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Topic: Day 26 [0930 HRS] – A Freighter Alone (Read 64 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 26 [0930 HRS] – A Freighter Alone
Stardate 57621.43
Day 26 - April 5, 2381
0930 hrs.

[Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Cockpit | Shuttle Type-11 | Epsilon Mynos System ] Attn: @Elaurianpaladin
And they thought it was a good idea to let him get back behind at helm. After what happened last time, Logan thought it was a brave decision to let him take control of a shuttle so soon. It was only right for him. Logan smiled as he piloted the shuttle towards the abandoned freighter, he had only recently discovered on a patrol flight. It took a short warp to reach the freighter in the asteroid field, but the journey there would remain relaxed. At least until they reached the asteroid field. Then it would get a little rough again.  But he was sure he could handle it. This time Logan was not only travelling in pairs, but with a complete away team. Then it would get a little rough again. But he was sure he could handle it. This time Logan was not only travelling in two pairs, but with a complete away team. With him were nine other men and women on board the shuttle. He had been told that the freighter might contain clues to experiments on the Gestalt, aldean clones, and this group here should find those clues. Logan knew from his last visit to the area that they probably would not meet much resistance, but the possibility still existed. That is why they had sent the patrols of his comrades in the fighters through this area. Logan was very sure that this shuttle trip would be much quieter than his last one.
"The scrambler works. We are cloaked," the pilot explained routinely. "Our path will take us first towards Epsilon Mynos V, then VI. From there it's just a short hop to our destination." He entered a few more parameters into his console before turning around to see how people were preparing for the job. Logan seemed to many people to be nothing more than a better cab driver. He turned to the man sitting next to him at the science station He was a tall man. Logan estimated his age to be between forty and fifty years. His bald head and the light, well-groomed goatee contrasted with his dark skin color.
"I'm Logan, by the way." He reached out his hand to the man, and as he introduced himself, the pilot went on to ask, "So? What will your job be when we reach our destination?"

Re: Day 26 [0930 HRS] – A Freighter Alone
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[Lt. Tyreke Okafor| Cockpit | Shuttle Type-11 | Epsilon Mynos System ] Attn: @Nero

The science officer looked up and nodded to Lt. Hale. "I'm here to ascertain if any of the equipment on the freighter can further our theories on the Aldean cloning or the Gestalt. I also want to take a metallurgical analysis of the hull to determine if there is anything of value to take back to Theurgy." It was good to get off the ship. While starships and space stations were deeply familiar friends to Okafor, there is nothing like leaving safety and going into the void.

The nightmares regarding the Borg had subsided, replaced with more pressing ones. Tyreke hadn't had a decent night's sleep in weeks, but that was to be expected. His work on the analysis of Borg components had taken much of his time. At this rate he'd need an engineering degree in order to continue his work.

He shook himself free of this thoughts. "Tyreke," he replied. "Good to meet you Logan."

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Re: Day 26 [0930 HRS] – A Freighter Alone
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[Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Cockpit | Shuttle Type-11 | Epsilon Mynos System ] Attn: @Elaurianpaladin
"Nice to meet you," Logan said. "That explains why you brought all those EV suits." He looked over his shoulder and saw some of the technicians preparing the suits. "It's certainly not a bad idea to wear them right from the beginning. Who knows if the atmosphere inside wasn't depleted long ago and if not toxic." When Logan discovered the freighter together with Zeke, the sensors of the Valravn could detect something like an atmosphere but could not analyze it further. They only knew that someone had been there at some time. How long ago that was, the fighter's sensors were unable to determine.

The pilot grabbed the console that was mounted above him and accessed the sensor data of his fighter. The superficial scans Zeke had made of the freighter were telling. They found some interesting metallurgical compounds on the hull of the freighter. It would certainly be worth investigating the hull of the freighter. But that's not why Logan accessed the scans. He was pointing to a spot on the underside of the freighter. "This is where I'm going to drop you off. As the scans show, you'll have to cut through the hull to get aboard the freighter." He enlarged the image and placed it on the monitor of the person sitting next to him. "This is the thinnest part of the hull. According to the scans, there's a space behind it that should be large enough for your team." Logan called up some of their equipment, which, when assembled, formed a mobile airlock. "You can place this there to keep the room pressurized. This will give me time to study the freighter from the outside with the shuttle's scanners." Logan was aware that Tyreke had heard this part of the briefing several times before, but there was no harm in repeating it.

