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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 3 : The Meeting of Heroes (or Villains) [ Day 1 | 1500+]
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[Jaeih T’haelaa | Bridge Crew Mess Hall | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | The Helmet] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus @Stegro88  @Nesota Kynnovan @P.C. Haring @JacenSoloDjo  @Juzzie @GroundPetrel @Eirual

From where she stood near the wide viewport, Jaeih wore the faintest of smiles while her emerald eyes panned the room in an unblinking gaze; a casual, bird-of-prey stare that observed without focus. Her back to a corner allowed an unimpeded view of the proceedings; a gathering of two bitter rivals that would never trust each other and had no interest in doing so, hosted by optimistic fools.

How very quaint.

Directly ahead, no more than three long strides away, Donatra sat resplendent in her finery at the table, in idle conversation with the black-furred Starfleet diplomat. Jaeih didn’t need to be telepathic to know the Empress was already bored, yet subtlety and diversion was an art form they had all mastered long ago – some better than others, apparently. A brow twitched as her eyes drank in the various attire on display: the Klingons in their leathers and armor, still woefully inadequate to mask their stink – while the officers and crew of the Federation exiles varied from uniformed finery to elegant and revealing. By comparison, Jaeih had chosen a more subdued ensemble; a simple synth-fab hooded dress the color of desert sand. It hugged her powerful body comfortably, with no impediment to range of motion, but offered little in the way of warmth or protection. Still, she betrayed no external sense of discomfort – only a casual vigilance to those who would recognize it, or idle indifference to those that did not.

Already, it was all too obvious how this ‘alliance’ would play out. Starfleet and the Klingons were all too eager to show their unity – purposefully displayed by how easily they mingled and toyed with each other. Let them cavort like the fools they are. Every minute wasted here presents further opportunity to pursue our own ends, Jaeih mused. Rihannsu will outlast you all, in the end.

A nearly Imperceptible nod from Donatra caught her attention. Jaeih’s gaze shifted in its direction to lock upon a Klingon male that mirrored her position and stance on the opposite side of the hall. Very well, Empress, Jaeih mentally sneered at the title as she searched her memory for the warrior’s dossier. A Colonel, by the trappings of rank on his barbaric uniform, but surely no simple KDF officer. Martok had made a clear display of strength and audacity with the armada that blocked the stars from view in the void; likewise, the stinking brute would not allow any but the most competent of his filthy breed to accompany him. Jaeih’s eyes snapped back to the Empress after a beat of her heart to witness a casual gesture of Donatra’s fingers: investigate, she signed.

Understood, the former Sentinel signed in reply, clenched her jaw, then relaxed as she moved off in a silent, circuitous approach, offering a pleasant nod or word to those that greeted her.

[Lt. Enyd Madsen]
So far, so good Enyd thought to herself as she multitasked on her chosen side of the room. The Klingons were on their best behavior, leading her to inwardly chuckle at what must’ve been quite the paternal lecture from hell given by Martok just prior to their arrival. The Romulans were…Romulan. She was happy no one seemed to be keeling over from poison or hidden blades now buried between their ribs. The Theurgy crew in attendance were doing their utmost to mingle with both crowds, though some obviously favored Klingons merely for the shared history of rivalry and support to fall back on in a pinch.

Taking a small sip, in no rush to compete with either group for who had the strongest alcohol tolerance, Enyd let her gaze wander from the small group she’d initially inserted herself with. Within seconds, her hackles raised, and she stiffened. Donatra’s aide, the statuesque Amazon from the first meeting, was making a beeline for Hauq. Both looked equally delighted at the prospect of small talk, which meant Enyd had a job to do: bridge.

“Excuse me,” she demurely murmured to her group, giving each Klingon a respectful head bow before backing away.

Having to weave through the mingling crowd meant she made it to Hauq’s side a few moments after the Romulan and found them still looking equally warm and fuzzy toward each other and the circumstances.

“Colonel Hauq,” Enyd brightly called attention to herself as she stopped an equal distance from both Klingon and Romulan. “May I present Empress Donatra’s aide, Jaeih T’haelaa?” She was aware of the fact that introductions may have already been made however, repetition for the sake of even footing was sometimes the best route to take. Pausing to catch Hauq’s scrutinizing gaze, Enyd gestured at the Romulan. “Like you, colonel, T’haelaa here has shared some concerns regarding the safety and security of our joint fleet. It seems disgruntlement runs on both sides.”

