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CHAPTER 01: Exigency of Life [1930 hrs.]

CHAPTER 01: "Exigency of Life"

[ USS Theurgy | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | 1930 hrs. ] Attn: Searcher, Nolan, Cathreen Dawinter (and Brutus)

The moment of truth, so to say, had finally come.

It had been a long day indeed. Hours upon hours by the DNA resequencer control panel. The interface software they worked with was hooked up to the central biobed, and in turn, the stasis unit that laid docked into it. For indeed, Sarresh Morali had been in stasis the whole time while they worked on changing the DNA that made up his body and flesh. The aquatic denominator had been found early on, and after it had been isolated, work began to change the required DNA from Ash'reem to Human, and for that, they needed a point of reference, and as much had been provided by the sample of the late Rennan Cooper's DNA.

In shifts, they had changed the very genome of the patient. String by string. Number by number, and it had been a very, very long day. From early morning, until 1930 hrs. Taking turns by the computer panels and recreating the human DNA. As it were, they had a reprogrammed popsicle in a stasis unit, and the four of them stood in a circle around the biobed. Lucan raised his pale eyes to look towards Eve Jenkins first, and then Amelya Duv. The last person was Sar-unga Neleo, the Asurian that was now going to make her contribution to the recovery of their patient. They were three remarkable women that had helped bring this about, and remarkably different from one another too. In fact, the only thing they had in common was himself, he thought in dark humour. Odd, though, how he suddenly felt a bit ashamed at his own amusement.

In any case, they had now reached the point when the blank cells from the Asurian's Velsren sac was about to be intravenously introduced to Sarresh Morali's body, all while his body slowly exited its current state of stasis. It could not happen too quickly, since he was on the very verge of life and death from his ordeal on Theta Eridani IV. He needed time to gain support by the healing agent, 'thawing' under close surveillance. Also, Sar-unga had informed them that it would be a slower process than when she returned to her natural state since the residual Ash'reem DNA was not fully compatible with hers.

"Nurse Jenkins, would you do the honour of beginning the intravenous therapy?" asked Lucan with a smile yet without ceremony, referring to the first bag of five being placed in its dedicated compartment in the biobed, which would route the blank cells into the compressed air muzzles in the stasis unit, which would gradually transfer the injectant from the biobed into the the body. Just like a hypospray, only in form of a metallic coffin. "Calibrate the timing and injections so that all five bags of blank cells can be emptied before we leave, please."

Then he turned to the CMO of the Harbinger. "Would you like to calibrate the thawing cycle, Doctor Duv?" he asked as he stepped up to the prone stasis unit. "Just make sure he remains sedated until the morrow, when Doctor Maya will begin the post-treatment neuropressure therapy."

Lastly, he turned to Sar-unga, bringing to mind something that had been discussed earlier. "Do you think this healing agent of yours will be able to restore his sense of sight completely? The eyes were exceedingly hard to reengineer into human ones given the difference in the two species' physiology." Ash'reem eyes were almost three times the size of humans, and while the change of the cartilage skull was easy to make, the eyeballs themselves almost impossible to fully adapt while retaining function. Theoretically, based on the new DNA, it might still work, yet the odds were too low for comfort. "I bring this up because we do have the alternative to give him ocular implants, but they will have to be... removed from their previous owner first. I know that you are a spy and not a medical scientist, but you know your own abilities and their limitations, and I would like to know what you think the odds are that he will recover with fully functioning eyesight."

Once they were finished, Lucan would dismiss them all well in time to prepare for the night's event. They had all earned it.

OOC: Posting order is independent. I figure this might be a short thread leading up to Chapter 02 and to establish that Sarresh is due to wake up on the morrow. PM me with any questions you all might have!

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The one moment Dyan Cardamone had been waiting for had come. The payment for her exposure of her race and the pain of harvesting. To see a new life starting so to speak. Her eyes remained on the biobed almost eager to see what was about to happen. She had changed into something a little more covering having modified a shirt and pants to allow for her new appendages. Her tail waved back and forth behind her betraying the eagerness she was feeling about what they where doing. As her eyes moved to the bags her eagerness died down slightly as he tail slowed remembering the pain that had come from the procedure. It felt odd for her knowing some part of 'her' was going into someone else and not in a natural way. It wasn't until she heard herself being addressed that her eyes would turn to the Lucan as she figured out how best to answer his question.

"I wish I could give you a definitive answer," she said as her eyes turned back to the biobed. "It is possible that they could regrow natural working eyes, they could only regrow partially working eyes or they might not regrow at all," she spoke knowing it wasn't the answer he wanted hear. "It is possible and it has been done before. I've had to regrow my eye a couple times," Slowly she stood straight her hands folding against the small of her back as her tail twitched slowly behind her. "But he is not Asurain. Regrowth is not always fully ensured for an Asurain as there are parts of my body that are more human then Asurain," she said not wanting to say it was the parts he had enjoyed before. "I don't give it high odds that his eyes will fully regrow and be fully functional. At best they will be only partially operational at worse they won't form at all. I suspect they will reform but be deformed," she said as her eyes looked up at Lucan. "I was a lot of things before I became a spy. One that frequently required regrowth of body parts.

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Amelya Duv stepped forward to the console now as Lucan had asked her to start the thawing process. Long hours had been spent for the DNA resequencing and Amelya was rather curious if the work and effort that had put in to the salvation of the man would actually pay off. It had been one of the most challenging and if not the most challenging patient she had ever come across. She looked up at the pod for a few seconds as she blindly inserted the calibrations for the thawing process. She couldn't let him warm up too fast or the chances of him waking up would increase tremendously. Not to mention the complications that could follow after such an elaborate and difficult process. She took in a few deep breaths and listened to the conversation between Sarunga and Lucan.

Eventually the calibrations were inserted and she had bypassed the chance of Sarresh waking up before the morrow. She had reserved a small sedative to be administered throughout the rest of the evening and night. It wasn't anything heavy, just a small dose that would be administered at frequent intervals. This would ensure that the patient would not suddenly wake up unless the sedative doses were tampered with or stopped. She had calculated that the doses would be decreased by the morning so that Sarresh would wake up as normal as he could. It would be as if he woke up after a long sleep and there wouldn't be any sharp or alarming stimuli.

Amelya stepped back now and wiped a braid of her hair behind her ear as she moistened her lips a bit. She had skipped a few meals and drank far to little than was good for her. Her uniform jacket had been opened up a bit to let her breathe more easily and so she could cool down just a bit more. She was in need of a relaxing shower or bath, yet she wanted to see this through first. "Calibrations completed Doctor Nicander. I've also added a continues administration of sedatives to Morali so he'd be out till tomorrow." She informed Lucan now with a soft voice.

