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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 11 [1700 hrs.] Ode to Risian Sunrises
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 6 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]   Attn: @Brutus

Zark's eyes were closed as the ecstasy flooded her.  Her pants and grunts were getting harder and louder as she worked to drive the toy deeper into herself.  It helped that her playmate was also adding a not insignificant amounts of momentum as their cunts began slapping together.  If Zark had applied any thought to her situation, she would have realized that there had been too many stops and starts to her pleasure and she wanted to cum badly.  It wasn't something that and Andorian thought about too much during sex, but she'd reached the point where she could feel her antennae twisting and thrashing about.  With each pulse of pleasure, her antennae would stand straight up as she let out a groan of delight.   The pressure was building up quickly and Zark took a moment to open her eyes to give the succubus stare to Faye.  What she got was a reversal as she saw the tanned woman squeezing her breasts together and the blue woman threw her head back as she rolled onto one side and balanced herself on an elbow.  The sensuous Betazoid was too much of a good thing as Zark's free hand flew down to her cunt and began furiously rubbing her clit.  With the rest of her body on automatic, the waves of pleasure became a tsunami and Zark began yelling the orgasm engulfed her.  The blue body seized as tried to arch and curl at the same time as Faye's scream pierced the holodeck, adding to the richness of the orgasm.  The hand rubbing her clit continued to stroke away furiously as if trying to milk every last sensation out of the experience as the orgasm tried to wane, but Zark's body refused to let it go as she rode the rod and the feeling of her folds rubbing against the dark ones while their juices leaked all over the toy and began to mingle.

The endorphin rush soon began to gently fade despite Zark's best efforts to keep it going, and the Zhen eventually gave up as she collapsed onto her elbows, then her back as she continued to pant while her full chest heaved with effort.  The after glow was warm and welcoming as she floated in the haze and her head began to buzz as her nerves happily reported what was going on with the bloody throughout her body.  They soon began to report other things, like her legs were tangled with someone else's.  There was a nice soft hand interlinked with her own.  The best though was there was something inside her and her cunt was making out with another.  Zark let out a giggle at this and rubbed her hips a bit, though her nerves were shot, so all she felt was the rubbing.  Sighing, Zark clenched her vaginal muscles and pulled the toy out of Faye before slowly sitting up and pulling the rest of it out of her cerulean folds.  The Andorian didn't need to be a telepath to see that her playmate looked comfortably delirious with pleasure of her own after glow.  Smiling at Faye while her body happily hummed it's various aches, Zark much less than gracefully made her way forwards and on top of Faye.  Despite the tiredness, the blue woman smirked as she waved the dildo between the two of them, then brought it to her mouth and sucked on the end that had been inside Faye.  Or Maybe it was the side that had been inside herself.  She didn't know at this point, and didn't care.  The Zhen deposited the wet toy in the valley of Faye's bust.  It was all the distraction she could think of as she lowered herself onto the tanned woman and she squished their chests together then kissed the Betazoid deeply.  The tongue that went in still explored as she carried the mixed love juice and saliva into the Betazoid, and despite the after glow, Zark still moaned happily.

The Andorian eventually broke the kiss and lay down next to Faye on the bed as she snuggled and pressed their bodies together.  It was altogether a very different experience from when they'd first met, and Zark thought, much, much better.  Zark took a moment to push some of the sweat matted hair away from Faye's face before the hand made it's way over to the tanned shoulder and her index finger traced it's way along Faye's collar bone.  The Zhen found a small delight in the smoothness of the tanned skin and began to hum softly stopping briefly to plant several more kisses on a bare shoulder.  The blue hand naturally made it's way over to one of the breasts and she cupped it gently. Raising her head and supporting it with an elbow on the bed, Zark smiled as she regarded the woman she'd just bedded.  "So tell me Faye.  Did you enjoy your service at the Risian Snowflake?"  Zark giggled at this.  "And is there anything else that would make your visit more enjoyable?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 15 [1930 hrs] Artificial Fashion
Last post by chXinya -
[PLt. Selena Ravenholm | DS9 (really Holodeck 04) | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan

