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Re: EPISODE 03: Unconquerable Soul [Chapter 01: Bloody, but Unbowed]

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[Skye Carver - Inside Kestrel]

Her wicked smile had greeted him when he said he didn't mind her taking the reins a bit.  They could tumble about all over that fighter taking turns and she would be perfectly happy but when he leaned up and sucked on her nipple, she stopped her slamming and instead ground her hips elliptically along his throbbing member.  "I love that," she crooned as he switched to the other, the delicious sensations causing her to shimmy lightly.

Then he took over again though he didn't roll them, instead grasping her hips with strength that made her groan with pleasure.  "Ahhhh, there ya go," she whispered huskily, taking advantage of being stilled to work the vaginal muscles rather than the legs.  Every thrust was engulfed and squeezed, keeping the pressure on him as he drew back and relaxed just enough to make his re-entry just slightly resisted.  Slipping a hand up his inner thigh, she tickled and then gently rolled his balls in her palm.

A light flush was starting to spread across her neck and chest and her breathing was becoming harsher.  He could see the dreamy look in her eyes, all signals indicating she might not last too much longer.  Her other hand had drifted to the place between them, her thumb and index finger slipping around the base of his cock and squeezing just enough to give him a secondary stimulation.  "Cum with me ... I want to feel you explode inside me," she panted.

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[Thomas Ravon | Kestrel]

Grinning at the wicked smile, Thomas continued to build up the pressure against her nipples with his lips and tongue. He heard her groan that she loved it and his eyes looked up as he let go of one breast with a pop. He turned his attention to the other now and silently continued, his own moans and groans muffled.

As he kept her in position he carefully aimed each thrust in a slightly different angle. He let go off her breasts now, letting him sink back a bit in the chair as he enjoyed the sight of Skye on top of him. He let out a broken sigh as she trailed her hand down to his balls and when she took them in her palm he groaned "Careful now Skye.." his warning just delivered or she could feel the pulsing cock throb even deeper in her. Each thrust going deeper now, the slight pressure when re entry just driving him to the edge.

His body was about to cum when she leaf her hand down to the base of his cock. A wicked grin forming on his Lupus as he saw the signs of her own climax drawing near. "I will.... Skye." was the last thing he moaned softly in her ear before he launched himself out of the chair. He slammed her against the wall, by doing so planting his rigid length as deep as he could inside of her. He couldn't hold back any longer and he shot off his load right there. As deep as he could, he felt one ray after another being shot off into her hot body. He moaned loud as his legs started to tremble, his hands holding her against the wall by her bottom and shoulder.

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Another joyous position change and Skye nearly lost her control but then he was throbbing and twitching, thrusting harder and she knew she didn't have to hold on when she heard him say "I will ...".  Then he grunted out her name and she felt that glorious clenching deep inside her gut and then her walls quivered, rippling along his length as her own juices flowed to mix with his.

As she started descending from the high, she finally heard her body thumping against the wall though it was slowing and not nearly as rough since he was coming down too.  Her arms and legs were wrapped around him and slowly she opened her eyes to look into his own.  "Why don't we stretch out and rest a bit," she whispered, feeling the trembling in his legs and knowing they would tumble down soon.

Laying next to him, on her side and caressing his chest, Skye leaned down to kiss him.  This one wasn't the fierce kind, more one of gratitude and when she pulled back, there was a light smile playing on her lips.  "I think we both needed that a little too much," she chuckled warmly.  "That little drink we had Below Decks and the little dare certainly opened the door for a nice round of fun."

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Just as his climax had been reached he felt Skye's body get there as well. The feeling of her muscles contracting feeling like an additional reward. He rested his forehead ageist her shoulder and he nodded with a kiss on her collarbone when she suggested to rest.

He slowly removed himself out of her, by doing so his body nearly climaxing again in the aftermath. He laid down on his back as he controlled his breathing again. He snaked his arm around her as she rested on her side. He stroked her back slowly and kissed her back, his eyes opening once again. "Yes... Really needed that." he said softly and he chuckled a bit. "Don't remind me of that little dare.... I might just take you for another round just thinking about it." he smirked. He wasn't sure thouugh if his body would be able to take it.

