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CH05: S [D06|1020] Fielding New Assets

Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 1020 hrs. ] Fielding New Assets

[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Corridors | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan

After introducing the new squadron chart and seeing his wolves comply to his new orders, the SCO of the wolves left the bay as he had another idea on his mind that he wanted to run by someone. The Allegiant's help at the battle of the Rotarran had stuck in the back of his mind as the captain's yacht served as a perfectly capable gunship. If they were to face the Borg Thomas would do his utmost best  to get as much as possible weapon hard points aimed at them. After asking around he was informed that the former Black Opal commander would undoubtedly take command of said ship in case it got that far.

The chime of the lift indicated the arrival at the correct floor and Thomas pushed himself off the wall as he made his way further down the corridor. The walls indicating the path he had to follow after he had asked where Dewitt's quarters were. Truthfully Thomas missed Thea, how awkward as it may sound the ship's AI had been somewhat of a human touch to the ship. Now it simply felt cold and alien. He arrived at the designated door as he straightened his uniform. He looked at the door and chimed it to make the inhabitant aware of his presence.

In truth, he hadn't been that close to Dewitt. He had seen her in passing news on his PADD's and crossed her on several occasions in the corridors when coming or leaving from senior staff meetings. Her appearance was certainly a delight for the eye as the redhead was rather attractive. He wondered how she had adapted from a life in a back water munition depot to the life on a rogue multi vector dreadnought. Yet most of all, he wondered if she'd even consider his proposition to join the wolves in battle, it was nothing short of a death warrant if anything.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
After having submitted her full report, Jennifer Dewitt was in her shower, the water running down her back as she slowly lathered herself up. Her red hair was a wet waterfall down her back, and frown was lowered in thought while streams of water poured down her neck. She had always preferred the water setting on the showers since she came aboard, since there had only been sonic showers on the Black Opal.

She was looking down at the drain as a shallow whirlpool appeared above it, the water coursing down her form caught in it. She tried to imagine that the water was actually her doubts and regrets that were going down the drain, allowing the vessel that would be her body to be empty of all. Maybe a few drops here and there, but it'd be largely gone. Regrettably, this could not be.

Jennifer needed to think her troubles would go down the drain. She knew it was far from the truth, yet she still needed this product of her imagination. She set her hands against the wall of the stall, just staring at the drain as the soap slid down her legs and fell from her body. She let her mind run amok and allowed herself  time to finally think; making the sounds of the water smacking against the floor block out all other sounds in the Galaxy. Everything... besides her thoughts.

Wenn Cinn had not thrown her in the Brig, but at the same time, she had no natural place in the chain of command any more. Such had been the case when she came aboard from the Black Opal as well, the difference being that they were about to undertake a mission to send a simulcast from Starbase 84. In the end, it had been decided that she would now serve as she had served then, as the Captain of the Allegiant, in the case it would be deployed against the Borg or the Klingons at the heart of the Azure Nebula. She had been asked to pick a crew for such a deployment, and among others, she had requested Jaya Thorne - who had both served on the Black Opal as well as her helmsman during the battle at Starbase 84.

Of course, because of what she'd done - deposing Trent from command in the middle of a battle against Admiral Sanklov's fleet - she knew that she wasn't entirely in the clear. She felt that the oral report she'd given Wenn Cinn, added with her written one, was truthful, and she could but hope more people, gradually, would see the merit in her actions.

A sound. Imposing on the sounds of the shower. The chime of her door. "Computer, who is it?"

[Lieutenant Commander Thomas Ravon,] came the soul-bereft voice of Thea's replacement interface.

Dewitt sighed, having no idea what the SCO of the Lone Wolves would want from her. She turned off her shower, stepped out, and pulled the white bathrobe from it's peg on the wall. Whilst she tied the belt around her waist, she stepped into the main room of her quarters. "Open the door."

The sliding doors parted, and she stepped into the doorway, facing the white-collared officer. She folded her arms underneath her chest, water still dripping from her hair, and looked the man in the eye. "Yes?" she asked, a little weary after the battle of the morning. The side of his face - and her own - was lit by streaming stars from the viewport in her quarters. They were evidently back at warp speed, destination unknown.

She had been cut out of the loop, and could but hope Wenn Cinn had made the right choice in regard to where the Theurgy might go.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan

Thomas awaited patiently before the doors opened and he was met by the fellow senior officer. If anything he hadn't expected her to be in a bathrobe and with the water of whatever she had run over her. His face making a slight frown before he got a grip of himself "Lieutenant commander Dewitt." he greeted her, saluting her casually as he was used to do to senior staff "Thomas Ravon, squadron leader of the lone wolves." he introduced himself "I hope I'm not disturbing you in whatever you were doing?" he asked as he kept his hands behind his back as he nearly stood at attention.

Ravon wasn't blind to the weary tone Dewitt had used as she had opened the door and his eyes narrowed as he maintained eye contact. As tempting as it was to trail his eyes down over the droplets of water running down her skin to a hidden surface behind the robe, he felt like now was not the time to do so. After hearing her reply he gave a short nod "To business, I was wondering if I could discuss the use of the Allegiant as a asset for the Lone Wolves squadron. If I heard correctly you'll be the commanding officer of the ship. Whatever or whomever we'll engage in the next battle, I'd rather have more guns pointing their way. The Allegiant's firepower and prowess have become rather apparent to me after the engagement Sword had with the Rotarran." he stated his courtesy call.

"If you're interested, perhaps we can discuss this matter in your quarters instead of at your door?" he concluded as he smiled faintly, humor always being a subtle icebreaker in high tension situations. It did however remind him of that one situation where it had backfired. Regardless, he kept his head in the game as he truly needed or wanted the help of Dewitt. Time was of the essence as they were back on the move, the race to their future ticking down by the seconds.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
When asked if he had disturbed her, Dewitt had to bite her tongue in order to not give the flyboy a truly sarcastic remark. She was, after all, in her bathrobe and dripping water. Instead, she chose not to make the comment, merely cocking her hip and waiting with her arms crossed until he told her what he wanted. "Go on."

