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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 10 [1326] Chaos in the Clouds of Qo'Nos
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson | Mekro'vak Region | Qo'noS ] ATTN: @Eden

Enyd eyed the much larger woman with the bemused look of a woman who’d already lived through far more chaos than was likely healthy in a day, presently feeling the pleasant numbing qualities of strong liquor. She detected Cal's voice as if through a tunnel filled with fluffy cotton, but his words were lost on her ears. The Klingon woman maintained a level stare with Enyd and barked at Cal to be quiet, cutting her gaze from Enyd toward the pilot long enough to send him a leering snarl.

Squaring her shoulders back, Enyd pulled her upper lip back in her best snarl, “I’ll do more than fucking protest.”

Seizing Cal, hands gripping his head in an almost painful grip, Enyd moved without hesitation, surging upward as she also brought his face down. She sank her teeth into the fleshiest part of his cheek, holding tight even when she heard his pained response and felt him squirming in her grip. She let go only when she tasted the first hints of blood and no longer had the strength to keep up her hold. Enyd intentionally left the bright sheen of his blood on her lips when she again faced the Klingon woman. She spaced her legs wide, putting her hands on her hips, and tilted her head back to again snarl bloodied teeth at her.

The woman blinked at Enyd for a few heart-hammering moments, during which Enyd realized the music had stopped and all had likewise ceased their revelry, so intent on seeing how this would turn out. The Klingon woman shifted closer, bending down to sniff Enyd’s face. Enyd knew better than to flinch, keeping her firm stance. Behind her, she could hear Cal’s continued response to the assault. Still, he would have to wait until this woman backed down or reinitiated for the next level before Enyd could hope to offer an apology or explanation.

“You must be mad, Starfleet.” The Klingon woman laughed, clapping a firm enough hand on Enyd’s back so suddenly she nearly face-planted into the dirt. “I like that.” She quickly shoved Enyd to the side despite Enyd’s posturing and leaned into Cal’s personal space. “Don’t fuck with her,” she gestured toward Enyd, “or you’ll answer to me.” She paused, looked at Enyd, gave her a wink, and then grabbed Cal by the face, hauling him in for an intense kiss.

Enyd hung off the woman’s arm during the brief kiss, tugging at the more muscular woman to let go. Again, she was almost flung into the fire when the woman mercilessly let go with another guffawing laugh and pushed Cal and Enyd back toward the log to sit.

“Time to let the adults dance.” She leered in the air between them before turning around and letting out another howling laugh.

The music restarted, as did the dancing, singing, and toasting. Suddenly very tired, Enyd sank onto the log. Her hands shook as she scratched them over her scalp, not caring how it turned her hair into a thicker bird’s nest than it’d already been. Rik’evet appeared in her peripheral, offering a bowl with water and a towel.

“Rub this ointment on the wound to prevent infection.” He gestured to his own cheek as he handed over a thick leaf with a clear ointment squeezed atop it. The doctor left them to themselves, chuckling in his retreat.

Setting the leaf aside, Enyd held the bowl and towel carefully, angling toward Cal with a sheepish expression.

“I’m…sorry?” She dipped the cloth into the water and held it up, waiting for his permission before touching him again.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [ Day01 | 0900 hrs] Blanket Texts and Open Doors
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[Hirek tr’Aimne | Personal Quarters |  D. 17 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion

“I am a very charming man, you should know,” Hirek assured her with his best cocksure smile. “A few compliments to the Chief’s abilities, and he was lost.” Gesturing to the finished product lining one of the shelves, he smiled. “I didn’t want to say anything until it tasted palatable. I can assure you that the first few batches could kill even the toughest Klingons. Perhaps even Lieutenant Madsen herself.”

In the time he’d personally known the diplomat, he’d witnessed her astonishing ability to ingest large quantities of alcohol twice, which was a lot considering he’d interacted with her directly only a half dozen times. Having met and worked with her father, the man, though sober, had displayed a singular ability to withstand great trials and pains. He even went so far as to sacrifice himself for others, including Hirek. Hirek could only assume the man had held his liquor as, in Hirek’s opinion, at least, those with strong, stubborn characters typically held their liquor the best.