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[Lin Kae - Thea's Quarters]

"I haven't figured out a name yet.  Funny how that is the hardest part," Kae responded.  He had built a device capable of giving a hologram the power to move beyond a ship's walls, something which had required technology from far in the future for the Voyager EMH.  Finding a name for it was the toughest part.  He could have went simple and just called it the Mobile Emitter, the very piece of technology which inspired it, but somehow, that felt a disservice.  It should have a better name, something iconic that people would remember.  Oh well, he'd have to take the time to figure that out later.  With Thea deciding to stay in for the evening, Kae parted, assuring her that he would send over the device used to recharge the emitter, for when she ran down the battery inside it.  He was going to fill out reports on the testing of the emitter, as well as possibly follow up on the power situation he had given suggestions for.  It gave Thea some time to herself, to simply enjoy the feeling of being one step closer to a complete person.

[Declan Vasser - Approaching Jien Ives]

"Captain," he said in greeting, a similar one being returned to him.  Declan handed Jien a report he had compiled for her, a listing of cargo and personnel.  "My crew have gone through our inventory, and managed to find what we could from the list provided by your own.  With supplies, equipment, and deuterium, we should be able to provide about forty percent of the need repairs for the Theurgy to be in top shape again.  If we can get enough power to get the replicators back online, I think we can have her at a hundred percent and still get some work done on the Harbinger too.  That said, I also have a list of personnel I would recommend transferring to your ship.  Your crew has been thinned out, as has mine, but Theurgy is the stronger of our ships.  She is the one who needs more crew in rotation, to make sure everyone on board isn't being worn down.  Harbinger can redirect power from the unused crew quarters to be more effective.  Most nights, I sleep in my ready room anyway.  It's better for our combined effort to make your ship the one that is top priority.  My ship is merely your backup Captain."

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[ Jien Ives | Bonfires ]

Her female figure standing in the firelight of the three massive bonfires, Jien Ives accepted the PADD unsmilingly from the other Captain in the valley. The brief meeting with the arrogant Temporal Operative still had her a bit on edge, yet perhaps it was the pheromones of the Ash'reem that affected her. Then again, they were in a grim situation, so perhaps a smile would been too hard to fetch.

"Forty percent sounds promising," she commented and slid her finger along the tablet in order to browse the lists. Quite promising indeed.

At the mentioning of the replicators and the power shortage to run them, Jien had some good news herself. "With some luck, the power shortage might have been dealt with. While I spoke with the Scientist you just saw, I was sent a suggestion by my Holographic Specialist. He had come to find a way to harness the volcanic activity in this valley, and this would enable us to power up the replicators among other tools for completing the repairs. I will pass this along with both our engineering crews and ask them to try this with caution. We do not wish to stir the volcanoes around us. Then again, we do not have the time to run every kind of test there is to be found in the books."

The key issue they had to cover was the personnel shortages though, so when Vasser gave her his list, Jien wondered just how much Declan Vasser would live up the the promises he had made earlier during the ceremony. Yet when she saw the list, her eyebrows rose slightly. The names listed were the names of prominent personnel on the Harbinger - some even Senior Staff members. "By the looks of this, it looks like you are willing to fight the battle with a skeleton crew. Are you quite sure this is what you want, Captain, because if you end up in a position where you cannot escape the barrages of the Calamity, you might be destroyed. What is a backup if its destroyed?"

To have her own lost men and women of high rank replaced so soon seemed too good to be true. She lifted her brown eyes to Vasser while she asked to confirm the suggested transfers of personnel.