When the man spoke of using the Allegiant as an asset for the Lone Wolves, Dewitt's eyebrows rose a bit, but she understood where the man was coming from. She'd overheard how there had been severe losses in the battle against the Rotarran, and the squadleader had lost a lot of wolves in his pack. As weary as she might be, she had barely stepped off the bridge, so her mind was still in full command gear, which might be both good and bad for the officer in front of her. He asked to come inside, and as inconvenienced that Dewitt was to not get the rest she needed, she also knew the stakes, and how they might soon engage a new enemy. There was little time for comforts.

"Very well, come in. Have a seat," she said, gesturing to the couch for him in the small sitting area.

Meanwhile, she pulled out the chair from her workstation with both hands, carried it to the other side of the small coffee table, and put the chair down opposite from him. She then unhurriedly sat down, folded one leg over the other, and leaned back with her hands in her lap. The shooting stars outside the viewport and the warp field framed the pilot where he sat, and while the man was attractive enough, Dewitt was in no frame of mind to appreciate it. The lights of the stars sent spectres across her white bathrobe and her beaded skin, but her stare was sharp as a laser.

"When you returned to the Theurgy, in that warp fighter that you had repaired, I was in command of the Allegiant for the duration of the battle at Starbase 84. During the whole engagement, I reported to Mission Ops on the Main Bridge of the Theurgy, and I received my orders directly from them, just like Miles Renard was until his unfortunate demise. The Allegiant was operating as a separate entity from the Lone Wolves. This, for a number of reasons, ranging from the fact that the Allegiant isn't a warp fighter, to the fact that your squadron operates in Elements of two, or Flights of four. My understanding is that the battle tactics of your squadron is ill suited for a single craft, and especially since the Allegiant can preform tasks that a warp fighter can't. For example, it was a necessity to ascertain the whereabouts of the boarding parties, and therefore, I was ordered to deploy a probe in close proximity of the starbase."

Having said this, Dewitt, slowly set her foot down, and leaned forward with her elbows on her knees, and folded her hands in front of herself. A wing of wet hair fell forward to frame her jaw as she looked at the flyboy. "Therefore, I find it ill advised that I were to take orders from you instead of the bridge. Not just because of the fact that Jaya Thorne - my helmsman - is no trained fighter pilot, and doesn't know your tactics. If she were to fly in your formations, she would be out of her depth, and compromised whilst facing the enemy. I would rather see her fly like she did at Starbase 84. Freely, unguided, for she managed to save many lives on the Allegiant when she did, and also helped accomplish our mission. So tell me, Lieutenant Commander..."

She tilted her head a bit, her brow creased in a small frown. "What merits do you see in having the Allegiant reporting to you?"

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan 

If anything the woman radiated the typical command vibe that shrouded most leadership figures that had stood at the center chair. He had however been unaware that Dewitt had taken the center chair on the Helmet in a rather unconventional way. Of course there had been hearsay, yet the commander of the wolves had ample time to follow up on them or listen to them as his own department had been re shaken again in a very short time. He was glad to be invited him, despite her defensive body language.

He stepped inside of her quarters and glanced around briefly as the lights flashed by at warp speed. He wasn't here for the scenery however as he installed himself in the couch and looked at Dewitt as she gathered a seat for herself and positioned herself opposite of him. The lights that flashed by behind him gave the pilot a rather interesting view of the fellow lieutenant commander the wet skin almost looking like pearls on her thanks to the lighting and the lack of attire rather distracting if he paid full attention to it. Yet he wasn't here to gawk at the redhead...

He nodded silently as she spoke of the battle at Starbase 84, his minds returning to it briefly when she mentioned Miles Renard. He still wondered about the course of that battle. If Miles had made it, where would he stand now? He blinked a few times as he kept listening to Jennifer. He could understand the skepticism of his proposed idea, though he boded his time as he allowed the woman to continue speaking, not interrupting her or making any intention to do so.

Thomas his eyes lingered on the woman's face during the conversation. As she leaned her elbows on her legs and leaned forward however it was hard to not get a glimpse of the well formed cleavage that came into sight by the woman. The pilot forced his eyes to maintain focus on her face, deciding to lock onto her eyes as she voiced out her reservations for joining forces with the wolves. She asked him for his point of view on the matter and the pilot mimicked her movements as he leaned forward and rested his elbows on his legs.

"While I can understand your reservations." he started "I believe that the Allegiant can be just that extra pinch we need when we'll fly out. I agree that the Allegiant itself will have a hard time to function within the squadron and her tactics. Therefor... I would suggest that she does, like you propose, function as an independent ship. Free to fly where she want and unattached to our squadron. The thing is however that the Allegiant is bigger in size and thus armament then our ships. If we would be able to outfit her with additional payloads, she could function as a heavy strike craft. In that regard, she'd be taking on the role as a heavy bomber in our fight. The battering ram to tear some significant damage to the Borg... Or the Klingons should the battle turn south." he suggested as he shifted himself and sat up straight. "In addition to that... I'd like to implement a prototype weapon aboard the Allegiant. A gravity cannon that was redesigned to our needs from one of the Ausurian saucers that crashed into our hull. I'm quite sure it'll pack quite a punch... Which will aid in your survival efforts."

"I can hear you think it already lieutenant commander, why sign up for a guaranteed suicide flight? Simply put, if you command your ship as a strike bomber, you'll receive the fighter coverage as well. Which in turn increases your chances of survival. I believe in the saying that strength lies in numbers. Why operate separately if we can combine our forces for a single persuasive strike after which, you can return to the Theurgy or rake over the space battle as a gunship without restrictions." his voice was filled with a fire as if he could see the battle unfold in front of his eyes.  "My squadron consists of highly trained men and women, the best Starfleet has to offer. We'll adapt to your helms woman and her flying skills. Alone the Allegiant might be singled out as an easy target, ripe for the picking. If we work together, we'll be a deadlier force to be reckoned with." he said convincingly.