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Lt. Eve Jenkins - Head Nurse

It had been gruelingly tedious and there was still that worry about ethics as well as how the patient was going to react when he awakened but there was no room for those kind of thoughts.  Still she worked with the others, meticulously following the threads and documenting every step that was being taken.  It was necessary to document, in case they needed to reference the procedure again but whether it would cover their asses or expose them more only time would tell.

At least there had been breaks and she was able to finally get clean and rest.  In spite of everything, she still had a little appetite and so made sure she kept nourished and hydrated during those off times.  It wouldn't do for any of them to end up needing medical treatment since they were all necessary for every stage of this process that could be considered a miracle by some and an abomination by others.  It was certainly setting a new precedent and one for the medical journals.

Her eyes met Lucan's, her ever-present compassion in her own that seemed to reach out and embrace him.  He hadn't wanted to attempt this but he had followed orders and though she couldn't do anything to comfort him in the presence of others, she could at least return his smile and show her confidence in him.  She wished, as she had since she returned from the hull, to fall into his arms but circumstances continued to keep them apart.

"Yes, Sir," she replied as she tapped in a few calculations on a padd.  She wouldn't set it too fast because she didn't want to overload the body yet they couldn't sit there all day so she chose a route of administration that pushed her own limits yet not to the point she would feel the need to shut everything down.  With that decided, she inputted her calculations into the computer and nodded.  "Initiate injection process," she commanded when all sacks were in place.

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The process had begun, with the intravenous therapy initiated and the thawing cycle started. Sedatives were being administered to keep the patient from waking up prematurely, giving Doctor Maya due time on the morrow to let the neuropressure therapy sort out the issues that the patient's nervous system would have telling the brain what the body was experiencing after being used to another body entirely. The application of dermatiraelian plastiscine during the pressure therapy would be made for sake of letting the newly formed skin build resilience towards infection, and before noon the next day, the Captain and the First Officer - among others -- would be summoned to be there when Sarresh Morali woke up.

Sar-unga gave due warning that anything might be expected about the patient's eyesight though, and as the good Doctor he made himself out to be, Lucan frowned in concern. "It is not a risk I am willing to take," he said and brushed his hand over the stubble that had formed on his cheeks. "He will be sufficiently concerned even if he doesn't wake up blind. The least we can do is to make sure he does not panic because we couldn't bother to fit him with ocular implants. Its not hard or time-consuming procedure anyway, we just need partial surface corneas to be regrown I can link the implants to the scleras, retinas and optic nerves myself. If he does show signs of complete regrowth, its a reversible procedure. In such a case, I can remove the implants after he wakes up and we can follow up on his condition."

He knew that the First Officer had mentioned concerns about the eyes to Captain Ives, yet Lucan was confident that the patient would prefer having someone else's eyes than to risk having no eyes at all. Given what they would be doing to Sarresh over the course of the night, it seemed the appearance of his eyes was quite secondary. As for the eyes in question - Dr. Miko Dauntless' since they had no access to any others - Lucan supposed he'd spare the other two doctors the procedure for removing them. Especially Dr. Duv.

"She was your Chief Surgeon," he said and looked towards Amelya, voice sombre and filled with empathy for his counter-part's loss, "I could not ask you go to the Morgue and do what needs to be done, Doctor. I will do this myself, and perform the eye-surgery upon our patient in the earliest of the morning. While the sedatives have not had the chance to dissipate in his blood."

Looking to the other two women as well, Lucan reckoned they were all finished for the night besides his own detour to Miko Dauntless's metal box. "Dismissed, and thank you for everything today. The winds be willing, our patient may have a full recovery... or whatever we should call it given the sacrifices he's had to make for sake of surviving. Let's hope he will lead a full life, and suffer naught for what we have done to him. I will be with you all on the holodeck when I am finished in the Morgue, so go now, and rest for if you can. I hear that what is being planned on the holodeck may continue until the wee hours of the night."

Having said this, he gave them a smile and remained where he stood as the three women finally took their leave from Sickbay after a long, long day. 

OOC: I am certain of the fact that the eye surgery was reversible since Georgi LaForge had his implants removed in Insurrection. Handy fact to have picked up when writing this, lol.

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Ensign Hylota Vojona had not been on the Theurgy before, her summons had been a bit awkward, she had been contacted when she had gotten to her quarters and before she could take a shower she was being requested to go to the transporter bay. Hylota was a little out of it and after all the recent events for her she was not sure she could keep this up. She dressed again, getting into a new uniform and putting on her last scarf and putting it up as a hood, she did not ant to talk with anyone on the way down, she was just too stressed to deal with this for now. She also put on her special boots and headed to the transporter and took her latest job. She was informed that she and her brother were to be transferred to the USS Theurgy for their newest posting, they were supposed to have gone over the day of the first attack, but yeah, thing had changed that plan, but now that things were calming down she was being transferred over. She had been told that her brother would be moved over as soon as he recovered, for the first tie the twins were being split up, and now wandering through the USS Theurgy looking for the morgue.

Hylota had been told to go there to find the chief medical officer Dr. Lucan cin Nicander, she had not been given any details on why she was needed in the morgue, but she figured it was not going to be pleasant. As she arrived at the morgue her presence was made known as her boots clanked on the floor. She spotted Dr. Lucan within moments and she walked over to him pushing her hood down and she bowed to him. "Sir, Ensign Vojona reporting for duty sir. I was told I could find you here... is there something that you were needing my services for sir?" She did not look at the bodies, she did not want to think about death right now, now after what had alms happened to her brother, but he did recognize the look of the uniform on the body, it was another medical staff member, so many of them were dead now after the attack on the triage, so many had not been expecting it, and overall the standard crew who had been brought in for their first aid knowledge had fared far better. 

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[ USS Theurgy | Sickbay Morgue | Cold Storage Facility | Deck 07 ]

The morgue was considered a place of mystery, grief or repulsion. Yet also the hope that - while alive - the crew would never need to visit such a place. Though the past three months had probably vanquished any such hopes, leaving it a gloomy reminder of mortality for everyone aboard.

