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Day 19 [ 2215 ] A Mid-Evening's Barmy Dream

[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson | Chief Diplomat’s Office | D. 2 | V. 01 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @well anyone who wants to be claimed in this madness... @Eden

Sinking lower in her chair, Enyd felt the heat of embarrassment rise to her cheeks as Captain Ives continued his list of reasons why Rutherford was the superior CDO. Momentarily shifting into his female form, the captain clicked her tongue against the back of her teeth and shook her head at Enyd. It reminded Enyd of something her grandmother did whenever Enyd came home in trouble—AGAIN. Though the captain was not much larger than Enyd in her female form, she still seemed larger than life as she sat across from Enyd in her office.

“Rutherford would have been able to get Ensign L’Nari to keel too, joining in all the team building efforts and debriefings." Enyd nodded, fighting to keep the captain’s gaze when all Enyd wanted to do was stare at her hands in her lap. Ives shifted back into her male form and stood, no longer dressed in standard uniform but sporting the formal uniform. “If you can’t get a grip on your people, lieutenant, I’ll have no choice but to spank you.”

Enyd’s mouth dropped open. Spank…her? Had the captain just…

“He’s very good at it, too,” the blue-skinned form of Nysari, also dressed in a flowing formal gown—hair ornately coiled with flowers atop her head—melted out of the shadows leading into the main conference room, linking her arm through the captain’s. Enyd could only blink as her assistant leaned on her toes to kiss the captain’s cheek, winking and wiggling her fingers in Enyd’s direction. “Maybe one day you’ll also enjoy the experience.” Ives led Nysari into the conference room that now boasted a soiree of 19th century lords and ladies bent over billiards tables while sipping port and smoking cigars.

Standing with a mixture of confusion and concern, Enyd skirted around her desk and took up post at the doorway leading into the conference cum billiards room, mind swimming with just what in the blazes was going on. First, Ives showed up unannounced to chastise her for failing to get L’Nari on her good side, then Nysari confessed to intimate knowledge of the captain’s…punishment abilities…and now their conference room was a billiards hall?

“Hey, Enyd,” looking over her shoulder, Enyd’s mouth fell open in further shock when, through the growing haze of cigar smoke billowing into her office, she spied the blonde head of Valyn. The woman was sitting at Enyd’s desk, feet propped up as if she owned the space. Unlike the partygoers in the concert room, or the captain and Nysari, Valyn looked much the same as ever, except for the piece of straw dangling from her mouth. “Would you say this cow is ripe for the milking?”

“-what?” Enyd blinked, not sure what Valyn was talking about.

But then the mighty bellow of an angry bull frightened Enyd nearly out of her uniform skirt. Her arms instinctively reached to grab something higher than herself to climb up and away from the newly arrived Highland cow. A giant bell hung from its neck and clanged with every great shake it gave. Its coat was littered with the jungle flowers she’d last seen on her failed excursion with Drauc, bringing the mixed scent of bovine with floral hues.

“You can’t milk a bull,” MicKayla followed in after the bull, dressed in a hybrid Klingon Highlander outfit that outlined her curves and accentuated her strength and beauty. Laying a reassuring hand on the beast’s back as she beckoned to Valyn, “Come, I’ll show you something better.”

“Right.” Valyn leapt on the desk and then threw herself onto the bull’s back, with MicKayla quickly hoisting herself up behind the Romulan officer. “Do you know where we can get some ice cream sundaes?”

MicKayla unsheathed her claymore and hoisted it overhead. “Only if you sing to our FREEDOM!”

The bull took two heavy steps into the billiards…no…conference room before giant leathery wings sprouted from its back and flew into the ceiling that, low and behold, was no longer a ceiling but was the opening to a cotton-candy-colored nebula. As the women disappeared into the swirling colors of the phenomenon, she heard the mixed tunes of a Klingon and Terran song with lyrics about heather-flavored ice cream.

A sudden shower of debris from an explosion behind her had Enyd ducking. Her hands covered the back of her neck as Enyd crouched next to the doorway, wide eyes peering back to where her desk used to be. Now, instead of her desk neatly arranged in the far corner adjacent to the wall, there was a gaping hole, and a leopard leotard-clad Talia stood with her chest heaving, body covered in the dust of what used to be the wall.

“Where’s bright eyes? We have unfinished business.”

Pointing to her wall, Enyd stood up and approached the crazed-looking pilot. “Look what you did to my wall?”