"Plus, I've endured the losses against the Savi, the Klingons, and Federation forces. I'm tired of sacrificing good men and women to battles that we know we can't win. Sure the wolves alone can scratch or pin prick the Borg, yet you and I both know that inevitably, those fighters out there will be enduring mass casualties. At least let my pilots fly out there with the hope that their actions will actually make a difference this time over." he concluded. The pilot playing his hand open to Dewitt as he knew that this mission if anything was going to be a one way ticket for most of them if not all of them.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
Of course, the SCO's interest was on the tactical implementation alone. His focus was the Allegiant and what it might do in a battle against the Borg. How simple, to only have that as your sole priority. That, and the survival of his squadron - to improve their chances to fight yet another battle. Dewitt found herself smiling faintly, in spite of herself, thinking how she envied the flyboy in his role. Oh, of course he did not have it easy - that wasn't any illusion she held - it was just a more narrow range of clear concerns. It was not like she envied him when he lost close comrades in his squadron. She merely considered the singular task of destroying things whenever you entered a battle.

Compared to what she'd just lived through on the bridge, that seemed quite preferable.

"I think you actually proved my point in regard to whom I shall be reporting to," she said, and she rose from her chair. She spoke while she walked towards her bedroom, untying the belt of her bathrobe on the way. "That being said, I do agree with the tactical implementation of the Allegiant against the Borg. I have already requested that the Allegiant gets additional payload in the form of Hellbore, Hellhounds and Quantum torpedoes. Chief Petty Officer Herrold - your fighter weapons expert, I believe? - has sent a team to rig a makeshift torpedo platform inside the airlock of the Allegiant. We might only be able to fire from the aft of the ship, but that is the best that can be done on such short notice. Yet to have a forward facing gravity cannon as well would definitely improve upon its combat performance."

While she'd spoken, she tossed the bathrobe on her bed and entered her restroom beyond her bedroom. There, she picked up her hairbrush and spoke a bit louder so that her quest might hear her. "Good thinking on your part. When I learned that we might fight the Borg in hours, however, I had to make arrangements immediately. Else the Allegiant might not make much of a difference at all if we are to succeed in sealing those apertures," she said while brushing out her wet hair. Deft motions, which didn't take her too long to finish. "So, the Allegiant will be this 'heavy strike craft' as you call it, and you are quite right, now that you mention it. I do need an escort of highly trained fighter pilots in order to deliver its payload where it will matter the most."

Dewitt put the brush down and returned to the bedroom, the viewport above the bed illuminating her wardrobe as she opened it. She glanced towards the main room, if nothing else to make sure he hadn't left or decided to spy on her while she changed, but it was just a quick glance before she spotted the tank top and UFP issue panties and picked them up. "You proved my point, in how you just said that your pilots will adapt to Jaya Thorne instead of the other way around," she said, putting on her black tank top first, followed by the white panties. Done, she set her steps back into the room where Ravon waited.

"An escort follows it's charge. Not the other way around. How is Jaya supposed to fly freely, as she is used to, if we were to take orders from you? Besides, I hear you already have fresh pilots to worry about. New wolves in your pack, so to speak, who doesn't know how to fly with you. The last thing you need is a bear trying to keep up with you as well." She put her hands on her hips, giving the flyboy a faint, lopsided smile. She couldn’t help but tease him a bit.

"The question is rather, how many fighter pilots should I request that the bridge send to guard the Allegiant? Do you want me to requisition your whole pack, or just half of it? What do you think is prudent? I might take it under advisement, when I get the launch order from Mission Ops..."

She tilted her head, a little bit amused at how she may have outmaneuvered the pilot, but her tone was quite respectful, and not the least gloating. He was a wolf, after all. Starfleet's finest, as he put it.

"I could even take the new pilots off your hands, so that you have one lesser worry to concern yourself with. Regardless their background, they should be able to fly escort, right?"

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan 

Ravon's brow rose as she talked about proving her point about whom to report to. His eyes remained locked on her as she rose up from her chair and walked over to her bedroom. The ppilot knew better then to chase her and remained seated as he leaned back and tried to grasp the situation. He came here under the pretense of joining forces yet it seemed like the formal Opal commander had plans of her owns with the suggestion. Thomas decided to hear her out, perhaps her plan held some form of logic in it.

He was however glad to hear that Dewitt had already requested chief Herrold's help to re outfit the Allegiant to a bird with more teeth. Ravon silently nodded from his seat as he figured Dewitt would be changing into another more appropriate attire to continue their conversation. A part of his mind was tempted to go and peek what hid furthermore underneath the robe, yet he restrained himself as his mind truly was focused on the cooperation between the both of them.

Hearing her sum up his plan and seeming agreeing to it, Thomas felt a wave of relief wash over him as he relaxed in the couch and felt that for once he could lose the feeling of constant stress, pressure and hope for survival... However the conversation Dewitt was leading turned into an avenue that Thomas didn't appreciate in the slightest. As Dewitt came back into view Thomas looked her over as she stood in front of him in just a pair of standard issue panties and a top that hid contained the well provided breast she had.

His eyes narrowed at the words she spilled however "What?" he brought out with a slight irritation in his voice. He rose up from the couch as Dewitt carried on talking. The last thing Thomas needed was a lecture from her on how his new squadron would be inadequate to his command. Too much replacements, too much worry. It boiled the blood inside the wolf as he closed the distance between himself and Dewitt. The teasing certainly seemed to fall on the wrong side as Thomas smiled bitterly. Before he could reply however Dewitt drove her point further going as far as requisitioning a part of his squadron, or perhaps even the full squadron.

The boiling point had reached a new height within the wolf and his hands turned into fists as that primal rage surfaced again. Somehow he managed to contain it, reminding himself that he had to get over this stage in his current role. Renard would've never said anything rash or unweighted. Thomas bit on his lip as he cleared his throat, the irritation, rage and various other heated emotions evident on his features as he did his utmost best to keep himself composed.

"Miss Dewitt..." he started "I don't think I need to remind you that as the highest ranking Tac Conn officer I've got a far greater amount of experience in space fighter combat. Not to mention the fact that I've got years of experience where as.. With all due respect, you only recently got yourself transferred aboard this ship." he spoke with as much control as he could in his voice.

"Therefor.. I would find it most unwise for you to lead a strike craft operation. Sure I can lend you some wolves to escort your ship. Or I could even hand you over the latest addition to fly escort. Though I have to remind you that if I do so, I will hold YOU responsible for any losses you suffer. They might be the finest pilots the fleet has to offer, eventually it'll all boil down to how you use them tactically to escort your Allegiant." he bit back.

