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Day 01 [1900 hrs.] New Arrivals

[ Lt. Asra Tek | 1800 hrs | Starport  | First City | Qo’nos ]Attn: @Number6

Asra stepped off the ramp to the transport, shoulders relaxing as she did, it had been a stressful week and a bit journey from starbase 234. The first 6 days of the flight from the starbase had been the worst. Asra had holed up in the small quarters that she had on the freighter praying that no one on the starbase would try and check on her before she was due back at work. She had seriously considered leaving some form of camera that she could use to check in to see but decided that the risk of them tracing her with it would be too high, especially because of her work they would tear her quarters apart. The one fact that had helped hold off the panic was that once she was known to be missing they should start the search towards Romulan space not Klingon. Asra shook her head, to clear some space, and turned heading towards customs. As she wove through the crowds she made for an odd sight surrounded by large dock workers and warriors going about there business her smaller frame, clad in baggy clothing with a small duffel bag, both stood out and was lost in the crowd.

As she walked she tried to come up with a plan to get in contact with General Chu’vok. According to the message she received any moderately high ranking KDF member should recognise her code and be able to put her in touch. Getting their attention might be more tricky. She had very little intel on The First City and even less on the KDF. As the customs house loomed into view Asra was struck by an idea. Flicking her hood back and straightening she quickly changed queue to the one leading to items to declare. Instead of joining said queue she powered right up passed it. Even as she began approaching the desk her body felt like it was being stabbed from all the stares and glares aimed at her. When she reached the front she slammed a hand down on the desk making herself and the human who had been filling in paperwork jump in surprise at the sound. Asra focused in on the Klingon behind the counter only to see him staring back at her one eyebrow raised. While not quite the reaction she hoped she forged ahead. "I need to speak with your superior, I have something to declare" all through her statement Asra was feeling her body and mind rebel, this was not a good idea, why did she decide on this again? The feeling of doom only increasing as the Klingon slowly rose to his feet looming over her, his quirked eyebrow morphing into a sneer. "Who are you to give me orders, I can smell the fear on you, get out before I have you arrested" The Klingon spoke in a low growl. Asra glanced around and noticed two Klingon’ s that had come out of a side door both armed with Bat’leths. At the same time as she swore at herself internally she realised that she had to keep going for any chance to get out. Dropping her voice into low hiss Asra stabbed a button on her fore-arm mounted datapad opening the last file causing a gently spinning holographic torpedo to appear above her wrist which she shoved into the officers face "There are 2 prototype pla…". Asra would clearly have continued, however as she had pushed the hologram towards the duty officer one of the guards obviously treated this as an attack . The blunt edge of his Bat’leth struck the trill in the head like a viper causing her to collapse with her strings cut.

It was safe to say that waking up handcuffed to a chair in a Klingon interrogation room with a splitting headache was not how Asra saw this day going. The headache did however bring a startling clarity of mind for her to review how she ended up here, mentally noting that she should never again make plans while on the edge of a sleep deprived panic attack she inspected her cell. It seemed bare with only a single table to one side with her duffle on it, contents spread over the remainder of the table. As she felt out her bonds a sharp pain wracked her left wrist, a quick check revealed marks where they had clearly tried to remove her pad and failed. Drawing on all her previous experiences to try and talk her way out she cleared her throat before looking at the nearest camera. "I apologise for my earlier actions, they were ill conceived and reckless. I believe we should all sit down and eat some custard pudding" Asra spoke as clear as possible using the agreed upon code phrase.