Enyd knew she was taking a gamble by naming such an elephant with present company and yet also given present company, duplicity and half-assing conversations would only keep them where they presently stood: on either sides of a cultural and ideological chasm.

[Colonel Hauq, son of Dorak]
“che’wI’ ‘oH, qa’pu,” Hauq grunted Madsen’s title like the curse it was, yet tinted with amusement. The terran diplomat had earned it and her reputation over the past few weeks. In his eyes, she was an endless storm of chaos; a white-squall, a rogue wave – trouble found her no matter where she chose to tread. It was an…alluring aspect, to be certain, yet he had purposefully kept the human at arms length.

“We are not disgruntled,” he glared at Madsen, then slowly turned to the Romulan. “Treachery,” he sneered at her, “is only a matter of time and opportunity – we are Klingons. We are prepared for it.”

“As are we.”

She was a statue, an unreadable edifice; Hauq registered no external reaction from the Romulan woman, other than a slow blink, then he watched as she turned her attention to the pale Starfleet diplomat with a deeper dip of her hooded features. The Colonel felt his upper lip twitch in a silent snarl as soon as she spoke again.

Jolan tru, Lieutenant Eynd Isolde Madsen – I prefer Jaeih, please. So kind and dutiful of you to intervene, even when not expected or required. The Colonel and I were only beginning to get acquainted, now we all may. Delightful, truly.”

Hauq’s annoyance flared while she spoke; her voice was a formal rasp of bladed silk, with more than a hint of typical Romulan haughtiness. He was unable to stop himself from clenching a fist from just hearing it, but managed to keep from openly sneering – barely. Romulans, he growled instead, then shook his head at the pointless formality and returned his attention to the activity in the hall. “As if we all didn’t already know who the hell we all are,” he muttered in his native tongue impatiently, shoulders flexed to ease the tension from his frame.

Hauq was no diplomat; he had neither the patience nor the inclination to understand it’s nuance – a warrior need not waste words with an enemy. Especially one pretending to be a friend, he brooded, then decided to cut to the heart of the matter and be done with it. “Speak your mind and be gone, both of you – I have matters to tend to,” Hauq switched back to Federation standard, his voice like a gravel landslide.

A pause preceded the aide of Donatra’s reply; whether it was true hesitation or purposeful consideration, Hauq couldn’t guess. A glance revealed the hint of an amused smile on the Romulan’s lips.

“Of course, Colonel. As our host mentioned, in the spirit of cooperation and to ensure the highest quality success in the upcoming venture, we have expressed our…concerns.”

Hauq watched the Romulan tilt her head slightly to the side with that oddly discerning gaze of hers locked on him, yet he was sure the ghargh directed her words at Madsen.

“The details of which I am sure has been dispersed to all our new friends,”
the woman smiled coldly. “As friends, I wonder how we Rihannsu might render assistance in these troubling times?”

Hauq’s mouth opened to snap off a dismissive insult, but an unexpected intervention occurred instead.

[Lt Enyd Madsen]
Feeling Hauq tense beside her, growling tone spitting what was likely a complaint in his native tongue, Enyd responded instinctively. Just as her grandmother would’ve done to her, Enyd subtly reached down and lightly brushed her fingers over Hauq’s wrist, giving a quick squeeze before adjusting her hand movement to tug at her dress. Likely the Romulan, being who and what she was, had seen the movement but it was just as likely that the discerning woman understood the movement for what it was: a calm down and play nice gesture.

Enyd smiled with genuine amusement. “In truth, Colonel, I would say that just as Starfleet officers, myself included, have a reputation of being hapless, hairless monkeys on the best of days, Klingons do have a reputation of being disgruntled. And,” she turned to Jaeih, “Romulans the reputation of haughty superiority.” Pausing to take a bolstering sip of her blood wine, Enyd gave a playful shrug as she lowered his cup. “We are all entering this circumstantial alliance with preconceived notions of one another and with more than a few reservations. While my professional role desires for a workable relationship that will last beyond the moment, my pragmatic personal self understands that there are certain aspects of each of our culture’s that we will likely never understand or wish to accept. Should that mean we can’t have future trade routes between each other’s systems? Should that mean we can’t have cultural or technological exchange programs? No, I don’t think so. But,” her eyes were warm but held determination as she glanced between man and woman at her side, “a lot depends on just how stubborn, xenophobic, paranoid, and yes, disgruntled we remain in this moment and the next.”

