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Day 02 [1330 hrs.] First Impressions

Day 02 [1330 hrs.] First Impressions

[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

She was late.  Eliska Bremmer was very late.  Her very first duty watch as a member of Theurgy's Security department had ended a half hour ago, but her, like the other members of Resolve's former Security team had been briefed about their duties, and especially the weapons policy had been further clarified and expanded upon.  And part of that had been some perfectly unambiguous direction that they were to draw weapons at the start of their shift, and to return them immediately at the end. 

And reason had been given to them, too, in the form of an explanation of the mutiny that had wracked this ship not that long ago, and how far fewer people had nearly brought the ship to its knees.  And why precautions needed to be taken.  And why everyone and not just the new additions from the Resolve and Orcus, were to surrender their weapons at the end of a duty watch save for a few notable exceptions. 

And now, the Petty Officer Second Class was just walking into the Security Center and made her way to the weapons locker.  At her waist was her own pistol, still holstered, and in one hand she carried a second weapon.  And upon reaching the desk, she set both down upon the table.  "Sorry I'm a little late.  Seems like two of us got a little carried away at the end of the shift, forgot we had to turn them in, sorry about that."

But there was a shadow to her words, as though she was hiding something...

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[ Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn | Security Centre | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet

“… and I’m sure the Mistress at arms would agree.” Wenn Cinn chortled, adding comment to his own joke. “Remind me, have we managed to get an engineering team to realign the faulty photonic coupler in the phaser range yet? Or do we have to do it as O’Connell’s got everyone on spacewalks? I have upcoming plans that need the area.” He stood in the back, speaking casually with the officer on duty at the station of the Mistress-at-arms. The Mistress was out, either off duty or away from her post and the relief officer sat in her place. To be honest, Cinn was partially glad. He still hadn’t managed to feel truly comfortable with Ryuan Sel just yet, and the space by her duty station allowed him to get out of his office and chat with some officers without being on display for anyone who would come to visit through the main entrance.

 The Security centre had continued to be a bit of a hub of activity, although it had ebbed since this morning. Over the course of the day Cinn had met with people and heard requests. The opportunist attacks of the so-called ‘Devoted’ were really starting to trouble him. While it would be easy to just lock every identified member away, a good security chief needs to protect people’s values as well as their person. If they committed a crime then they would be caught, investigated and punished accordingly but Cinn couldn’t ever justifying locking someone away solely for what they believe.

Their beliefs interfering with their work to the point of detriment, however? That was one thing he could not abide. So, when a new recruit came walking in with two weapons - two specifically assigned duty weapons, on her person, Cinn couldn’t help but frown. Immediately his mind raced to the reports he heard of devoted members mocking their victims by alluding to an insider within security. Looking at this officer though, he didn’t know her. Could it be that she was one of the many from Resolve? If so, unless they worked exceptionally fast, the officer couldn’t be the conspirator. Even as logical as the thought pattern was, it didn’t give him much comfort. The discomfort was doubled down by her lame excuse as well.

“I find it hard to believe that on your very first duty not only did you forget to return a weapon, but your partner also managed to do so as well.” He started, looking the woman up and down. Her demeanor didn’t really seem to be one of apology. So, he decided to press further. “That added with the fact that, after the briefing you’ve had about why security is currently armed following the mutiny and current shipboard activities, you decided it was the best course of action to parade yourself through the ship carrying two weapons? Either you are a fool, or you think I am.” He challenged, holding up a hand to silence any protest.  “You said you and your partner got a bit carried away. What, exactly, were you doing?”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

At first, Eliska had hoped to get away with dealing with simply dealing with some random type at the weapons desk, someone she could easily work her way past and get away from before things got too complicated.  But there was no such luck for this recent addition from the Resolve, for not only was there someone far more senior than she'd have liked at the Master at Arms' station, but the rather statuesque Bajoran Chief of Security, in all of his brooding and intimidating self, was there. 

And, if anything, she learned quite quickly that the man had seen right through her.  But then again, the XO had mentioned the man had been Bajoran Resistance once upon a time, and one did not tend to live long in that kind of company unless one had a good nose for trouble.  And a good sense for detecting bullshit.  And Petty Officer Second Class Bremmer had just fed him enough that it would take a high-capacity cargo transporter a few cycles to get through all of it.  But at this point in time, she wasn't sure whether or not she ought to come clean.  Not in front of another witness. 