The warmth of Thea’s hand on her neck brought up the goosebumps in Selena’s flesh all by itself, and what she whispered back made her shiver just a little bit. She quickly dampened down the excitement, the Ferengi bartender might just be a simulation but she of all people knew just how good those simulations can be. The latinum might be holographic, but she didn’t need to give it all away just because Mr. Big Ears sensed an opportunity for some price gouging. It was a bad sign that his grin was already spread from lobe to lobe before Thea even asked for the program list. “Well as it so happens, I have one of the finest collection of holosuite programs this side of the wormhole.” He practically oozes the used shuttle salesman out of his mouth while producing a PADD from inside the jacket. Tapping at a few buttons he barely looks at the screen, instead clearly doing his best to take a peek at Selena’s chest without looking like he was. “Any particular genre you ladies are in the mood for? We have programs for all needs: romance, mystery, outdoor adventuring, drama, pleasurable… his voice trailed off on the last one and she swore that he would’ve wagged his eyebrows if he had any. Selena instead rolled her eyes at him and gestured out with a hand. “Let me look please.” She asked with some barely restrained disdain. Thankfully the Ferengi didn’t argue, and the PADD was in her hand a moment later.

Scrolling through the list, Selena wondered how many of the programs on the list were actually ones in Thea’s own library, how many were dummies that no one was expected to select, and some were real program names but would have to generated on the fly based off of whatever scraps of information Thea had. Still, just as promised, the list was quite extensive. At least it was categorized. Quickly discarding the battle simulations, Starfleet training programs, and sports, that still left quite a number to parse through. She took a quick sip of her wine, sparing a glance at Thea in the process, wondering just what might give her the best, new experience. That was the spark the woman needed and she quickly scrolled through the PADD’s listings to find the program in question. Giving it a tap to highlight it, she quickly handed the PADD back to the Ferengi and produced a few more slips of latinum to go with it. “Environment only please, no characters.” She added to the order, getting a knowing nod in return. “Of course, I’ll be right back…”

Watching the hollow bartender shift over to some sort of console, Selena quickly downed the last of the spring wine, knocking the entire glass back in one swift motion. “I think you’ll like this one Thea.” She all but purred, glancing through her bangs to see if Thea was peeking at the selection. The bartender arrived a moment later, data rod in hand. “Enjoy your stay in Holosuite 3 ladies, don’t hesitate to call again if you require anything.” Selena took the rod, the simulated isolinear substrate clicking against her mechanical fingers just as a real one would. “I’m sure we will.” She responded with a mostly-polite smile that quickly disappeared as soon as he moved on. Selena hopped up off of the stool and stretched her legs a bit, showing off some of the leg that was normally hidden under the skirt she was wearing. Extending an elbow to Thea next, Selena gave her her best smile and a wink. “Shall we?”

One quick flight of twisty stairs later, the two women found themselves standing in front of the suite in question and Selena wordlessly slid the data rod into its slot. A few beeps later the doors slid open to reveal a small, sunlight room decorated with curtains to soften the light and all sorts of small artifacts scattered around the room on shelves and podiums of various heights. Plants of all various species grew over the walls and panel windows to further enhance the freshness of the air and space around it. Dominating the center of the room: a single table topped with a soft, contoured pad perfect for laying on. All smiles now, Selena leaned into Thea, gently resting her head against her shoulder. “A Lauriento massage parlor. Granted I might not have their fingers,” she held out one of her mechanical but very human-shaped hands, “but I think I can manage.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 14 [1630 hrs] Transporter Cassinis
Last post by Griff -
[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Transporter Room 2 | Deck 5 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @tongieboi

As he finished working, it took Alistair a moment to process Joseph's words. He stood straight and, after a moment's thought, grimaced, glad that Joseph couldn't see him. The memories were still seared into his consciousness, and thinking back to them burned.

"Uh, to the first point," he said wearily as he put away the tool, "before I joined up here, I hadn't heard anything. Some people questioned things openly and nothing happened, as far as I know. It's still the Federation. The Infested can't overturn freedom of speech overnight. It'd...uh, take a few years."

Realising glumly that he knew exactly how many years it would take, Alistair forced himself to toughen up. He walked back to Joseph, regarding the younger man with complete seriousness (and some anxiety).

"About your second question..." Alistair said quietly, then hesitated and looked away for a moment. "Well, you didn't ask a question, but never mind. For what it's worth, I've met a couple of the Infested. You're right that we might never really understand them,'ve seen enough. They're as close to pure evil as you will ever see. They're...they're purely sadistic. More than you can possibly imagine."