As she sat there she slowly tensed and relaxed her muscles to keep blood circulating. Her mixture of exercise and silent self-criticism was interrupted around an hour later when the cell door opened admitting a Klingon in ornate armour and two guards, if their weapons and position by the door said anything. The Klingon in more ornate armour was dark skinned and possessed a partial twin Sagittal crest, he came to a stop in front of Asra staring down at her. Before he could say anything she averted her eyes looking off to the left "I apologise for my earlier actions they were unprofessional, if possible I would like to converse with General Chu’vok I was told to ask him for some custard pudding." The Klingon huffed, movement by the door caught Asra’s attention as one of the guards approached having secured his weapon on his back. Eyes darting back to the Klingon ahead of her she saw a tiny smile of amusement curl the corner’s of his mouth "You are very lucky Lieutenant, if the supervisor here was any less competent you would already be on your way to prison. I am General Chu’vok." As the General spoke the guard released Asra from her bindings. Tempting as it was to slump forwards and role out her shoulders Asra kept her eyes fixed upon the general, she had already made a serious faux pas here she was not about to add to it. "Now come, let us get out of here, unless the warnings that you were shouting at my officer had any merit" The general spoke, smirk almost becoming a smile at the last comment before he turned and led the way out of the cell. Asra gently shook her head before slowly standing, "No, they were mearly a poor attempt to get your attention. Again my apologies for my carelessness." Asra spoke to the General's back taking this opporrtunity to roll out her shoulders, following him towards the door.

The door hissed, gliding open, Asra glanced back into the cell to find her vision full of a Klingon warrior holding her duffle bag out to her. Sheepishly taking the bag, Asra left the room, having to fast walk to try and keep up with the General's long strides. They walked down several corridor's in silence before exiting through a substantial door into a courtyard, only once they had both exited and the door closed behind them did Chu’vok turn to address her. "Well this is where we part, I have already contacted the ship to expect your arrival" The general pulled something out of his pocket as he spoke holding it out to her, a quick visual inspection showed it to be a Starfleet combadge. Taking it, Asra was trying to pin it to her clothing when the general spoke again "You were lucky this time, if you ever try this with the KDF again I will not be coming to save you". His warning sent shivers down her spine, all she could do was nod as she reached up to tap the combadge "USS Theurgy one to beam up". Asra held eye contact with the general even as the world was replaced in the gold glow of a transporter beam. The beam dissapated revealing the recognisable sight of a Federation transporter room, Asra stepped forwards off the pad immediatly going to attention at the sight of the Lt. waiting for her "Science Officer Lieutenant Asra Tek reporting for Duty".

Re: Day 01 [1900 hrs] New Arrivals

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[Lt. Vanya | Vector 2 Deck 7 |  Upper Science Labs | USS Theurgy] @Scavenger01

If Vanya was to sum up the Starfleet experience in one phrase she would say that Starfleet was weird.  She had since concluded that life on the Theurgy was doubly so. 

She barely had time to come to terms with the recent mission when she had been elevated to Cheif Science Officer.    She had spent the day at the science console, reviewing the files, setting up her auto destruct authorisation and other mundane tasks she had previously done when she was elevated to the post.  She had monitored her predecessors files on her work database, ensuring that she had an idea of what was happening at the senior officer level, while respectfully archiving anything that was personal to  Kaeris.  She came across her own personnel review file, and briefly considered opening it to review what had been put in, instead, confident that both Nat and the Captain would have their own copies, she scrolled past it..  She didn’t really get to know Karis that well, although she noted that their careers had paralleled.  Like him, she had been a former CSO on another Starfleet ship that had signed up with Theurgy as a member of the department, only to ascend to the head of department. 

Grimly, she wondered if one day,a current or yet to be met member of the team would clear out these files, while Vanya’s remains were abandoned in a drawer somewhere. 

Interupting her grim thought came a message on the screen.  The first addition to her team under her leadership was about to come aboard and had been involved with an altercation planet side. 

“.. doubly so.” She said as she got up from the console. 

With a PADD, she reviewed the young Trill’s records as she went through the records, Vanya was impressed.   

She nodded to the transporter chief, a column of light appeared on the transporter pad.  The beam deposited a disheelled figure in baggy clothes before vanishing again.     

“Lt. Vanya, Chief Science officer, welcome aboard the Theurgy.”  She was about to add that she had only been science officer since that morning, but noticed red marks on her wrist. 