"As you request for my advice." he said with a snap of his tongue "I would advise you to relinquish your command from flight ops and hand it over to me. You'll lose valuable time to contact flight ops and after that my pilots or myself in high danger space combat. Time none of us have to spare. Tac Conn can act as your eyes and ears but we'll need to work independently from the Theurgy." he said as he circled her like a predator would with prey "In fact, now that I'm thinking of it lieutenant commander. This talk might have given me a new insight for the oncoming mission. Perhaps I should go to the captain himself to request a trained Tac Conn officer to take your place or ship. That way I eliminate the risk of squadron cohesion and maximize the odds for the mission as a whole." he concluded, keeping the last bit just as neutral as she had when suggesting to commandeer his squad. Two could play that game and Thomas came to a stop in front of Dewitt as he looked her in the eyes.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
For a moment, Dewitt was surprised at the wolf's temper, only having been teasing him a bit. Be that as it may, she was unfazed by his antics - circling her like the proverbial wolf that he was. She'd dealt with Edgar on the Black Opal, and his temper was that got him on the Opal in the first place. This fighter pilot's anger was nothing in comparison, so she simply folded her arms underneath her breasts and let him puff testosterone for a while.

She did listen, however, and perhaps without realising it, Thomas Ravon just offered her exactly what she wanted. As for his 'advise', and unveiled threat about going to Wenn Cinn, she knew far better than to engage in an argument with a riled up man who was feeling a bit emasculated. Or perhaps he was just protective about his squadron? In any case, she was far too weary to take the bait, rather ending the argument since she'd already won it. While she was no master in space fighter combat - as he tried to illustrate - she was in the Command Division, and knew how to shoot down a flyboy with her words alone.

"Thank you for your advise, Mister Ravon, and if you want to talk to the Captain, that's entirely up to you," she said, and turned to face him, since he'd been circling her while he spoke. She give him a smile, completely ignoring his childish temper tantrum. "But we have a deal! You lend me some wolves to escort the Allegiant, as you said. I'll even let you pick who you think would fit best for the task, and on my part, I won't go to the Captain. I won't requisition more fighters than you feel prudent given the Allegiant's import in the battle - which you have already foreseen. If you want to tear up well-proven and set command protocols, however, mere hours away from what could be the most decisive battle against the Borg that the Federation has ever fought... I suppose that is also your prerogative."

The unsaid was, of course, that if he wanted to push the envelope, he'd have to do it himself - being the sole aggressor in such an endeavour. She turned away, heading to the couch that he'd vacated, leaving him standing alone. "Please bear in mind, however, that the Allegiant did fine when taking orders directly from the bridge at Starbase 84, whereas the Captain, he might just think you're trying to steal assets that doesn't belong to you just in order to save the hide of your wolves."

She sat down, running a hand through her hair, and raised her eyebrows at him as she leaned back. "While I empathise with your losses, you simply haven't been in command long enough to see the bigger picture. And that... is how this is no time to play cowboy. This is bigger than you and me both. Don't let your temper get the better of you, because then you'll loose. The wolves are depending on you. They look up to you, so don't loose yourself... because then they will be lost as well." She smiled to him again, lined as her eyes were after the morning. "Your words aside... I think you do know how you can't hold me responsible for the actions of the Borg or the Klingons? Of course I won't throw the lives of your wolves away, even if the stakes are high... and they have their duties. The survival of the Federation comes first, not them, and they know it."

The unspoken question was, of course. Do you, Mister Ravon? Or don't you have what it takes to be in command?

The man was certainly better looking than Edgar. That much was certain, but she doubted he cared to stay for coffee.

A shame, since it might be the last chance they both got.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan  

With just a simple reaction Jennifer Dewitt had brought the fuming Thomas Ravon to a stop as she simply thanked him for offering and escort. Ravon could feel the next outburst swell within him yet was quick enough to grasp that simply saying his mind would get him nowhere with this woman. Instead he clenched his jaws together to prevent making any foolish remarks or give the woman any more usage to use against him. Despite her outwitting him in the conversation, Ravon did recognize the fact that she wouldn't just requisition a part of his wing without his say in the matter. She did make a point of putting him back in his place, making his face his own temper fueled words. Changing an entire crew on board to Allegiant for the sake of getting things his way was perhaps ill advised in hindsight. As well as taking it up to Cinn for that matter.

She tried to explain the bigger picture to him and frankly perhaps he had missed it as his sole concern right now was his pilots after the last massive loss at the hands of the Klingon. She reminded him all to clearly once more that the wolves looked up at him for leadership and not solely for survival. It was another lesson he had learned the hard way and he sighed as he hid his face behind his hands and rubbed his features before shaking his head. He seemed to have the tendency of jumping into situations blindly and using his emotions to gain the upper hand. Perhaps it was a trait he had to work on, perhaps returning to the more withdrawn state he was in when he once joined the squadron and the Theurgy. Perhaps that state of mind would give him the calmness and overview he needed to function more adequately for his pack.

It was in that moment that he heard what he wanted to hear, Dewitt taking away the very issue he had struggled with. She wouldn't use the escort of wolves to use them as a physical field against any incoming attackers. They wouldn't be discarded as mere objects to achieve the goal they'd be chasing. It was perhaps foolish to think that he could held her accountable for whatever the Klingon or Borg would throw at them. He sighed as he moved around in the room, still somewhat restless as he looked at Dewitt, the woman having kept her composure and the smile on her face making him return it by a faint smile himself.

He left the unspoken question unanswered, not wanting or willing to reply it as he knew damn well what was at stake. Losses were inevitable at this point and Ravon could only bolster himself with  the belief that he had done everything to keep his pack as safe as possible. There was no need for heroics or the sort, they'd have to fight for survival. "I'll think about which fighters and pilots I can spare to serve as your escort. Do keep in mind that if need be, I will have to pull them away." he warned her, speaking with a calmer voice. He'd not strip her of her escort out of spite yet if a situation would arise that needed to full fangs of the Lone Wolves to strike he'd not doubt to replenish his numbers in full.

"Fuck, I need a drink..." he murmured to himself as he returned to the woman in the couch, sitting himself down in the chair she had brought for herself when he had been seated in the couch. He looked tired yet his features showed that he was already busy with thinking ahead of the next thing on his mind.