Alistair took a deliberate breath to steady himself before looking Joseph in the eye. "I know that we're supposed to not believe this of alien species, but please hear me. The parasites, whatever they are, cannot be understood, empathised with or reasoned with. They are monsters. If you find yourself near one of the Infested, don't try to fight or talk. Just run. Run as fast as you can, as far as you can, me, you really don't want to know the rest. Do you understand?"

Alistair's words were reasonable, his tone even, but the shaken look in his blue eyes was distinctly unhinged.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 16 [1300 hrs] Upon Waking
Last post by Dree -
| Lt. Reika Sh'laan |  Recovery ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @P.C. Haring @rae @RyeTanker @BipSpoon @ob2lander961

Uncrossing her arms, the shen looked at the Chief of Surgery.  What was it with her giggling?  Somehow an android that giggled and danced both flummoxed and intrigued the OPS officer.  'Is she always like this?' she thought.  'Then again, she's not really a she.  Though she sounds like a she.'  That train of thought needed to be squelched quickly as it would only end up exacerbating her headache.  Maybe at a better time, she'd ask the android her preference of pronouns.  Somehow, Reika doubted that she'd or he'd want to be referred to as 'it.'

"Comparison complete!  Antiproton therapy successful!"

"Antiproton therapy?" Rieka parroted.

"It would seem the custom solution I applied to your stasis chamber was able to repair your DNA whilst you were still in stasis, which was the reason it took so long before you could be resuscitated. Given the state of your body prior to stasis, you wouldn't have survived long enough for standard antiproton therapy. You were hurt by the deuterium you mentioned, but according to the mission logs, you did a great thing that day!"

Finally some answers!  The few pieces of the puzzle that she already wrapped her faculties around finally started to fit together with the other information she had just been given.  First, she was, in fact, injured by a deuterium leak.  Second, the deuterium must have caused some kind of genetic unspooling if her DNA had to undergo recombination.  Third, the leak had led to her being placed in stasis.  

And just as she opened her mouth to ask how long she had been in stasis, the Vulcan started in.

"I am the Chief Counselor aboard.  As you have no doubt deduced, your injuries were severe enough that you had to be placed in medical stasis.   The current stardate is 57694.7.  We can discuss what you have missed in greater detail once the Doctors have finished their work, but until then I am happy to answer any basic questions you may have to the best of my ability."

"That means I've been in cryo for ... four months?  Damn!"  Her first thoughts were of her family, but she doubted anyone would have gotten a message to them telling them that she had been injured and frozen.  And being on the run, they wouldn't have heard from her much anyway.  But after processing the fact that she had been out for four months, she realized that there was more to the counselor's statement than just the stardate. 

"Basic questions?  Right,"  It wasn't about whether or not she had questions, it was about filtering out the questions as to find the most important one to ask first.  And as several were vying for her attention - not to mention her headache - it took a moment to work through them.  "I hadn't had any contact with my family before going into stasis.  Since I went in, have we gotten word out yet that we're not the bad guys here?"

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 15 [1410 hrs.] The Gemini/Bloodwing Adventure
Last post by Griff -
[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Hamar Mountains | Qo'nos ] Attn: @P.C. Haring


Lillee was doing some simple stretches when Reggie offered the hypo, and she regarded the proferred device with bemusement. The eyebrow even went up for added effect.

"That won't be necessary," she said, looking at Reggie with an even expression. "I am Romulan."

Not bothering to explain further, Lillee carefully and slowly drew her honour-blade one centimeter at a time, examining the blade carefully from every angle. The golden sword, inscribed with rihannsu lettering, sparkled in the sunlight, adding a magical aspect to its appearance. After setting the scabbard down next to her bag, Lillee stood aside and held the honour-blade with great care, resting the blade on a gloved hand as she examined it further.

"We start slow, yes?" she suggested to Reggie with clear concern. "This is the first time that I test this weapon blade-to-blade since the battle. The Klingon was so strong with his bat'leth that I thought the blade would surely break, and I am still uncertain if there is damage from when I severed his spine. It was so tough to cut through, with all that bone and muscle...I have scanned the blade, of course, but I do not know enough of metallurgy to be confident."

Lillee's honour-blade:
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [1157 hrs] Maybe This Time It Will Be Perfectly Marvelous
Last post by Nesota Kynnovan -
[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Shrine to Molor | Orion Outpost | Qo’noS]
Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Eirual

Things only continued to escalate and, in all honesty, Amanda couldn’t help but feel that neither one of her companions were really doing much to improve the situation. The ranking officer kept insisting that they should get up on stage and take off their clothes, something which the blonde-haired Martian really wasn’t all that interested in, and after Loycam once more boomed for them to do as he told, Mia only seemed to turn into herself and meekly followed Enyd up onto the stage.

