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[2381] Samantha Rutherford. Personal Logs.

STARDATE 57627.78
APRIL 07, 2381
2209 HRS

[ Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

"So ... I have officially boarded back onto a Starfleet vessel, after what had seemed like an eternity traveling on the Vor'nak. The quartermaster has assigned me this temporary senior officer's quarter ... befitting my rank, at least. I am not quite sure yet what to expect. I haven't even started unpacking yet ...

Sure, I got Brody's stuff out. The deciding hockey puck with the engraving of the 1976 Stanley Cup winner - his favorite team, the Philadelphia Flyers. That Kalandrian guitar, that too me always looked more like something akin to a ukulele, that his friend captain Reeves had given him at the wedding. Saying that if he ever were to be in a bind with his marriage, nothing could make his wife laugh easier, than his novice musical skills on such a small instrument. I haven’t ever heard him play it …

It just felt weird to keep his things locked up in a suitcase, even if it is just for a night. I think my memories need as much to breathe for a moment as I do. Trying to wrap my head around this new reality still. How could no one … including me … not see the irrational behind Commands recent actions? How could we so easily believe that the Theurgy crew were all traitors? The proof was always there, manipulated, distorted, filtered …

I have to say, I pull my hat to the grandeur of this deception. I could not even begin to devise something so sinister. Now, it seems to run so deep we’ll need all our power to unearth and reveal it to the rest of the galaxy. I am cautious, scared even, I would say … I am not sure this mission is within the realm of what a single ship, a single crew can achieve.

But I have faith … and nothing to lose, I guess. Diplomacy is, in a way, all I have ever done, all I ever wanted to do. It’s what I am best at and what I want to contribute to this mission to the best of my abilities. Our liberty, is in danger, our peace and our way of life … all of which I have sworn to uphold. I don’t know yet how I’ll do my part. But I will give it everything I have left.

I’ll be meeting with Captain Ives tomorrow. I think he can shine more light on what my role here would be … what he sees it to be. With my luck … maybe they still need a waitress in one of the lounges. I certainly wouldn’t mind the low level of responsibility. *chuckles*

Anyways. I should get some sleep.

Computer, end log.”

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STARDATE 57629.96
APRIL 08, 2381
1855 HRS

Character's mentioned: @Auctor Lucan

[ Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

„First day on the USS Theurgy and I met an Yridian today. Odd little fellow with a temper befitting his species. Was asking him if the seat was free, during breakfast, and he vacated the entire table. Guess I wasn’t his type.

Took a tour of the diplomatic council afterwards, impressive place, not only considering what has happened there in the recent past. The sleek, clean surfaces, belying the muffled cries, still echoing from the struts beneath, that surely haven’t been replaced, haunted by the ghosts of the dead … my, that was gloomy. It’s a pretty loaded place, for sure.

Then I met with Captain Ives, to elaborate on my posting, his expectations in me. He shifted his form hallway through, when the conversation got a little more loaded. Makes me think whether that’s an emotional, or a deliberate act. Impressing, nonetheless, just as much as a person. The whole time, I felt both a sense of obeisance and comfort, it was otherworldly. I may have come across as a little pushy, potentially, but I had no intention to waste his time – maybe that sentiment was appreciated nonetheless.
He reiterated the urgency, of Theurgy’s mission, and clarified his position. In the beginning I felt like he wanted to talk me out of the whole thing, but maybe that was just a test. I don’t think I would’ve taken on this journey here, to turn around at the first sign of trouble, the first person questioning my loyalty … to go back where, anyways?!

I’ve been here only two days, but I already get the feeling that there are a lot of stories like this here. The hallways and lounges practically heave with the subtle gravity of people who have nothing to lose. It’s both saddening and invigorating! Everyone seems to have their motivations to fight this fight, not all of them are pure patriotism – maybe aside of Captain Ives, none.