Hirek watched Talia with an amused smile as she tied the towel around his waist, offering a vague explanation, not explanation, for her gift.

“I’ve had my share of cocks, in both orifices, and I concur bigger is not always better.” He took great pleasure in potentially throwing her off with his brief interjection. “Intent and expertise, imagination and creativity, stamina are far more important than size.”

He felt her hand press against the skin just above his cock, and his balls tightened instinctively. Hirek quickly recalled the sexual tension between them back in the holodeck and just as easily recalled how alike some of her responses had been to his bitch of a wife. Talia could not readily be compared to that she-devil, nor should he continue to compare what little they had in common every time tension rose between them. Hirek remained quiet and eerily still until she withdrew her fingers, commenting on the brewing works he’d gotten set up correctly after much trial and error. He smirked in response.

“I believe humans call it a ‘will and testimony?’ Perhaps I’ve willed it to you. And my testimony is that it was your idea.”

With deft movements, Hirek was once more naked, the towel draped over Talia’s head, and within seconds, the Romulan darted back into his quarters with a shameless chuckle.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 09 [15:30 hrs,] Once Upon the Island
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Unnamed Island | Qo’Nos] Attn: @P.C. Haring

The more rational part of his brain, probably the eternally irritated last semblances of being Vulcan, told Cross that they should abandon this adventure altogether and return immediately to the ship. It was the logical thing to do. And, the fact that the “good” Vulcan Hathev was suggesting they stay, a Vulcan woman recently inclined towards exploring her emotions and relying on his fucking numbskull to guide her…well, that should be another clue to former-hybrid that returning to the ship was smarter and healthier.


Outside of his official capacity in his duties aboard the ship, Cross was rather an idiot. And if a naked woman with luscious boobs swaying over his head requested he do something stupid as fuck…then he was going to do something stupid as fuck.

“Let’s do this.” The rustling and voices were getting louder. “Quickly. Don’t look back when you run. Here,” he gently pushed her off his torso and moved to kneel beside her. “Let’s get this affixed.” He worked quickly, securing one belt around her petite waist, allowing her the freedom to return the favor with the other belt. “We can set up the stasis web over there,” he pointed to a funnel point the Klingons would run through once they saw them running toward the ship.

It was challenging but not impossible to set up the Klingon device. Thankfully, it was fairly intuitive, even if the directions were in Klingon. Cross backtracked a bit to bury one disruptor, signaling Hathev when he set it to overload. He didn’t know precisely how long it’d take to overload, but they’d have about a minute or two to get away if it was like their phasers. He moved around the funnel point to the beach's edge and held out his hand for Hathev to take.

“Shall we?” He asked as the first Klingons emerged from the jungle foliage and spotted them, immediately sending off a series of warning shots in their direction as they bellowed for them to surrender. Pulling out the other disruptor, Cross fired a few wild shots over his shoulder, offering Hathev a cocky smile. “Let’s see you use those lovely legs now.”
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[Ensign Enyd Isolde Madsen | Cardassia Prime ] Attn: @RyeTanker

Enyd woke up with an embarrassing snort, swiping her hand against her mouth and the bit of drool that’d started to leak out. Pushing off the seat with both hands, she swiveled her head around to look at the clearing they’d stopped in, quickly spotting Javec standing with one of their contacts outside the building a few yards off. She didn’t have to ask her Andorian “hostage” friend whether she felt nervous or not. Enyd could tell that the woman was, if not nervous, hyper-alert with how quickly her antennae flicked this way and that.

She followed Zark’s example and moved to exit the vehicle. Only, as per the norm for her, did her feet get caught up in the supplies on the vehicle’s floorboard. Where Zark stepped out with the feline grace of a predator, Enyd tripped, bounced, jerked, and finally stood on her own feet, nearly swaying onto her arse. By the time she stood upright, no longer the victim of chaos or gravity—for the time being at least—Javec and the others were closer, with Javec offering an apology to Zark as he gently tugged Enyd to the side by a light grip on her elbow.