"Perhaps we have gotten this conversation off at the wrong foot lieutenant Commander." he concluded as he glanced at her "A lack of sleep might've gotten me a bit too far on edge than I should've been. Apologies." he offered her as he leaned forward and leaned his elbows on his knees.

"I think four fighters would suffice to keep the Allegiant safe for the oncoming mission." he voiced out as he rested his eyes on Dewitt's frame, not looking at any part of her body specifically as he just seemed to do the numbers and mentally picked the names of the squad chart.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
Even though Dewitt had known she'd won their little discussion before she spoke, she was pleased to see that the bold and daring fighter pilot took her words to heart. It became obvious, as well, on edge the man was.

She sat there, watching him, while he ceded her points and apologised, and she found herself worried about his ability to preform well in his fighter if he was sleep deprived. Yet looking at him, he did not seem tired. More like agitated. Stressed, more than weary. Still, he soldiered on. In a way, she recognised herself in him, since she'd just spent far too long in the shower, trying to push everything from her mind. He mentioned needing a drink, but since she did not touch alcohol or even synthehol any more, she made no comment, remaining seated where she was, with her elbow on the arm of the couch and leaning her head against her hand.

"No need to apologise. All three Vectors appear to have been through a lot during the Continuance Protocol," she said quietly, more interested in hearing what his take on her escort would be than his apology. "Four fighters are four fighters more than we had at Starbase 84. We just need to know who they are when we launch."

Dewitt found herself turning her head, checking the chronometer, and closed her eyes for a moment. As obvious as the mutual need was, it certainly was unorthodox of her to suggest it. "I don't need a drink, nor do I think you need one either," she said, the light flutter in the pit of her stomach telling her that she felt a rush of adrenaline, but she was not exactly nervous. She slowly stood up from the couch. "I know of a great many officers who cannot seem to understand this, but a drink does help you relax. It does, and going into a fight would seem the best time to be relaxed, rather than on edge and stressed out. I used to drink, a lot, but I stopped when I came aboard this ship. I have been sober since."

She said this as she walked past the seated Ravon, and she patted his shoulder - a wordless appreciation for how he could regain control of his temper. She dragged her nails over his uniformed shoulder as she passed him. "There is also the confidence-building aspects of drinking, and how that could carry over into the battle. The problem is that drinking dulls the senses, and you don't have the same reflexes." Having said this with a lopsided smile, she glanced over her shoulder to see if she kept looking at her. "But do you know what else is good to take the edge off?"

The question might not be apparent in its answer, but she had paused in the doorway to her bedroom. And she stood there. Looking at him. The unsaid was there in her green eyes, while the stars outside the warp field caressed her body with their fickle lights.

"I don't know about you, but this might be the last chance I get to unwind." She gave the man a quiet grin then, leaning against the door-frame with one arm - eyes on his. "So if you don't have a woman already, I'd love to see you put that mouth to better use than to try and argue with me. Clearly... you're more a man of action than words."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan  

On edge might have been the correct term as the pilot wasn't exactly sleep deprived. He had been in that state after he had crashed on the icy planetoid. The lack of sleep there had caused him to see things that weren't there. Act on hunches and troubled his judgement. This however was an entirely new situation. He had the comforts of sleep, yet the energy flowing inside of him had turned him restless. His mind thinking on nothing more but the mission and his pilots.

As she referred to not needing a drink and pointing out that he didn't need one either, Ravon's head turned back to her. His eyes taking her in specifically as he narrowed his eyes. He was about to speak up when Dewitt stood up as she began to talk of officers and it soon became clear what she was referring to by a drink. He was really just thirsty, a glass of water of coffee perhaps even tea would've sufficed. His mind had not even cared for alcohol or Synthenol for that matter.

He doubted if this was the time or place for him or her to make such confessions. Thomas knew he was a heavy drinker, yet he also was aware that he was in control of it. Was Dewitt not in the past? His eyes followed her as he shifted in position, feeling the hands of the woman as she patted his shoulder, the nails making that specific sound as it raked over his uniform. He could agree to her words that drinking before battle was a bad idea if anything. He turned around to follow Jennifer as she walked over to her bedroom doorway.

She had posed him a question and the pilot could come up with several answers on how he could put the edge of a stressed state. However as the command officer stood there he figured that sparring, training or working on a fighter weren't the options she was referring to. He could see her smile and as her grin began to cover her face he heard her words as his brows raised and a small chuckle left him.

She was playing him, expertly to that matter as he slowly rose up from the seat and made his way over to her "Why lieutenant commander... We've only just met..." he answered her teasingly, knowing fully what she meant to unwind herself. The challenge to put his mouth to better use making him smile with amusement. His throat was still dry, yet he had a feeling he could ail that condition without getting him a drink.

He closed the distance between himself and Dewitt, Rawley coming to mind as she asked if there was no other woman in his life. The lieutenant had offered her feelings to him the night before, she would've given him everything if he gave in to her. The difference in the situation being, Rawley was his subordinate. Where in the past the two were more equal, he wouldn't have flinched at the chance to bed and show the wolf a good time. Yet his promotion to SCO had given him a sense of duty and respect that he needed to earn and maintain. Who would follow a commander that slept with pack members? Would those people be prejudiced at a certain degree? It were questions and rumors Thomas did not want to have fueled.

He stood in front of Dewitt now, the green eyes of the hungry wolf lighting up by the tracers of light moving behind him by the window. His hands slowly reached out , peeling up the top Jennifer had chosen to wear. He exposed her abdomen, his warm fingers and hand coming in contact with her skin as he dipped his hand under the top and felt up the underside of her breast. He leaned in and claimed her lips with passion. What happened next was quick as Ravon's hands moved away from her, circling around her and lifting her yup as he carried her to her bed. He smacked her down on it rather roughly as he came to stand at the foot end of her bed, hands on her legs. His gaze locked on her eyes as the wolf inside him had been let loose.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
Oh, but the flyboy didn't seem opposed the idea to blow off some steam before the battle, to which she was grateful. Of course, she's picked up upon the fact that he hadn't mentioned anything about what she'd done on the bridge before the Ranger arrived in the nick of time. It led her to believe that the SCO hadn't been briefed yet, and that made him more open to suggestion. Therefore, she had three very good reasons to proposition him.