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[Declan Vasser - with Jien Ives]

"The Harbinger is much more capable of automation then the Theurgy.  Your ship is so complex it needs such an advanced AI to run it.  My ship just needs a few able bodied men, and we have our means of making sure we are prepared.,  We can synchronize our ship to yours, thus allowing it to be moved forward  in tandem with your own.  It will mean we won't need a bridge crew.  We can establish engineering as a secondary bridge, do everything required of the ship there and power down life support everywhere else.  Using these methods, a skeleton crew will be more then enough to run Harbinger's operations, and Theurgy can benefit from having more hands on deck.  It's true that my ship may be destroyed, but if that does happen, at least my crew are safely in your hands.  Who knows?  With luck, a skeleton crew will be small enough for you to beam out and onto your ship if things go awry."    From Vasser's point of view, Theurgy was more valuable.  It had more powerful shields, weapons, a faster flight speed, and more valuable technology that could keep everyone alive.  It was the queen in their game of chess, protecting the king, that being the Federation they knew and loved, while Harbinger was a pawn, meant to serve the queen and, if necessary, sacrifice itself.

"Our mission is bigger then one ship, Captain.  I would expect a distinguished officer such as yourself to agree with me on that.  It won't be easy, but the two of us have to make the best decisions for completing our mission, and your ship at one hundred percent is worth more then both of ours at fifty."  If Ives' crew could truly find the solution to their power issue, then there was room to work on Harbinger afterward, but if nothing else, an ejected warp core from harbinger might be enough to take care of the Calamity, if it came to that.  She was an old ship,

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It had almost sounded like a reprisal, the remark about Jien having to realise the greater need beyond the welfare of one's ship, yet the Theurgy's Commanding Officer decided that it had been no ill intent behind the phrasing. In fact, Captain Vasser had framed her own thoughts exactly, and her own remark had merely been meant to delve into the other CO's tactics.

"I suggest we go with your idea until we settle on a definite plan for disabling or destroying the Calamity. Without a strategy, I think its a bit early to make such a large decision when we do not know our odds when we face her the next time," she said and lowered the datapad she held in her gloved hand, "Therefore, I suggest we should go through with the personnel transfers, yet until we know just how repaired your ship might become before we leave, we should keep it to the Senior Staff positions as well as key personnel in Engineering and Security, which are departments that suffered the worst aboard the Theurgy during the battle. The rest on the listed personnel here can be on standby for now, with the transfer orders ready to be given if applicable. I think that ought to be a wise course of action, don't you think, Captain? Regardless, the Harbinger does have the potential to serve as a second carrier for the other Valkyrie squad, depending on how the repairs go."

Lifting the datapad to read the names and opening a file with a tap of her finger, Jien addressed another concern entirely while she read. "You said you had a prisoner aboard," she said quietly, "Someone who might be one of them, yet in either case was sending sub-space messages back to Starfleet Command when you set out to chase us. I think we should dedicate some time upon the issue of learning more from this individual, whatever he might or mightn't be, wouldn't you say? Perhaps your Security personnel along with my Chief Medical Officer might have to assist us... to certain the truth about his nature."

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[Skye Carver - Inside Kestrel]

A low, throaty chuckle erupted and Skye shifted and rested her cheek against Thomas' chest, her eyes sparkling with mischief.  "Nothing wrong with multiple rounds, Razor," she teased him as she played with his damp hair.  "In fact, if a guy doesn't want at least a second round with me I tend to think maybe he doesn't like me much after all ... or he's too soft."

There was a hint of challenge there, that daring look in her eyes but she also knew he just needed a bit of a breather.  "Why don't we go have a few drinks, soak our weary bones a little, and then find some place comfy so I can remind you of that dare?" she murmured in a sultry lilting voice, raising up just enough to drag her breasts along his flesh as she sat up and looked at their clothes tossed around.

Her lips pursed as she looked back at him, drawing a single finger along his inner thigh and then along his currently flaccid member.  Collecting a dollop of their mixed fluids, she brought it to her lips to suck her finger clean and watched him twitch in response.  "Nope ... definitely not soft," she purred and waggled her eyebrows at him as she bared her teeth at him, holding the tip between them.