“That must be painful.” She said.    “Perhaps we should go to sickbay?” 
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[ Lt. Asra Tek | 1930 hrs | Transporter Room| Vector 2 Deck 12| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6

Asra jumped on the opportunity to inspect the other officer in the brief introduction period, eyes quickly scanning her up and down. The first thing the trill picked up on was the officer's clear Romulan heritage, although not as strong as many it was still clearly prominent. The second thing that she noted was how she was gorgeous, as if you had picked out all the most attractive features of Romulans and accentuated them while eliminating any imperfections. Asra was in fact so distracted by this second realisation that she drifted off after catching the othe woman's name, brought back only by the questioning lilt. Fortunately Asra was saved from asking the awkward question of what Vanya was talking about by her clear attention to Asra's wrist. " Oh this it's nothing, just rubbed a little raw. The Klingon's can be very physical you know" Asra chuckled as she spoke fiddling with the cuff of her jacket inadvertently revealing glimpses of the metal cuff beneath.

Hands slipping back down to her sides, one fiddling with her bag strap, Asra finished descending from the platform. She paused for a moment once on the ground realising just how much taller than her the other Lieutenant was, at the same time she realised that while Vanya was in full standard uniform Asra was still standing in whatever loose clothing she could scrounge from her cupboard. "Sorry for the get up Lieutenant, I was going for incognito and I think I may have landed on Urchin instead". Asra let out a slightly forced chuckle still fiddling with her bag "So, Chief, what's your specialty?" Asra knew nothing about any of her new command so anything that she could find out from Vanya would be useful and fresh info, not to mention a comfort, it would be nice to actually have humanoids as bosses rather than all of the terifying images her brain conjoured up on the rid to Qo'nos

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[ Lt. Vanya | 1930 hrs | Transporter Room| Vector 2 Deck 12| USS Theurgy ]Attn:  @Scavenger01

The young lieutenant quickly dismissed the idea of going to Sickbay.  In all honesty, Vanya could relate, when you had beamed into a new assignment, people often wanted to get straight into action, despite injuries. 

“I have had a few encounters with Klingons in there time.”  Vanya confirmed.  “The can be tough even on my constitution.   But I gave them more than a sore wrist.” 

She noticed the way that Tek was looking at her, much like many people did when they first laid their eyes on her  struck with the beauty that her creator had given her.    Vanya was glad she wasn’t vain.  She was fairly certain that if she were, she would be positively insufferable.    

Vanya found the trill alluring as a race, the spots were particularly fascinating.  This shorter woman was an interesting one.   As interested as she was in the charming shorter woman, Vanya wouldn’t abuse her position by initiating any kind of relationship with a subordinate, to say nothing of her relationship with Nat.  Still, if Vanya were vain, it would certainly be gratifying to know she still had that reaction.  Tek quickly changed the subject, referring to her clothes. 

“I wouldn’t worry.
”  Vanya said.  “My dress code has caused all sorts of difficulties for me in the past” 

After a nervous chuckle, the ensign asked her what her speciality was. 

“XenoZoology and Cybernetics are my main fields of interest.  Zoology because of the way that life functions  Cybernetics, because well… it never hurts to understand oneself.”  She allowed the thought to hang in the air for a moment before continuing    “Though I’ve made a point of picking u[ other disciplines since my previous posting.” 

She held up the PADD in her hand, “But you lieutenant, I have looked at your service history, very interesting.  I am fascinated by the idea of QSD.  If we could get it to work, it could lead to millions of exciting discoveries for the Federation.” 

At lead it would if the Federation wasn’t under the control of a dangerous parasite.  “Your insights are going to be essential, I can feel it. “ she said aloud 

“So,” she asked as they approached the turbolift.  “If Sickbay isn’t on the itinerary, do you want to get to your digs, or do you want the tour?”
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[ Lt. Asra Tek | 1930 hrs | Transporter Room| Vector 2 Deck 12| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6

Asra nodded along with Vanya as she told of her own experiences with Klingons, though the comment about her constitution definitely was curious. Asra didn't think that Romulan's and a very unusual make up, nothing beyond vulcans and klingon's anyway. Asra's hand calmed down at Vanya's dress code comments, it would be nice to have a slightly more relaxed C.O., expecially after her last one, the Trill also hoped that the relaxed manner might extend beyond just dress codes. Research freedom would certainly be a novel thing.