Enyd grimaced. When she first met this group, she remembered getting this search and hated that they still needed to do it. She didn’t fault them for doing it, and from how Zark begrudgingly complied, it seemed the Andorian also understood the motive behind the search. She did her best to convey courage to her friend as she leaned around Ghin Torlan standing between them, refraining from a thumbs-up but offering an empathic nod of acknowledgment. With no one else to swat with frustration when one guard was a bit rougher with Zark than they had been with Enyd, she turned to Javec. He merely took the light hit with a smirk.

His smirk twisted into a neutral expression with hardened eyes when Torlan quipped about trading up. Enyd kept her gaze averted, occupying herself with checking her gear for the umpteenth time. She dutifully shuffled forward when Torlan pulled out the map and began discussing their plan. Enyd had already been briefed by Javec when they’d put their devious minds together for this scheme, though at the time, this had been one of a few half-dozen options for investigating the base. Standing next to Zark as Torlan continued on the briefing, she bumped her hip against her friend’s, reaching down and squeezing Zark’s hand in camaraderie. Though what friendship they’d started making at the start of this excursion could come to naught if things went sideways and they were killed or, worse yet, things got dicey but they survived. Enyd doubted the Andorian would let Enyd live it down.

An hour and a half later, Enyd was certain of two things. One, the goddess of chaos really hated her. Two, Zark had excellent reasons for murdering her.

“Do you have anything akin to a lubricant?” She whispered at the blue-skinned fighter, doing her best to keep from wiggling against the discomfort of having the partially closed iris maintenance tunnel door pressing against her waist, thereby making the thing twist further shut. “Or something that can wedge it open more?”

Thankfully, Enyd had been bringing up the rear of their small group, their numbers divided into four main groups upon arrival. Enyd had been placed with Javec, Zark, and Serbi Drasat, and it’d been her damned foot that’d knocked against a hidden trigger in the maintenance tunnel that caused the door to start to iris shut. Now she sat on all four, her upper torso in the same area as the other three, and her lower torso sitting lonely in the tunnel. Despite the hiccup, they were all thankful that no alarms seemed to have been triggered by her oopsy.

“Uh,” Enyd’s eyes grew wide, “I think there’s some sort of creature crawling over my feet.” Fighting panic, she looked between Zark and Javec, Drasat sitting as point at the junction up ahead. “Help?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Ch 5 S [ D02 | 0600 hrs.] Old Friends Die Hard
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Belas i’Mirek tr’Rehu | Personal Solarium | Kir Baratan | Romulus ] @rae  @Pierce

The middle-aged Romulan’s features remained neutral as he read the encrypted message for the second time:

   “These would-be saviors of our people, while foolish, offer a unique opportunity to broaden our front. You are the voice of our cause. Through your efforts now, we may yet see the renewal of our worlds, the dawn of a greater future for our people than what either the so-called leaders offer, far more interested in destroying us from within with their petty fight than in standing firm in the galactic arena. And this is what we need, what our people crave, the emergence of a brave new era. You will be contacted at the regular location this evening. I eagerly await your updates. ~ V.”

With the subtlest of smirks, the man destroyed the message and wiped all evidence of it having ever existed. Glancing at the chronometer, Belas nodded to himself. He had at least another hour before he needed to meet with the not-so-hidden-as-they’d-hoped Starfleet personnel at Avra Trel. That was plenty of time to make a few last-minute adjustments to the “welcome” he had in store for them.
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
@EnigmaTales  @AbsintheDeux  @Hans Applegate  @Galaxymind  @joshs1000  @Krajin @Relatively Insane

WELCOME again!

Something that was great fun for me when I first came was scanning through the crew manifest at every active writer and looking at training, hobbies, Starfleet graduation dates, etc., and then contacting the writers directly via PM on here with an invitation to write about something, even if obscure, that our characters could bond (or fight) over. It granted me the wonderful opportunity to write with almost everyone on the board, though a few threads are yet to be made with some (I haven't forgotten!).

I mention this as if you ever feel like your jets are cooling on main threads, or you're waiting your turn on supplementals, and/or the Director's Cut area or AU area doesn't quite appeal, this is a way of reaching out and connecting. As you know, we are a community of writers, and as far as I know from my time here, there has never been a case of someone not wanting to write.

Needless to say, don't be shy! This is also a great way of getting into the posting flow (and all the eccentric ins and outs of formatting and personalizing posts, etc).

