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Re: Day 02 [2100 hrs.] Lizards of a Scale

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | VIP Quarters | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow 

“Good.” Silim commented with a wide smile, pleased to know his guest was at ease here. He hadn’t really done much to make this place a home, but he did want it to feel like that eventually. In his mind he redoubled his efforts to make time to visit the ship’s stores. If he was going to be entertaining here more often he would need the appropriate items.

It was a shame that so much of his personal effects were lost at Starbase 84. He had many of the things he would now need. Not that he did much entertaining on the Station. There wasn’t anyone there who had captured his attention quite like the crew of the Resolve.

“My door will always be open to you, Ejek.”  He said finally. it seemed they had got to the crux of the matter. “Like you, I could also use a friend. Someone to confide in and relax with.”

“But alas, unless you have decided you would like the stay the night, I must bid you adieu.” Parnak bowed his head in mock apology. While the supper had not lasted long, especially by Cardassian standards, neither of them was eating anymore and Parnak had big plans for the next day. And even though Ejek had said she was looking for a friend that didn’t get on her nerves, he couldn’t help himself. A sly, cheeky grin crossed his face. “Not all of us have the cheat of youth to keep us beautiful. As you can most likely surmise, I need all the help I can get.”

Imagine he had pushed his luck a bit too far for this evening, he stood. Making slow strides to the doorway back to the corridor, Silim waited, standing to one side of the door for his guest to join him, as he planned on seeing her out. He hoped Ejek would see this place as a small sanctum. Somewhere she could come and relax and unwind.
When Ejek joined him at the doorway, he held his open hand towards the girl; an obvious invitation he would like to press palms. It was a gesture not many humans would understand, unless they had studied the Cardassian Culture.

“Until next time?”

Re: Day 02 [2100 hrs.] Lizards of a Scale

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[ Zelosa Ejek | VIP quarters | Deck 11 ] Attn: @Arista

Parnak was being very gracious. It made her...suspicious, really. She hated that, but she couldn’t remove suspicion from her nature. It was about as easy as removing her own scales.

She would not be staying the night, she knew that when she walked in. Even if Parnak was the most charming, attractive, trustworthy Cardassian male on this side of the Galaxy, she had standards. Quite frankly, she wasn’t thinking about the gentleman that way anyway. She gathered herself up and smoothed out her skirt. Her hair was flawless, but she smoothed it anyway.

“Oh, hush, you.” She teased, a small smile creeping on her face, “At least your dementia isn’t quite noticeable yet.” Entirely untrue, she couldn’t diagnose the man with an illness if she wanted to. But she hoped he understood that she was not ready for those sorts of comments. If he pressed, she’d turn sour very quickly, and she wasn’t sure if she’d stop herself in time.

She walked over to the door with Parnak, still smiling regardless of his reaction. She meant to leave him with a few kind words, patch up the verbal baring of teeth, but was suddenly confronted with a decision.

Parnak offered his palm. She had two choices, both of which she analyzed rapidly. She could snub him, thereby protecting herself from possible pain and betrayal that he could, and likely would inflict on her. Or...she could trust him just a little. Find some more joy in the world.

She paused, thinking about the friends she already had. Through thick and thin, they had been there for her. She’d been there for them. How good was that feeling, not being so alone, how wonderful was it? Was it worth the risk? Was it worth the fear, the pain…?

Before she consciously decided on the action, her palm was pressed against his. She didn’t allow herself to linger very long, nor did she put much focus on it. “If neither of us die before then, then yes, until next time, doctor.”

And so, she would leave. She left wondering what made her do that, but deep in her heart, she knew. She always knew.


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