Before the grey metal wall of refrigerated cabinets, a mortuary table of a titanium alloy seemed to glow - reflecting the pale blue light of the wall panels. The lighting was set just so in order to let the natural colours of the dead bodies be appreciated as in daylight. As it were, the body upon that table was not undergoing an autopsy or a post-mortem examination, which was the routine for the facility. For the scent of foul smelling gases - although faint because of the ventilation system - did not usually accompany the scene of eye-surgery that had met the Ovri when she entered the area. Such a morbid detail to notice when seen amidst the numerous bodies resting on metal trolleys around the edges of the room. There was only capacity for twenty bodies in the temporary storage units, and no personnel available to tend to the rest. Besides, the living was always the priority, and decomposition had yet to become an issue - less than forty-eight hours having passed since the attack on Theta Eridani IV.

The CMO of the Theurgy stood behind the mortuary table with his surgical equipment carefully arranged on a tray next to him, and he was dressed in dark teal surgery scrubs. With the metallic sound of her boots heralding her arrival, Lucan's pale grey eyes had shifted to Hylota Vojona when she entered - his opaque irises observing her across the body of Doctor Miko Dauntless as she approached. "At ease, Nurse Vojona," he said and gave her a brief smile. "Please, call me Doctor. I am more used to that than 'Lieutenant Commander' or 'sir'."

Pausing, Lucan straightened and casually gestured with a gloved hand for the Ovri to join him by the mortuary table. "You can sterilise your hands in the unit over there," he said in passing before adjusting the eye speculum mask that he had applied upon Dr. Dauntless upper face, which was used to keep the eyelids and lashes away from the operating area. He picked up two fixation forceps from his tray in wait for the nurse to finish, and he used them to restrain the movement of the two eyeballs. The ocular implants stared upon Lucan when he continued to speak to his newest addition in Sickbay - his tone deep and sympathetic. "I am sorry to hear about your brother. I can but imagine how concerned you must be for his well-being. I can but assure you that I will be doing everything I can to get him back on his feet as soon as I can once he is transferred over to the Theurgy."

Glancing towards the exotic Ovri, he studied her - wondering what kind of asset she would prove to be for his personal cause. He was only vaguely familiar with her species, yet he hoped that he would gain her favour by somehow saving her brother...

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As Hylota was greeted and things explained she nodded and listened. When she was told to sterilize and prepare for work she made her way over and got ready to work, cleaning hr hand and then applying a pair of gloves. She joined Lucan at the table and took a position at his side next to the tray of tools. It was at this point she looked down and shuddered slightly as she realized ho lay on the table before her, it was her previous head of surgery Dr. Miko Dauntless. She frowned and she felt her heart sink, this was even more trouble that she had to now deal with. As Dr. Lucan mentioned her brother she looked up at him and blinked a few times a she got it together.

"Um yes...thank you for your sympathy. I uh...I am glad that he is not many of my colleagues are dead, not even the head of surgery made it." Hylota had not had to deal with a lot of death before this. She sighed and shook her head. "Forgive me, I have been under a lot of stress with this latest series of events. Please let us not dwell on such things for now, my brother will need to be slowly re-hydrated so his body heals. But that is not why we are here, we are here for the ocular implants Dr. Dauntless possessed I gather." She looked over the eye like a student back at the academy, getting a view at different angles and getting a better grasp  of their operation.

"Will you be requiring any assistance Doctor? Or will you perform the surgery on your own?"  She pulled back her scarf and removed it from her body and set it to he side so it would not get in the way. "I mus admit outright that due to the regenerative nature of my people I have a lack in familiarity with implants. But do not worry Doctor, I know ow to operate." She looked over the body of a woman he had worked with. She had been sharing a drink with her less than a week ago. It as a shock to say the lest, but she needed to be strong.

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When Hylota joined him by the table, Lucan gave her a quick smile and stepped aside to give her some room. He could continue the preparations and still give her access to the tray of ophthalmology equipment.

"Indeed we are," said Lucan when the Ovri nurse suggested to attend to the matter at hand rather than her brother and the traumatic experiences on Theta Eridani IV. He paused while he glanced at the enucleation scissors, deciding against using them since the risk of damaging the implants was too high if they were to cut the optic nerves and remove the entire eyeballs.

"Please, do assist me. We have a patient that is still alive that may be in need of Dr. Dauntless' implants. Normally I would never condone this kind of post mortem procedure, yet we do not have any spare implants in supply, and the patient that will inherit these is of grave import to our mission. Captain Ives was quite adamant about this priority... so I allowed myself to be persuaded. Besides, I think Dr. Dauntless would not object to have her ocular implants benefit someone else now that the winds have taken her."

A native Câroon saying of his, he realised, yet he did not pause to explain it. What gave him pause was the motion of the Ovri's scarf being removed from her long and graceful neck, and her subtly scaled skin caught the light of the wall panels - making her gleam as she moved. He would not be caught looking at her like an tactless adolescent, but what had fascinated him when he first encountered one of the Ovri was their paradoxical anatomy. For someone like himself, who fancied both the male and the female forms of most species, the Ovri had always seemed to him a rare and intriguing coalescence. Not merely in means of sexual interest, of course, but a medical curiosity as well.

The beast inside, however, merely considered how he might kill the nurse. How he might ravage her dead body to still that idle curiosity of how she would feel like. Images came unbidden to Lucan where he saw himself ram the instruments on the tray into her chest, one by one, until she ceased moving. Yet like always, he kept the bestial urges of the thing inside locked from the real world - keeping it from lashing out at an unguarded moment.

Instead, he held out his gloved hand to her. "The cystitomea, please," he said, asking for the small and twice bent exo-needle that was used for incising the anterior capsule of the lens in lens extraction. "If I make the incision around the iris, will you please use a vectis to lift it up before the bleeding makes it hard to see? We might need some drainage too even if the heart will have ceased to pump blood into the eye socket... The implant reaches the optic nerves."

Laying the incision around the iris of the first eye, Lucan resumed to speak more causally. "As your new Chief Medical Officer, is there anything specific I need to know about you or your brother? I do not believe I have had the pleasure of having an Ovri on my staff before."

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As Dr. Lucan went over their job hr in the morgue she nodded, she figured that this would be the way that things were carried out. If a deceased member of the crew had something while a living crew member needed it, it would get harvested. In the early years of the colonies, things ran the same way she had learned, it had been taught that salvage was just as important a regrowing. "Of course Doctor, I will provide whatever assistance is needed of me." Her eyes scanned over the tools that were there and she went over what they were called in her head and prepared to be called upon.