As she looked at both her companions and then shifted her attention towards Loycam, Amanda briefly considered her options and, quite frankly, came up blank. She had already tried to escape and that was definitely no longer an option, and it seemed that bargaining was not that effective either given that they had preciously little to bargain with. After several seconds of searching for anything to get them out of this predicament, Loycam threw her a look that could only mean “Hurry up, or else…” and, with little alternatives, Amanda slowly began to follow her companions onto the stage.

It was at this moment when Mia stumbled and fell down and, without anything else to go on, Amanda just threw Loycam a furious glare as she walked towards the blonde-haired Scientist in an attempt to help her. ”Can’t you see that she is scared to death? We all are!” While her Martian-accented voice was normally quite calm and collected as part of her entire proverbial “anchor”-thing which she’d always tried a little bit too hard to be for other people, all that was now replaced by an anger that only further accentuated her glare. ”You should be ashamed of yourself to take advantage of us like this.” Just as she knelt down in an attempt to help Mia back up to her feet, Amanda realized that the woman’s hand had reached out towards their belongings. While she wasn’t quite sure whether this was accidental or not, the blonde-haired Martian decided in that split second to buy Mia as much time as possible.

”You know what? No.” Getting back up to her feet, Amanda turned to face Loycam and began to approach the Orion. As she walked off the stage, the blonde-haired Psychiatrist was trembling in her shoes but she figured that this was the only card she had left to play; either Mia would retrieve something from her bag or she could bargain their way out of this situation with their dignities as intact as possible. When she held her pace in front of Loycam and, after briefly staring at the man’s still erect penis, was forced to look up just to make eye contact with the much taller man, this all seemed like a terrible idea. A very terrible idea. ”I won’t… I won’t get up on stage. I’m sorry for the inconvenience we caused and for those spilled drinks, I really am. But I won’t degrade myself like that. Just…” Along with her confidence and indignation, Amanda’s voice also threatened to leave her but she forced herself to keep going as well as possible. ”If you need our belongings to settle the costs, just take them. Take our bags, or my hat or my boots. These are quality boots!” They had actually been replicated that very morning along with the rest of her outfit, which made them as good as new. Especially on Qo’noS. ”Take it all, but don’t force us to degrade ourselves like this. Please?”

[OOC: This will either buy Mia the time she needs to find something useful, or this will backfire in some horrible Enyd-esque kind of way.]
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 18 [0900 hrs] Exosuit Training
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Ens. Victor VanVinter | “The Den” | Fighter Assault Bay | U.S.S. Theurgy ] @P.C. Haring

Victor sat his ass down and grabbed a drink from the replicator, something highly caffeinated to keep him from falling asleep. He had the tech manuals downloaded to his PADD, and he'd gone through them, but they weren't spacecraft systems, so they'd put him to sleep more than once when reading about them. The wiring diagrams, however, had been enjoyable. But even with the most intriguing charts, they could still bore someone to tears or make them nod off.

So it was with no small amount of Relish that Victor was prepared to listen to Reggie teach him about the TacCONN Exosuit.

Honestly, it was an exciting lecture, at least to a gearhead like Victor. How all of the servos linked with one another through the suit circuitry was fascinating. The negative feedback systems that allowed the user to wear the suit and move with little extra training would be endlessly helpful. Of course, the ease of use meant that the difficulties in using the exosuit were in donning and doffing it, a complicated process. It turned out that if his incident on the Holodeck had been real, he'd likely have ended up with shattered knees. So Victor would be more careful with the real thing. Victor had taken copious notes listening to Reggie, but he hadn't had any questions since consulting the technical manuals had answered most of them. And if they hadn't, they'd been answered in due course by Reggie.

