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CHAPTER 02: Under the Subterranean Waterfalls [2330 hrs.]

[ Holodeck 01 | Subterranean gardens | 23.30 hrs. ]   Attn: Kurohigi

After the encounter with Tatiana Marlowe, Simon Tovarek decided that he needed some refreshment before he headed back to the party or his quarters. The exertion from the intense lovemaking with Tia had made him a bit tired but mostly filthy. The moss under him had left some dirt traces and mud on him and the sweat had been all over him. It was the combined fluids of his and hers that made the area around his genitals a rather sticky mess. Yet he didn't feel guilty about it. In fact he had shared an intense moment of peace and tranquility with her. As if they had bonded somehow and their relationship towards one another had become something more. After saying his goodbye to the Chief Engineer, Simon decided to stroll a bit further down the subterranean systems of Risa. The fluorescent plants being quite a beauty to behold.

Yet his attention got drawn away from the plants as he heard a rumble, quite familiar yet also a bit thunderous. He went through the flora to find out what it was and he stumbled across a medium sized pool with a grand waterfall cascading down the rocks. His eyes widened a bit as he didn't know there would be waterfalls like this on Risa and he moved closer now. He witnessed the force of nature, even though it was on a holodeck it all felt so real. He moved himself towards the edge of the pool and kneeled down to run his fingers through the water. It felt just right of temperature and he bent forward a bit to freshen up his face. However it all felt so wondrous and nice that he looked around him for a few seconds. He made sure nobody would be around before he started to strip down his clothes. Of course he couldn't be sure that eyes could be looking at him from the plants.

Once he had stripped down he carefully walked forward into the nice and warm water. At the deepest point the water reached up to his waist and he struggled himself forward against the current to the waterfall. Once he felt the bouldering water crush down on his neck, shoulders, arms and head, he let out a scream of joy and pleasure. Memories taking him back to his youth back in Moscow where there were some tropical waterparks. The feeling of the water crushing down on him felt wonderful and he let the water clean him off. He wasn't sure how much time passed by as he remained under the waterfall and he closed his eyes for a few seconds to just take in the moment.

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Edena had been feeling good after her time spent with Wenn Cinn, getting a lot of weight off her chest thanks to the kindness he had shown.  She was in such a pleasant mood, she even decided to reward Illya, the one who pushed her to interact with the Bajoran.  She was given control of Edena's body, told to enjoy the rest of the Festival as she saw fit.

Any way?

Yes, Illya, even that.  Just do me a favor and limit it to one person.

Oh, I only tried that one time, and you stopped them before they stuck anything in!

Illya's wandering brought her many places, grabbing a drink or two as she spoke to others, though most conversations left her fighting to remain interested.  After a few times being mistaken for Edena (something she couldn't really fault them for, considering it was her body,) Illya wandered off for a private moment, coming across a underground garden, smiling happily.  If one was going to be alone, what better place then surrounded by beautiful plants?  The sound of a waterfall only furthered her excitement, as she strolled towards it, only to come across clothes piled on the shore beside it.

Oh, Illya, don't, Edena said, already feeling pity for the clothing's owner.

You said enjoy myself any way I want, she reminded the body's owner, scooping up the clothes and tossing them well away from shore, assuring whoever might own them would have a little walk of shame to get them back.  After that was done, she made a very deliberate attempt to be noticed by the clothing's owner, whom she hadn't spotted yet.  She wanted him to know she was there, and he was in a very compromised condition.

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The water had been more than nice for Simon when he stepped out of the waterfall. Only once he got out his eyes noticed the lack of certain clothes on the spot where he left them. He doubted now if he had looked at the right place. Yet his eyes quickly noticed something else or well someone else by the shoreline. It was nobody less than the Commander herself and he looked at her figure before slowly feeling his body freeze up. 'Was this against regulations or not? No since it's a free shore leave night...' his head reasoned with him in just a matter of seconds. "Commander..." He started now with a bit of a tremble in his voice "You wouldn't happen to know where my clothes would be would you?" he said slowly, and felt his cheeks turn a bit darker.

This was a rather weird situation to be in, yet the water covered everything from the waist down. Nothing special was really visible besides the naked torso of the chief science officer. His blueish eyes meeting the eyes of the commander once more. The crushing sound of water hitting the water around him was loud still and the ripples of it would be moving further till the shore. Simon remained where he was now, not really wanting to expose his entire naked body to Edena. It would be a bit... Weird to say the least.