As Dr. Lucan instructed her to get tools she grabbed them and handed them over and she prepared herself. As she was instructed what to do when the iris was cut she nodded, remaining silent she had learned to keep quiet for the most part, but she felt she should try and help. "Doctor, if the implant goes all the way down to the optic nerve...could we not use a chemical agent to dissolve the proteins in that area? It would allow for the implant to be removed without much risk and it would strip off foreign tissue making the implant easier to clean." Since the implant was the only one on hand she figured they would not risk using electronic mans to strip it clan at risk of damaging the device.

As Lucan made the first incision Hylota did as she was instructed to do. As she was asked if there was anything needing to be known about her and her brother she sighed and nodded yes. "You have not served with any Ovri before my brother and I are the first Ovri on a Federation ship. I am also not proud of what I must admit, but soon I will enter my fertile period, I will grow a clutch of eggs inside me and I will gain a heighten libido, I will be of no use to you during that time...and I am running out of the drugs needed to suppress this function...without it I will begin this process every 90 or so days." She awaited further instructions. "My brother will be able to fill you in on his own problems in time, but you should know more...I can give you my own biology reports, in the academy I was often assigned reports and I was told to write about the Ovri so I might supply useful information about our people." She looked over the eye as the doctor worked. "As for strengths in this field, I am good at trauma treatments and genetics."

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When the Ovri nurse suggested they might use a chemical solution to liquify the eyeballs, Lucan almost grinned in pleasure at hearing such an unconcerned suggestion made by a medical officer.

Starfleet Medical was such a stoic and squeamish institute and would not condone such abuse upon the dead. Matters were, however, desperate since they were in state of war against an invisible foe, with two ships fighting by any means they could for the greater good of the Federation and its neighbouring empires and factions. It was almost silly how Lucan had started out with the operation in the crude fashion he had, with small incisions made so that they could be shut again by a dermal regenerator. Why? Because of respect towards Dr. Dauntless' friends on the Harbinger if they wished to see the body at the burial ceremony?

No, Lucan had not chosen to use incisions out of such considerations. He had done so because it was the way an impeccable Chief Medical Officer would act. Because it would not be held against him if he did; his facade and his outwards persona unstained by questionable ethics. Ironic, how he would play the advocate of ethical procedures when those of unquestionable merits would not hesitate to pour acid into a dead body's face.

"Let's just see if the implants may loosen on their own before we damage her remains more than we need to," he said quietly in reply, still amused yet not showing it outwardly - his brow furrowed after Hylota removed the organic, clear lens before the cybernetic eye. He used a retractor to push away the flaps that covered the root of the ocular implants. Carefully, he then used a needle to lay the metal bare, yet it was an exercise in futility since the roots went too deep and the smooth barbs were too many. "These implants were not designed to be interchangable, and I can see why. Look there. While regenerated, Dr. Dauntless eyes were burned beyond any hope of restoration. There was no point in the implants to be removable. I think you are right. We might use the unconventional method to secure the implants in an undamaged state. Good call, Nurse Vojona."

Pushing away from the mortuary table, Lucan removed his gloves while listening to the Ovri talk about her pending period of fertility. It caught his interest, of course, but since Hylota seemed uncomfortable about the phase she was going to enter, Lucan feigned concern for her. When his gloves had been removed, his native Câroon markings showed clearly in the blue light - tattoos of winds and origin bared to the eye.

"I see," he said quietly, gesturing for her to follow him, "let us go look through our medical supplies and see if we may have the medication you need to postpone these phases you have. We might as well take the time to look for it since we need to find the chemicals we need to extract the implants."

As they exited the morgue, Lucan locked the door behind them so that no personnel would disturb the half-finished surgery. He led the way to the medical supply storage room while he spoke, inquiring about more information in a kind tone. "I would like to read your reports, but I might need to know right away if your phase of fertility will completely prevent you from performing your duties. I mean, can you perform administrative duties in my office or will you need to retire to your quarters entirely? In that case, how long will you be gone and what do you require to ease the passage of time until the phase ends? If there is anything me or the medical staff can do, I would like to arrange for it. If this is a great concern of yours, I would not like for you to suffer through it unassisted just because you are the only one of your species aboard until your brother has been rehydrated and regenerated enough to be with you."

While there were plenty of people in the wards, Main Sickbay lay mostly empty. Reaching the door to the medical suppies, Lucan entered the code and led them inside - the walls of the narrow room lined with compartments from the floor to the ceiling. Blue HUDs glowed like stars around them in the dim light, stating the names of the chemicals and solutions inside. "If you look for your medicine, I will look for the chemical we need for the surgery..."

Thus, the search began, and Lucan fought the beast's desire to rape the Ovri when he had the opportunity.

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Hylota smiled as her suggestion to use chemicals to remove the implant was praised and she worked on the implants for now feeling a little more confident in herself as she kept working to extract the implant, but as Lucan realized that the thing w as covered in barbs to keep it in place he could feel them all, all the way down the eye ad into the nerves. She looked to her superior as he stopped working. As Dr. Lucan explained their next step Hylota nodded and Put the tools back and removed her gloves and disposed of them as they left the morgue.

As they walked and sh was asked about the extent of the fertile period and how much she would be able to accomplish. Hylota sighed and shook her head. "I would be able to do my duties in the lab for a week or so while I was developing he eggs to their full size, once they were fully formed I would be looking like a pregnant human, as I approach the ideal time for fertilization my libido will peak an I will b flooded with hormones an pheromones, at this point I will need to be locked in my quarters,you see to...persuade a mate females of my race emit our scents through pores to attract males, but in a more aggressive manner I can infuse a massive dose into my saliva and produce the mating kiss, I would bring a male o the same horny state and have my way with them...after a day like that my body begins to slow down, I get less horny an over the course of 7 days my body lets my clutch develop a thick membrane and then I lay them." As thy reached the storage area Hylota looked over what stored chemicals there were in the catalog an he frowned. "Sadly I can tell that there is not what I need here. I will have to crate them in my off time." She bit her lip and looked to Lucan. "Doctor...I willingly admit that I am no chemist...would you be able to find the time when this case is over to help me get the chemicals I need?"

Hylota looked over the sheet for a chemical that was not corrosive on metals and would be easy to control and stop after it finished eating away the tissue. Remembering what he had learned in her trauma courses Hylota complied a short list of chemicals she remembered an walked over to her CO. "Sir, I do not know if you have anything in mind but here is a list of a few chemicals I remember from my courses that should do the job and are on hand." She handed him the data pad and waited to either be told off or commended for her actions. She had no idea what Lucan was thinking about her.