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[Thomas Ravon - Inside Kestrel]

After hearing Skye tease him, even challenging him, Thomas let out a chuckle himself as he shook his head and ran his fingers through her long blonde hair. "Is that all you can come up with Skye? Maybe, just maybe, they'd let a second round pass since the first one wasn't all that great after all.." He answered her now, keeping his eyes closed for a second so he could only imagine the face she had to pull right now. After the pause to his eyes he opened them up and looked down at Skye. His own eyes still filled with lust and clearly satisfied by the first round, he wanted more of her. The breather she gave him however was much appreciated, yet she didn't need to know that.

"Drinks always sound like a great plan to me..." He answered her with a grin, yet before he could bring out anything else, he let out a soft moan as she moved herself on him. He finger on a rather sensitive spot, he felt his member respond directly, hardening again and twitching thanks to the attention. "Great you managed to eliminate that option." He answered her with a low groan as he sat up himself. Skye was enjoying this too much, he would have to find a way to get back to her for it. He tried to find his own clothes that were spread out in the fighter and he looked at Skye now "Let's go get those drinks than." He murmured before pressing a kiss against her lips.

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[Declan Vasser - with Jien Ives]

"Her nature," Vasser corrected, clarifying for the Captain that the prisoner in question was actually a woman.  "I would agree that taking some time to get some answers from her should be a high priority.  Having medical staff standing by to get some scans, some samples, would be a good idea as well.  If we can figure out how to detect these things, even to neutralize them, it would be well worth our effort.  As it stands, we don't really know the capabilities of these compromised beings, if they are capable of feats beyond the form they take.  I don't like being in the dark, Captain Ives, and I have a feeling that neither do you."  They could benefit from answers, and the prisoner they had aboard the Harbinger was their greatest potential source of information.

"I'll be certain to inform the crew who will see transfers, just so they have time to move their personal effects to quarters on board Theurgy.  In the event we are found, I would prefer we were ready to go at a moment's notice.  We will still go through the usual ceremonies, of course.  There is one other thing that we should discuss though, Captain.  This one is is more sensitive."  Vasser got closer, spoke even more hushed then before.  "We are outgunned, with enemies made of our former allies.  We need to look at taking what advantages we have.  That said, with the technology made available to us, and our engineering teams, I think it would be possible for us to outfit the Theurgy, even the Harbinger, with cloaking devices."  Such a thing was a direction violation of the Treaty of Algeron, which vowed that the Federation would not develop or use cloaking technology.  The look on Vasser's face was enough to say he didn't suggest it lightly.  "It's difficult for me to say, Captain, but we are the target of dangerous enemies, ones who are not playing by the same rules as us.  If we are to survive long enough to ensure Starfleet returns to the hands of those who are meant to be in charge, we may need to think beyond regulation."

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Frowning as the other Captain stepped in close and lowered his voice, Jien still raised a gloved hand to tuck some hair behind her ear and to tilted her head - listening to what Vasser had to say.

What had been a frown at first lessened as he went over the facts of their situation. She heard a reasonable estimation of what lay in store for them after they set out on the voyage through the Alpha Quadrant. The bonfires that towered around them were nothing compared to the heat they were going to get into. This, provided that they even managed to get away from the faster and superior Calamity starship from some distant future; a year where the enemy possessed the kind of influence to get their hands on one of those and even send it back through a temporal rift.

Yet when Captain Vasser suggested that they would use the debris from the Calamity to make cloaking devices, Jien took a half of a step back and looked into his eyes. She indeed saw that he did not make the suggestion lightly, yet standing there, discussing it, made her think about the fact that she had ordered the planet Niga destroyed only weeks past. Yet somehow... this felt more out of line. Surely the Galaxy could but have merited by the destruction of a malformed planet in the Mahéwa System. The virus would have reduced countless planets into a global cannibalistic sex orgies, inhabited by malnourished lunatics not even bothering to stop rutting like animals as they ate each other. Yet a cloaking device provided other, extraneous, problems than the simple fact of getting by unnoticed.