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"Commander?  There's no Commander here."  It was Edena's voice, and yet it wasn't.  The tone, the inflection, it was like someone else entirely.  This version of Edena, it seemed like every word that left her mouth was meant to be a seduction, silky and teasing, accompanied by a smile with begged attention.  The crew was well aware of her blended state, most familiar with the unusual form her joining took.  The Rez Symbiont, be it through injury or flawed surgery to place it within Edena, had been fragmented, the former hosts m,ore like ghosts in her head then an amalgamation into her psyche.  Simon was speaking to one of those former hosts, currently in possession of the Commander's body.

"You know, I do think I saw a set of clothes a couple minutes ago.  I believe I moved them away from the shore, so they didn't get wet.  Right . . . " her finger twirled in circles as she looked about, pretending to search for them when she knew quite well where they were.  "There," she finally said, pointing towards the pile, sitting a good distance away.  The fact that she made no attempt to move toward them must have been a sign enough that she wasn't about it, but if there was any more sign needed, it was when she crouched down to put a hand in the water.

"That feels wonderful," she said, standing back up and sliding her dress down, putting Edena's full figure on display.  She had been braless the whole night, but Illya hadn't bothered with underwear when she redressed the body, giving Simon a full view before diving into the water with the grace of a professional swimmer, swimming a meter past the man before finally surfacing.

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Hearing the words, Simon could notice a difference in the woman before him. Even though she looked and talked like his commander, she was different. Yet he couldn't quite place it just yet. His eyes followed her as she told him where she saw his clothes just minutes ago. His eyes made contact with his clothes and his mind was racing. 'Should I get out of the water and get my clothes and leave? Or would that be too inappropriate in front of her? Maybe I can just wai-' His thought process got interrupted as Illya crouched down to let her hand sink in the water.

It hit him finally when she told him the water felt wonderful 'Of course, the symbiont.' he muttered to himself in his mind. Before he could even answer her about the water, his eyes widened a bit as he saw the woman stand up once more, slipping her dress off. Those few seconds seemed to slow down now as his eyes took in the detail of Edena her body. Surprised that she was entirely naked under it, he found himself a bit baffled and without words. He saw her dive and followed the silhouette down the water before she resurfaced. A small smile appearing on his face, yet his mind still uneasy by the chain of events.

"So with whom do I have the pleasure?" he asked carefully, not really sure if it was the right question to ask. His looked at her face now, the wet hair that stuck to her face and the prints of a true Trill covering her neck. He always had found the race a bit special, unique to be more precise. He always wondered how it would feel to move his hands over the neck of one of them. He moved closer towards her now and kept his eyes on her.

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"You don't have the pleasure with anyone yet, but play your cards right and maybe we can change that," she responded, laying her head back and allowing herself to float a bit on the surface of the water, her face and breasts protruding above.  Already, the cool air in comparison to the spring had caused her nipples to stiffen out from the small areola.  Her legs kicked to keep her afloat as she moved in a circle around Simon, eyes ever staring upwards.  This continued until she had made a full circle around him, at which point she spun over, backside sticking out of the water prominently before she dived under again, finally popping up straight in front of him, so close their noses practically touched.

"Illya Rez," she finally introduced herself.  "And I know exactly who you are, Simon.  I can just call you Simon, right?  I'm not a member of Starfleet, so I can forgo the stiff regulations, right?"  Her empathasis on the word stiff seemed to imply something, perhaps that she had seen some sign that he had been aroused by the sight of her naked body?  Illya wouldn't even need to look to know if that was true, confident that any man who got a look at Edena's nude figure would be at least a little turned on.

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Simon couldn't help but let out a small chuckle and laugh as she told him he had to play his cards right. He looked at her now as she floated on her back, her breasts showing nicely under the plants. His eyes followed them as the nipples hardened by the cool air. Simon remained where he stood, still a bit nailed to the ground while he admired Edena her body floating around him. Under the water his member stirred in the water, slowly regaining a harder form by the circling swimmer. When she dived down he couldn't help but grin as she showed her ass as it went under and when she rose back up, his grin vanished to a coy smile.