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Listening to her description of her fertile state and its stages in quiet professionalism, Lucan supposed some people would find the species' primal incentives and the morbid way in which the Ovri female conquered her mate to ensure fertilisation of her eggs rather morbid. Yet on his part, Lucan was not only facinated, but he had to admit that the idea of Ovri copulation aroused him. Not just because of the physical traits of the amphibious people -their gender-bender paradox that he could not wait to explore first hand in some way - but the primal urge of the female and that unique mouth of theirs; capable of turning a male's mind on its end. Lastly, there was the medical wonder of their kind, for as a doctor, would he even have the chance to deliver the eggs at some point during their voyage?

When asked if he could help her, Lucan turned to look into her black eyes - framed by a face with minute scales and concern. In the light of the small displays around them, her eyes were almost iridescent, and Lucan found himself smiling reassuringly even if he imagined Nurse Vojona on her knees with him inside her mouth - looking at him like that in fear of displeasing him. "If I managed to somehow find an antidote for the Niga virus, an event which you may have been briefed about by now, then I am sure I can help you with a compound that will prevent - or prolong the time before - an Ovri enter their fertile period. Yet I will not be able to do it without your asssitance, since I will have to devote time and testing upon you in order to get you what you need. I may have help from our offline database, but theoretical medicine is not advisable, is it?"

Accepting the PADD from Hylota, Lucan browsed the list with his pale yes and nodded in affirmation. "Your memory serves you right. All these may be equal to the task. I know we do not have the top three, but let's look for the other ones," he said and handed the PADD back to her, the search continuing.

"The males of your species," he asked idly as they searched, "are they the only ones in danger of being targeted by the females during these fertile stages? In that case, there would be no real cause for concern, would it? I mean, there is only you and your brother, and he is still on the Harbinger. Do you mean that males of all species may be in... 'danger', in lack of any other word for it? Are there even cases of interspecies copulation and cross-breeding during these times? Is your DNA compatible with the other races in the Federation?"

The search came to have them stand or crouch down close while they spoke, and Lucan tried to not be too obvious in his study of her in the dim light.

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As Lucan spoke about how he could find her a solution and brought up the all to recent Niga virus incident and she blushed as she through about the records she had read, she had read all of them that ere not classified, it was quit the interesting case to say the least. "Um yes...that incident...I must admit that as I read the accounts of the disease I found it most unusual, I am glad you managed to find a cure for it. I guess you are right, you could be helpful...sadly the best my people have done is delay fertility to a annual thing. But I would b willing to let you help if you could  slow things even more." She smiled and rubbed her chin. "I will b willing to allow you to come study me while I am fertile, and we can study together while I progress. And yes we can use theoretical medicine, I am fine with  testing new drugs, he worst that will happen is I go sterile I think, but honestly that might be for the best." Hylota shook her head. "Not to say I never want them...its jut hard to think of raising a child here."

As Dr. Lucan went over what they could use and told her the chemical to locate she nodded and took the list back and went back to the catalog and found the location and wen to retrieve it while the doctor speculated on her fertility. She managed to find where the first chemical was, as well as the others from the first three and frowned, they were not in high enough quantities to be used on both eyes. So she began to look over the pairings to see if they reacted poorly with each other or with any of heir byproducts making sure to cover all of her bases. She did not want to accidentally make her former co-worker's had exploded or something.

As She was asked how compatible her people's genetics were with other races she bit her lip and looked back to him. " people have...rather welcoming genetics, w have been known to crossbreed with most races we ever have relations with, although the child is always sterile we still are quit capable of getting fertilized clutches from other people, I do not know who from the Federation I could breed with, but we had not run those test when I had gotten to Starfleet. Sir I am a danger to all male crew and female crew, my hormones will recognize the sell of a man, but my instincts will try and catch a woman to breed with based on appearance. The only person who is safe in fact is my brother, we produce the same scents so while I am in...well heat, I do not recognize him as a mate, it was something that developed that prevents inbreeding."

Eventually Hylota exhausted the chemical mixes, there were to many drawbacks to using a mic of chemicals or only on on each eye, he needed to get a different chemical. Looking to where the third one on the list was she looked over towards the Doctor and she walked to him. "Excuse me sir." She knelt down before him and grabbed the chemical from its storage compartment and checked how much was in stock an began to calculate if it was enough to use for the procedure, all the while kneeling before her CO.

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Pausing in his search, Lucan folded his arms across his chest and considered what the Ovri said about the need to extend the intervals where she entered her fertile state, or perhaps finding some means to postpone the state entirely until the female Ovri would cease taking the medicine. At least that appeared to be what he was considering with a tattooed hand brushing his jaw. Other thoughts came too, expelled from the parasite within, where he considered what malign use he could have of her trust - the careless whim on which she'd grant in him leave to experiment with medicines upon her alien physiology.

"I will find the time in my schedule to help you as best as I can, this I can promise. A voyage like this is no place for children, that is for certain," he said quietly, "I will also find some kind of precautions to take in order to ensure you do not come in physical contact with others of the crew."

Another thought was how she'd welcome him to study her while in heat, thus exposing him to the potential risk of being chemically seduced to impregnate her. Looking at her while she worked with the chemical compounds she'd found, the Chief Medical Officer wondered if she realised how she appeared to use her invitation like a cloak-veil reason to lure him to her - to be used when the primal needs would overcome her. It caused his fractured and facetted mind to linger on the prospect, and he could deny the appeal of it just as little as he could deny his arousal - the way his breathing deepened and he had to subdue the flashing images before his eyes. Visions of him slamming her head against the edge of an opened compartment, and then tearing her clothes off. Licking her glimmering skin. Holding her bleeding face down against the floor. Driving his hardness into her sex first, and then squirm it through her anal sphincter...

The distorted images in his mind were banished when she apologised to him, crouching down right before him to retrieve the vials she sought. Lucan found himself being more aroused than he'd first thought, control lost when the beast inside would not leave his mind alone, and he made sure to stand perfectly still so that he might not draw attention to his dark uniform trousers, his crotch framed by the flaps of the stark white of his labcoat. It had become increasingly difficult to control the whims of the thing inside, and needless to say, it would not serve to let the Ovri nurse loose all kind of respect she had for him as her new superior officer only minutes after her transfer, so when he thought it she was enough focused on the dosages in her four-fingered hand, he took a step away towards the door.

"Shall we return to the Morgue?" he asked, putting his hands in the pockets of this labcoat, "Have we found what we needed?"