Not only would she substitute the drink she'd wanted to take after the battle. No, when the word got out, she might be treated like a pariah, even though Wenn Cinn had given her a new assignment. The small number of people she considered friends, most of them from the Black Opal, might shun her, and if this was the last chance she'd get to be close to someone, she'd take it, unfair as it might be towards the other Commander, who didn't know what she'd done. Lastly, there was also the chance to tie the man closer to her, seducing him as she'd done. This might not just give her better chances at survival in the upcoming battle, but he might even advocate her side of the story when it came to her use of regulation 619.

It certainly wasn't a disadvantage that he was attractive enough either. Even though she might have some ulterior motives, she was fairly sure she'd be able to compensate the pilot with a good time. She'd make it worth his while.

"The fact that we just met..." she'd said, looking into his eyes with a rueful smile when he'd toyed with her tanktop, "...certainly didn't stop you from shouting at me either. Now... shut up."

Finally, he seemed to get the hint, and kissed her hard. She was ready, meeting him on even ground  - the hand not resting on the doorpost snaking up to seize his collar. It didn't last too long, but she enjoyed the taste of him, this fine man of the same species as she. She might have had her fun with aliens in her youth, but for some reason, she had come to seek human partners more often than not. Bold and eager, he was too, picking her up soon enough and tossing her on the bed.

She rewarded him with a little laugh when she propped herself up on her arms, playing along with his game, and it did seem like he got the joke she made before, and that he was about to put that unskilled tongue of his to better use. She left her legs spread for him, her tanktop hiked up and her wet hair framing the inviting glint in her eye. The viewport behind her head bathed everything in blue starlight.

"What are you waiting for?" she said, hearing a tone coming out of her throat that she hadn't heard in years. Maybe she was far more into this than she thought? Perhaps he really was helping her forget her worries far better than she gave him credit for. "Hurry up... The battle won't wait for us."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan 

Whatever ulterior motives the woman had held hidden for the flyboy, he didn't seem to care to give in to her seduction. When their lips connected he could feel the swell of her breasts against his uniform and he experienced the tight grasp she held against his collar. He was told to shut up and after he had worked the woman into her bed.

He took in the view of her as she had propped herself up on her elbows to look at him. The way her hair hung over her face and the glint in her eyes made her a seductive weapon on her own. The pilot beginning to shed his uniform at a normal paced speed. Not slow to tease, not over the top like a teen on his first time. He worked himself out of his vest and let it fall where it would before taking off the standard issue undershirt. Next he began to work on his pants, shedding them as his eyes remained locked with Jennifer's. The outline of his arousal evident through his underwear

He left his boxers on as he stepped forward as the blue light from the view port flashed against his toned body. He didn't waste any time with her as his hands grasped her by the upper legs and dragged her closer to him as he began to trace his lips along her legs. Switching from the left one to the right one as he trailed his way towards her thighs. His eyes making contact with Dewitt her eyes from time to time as he reached her inner thighs and grit his teeth through the fabric against the hidden prize. He manipulated his fingers under her panties, first tugging them down slowly yet choosing for a more ferocious approach in the end as the fabric started to stretch before it eventually tore and got flung through the room.

He didn't say a word as he gauged Jen's reaction as his breath would  be felt against her very core. He would wait and see what her reaction would be, whenever she'd try to speak his tongue would flick out and run up against the delicate sex of the other commander. His tip circled the apex of her sex, stimulating the clit before he placed his lips against her thighs and enveloped them as he worked his tongue inside of Dewitt. The warm muscle rolling around in her and suction applied softly to get a good taste of the woman before he broke free of her and licked his lips.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
Oh, the other Commander put on a fine show, confirming what Dewitt had already guessed about the fighter pilot. The sight of his bared body did not disappoint in the slightest.

Obviously, he meant to tease her, to get back at her for the way she'd teased him at every turn. She looked at him through the wet tresses of her hair, her rueful smile remaining, even when she bit her lower lip. He built her anticipation, by tracing kisses along her spread legs, but soon enough he would tear her panties off her. She gave him a quiet giggle when he resorted to such antics, having caused her to slide towards him with his grip. Slowly, she began to undulate her hips against his ministrations, and over the course of his teasing, she began to slip out of her role as a commander, and yield to the greed of her own body.

It had been far too long, so she found herself breathing heavily quite quickly. She was still in control, she believed, of the situation, yet when he would withold his tongue from her, she couldn't stop the words - ceding him that victory because she couldn't help herself. "Oh, don't stop..."

Soon enough, he stopped teasing her, and applied his mouth in full - keeping her legs spread with his hands. The quiet, yearning sounds that escaped her couldn't be stopped any more, having longed for someone to empty her mind from all the worries and commitments that came with her duties. As unskilled he was in arguing, Commander Ravon certainly could make a point with his tongue. Dewitt felt it flutter over her most sensitive area with excellent targeting, and she felt the waves of satisfaction roll through her, making her writhe on top of her UFP-embroidered sheets. She could no longer remain propped up on her arms, instead beginning to touch herself - giving in to this spur of the moment.

She ran her hands over her tank top while he continued to please her with his mouth, and she found the cloth an obstruction. In short order, she had pulled the thing over her head, and she tossed it aside. Only then could she touch herself fully, pinching the hardened peaks of her breasts between her fingers since they ached so. The sounds she made were quiet, but grateful for every moment it lasted - these motions that the pilot's tongue was making. They way he slipped it inside, and even suckled on her sex as if it was a sweet fruit. In sudden humour, once he let up, she wondered...

"So... Did you like your drink?" she said in a thick voice, and she sat up. She ran one hand behind his neck and pulled him towards her lips. "Can I have a taste too?"

She kissed him hard, in gratitude, and in need for more. Of course, she made her wishes known too, running a hand to that tumescence she'd spotted betwixt his legs, seizing the throbbing shaft and squeezing it hard.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan  

The sounds and actions Jen made were like music to Thom's ears as he savored the taste of her and drank down the juices she produced. She had told him to not stop and he had listened and obeyed to that request as he ate her out with passion and full determination. His eyes darted up from time to time, seeing the redhead lay back flat as she worked on removing her top. Once it had come off, he saw those well formed breasts again in the blue haze coming from the view port. The hardened peaks as she began to toy with them.