I mean, I have lived 10 years for the Federation, its ideals, its strive for peace, and I am not going to let anyone burn down that symbol of hope. Is that patriotism? I don’t think so. Does it matter? Probably not. I have reiterated my unwavering commitment to Starfleet’s principals and my relentless devotion to diplomacy to the captain … and I guess it must’ve struck some kind of chord. Or maybe I was just the most senior officer with diplomatic experience around.
Either way, he’s made me the Chief Diplomatic Officer, my shift starts at 0900 hours tomorrow.

Now, I am sitting here with a bowl of spicy Udon and still can’t believe it … why did the Yridian not like me?!

Computer, end log.”

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STARDATE 57632.87
APRIL 09, 2381
2247 HRS

Character's mentioned: @Brutus @BZ @Swift

[ Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

„So, I started my analysis of the SDC records of the USS Theurgy today, dating all the way back to the diplomatic mission to Romulus in the wake of the Shinzon incident. TharinAlk th'Thane did a great job keeping concise and formal records, during his tenure, until the incident at Jupiter, that erased almost the entire diplomatic detachment from history. It’s humbling, how you can sense the gravity of the moment, if only in the way the tone and frequency of record-keeping changed, from that point on.

For some time, there were some kind of interim solutions and logs were filed infrequently. But from what I gathered in other department files, I don’t think much has happened on the diplomatic front during that timeframe. And what I did find, I should be lucky, not having to catch up on some of these incidents in a professional capacity. This crew certainly has been to hell and back, more times than one.

On that note, however, Commander StarkTheurgy’s chief operations officer - has come up with a great idea to get the latest additions to the crew, me included, more acquainted with the rest of senior staff. Which also gave me a wonderful excuse to put down these dire post-Jupiter records. Opted to bring some bruschetta and had actually gone down to the hydroponics bay to fetch some tomatoes, basil and onions from the Lieutenant there. Kind of fibbed on it being for ‘official business’, but that was obviously only half true. I replicated some sliced baguette and fried it a nice golden hue on the plasma hob I snuck on board.

And since I still had a bit of genuine Tuscan olive oil, salt and vinegar, from my last care package from earth – which had served me well on the trip here on the Vor’nak, to retain a semblance of human taste – I simply mixed the diced vegetables with all of it and spread it across the toasty bread. So, if anyone ever wanted to redo the dish, Thea, you can add it to the Theurgy recipe library. As I believe it was rather well received, since my plate returned to the replicator empty, at the end of the night.

Maybe it helped casting over the little brick I dropped when confusing Commander Tiran and Commander Stark in the capacity of being our first officer’s wife. Luckily no one thought too much of it, though the new chief intelligence officer, Andrew Fisher, made a point of teasing me mercilessly about it, throughout the remainder of the night. I guess there was some kind of connection there … at the very least I suppose we could bond over the fact of being the latest new additions of the group. Since baseball certainly wouldn't be it.

They’re all a lovely bunch, actually, some of them quite quirky in an endearing way … I really enjoyed the night. It has been a long time since I had fun, as sad as it is to admit. There’s a certain added sense of comradery here, transpiring from our mutual status as traitors now, among the Federation, I guess. Or maybe rather the mutual knowledge of it not being the truth … I guess we will find out eventually.

At any rate, surely I will sleep well with the distracting memories of the night on my mind …

… those sage colored eyes.

Thea, erase last line, end log.”

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STARDATE 57635.43
APRIL 10, 2381
2310 HRS

Characters mentioned: @Brutus @Swift @Nesota Kynnovan

[ Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

„Finished the diplomatic council logs today. Found out that after I left off, at Starbase 84, Ensign Eloi-Danvers started filing most of the reports, after her reactivation from stasis. She was among the original victims of the incident at Jupiter, now the only active survivor of the original detachment. That must be quite a weight on her shoulders. She seems to have a firm grasp on her teachings. Hell, I think there’s a little bit of Hatwick’s ‘Laws of Argumentation’ in her approach. Been quite a while since I’ve seen the word ‘parley’ written out … not since the academy, honestly.