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Hylota did not suspect anything from her new commanding officer, she had been familiar with  a more professional setting with people who did not have minds like Lucan. As Lucan fantasied about doing horrible things to her Hylota finished making the calculations and began to gt the two doses of the chemical that they needed. She had no idea what effect she was having on Lucan, the strong chemical odors and sterile scents were clogging her nose up so she could not smell anything off of her commander.

As she looked up to see Dr. Lucan at the door she felt he was in a rush to get back to the surgery an she nodded as she put the chemicals in the proper storage containers and stood up and nodded. "Yes Doctor, we have what e need, I do not think what I personally need in here, I can give you what I have left of my medication to look over if you would need that. But that can wait until after this operation, we just need to introduce the chemical at the base of the nerve where the implant ends and we should be able to just remove the whole eye to be removed with a simple chemical bath to get the implant out." She did not know why she was going over the procedure again free the chief medical officer, but she felt that she should show she knew what she was doing.

She followed Lucan out of the storage room and let it lock behind them as they returned to the morgue so that they could quickly perform the surgery before getting back to performing the surgery on whoever he vital crew member was. To be honest she had no idea who it was that she as doing this for, she knew nothing about what was going on other than that the optical implants were needed and they had none on hand so thy had to take the ones from her ex co-worker.

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Leading the way to the morgue, Lucan folded his tattooed hands behind his back. Gradually, he resumed the control that the beast inside had torn from him, and his mind was again clear and sharp. "Yes, if you can provide me with your current medication I am sure I can help you at least replicate its contents, sustaining you with more dosages of the same kind. Hopefully, I might be able to make something better, though. Something that gives you full control of your fertility."

After giving the authorisation code to re-open the morgue, the Chief Medical Officer accompanied the Ovri to the sterilisation unit, putting his hands into the yellow light for a couple of seconds before pulling out new gloves from the compartment next to it. "As for the ocular implants," he said as he did so, giving her a smile before he stepped towards the woman on the table, "I will be using an irrigating vectis to insert the fluids along the sides and the root of the implants, and once the core of the eyes are liquefied enough, extraction will be made possible. It might be easier to remove the eyes completely, yet this way, we can increase the frequency of a thrombic modulator to coagulate the vitreous humour again. That way, once her eyelids are closed, Dr. Dauntless will not have to look like she had her eyes gouged out by the time of her funeral."

Turning his head towards Nurse Vojona again, Lucan explained what would happen next, his pale eyes appreciating her behind while she sterilised her hands. "The patient that will inherit Miko's eyes is currently under treatment during the night, so we will not be able to finish this now. Early tomorrow, I will evaluate when the patient will be able to get his new eyes, but it will likely be the first thing I do. Therefore, once we are finished here..." he said and raised his eyes by the time when the Ovri may turn around to join him.

" will be free to join the Festival of the Moon event on Holodeck 01. In fact, I expect you to go there so that you may learn to know your new crew a bit better. I think it will help ease the progress of getting situated here on the Theurgy. I urge you to use this opportunity, since there might not be another chance in a while. Would you be okay with that?"

He was certainly not going to force her, and his intentions were - for once - perfectly noble in making the suggestion. He had all the time he needed to continue... acquainting her... later on.

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As Lucan explained that he would do everything he could to help her Hylota smiled and nodded. "Thank you doctor for the help, I might have medical skills, but this medication is a few steps beyond my ability." In truth the medication was relatively new, only appearing within the last two generations. The fertility period was so hardwired into them it is impossible to stop it from happening, eventually after a year the egg form on their own. And due to the nature of their birthing, females remain capable of bearing eggs up until they actually die.

As the two returned to the morgue and Lucan began to sterilize his hands Hylota listened to him explain their plan from here on out. She listened to how the implants would be removed. To be honest she had not thought of doing the operation that way, she had initially planned on disconnecting the yes and pulling them out and then inserting fakes to give an appearance of normality.  Granted she was nowhere near as skilled as her new Commander and he smiled as she felt that she would be able to learn many amazing things from this man. "I see doctor, I must say that is a much better plan than my own. But I am still not fully certain of my abilities, I was a basic medical specialist before I joined Starfleet, I do not know much about surgeries and operations. But I am learning." She smiled and went to the sanitize and took her turn.

As she washed her hands off and prepared for the operation she was told about what would happen with the implants, how they would go in tomorrow and she figured she would settle into her room and just spend the night there, maybe start mixing up some new stain for her mark. As she went to join him after getting on some gloves she was told about a festival that was going to occur that night and she froze up a little. she was not comfortable with people and being told she should go to this made her a little uneasy.

As she took her spot by the body she opened the case and began to prep the two injections of the chemical and set them aside for Lucan to use. "I see...I will do my best to show up at this event, I am not certain that I will have much to contribute to this event but I will at lest make he effort to show up." With that she grabbed the tools that she had been using before and waited for orders.

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The operation performed on Miko Dauntless proved successful, with both ocular implants sterilised and and linked to a computer console for calibration and testing a couple of minutes later. The Ovri had proved an excellent nurse, probably possessing a lot of experience from before joining Starfleet Medical. The Chief Surgeon's remains were returned to her place and Dr. Nicander removed his dark teal surgery scrubs before turning to Ensign Vojona - wearing uniform trousers and a department colour undershirt as he walked over to her.

"Excellent assistance today," he said with a small smile and adjusted his sleeves a bit - his dark hair framing his exotic features and pale grey eyes as he regarded her as she attended to the standard post-operation routines. "I will make sure to tell the Head Nurse that she has got a fine new addition to the team. Someone who won't hesitate to make recommendations when they are due and can also provide insight on par with many doctors in Starfleet that I know. I have no concerns about you being able to find yourself a place among us here on the Theurgy."

Lucan paused before addressing what they had spoken of in the medical storage room. "If you want to handle the examination and the testing privately - yet on record of course - I would suggest we find a time and place away from the medical personnel here in order to prevent gossip about the testing of norethisterone and other progestrogen types of medicine that this assistance I will give you will probably lead to. Given the nature of your predicament, I may also have to begin right away with a full gynaecological pelvic exam since I am somewhat unfamiliar with your species' biology and what the medicine will be required to do for you."

Frowning, Lucan feigned concern about something he just realised. "How much time do we currently have in your mating cycle? Do you require an examination today, or can it wait until the morrow? For if we do the examination right now, then you may be a tad bit late to the opening ceremony on the holodeck."