“YOUR wall?” Frank appeared in the corridor just outside, stepping through the ruined wall, and turned in a circle, looking more than a little grumpy. “This is my wall! And you,” he pointed to Enyd before gesturing beyond her to the continued milling and fawning of the archaically dressed humans in her conference room, “what did you do with my renovated conference room? It looks like a brothel!”

Jerking her head back in confusion, Enyd looked over her shoulder to see, with confused horror, that Frank was right. Instead of billiard tables, there were a variety of settees and chairs, all richly upholstered, and all individuals in there now were dressed either as harlots or patrons. The scent of cigar smoke was quickly replaced with the heady scent of geranium perfume, tickling Enyd’s nose and threatening to gag her.

“I leave a work of art in your hands, and this is what you-“

Frank’s chastisement was interrupted by Talia’s sudden display of inhuman strength. The pilot picked up Enyd’s desk and threw it against the opposite wall, effectively tearing yet another hole in the new wall. What wasn’t destroyed by the tossed desk was then demolished by Talia’s fists, as the woman howled out her aggression and continued her search for whoever the hell bright eyes was. Looking back to Frank, Enyd spied a mixed expression of awe and amusement, with both emotions giving way to fatigue as the bearded man heaved a sigh. He opened his mouth to say something just as Enyd stepped closer, intent on explaining her confusion to everything when Mia fell through the hole in the wall. Her dress was in tatters, yet she clutched various crystals in her hands as if the crystals meant more than her modesty.

“Mia,” Enyd hooked a hand under the woman’s elbow, helping her back up with Frank’s assistance, “what’s going on?”

Abruptly, another blonde-haired mass smashed into Mia’s back, sending both women sprawling onto the floor, along with Enyd and Frank. Rolling onto her back, Enyd recognized Amanda crawling over top Mia, and felt apprehension slide down her spine when she saw Amanda had a matching set of crystals in her hands.

“Are those-“

“Give us our crystals!” A pair of Nausicaans tried to come through the hole simultaneously, only wedging themselves. They snarled and snapped at each other as they continued to push through, then fall back repeatedly.

“Come on!” Talia returned from the other hole and gestured for the crystal thieves to join her, “There’s heather-flavored ice cream this way. The crystals will be safe buried there!”

Surging to their feet and running after Talia hand-in-hand, Mia and Amanda disappeared just as the Nausicaans dislodged themselves and carried on after them, a stark naked Orion bouncer close behind—armed with an ice cream scoop in each hand. Still sprawled on the floor, stunned by everything that had happened, Enyd watched as Frank stood up and dusted himself off.

“I’d better go make sure they load the ice cream into the core correctly, or else there will be sprinkles to pay.” Frank reached a hand down, with Enyd gladly accepting it, and hoisted Enyd to her feet so fast that she lost balance and fell forward, sure to meet the floor again, only this time with her face but…

“I’ve got you,” Drauc’s rasping voice filled her ears and melted her defenses, followed quickly by the feel of his muscled arms wrapping around her in a saving embrace.

Enyd shamelessly wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face against him. “I thought you never wanted to speak to me again.”

Enyd had no notion of how long they stood there with the sounds of what she could only guess was Talia still pounding her way through walls looking for “bright eyes,” with the giggles of Amanda and Mia echoing behind her, mixing with the din of the brothel out in her conference room, and the war cries of disgruntled Nausicaans and the scoop wielding Orion. On occasion, she heard Frank’s voice singing out one of his preferred tunes, followed by a snarky comment about sprinkles and warp cores. Enyd tried to slow down time, focusing on the man holding her and the beautiful feeling of a second chance breathing in her arms…

“Just because I don’t want to talk to you doesn’t mean I wish you harm,” Drauc whispered, the strength of his embrace loosening, “You are still too dangerous, Enyd.”

He tried to pull away, but Enyd resisted. Drauc, being stronger, had little trouble ripping himself from her arms. Enyd gasped at the sudden chill sending a rash of goosebumps over her skin. Looking down, Enyd’s eyes widened in shock before looking to the departing Drauc and noting how her clothing had stuck to his and ripped off her body as he stepped away. Arm raised to stop the enigmatic Romulan in his retreat, Enyd called out, “Drauc, please, I-“

“Time for round two!” A pair of small but strong hands gripped Enyd’s shoulders and wrenched her backward.

The bare skin of her ass smacked against cold hardwood, and within seconds, silken rope began to wind its way around her ankles. Shaking her head to clear it, Enyd blinked the image of Via dressed in the same dress Enyd had worn at their first meeting, crouched in front of her, trying out a new style of shibari knots on Enyd’s wrists.