Also, anytime you have what seems like a hair-brained scheme for the main plotline or even side plots, speak up! The bedlam is more fun when shared, nourished in the chaotic minds of the many.

Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01|0500] Sleep is overrated, coffee is king
Last post by rae -
[ Lt. Azrin Ryn | Jefferies Tubes | Deck 13 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion

She probably laughed for too long.

But one she’d started, it was like her brain had lost the off switch, fits coming and going without thought or reason as Arven picked himself up. She’d meant to reiterate that it was non-toxic, though she wasn’t sure if his stomach would enjoy it in those amounts, but the words never found their way to the surface. So instead she just did what he said, turning around while he tried to regain some semblance of modesty. It was probably a useless endeavor, but some people worried about those things. Azrin waited patiently enough, leaning against the wall, her fingers tapping an endless rhythm on her knees until he was ready. By then the laughter had finally died away.

“I’m 392 years old,” she informed him, because that was mostly true, depending on how one counted. But he was a Trill, so he would get the nuance. “Not five. Putting on a different tone doesn’t make you any less rude. I’ll happily fix your PADD, but what are you trying to bribe me for? I’ve been asking you to fix my shoulder the whole time.” He said he’d help and he wasn’t threatening to sedate her again, so why wouldn’t Azrin stay? They would have skipped a lot of painful running around if he’d done this in the first place.

She heard him come up behind her, shuffling against the grating in a way that was definitely going to scuff up his knees. He really needed to get his legs higher as he crawled. Maybe he was simply too big to fit properly. Azrin hadn’t really seen him standing up yet, but he must be tall.

For the most part, she was a perfect patient – again, they had finally gotten to the medical care Azrin needed and requested. She followed his instructions, not that there was much to do besides sit there, flinching a few times as his fingers pressed into a particularly sensitive area, and generally tried to hide her face in the wall to get as far away from it as possible. But after the initial few moments, it actually didn’t feel all that bad, and Azrin started to relax despite herself. Even through her coveralls, his hands were warm, and the gentle pressure was much nicer than the various jolts and bangs she’d received while racing around down here. This was a whole different side of Doctor Arven Leux, acid tongue dropping into something much more soothing as he worked. His words flowed nicer without that biting edge cutting off the ends, and as he explained the process she found herself drifting away instead. When the joint popped back into place, Azrin didn’t feel it at all.

“Get... Jefferies tube…”

She was supposed to be fixing something. Something important. Vitally important. But Azrin couldn’t remember what. Instead, she was lying on the floor of the Jefferies tube, watching smoke drift above her, trying to sing a song. It was one of Elza’s songs. But it was wrong. Or Azrin was wrong. Or the background track was wrong. Yes, that one, the last one. It was on surround sound, coming from all sides, vibrating from the ground and through the walls. It was uneven, off tune. Elza would have known the problem in an instant, but Azrin didn’t. She had the musician’s memories, but not the instinct that had made her so… no, wait. This was the warp core. She knew that.

“Power buildup… conduit…”

It was cold. Which really didn’t make sense considering the whole tube was obviously on fire. She should move. She should have been doing something about that. But Azrin just… couldn’t. She was trapped in place, ice spreading up her limbs even as flames licked in the edges of her vision. It didn’t make sense.

She needed to be working.

The ship was… the ship was under attack! Warp drive malfunction, needed to fix it, fix the antimatter regulation. Starfleet was attacking them, but they were Starfleet. Another conundrum, another thing that didn’t fit.

If she could just fix the song—no the engines—why couldn’t she move?

“Get out!”
Azrin awoke with a start, gasping as she jerked away from the wall. Thankfully, Arven seemed to have done his work. Although every tendon in her shoulder wanted to complain about it, at least her arm was working again. Though, speaking of the doctor, where had he gone? Azrin looked around nonplussed, still not totally awake yet. “Um, hello?” So he’d done his work and then he’d left? What was with this guy? “Does this mean I can go back to work now?”

She moved her arm again, more experimentally this time. Not the best, but she could live with it. “Yeah, I think this means I can go back to work now. Just in time for—” Oh no. Then she was shouting. “What time is it?”
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