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As the chemicals were put into use and the eyes made some unsettling sounds and seepage Hylota did not even flinch, she remained calm and slowly worked the implants out one at a time and then laid them in a separate tray to give a sterilizing bath. Once this was done Hylota handed over the unfamiliar tech to Dr. Nicander to run the final stage of the operation, and as they were put away or calibrations and Miko Dauntless was put back to rest after Hylota cleaned her face and closed her eyelids giving the dead woman an appearance of being in a deep peaceful sleep.

As Hylota was praised she turned to her commander and smiled before bowing respectfully. "Thank you Doctor, it has been an honor to work with one as skilled as you, I hope I learn much from my time with you." As he spoke about what he would tell the head nurse about her she blushed a purplish color and she smiled. "You are too kind Doctor Nicander, I hope that my actions with you down the line do nothing but reinforce your opinion of me." Hylota was glad to have made such a wonderful impression on her CO, this would work well for her down the line she figured since for most races the first impression was everything.

Then as things jumped back to the medical testing and Hylota's shortening time frame for getting things taken care of before her fertile period was in full swing. As Lucan explained the situation she rubbed the back of her neck and she rubbed her prominent scales trying to calm herself. She had not factored in gossip or the testing of drugs to assist in her ability to work efficiently. Swallowing hard she looked downcast as she pondered things. "I think it would be best if I came to visit you with "Assigned Projects" I would bring you my papers and you could look over them and we could pass it off as me just getting some schooling from you while you took charge of my examinations...And I think it would be best if we did get into this as soon as possible." She shifted her weight uncomfortably before looking at Lucan. " think our best choice would be to take care of the exam tonight, I already feel the tell tale signs of my body preparing to begin, a tingling of the skin, more easily distracted thought...increased sexual urges..."

She looked Lucan in the face. "Doctor I do not mind missing out of the beginning of this health is much more important than this, and if we do not start now you will not get all the medical data that you need...but I suspect in 30 or so days time I should be at my peak of the fertile period. I suggest we go and take care of this now, please lead me to where this examination will take place so we may begin."

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"Good idea, and of course," said Dr. Nicander, nodding as he led the way out of the morgue."I understand that this must be exceedingly difficult for you, but I think it is wise we attend to the matter before it is too late. Hopefully, we will be able to postpone the phase before any eggs are formed. Follow me."

Just like when they had walked to the medical supply room, Sickbay lay rather quiet since so many were headed to the holodeck event. There were personnel there, of course, tending to the needs of the patients in the recovery ward. Far off in the ICU, one of the medical officers were preparing to take one of the patients there to surgery, with nurses attending to preparations as well. The main difference was that there were no visitors, and some patients in recovery had been granted leave to attend to the event provided they followed certain criteria and that they would return in the company with their attending nurse or doctor. This kind of leave was, of course, only granted if the sustained injuries were not too serious.

"Let's step into my office," said Lucan, and as they entered Main Sickbay, where the single biobed there had Sarresh Morali's cryogenic stasis unit docked into it. Beyond the biobed was the CMO's office, and while open at first, Lucan granted the Ovri some privacy by shutting the walls. "Computer, please shut the door," he said once they were in the back area, and with a mechanical sound, glass walls gradually slipped out to seal off the office area. Stepping to his desk, Lucan then tapped a couple of buttons on the computer console, which made a small energy current seep through the moving walls - triggering the liquid polymer and making the glass frosted.

"There, now we'll have all the privacy we need for the examination," said Lucan, forcing the thing inside from surfacing and taking too much of an advantage of the situation. He remained in control, and would balance on the edge if he needed to, for he was confident that this project with the Ovri would grant him many benefits to further his own cause. Indeed, not only in the intimate experience with the nurse, who was about to give him complete access to her body for sake of medical science. Watching her move with her intriguing digitigrade legs inside his office with his peripheral vision, he accessed the hologrid with his computer console in order to get what he needed. "I am just setting things up for the examination so feel free to remove the clothes on your lower body."

Tapping the list he had accessed, a padded gynaecological examination table materialised in the open area of the office, along with relevant medical equipment next to it. It had the common leg holders angled to fit her legs, and they were lowered enough for the patient to get in position. When he was content, Lucan stepped to the side of the table with a PADD, which he used to pull up all the relevant biological data he had on the Ovri species.

"Are you ready?" he asked and glanced towards the nurse, acting completely professional in the situation despite how extraordinary it was - in a sense simply treating her as a patient. He even gave her a reassuring smile. "Please, take a seat and put your legs in the holders."

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Hylota went with Lucan to his office as if nothing was wrong, she remained silent and just tried to act like this was orientation for her as they entered his office. She looked over everything that was there as Lucan put things into effect to make things private for them. to be honest Hylota was a little scared, this procedure was done by machine usually for her people to avoid any accidental damage and to avoid awkward situations. she could now fully understand the discomfort of other women who had to go through this in the past, it was a little awkward to be giving her body over to someone else to inspect in such an intimate place, and so close to her fertile period, Lucan was hoping to stop the eggs, but hey were already there, already release and just starting to develop now.

As the chair cam up and she was asked to strip while Lucan prepared for the exam Hylota nodded and her boots came off, as she slipped out of the magnetic boots she did not get shorter, but she did seem more sure of her footing and she spread her toes out as she as free of the boot. Sh then fully removed hr uniform, slipping out of it and standing nude before her CO, raveling nothing of note and clenching her hands together as she knew how she would have to be stimulated to open up for the exam.

As Hylota was told to strap in she nodded and hopped up into the chair and strapped her legs into place for her examination. This was just so awkward for her, her pussy was a tight line down her crotch, a small hole at the very bottom for bodily function, but she was not going to be explainable as she was. Blushing a deep purplish color Hylota spoke up. "Um D-Doctor...I know i am different from most physically, it is like this o keep the eggs inside me until it is time to birth...You will need to stimulate me to get me to open up...I need to be...sexually aroused sir." She clenched her toes as this was feeling awkward from this.

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Reading from the PADD, Lucan glanced up when Nurse Vojona began to speak - seeing her seated and with her legs spread in the leg holders. He saw that she had opted to remove her entire uniform, and Lucan was rewarded by the sight of her entire body - the patterns of her minutely scaled skin moving as she breathed. There were no areolae, and the exotic traits of her lightly corrugated abdomen and powerful pectoral musculature might be considered male among many species, but it was exactly those features that made Lucan appreciate the sight. He found great beauty in the male form, and just like the innocence and awkwardness in her eyes made the parasite inside want to lay bloody ruin onto her face, Lucan's interest was to win her trust and enjoy her for her unique features.

