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The young lieutenant kept up hi pace and he wondered if they were close to reaching the set parameters or not. He didn't care at the moment and just kept pounding his hips away against her. No matter how long they were at it at the moment, it just kept feeling so good. He kept giving her breasts attention and he closed his eyes firmly now. He didn't want to shoot his load too early and he focussed to keep it in as long as he could.

The heat emitting from the both of them was a bit worrying for the lieutenant. He couldn't see crap anymore through the canopy and he had no choice but to wear his helmet to get at least some vision on the outside of his ship. He let out a gasp as Jien raked her fingernails across his body and he responded to it, biting in her neck now, not hard, yet savagely like an animal.

He let go of her neck as she told him she was going to switch and he nodded as he looked for hishelmet at his side. "Good.... Plan... Ma'am..." He brought out in pants and he kept moving his hips against her, not wanting to leave her so soon or so easily. When she popped him out, the lieutenant almost lost control, but he bit on his teeth and endured.

It didn't last long though, he felt how Jien positioned himself inside of her again and how she plunged down. He had just placed his helmet on and he pulled down the visor as intel started to flow through the helmet. He checked it fast and then continued to ravage Jien. He felt how she was getting near and already reached her climax. He heard the static loud through his helmet and he was relentless at this point. He kept moving himself inside of her and didn't slow down or adjust the way he did her.

The spasms made it harder for him to focus and eventually he shot out his load inside of her. Hoping he had reached the criteria that had been set for them. He had his eyes closed as he came and he opened them now, hoping the simulation would end and that they would reach the safety again of the Theurgy.

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Now she was in a position she knew well.  Seating herself on his hips, she didn't bury his length inside her right away, instead acting with at least a bit of the attention she had given him.  Kiya kissed strong chest muscles while her hands swept down powerful obliques.  Jien was the most fit man she had ever been with, of that there was no mistaking.  Her husband from many lifetimes ago was a hospital administrator, having taken the job when she pursued medicine.  It was his way of supporting her, of making her job easier to do.  It didn't afford much time for the gym, leaving the Captain the most impressive specimen she ever touched, be it sexually or even just for a routine check up.

Finally, she reached behind her, grabbing the base of his erection and guiding herself onto it.  A deep breath left her, mouth agape as she felt him enter once more.  The position which had become commonly known as the cowgirl on 20th century earth was one she had experience with.  On Trill, the name used to describe it roughly translated to "the courageous woman," given how it put her on display, her lover looking up at her body's every motion as she worked him along.  The reverse cowgirl, given that it involved no eye contact, was similarly named "the bashful woman."  She liked the current one, though, thought it a way to pay back a man by taking the reins for a bit, doing more of the work herself then she would have been doing before.

Like it was riding a bike, her hips started the proper motions, undulating back and forth, even working in some circular motions.  She would go slow to make him feel every motion, then fast to get his heart racing.  As a woman, she was most proud of her ability when it came to being on top.  She never expressed it, but she was glad Jien had pulled her into the position, where she might show just how true a woman she was.  She had one thing in mind now and that was to make him release, and not for the sake of a sample dish either.  This time, she would do it because that was what a proper lover did.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

As Kiya got on top of him, Jien watched her - enjoyed her as she applied herself to their undertaking with such feeling and need. He could tell she liked him physically as a lover, and it make it all the more gratifying for him - that they had managed to find a mutual enjoyment out of the strange situation.

When she eased herself down onto him - sliding down his length - his hands first sought her hips and then trailed up to return his consummate attention to her upper body. She liked his calloused hands upon her, so he would readily give her that sensation since he enjoyed her under his palms too. This, also, was a position that she seemed to know well - applying herself fully and wholeheartedly into rhythmic movements.

In the end, he had to surrender the feeling of her breasts moving inside his cupped hands to the firm grip that he lay upon her waist - beginning to increase the momentum of his rising thrusts in time with his own pending release. He wanted to tell her as much; that he was about to spill his seed inside her, but it seemed obvious at that point given his breathing and the growth of his instrument inside her. It was equally obvious that she had no intention of removing him from her warm depth when he did.

So, he sat up in the end, her still in his lap, and he wrapped his strong arms around her in order to bring their hips together more firmly. Her nipples ground into his hard chest as it began. He kissed her, as much as he had the breath for, and then he cried out into her neck when he came - gushing warmth filling her up in pulsing waves.