"Beyond regulations," she said quietly lest someone walking past the bonfires might hear them, "is a grave understatement for what we are talking about. The Treaty of Algeron was signed seventy years ago, and Starfleet was only one of the parties involved in that diplomatic achievement following the Tomed Incident. The Federation and the Romulan Star Empire has a signed accord, a sealed agreement that Starfleet is to not use cloaking devices in any capacity outside the Gamma Quadrant. So what would that make of us? Are we to endanger the peace treaty, and risk war being made upon a fleet ill equipped with leadership? That treaty is so brittle that it says that... 'any violations of the Neutral Zone without adequate notification, by either side, will be considered an act of war'. We might not not be crossing the Romulan border unless we can help it, but it illustrates how easily we might err. For if we go through with this, the Romulans will learn about it eventually. One way or another."

She gestured towards the milling crewmen in the darkness beyond the fires. "Be it from someone in this valley, or from one of the starships we have to disable on the way to the Sol System. Either way, the Treaty will be violated and the Empire will learn about it. Furthermore, as you no doubt know, I have been to Romulus with my crew to address their hostilities, and they are currently not in the most forgiving of mindsets towards things like this. Negotiations failed even as Starfleet provided its assistance in their civil war with the Reman people. Imagine what the result will be if we violate the Treaty of Algeron. The winning party in that conflict will use it as an example to rally their people - to unite them - around their most patriotic cause: to fight the Federation and claim the resources needed to feed the Empire."

Knowing this, even saying it out loud, it all sounded so hollow. Jien fell silent, her gloved hands upon her hips, and her eyes lowered to the dried mud underneath their feet. "Yet the real question is twofold: First, if there will be a Federation as we know if left for them to fight at the time when they turn on us. Regardless if the truth is out there. Secondly, if we can afford to risk a war in either case. I am not entirely convinced about this, Vasser."

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[Declan Vasser - With Jien Ives]

"I know just how fragile the Treaty of Algeron is, Captain.  Harbinger is meant for combat above all else, and she had seen many such fights with Romulan ships.  They are provoked easily, so much so that just the hint of a Cloaking Device being used could bring all-out war.  What concerns me most, enough to even suggest this as a course of action, is what happens to the Federation if we fail our mission.  We may stick to our ideals and damn the rest of the Federation in doing so.  We are two ships, crippled and alone against the might of the organization we seek to protect.  Our safe harbors are few and far between, our crews exhausted, with too much asked of them already."  A cloak would allow them to more easily lay low, to get more then just a bit of shore leave.  They needed the comfort and security in knowing each passing moment on-board their ship wasn't a risk of being caught by a Federation vessel, present day or future in origin.  How many more battles could they survive in their current state?  Declan would wager not many.

"We should also consider the fact that we know nothing of the enemy's intentions.  They have overtaken Starfleet, and for all we know, war might be their end goal.  What better way to wipe out any faction that might oppose them then to pit Federation against Romulans and Klingons.  In that light, they could be developing cloaking devices of their own."  It wouldn't be the first time.  The Pegasus and it's phasing cloak would easily come to mind for both Captains.  If they made such progress with that, one could only imagine how far along a standard cloak was, especially based on the scans taken by the Enterprise E of the Reman ship Scimitar, which had been able to fire phasers while cloaked.  Just one ship with that kind of capability and they were through.

They were left the an uncomfortable choice.  Save the Federation by breaking one of it's biggest rules.  Prevent doom by risking doom.

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Seconds passed while Captain Ives stepped away from Vasser, deeply conflicted about what was the right choice. She looked to the dancing flames in the bonfire, trying to determine whether the best choice for the crew and the perseverance of the truth could possibly outweigh the best choice in the diplomatic relationship towards the Federation's enemies. She clenched her gloved fists as she stared into the fire, her back towards the other Captain.

In the end, two factors came to tip the scales for Jien: First the love for her dear, damaged crew, and the means to give them some kind of respite. Second: The fact that Vasser just pointed out. If the enemy had so little care with the Temporal Directive that they would send back future Starfleet technology to their time, what possible significance would the Treaty of Algeron hold for them? The enemy would clearly provoke war with both the Romulans, the Klingons and the factions involved in the Temporal COld War in the distant future just to further their own enigmatic cause. Regardless if the goal was expansion of their influence through Starfleet or to destroy the Federation from within.

