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CH02: S [D06|0610] A Ranking New Level

Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0610 hrs. ] A Ranking New Level

[ Ensign Six | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya

Six sat in the waiting area of the Security Centre, waiting for Commander Wenn Cinn to debrief her. She had many good reasons to be excited to be here. For one thing, it was a good opportunity to meet the ranking officer of this vector, someone who’s probably higher up than Commander Stark in time and experience, another member of the Theurgy who knows Theurgy a long time. For another, the Security Centre’s deck was close to where she planned to start looking for a place to set up a new regeneration alcove, hoping she can set up a place near the secondary computer core.

She heard footsteps. Turning to the direction of the footsteps, she stood at attention at the sight of Commander Wenn.

“Commander Wenn. Ensign Six, reporting for debrief, sir.”

Cordial enough. She was in the presence of a higher-ranking officer. She instantly thought of when she reported to Vector Three’s battle bridge. And she was sure she got correctly right name to use next to the rank, per the Bajoran tradition of putting surnames first.

As for Commander Wenn himself…if Masuda could be equated to Tuvok when it came to tactics, coolness and precision, Wenn could equate to Tuvok in appearance but in the exact same coolness. In fact, the more Six looked at Wenn, the more she figured that he reminds her more of Tuvok more than Masuda. It was as if Tuvok came in Bajoran instead of Vulcan. She wouldn’t have seen the ridges on his nose if she didn’t look properly. At the same time, she thought back to Lieutenant Martin, how there seemed to be an air of confidence.

Six was, in essence, in absolute admiration of the man. She was feeling absolutely honored that this man was, for all intents and purposes, her boss. But with all that confidence and coolness, it took little imagination for Six to picture Commander Wenn in red instead of yellow, as the Theurgy’s First Officer.

OOC: Here is finally where Six will be debriefed. In discussing it with chXinya, we determined this to be the best time for Six to be debriefed. Also, Nicander's involvement is very minimal; considering his cell is next to the waiting area, it would be likely anybody coming into Security would noticed him.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0610 hrs. ] A Ranking New Level

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Multificionado

Striding into the Security Center at a full clip, Cinn was the very model of a typical Starfleet commander in the morning.  A mug of something hot and caffeinated occupied one hand, at least three PADDs piled in the other, and a breakfast food held in place by his clenched jaw, keeping it from falling to the floor.  Six’s sudden announcement didn’t catch the Bajoran off guard thankfully, otherwise his breakfast might’ve ended up all over his uniform, or worse, the deck.  Without breaking stride he gestured with his mugged hand towards the door to his old office, beckoning the former Borg to follow.

Normally this meeting would’ve happened in his Ready Room thanks to his current position as master of this vector, but this was a security matter and Cinn wanted something a bit more familiar when it came to such things.  The lights came on as soon as they walked i, revealing the crisp cleanliness inherent in an unused room.  The only real sign of any recent use was the massive dent along one wall, a brown residue coating it and running down the wall.  Cinn ignored it, blowing right past it to sit behind the desk.  The chair creaked under his bulk, but again, he paid it no mind.  Freeing up his hands, his dark hand then grasped the pastry, tearing it away and setting it to the side of the desk.  Turning away to chew the mouthful for a few moments, Cinn finally turned back and composed himself.  “Sorry about that.  Can I get you anything?” Gesturing to the opposite chair, Cinn waited for Six to answer and took care of whatever she needed.

“So, go ahead and start from the beginning Ensign, I’ll hold most of my questions for the end, though I might interrupt for a clarification.”  Folding his arms together and leaning back in the chair, Six had the entirety of Cinn’s attention for now.  As she spoke he studied her face, watching for any emotion and other tells.  Between that, he couldn’t help but study the details of her face, the way her chin and cheekbones angled, the way the light reflected off of the various implants.  The woman was still a bit of an unknown to him, having come aboard from Starbase 84.  It would be interesting to see how she’ll work with the crew with the upcoming mission.

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[Ensign Six | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya

Six nodded to Commander Wenn, giving an apologetic look; she had no idea he came across him as he was having breakfast. She followed him to his office, and as she proceed, she thought she saw a sign that pointed the direction to the forensics laboratory…

Was there already a forensics lab on the Theurgy? Six suddenly began to feel uneasy, but suppressed it as she went to his office.

At his offer, she answered, “Oh, please do. Coffee please. Specifically, a cup of the Neelix Special.”

She took a seat and accepted the coffee. Nothing like a bit of home.

At his query, she replied, “From the beginning? Well, I can just start off with where I was on Starbase 84 and since I’ve joined the Theurgy; I doubt you need to hear my life story as a whole. On that subject, I will only compile it in a nutshell: I was a found with six other children assimilated by the Borg and liberated because the adult drones were killed. I’ve grown up on the Starship Voyager and upon its return to the Alpha Quadrant, I joined Starfleet. I became acquainted with many individuals, from Kathryn Janeway to Tom Paris, but the person I was closest to was Seven of Nine. You could say she was my mentor.