Asra's head quirked to one side looking quizically at her new C.O. There was definitely something that Vanya was hinting at, she had just dropped half a dozen pointers in the last few sentences alone. What with comments about constitution and dress code and now understanding herself through cybernetics. Asra's brain whirled through options from injuries to life threatening diseases before several older memories surfaced about a Romulan android that had defected to the Federation, understanding began to fill her gaze before Vanya's next scentance threw all of that from her mind.

As soon as Vanya metioned that she was fascinated by the idea of QSD Asra's face was taken over with excitement, finally she might be able to research QSD systems. As her face lit up as she zeroed in on Vanya's "Yes, Yes, the ideas behind perfecting a working Quantum Slipstream Drive were already well trodden by Voyager on her way home, but they handled it very poorly. Not that I'm trying to disparage them ofcourse, They did amazing with what they had. But honestly trying to maintain a telemetary connection tro broadcast subspace fluctuations...." Asra trailed of as a flush began to creep accross her cheek bones "sorry, sorry I got excited. It's just no one has ever let me research this before, formally I mean." Despite the nerves still present in her actions as she spoke Asra's entire body opened up as if someone had just plugged her into a plug socket before slowing down, left hand bashfully scratching at the back of her head.

The faint blush that had spread slightly at the end of her explanation had only just begun to fade before appearing again, full force, at Vanya's comment. "I don't know about that I just hope that I can help someway. The Admiral's briefing raised concerns to say the least" Asra's voice dropped a lot of it's energy though the scentance ending in a serious tone with a suprising hardness of features that seemed out of place with her earlier energy.

Reaching the turbolift Asra tapped to call one before turning to Vanya, "Room first if you don't mind, I'd quite like to drop this off" her left hand gestures to the duffel bag over her shoulder "But then I would love the tour. But only if your not to busy, I'm sure that I could find my way around with a map if you have somewhere to be" Asra was almost taken aback to be offered a tour, she was just here as a science officer, the fact that the head of department was offereing a tour of the ship was not what she was expecting.

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[ Lt. Vanya| 1930 hrs | Transporter Room| Vector 2 Deck 12| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Scavanger

“Not a problem”  Vanya said as she stepped into the turbolift    “We can get you settled in and straight into the tour”

As they continued to walk down the corridor, Vanya wondered what the best way to be in the role of ship’s science officer was.    She had served under department heads that kept the chain of command loose, referring to officers by their given names, and encouraging an air of informality.  She had also worked under individuals that had mirrored the typical Starfleet chain of command.  Then there were those that fluctuated between the two.  That approach REALLY confused Vanya.  When she had the post on Cayuga, she had aped her predecessor, Laskey.  Yet this was a new team, and there was much to learn.  Finally, she decided the best thing was to be herself. 

“It must be interesting, being a joined species.”  Vanya said carefully, trying to engage in the art of conversation.   Most of the Trills she had known personally were at the academy, long before any had joined   .  “You lay down on a bed, and wake up a different person, with new memories and experiences, and a changed outlook on life.” 

As an android, Vanya could relate.  In her formative days data was continually programmed into her data core, as she went from being unable to tell the difference between shapes, to being able to recall faces with perfect accuracy in a matter of months.    Not that she was programmed in that way anymore.  It was still made her unconformatable recalling the bizarre way her understanding of the universe expanded in spurts. 

The turbolift deposited them on the crew deck, and Vanya checked her PADD for the room number before before guiding Tek to her quarters   

“And this is home.”  Said Vanya as she gestured towards the room. 
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[ Lt. Asra Tek | 1930 hrs | Transporter Room| Vector 2 Deck 12| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6

Asra happily let the conversation tail off, she had nothing pressing to say and was more than content to just look around as they proceeded down the corridor. The appearance of the ship was already something of an oddity to Asra, the few details and blueprints that existed clearly marked USS Theurgy as a new ship but you would stuggle to tell by observation. Several sections of exposed damaged wiring and EPS conduit were obvious and Asra swore that she could see some light blast scarring on the bulkheads directly around the turbolift.