It was not lost on Enyd that, yet again, she was in the midst of another scenario that an Intelligence officer would potentially be better suited for, if only because of the official parameters of their duties. An Intelligence officer had more clearance to make bolder claims and arrange more direct responses. Not exactly an act first and inform superiors later, but something more akin to that than what a diplomat typically could do.

“What can you do to render assistance?” Enyd parroted back politely, taking the time to look at both Klingon and Romulan. “Since both groups have reported treachery,” she used Hauq’s earlier term with a half smile, “I would recommend that we seek to funnel the known or presumed members of these groups to an easily controlled area. An area where joint forces can mitigate the threat and potentially root out the deeper machinations at play. It is likely that while there are agents of treachery present, it is just as likely that there are more back home.”

[Jaeih T’haelaa]
While the Klingon simmered, Jaeih reeled her outward expression of amusement in with another slow blink; she had neither the desire or need to aggravate Hauq further, and had learned a great deal of them both in the short exchange. The klivam was no fool, even if he looked the part and smelled worse, and the hevam at his side was clearly a pet of his or visa versa; Jaeih didn’t care which. Their relationship could prove useful in the future, however, so she made note of it, as well as the diplomat’s apparent weakness for strategic thinking. A pity, but not surprising.

The good Colonel chose to add his thoughts on the matter, then: “The suspects will be found and dealt with. Your…assistance, Romulan…if it is needed, will be communicated through the appropriate channels. In the interim, I recommend you set your own house in order.”

Jaeih sighed to herself, impressed with the sheer willpower Hauq displayed to control himself; it  was so very rare in their mongrel breed. Still, she sensed that it was not the time to press further, and there was much work to be done to secure the future of Rihannsu; these were merely the first steps on a road that had yet to be paved – where that road led, and the sacrifices to be paid along the way – remained to be seen. We will be watching these two, for certain.

A respectful bow of her head was offered to both of them as she spoke. “The Empress will hear these recommendations,” Jaeih smiled politely, “and I look forward to speaking with you both again, at your convenience. Jolan tru, Colonel Hauq, Lieutenant Madsen.”

With that said, Jaeih took care not to turn her back on them as she withdrew to resume her post near Donatra’s side of the table.

OOC: You can find details on Jaeih and Col. Hauq under the Story NPCs, if so inclined. Thanks for the JP @Ellen Fitz – always a good time :)
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO S [ Day 1 | 1200hrs ] ALL ABOARD the Crazy Train!
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[ Ensign Sylvain Llewellyn-Kth | The Conference Lounge | D.8 | V.2 | USS Theurgy] @Ellen Fitz

The noteworthy casualty rates. A total lack of any career prospects. Needing Sylvain to pull his head out of his own arse…

The Commander was certainly unique in his approach to onboarding a new member of the crew; so much for emboldening speeches about the future and whatnot…

However, despite the man’s somewhat avant-guard approach to introductions, Sylvain found a strange sense of comfort in the Commander’s transparency. After all, facts were Sylvain’s comfort zone. Sure, had the Commander sat across from him, placating him with reassuring words and underplaying their tragedies, it probably would have made the Ensign feel a touch more comfortable in the moment. But what good would such comfort have done him in the long run? Based on the Commander’s assessment, any such comfort would quickly wash away in the face of reality, and then Sylvain would have been robbed of the chance to prepare himself; delivering the cold, hard truths of their current situation from the get-go, made it easier to prepare himself for what was ahead, at least.

It wasn’t to say that hearing of the high casualty rate, or the possibility that they’d never re-integrate with Starfleet, didn’t bother him; it absolutely did. The thought of living the rest of his life as a rebel, or worse, not living the rest of his life at all, was harrowing. He wanted to be a Starfleet Officer, not a renegade; to make first contact with new species, explore and investigate unknown stellar phenomena, possibly Captain a ship of his own someday… However, Sylvain knew that such thoughts were most likely out of his reach now, whether he was aboard the Theurgy or not; Admiral Anderson had made it abundantly clear that his precognitive abilities would have been appealing to the parasites, had he remained at his post, and Sylvain was of the opinion that he’d rather be dead than some warm-body for an extra-dimensional entity to accommodate.