“Via,” Enyd took a steadying breath, trying to make sense of her own state of nudity and Via’s state of… overdressed ness. “What’s going on?”

The pilot snorted, “The fuck you think is going on? I’m tying your ass up, is what I’m doing.” As Via moved behind Enyd, she stepped on one of the ruffles of her dress and cursed, “Fucking death trap.” Enyd heard ripping and then a satisfied sigh from behind her. “There, that’s better.”

Already distracted by the pressure of the restraints, accompanied with a sudden increase in untimely and unusual arousal, Enyd didn’t bother to look over her shoulder to see what Via had done to make herself feel better. Shifting her body as much as she could, Enyd tested the knots. But, it was no use. Via had tied them well.

“Are you ready?”

Enyd’s stomach lurched, breath catching in her throat, as she looked up and saw a pristinely dressed Foval sitting on a stool only a few feet away, paintbrush in hand, canvas angled in front of him. If the former drone felt anything about Enyd’s nudity, he didn’t show it. Instead, his fingers kept a light grip on the paintbrush, and his gaze remained clinical as he depicted the scene as he saw it. The hole in the wall behind her, the ruined desk, and the other hole beside it. Her nude self, tied to the wooden chair, her arms behind her, her chest arched up and out, her legs splayed open, and she was completely vulnerable. The conference room had changed again, reflecting the behind-stage party room she’d gone to with Alistair, populated with pole dancers of all shapes and species. Enyd’s mouth dropped open when she noted Alistair himself, dressed in a pink mankini, gyrating seductively against a pole with Klar looking on with feral eyes.

“Did you finish downloading the intel Rutherford wanted back at the Embassy?” Enyd jerked back to her restrained self when Sarresh Morali’s voice broke through her confusion. He stood at the hole’s entrance, half in the corridor and half in her ruined office, as if it was now the norm to have meetings through holes and with nude officers restrained to chairs with Vulcan artists painting their portraits. “The captain wanted a report in five minutes.”

Enyd splayed her fingers behind her and wiggled her ass against the wood, trying to call his attention to her state, “I’m a little tied up right now. Do you think you could lend me a hand?”

Sarresh looked up from where he’d been scowling at whatever was on the PADD in hand, eyes darting past Enyd’s naked shoulder to Foval and then on past the Vulcan diplomat to the sultry shenanigans in the conference room. His lips quirked in a sly half-smirk, and he shook his head.

“Not touching that.” He went to back up but had to stop when a blur of dark fur darted past.

“You can’t do anything right,” Enyd winced when she felt the sharp claws rake over her skin as L’Nari cut her loose from the chair, “it always has to be your way, doesn’t it? Your rules? You’re going to get us all killed.”

Free of the chair, with now-bloodied ankles and wrists, Enyd stood to face the taller Caitian. “I didn’t ask to be tied to the chair. And I have no intention of getting anyone killed. If everyone stays up to date with their training, then-”

“And the nudity? You just had to call attention to yourself.” The diplomatic attache sneered at Enyd, not bothering to disguise her disdain toward Enyd in her voice. “Is that part of our training?”

“If you’re quite finished with the cat fight,” Foval spoke up from his corner, the closest thing to a frown touching his lips, “I have a painting I’d like to finish.”

L’Nari growled at the Vulcan and advanced towards him with obvious ominous intent. Foval, being wise to the threat, gathered his things and melted into the crowded conference room, a nearly feral Caitian on his heels.

“Now that you’re not so tied up,” Sarrash was still standing at the hole in the wall, “about that report…”

Sighing, Enyd gave up on trying to preserve her modesty and went to sift through the ruins of her desk. “Are you even slightly aware of my nudity?” She ended up on all fours, crawling over the debris in her search and muttering, “Of me as a woman?”

Finally finding the PADD with the intel, Enyd straightened and twisted to face the hole on her knees. But Sarresh was gone, and in his stead was Elro, holding a medkit up for her to see.

“Making sure I don’t get cat-scratch fever?” Enyd allowed herself the joke as her friend picked his way over her office's remains to kneel beside her. “Or do you have a stiff drink in there? I have no idea what’s happening, and everything seems to be falling apart.”

Elro’s smile was warm as he ran a dermal healer over her ankles and wrists, “I have just what the doctor ordered.”