So at the end of it Victor stood up with a full bladder and empty mug, giving Reggie a respectful nod. "Give me like three minutes and I'll be ready for the practical."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 05 [2350 hrs] A most Unexpected Encounter
Last post by Nesota Kynnovan -
[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Pierce

Deep down in the back of her mind Amanda knew that, while it was only natural to feel some kind of sinful attraction to the pretty blonde-haired Fighter Pilot, it was just downright unwise to reminisce about the earlier hot tub events while in a public shower. It was a much better option to leave those things for the privacy of her own quarters, where no one could suddenly walk in on her. With a soft sigh she let go of her ample breasts and, in an attempt to come to her senses, the blonde-haired Martian looked directly into the showerhead so the warm water was raining down directly onto her face. Despite her arousal, it worked at least somewhat and the warm water allowed Amanda a brief moment of tranquillity.

Which is why she almost had a heart attack when someone reached around her waist to suddenly grab her ample breasts with both hands. Or at least, as much as fit into them. The hands were gently holding her E-sized breasts while the fingertips squeezed them in an overly familiar way, but before Amanda could even do as much as scream however, she felt how she was gently pulled into a back hug. Within mere moments she could feel how a pair of firm breasts were squishing up against her back, and the feeling of hard nipples poking against her skin was reason enough to realize that whoever was doing this was just as aroused as she’d been herself just seconds earlier.

It didn’t take long for said arousal to return however, because a familiar voice whispered something in her ear only a second after groping her and, as Amanda recognised both the voice and the way the other person was caressing her breasts, she had to admit that she actually did miss Tessa May Lance.

While a part of her was definitely angry over being scared like that, that anger quickly disappeared along with her earlier tranquillity just by hearing the tone of Tessa’s voice in combination with her actions. Instead, a soft gasp escaped Amanda’s lips in reply and she arched her back just ever so slightly; pushing more of her ample breasts into Tessa’s eager hands by doing so. ”That depends.” As she spoke, Amanda’s Martian-accented voice only made it too clear that the blonde-haired Fighter Pilot was a welcome addition to her shower routine. ”Are you here to compare some more?”

With those words Amanda turned around and, while it did break Tessa’s hold over her 34E’s, the blonde-haired Martian made sure to turn around in such a way that they jiggled provocatively as her blue eyes sought out the Fighter Pilot’s greenish-golds. It only took Amanda one look to know that this was completely different from their earlier hot tub encounter; while Tessa was always a combination of overly excited and playful, her eyes now lacked their earlier (possibly feigned) innocence and instead looked more… interested. A smirk began to adorn Amanda’s face as she brought up her own hands, almost teasingly slow, and softly caressed Tessa’s breasts. While it was only for a moment, just long enough to gently squeeze the Fighter Pilot’s firm breasts and brush her thumbs over the hard nipples just once, it was enough to get her point across. Or so Amanda hoped. “Because I might be up for more comparing…”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01|0715] A Thankful Breakfast for Three
Last post by Pierce -
[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce & Ensign Lauren Pierce | Mess Hall | Deck 13 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] | ATTN: @P.C. Haring [Show/Hide]

Alana watched as Reggie began to eat and smiled at the woman who saved her hide days earlier. And helped her be more comfortable in her own skin. She thought back to that time not really realizing that she was lingering on the thoughts a little too much. Shaking her head she came to, taking a drink of orange juice before biting into her own piece of crispy bacon. She heard the audible sounds of Lauren and Reggie darting comments to and fro.

Lauren smiled warmly at Reggie. "Alrighty!" Some of that bubbly tone of Tessa's clearly had rubbed off...or maybe it was the other way around Alana thought.

"No objections here Reggie. It's nice to meet a friend of Alana's. Sorry....just feels weirdish to call you my grandfa...grandmother...." She shrugged quickly stuffing her face to prevent a foot in mouth scene from developing.

"It's fine...I get it too," She chuckled back. Looking at Reggie she smiled again at her friend and gym partner who recently she'd gotten to know better from a recent covert mission. Her cheeks warmed somewhat as Reggie's mention of loving to see her again.

"Glad you could make it. I figured I'd ask you to breakfast to visit...and you'd maybe want to meet my descendent." She winked recollecting herself. Knowing she wasn't totally keeping it together. She had to admit, she had a slight crush but wasn't sure what to make of it presently. She shielded it partially, especially since she knew that Reggie was seeing someone. But she was truly glad to see her friend. Really the only one she'd spent some time and bonded with on the ship aside from her XO Amarik in Intel and Hirek the liaison.

When Lauren heard that the girls were the problem, she grinned and nearly spit her drink out on the table. "Really?! That's hilarious! I'm sorry Alana but yeah, I've just dealt with them for years. I know you're still learning though."