In the end, when his breathing calmed, and the initial photon torpedoes hit the USS Augustus, Jien swallowed hard with Kiya in his embrace, saying, "Computer, end program."

A small part of his mind wondered if he had been wrong about her nature once he did...

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

From inside her helmet and through the aftermath of her climax, Jien could see beyond the cockpit thanks to the TVD, Through-Visor Display, not to mention course and current speed. She also saw the threat looming beyond the border to Romulan Space - more scout ships amassing from beyond the immediate spatial darkness. It served to reel her in somewhat, but not to the point where she lost focus on what they had to do. They had no chronometer, but they still had minutes to spare before the scout ships would come into weapon range. Enough time, she hoped, to meet the final condition for their freedom.

Yet soon enough, Lieutenant Ravon came inside her - his third ejaculation in such short a period of time. It was admirable that he had managed to perform so well, given all the circumstances, even though it had been a common effort to make it through. Still, Jien did not know how much more time they needed, so she churned her hips minutely back and fourth while the pilot tried to catch his breath - the movements of their hips and his lingering penetration inside her still having to count for copulation. Right?

She did not know, all that she knew was that she would milk his erection until it grew flaccid enough to escape her pleasantly sore sheath, and only then she said...

"Computer, end program."

They had just entered weapons-range, and the Romulans had begun firing collectively.

[ Holodeck 01 | Deck 05 ]

Two separate scenarios vanished almost at the same time - leaving the featureless hologrid around the four individuals.

The male and the female versions of Captain Ives stared upon each other from their state of bodily entanglement - seated on the cold floor with their individual lovers. Nothing but breathing was heard at first. They were all without clothes, perhaps twenty feet apart from each other, yet nonetheless emerging from two completely separate holographic places.

And it now grew plain to them all that what they were dealing with was no ordinary holographic saboteur, but something completely else. Kiya might have known first of them all that they were dealing with something extraordinary, but now, they all realised that something very strange had befallen the ship and crew. The two Captains looked into each others eyes, and knew this.

They had to act immediately, lest their important mission would be compromised.

"Computer," said the female Captain, rising unsteadily to her feet from the fighter pilot's lap, "uniforms, for everyone present."

[Request denied, function disabled.] said Thea's voice, saying nothing more. Somehow, it was no surprise.

"Thea, would you please join us?" rasped the male Captain, having helped Kiya to her feet and standing tall.

[Unable to comply, program not listed.]

"What?" he said, exchanging a glance with his female counterpart. It was almost like looking into a mirror. Only not, in another sense. "Computer, where is Thea?"

[Thea is in Holodeck 04.]

Nothing seemed to add up anymore, apparently. The female Captain looked around the present gathering, not knowing whom the woman with the male version of herself was, but the she trusted herself - himself - to have verified the identity of the Trill. There was no use addressing what they had been through respectively, but rather, what they might do next. "We need to find a replicator, get uniforms and a combadge, and request site-to-site transport to the Bridge. Hopefully, the comm system aboard is still operative."

"Agreed," said Jien's male form in reply and nodded slowly, saying together with her;

"This way."

And the two Captains bore the shame of walking the corridor outside in naught but their skin quite well as they led the way.

OOC: Next poster; feel free to make up where they find a replicator and get everyone clothed, or if you like, the MG has tinkered with the replicators too...

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Two lovers entwined, Kiya had lost all sense of thought.  Her body just acted, working towards the conclusion that had to happen.  She could feel him twitching, surging, and then suddenly . . . it happened.  She reacted like it was her own climax, a deep, sultry moan leaving her mouth as she was filled.  It was another feeling she missed, missed enough that she never considered the risk of pregnancy.  For all she knew, her body wouldn't exist long enough to worry about it.  She might have ended up disappearing back into Edena's subconscious, as part of the Rez symbiont when it was all over.

When Jien called for the program to end, they were left in an empty room, but they weren't alone.  Kiya looked over, saw the presence of Jien's female form, as well as another man she wasn't as familiar with.  She might have seen his face on a duty roster handled by Edena, but it was no one she had ever bothered to recall.  All she knew was that he was there now, and she was naked in front of him.  A hand instantly clasped around her chest as she looked around for the dress she had been wearing.  Dammit, had that been holographic too?  She had nothing to hide herself with!