Stepping in Asra looked up at her new commander as she struck up conversation " Uhh, It's......" Asra trailed off trying to come up with an adequet discription for people with a single life. " For me at least it was less waking up as a new person and more like waking up as someone more, early on it's more confusing where Tek's memories and experiences fought for dominance with Asra's. Any day when I woke up I could beTek, othertimes Asra and sometimes previous hosts. Now though it's all the same, as if a line that was there simply isn't. All of my memories are me, sure the older ones fade slightly with time but they feel just as me as the ones from today."

Joining was always a hard thing to explain, the idea of becoming more than you were before, having your entire self merged into a new body with new instincts was hard to comprehend, even for unjoined Trill. Especially early on. Asra had once tried to follow through a Suus Mahna kata that Tek knew soon after she was joined and ended up on her face in the middle of a gym, suffice to say it had been a quick demonstration of the divide between knowing and doing.

Asra had been absorbed in talking and explaining that she walked passed the door slightly before she realised Vanya had stopped. "Oh, thank you. If you don't mind I'll quickly get into something slightly more respectable before the tour" Asra shot Vanya a quick smile opening the door and placing her duffel on the bed. A quick rummage and she pulled out a daystrom institute T-shirt and plain cargo trousers, she changed her t-shirt before taking a moment to remove her boots and entering the bathroom to change her trousers incase Vanya had followed her into the room.

A minute later Asra was back standing by the door t-shirt tucked into her cargo trousers, the entire outfit fitting much better than her previous. " Sorry about that, I think for touring a new ship I should at least look somewhat put together" Asra smiled, hoping that she wasn't pushing her CO's new uniform leniancy to far by presuming to do the tour in civiis.

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[ Lt. Vanya | 1930 hrs | Transporter Room| Vector 2 Deck 12| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Scavenger01

Vanya had to repress a smirk at the sight of Tek in her civilian attire.  Given her own preference for nudity in her off hours, it would certainly raise an eyebrow or two if shed reported in naked.  She allowed herself a moment to reflect on the chaotic First Contact Day party she attended all those years ago. 

“Nice look”  She said to the trill.  Looking at the T-Shirt she was wearing, she allowed herself a small chuckle.  “Oh I remember a time at the Institute when a nervous lab hand was insisting I put that thing on before my first Starfleet Debrief.  I don’t think I did ever put one on…” 

She allowed the thought to hang in the air.  She would expect Tek, and all of her new team to be professional of course, however there was nothing wrong with proving that she wasn’t an unfeeling machine and really did have a fine appreciation for informality in the correct place. 

“Science labs?” Vanya said to start with.  She gestured back toward the turbolift. 

“We do try to keep things Starfleet around here as much as possible.”  Vanya said as they walked down the corridor.  She tried her best to convey authority and dignity while at the same time projecting a sense of geniality.  He allowed her left arm to hang loosely at her side, while the PADD was tugged in her right.    “I think it’s probably one of the few connections we have to life before everything went south.  That doesn’t mean to say that we cut the odd corner here and there, but its usually in the best interest of the mission.    But we aren’t a crew of bickering cutthroats" She stopped for a moment and thought of some of the rumours and stories she had heard before and during her time on the ship.  “Well, most of us anyway”   

The doors opened and she stepped in.  She bit her lip nervously, as the discussion about general ship’s protocol seemed to lead to a natural subject.  “If we had any doubts about you, you wojuldnt be here, and I am looking forward to working with you.  That being said, I need to know how you feel if we ever find ourselves in direct conflict with Starfleet or its allies?”   
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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Science Labs| Vector 2 On Tour| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6

Asra smiled at the compliment, mentally noting down the comment that followed. She was pretty sure that Vanya was definitely trying to allude to something here, especially with everything said previously. Needing to wear a daystrom shirt also points to the fact that it was not a regualr Starfleet debrief. Other than a look of curious interest on her face however most of this was internalised, Asra was not about to come right out and ask if her CO was an android. But she would look up her file later. The brief silence that followed led to Asra lifting her arm to glare at her empty pad and hide her smal blush at the thought of Vanya naked beofre giving a strong nod to her suggestion " Yes please, it would be a good place to start".