It was all definitely a little on the bleak side, but at least this way, Sylvain’s mind couldn’t pretend not to know the realities of what he was getting himself into; staying with Starfleet held the likely future of a fate worse than death, so anything that happened to him aboard the Theurgy had to be an improvement on that. He could live with those terms, his anxiety could too. And perhaps it was that realisation, or the clarity of the Commander’s briefing, or perhaps the man’s unorthodox pep-talk, or a combination of the three, but it had certainly done an excellent job at forcing the Ensign’s previously rampant anxiety to retreat back into the pit in the bottom of his mind once more.

‘That’s why we’re here. Not for ourselves, but for others.’

He’d have to remember that.

How many billions of lives might he save by being at the helm of the Theurgy, even if it meant that his life wouldn’t end up what he wanted? After all, he could make a difference here; he was really good at his job. Though, as the Commander had warned, perhaps he should wait until he’d gotten to the other side of whatever battle was awaiting him tomorrow, before he praised himself too much…

Either way, he’d learned to play the game of life with a rigged deck long ago; renegade or not, the Theurgy was his ship now. And he’d serve with distinction, as he always had.

“Commander, with all due respect, you’ve just told me that I’m to be the Chief CONN Officer on the most advanced ship in Starfleet, fighting against a force that’s attempting to decimate all life as we know it.” He paused, actually taking a moment to try and force a natural smile onto his face, despite his lingering unease. “Renegade or not, that’s quite the career advancement.” He tried to add a dash of lightness to their conversation, easing himself back around to the other side of the table once again.  “Certainly makes for a better epitaph than delivering supplies to colonies on the edges of Federation space, at least.” He attempted to joke, to perhaps knock a little tension out of the air. The Ensign had considered making a joke about the high casualty rate leaving plenty of opportunity for advancement, but he’d erred on the side of caution and refrained; whilst certainly somewhat lacking in tact, Sylvain wasn’t without empathy, and making a joke that might come across as mocking of the fact that the Commander had likely already lost friends during the conflict, wouldn’t have been a fine display of such a quality.

“And for the record, I am grateful either way, Sir.” He added with a touch of sincerity to his tone, moving to resume his position seated opposite the Vulcan. “I understand that I’m probably due a rude awakening in the next twenty-four hours, but, if I wasn’t here, if Admiral Anderson hadn’t known about me through my mother, I’d probably already be a warm body for some parasite.” It was a grim confirmation, but a confirmation nonetheless; he didn’t know what motivated such creatures, but if the opportunity to subvert some precognitive abilities fell into their lap, Admiral Anderson at least seemed convinced that they’d make use of it.

“Though I’m sure they’d have regretted it when they found out how inconvenient these abilities actually are.” He added with a quiet scoff, making a limp gesture towards his head as he spoke, forgetting once again about the PADD in his hand and clouting himself in the temple with it for a second time. This time it actually hurt quite a bit. You’d have thought being precognitive might have given him a warning about such things…

That was the worst thing about precognition; everybody had a very warped perspective of how it worked.

“But, yes, if you don’t mind Commander, I did have several other questions to ask, based on my assignment…” He began with a slightly more authoritative tone to his voice, his free hand moving from where it had briefly nursed the collision point on his temple, and taking position above his PADD, intending to take notes moving forward. He was careful to avoid overwriting any of his holo-files as he did so. “Firstly, I understand that the Hobus Star is in Romulan space, but my previous assignment didn’t require me to have access to such information. If you could forward me the data from any long range scans, as well as what’s in the Federation database, I would greatly appreciate it.” Now that he had begun talking about work again, his anxiety, his unease, faded even further into the background of his mind; still there, but certainly taking a backseat as the Starfleet Officer in his head began to take charge.

“And if there is any available information about the Savi vessels we’ll be encountering, that would also be beneficial for me to have access to…” He paused, slowly considering his wording. There had certainly been something to unpack in what the Commander had previously said regarding the Savi, the ‘fucking’ with genes in particular, but Sylvain felt that it might be impolite to pry; evidently a sore subject for the Vulcan to discuss. However, that didn’t overrule his need for tactical data. As empathetic as Sylvain may have been, he still understood professionality in the face of a mission.

From what the Commander had said regarding the Savi, Sylvain had gotten the impression that his assignment to the Erudite might end up being on the uncomfortable side of things… The Savi did not sound like a particularly agreeable race, and given that Sylvain had never heard of them, he could paint a fairly clear picture in his head about what sort of isolationist species they might have been; not all that dissimilar to the Yattho in that manner, he supposed. Nevertheless, it was his assignment, and he would interact with them with the professionality that his position required. Besides, after enduring his time aboard a Klingon vessel, Sylvain was confident that the Savi would not pose any problem for him. At the very least, the Savi probably wouldn’t spill blood wine on his bed and try to try it with a fur blanket that a pet targ had slept on…

His bed had ended up wet, sticky, and stinking of targ piss.