“Starbase 84 was my first posting. I’ve served there as a forensics officer, which I still am. Speaking of which…is there a forensics lab on the Theurgy already? It’s just that I’ve spent my time since I joined the Theurgy setting one up…among other things…and it may come down to my ignorance of the Theurgy’s layout.

“I’m good in my position as forensics officer, and I am also something of a hacker…unofficially, though I’d prefer to acclimate to my position as forensics officer. My skills as a hacker, however, can come in handy for any security department. I used them in the battle at Starbase 84, giving the crew of the Resolve time to evacuate by linking with the ship’s computer and delaying its self-destruct countdown, keeping the warp core together and preventing a ship-wide meltdown.

“I put those skills to use again when Vector Three, while coming to the aid of the Starship Cayuga, came under attack from the Asurians. I helped to improve the odds, but Ensign Mariner had a hand in the confrontation with the Asurians. Anyway, what I contributed was by hacking into the communications array of an Asurian saucer impounded in Vector Three’s shuttle bay and sending hailing frequencies containing viral matrices. Nothing too serious, just small ones designed to cause confusion. For instance, one saucer collided into another as a result of receiving a new set of coordinates, setting up something of a collision course in a way. I can provide the viewscreen footage later.

“I was on board the Allegiant because I could hear the whispers of the Borg Collective. Working with Lieutenant Yukimura and Lieutenant Martin of the Cayuga, we determined that we could follow the whispers to its point of origin. I guided the Allegiant, following the voices of the Collective, and we found a debris field in our away mission, though I’m sure Lieutenant Yukimura mentioned it to you.

“Now, I’ve had words with Lieutenant Martin, and he finds me of great value. In his exact words to me: ‘Security must love you, your file has you listed as a forensic's officer? I can only imagine the amount of chaos you can choose to inflict upon the internal sensors or the amount of percision for which you can target your job. Not to mention how useful such a skill is in boarding actions. Often times seizing control over a ships computer is task one when you board an enemy vessel, you could gain access to their lines of communication faster than most seasoned officers.’ True, I can be useful in a boarding party. I can potentially be useful in a quiet infiltration. But for the most part, I’d be happy with being in Forensics.

“As to why I would join the Theurgy when everywhere has labeled the crew traitors? You see, I was always an outcast, I felt so at the Academy and on Starbase 84, because of…what I am. I feel I can fit very well here on the Theurgy, being an outcast among a crew of outcasts. I hope I can help the Theurgy as much as I can.

“In addition, where Voyager was the ship of my childhood, even though I was a teenager when I came on, Theurgy can be the ship where I can fully mature, find my place in the universe. I hope I can be of value to the Theurgy as Seven of Nine was to Voyager.”

She paused, as she had at times when Commander Wenn interrupted, and inquired of him to the best of her ability. She just kept on talking, describing her duties and her abilities. She felt, given Commander Wenn is likely her departmental boss, he would need to know about her as much as she can provide information.

“What else do you wish to know about me, Commander?” she inquired.

OOC: Pardon the lengthiness, but when Wenn said "from the beginning," I momentarily didn't know what to come up with, but I figure to have Six describing her abilities, her posts of origin and what she contributed. In addition, in the supplemental in the Epilogue of Part 1 (Chapter 5), where Six is meeting with Salem Martin, the thread ended with Martin making a letter to Wenn talking about Six, which can be found in this link:,2459.msg18665.html#msg18665.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0610 hrs. ] A Ranking New Level

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Multificionado

As it so happened, Cinn didn’t really need to interrupt with any followup questions as Six laid out her life story.  Instead, as she talked the Bajoran would take a sip from the mug, yet he refrained from continuing with the pastry, eating in front of his visitor would be rude.  Now this "Neelix Special" coffee that Six had requested, it was a bit of a surprise that the computer knew it and was able to replicate it for her.  It was much thicker than any drink the Bajoran had ever seen in his life and the smell was beyond potent, but it was what she wanted.  Maybe it had something to do with her implants?

As she spoke, Cinn noticed her emphasis on being a forensics officer and he had heard of her early efforts at setting up a lab, not realizing that there was already one just a few doors down from where they currently sat.  Of course they had been separated shortly after so it’s not like she would’ve kept any access to the Center’s lab anyways.  One of the bigger surprises was the numerous referrals to hacking abilities.  It made sense that being a former drone meant that such computer skills came naturally to her, but apparently she didn’t think of herself as a hacker first.  Apparently he wasn’t the only one to have thought that odd, this Lieutenant Martin told her this right to her face.

When Six finished and asked if he wanted to know more, Cinn sat silently for a few moments, parsing out everything he’d heard over the past few minutes.  Hands folded together and supporting his chin, the chair creaked as he leaned back slightly.  “Clearly you’ve already accomplished quite a bit in your life and career so far, and you’ve already looked for ways to make yourself useful.  In the forensics field, you’ll probably work more closely with science and medical for the time being as they try to figure out how to detect the parasites.  As for your other specialty…would you have any objections working with Ms. Ravenholm?  Nominally she’s a communications specialist, but her skills are very much in line with yours when it comes to computers.”


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