"Nice to meet you Illya Rez." He answered her and was surprised that she knew his name. "Simon is fine by me ma'am." The emphasis on the word stiff had not escaped his attention and he looked down at her nipples in quite an unsubtle way. He replied "Well, lets not tighten up the situation. It's a festival as I recall." he smirked now. "Seeing I'm at a bit of a disadvantage here though, care to tell me more about yourself?" He asked her now while circling around her himself. His eyes moving over her figure.

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"About me?  And what exactly are you wanting to know?"  Illya did have an advantage, being enough a part of Edena's mind to have seen duty rosters and become familiar with any crew that worked directly under her, or those who were part of the senior staff.  Simon, in the meanwhile, knew next to nothing about some ghost in Edena's head that lived two hundred years ago.  "Well, if you wanna know what my old body, the one I actually owned, looked like, let me see if I can paint you a picture.  Using Eden here as a template, imagine red shoulder hair, a couple inches taller, a tad more tanned, with a pair of double D's you'd have even more trouble getting your eyes off of."

Yeah, she was aware of the glances he was giving Edena's chest, but Illya was rather pleased with it herself.  "If you're wanting to know more about my life, all I can say is that my current roommate situation is sharing one skull with two other chicks and a grumpy older guy.  It gets cramped in here, and privacy can be an issue, but we have learned to tune each other out.  For example . . . Eden just decided to tune out, which means you and me are all alone right now."

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What did he want to know? It was a good question and Simon smiled a bit faint readying up his barrage of questions to be fired off at the woman that seemed to be controlling the body of Edena. Yet before he could ask a single question he got a small summary of how she looked like before she got trapped in Edena. His eyes followed her as she told him how she looked like, his eyes going back to her breasts as she told him they were double D's. A slight flush covered his cheeks now as she clearly knew he had been eying them. Yet who could blame him with the show she was giving "Hmm... I think you're right, I would have trouble to keep my eyes of those.. Not to mention my hands." He answered her a bit coy and looked up into her eyes now.

Hearing the rest of the explanation made him a bit smirky. "I'm guessing you don't need to pay rent in that skull?" he asked her and nodded, taking note that Edena had left and that right now, the only conscious minds in this place were her and him. "So Illya right? What kind of job did you use to do before you became a roommate of Edena?" he asked her, wanting to know more about her. Some would call it a scientific habit of him. Even if a fully naked woman with a gorgeous body would be standing before him, he'd try to figure out what made her so special. In this case, the split personality profile had caught his full attention. Even though the distractions had made his body react, his mind wanted to know more, it was hungry for more.

He stayed in front of her and his mind still tried to make a clearer picture of her in her old form. While waiting for the answer of what she did as a job, he tried to guess it. Numerous jobs came up, most of them however were based in bars or clubs, maybe as a secretary of some kind. His mind was racing as if it was a super computer going over a million things at the same time. Yet to Illya, he'd just be looking her straight in the eyes, seemingly trying to dig deeper into her soul somehow.

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"Depends on what you mean by rent.  You might say i am paying in my years of knowledge and experience, and those are things far more valuable then money, I'm sure a learned man like yourself would agree."  That statement, observing him to be the type to value knowledge over money, was the first hint at what her former occupation was, and it wasn't anything like Simon might have guessed.  "I was a con artist and a grifter.  I suppose I could have made a living as an actress, but instead, I chose to create personas and backgrounds that let me be who I needed to be to make marks part with their money.  I would look at people, and be what they wanted, so I could reel them in to serve my own needs.  It was those powers of observation that Edena used when posing as a counselor on this ship as part of her cover."

One might think she had been using those manipulations on Simon, using the naked body available to her to catch his eye and his attention, make him follow her lead with subtle cues, like giving him good looks at breasts and buttocks, to entice him enough to do what she wanted simply to get a shot at them.  Continuing the cues, her fingers trailed along his thigh, so close to far more sensual places, close enough to make him anticipate, but not granting it.  Though her intention was to see herself satisfied, part of that always cam from having a man eating out of her hand whenever she could possibly arrange it.

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Simon could indeed agree with the notion that having an extra sort of brain with it's own expertise would certainly be enough to pay for mental rent. In fact he'd probably want the same at some point, the possibilities endless if he could tap in to different expertises. Hearing now what she did as a job in the times made Simon smirk "Oh.. That was unexpected. Yet it makes sense in a way." He said softly and looked differently to Illya now. She could probably notice it since he was real bad at concealing thoughts or emotions towards others. "Out of curiosity, how would you reel me in? Or what are your observations?" He asked her now.