“I’m not familiar with the Savi as a species, so any tactical insight that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.” Sylvain inquired with a certain hesitancy, not overly thrilled with the idea of taking up any more of the man’s time,or pressing for further details on a topic that the Commander was clearly uncomfortable with, but also very aware that with the franticness of his change-over, this might be his best chance to broach such a topic. “I’ve got a whole repertoire of evasive patterns up my sleeve, but it sounds as though the first time I see a Savi ship in action, will be when it’s firing at us, so I’d like to prepare myself the best I can…” He paused, trying to sound a little more confident with the request than he felt.

“Also, I appreciate that this isn’t a social call, Sir, but, I don’t suppose you’d mind telling me your name?” 
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO S [ Day 1 | 1200hrs ] ALL ABOARD the Crazy Train!
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[ Cmdr. Cross | Conference Lounge | D. 8 | V. 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @TWilkins

“The only thing noteworthy about any position on this ship, ensign, is the casualty rate,” Cross spoke as he watched the ensign seemingly flounder for words and thought in the seat across from him. “While we hope to reconcile with Starfleet once the Infested are eradicated, the reality is that may never happen. So if you are looking at this position as an advancement in your career with the perks of prestige that go along with positional authority, well, that’s your choice, but it’d be a damn wasted use of hope.”

Cross raised a single eyebrow as he watched Llewellyn-Kth smack himself in the face with the PADD before launching it across the room. He couldn’t fault the man for his nerves. Not everyone was a combat veteran, and not everyone was keen on adapting to rapid changes. At the same time, however, Cross would be doing his a disservice if he didn’t set some things straight and fast.

“There’s nothing to be grateful or ungrateful for, ensign. We are a ship in need of capable bodies to fill vacant positions. You will make up for what you lack in combat experience within the next twenty-four hours, guaranteed.” He rolled his eyes at the ensign’s comparisons and physically waved it away with a flick of his hand. “There’s no time for comparisons, ensign. We don’t have the leisure to dwell in self-doubt, self-loathing, or second-guessing right now. Maybe if you’d come to us during our shore leave a few weeks ago, I’d say go ahead and have an existential crisis and get it over with, but the facts of the matter are we are less than an hour away from embarking on yet another major offensive against our enemy, and I need you to have your head out of your arse and in the game.”

He gave Llewellyn-Kth a nod of acknowledgment as he watched the ensign square his shoulders and adjust his vocal patterns to sound less desperate and confused and more stable.

“I’m no diplomat, and I’m not out here to win hearts and minds, so I have no qualms telling you I hate the Savi bastards who killed my crewmates, fucked with my genes to eradicate my hybrid nature, and left me and many others like me in a completely new state.” His chest rose and abruptly fell on a heavy sigh. “With that said, there’s a schism within the Savi ranks, and the Savi who are working with us, and whom you will be assisting over the next few days, are opposed to the shits who tortured me and many others who miraculously managed to survive and are onboard Theurgy now. Are we best friends? No. Do they trust us completely? No, and the feeling is mutual. But we are allies with a common goal, and it suits us to work closely together for the time being.”

He paused, taking a moment to press a few buttons on his personal PADD. Much as he’d done with MacFarlane, Cross sent a number of pertinent files to the console in Llewellyn-Kth’s quarters. He mentioned as much to the man before returning his gaze.

“You don’t need to convince me of shit, ensign. Do your job, do it well. Whether or not you feel you belong here, you’re here, and you’re in it just like the rest of us.” He again made a faint dismissing move with his hand. “And don’t do your work in fear of disappointing others. That’s a fucking waste of effort. Do your best for the sake of doing your best. For the sake of keeping the crew alive. That’s why we’re here, ensign. Not for ourselves, but for others.” Taking a deep breath, Cross slowly let it out, folding his hands together on the table and fixing a firm yet open gaze on Llewellyn-Kth. “Anything else you’d like to discuss or ask before finding your quarters and getting ready to depart with the Erudite?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 4 S [ Day 01 | 1915 ] The Remains of a Crew
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[ Ehfva Feynri | Unnamed Cell | Alternative Asteroid Station | Romulan Space ] ATTN: @Dree

Her lungs expanded on a deep breath, veins carrying hot blood throughout her body as her muscles surged with power. Paws pushed the ground away, movements fluid, her svelte feral form fairly flying over the wooded landscape. Above the forest canopy, the sky was filled with the brightness of a clear day. Her path was bespeckled with dancing sunlight, casting an impish shroud over the thick undergrowth.