She was remarkably more quiet than other bed partners he had conquered. Hearing her softer sounds before she stopped and spoke up, the humoresque comment making the pilot grin as she pulled him closer to get a taste of herself. He kissed her back hard and let his tongue slip past her lips so she could properly taste her own. His lips and mouth smelled like her arousal and he let out a groan of pleasure as Dewitt's hand gave his member a squeeze. In turn the commander bit down on her lip as he broke free from the kiss.

"Was my mouth used for better purposes?" he asked her in turn as he leaned down, trailing hungry kisses down her neck. He waited for her response. When she would talk he'd be down at her breasts, his tongue flicking over them and his teeth seizing one of the hardened peaks as he bit down on them, not too hard to cause real pain, yet hard enough to cause for something. He came back to kiss her and narrowed his eyes as he lead one hand down to give her unstimulated sex some attention.

His hand came cupped her between her thighs and he rubbed with a surface as high as he could against her moistness. His thumb resting on her clit and his fingers son enough probing inside of her as he wanted to make clear to her that he didn't want to stop at just servicing her with his lips.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
His question made Dewitt chuckle ruefully, and she felt those lips wander down her neck - heading for her chest. She obliged him, pushing her shoulders back to give him better access. Finding herself wanting his mouth all over her, even though she was still gripping the real prize through the fabric of his underwear.

"Indeed," she murmured, hissing through her teeth when she felt his teeth, "something tells me you have longer experience in this field of battle."

Then, he began to grope her with his fingers where they sat, and she let out a quiet groan, her eyes fluttering shut. She was still stroking his concealed length with one hand, but she clawed at his bare shoulder with the other - her nails bruising his skin. She found herself moving her hips where she sat, in answer to this new tactic he'd employed. He seemed to like her breasts well enough too, and it might be one of the areas Dewitt was still most satisfied with, her twenties long gone.

Eventually, as much as she enjoyed herself, time was short. So, she pushed the man over on top of her bed, making him lie on his back. Her breasts were damp from his mouth, still aching from her needs, but the ache between her legs was greater. She wasted no time on talking, simply pulling his underwear down at last. She gave him a small grin of appreciation, before she closed her fingers hard around the base, and began to give him a great time. She'd fellate him for a bit, just long enough to make him as engorged as possible.

Then, soon enough, she climbed up, and straddled him. She ran her nails through his hair, bit his ear a little... and began to toy with that hard length with the movements of her her hips. She'd come to suckle the base of his neck, below the collar of his uniform, and rake her nails over his muscles. All the while, she would sway her hips from side to side, up and down, yet keeping him outside - merely teasing him with her dewy lips.

Driving him mad enough to take initiative.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan   

Ravon grinned at Dewitt as she offered him to have more experience in this field of battle and he couldn't help but reply "How about we help one another out if we survive the oncoming battle?" he suggested with a groan as she still gripped against his member. If anything Dewitt her body was in very fine shape and he kept his eyes roaming over her for a few seconds. When he began to tease her further though he felt her nails claw at his shoulder and he gasped loudly as she did so. He could feel her body react under him against his touch as he stimulated her further.

With a push he was forced on his back as Dewitt took control over the situation. She finally freed him from his underwear and his member jumped free as he closed his eyes for a second. He enjoyed the good time she showed him, the handiwork as well as the fellatio that only served to make him get a full hardened state. His eyes looked up to hers as she straddled him. The feeling of her nails raking through his hair felt wonderful. Her lips beginning to tease him as he felt her soft breasts drag along his chest.

Her manipulations were making him crazy and it wouldn't take that long before she made him a groaning mass as she swayed her hips from side to side and up and down. Her worked up sex only coating his length without granting him the pleasure of plunging into her core. His hands worked up along her hips and sides before he grazed his short nails over them.

He tried to straighten himself a little as he reached behind her and took a hold of her wet hair "Stop wasting time... Or let me lead.." he groaned lustfully. His hips working up against her as he attempted to line himself along with her. If she'd toy further he'd probably take the situation with more force.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
Having caught on to the request he'd made, to be tutored in command, Jennifer might not have said anything at first. Though during the fellatio, where she'd looked at him enjoying her treatment, the idea had formed. An idea, that she implemented right then, keeping him from entering her - teasing his warm hardness with her sex but not letting him inside.

"First lesson," she said when he pulled at her hair. Her quiet grin remained as she opened her green eyes and looked down upon him. She had his head in her hands, fingers splayed wide in his hair, and she teased the hard planes of his chest with her small motions, ignoring his grip. "Learn what those around you want from you. Only then can you either grant it to them, or deny it... Either way, when you are in command... it is you who decide."

She lifted her hips a bit, making his hard member fall down upon his lower abdomen. She almost made it appear like she'd leave him there, but instead, she sat down on top of it, locking that shaft down upon his skin. She set her hands on his chest, her nails biting into him, just enough to make him let go of her hair, and so that she might sit upright - like a queen on her throne.

"Is it in the crew's interest that you grant them what they want?" she asked in a quiet voice, beginning to slide her nether lips from his sac to his crown, and then back again. Her questions where almost whispered to him, one for each rocking motion of her hips, front to back, massaging it without letting him in. "Is it in the best interest... of the mission? Your superior officers? Your own? Should you deny them what they want... for their own good? Learn what they want, because if you know that... you know what to do... in order to motivate them the most." 

Confident that she had proven her point, and taught him his first lesson, she slid a bit far to long.... so that when she moved backwards again, the head of his hardness began to squirm its way inside her. She let out a quiet groan, and tilted her head back. "In this case... I'd say our desires are... quite mutual."

The satisfaction of feeling him enter her, more and more with each rocking motion of her hips, sent convulsions of pleasure through her, making her moan in a preliminary climax - foreshadowing what was yet to come.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan 

To his surprise Jennifer began with the first lesson straight away, her green eyes looking down upon him while he had grabbed hold of her long hair. He listened to her, his mind fighting to understand what she said as she was driving him mad with desire. It all sounded rather logical as she voiced it out and he hadn't caught on to her movements before too late. His arousal trapped between his abdomen and her sex as he had to relinquish the grip on her hair as she sat on him. The sting on his chest caused by her nails still present, yet not harmful as he looked up at her and his hands roamed up to rest on her hips.