He could feel her hand running over his thigh now, his body clearly reacting to the sensations she was delivering to him. One could not say that Tovarek wasn't enjoying it. His rigid member had risen under water by now and he stood just far enough so it wouldn't poke Illya. If she indeed wanted him to be eating out of her hand, he'd probably be like most scholars. An easy picking.

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"Oh, if I wanted to reel you in, I would start by setting you off balance.  I find the best thing to do with intellectual thinkers is to throw something at them they can't expect, just to get their minds off their game.  After that, it's a two pronged attack, starting with captivating their body, and then their mind."  Something unexpected could have been the theft of his clothes, leaving him in an exposed and vulnerable state, while capturing his body was as simple as sending Edena's own body in for a skinny dip.  Finally, the mental attack was in engaging his mind, fascinating him with her unique nature as a Join Trill and her previous occupation.  Everything she had listed off as how she would reel him in was exactly what she had done.

"Once all that's done, all I need to do is dig my hooks in and you're mine."  It wasn't hooks, but fingers which found him, the trail she was making on his thigh leading to his manhood, which Illya grasped, a little snugly at first, just to give him a start, but then easing off to an appropriate level before she started to stroke, the grin on her face so much like a cat with a canary.

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As Simon listened to the explanation of the former con artist his mind checked off the list as continued to speak. It didn't take very long for him to realize he had been caught right in the middle of her web. There was no escape if there even was a feeling to do so. Feeling her hands move closer to his manhood and eventually grasping it was the end of any resistance on Simon's behalf. He let out a soft gasp as he felt her delicate hands on his privates and when she started to stroke he couldn't hide the small moans leaving his lips.

His manhood was still a bit sensitive from the wild encounter he had with Tatiana. Each and every stroke Illya made on his was seemingly amplified. "I.. I guess.. That I ra-an... Straight... In..." He let out in soft gasps and moans as he kept his eyes closed as she stroked him. He didn't move at all now as his knees and feet refused to deliver any service at all. He let his hands roam underwater now to slowly caress her hand, moving up over her arm. He opened his eyes once more now as he slid his hands up, slowly cupping her breasts and his thumbs sought a way to fondle with her nipples.

It didn't take long before one hand left her breast and trickled down her chest and abdomen before reaching her pubic area. He loitered around there for a few seconds while enjoying the treatment she was giving him. Carefully he slid his hands lower now, touching her tender nether lips and looking her in the eye to catch her reaction. If the reaction would be played or real was the real question, yet Simon would be curious to the outcome of it.

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A playful smile overtook her face as Simon reached out to touch her, first the breasts, followed by reaching lower, a touch which made her eyes drift shut, her lips part gently and release a small but certainly aroused moan.  "There's something you should know about me," she said, her hand sliding down to grip only the base of his manhood.  "I'm a bit more straightforward then most women you'll meet."  No games, no need to tease things out.  She moved herself in closer, close enough that she was able to bring him inside of her with a practiced effortlessness, the small moan from before a much more audible one as the flared head of his erection pressed into her womanly entrance, sinking deeper inward.  If he was feeling sensitive after his last encounter, he wouldn't be getting a chance to ease back in, not when Illya's thighs wrapped around his waist, her hands pressing onto his shoulder, getting her in position to rock against him.

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Straightforward might have been an understatement. Before Simon could even react or say anything, he could feel how his manhood got inserted into the warm yet welcoming folds of Illya. He let out a soft gasp as it did feel sensitive at this part, yet once she sunk his length in more the feeling of slight pain or irritation faded away and got replaced by a more familiar feeling. All he could do now was rest both of his hands against Illya's well formed rear, squeezing a bit in it before he started to rock himself against Illya before she could decide pace and rhythm. His eyes closed up as he felt his length go deeper until he could reach no further, grazing her inner walls as he did so.

After a few moments he opened up his eyes to look at Illya. He leaned in slowly to kiss her in the neck, somehow focusing on the prints in her neck while leading his kisses up towards her ear. He nibbled at her ear gently  "Anything else I need to know about you Illya?" he asked her now while keeping it still slow and steady for the time being.