The black pelt of her pack brother, Hovrin, suddenly darted in front of her, his large head turning to slant a playful look in her direction, pink tongue half lolling out of his mouth. To their right, their pack sister, the red-coated Savei, gave a warning snort, reminding them both that they were on a hunt for the pack and not just a friendly competition. Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, the cords of Ehfva’s muscles contracted and then released, sending her in a high leap over Hovrin. She didn’t pause to gloat over her shoulder as he had done; Savei was right; they had a hunt to complete.

They heard the crack of rustling brush not too far ahead of them, and nearly as one, they increased the power of their strides, Hovrin and Savei flanking left and right while Ehfva surged straight ahead. It was time for the kill…

Ehfva gasped. Every muscle in her frame tightened involuntarily as conscious thought reentered her wrecked mind. There was no restraining the gurgling cry as her body bore testimony to the atrocities the aliens had put her through. There was no telling how much time had passed since they’d flung her from the “examination chair” and replaced her broken form with that of the green-haired human female. As much as her upbringing demanded she protect the younger woman, a kit to Ehfva’s people, her body refused her.

The aliens had found a way to force her transformations and had taken their time and pleasure in forcing her into each of her forms, wherein they equally reveled in testing the pain tolerance of those forms. Ehfva had only been able to maintain a heartbeat and a breath while they “examined" the human. She’d lost consciousness just as her cries reached a crescendo of agony.

Though the temporary blackout had brought little comfort. Yes, she’d been back on Okashii Atama, hunting with the other kits left to learn the old ways with the elders like her grandparents. But the memory was nearly as bitter as her present circumstances. Okashii Atama was gone, and both Hovrin and Savei were dead, one from their reckless civil war and the other from fighting against the Cardassians.

Suddenly aware of something warm and clammy in her hand, Ehfva looked down with a mixture of confusion and shock. The human was beside her, holding her hand in a manner that offered comfort and strength. Before she met the woman’s eyes, Ehfva looked at her hands, her arms, legs. She was nude now; her forced transformations had destroyed what had been left of her clothing. It was no wonder every cell in her body complained at that moment; she was neither fully flesh nor fully furred, neither fully Vulpinian nor Vulcine, and of the Vulcine form, she was neither fully male nor female.

A harsh panic surged into her throat, robbing Ehfva of her ability to speak. Their survival beyond these walls was doubtful, yet as long as there was breath in her body, Ehfva clung to the hope that they could live. Yet, the panic was, what if this was to be her state of existence until she drew her last breath? This nothing and everything that brought with it aches and pains she’d never known before…

“Hhrrgh,” Ehfva paused, licking her lips and grimacing. Her vocal cords were like the rest of, partially this and partially that. Leaning her misshapen head back against the cold wall, though mindful of the half-formed Vulpinian ear that flicked back and forth through her hair, Ehfva tried again. “Hhoww arrrrrrre youuuuu?” Though some of the words sounded like half-growling howls, they at least came out mostly understandable. At least to Ehfva’s ears. “Ehfva.” She patted her chest with her free paw-hand.
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
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[Ens. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Zark’s Personal Quarters | Federation Embassy Compound | Cardassia Prime ] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Eyes wide as saucers for a heartbeat, Enyd quietly nodded and entered the naked Andorian's quarters in a state of shock. Of all the expected responses to her knocks, a fully nude Zark blinking owlish at her had not been high on her list. It hadn’t even been on her list.

“Thank you,” Enyd muttered in response to the offer, quickly grabbing the mug and almost immediately wincing when some of the liquid sloshed over the side in her haste, stinging her fingers with heat.

Turning back toward Zark, Enyd swallowed the lump of confusion and opted for a smile to replace it. In truth, it shouldn’t have surprised her quite so much. Nothing about Zark had struck Enyd as remotely prudish or shy and these were her quarters. Enyd perched on the edge of one of the chairs situated by the smallish table. The quarters were a basic mirror image of her own, just everything opposite. Enyd took a bolstering sip of coffee before getting straight to the point. She knew Zark was likely not in the mood for pleasantries.