When I first met her, two days ago during the council introductions, I got the idea she felt a little bit out of water. But reading her concise and detailed reports, now, after she has given me the abridged version in person already, I will have to revise that assumption. I am sure she will prove to be a valuable asset with her experience in this area of space and her exemplary work ethic, so far. However, there seems to be something going on between her and Ensign L’Nari. A lovers’ tiff, potentially, no details in the logs … I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Also discovered some really nice holodeck programs for jogging today, ran the Four Mile Trail in Yosemite National Park on earth. In hindsight I’ve probably set the ambient temperature and time of day a little too hot. So, even after a cool-down around Glacier Point, with the gentle breeze and the amazing views, I was still feeling quite hot. Didn’t help going to Below Decks right after. At exactly that time and day …

I met Andrew Fisher at the bar, waiting for a refill. Irish whiskey on ice, it was, I believe. Hadn’t really counted on company, just a small protein snack and refreshment, a view of the stars … but it also felt like we’d left somewhat open ended the other night, at the staff mixer. Where we hadn’t really gotten a moment to talk, never just the two of us. Which, also, hadn’t really been the point of the event, to be fair.

But, he invited me to his table, and we spent a long time talking. One inside joke after the other, sparking into conception … he was really easy to talk to. I enjoyed it. It’s been a while since I had to handle my reactions around someone from the intelligence community … I like the challenge. He said he missed doing ‘normal people things’, like just hanging out and talking, which I thought was endearing. Or just incredibly clever. I wouldn’t put either past him, at this point.

Funny thing was, that while I originally had sat down with him, under the pretense of wrapping up the conversation from the night before, I had eventually left with the prospect of even more open ends. So, I don’t really think this was the last I’ve seen of that thick head of hair … professional encounters aside.

Don’t really mind the outlook either.

This'll be it. Computer, end log.”

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STARDATE 57637.62
APRIL 11, 2381
2007 HRS

Mentioned characters: @Brutus @Havenborn @Auctor Lucan

[ Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

“Another day at the office, for the most part, I wish I could put anything more substantial on record, than fighting rolls and rolls of red tape with the Klingons here on Aldea. You would think a warrior race would be less strictly organized, but I slowly find Klingon bureaucracy inferior to none. I tried everything short of beaming over to their offices and challenging the resident clerk to a bat’leth fight.

So, I will likely have to involve Zyrao Nautana in the morning, unless my queries yield any progress over the night. Would’ve appreciated keeping this a diplomatic department matter.

At the end of the day, beggars can’t be choosers, and my lack of knowledge in how to deal with the Klingons, might soon not be a secret confined to my extended file. I will have to think of a way to address it though. Can’t have this undermine my standing as a department head. I guess I could delegate some of the tasks to Ensign Eloi-Danvers, she has worked with the Klingons for a while now on behalf of Theurgy. I’ll make it look like I am trying to encourage her further commitment and value her professional knowledge – which I do - so it’s not even a lie.

Thea, set up a work order for Ensign Faye Eloi-Danvers, to address the Klingon queries filed under personal agenda 27B/Omega. Deadline Stardate 57642.53. File.

Alright, one more crisis averted … seems like the theme of the day.

I was supposed to call in for my psyche evaluation today, on account of starting my new posting. You’d think on a rogue Starfleet ship, scrambling to get qualified and loyal officers, they’d dispense with some of the more obnoxious formalities. But I guess not. Probably wanted to have me probed for hidden agendas and reassure themselves of my commitment.

But as it so happened, I met Daniel Havenborn in the waiting room, a tactical CONN pilot, who was just as unimpressed with the reality of having to perform a soul striptease to a complete stranger. So, I relayed a little bit of bad influence and we skipped our appointments altogether, in favor of him showing me some more private parts … of the ship. I have yet to come up with an excuse for the counseling department. But they should’ve been thankful, we certainly did something for morale.