She continued to stimulate him as he felt the wet slit grind against his shaft from sack to crown before reversing and repeating the same notion over and over again. The sensation hazing his mind as he grit his teeth together, his struggle to keep focus becoming harder and harder. He gave a slow nod after she had clarified and it would seem that he'd have to mingle more among his pilots and crew by extension in order to really become a good leader figure.

When Dewitt slid back too far and simply rocked his crown into her, Thomas growled and bucked his hips up eagerly to help in more of his length as Dewitt released a quiet groan of pleasure. She definitely was in command of the situation as she guided more and more of him inside of her. The pilot simply leading a hand up to massage the full breast of the woman before mimicking the teasing actions to her nipple as she had done when he was using his tongue between her legs.

Their moans filled the bedroom as the pace intensified, Ravon let Dewitt remain on top of him as his erection was grinding against the smooth velvet walls of the former Opal commander. He worked his hips with her to cause maximal pleasure for the both of them and after a while he'd be throbbing inside her, eagerly working his way up to a climax they'd both savor for the battle to come.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
After having eased herself down along the flyboy's hardness the first time, their common motions picked up the pace.

He seemed to have taken her lesson in stride, learning by the example she was making and nodding in understanding. Satisfied that he had caught on to her meaning, she gave in to their mutual desire and rode the man with increasing abandon. It was so long she she'd allowed herself to fraternise with a fellow officer, not having dared to do anything of the like on the Black Opal. She had been the Commanding Officer, and it hadn't been seemly of her to enjoy such frivolities. There had been no holodeck on the Black Opal either, so it wasn't like they could do what the crew of the Theurgy had done, and just enjoyed a holo-massage of some kind with a happy ending.

No, this was very real, and it was Dewitt's preference too. Perhaps it was just psychological, but the thrill was that this was an actual person between her legs, and she would make the most of it if they were due to fight the Borg and try to save the Federation.

With this in mind, she undulated her hips with every intent to grind down as far down as she could on Ravon's phallus. She'd lost control of her breathing a long time ago, panting, and the noises that escaped her might not be loud, but with genuine pleasure. Since it was such a long time ago since she'd been with someone, she couldn't last for long either. When she came, her whole body convulsed, and her nails bit into Thomas' skin. Perhaps it would be evident in the locker room he shared with the other Lone Wolves that he'd enjoyed himself, but his appearance and the marks she left were hardly at the forefront of her mind.

When her hard gasping ebbed out, and the convulsions that shook her subsided, she made a low groan of satisfaction and continued to move on top of the man - smiling down at him. Slowly, suggestively, just to make sure she'd let him come as well, and siphon him dry. Since he was still hard, and she'd been so overcome with her own climax, she wasn't sure if he'd finished yet or not - trying to feel if his seed was leaking out from their joining.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon |  Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan  

Dewitt rode him like an amazon from Earth's myths, it was almost fitting to see her enjoy herself on top of him as she grind down more of his girth before her pleasurable noises filled the room. Ravon was enjoying every moment of it though as he kept up with the pace and worked on bringing as much pleasure to her as possible. It came as a rather surprise as she came rather quickly, assuming the woman would've lasted longer. The physical marks being left on Thomas as he felt her walls convulse against his buried member inside of her.

Thomas his hips gave a few more thrusts along with Jen as she had reached her climax, moving a bit deeper with his hips to heighten her experience. He watched her slowly regain control of herself and he smiled as she let out a low satisfactory grown before she began to move once more. He hadn't reached his own climax yet, though he was close as he groaned softly in pleasure. "I'm close..." he whispered to her as he moved his hands to her hips and kept her as close to him as she had done so to reach her peak.

Slowly the rhythm began to build once more as Thomas couldn't help but think how this situation had changed from the very moment he had stepped foot in here. This would be the last possible outcome that he had in mind and he wondered if it was coincidence or not. He couldn't help but think that he'd normally release this kind of pressure with either members of his pack or by drinking in the old days. Due to his new position though, he couldn't slip back to those routines as they'd be unfitting. His mind was wandering now and a jolt of pleasure brought him back to the here and now.

He groaned a little bit louder as the redhead was adamantly convinced to have him reach his climax too. He gripped onto her hips as the pleasure just built up further and further. He didn't have to hold back and simply went along with the motions of Jennifer, his member pulsing as his hips gyrated and began to needily buck up into the air to gain more depth within Dewitt. His eyes drifted shut as he came, plastering the velvet smooth walls of Dewitt with his seed. It wouldn't take long before some of it already began to leak down her thighs and over his length.

"Jen..." he breathed out softly as his eyes opened and he pulled her in for a kiss of appreciation "I think we both really needed that.." he whispered in her ear.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Dewitt's Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan @Firefox013 @chXinya
Oh, Dewitt made sure the flyboy got what he wanted. He had lasted longer than her, and as sensitive as she was in the wake of her own climax, riding him certainly wasn't anything he had to beg for.

In fact, the continuation gave her multiple, small bursts of euphoria. They were, perhaps, not as intense as that first one, but it motivated her a great deal in continuing her movements on top of him. She breathed with him, and felt him coming eventually - that warm sensation of his seed finally filling her. She felt his whole body convulse, and she held on to him, pushing herself firmly down unto their joining in rhythmic, siphoning movements. She found herself grinning in gratification, not just in the sense of feeling good herself, but that she had managed to give the Wolf a memorable moment before he returned to his pack.

"I think we both really needed that.." he whispered into her ear, and it made Dewitt chuckle.

"You think?" she asked rhetorically against his lips, having turned her head and catching his eye. She soon sealed her lips to the pilot's. Then, with a few final motions on top of him, feeling him escape her slick confines at last, she pushed against his chest and got back to her feet. "If we both make it through this, there is more where that came from. But as for now, we're needed in our different bays."

She turned her head and looked at him over her shoulder, bathed in the light from her restroom. "Good luck out there, Mister Ravon. I look forward to seeing you out there, and having your wolves protect me."


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