Because what she had done, she had done for the best of reasons.

"Sir, in all fairness, once I relieved my partner of his weapon, I came straight back here."  That was prevarication all right, but it would hardly be enough to placate her new boss.  And she would have to explain herself to some degree.  "Sir, way I see it, I understand if you, the Captain, everyone on this ship doesn't really trust any of us who just came aboard any further than you could throw us.  Hell, you and yours took a lot of risks and lost some good people saving our sorry asses when you certainly didn't have to.  And given what you've gone through?  I'm surprised we have so much as the run of the ship when we're off duty."

She took a deep breath.  "Sir, I trust you and everyone on this ship if only because you saved all our lives when you didn't have to.  And I certainly wish more of us from the Resolve did.  But if I tell you everything, especially with someone else in the room, Sir, you'll have to take official notice and that means I'll have just completely thrown one of my old shipmates under the mining lorry and it won't help the tensions on board." 

She knew her heartbeat was speeding up.  In fact, she could hear the blood drumming in her ears even as she spoke.  In fact, a slight sheen of sweat was starting to appear on her forehead.  She was telling the truth, but being under Wenn Cinn's glare was a rather fearsome prospect at this point.  Especially since this was the first time she was meeting her new department head, and she was hardly making a good impression at this point in time.  But she had all the best reasons to conceal the whole truth.

"Sir, I know you don't have any reason to trust me; you don't know me from a hole in the ground and I just showed up late carrying my own weapon and someone else's when it was made abundantly clear we had to return them immediately at the end of the watch only to give you a load of bullshit.  But I'm asking you to trust me anyways, and take it on faith that I'm just doing my best to keep the peace on the ship."

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[ Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn | Security Centre | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet 


“Mateo.” Cinn said the name of his relief officer, without ever breaking gaze at the newcomer. One thing was for certain. She didn’t make things easy. “Go take a walk.”

At once, Mateo was on his feet, leaving the room with a face that Wenn Cinn had once been told in the academy simply meant ‘Oh Snap!’. The burly Bajoran just simply waited in silence, staring down this woman, who had started to perspire under the pressure. She was obviously uncomfortable but held her ground, and Cinn gave her that. When the sound of the doors closing reached him, Cinn finally moved.

“Faith.” He started, sitting down on the lip of the mistress-at-arms’ desk. It creaked slightly but the weight of the Security Chief but held. Cinn couldn’t help but smile at the newcomer. “You’re certainly something. Challenging a Bajoran on Faith.”

“I like you. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, and protecting your partner? That I can understand, however you need to think long term. What is to stop me from just checking the scheduling to find who you were patrolling with?” He paused, letting her contemplate what he was saying. Then he continued with the education. “An important part of security is protecting others, but also knowing when to give enough ground to ensure the best outcome.”

“With everything going on, I can’t just sit back and let it all come crashing down. I have faith in you to do your job, but no one gets a unilateral free pass.” Cinn had switched tactics here. The cold hard exterior hadn’t worked, instead, this was more of an appeal. To bring her to his way of thinking, so she could understand why he needed what he asked for. “You say you trust me. Perhaps then, you can have faith in me too to do what’s right?”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

There had been a pause between Eliska's words and her new department head's response.  And she had no idea what to expect.  He was less than pleased, that much was obvious, and she expected some form of fury coming out of him.  And she wasn't sure what to expect: fiery and violent, relying on shock and loudness, or cold and calm and relentless, and utterly terrifying.  And his dismissal of the other fellow in the room did very little to reassure her.  Sending a witness away, that could be a very bad thing indeed. That, or he actually believed her and wanted to get her side of the story without any prying ears and the need to take, as she had said, official notice.

And once the door closed, he smiled.  And it wasn't the cruel smile of someone lining up to deliver punishment or any kind of unpleasantness, but something genuine enough.  And granted, he did have a point.  She hadn't known a damn thing about anything past the orbit of her homeworld on Nova Kosice until well into her teenage years, and she'd only gotten to learn about Bajorans during her first tour of duty doing customs and counter-smuggling operations, but she knew they were a highly spiritual people.  Not that she had recalled that when she had selected her choice of words.