Asra followed Vanya down the corridors eye's mostly fixed on her face to show attention except for the occasional glance forward to not walk into anyone or thing. Giving a small smirk at the humour Asra responded in a low calm voice," I can only imagine how hard it has been for this crew, anything to help them feel at home is good".

As soon as the two were comfortably ensconsed in the turbolift Asra's eyes were glued to Vanya as she skipped the rest of the small talk to get to one of the most pressing questions that the her CO must have. Taking a moment Asra bit her lip before responding " I am comfortable in working on board this ship to any means that ensures the freeing of the Federation from the parasites that seem to control it.. Asra paused for another moment before taking a deep breath " That being said if our path leads us to need to kill large numbers of Starfleet pesonal or Federation civillians in any aspect that is not self defence I may have to reconsider my position aboard. I hope this doesn't cause you any distress or make my presence aboard undesirable?" Asra was resonably certain that nothing she had said would be unexpected to the lieutenant but she still nervously glanced between her and the floor looking for a reaction.

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[ Lt. Vanya| Science Labs| Vector 2 On Tour| USS Theurgy ]Attn @Tae

Vanya carefully considered Tek's position.   It was hard to turn on ones own people, even if they were in the wrong.   Vanya had learned that first hand.   She had been programmed to kill.    It was literally in the android equivalent of her DNA to kill without question, without remorse or mercy.   And yet, her creator had snuck in that secret ingredient.   That crumb of decency that made her question why.   Vanya had little doubt that she could still kill those who would threaten those that she cared about, and yet, there was the simple question, three little letters and a question mark.   “Why?” and if she couldn’t find a satisfactory answer to that question, she couldn’t do it.  

“I have similar thoughts.”   Vanya said.   Theurgy could sneak into the Solar system, put a few quantums into the Federation HQ, and that would slow down the enemy really quickly.   But it would stop us from being the Federation.   We all have to have our limits, and I think they are aligned with the Captain, but if its any consolation, there are lines that I won’t cross either.”  

Her mind wandered back, the Admirals that wanted her destroyed or studied had started to court her for a life in Starfleet Intelligence, or another interested party that Vanya couldn’t get near.    without a strong commitment to the cause.   She hadn’t swapped one intelligence agency for another.

“If we cross the lines, we become little better than those that we are sworn to defeat, and might as well surrender to their will, for we cease to uphold the ideals of the Federation.”  
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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Science Labs| Vector 2 Deck 7 On Tour| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6

Asra let out a breath of relief as Vanya voiced her opinion. It was good to see that Admiral Anderson was not mistaken and that the crew of the Theurgy weren't the monsters the FNN made them out to be. She nodded at Vanya's closing comment; it was very close to similar thoughts that she had back when she was Regor, undercover and trying to blend in. Often it was a very fine line between keeping people safe from the monsters and becoming  them, especially when you’ve seen the depths that the monsters will go to.

Asra's quick reflection brought them to the end of the brief turbolift ride, a quick glance at the display showed that they had only moved a few decks to Deck 7. A small smile lit up her face at being so close to work, only having to stumble home a few decks after a long work day would be a dream after the near 25 minute commute on the starbase. Though she quickly smothered it, it would only be quick if she was assigned to one of the labs here, Theurgy’s specs showed a second grouping of labs in the lower hull and they would likely be a slog to get back from.

