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Re: Prologue: The New Pack [Supplementary]

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[ Ensign Minjae Soh (Callsign: Shinigami) | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy | Attention: Auctor Lucan, Burningtransformation, & Even Angels Cry (Plus anyone else that may come into play)

It was only partially true to assume that Minjae didn't care much about what he was told or had done to him. Of course, there were exceptions. But, he was going off the assumption he had guided his ship into the right place. Which meant this would be a safe haven for him and Karma. He'd find out eventually - maybe even sooner as opposed to later - if he had somehow made a mistake or not.

Hopefully you didn't though. What a fuck up this would be, huh?

Minjae wrapped his wrists behind his back and held them firmly in place, squeezing down on his own skin to help him remain still. He wanted to fidget, already feeling a bit uncomfortable, honestly. He was in a foreign location, and around so many strangers. At the same time, none of this was too amazing. Turning his back on Marcus Slayton would have meant this would happen.

Minjae supposed, if he had to ponder on the issue carefully, he hadn't expected any of these new sensations to hit him quite this hard. Another mistake on his behalf.

Biting down on his lower lip to suppress a frustrated sigh, he waited for Phuc to finish his exchange with Ji ... whomever that was.


Poor Minjae almost hadn't waited to hear the entire offer. He'd caught all the words; barely, but still, and gave another solid, affirmative nod. "Yes, sir. Your idea will more than suffice. By all means, please do set me and Karma up." Of course, he made sure to emphasize on the phrase 'me and Karma', not wanting to risk seeming like he was speaking for the unknown woman beside him. She could speak on her own.

Although Minjae personally saw few reasons to decline the offer, she may have possessed some of those 'few' incentives. That, plus lack of knowing the foreigner, was more than enough to keep the other pilot from speaking for the half-Romulan.

Re: Prologue 03: The New Pack | Day 01 [1600 hrs.]

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Upper Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @DocReno & @Triage
From a distance, still hurting all over his body, Drauc T'Laus saw how the red-haired female pilot's injuries were seen to, both by her fellow pilots - whom he could but assume knew her - and then from an EMH hologram. It seemed she would recover, even asking about the whereabouts of another officer. Drauc knew not whom 'Sharky' might be, so he could but assume it was yet another pilot.

While she got no answer, one of the deck hands in the shuttle bay stepped up to them.

"I just got word from our Fighter Assault Bay," said the young man, to the three officers in exosuits, "the Lone Wolves' Squadron's SCO - or at least the acting one - can meet and speak with the three of you in the Tac CONN briefing room. We can have a site-to-site transport arranged for you now."

Looking back towards the closed bay doors, Drauc knew that this briefing was not for him. On his mind lingered the final moments of the fight with Captain Hawthorne, and the ultimate sacrifice of Captain Kendrick. The human had done it because he's come to learn the insidious threat Hawthorne represented to the galactic peace. This was something Drauc could respect, and 'Kendrick' would be a name he'd remember.

Drauc thought also of the Theurgy officers he had fought alongside with, and the First Officer of the Resolve, whom had joined the fray as they entered Starbase 84's command center. They had all been beamed out, undoubtedly to the ship he had ended up on. He reckoned that they would vouch for him, considering that they'd fought alongside each other in battle. Perhaps, the fact of his Romulan heritage wouldn't raise the distrust it normally would, and he'd just found a new fork on his righteous path.

Perhaps his path would lead back to service in Starfleet, despite his bygone desertion.

[ Petty Officer Phuc | Lower Shuttle Bay | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry @Burningtransformation @Esyel
Phuc listened to the gathering Tac CONN officers, and it seemed they were all willing to joining the briefing in the Fighter Assault Bay.

"All right then," he said, and he cleared his throat, being a bit intimidated by all the metallic exosuits gathering around him. He glanced up, adressing the ship's A.I. "Thea, I will be doing a head-count for a site-to-site transport. Numerous new passengers. Do you think you can do one now?"

[Affirmative. Standing by.]

OOC: Scenes in Upper and Lower Shuttle Bay are now concluded here, the scenes continuing in Strength in Unity for all the new Tac CONN officers. The scene in Sickbay may continue, however, and I think @Even Angels Cry in next there, if that is the case? I might be wrong.

Re: Prologue 03: The New Pack | Day 01 [1600 hrs.]

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 Jaya Thorne | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Kaligos, Esyel, Absinthe, Others

After gaining her bearings and some gentle precautions from the helpful nurse attending to her, Jaya looked in the direction that the woman was pointing.  Sithick had the advantage of being a large, green alien monster, and as such, he was hard to miss.  Jaya thanked her caretaker and promised to return if she had any further symptoms, then careful eased herself off of the biobed and onto her feet.  Her ankles swayed with the weight of her frame now fully on them, and her first few steps were wobbly, but with assistance from the object around her, Jaya once again got the feeling for walking upright.  The nurse seemed distressed, but Jaya flashed a confident grin and made her way to the Gorn.