And then, he explained his position.  Not that he particularly had to, but it would seem that Lieutenant Commander Wenn Cinn was the sort to want to get to the bottom of things, and knew more than one way to do so.  He could have ordered her to do so, yelled at her until he was blue in the face, brought in her partner to explain his side.  But instead, it happened that both Chief of Security and new Security Officer were thinking in the exact same way about this situation, only coming at it from utterly different planes.  Now, she had a chance to make their lines of thinking intersect. 

"Sir, I think you might have misunderstood something.  I knew you could find out who my partner was in a heartbeat so I knew from the start I couldn't protect his identity.  But what I wanted to avoid with a witness in the room is talking about why and how I got to have his weapon, Sir."

She had opened that can of worms, and now she had to tell the whole story.  "I was paired up with Crewman First Class Jones," she said with a look of long-suffering on her face.  "And Jones, he's never exactly been what you'd call a Starfleet poster boy.  He made First Class three times, and he'll likely never make PO.  And he's a first-rate mess deck lawyer to boot."  She took a deep breath, and sighed.  She'd never liked that Welsh punk, and he'd probably never forgiven for any of the number of times she turned down his advances over the course of three years' hard travel.  "Kreten said that since we were told to expect additional training and duty hours, he wasn't really off-duty and that it was a good enough reason to hold onto his weapon.  But that was just an excuse, Sir.  He was really salty about getting disarmed and didn't like that you, meaning everyone here before we got rescued, didn't trust him especially when he thought he should be treated like a hero for managing to survive the last three years."

Eliska was taking no joy in explaining what had happened.  In fact, part of her was still wondering if, by fully throwing him under the mining lorry, she was doing the right thing at this time.  "I know, procedure said I should have called it in when he refused to come back here to turn in his phaser.  But like I said, if I'd done things through channels, it would have been official, everyone would know about it, and to a lot of the Resolve's people it would look like Theurgy folks were ganging up against them.  And I didn't want that.  Took some doing, but I convinced him to give me his weapon to turn back in, and in exchange I'd make up the story as to why and I'd be the one to eat the lion's share of the trouble that would be rolling downhill from it."

"Sir, the Captain and the XO, they were all both pretty big about wanting us all to be one crew, with no 'us and them' bullshit - pardon the language - and I agree with them.  So I judged that doing things by the book just then, it would go against that and make things even rougher than they already are."

So, she'd told the story.  But not quite all of it, at least not yet...

"Though, Sir, if he wasn't going to give me his weapon... I was going to take it from him one way or another.  We were ordered to turn them in at the end of the watch, I was the senior rating, and I was going to make sure your orders would be followed, Sir."

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[ Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn | Security Centre | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet 


Throughout the entire explanation, Wenn Cinn kept still, as if his dark skin was stone. He merely listened, taking in the words and scanning Bremmer for signs of duplicity. As she took the burly Bajoran through her reasoning, Cinn couldn’t find any obvious hints of lying, at least not in the same way that she had attempted when they had first met.

There was something in the way she told her story and that something wasn’t her accent. Cinn appreciated the rationale behind her actions. She tried to please everyone but still get the job done, however it was a harsh but important lesson that Cinn needed to give.

"If you are going to play by two sets of rules, no one will win," He said, his deep voice reverberating in the room. "Unfortunately for your old crewmates, past loyalties have to be just that. In some cases, the hardest part of the job lies with the fact that there can only be one set of rules, and those are not even Captain Ives'. They are the protocols of Starfleet.” He paused to pose a question. Tilting his head slightly, he asked. “After all, should we fail to abide by them, what is there left to protect? What are we truly fighting for?"

It had been the founding principle in Ives' mission statement and something that Cinn had taken to heart. While he had no doubt that he would follow the captain to the fire caves of Bajor themselves, part of it held true to his unwavering belief in doing the right thing. Had the captain decided to ditch protocols to get these parasites exposed, Cinn doubted that he would still be serving as Chief of Security, much less would still be aboard. A small part of Cinn’s mind concluded that he’d probably still be in the morgue of Archeron, and he dismissed the thought immediately so as not to shiver.