“Ontatt indicated that he would only feed us his intel and no one else.” She took another sip, enjoying the taste more now that the temperature wasn’t scalding. “Begrudgingly and with more than a few limiting factors in place, we’ve been cleared to follow up with the man in a few days. Whatever meeting he was referring to back at the safe house won’t take place for another month or so from what he was willing to share with our disgruntled superiors, but aside from that, he made it clear who he trusted with the information and how he wanted things to go down.” After taking another sip, Enyd carefully set the mug on the table, angling her body toward her friend. “He has a bone to pick with Ono and Jassarac and he’d like to pick it through us.”

Enyd paused. It wasn’t for dramatic effect but for figuring out how to word the next part.

“The reason we aren’t to meet with Ontatt immediately is because Intelligence is in the process of creating identities for us to use during the operation. We’re to lie low on the compound until everything is up and running and once that happens they’ll beam us directly to Ontatt’s location and then from there, well, destination depending on Ontatt.” Enyd tugged on her ear. “Because the location is off-planet but still with Federation boundaries, we will be assigned an undercover escort of sorts. And, this is where I personally disagree with the concept, no Cardassians are allowed to join. I understand why but at the same time, I feel it is a big ask to leave them out of since it pertains their planet. And,” she offered Zark a semi-apologetic smile, “I am also peeved that they didn’t bother asking if you were interested in following up with this adventure before telling me they were making both of us identities.”

She fell quiet again, this time to reach back for her mug and quietly sip at her coffee while Zark digested the vast amount of "oh my" Enyd had just dropped in her very nude lap.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [1430 hrs] A Quick Course in Cardiovascular Acceleration
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[Lt Reggie Suder | Jeffries Tube Junction 12 Alpha | Deck ? ? | Vector ?? | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker‍ ‍ 

Reggie’s bare back slammed on the bulkhead and her entire nude self convulsed involuntarily as Zark went to work between her legs.  A gasp and a moan escaped her own lips and she grabbed a fist full of the Andorian’s long white hair and tugged as she wrapped her legs around the Zhen’s hips. 

Don’t fucking stop.

Her sense of self continued to slip as she fell into the moment and the feeling between her legs.  She was only barely aware of lifting her partners head off of her, and slipping her arms under the blue skinned arm pits of her partner as she pulled her up her body.

Her next moment of awareness found her laying prone on the deck, a beautiful blue vixen on top of her.  Their breasts pressing against one another as she leaned down to kiss her and their sweat began to mingle.  Instinct and desire took the Betazoid, her mental connection sensing Zark’s still growing state of arousal.  For as intensely as she sensed it, Reggie knew there was far more for the Andorian to go.

From under the Andorian Reggie shifted her hips, hooking one leg around the Andorian’s, before making her move and putting Zark on her blue back.  She slid down, laying herself across Zark, cupping the Andorian’s breast like a chalice inviting her to drink.  She accepted and pressed her lips to the Andorian niple, letting her mouth and tongue go to work.

Her mind swam and as she let her tongue explore Zark’s breasts, her left hand slid down the blue skinned abdomen, pressing into it gently as she worked until it found the Andorian sex and her long slender fingers began to dance.

As she played, the right hand slid gently up the Andorian’s neck to find her lips and mouth, playing with both before her longest, middle finger slid inside her mouth to serve as a playful gag for her tongue as her remaining four fingers gently  clamped down on Zark’s chin and cheek bones.

With the Andorian literally under her thumb, Reggie went to town on her, enjoying every wiggle, writhe, twitch, and convulsion of her Andorian partner.
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Floating in space within the confines of her Valkyrie, or at least a facsimile of it on the Holodeck, Tessa looked forward to the adventure. It'd been a hot minute since she'd had an opportunity and after all the oddities she'd experienced lately between deaths, late night rendezvous and other fun atmosphere's, her Valkyrie felt at home. She looked onward towards Shadow and Atlas who were just now entering space for the test run. Boredom slightly set in as she did a few loop-de-loops around some of the asteroids that would have made a newbie pilot sick, but not her. Crazy was her business, and business was good!

"Acknowledged Shadow. Setting course now for the third moon just after the asteroid belt to do a warp loop, and fire on some of the larger asteroids as targets before we get into anything else more difficult." She'd honestly not attempted this flight pattern in ages but thought it might be useful in the future with them all going in different directions. Something akin to the Picard maneuver but allowing the speed slingshot of the planet's gravity to launch her towards a target.

