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Re: Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | Runabout USS Thames | Above Vector 01 of the Theurgy ] Attn: @Even Angels Cry & @Auctor Lucan

Jack regarded the scans of the woman He wasn't surprised at the damage. No one ever said this moment of life was going to be comfortable for her, but he was surprised that she was still alive, at least in the common sense of the word. Cardiac arrest and the rest of the damage would catch up to her shortly. He hit his combadge. "Jack to Theurgy, Lock onto Rihen and perform an emergency medical transport."

Watching her vanish Jack slumped against the wall for a moment, feeling a wave of tiredness wash over him as he looked at the place where she had been laying, and then looked to the cockpit. He wanted out of this EV suit, and back into a lab.

The next time i get off this ship I should seriously consider not coming back. He thought just feeling tired. When he walked back to Jaya in the cockpit Jack collapsed into the chair a feeling of miserable tiredness washing over him for a moment. "She's alive... for the minute."

"I need to find some fun on this ship." He glanced towards Jaya. "You wanna catch a drink after my shift?"

[ PO2 Sithick |  | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tubes 213166AA | Vector 02 ] Attn:  @Doc M. @FollowTomorrow @Triage @Absinthe @MasterRat @Hastata-Nerada

Sithick held the removed torpedo head. He looked at the doctor who had helped him.  She had a good point. he was tired, and his body was not immune to radiation sickness, it was strong against it the simple durability of his body reduced the chance of stray harmful mutations and his immune system was powerful enough to burn anything that came his way. Though cancer was still a bitch it was an innoculation away from being fixed.

The burns on his claws were a common problem he had faced as an engineer. Still he couldn't leave them untreated, and the weapon was locked up and no longer a threat to the crew of the ship.

"Fine I shall go to the bay of the sick." It was in all actuality the last place he wanted to go. Chances were good that there was at least one doctor on duty whom he did not wish to see right now. leaving and locking down the tube that they had been crawling through so that another team could come along to clean up he tapped his badge.

"Sithick to Operations, the warhead is secured, requesting the removal of the forcefields, please dispatch a weapons disposal team to my location, and if you would beam me to sickbay."
He looked at Maya, he didn't know where she had come from before this incident but he was glad for her assitance. "Thank you tiny doctor."

Re: Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun & Jonas Arisaka (NPC) | Vector 01 Hull | "Helmet" Exterior | Airlock | USS Theurgy ]
Numb detachment.
That is all Varder really felt as he realized the true extent of what had just occurred in this small little picture before him. The drifting Worker Bee came gently into contact with Thea's hull, two Valravn fighters soared past in that moment, heading overhead towards the USS Tigris. All of this was noted in some off pocket of his mind as he watched the lifeless body of Crewman Fok lazily drift off into the Azure Nebula. The attack run overhead occurred, but Varder held no interest in such at this moment. Seconds drifted by as he simply floated in place above Thea's hull.

Then came Jonas's voice, relaying the instruction to return to the ship. This was accompanied by a ["...Is everything alright?"], Jonas himself had already returned to the hull of Thea with some assistance from his suits propulsion systems. ["Yeah.. everything is fine, lets get inside."] Came the response from Varder, short and somewhat curt. It was only a few moment before he reached the hull beside Jonas, the walk back to the airlock took only a minute or so, then there was re-pressurization. Throughout it all Varder was stoic, going through the motions required.

Now into the changing rooms, removing the EVA suits, some helping hands required from one another. Recovering his phaser within its holster, clipping it back into place as the accipiter hung heavily from his shoulder. After setting off at a brisk pace he palmed his combadge, "Varder to armory, I dont think I will be needing this rifle for bridge duty." A short exchange for the return of the weapon took place as he returned to the seat he had been at a few short minutes ago.

A brief few minutes ago Varder had never killed a starfeet officer.


Re: Day 02 [1415 hrs.] Putting Her Back Together

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[ Doctor  Maya | USS Theurgy | Jefferies Tubes 213166AA | Vector 02 ]

"Thank you tiny doctor."

“You’re welcome Mister Sithick,” the little Vulcan replied with a tiny nod as a quiet electronic hum was heard and the hulking Gorn was covered in a shower of glowing sparks.  In less than a moment, he had disappeared and with the view unobscured the greenblooded physician spotted three red collared enlisted men heading to her location.  They had halted their progress to stare at the Gorn as he was beamed away but now approached Maya and the torpedo.

"Master Chief Klex," the oldest one, a  Denobulan introduced himself in a curt salute to the Vulcan doctor. "With the CTO's compliments. Has the warhead been secured?"

“Yes, and the technician who defused it has been beamed to sickbay,” Maya replied.  “I am Doctor Maya.  If you don’t need me, I should be getting back myself,” she added.   “With your permission gentlemen?”

After they acknowledged her intention to depart the little Vulcan stepped away and took a moment to stare at the empty Jeffries tube before her.  Had she really crawled through these tunnels in order to infect the ship with the disease that was the enemy?   The facts seemed unverifiable, but there was one fact that she couldn’t deny:  There was no reason for her to roam free anymore.  

Standing up perfectly straight, Maya blinked slowly before touching the button on the chest of her EV suit.  “Maya to transporter room, the patient is stable; I am ready to return to the security center.”
For the safety of both her shipmates and herself, it was time to return to her cell.

William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy  ] 

Back in main engineering, William O’Connell emerged from his office, his face as pale as an Aenar’s swimsuit lines.

“What happened boss?” Chief Petty Officer Manfredi asked him.

“I wuz talkin’ the folks in th’ CIC,” O’Connell muttered.  “We lost a lotta good friends outside.”


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