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"Well, sometimes I like to play pranks by letting Edena takes back control of her body when I'm fucking someone," Illya said with a teasing grin, suggesting the same thing might end up happening to Simon, who might unexpectedly find himself having sex with the Ship's First Officer in a moment that would be embarrassing for both parties.  Just in case that did hinder his ability to perform, Illya put his mind at ease.  "You can relax.  Tonight, she earned a break from my jokes, and willingly let me go have some fun using her body, so I plan to stick around."

With assurances made, her body worked against her partners, the grace of a woman with years of experience under her belt.  Through the blending, she had known love making through the former host Kiya Rez, whom spent her entire life as a happily married woman.  Illya never shared that same love of commitment, however, and took Kiya's sexual prowess to many partners, expanding it as much as possible, until she had two lifetimes worth of skill.  The way her hips gyrated, her bosom rubbed against Simon's chest, the feeling of her nails brushing over just the right places to illicit more pleasure, it was all as natural to her as breathing.

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Simon couldn't help but smirk, yet he felt a knot forming in his stomach as she brought it to his attention. It would be very awkward to suddenly have the first officer in this situation. Yet she seemed to set him at ease by telling him she wasn't planning on doing anything like that tonight. "Do you plan to stick along for long? Or just for a one time fun situation?" he asked her softly while he started to adjust his body to her rhythm. It was still weird for Simon to let his hands roam over the body of the first officer, even though she wasn't really her.

The feeling she was giving him during intercourse however was amazing. It was as if she knew perfectly what she had to do to make it feel all so much better for him. In order to meet up to her standards, he let his hands roam over the specific sensitive spots known to him in Trill anatomy. Hoping it would give her just as much pleasure as she was giving him. As for his length that was sheathed within her, it had reached it's full length by now and he let it graze against her hugging walls as if she would be his only lover.

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"Well, I'm always around in Edena's head.  How much I enjoy myself will help me decide how much time I should commit to bugging her for another night with her body."  Edena was sometimes charitable enough to let Illya have some fun with her body, though pestering her often was a part of getting her way.  Illya had tonight for sure, Edena feeling quite satisfied to retire mentally after having an intimate encounter of her own with Wenn Cinn.  Now, it was Illya's turn to seek out her own satisfaction.

Unexpectedly, she uncoupled from Simon before either of them finished, and swam for shore, pulling at him to join her.  Once out of the water, she was quick to get the science officer laying on his back, where she could straddle him to return his manhood into her depths.  "It's better out here.  Easier to see and enjoy everything, and to really work my hips," she said, rolling her hips in much wider, deeper waves then she was capable of when they were in the water.  After several of those, her hands touched the ground behind her and she opened her thighs, switching from rocking to rising and falling, the change in her stance giving her partner an easy view of their joined organs as hers rose and fell upon his own.

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Simon smirked a bit at Illya's answer and he carried on to let his hands feel around the body of Edena. Yet without warning, he felt his aroused member being unsheathed from the Trill as she broke off and swam to shore. He followed her with a frown, yet he sort of understood why she'd want to continue this on the shoreline. Before he could even react he was laying on his back and Illya straddled him once more. His length being re invited into her warm body and he could certainly feel the difference on the dry surface.

He let his eyes roam over her body now as he could see the Trill her magnificent body even better now out of the shade ripples of the water. One of his hands reached up, trailing from her abdomen up to her well formed breast. He took hold of it and fondled with it a bit roughly as a smile formed on his face. Again Illya switched into a different stance and Simon looked down now at her inviting thighs. He could see their joined organs as they both moved back and fort or up and down. He used his free hand to reach out to it and easily found Illya her clit. His thumb pressing down against it and starting to make a circular movement against it.

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Simon wasn't a slouch, quickly finding his way to the pleasure center of her womanhood, and working his thumb against it, assuring that every motion she made would only be heightened by that added pressure.  It was enough to have Illya running her fingers through her hair, panting heavily with each and every rock of her hips against him.  "Oh that is just cruel of you.  I love it," she said, making her feelings known on the matter.  When at last she managed to get her hands down, they went to his torso, fingernails dragging across him enough to feel the scratching sensation, but not enough to leave anything more then some red streaks and unbroken skin.  Illya moved her hips faster and harder with each passing minute, coaxing her orgasm, and his, along faster and faster, too impatient to play the long game for it.  She wanted it now, and she wanted it hard.  As the build up to it began her inner walls tightened around the length within her, giving Simon even more pressure upon his manhood to stimulate him.  Her entire lower body practically tingled in anticipation, every action she made meant to spur her partner on, to join her in climax.