Still parked for the moment as she awaited Atlas' arrival, she sat back and looked at them gearing up on the sensors before setting a medium speed path through the vast field of rock. Deflectors would get a workout for sure. And the Flight Deck crew if this were real would be upset for the gashes and paint missing.

Tessa chuckled at Atlas' joke about petting the throttle. "My precious..." She said in a sinister tone before darting off in the lead at 3/4 impulse before launching into full impulse twisting and turning through the asteroid field. Large boulders and smaller ones appearing swiftly as she swerved and pivoted the tiny ship through the narrow openings making an experienced starship navigator sweat. But in order for her to do that, she'd have to be worried, which she wasn't.

"Look alive out there!" She laughed maniacally before adding in a good hearty "argh" like a pirate while dodging the blocks of debris.

Looking at the sensors, she could see Shadow following suit and Atlas dodging the ice and rock formations throughout as he acclimated rather quickly to her surprise. Ideas started to form on how she could up the ante, but for now, she wanted to see if they could do the maneuver. If not, they would all be in trouble for what she'd secretly put into the program...
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Thank you for the welcome back onto the Forum folks, it's grand to be back in the saddle.

My boi is going to be joining Chapter Four, and I certainly have got some room for threads if anyone is interested in meeting a walking mess.


Equally, congratulations to all of ye old mugs! Here's to five more.
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Turbolift | Between Decks | Vectors 3 and 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Reika didn’t waste any time; Kino loved that about her. A single step closer was met in kind without hesitation, until they were pressed together, held in each other’s arms.  “Hm,” the Trill smiled dreamily, completely distracted. She couldn’t quite concentrate enough to remember her own room number – wrapped up in blue, senses overwhelmed with Reika – but she did manage a shrug. “No idea at the moment, but yeah, sounds familiar,” Kino winked. But then Reika’s lovely hands squeezed her even closer, pinning her in place. A sound, somewhere between a whimper and a squeal, escaped Kino’s lips as they turned in pecking kisses across Reika’s palm. Her eyes noticed, with abject amusement, how the Andorian’s antenna began to wiggle; it was the cutest thing – but also a huge turn-on – but it ceased as Reika’s expression shifted suddenly.

“What is it,” Kino asked through a smile, even as her brow creased a fraction with concern – but after Reika explained, the Trill’s smile only grew to a grin. You are so adorable, Kino chuckled while her eyes fell closed to breathe in her lover’s presence. The perma-grin faltered as her lips parted in a silent moan from what Reika was doing to Kino’s ear, however. Oh shit, not the ear!

And the Andorian didn’t stop there.

“Nhhhg,” Kino moaned, face to the ceiling, biting her bottom lip with a smile. “Cant…argue with that,” she added as her own hands spread to grip curved flesh in turn. “Ahhh, please, let this be the right deck,” Kino laughed under her breath, caught under the loving mercy of the insatiable blue beauty that was her girlfriend.

But then the doors slid open, and the pair turned to glance at an empty hallway.

“Totally gonna get you back for this, y’know,” Kino smirked, then stole another quick kiss as she turned and gave Reika a tug. “I fully encourage such behavior, of course,” she added with a smirk, once their hands were once again linked. “So taste away anytime you like,” the Trill whispered playfully after a few steps.

Kino loved her; loved this – just being around her – being goofy, and loving, flirty, all of it. Reika made the entire day vanish from Kino’s mind; the bullshit, the conflicted memories, the grind, it all seemed so trivial. Cognitively, Kino knew it was all new relationship energy – but damn it felt amazing.

“Wait,” Kino laughed abruptly when she realized they were walking the completely wrong way. “Its back this way. Ahhg, I’m such a mess! Your fault, Legs,” the non-com flashed a dimpled smile as they turned around. “Better not pull that kinda stuff on me while I’m working on the torp, unless y'want jelly all over the place,” she warned jokingly, trademark smirk firmly in place. “I can’t be held accountable for my actions under such duress.”

Soon enough, they arrived at Kino's door. After the code was inputted, the Trill led the way into the common area with a glance at her roommates door. "Must be out or sleeping," she shrugged and made her way to her room, pausing to flash a grin at Reika. "This shouldn't take long, so long as you behave yourself, LT."
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