Shrugging it off, "Yeah well, I wasn't born this way and have 30 plus years of catching up to do." She winked back at Reggie despite the ribbing she was receiving.

"So...what do you guys like to do for fun? I like spy work obviously but I also enjoy physical activities like sporting, swimming and working out...well as Reggie already knew." She smiled back after taking another bite of her food and watching the two.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01 | 0600 | Making a splash
Last post by Dumedion -
[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Tae
The humid air of the baths hit her as she entered, scented with the lingering tang of water treatment chemicals; dark eyes blinked as she scanned the scene, not surprised to find at least one swimmer. As Talia walked, she watched the slender, athletic red-head – a smirk pulled at her lips at the less than graceful dive – while her hands reached up into the mop of her hair to pull the ponytail there free. Once accomplished, Shadow rolled her shoulders, still feeling stiff after spending the few hours of sleep she managed to get in her ship.

Note to self, she grimaced at the pops from her neck and joints, don’t sleep in the cockpit again.

The previous night’s party had been fun, regardless; well worth a few hours of missed rest. It was a chance to get to know her fellow pilots better – something she should have been doing all along – but hadn’t. Still, she hadn’t indulged in alcohol, hadn’t gotten herself (or anyone else) in any kind of trouble, so counted the night as an absolute win. Her lips stretched into a grin as she entered the lockers; a hand tossed the mess of frazzled hair as her mind replayed the collective antics of the Wolves. Can only imagine the havoc we’ll unleash on the rest of the fleet someday – if we ever manage to get back. Pretty sure we’ll all get grounded within a month after rotating off this boat.

She shook her head at that, opening a locker with a quick glance around, eyes narrowed as she froze. “You better not be in here Goldie,” Talia growled under her breath, dark eyes darted around the room, searching for her prankster wing-mate. After a few seconds, when Tessa didn’t emerge or materialize, Talia pursed her lips and stripped, snorting at her own paranoia. Wolf hoodie, Get Shit Done Tee, leggings, socks, shoes, sports-bra, undies; all came off to get stuffed in the locker, then the pilot padded across the tile floor to the replicator for a swim suit. A few taps into the console later, Talia tugged the two piece on, which clung to her muscular form with surprising tenacity. Black and silver, the material closer to spandex, it was designed for swimming, not fashion; she had to take an extra second to adjust, grunting with effort. Fuck sakes, her dark eyes rolled after finally managing to separate her breasts.

“Let’s rock,” the pilot nodded to herself, then grabbed a towel on her way out to the pool. Her eyes almost instantly locked on to the only other occupant as she padded towards the opposite end, the towel tossed onto a lounge chair. Talia blinked, nearly frowning as she tried to make out who it was. Is that, her head tilted, Doctor Nueva? Surprise flashed across her features; as far as Talia knew, the Doctor was an avid runner – yet there she was, swimming her heart out. What are you doing off the track, Nara? Shadow smirked as she remembered the unexpected reunion with her Academy mentor, not long after the pilot had woken from cryo. Dark eyes watched the swimmer’s progress as Talia stretched her legs and hamstrings, wondering how many laps her old friend had committed to. It’s not a competition, ace, Shadow reminded herself, but the smirk on her lips grew anyway.

Once she felt properly limbered up, the Wolf shook herself out as she approached the edge of the pool, choosing a lane on the far edge. Hm. 1000 meters first? Maybe two, if there's gas left in the tank? Talia mused while she waited; once Nara turned and kicked off, the pilot took a breath and launched herself into the water as her mind locked into gym mode; when her head broke the surface, she was utterly committed to the task at hand – burning hard to the other end of the pool - as the pilot threw herself into the challenge with abandon.

By the second turn, Talia knew she needed to ease up her pace. Muscles were stinging, quickly becoming laden with lactic acid buildup; her heart-rate was already up, a steady pounding rhythm in her ears. By the time she reached mid-lap, the Wolf knew that 2,000 meters wasn't in the cards, not until she put some serious work in. It felt like she was dragging another body as she pushed through the fatigue, finally reaching the end of the pool, resting her arms out over the tiled edge, trying to catch her breath. One hand flung the mop of hair out of her face, then wiped the water from her eyes. Shadow was panting hard, shoulders heaving as she rested. Fuck sakes, she groaned mentally, pulling herself up out of the pool to roll on her back. "Yeah," she panted, "great idea, ace."
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