“You did the right thing” Cinn concluded. “At least, in getting that weapon back to the armory.” Leaning over, he grabbed a nearby idle tricorder and waves over the two pistols on the desk before assessing the results. “Neither have been fired.” He commented “So, besides the reluctance in bringing them back. Anything else to report?”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Arista

"I didn't do it for them, Sir.  Or even for me.  I did it for this ship.  There's a lot of people from Resolve, even some of the remaining officers, who aren't too happy with the way things are right now and they'd love a reason to get real loud and unpleasant about it.
 Right now, Jones is probably telling everyone who'll listen I'm a snitch and all sorts of other nice things about me.  But like you said, security isn't just about regulations, it's about knowing where and when to give way a little, Sir."

Eliska Bremmer was not quite done explaining herself.  Yes, the Chief thought she'd done the right thing, but he wanted him to know her reasoning, that it wasn't just a case of misplaced old loyalties, or her trying to make everyone happy; that she had been doing this for the good of everyone on the ship in the best way she knew how. 

"So far as I'm concerned, Sir, we're one crew here.  It hurts to say it, but Resolve is gone; Captain Kendrick's dead, our home of three years is part of a debris field, and I'd be lying if I said I don't miss him, or the ship, or what we had.  But we're Theurgy now, all of us.  Even the ones who don't realize it or want to still be Resolve regardless of what happened.  And it's because of that I did what I did.  Ship's barely holding together, you've got all kinds of new faces to integrate in the crew, and people who don't want to integrate.  So that means if I had to piss off those people by getting Jones' weapon and bringing it back to prevent things from getting nasty for everyone, then that was the right thing to do, right?"

But she had other things to answer, like if she'd had anything else to report.  "Nothing that isn't already in the log.  Saw some folks from your original crew hanging a little too close to some of the local weapons lockers for my taste and had them move along, some others were debating rushing the shuttlebay and grabbing a runabout and making the run for it with that disease that's running around, but it's all been reported already."

Then, she paused for a moment, and thought.  She had something to ask, something that she'd heard was to be directed to the Chief of Security.  Normally, as a mere Petty Officer she'd go through her watch Chief, who'd talk to the watch officer, who'd talk to the Deputy and so forth.  But now, she had the point of contact right in front of her.  "And Sir, I have a request.  I had a phaser taken from me between the airlock and the fighter bay.  And... I'd like it back.  Not to carry around, I know that's a dumb thing to ask.  But as my service weapon, when I'm on the clock.  It's... it's an old friend, carried it since it first came out of the crate fresh from manufacture.  I know, it's sounds pretty stupid...|

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[ Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn | Security Centre | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @CanadianVet 


Throughout her explanation, Cinn listened attentively, nodding as she told how she that was possibly shooting herself in the back when it came to old colleagues to do the right thing. It seemed that, finally, someone from Resolve had truly come to grips with their current situation. That meant the Bajoran had someone else he knew he could trust. Quite useful in these days where his circle seemed to be getting smaller, even if the size of department continued to grow.

As to her request to get her old weapon back? Cinn smiled at her assumption that it was misguided.

“Not at all.” He began, acknowledging her request. “I had a weapon during the occupation. It was this old, beaten up pistol, handed down from fighter to the next when either they found something better or died. The trigger stuck slightly if you fired too much and the power cell drained faster than it should, but it was mine, you know?” As he told the story, the large Bajoran smiled, his mind’s eye painting a picture of the pistol into his hands. He could still remember every dent, scratch and blemish.

“I carried that pistol from my first week in the resistance, in the back hills of my little village all the way to Ashalla itself.” At the time, the capital city of Bajoran had seemed daunting; Cinn still couldn’t work out if it was because it was his first visit there, the desolation and destruction wrought by the Cardassian to the amber domed buildings, or the mission he had been selected to do within those city walls. “When I was captured by the Cardassians, I lost many things, including that pistol.” The weapon visible only to cinn slowly faded from his hands, leaving only wide-open palms in its place.

“Jara and I had a plan to turn our weapons over to the Militia if we ever managed to drive the Cardassians from Bajor. We would no longer need them and they would need to bolster their arsenal somehow, to train the next generation.” It was one of those foolish dreams; one of many promises Cinn had told himself throughout the occupation to try to make himself feel better; to make him feel there was justification for the things he had done. Like with the pistol, nearly all those promises had fallen by the wayside and now Cinn was left, older, looking back wondering how he had ever believe those little white lies he had told himself. “After I was rescued, I never saw that pistol, or Jara ever again.”