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The effect of adding his thumb against her sensitive clit seemed to be a very positive stimulus for Illya as she seemed to enjoy herself even more now. "Cruel?" He repeated after her and grinned as she added that she loved it. "Illya, after all, I am a doctor. I do know what physical nodes I need to hit." he added with a smirk. He let out a groan, both from pain yet also from pleasure as she raked her fingernails across his chest. In reaction he violently bucked his hips upwards slamming them into Illya, his length being slammed into her sex. He could feel her inner walls tightening up now and than and his own member was throbbing as well in anticipation of the climax ahead. Each thrust and sensation driving them closer to it. Yet Simon couldn't hold it out much longer as their savage sex reached the top for him. With a loud moan he slammed his lower body against Illya and his one hand pulled her down along his manhood by grasping her by the buttocks while he placed his other hand against her shoulder to get in as deep as he could. The feeling of cum being shot inside of Illya's body only increased his groan and he felt a few more gushes spewing out after the initial one. He opened his eyes slowly to look at her now.

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Illya was just as aroused as feeling the result of Simon's climax as she was her own, hands pressing firmly on his chest as her hips worked the final streams of release from him.  When finished, she laid herself on top of him, her lips whispering into his ear.  "You're going to take responsibility for getting Edena pregnant, right?"  She let him deal with the surprise of those words for a few seconds before she finally let a chuckle free.  "Don't worry, I'm joking.  After the first time she learned I was capable of using her body as my own and what i would do with it, she took measures to assure that wouldn't happen."  Birth control was necessary when one of your past lives was as sexually liberated as Illya, and even Kiya had seen some use for it since her encounter with the Captain during the Ishstar incident.  Edena herself was just beginning to find it useful for herself on top of that.

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Simon groaned contently as Illya positioned herself on top of him and he could feel her body squeezing out the last of his seed into her as she drew near again to whisper something into his ear. What she whispered to him though made his mind go blank for a split second. Surely she was joking right? The face he pulled would probably be worth gold, yet Illya assured him not to worry. He let out a small chuckle as she said so and he shook his head "You really had me going there for a second..." He murmured and let his fingers slide over the soft skin of Edena's body.

Even though the person he had made love to was Illya Simon wondered if he'd be able to look at Edena, his commander, with the same look as before tonight. Wouldn't he constantly be reminded of her body and how good Illya had used it? It was food for thought on a later stage than tonight he concluded. For now, he only enjoyed the moment as his member slowly grew soft again inside Illya.

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"I've seen that look before," she teased, pressing a finger against Simon's nose like it was a button in need of pressing.  Simon wasn't the first crew member that Illya had slept with, and not just on the Theurgy, and they often got this concerned look on their face.  How were they to face the true owner of the body after seeing her in such a state, controlled by someone else.  "Eden checked out for the evening, so she won't remember any of this unless she is told about it.  It's like . . . a privacy mode.  She turned it on, so she is unaware of everything happening now, and since we're individualized personalities, my memories won't bleed into hers."  It essentially meant that Simon was the only one who would remember it, ave for Illya herself, whom was more then willing to keep those as her own memories.

"I guess what I'm saying is, try to think of me and her as twins.  If you slept with one identical twin, is it any business of the other?  It's only weird if you make it weird."  Probably not the pillow talk that Simon might have expected to get, but at least it was something, and Illya, whether because she believed it herself or was just that good an actress, could make a pretty compelling argument.

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What Illya told him as to consider them as twins made sense in the mind of Simon. It was a logical reasoning that his scientific mind gladly embraced. "I can live with that..." He replied slowly as he closed his eyes for a second and nodded eventually. He was still fascinated by the idea of blocking an entire series of events by just switching host. It would probably be something he'd want to explore further and he looked at Illya once more while running his fingers through her hair "So, do you have blank spots than when Edena or any other person is in control of the body?" he asked curious. Yet before Illya could answer he shook his head "No, wait, delay that answer..."

He removed himself from between Illya's thighs now and he let out a soft groan as his member came in contact with the air around them. He kept his eyes trained on Illya and smiled as he moved his lips once more to ask a question "So, was this a one time thing or might I see you again?"

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