"We might not even be able to make our own cloaks... yet if we do," said Jien quietly as she raised the PADD with the names of the two crew rosters, turning around and to Vasser, "we need someone to program a projection matrix and connect it to our deflector shields, and we need to assemble two tetryon compositors. We may not be able to make advanced cloaks, yet at least we will have some kind of means to get by undetected. Looking at these names, I would say we should speak with Alexander Rosek, your new Chief Engineer, and have him ask Lieutenant Kae of mine to try their hand on making the tetryon compositors. As for making the projection matrix, my Ship AI can do a lot in terms of installing it, yet this... Selena Ravenholm of yours, do you think she can program it? I know it says she is civilian and hold a provisional rank, yet from the reports you gave me yesterday, it would seem she is one of our sharpest programmers. Can she be trusted? For if we are unable to make the cloaks, the fewer involved in the attempt the better. This needs to be a matter of absolute discretion at this point."

Taking a deep breath, Jien still could not shake the unease towards the decision made, even if she knew it was a choice made for the right reasons.

OOC: Selena is IronFerrox's new character, see Harbinger Crew Manifest. After Vasser's Chief Engineer and Chief of Operation (one person with dual positions) recently got killed in action, Junior Lieutenant Rosek has been made Acting Chief Engineer despite his inexperience, while Selena Ravenholm was made a provisional Chief Warrant Officer and was convinced to take on the role as the Harbinger's Chief of Operations. It would speak of her skill rather than the lack of personnel, in my mind, that Vasser asked her to do it.

I believe I can wrap this thread after your next reply too, with an appointment made for the interrogation of Sonja Acreth the following day, and the mentioning of the personnel transfer announcement the next morning (holographic rights speech thread).

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"I understand that your Lieutenant Kae is something of an expert in projections," Vasser responded, noting the skill that the young Bajoran-human had with holography.  "I will have my Engineer look things over along with Lieutenant Kae, see what they can put together.  As for Selena . . . I have the utmost faith in her abilities.  Though she was only a civilian on-board my ship, I do believe she has all the necessary skills to serve well in a Warrant Officer position.  I may even have some old scans of Romulan ships in my ship's computers that might be able to provide her with some notes to begin working from, as well as our engineers."  One advantage to his constant battles with Romulan ships over the years was that Harbinger had a great number of scans that might have shed some light on the cloaking technology.  All they had to do from there  was ensure that those involved with the project knew this was to be hush-hush until they knew if it would work or not.

"I shall make whatever arrangements need doing on my end, Captain.  I will see you again when the time comes to interrogate the captive," Declan said, offering a final nod before the two captains parted ways.  Two commanding officers didn't lighten the load on either of them.  They were both going to be kept very busy until they got their ships off the ground again.

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[Skye Carver - Inside Kestrel]

Skye had pulled a face and lightly slapped his side.  "Well if the first time wasn't good, then it was his fault because whether it's the first time or the sixth, I damn sure know I've done my part," she said with a mock haughty little shake of her head that sent some of her hair back over her shoulder.  His words had served to make her laugh though, something else she had needed lately.

There was a moment when he opened his eyes that told her louder than words that he did in fact want her again and it was exactly what had inspired her to give him a little tickle and then taste him.  A wicked glint shined in her eyes as he twitched and started to harden, bringing a definite smirk to her lips.  Making a man react, even immediately after he's spent, was a definite thrill.

"Nawwwwww, I didn't destroy an option.  It's just tabled for the next meeting," she crooned as he sat up and started reaching for clothes.  Leaning across him, her hands found fabric and she nodded as she looked up at him.  "Drinks, yes," she actually giggled as he kissed her and then presented him with his briefs.  "I should keep these, tuck them away in the cockpit like guys used to keep mementos in their cars," she teased.

Once they were both dressed, she leaned in to give his lips a little nibble.  "Drinks and food and then who knows what," she murmured, then took his hand and headed for the thermal springs.

[To Thermal Springs]

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