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Topic: All is Fair in Love & War | Award Nominations (Read 611 times) previous topic - next topic

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All is Fair in Love & War | Award Nominations

Considering that we have over 6 years of story as a backlog of scenes eligible for some of these awards, we should start up right now with nominations for a couple of them. So, as one of our writers suggested, the theme for the first nominations is "All is Fair in Love & War".

Nominations for two Writing Awards are now open until the 8th of November, where two separate polls will be posted on the 9th of November for the two award categories and their nominated scenes respectively. The two polls will be public, and of course, those casting the vote will need to read the scenes nominated before casting their vote in the poll.

The awards? :) They are, of course:

Awarded to the main contributing writers in an action scene that stands out way above the norm in terms of pace, thrill, scope and stakes.

Awarded to the writers of an erotic scene that stands out way above the norm in terms of emotion, adherence to character, atmosphere and steaminess.


Here are the rules for Award Nominations:

  • Nominations should be posted in the announced nomination thread posted on the forum. Anonymous nominations may be made to the Game Moderator via PM on the forum, who will then post the nomination in the nomination thread.
  • Nominations are to be made before the announced nomination time expires.
  • Nominations may be made by any member that isn't an Applicant.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations one can make.
  • Prior winners of awards are not eligible.
  • Each nomination should include a motivation. The nomination write-up is 200 words minimum and should concentrate on why the recipient(s) is/are deserving of the award. You should also make sure to include links.

All nominations will be added to the polls that will determine the winner of the awards. 


  • Forum Name of Nominee(s)
  • Primary Reason for Nomination
  • Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
  • Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)

Of course, you should only nominate scenes where at least one of the writers in the scene are still an active writer on the forum. There is no need to nominate scenes where all writers that wrote it have left the sim a long time ago.

I look forward to reading your nominations here in this thread! :)

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
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Re: All is Fair in Love & War | Award Nominations
Reply #1
Suus Mahna Award Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee: @chXinya

Reason for Nomination: Exceptional pacing, imagination and clarity in description

Motivation: With only three posts within a thread, many would struggle to establish a character within a scene, yet chXinya not only managed to show Ravenholm as an integral part of the relevant boarding team but also provided an exciting and unique method of dispatching security guards. Selena's actions and acrobatics were well described, making it easy for me to see clearly exactly what was going on in my mind's eye.

Each of chXinya's posts within the thread were of a perfect length, giving just enough to tantalize the reader, but pushing the action forward in a fast and speedy manner. This, added with the ingenious interactions between Selena and Federation technology, showed something very special. When I think back to this part of theurgy's story. I always come back to Ravenholm on Starbase 84, flipping across the ceiling, before convincing the computer into doing what she wants. chXinya managed the incredibly hard balance of depth, pace and enjoyability.

Being a badass
Ceiling flipping fun
Convincing computers
Dr. Silim Parnak

Re: All is Fair in Love & War | Award Nominations
Reply #2
Suus Mahna Award Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee: @CanadianVet, @Auctor Lucan and @Doc M.

Reason for Nomination: Rich detailing, realism and fundamental grounding of true combat

Motivation: In a series of posts, CanadianVet and Auctor Lucan set out to create one very epic battle of the fates that would determine the course of events that would follow. Shoutout to @Doc M. as well for that glorious portrayal with Billy Bob. All the participating writers did not hold back on providing a very detailed description of the characters and the scenery as they engaged and interacted in mortal combat.

More importantly, they did not encroach on becoming unnecessarily long-winded or monotonous. The flow of writing was smooth, perfect and just right, keeping the pace, holding the interest and the progress constant. Every post was a cliffhanger as the outcome was genuinely uncertain until it came about. And it was an epic ending for a major villain in the story


Re: All is Fair in Love & War | Award Nominations
Reply #3
Anonymous Nominations

Suus Mahna Award Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee: @Kaligos

Reason for Nomination: I want to nominate Kaligos for Captain Tristan Kendrick's performance in Cost of Truth.

Motivation: It was very easy to develop a connection to this character and very hard to see him go so quickly. His life on-screen was short, but his death felt meaningful regardless. Each of Kendrick's posts built on that connection with the reader, but also built up the anticipation; you knew he was not leaving this battle long before it began. The anticipation made all his posts that much sweeter.

Out of all posts with this character, his final one stands out the most. His death taking down a villain with everything he had left was not just noble, but incredibly enjoyable, if sad to read. I feel this post is of high quality specifically because of the build-up preceding it though. There are too many posts to link to each of them, but each one had importance that lead to this final scene, which had readers sitting at the edges of their seats, cheering Kendrick on as he faced heaven and walked backwards into hell.

I wasn't too keen on nominating for Blaze of Glory because Kendrick wasn't really meant to last long from the start, so I thought that might've disqualified him, but I'll submit the nomination for that one if Kaligos doesn't get the Suus Mahna award!

Aerowing vs. EOC Tower - Part 1
Aerowing vs. EOC Tower - Part 2

Pon Farr Award Nomination

Forum Name of Nominees: @SummerDawn & @steelphoenix

Primary Reason: I think they do an excellent job of keeping an appropriate focus on the biological imperative behind the act of love making but at the same time, balances it with K'Ren's and Deacon's personal history and their motivations. There are some aspects that stands out from the norm of scenes like these, and K'Ren being in heat is just one of them. There is also the dramatic build-up to the scene, with Deacon undergoing surgery to survive Virus 117, and the Devoted making an attempt at his life.

Links: Day 02 [1600 hrs.] Of Serendipity and Vicissitude

Pon Farr Award Nomination (2 nominations made for this scene, both motivations added here)

Forum Name of Nominees: @Mathis & @Auctor Lucan

Primary Reason: Some hot boy on boy action in a crashed runabout? I mean, there are ways to stay warm and then there are ways to stay hot and bothered...

Motivation: What stood out to me was the premise of the love scene between these two Resolve officers. There was great attention put on the situation that led up to the act, with attention to realism and detail. The needs of the wayward starship. The situation on the planet that the shuttle was heading down to. Furtive glances adding to the build-up. The realism didn't stop at the premise of the story, the plausibility of the development, but also the act itself, where a lot of attention was put on the details.

There was a lot of emotion too. Pretty care-free when the act began, but leading up to it, it seemed Liam was concerned about what was going on, and what the people on the Resolve would think. The concerns were dismissed in the end, but it was a good way to draw the reader in.

Links: Deleted Scene: Supply Run, Interrupted
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Re: All is Fair in Love & War | Award Nominations
Reply #4
I have a nomination.

Suus Mahna Award Nomination

Forum Name of Nominee: @DocReno

Reason for Nomination: For his portrayal of captain Marcus Slayton.

Motivation:  At no time during the battle did he flinch or waver in the slightest on his convictions concerning the Theurgy and her crew. He was truly a magnificent captain to be pitted against, because no matter what may have gone on inside his head, he held fast to his training and his orders.  His battle scenes were both humorous and exciting to read; his insults were cutting and clever. I really rooted for him even though he was the enemy.

"Relationships are not my strong suit; I deal in evenings."
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