Outside the shuttle, Logan recognized Epsilon Mynos VI passing them. He concentrated again on his controls and opened a channel to the rear of the shuttle. ,,Attention! Warp jump!"  Logan flipped the switch and the visible stars outside the canopy began to form white stripes. The planet beneath them also stretched to infinity. This was always a sight to behold. He loved it. The shuttle disappeared into warp, before it returned to its usual emptiness only a few seconds later. In front of them, however, was the Kuiper Belt, a huge collection of asteroids. Now the fun part begins, he thought.

Logan reached for the controls and entered the same course he had taken with his Valravn before. This would lead them straight to the ship.  But it was not so easy. Logan had to dodge some large stones again. But this time his vehicle was not as agile as his original fighter. The pilot had to avoid the rocks even more carefully. Eventually he succeeded and they reached, more or less unharmed, the calm sea in which the freighter had hidden itself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our destination." Logan began the landing approach and prepared the docking clamps. Then he turned back to Tyreke. "There's the beauty we spoke of, Tyreke. Now it is your turn. If you need anything, let me know. Good luck."

Re: Day 26 [0930 HRS] – A Freighter Alone
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[Lt. Tyreke Okafor| Space | Freighter | Epsilon Mynos System ] Attn: @Nero

Tyreke nodded as he secured the helmet of his EVA suit. "Thank you, Logan." He turned back towards the hatch. "Team Alpha, prepare to disembark,"

After the group double checked their suits, they left through the airlock and walked the hull in magnetized boots. Tyreke pulled down the visor on the EVA suit as the freighter rolled slightly through space. The metal of the hull was strange. The metal looked different, as if it was smoothed past normal metal to almost a glass like sheen. This gave Tyreke pause. What actually happened to this ship?

The team engaged their phaser cutters and started to create an entry point on the hull.  After the first breach, sensor readings from the interior poured into Tyreke's tricoder.

"Lieutenant Hale. We've made entry. Even if we could have beamed over, it was a good call for the EVA suits. There is no atmosphere in there. I'm reading several power systems still online, but life support isn't one of them. We're going to proceed inside. How does it look from out there?
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Re: Day 26 [0930 HRS] – A Freighter Alone
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[Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Cockpit | Shuttle Type-11 | Epsilon Mynos System ] Attn: @Elaurianpaladin
Logan dropped the group of scientists and security personnel on the hull near the point of entry. Slowly, taking care not to catch anyone with the nacelles, he lifted off again and first made a simple visual inspection of the freighter's outer hull. The ship seemed to have been drifting in the area for some time, although it was surrounded by rocks weighing several tons. Either the ship was just incredibly lucky not to have been hit all this time, or something was preventing the asteroids from crushing the ship under their weight. What secrets are you hiding from us?

The surface of the ship seemed to be made of glass. Smooth and level. Almost as if it had been exposed to a constant stream of fine sand over the years. Logan watched as the group cut through the steel and took initial scans of the interior. He started his scans and kept the Type-11 in a stable position in front of the freighter. The first data flowed over the displays of his console. Metallurgical composition of the hull, types of wiring and slowly the structure of the freighter began to emerge.

Logan heard the radio message from the other lieutenant and nodded affirmatively, taking another sideways glance at the scans of the surroundings. "I'm getting the first results from the sensors, but nothing more precise. However, there is a lot of interference from the asteroid belt that will affect our communications," he checked some more data, "and it will prevent our transporter from targeting you safely.

Logan looked through the windows and saw people starting to enter the freighter.
"It looks like we're about to lose contact." Logan noticed an increasing static pop on the line.
"Fuck." he muttered as he realized that the connection was severed.
"Good luck in there, Tyreke."