Given the façade he maintained of who he was, what she said he would need to do to her naturally caused the expected concern - reflex natural from how he had played his act for longer than he remembered. "What?" First came the incredulous stare. Then the raise of his eyebrows as he stepped closer, observing the area of examination. He rubbed his fingers together to warm them and then laid them against her shut outer labia, verifying what Hylota had alluded right away in how inaccessible she was. He drew a thumb up and down the line, then he turned his pale eyes to the PADD in his hand, scrolling down with his fingers and searching for the verification.

"Oh," he said, gesturing with his free hand towards the PADD he had yet to finish reading, "I am so sorry. If I had known I would have made better arrangements. Made you more comfortable and perhaps let you chose from a few methods to prepare yourself. I understand that you might feel uncomfortable because of this, but please, regardless of the prerequisites to perform the examination, I am no less a medical officer. You should feel perfectly comfortable in my company, for regardless how embarrassed you might feel, fact remains that in no way should your species' bodily functions reflect upon you, and just as little will the examination reflect upon my regard towards your forthwith duties here in Sickbay."

Lucan gave her another reassuring smile and began to talk, as if to himself. "Now, how do we proceed?" he mused and laid the PADD aside, "I suppose I could give you an aphrodisiac to help the process, and if you feel embarrassed, I can step out while you stimulate yourself to a point where we can go through the procedure. I am not sure if it will help, but lotions and other lubricants can be effective too. Sexual arousal is highly based on personal preference, so it all depends on what conditions you require to achieve such a state."

Folding his hands behind his back, Lucan made sure to not stare - appearing to be a perfect gentleman and a professional in how he stepped to her side and maintained eye-contact. "So, there are numerous options, so what do you need from me for your preparation?" he said, his disarming smile creasing the corners of his eyes. The question was obviously humorous and he meant for his chuckle to put the Ovri at ease. "Should I just step out until you call for me?"

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As her statement confused Lucan Hylota remained  silent while he went about investigating her, Hylota had been around doctors all her life, and she knew better than to take a mystery away from them. As Doctor Lucan traced his finger over her sealed vagina she sighed as the sensation of the rubbing faintly got through and it felt relaxing, not arousing. Sex was very much a timing thing for a female, and until she was opened up she would not be able to be aroused by being rubbed. But the rubbing stopped as Lucan began to look over the data on hr species and he learned about her race.

Once Lucan stopped and apologized for not knowing one of the lesser known medical facts about her people Hylota smiled and she waved away the apology. "It is quite alright Doctor, you could not have known, even some of the examiners at Starfleet did not even bother to figure that information out. it is something that just does not come up and when we do have this problem we were told to use medical leave time originally...of course you can understand why we cannot do that now." As Lucan listed off several different means to try n get her to open up Hylota blushed an she rubbed the back of her neck as she thought about what he could do, because she did not know hat would gt the fastest result.

After mulling it over Hylota looked to Lucan and cleared her throat. "We will need two things to happen to get me to open up in a reasonable amount of time I believe. The first is an aphrodisiac, Ovri are hard to get stimulated unless thy are male, so this will be the best option, an second...I will um...need you to rub the mark on my forehead and in some way inform me that I am good...It is a cultural thing sir, the make is who e are, and to have such an intimate thing touched and praised is...well its what you would consider foreplay. If you would rather wait I understand sir, but it would speed things up."

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Nodding slowly as Hylota spoke of what may be required for him to perform the examination, Lucan's sharp mind was dissecting the words and the possibilities with the sharp talons of his mind. Ideas formed and choices were made in quick progression, so when the Ovri had finished making her request, he knew what the most rewarding method to stimulate her would be. The beast inside rejoiced, scenting promise in the air, and Lucan was also calculating the possibilities - finding them in great favour on many levels. One level was, of course, the means of which he could align her will to his own, and another was what she might do for him in the future... when things came to a head.

"I want you to be able to enjoy the event on the holodeck after the examination, so let's do as you say and make some haste. Please tell me if I do it wrong, though," he said, not about to make her feel awkward about her intimate request. So he walked to the back of his office were he had his medical agents and a hypospray. He began to add cartridges to a machine that would help mix what he needed, and he tapped the HUD in order to tune the mix of the different components. "I will give you 2 cc:s of phase nine bremelanotide, which should be just enough to make you experience a heightened state of arousal. Just give me a moment to prepare it."

He needed to activate the melanocortin receptors in her brain. Bremelanotide, once known as PT-141, underwent extensive clinical trials during Earth's 20th century in attempt to treat sexual arousal disorders and erectile dysfunction. Lucan knew that its development was suspended for some time due to a side effect of increased blood pressure, but a later discovery showed that if the drug was administered subcutaneously, the side-effects were nullified. This was three hundred years ago, and since then, bremelanotide had been refined nine times over, making it one of the most reliable aphrodisiacs available in the Federation, even if it still required a medical prescription. The black markets across the Galaxy were filled with cheap imitations of it, but Lucan had access the genuine article's high grade chemical composition, of which a single injection would cost a small fortune.

However, when he charged his hypospray... he did not prepare a dosage of 2 cc:s for Hylota. No, he would give her as much as she could take within the safety parameters, which meant five times the ordinary degree of saturation.

Thus armed, Lucan turned around and approached the examination table. "I will inoculate you now," he informed her in stride, and he laid his tattooed hand against the side of her bare head. Then he pressed the cold muzzle of the hypospray against the side of her neck... and pushed the metallic button. With a sharp hiss, the potent solution entered the Ovri's bloodstream. The reaction would be quick, and the best part of it was that the solution broke down into common proteins within thirty minutes - leaving the dosage untraceable. "Just relax, and give it some time to take effect..."

Putting the hypospray aside, Lucan stood above Hylota's head where she laid, and he began to give her a head massage - fingertips gently rubbing her temples and jaw, her cheek bones and scalp. In natural progression, he began to outline the white pentagon mark on her forehead - fingers brushing across the depiction of the mortar and pestle. "I would reckon that the symbolism of your mark delve into the mysterious origins of medicine, from which current knowledge spring... Yet the mark you wear is but a symbol and cannot capture your true fortitude, since no mark can define the depth of a person."

Slowly, he stepped around to Hylota's side, and he lay his palm across her mark to stroke it - looking down upon her and her body in apparent study. Yet not for the reasons she might think. "You are unique and beautiful, and nothing can take that away from you."

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