Cinn paused at the completion of the story, reflecting. He had shared more than he had intended with this newcomer, allowing her a small glimpse into the history of the little broken boy from a backwater village on Bajor who had gone on be reborn, quite literally, by the Prophets. With a sharp inhale of breath through his nose, he pushed it all back down. The temporary vulnerability was gone and the Security Chief eyed his new recruit with a well-practiced warm smile.

“I’ll speak with the Mistress-at-Arms. Next time you’re issued a firearm, it should be yours.” Mentally, Cinn parsed back over the conversation and the report she gave for any additional areas he needed to address “I’ll also pass on word to Covington to keep an eye on the comings and goings within the shuttle bay. We had an unauthorized breach yesterday, and while I don’t believe that its related in the slightest, we need to remain vigilant.” He sighed quietly through his nostrils, trying to stifle his displeasure as much as possible. “As much as I’d like that say otherwise, it feels that tough times are ahead, as if we hadn’t have had enough already.”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya 

If anything, the Chief of Security was a tough man to read.  But then again, if half of what Eliska Bremmer had read about the man was true, let alone that he'd come back from the dead, she wasn't surprised he had a poker face like there was no tomorrow.  But there was something about his body language, his nods, and what was not quite a smile; something told her that he was more than accepting the way she'd chosen to approach the issue of Jones and his weapon; that he approved of her, and of her decision.

But at the matter of weapons, what she had not expected was to hear that he too had a sidearm he was personally attached to.  That was a strange thing to hear from an officer; in her experience, they tended to be detached from such things, and when they were not, they wouldn't share their thoughts on the matter with a mere Petty Officer.  Well, at least not The Boss.  But that story, that was real all right.  The man'd been put through the wringer before he joined Starfleet all right, and it showed.  But that meant one thing to Bremmer: her department head wasn't some pencil-necked paper pusher, he was a soldier and he understood what it meant to be down in the trenches, so to speak.  And she found that her wish to be able to trust him was going to come true; he was someone she'd follow without a second thought. 

When he acquiesced to her request, she offered him something of a smile.  "Thank you, Sir," was all she said about that.  But with his update on the security situation, she could but nod.  Of course she'd been briefed about the goings on board, but to hear him worry they were in for tough times... he was honest about it.  "Sir, if you don't mind my saying, this ship and crew, they've przez Piekło, a potem trochę."  She had not noticed how she'd fallen into the pidgin of her homeland when she mentioned the ship and crew had been through Hell and back, but she continued.  "If it wasn't of the last three years, I'd think this sort of stuff was only for bad holonovels; but something tells me we'll pull through, Sir."

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy] attn: @CanadianVet

Standing from his perch on the edge of Ensign Sel’s desk (which groaned in relief), Wenn stepped forward to put his hand on his subordinate’s shoulder.  “There were times when no one around me would dare say that.  Fighting Cardassians day after day, running, hiding, watching everything we did, everything we said for fear that someone nearby was a collaborator…then one day it was over.  Bajor was free.”  Somehow, Petty Officer Bremmer had managed to lift the clouds that had been gathering around her Chief’s head, even for a moment.

Returning her slight smile, “We’ve pulled through before, we’ll do so again.”  Dropping his hand, Cinn scooped up the two phasers and made for the locker, motioning for Eliska to follow.  “Of course, vigilance will be the price we pay to make sure that we do come out of the other side.  You’ve done good work today, keep going with it.  As for Jones, what do you think it will take for him to understand what you’ve come to realize, the fact that we’re one crew now, regardless of where we’ve come from?”  Considering some of the more unusual members of the crew, that was a bit of an understatement.  “Would he be one of the hardest heads about it?  I’d rather get any integration issues worked out before they become problems.  The Prophets only know these Devoted are making enough trouble as it is.”

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya

One thing Petty Officer Bremmer had not expected was for her boss' hand to extend out towards her and come to rest on her shoulder.  She was not a large woman, and she was fairly slender despite being muscular in her own right.  But her own joint disappeared under that meat hook of his.  And part of her wondered, idly, what he'd be like in the sack.