Until very recently, she had seen him as an enemy bent on destroying her, but his actions during the battle were more in line with an ally.  Jaya had a great many pieces of information flying about her brain that needed dealt with, but something in her gut was telling her that Sithick posed no threat.  It was this reluctant realization, plus the need to rectify her actions lest karma find a way to bite her in the ass, that brought the enlisted woman to stand beside the Gorn's biobed.  She waited until most of the medical staff was clear and only the pink-haired doctor was lingering nearby before approaching too close.

"Hey Sithick.  How's your arm?  That, uh, doesn't look so good."  Jaya's eyes locked onto his wound.  True, it was being treated and would likely soon be back to normal, but for the moment, it still looked tender.  Jaya shifted.  "Listen, I just wanted to say thanks.  Thanks for saving the ship and thanks for getting me to sickbay.  I may have been.. a bitch.. in the past, but I was hoping we could, uh, start over?  Maybe when you're done we can catch up, or whatever.  I was gonna head to the lounge anyway and grab a bite.  Maybe you could come with me.."  It was a horrible apology, if you could even call it that, but it was done.  Making amends this time would mean a complete re-writing of their history together, which left Jaya feeling intensely awkward.  She hated feeling like that.  So she had segued as soon as possible into something else.  But the only other thing on her mind was food, as her stomach continued to remind her.

Jaya quirked a nervous smile as the rumble in her tummy faded out.  "Yea.. food is definitely the next stop.  I'll just wait over her until you're ready."  She indicated the wall nearby and moved toward it, leaning back against it while she waited for, of all people, Sithick, her former assassin.
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Re: Prologue 03: The New Pack | Day 01 [1600 hrs.]

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PO2 Sithick | Main sickbay | deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan, Esyel & EAC

Sithick regarded the Doctor carefully as she started to work on his arm. The smell of his flesh being burned away was less disturbing than it probably should have been. Considering that he was the one who had cooked his arm in the first place he watched with an odd fascination as Lahkesis set to work with a lazer burning away his prior injuries so that she could expose the muscle under his scales as neon green blood got washed away.

His skin was numb but he could still smell and watch, and in truth even if she had forgone any kind of numbing agent he doubted he would have moved. While medical practice was uncommon in his previous life he had certainly developed a high tolerance for pain on the battlefield. His time as a child soldier had taught him what just about every type of energy weapon felt like and because of that he had no fear going forward.

When the dermal regeneration was done he regarded his arm seeing the new weaker scales that had grown along with his older tougher ones. In time he would molt and the lot of them would harden but he would not ignore the new sensitivity he found with the arm as he rubbed his claw along it. "Thank you, Doctor."

The giant lizard tipped his muzzle towards her in a nod his yellow eyes staying more on the wound, before turning towards Jaya. He was unsure of how this conversation would go with his new found friend. She had never seemed to care for his presence before, but at the same time now she was asking him to eat. He was hungry, the smell of his own flesh had made his stomach growl readily, however the thought of eating in public was not something that he wished to do.

The invitation was rare, and not something he wished to turn down, but at the same time he didn't think it best if he was in public yet. They had just taken on yet another new crew, and he doubted many of them would adjust to the ship if they saw him walking around. "For now, I must return to work. Ship is damaged, many things must be patched."

He did pause however as he walked past Jaya, regarding her before he left. His heart told him that he really did wish to spend time with people. "Perhaps... after shift?"

With that Sithick vanished from sickbay, giving his thanks to Lahkesis one last time as he intended to check on the many, and work on repairs, to busy himself so that the passage of time felt less isolating now that he actually had something to look forward too.

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Re: Day 01 [1600 hrs.] The New Pack

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Jaya Thorne | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Kaligos, Esyel, Absinthe, Others

On the scale of rejections, this barely grazed a 2, but it still stung.  Here she was trying to make an effort at befriending, or at least being nice to Sithick and he says 'maybe later'?  Seriously?  She only ever got the 'maybe later' line if she hit on a gay man, and even then some of them would take her up on her offer anyway.  It's not like she was trying to sleep with Sithick, she was just trying to not hate him!  The level of drunk she would need to be to sleep with Sithick wasn't currently possible for her biology, or at least that's what she hoped.  She had no intentions of ever finding out.

She shuddered from the thoughts running through her mind as she watched the lizard leave.  Her stomach growled again and she grumbled with it.  "Guess I better go eat.."  With a sigh, she pushed off the wall.  If Sithick did decide to grab a meal with her, it wouldn't be for several more hours.  She was hungry now, which called for a trip to the lounge.

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