Let’s just say, it turned out to be an interesting evening …

Alright, Thea, add some extra level of encryption to this entry and remove indexing.

End log.”

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STARDATE 57640.1
APRIL 12, 2381
1947 HRS

Mentioned characters: @Pierce @uytrereee

[ Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

„Another regular day in the office … haven’t been called up to the captain or anything for skipping out on the psyche evaluation yesterday. So, I guess that went over smoothly. But I should consider avoiding Lieutenant Foster for a few days.

Went to the gym at noon to get a little workout done, which had me reconsider what a true workout really is. Made me feel like I was just posing to music for 10 years. Met Lieutenant Tessa Lance, a fighter pilot from Tactical CONN … who showed me how to deal with a sledgehammer. Yeah, exactly … a sledgehammer.

All in all it was an entirely new experience, the workout moves she showed me, but not … well, not the only moves. The whole thing started out with use sort of hugging each other – then sniffing each other – then … she kissed me and I guess I kissed her back? Which was … weird and exhilarating. Hadn’t expected that at all. Not at the gym, not today, not on this ship, not in this lifetime …

I feel like she also didn’t think this had kicked off the start of a picture book romance or anything, I hope. But I do feel like we got off on an interesting note, to say the least. Wouldn’t mind interacting again and will probably make an effort to ensure we do. Another kiss? Well … how does that earth saying go? Never say never. Can’t say it hurt. Easily the softest lips ‘I’ ever kissed.

Later, after my shift, I went down to Vector 01 Engineering to talk to Lieutenant Arnold about a few technical alterations to the diplomatic council chambers. A healthily contentious fellow, I have to say, it has honestly been a while since I negotiated with someone who didn’t just roll over and grant me the concessions I demanded. It was refreshing, to be kept on my toes. I felt like I burned more calories trying to hold my own verbally, as I did the whole workout just hours prior.

He sent someone up to start the work right away and promised it would likely be done by the morning. If not, it’ll have to go on his tab when we do get those drinks he suggested. Where we can undoubtedly progress the academic round and round, we had gotten caught up in. An avid verbal sparring partner, to say the least.

So yeah, it’s been an eventful day and I am about to pass out.

End Log.”

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STARDATE 57642.92
APRIL 13, 2381
2239 HRS

Mentioned characters: @Brutus 

[ Lt. Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

“So, after the quite strenuous workout and intriguing personal encounter at the gym yesterday, I thought I would soothe myself at the pool a little today. Relax those muscles and libido a bit. Boy, was that the wrong place to go for that!

I mean, I continuously heard rumors among the crew about it being pick-up central - which is why it took me almost a week to pluck up the courage and go there without a hazmat suit – but I was not expecting THIS …

After just a few laps, I was about done … because of the day prior, you know the entry … when I noticed some guy, sitting at the bottom of the deep end. And after a while of observing him, I wasn’t really sure he was even alive … so I dove down and seemingly startled him. Like he was in the middle of a meditation or something.

I could elaborate on his back story, but I am sure it’s all on file already. Insert a link to Sarresh Morali’s personal file here. He apparently can breathe underwater and … initiate some kind of deeper conscious connection. I don’t really know how to describe it.

I remember back on earth, when I was in my teens, I would do these exercises with my grandfather. Where he would hold my hand and while looking at a card would ask me what was pictured on it. I was never any good at it, judging by how I am only one fourth Vulcan, but I also never took it seriously. Eventually we just focused on the concentration and suppression exercises … as even a seasoned Vulcan’s patience can wear thin.

But there was something akin to that, as we touched. And while it felt oddly private and uncomfortable, I don’t think I’ll be able to just let it slide. I want to know what it was. Could just be two species’ unforeseeable chemical reaction, could be far more personal. Or even something sinister … my curiosity sure is spiked.

If I end up a mindless husk to some aquatic overlord, these logs should help untangle the mystery.

Computer, file this entry and end recording.”

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