But that thought did not stay long in her head.  First of all, as a rule it was ill-advised to sleep with one's department head.  Second, he kept on talking, and his hand left her shoulder.  Which, for some reason, felt oddly cool and surprisingly light now that he was no longer holding onto it. 

As she followed him, she listened to his concerns and questions about crew integration.  To be consulted directly by the Chief of Security with regards to the overall situation wasn't something Bremmer was particularly used to; normally it would be a watch officer or one of the chiefs requesting input to pass up the chain (and, almost invariably, claim as their own bouts of genius).  "Sir, Jones... he's not precisely the sharpest bocce ball in the shed.  It would take some serious pounding it into his skull."

That much she was all right answering, but what had to come next, she was not exactly thrilled about having to say this.  But her opinion had been asked, and she'd do her damnedest to make things work within this ship.  Even if...

"Sir, assuming this is still off the record, permission to speak freely, assuming my name will stay out of any official notice you choose to take of this?"

That was a question she had to ask; she trusted the burly Bajoran enough to keep his word if he gave it, but at first she would need it.  And while he did not speak, he did offer a nod and a wave of his hand to invite her to continue.

"I couldn't say if Jones is one of the harder heads, but there's a good few who either don't get the message, or just plain don't want to.  In the hangar, the XO, Commander Trent that is, said he wouldn't tolerate any 'us and them' hovadina1, but before he said that, Stri... I mean Commander Marquez passed a message to us, using veiled speech.  When he talked about Battle Order Number One, and the part of it he used... it was a covert order to us; it was an order to keep a two-man rule at all times, and trust no one who isn't one of us... meaning from Resolve, Sir."  Bremmer took a deep breath.  She well might have just thrown her former First Officer under the mining lorry with this.  But having mentioned it to another senior officer, there was a chance this could be resolved quietly, between them, and word could be passed that the order was rescinded permanently... 

"Sir, I'll be the first one to admit to being in a tough spot here.  Love the types I came up with, and Commander Marquez was integral in keeping the lot of us alive.  There's enough of us who get it, that we're one crew; but there's more who don't realize that you... meaning Theurgy, didn't have to take a pounding and all those casualties to save our ass, and that we're all in this together.  And there's those still on the fence.  But for everyone except the die-hard 'us and them' types, we're in a really tough spot between loyalty to each other, and to Theurgy.  Especially when our old XO, who's saved all our lives plenty of times, passed covert orders that we've got to stick together because he doesn't think the people around us can be trusted."

1 bullshit


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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy]

Commander Wenn didn’t hesitate with his approval when Eliska wanted to speak off the record, if his people couldn’t speak their mind (on and off the record) then it would be much harder for the department to work together as a cohesive whole.  Those who have worked with him knew that unless extreme circumstances required that he divulge where certain bits of information came from, anything said in confidence stayed there.  Petty Officer Bremmer may not have known that, but the fact that she was willing to trust him was heartening.

Especially with her revelation on why some of the old Resolve crew were acting the way they were.

His smile faded into a serious line and the Bajoran stopped in his tracks, phasers gripped in a single hand.  Cinn thought back to the mass briefing the day before, trying to remember some details about Marquez’s speech, but with everything that’s been happening he couldn’t think of any details that stood out.  Brow furrowing in frustration, he turned around to face his subordinate, oblivious to the sound of the grinding phasers as his fist tightened.

“Did he now?” Cinn growled, a little more forceful than he intended.  “I’m glad you told me this, it will save a lot of trouble later on.  Dismissed.”  Turning back around, the last thing Eliska would see of her superior was the veins throbbing in the back of his bald, dark head.

Fuming in the weapons locker, it took most of his willpower to not throw the phasers into a bulkhead.  Instead, he whispered one of the first prayers his mother had ever taught him, desperate to calm down enough to think straight.  There are plenty of examples in history where different crews had to combine, there’s bound to be something in Thea’s database about it he figured, placing the returned phasers into their assigned slots and updating the log.  There’s bound to be some good ideas in them, but for now, the heavy bag in the gym was calling, but when Thea chimmed in to let him know that Dyan Cardamone had just arrived in the Security Center another idea popped in his head, something that could help both of their moods...


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