get her back to the USS Theurgy in time, the black-furred Caitian began to feel a little sorry. Not for Faye, because she'd told the bitch countless of times not to call her a furball and she quite honestly deserved to get clawed at some point, but for the utter disregard for diplomatic etiquette which she'd displayed. In fairness though, that small bit of anxiety paled compared to how much she opposed their current plan; L'Nari quite honestly regarded their idea, because it wasn't even a plan, as downright suicidal. It was one thing to approach a Klingon and challenge the integrity of his House when you had the proof to back it up, but they were going to run that gauntlet without proof.

Gritting her teeth, L'Nari momentarily turned her attention to Lieutenant Foval, their mission commander, and the gaze in her green eyes wasn't exactly friendly. Maybe her anxiety was starting to get the better of her, but she had a feeling that he wasn't going to get them through this. In her opinion, the Lieutenant was sending them in completely unprepared without even considering other alternatives in case Ensign Guthrey would fail to deliver and, just like her father had taught her, it would only lead to violence showing its ugly head.

For now though, the only ugly thing was the look in L'Nari's green eyes; if glares had been lethal, there was a distinct possibility that Lieutenant Foval would have spontaneously combusted right there and then.

When L'Nari heard how Daa'maq cleared them to transport aboard however, the Diplomatic Attaché turned her attention back to her OPS-console and accessed the transporter controls. As she locked in on their signatures, making sure to program the computer in such a way that it would keep a continuous lock on their transporter signatures at all times in case of emergency, a deep sigh escaped the black-furred Caitian's lips before she energized the transporter.


[Eriska | Transporter Room | IKS May'siq]

Eriska, the younger sister of Daa'maq, was already waiting in the Transporter Room of  the mighty Negh'var Battlecruiser. Under other circumstances, the two warriors who flanked her on either side would have been sufficient to escort the Starfleet Officers to the Bridge, but something about their presence felt off. She had been present on the Bridge when the small Starfleet ship hailed them and, as such, she managed to overhear the conversation; it struck her as unlikely that the High Chancellor would be unable to spare honourable Klingon warriors for something as important as securing her brother's allegiance in battle, and to send Starfleet instead was nothing more than a grave insult to her brother and their House.

Of course, it was an insult that worked all too well for her. Knowing Starfleet and their hypocritical reputation however, Eriska suspected that this insult might work a little too well; aside from being hypocrites, Starfleet was known to show up at exactly the worst possible moments to completely derail a good plan with their sense of moral superiority. The thought alone made that Eriska spit on the deck of the Transporter Room in disgust. There was only one thing she could do, and that was keeping a close eye on the three Starfleet Officers. In Kahless' name, their spines would decorate the Bridge of the IKS May'siq before the day was over.

When the sound of a transporter drew her attention, Eriska turned her gaze to the transporter pad and immediately stepped forward; closely flanked by the two Klingon warriors on either side of her. "I am Eriska of the House Daa'maq, daughter of Faa'rag! State your business here, Starfleet, and state it fast." As she spoke, the sound of her voice only further accentuated her attempt to intimidate the three Starfleet Officers. To see that one of the three, a black-furred Caitian, actually flinched because of her intimidation caused a mean grin to appear on her face.
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[Lt. JG Foval | Transporter room |IKS May'Siq]

Foval tried his best to maintain composure as they beamed onto the ship.   His nostrils detected hintos of bloodwine in the air, no doubt drank on the way to and.or from beaming down to a battle.   The hint of blood on the air was also clear too, weather this was from warriors returning victorious or wounded, the Vulcan didn't want to hazard a guess.  

It was unfortunate that they had been greeted by Daa'Maq's sister since their message was intended to expose her duplicity against her brother.   Obviously it was too risky giving them the information to her directly.   Foval decided to act in as Klingon way as his Vulcan decorum would normally allow.  

"I am Foval, I am in command of this mission." He said at last.   "As I told your brother over subspace, we are here on urgent business that requires the attention of your brother, the head of the household. "  

He took a step off of the transporter pad, raising himself as high as he could manage.   He hoped that his Borg implants could engender a sense of intimidation   He held out his claw like artificial hand.  

"I am unsure of your house dynamics, but I will discuss our business with your brother with him."
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