 She followed Vanya along lightly exclaiming as the other officer showed her around the primary labs; Geology, Hydroponics and Xenozoology. Asra was impressed at the size of the hydroponics lab, with a facility that large the ship must be capable of performing an impressive number of simultaneous botany experiments and likely still having space to produce some fresh produce. As the pair moved on to the less specialized labs Asra felt it the best time to bring up the she had been asking herself earlier " Chief, how does lab allocation work on this ship? Will I be allocated a dedicated space or are labs given for specific projects?" It was an important question for the trill her last postings had all been secondments to existing research groups so it had been nearly 100 years since she last functioned as part of a starship's scientific staff.

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[ Lt, Vanya | Science Labs| Vector 2 Deck 7 On Tour| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Scavenger01

Vanya had been in the labs many times over her time in the ship, but it was a strange feeling to be there as the commanding officer of them all .   She had originally only seen herself as a guest on Theurgy, helping out until Cayuga was found, or the mess at home was settled    Now not only had the labs become home, but she was in charge of the community that surrounded them.   She could begin to understand why organics get so territorial,   It could lead to weakness

As the lieutenant asked about her next duties Vanya thought very carefully in some senses, she was chief now, it was up to her to run the department as they saw fit.   In other senses, it had been a difficult number of years.   The science team had gone through so much change and heart break along with the rest of the ship.   Perhaps it was time for some different approaches.   From what Vanya had seen of the personnel file, Tek certainly had some promising starts.   She decided to sound her out.  

“Most of the labs tend to run on a project basis at the moment.    If someone is working on a lead that might give us an edge, or if there is research needed for a specific purpose, then lab space is allocated based on that.   That’s not to say we don’t dedicate resources to other lines of enquiry. “  

Vanya thought about her numerous attempts to duplicate her own multi-tronic brain in the cybernetics lab.   

Vanya decided to make her move.   She asked “I’d like your input into this way of working if you don’t mind.   I have to be honest and say that it has always seemed the best way.   The sooner we free the Federation, the better, but theres no point in having space go unused when you have capable crew.   That being said, when you have been in the Theurgy bubble for too long, it’s good to have a second pair of eyes on the way we work day to day, not just when there is a problem we can't get our head around

Vanya waited to see what the next response would be
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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Science Labs| Vector 2 Deck 7 On Tour| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Number6

Asra stopped walking for a bit so she could focus her attention on her new commander. As such it was easy for her to nod along as Vanya explained the current functioning of the department. She was, however, slightly surprised when Vanya asked for her input on the running of the department. From the tour so far it was fairly easy to spot that the Lieutenant was newly appointed to her position as chief science officer. Her low rank hinted at it but it was solidified by the slightly awkward manner she behaved on the tour and her discomfort when the officers inside the labs saluted her with an added chief. Even so it was an unexpected show of trust, to ask, that Asra was not expecting.

Thinking over the problem Asra decided there was no point trying to curry favor given that she both didn't really know the woman and she hated the practice and so started with a dry tone as if giving a presentation. " It's been a while since I worked on a starship, back on the starbase we had a wing of labs available to us that were assigned to roles and projects and then allocation of officers is what moved between the labs. Back on the Farragut I found it best to assign Labs to specific tasks but we were much more limited on Lab space with much smaller labs and I imagine fewer science staff."

Asra paused in thought for a moment formulating an opinion rather than just previous experiences " Depending on the amount of spare lab space currently available I would keep some labs dedicated to specific disciplines and projects but at the same time keep a small number of labs available that science staff can request temporary use of from yourself or your assistant chief. That would then allow staff to have a space to pursue short projects, that may turn up nothing but also might give small insights, without having to redirect resources from more major or long term projects." Asra finished, having made her point, and began to lean back slightly to wait for a response when she suddenly stood tall again and spoke in a rushed tone" Oh, also make sure you have an emergency lab"

Asra blushed slightly at her abrupt change, hand reaching up to scratch the back of her head " Sorry for the outburst. It's just that the one thing I learnt on the Farragut is that at some point the captain will need something researched right now. To this end I always kept a lab free of other projects so that if it came up we wouldn't have to clear up a load of space and pause delicate experiments before we could even start." This time when the trill relaxed again she did fully waiting for a response to her thoughts, as well as taking the chance to examine her CO for any tells that might show her reaction and thoughts.


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