After kissing her cheek and smoothing wayward hair away from her face, he helped Enyd back to her feet and gave her a twirl, as if starting a dance with her. Only when the twirl ended, Hirek held her and not Elro. He was dressed in a white powdered wig and 18th century French royal garb, yet Enyd remained as naked as ever. Enyd immediately pushed against the Romulan’s arms. She no longer felt unsafe around him, nor did she hate him, but she certainly didn’t feel like being held by him.

“Why do you always fight me?” Hirek’s voice was stupidly sexy and only grated on Enyd’s nerves all the more. “I thought we could become more intimately acquainted.”

“Unhand the lass, you brute!”

And just like that, a blue blur pushed Hirek into the erotic bedlam of the conference room, falling into Alistair’s arms and quickly ravished by Klar. Enyd fell like a rescued damsel into Zark’s arms. Her friend, unsurprisingly at this point, was also dressed in 18th century garb, only military-esque in style. Before Enyd could mutter her thanks, Zark smashed her lips over Enyd’s, driving her tongue between Enyd’s lips. Head swimming with confusion and lack of oxygen, Enyd gasped when Zark finally pulled away from the kiss and immediately set about running her hands over every inch of Enyd’s body.

“Did he hurt you?” Enyd squeaked when one of Zark’s hands cupped between Enyd’s legs, a single digit making a quick dive between her folds before moving on to cup Enyd’s behind. “Just say the word, and it’s pistols at dawn!”

The room shook then. Zark wrapped her arms protectively around Enyd, the pair of them ducking to the ground.

“That’ll do it, boys,” Enyd lifted her head, looking over Zark’s shoulder to see a smirking Kino leaning against an even larger hole in what used to be her office's only still intact wall. She nodded her head toward Enyd, smile growing, “When in doubt, blow shit up. Am I right, boys?” She high-fived Agans and Falvar before gesturing to both Zark and Enyd. “Best be getting on into the next room now. We’ve got shit to do here.”

The Trill unholstered the largest gun Enyd had ever seen and immediately began firing at targets over Enyd’s shoulder; Agans and Folvar followed suit with smaller firearms. With faces ecstatic at the prospect of shooting shit, the trio walked past Enyd and Zark, and on into what looked to be the murky darkness of the sewers of the First City. Dropping from the ceiling, with the ruins of the hoop skirt acting as a parachute, a manically cursing Via ran after them, armed with a liquor bottle and another coil of rope. Talia made another entrance--literally and figuratively--as she raced after them as well. Mia and Amanda chucked crystals at the unseen enemy while the naked Orion lobbed gobs of ice cream. The Nausicaans were gone, at least as far as Enyd could tell, and so was Frank.

“She’s not the only damsel in need of distress,” a sultry voice pulled Enyd and Zark’s attention away from the departing backs of their crewmates.

Coming through the newly made hole was Faye, dressed in the same outfit she’d worn on her night out with Enyd. Enyd watched as Zark’s antennae pivoted toward the Betazoid, her pink tongue coming out to run along the outline of her lips. The Andorion pivoted on her toes and marched away from Enyd’s side. No sooner had Faye made her presence known than the two women were pressed against the wall, Zark gripping a breast with one hand, with another diving beneath Faye’s skirts. Faye had her head tilted back, moaning her pleasure, as her arms held Zark firmly against her, a single leg coming up and hooking around Zark’s waist, as the pair continued to ignore their audience and pleasure themselves with one another.

“Care for a dance,” a hand moved into her peripheral vision, drawing Enyd’s gaze away from the increasingly erratically intimate women to spy the familiar smile of Victor. He was dressed in a classic tuxedo with a top hat and cloak. “For old time’s sake?” he added with a wink.

Enyd blushed, “I’m not exactly dressed for a dance.”

As if he’d anticipated such a response, Victor unhooked the cloak from his neck and swiftly swept it over Enyd’s shoulders, secured it, then gave an ornate bow as he took off his hat and tossed it away. Enyd watched the hat bounce off Zark’s bare bum before clattering to the floor by Faye’s bare feet. Shaking her head to clear it of the images of Faye and Zark THOROUGHLY enjoying one another in the middle of the debris of her ruined office wall, Enyd stepped into Victor’s arms. A single violin began playing the melody of the Blue Danube as Victor began the waltz. Enyd looked over his shoulder at one twirl and spied Joseph, dressed like an elf, sitting on the remains of her desk, playing the violin with an impish grin. A nude Alistair, accompanied by a similarly nude Klar, and a now ravished-looking Hirek, walked in toting an accordion, a flute, and a lute, taking up position around Joseph, and lending to the song with their chosen instruments. The occasional moan or gasp from the lustful wenches in the corner acted as percussion as Victor led Enyd in a dizzying twirl around the room.

Just as Enyd felt her head would spin right off her shoulders, the dance ended. Victor bent over her hand, placing a quick kiss on the back of it, before walking away, whistling a playful tune. Enyd watched him climb into an old Terran airplane, giving her a salute, then fly off into the swirling nebula where Valyn and MicKayla had flown before. After blinking at the colorful undulations where her former fiance had flown off to, Enyd noticed the conference room had since changed to poker tables, and now, dropping her gaze from the nebula on the ceiling, she watched Sarresh raise the stakes against the two Nausicaans and Frank, offering a miniature cow as collateral for his lack of credits.

The press of warm lips at the base of her neck had Enyd shivering. Turning away from the sight of Sarresh winning the miniature cow and one Nausicaan leaping over the table to wrestle it away from the man while Frank dropped sprinkles over the both of them, Enyd smiled at the sight of Alistair, still naked but beckoning her to join him for a dance as well. Faye and Zark were already dancing to the tune Klar, Hirek, and Joe played. Enyd stepped toward him but immediately stopped when her arm wrenched behind her, her body weight used against her, and Enyd was forced up against the wall with the firm press of a strong, masculine body at her back.

“I’m not sleeping again,” it was Thomas; she recognized his voice even though she had yet to see his face, “you up for some sparring?”

Enyd laughed, no longer caring about what happened next. She had to be dreaming. That was the only logical explanation for everything that had happened so far. Either she was dreaming, or she was crazy, or both. Either way might as well go with whatever happened next without care for logic or rationality or consequences.

“I don’t know if I’m overdressed with the cloak,” Enyd wiggled suggestively in his grip, “or underdressed with nothing else but my pride tucked over my hide.”

She heard his chuckle and felt the puff of hot air brush against her neck, “Only one way to find out.” His grip released as suddenly as it manifested, allowing Enyd to push away from the wall and turn to face her opponent.

Only she misjudged the length of Victor’s cloak, got her feet tangled in the hem, and soon the handsome smile of Thomas was replaced with the darkness of the debris-riddled carpet as Enyd face-planted. The musical tune also drifted away as she heard a firm knock from across the room. Enyd lifted her head to see Cal, looking as bright and charming as ever. Thomas and the others were gone, and so were the poker tables and miniature mooing cow. It was almost a shame that her dreaming mind kept Cal dressed, considering she’d seen the man very naked. At that particular memory, Enyd smirked, pushing up from her chair.

“Hello, handsome,” Enyd purred as she moved around her desk toward the pilot. More than once, she’d run through the memory of their chaotic adventure on Qo’Nos, twisting one variable or another to test what could have happened if they’d kissed. He had very kissable lips, after all. And when a woman was presented with the nude water-glistening body that was Callax Valin…well, it was no wonder Enyd had wondered what his lips would feel like. And since she was dreaming, why not, eh? Sidling up to him and running a hand up his chest to hook assertively around his neck, Enyd purred out her words as she leaned up on her toes, “Come to collect?”

She did not go easy on him by holding back or feigning inhibition. Enyd kissed him with the uninhibited passion Alistair had awakened in her, the same hunger that Zark shamelessly encouraged, and the one Enyd had never known she had. Gripping his uniform with one hand, Enyd tugged him closer as she angled herself against him, pulling him with her as she fell back inside her office. When she felt her bookshelves at her back, Enyd hooked a leg around his waist and then another, tasting him with her tongue as she clung to him with every fiber of passionate strength she had.

Enyd hoped Alistair would return so they could share Cal like they promised to do with one another. Cal seemed just the type Alistair would enjoy alongside Enyd. But so far, only the two of them remained in the room. Again, Enyd had no real concept of time in all this. But as time DID tick past and the scene no longer boasted bull-riding Klingons, wall-busting pilots, or crystal-clutching blondes, Enyd felt a devasting awareness creep across her body. Like a splash of ice water, Enyd had a startling thought that maybe…this…wasn’t…a dream…

Pulling back from the kiss, her frantic gaze roving over Cal’s kiss-swollen lips, and his passion-messed hair, Enyd froze.

“Oh…” Enyd’s voice croaked once she found it again, “fuck me.”

Closing her eyes, Enyd willed a black hole to open overhead, just large enough to suck her into oblivion.

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