She slowly rose, her other hand shooting down to stretch out across her nether region, censoring herself as capably as she could from the eyes of others.  As a doctor, she had learned to deal with nudity, but that was others.  This was her own nudity, and others seeing it.  If she had been in a proper state of mind, she would have thought to mention that her medical scan had shown only half of Jien's Chameloid DNA.  Now, face to face with his other half, so to speak, they had an understanding of where it had gone.  Kiya looked at the female Jien and couldn't help feeling that she was to a woman what her lover was to males.  Their forms were designed to be perfect.  Her face was a match to her body, each detail perfectly suited to one another, from the matching width of her hips and bust to the tiniest eyelash.  It was hard to feel adequate standing in front of that kind of beauty.

She had gotten so caught up in her love making with the male Jien that she forget herself.  Now, faced with others, she couldn't help feeling like some unsightly harlot, jumping Jien's bones with only minimal rousing.  "Um . . . Captain," she finally said, addressing the female Jien with the same title.  As near as she could figure, they both shared that title.  Deciding there needed to be some way of differing them, Kiya decided in her mind that the female would be Jien and the male would be Ives.  Even if it was only for herself, it made her feel like there was some progress made when designations were placed.

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Thomas looked at the deathly beauty of weapons being fired upon them and he was just about to launch their own weapons as a counterattack when Jien ended the program. It took a few seconds for the young lieutenant to realize that the program had come to an end. He felt his sweat turn cold now as they were in the room but he could hear sounds around him, they weren't alone.

He turned his head a bit and noticed the familiar face of the male form of his captain. A bit in doubt he nevertheless got up, covered one of his nether parts with his hand and used the other hand to salute. It looked pretty weird since he had just made out with the female form of the captain, yet the male form had the effect on him that he had to be ready for duty at any time. It was hard to explain, but since he saw the male form first, he must have conditioned himself with the male form as the leading commander aboard the ship. Evenso, he looked at Jien now and he frowned a bit and dropped his salute. "This is rather... confusing..." he said soft to himself.

As Jien told Thea to get uniforms and join them, both requests were denied. Thomas looked at the Trill now, he didn't recognize her from anywhere across the ship. Than again, he did keep mostly to himself across the Theurgy, so that wouldn't really be a surprise. He looked away from her and looked at his captains. He wondered to himself which one he had to follow in case they should be handing out opposite orders.

As the captains made up that they should find replicators and comm badges Thomas nodded and suggested "We could head to the weapons locker. There should be replicators there and well, I think in the current situation arming up could be a good thing.." He followed the male and femle form into the corridor and looked behind him for a second to the Trill "Uhm, Ma'am, please follow us, we'll get you some clothes." He said and tried not to stare to much at her naked body.

This was all a very odd experience for the lieutenant and he hoped he wouldn't stumble upon anyone he knew when they were in the corridors.

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[ Deck 05 | Corridors]

It was not with a small sense of identity crisis that both forms of Jien Ives walked next to each other, not bothering to cover themselves. It was not important in the greater sense of things, in how they were faced with an unknown threat, and they were equally aware that their sense for modesty held little consequence at that point. So the same went for the identity crisis, for as soul-shattering it might be, it still held little consequence for the sake of their their ultimate mission.  Oh, they both wanted to address the painful fact that they were both divided beings - not able to hold the opposite form - but that would not safeguard either the crew or the truth.

Still, there was a definite stiffness to their pace as they walked - acting on the need for the many and ignoring their own petty need to sort out the matter of their divided state. Not to mention what one form had done on that holodeck in the complete ignorance of the other. What was important, however, was that they had no idea what kind of urgency the situation held, so the cold-hearted focus lay upon the task at hand; to learn what the hell was going on.

"Very good, Lieutenant," said the female form of the Captain as they walked the corridor in reply to what Thomas Ravon had stated. When she spoke, the male version glanced wordlessly over his shoulder at the younger man: this human Lone Wolf that he had yet to get properly acquainted with. The female version continued to speak, looking dead ahead - ignoring a couple of Engineers they walked by. "There is a weapons locker not far ahead, and the replicator meant for power cells can be used for our needs as well. This way."

They did encounter a few crew men on the way there, but little to no words were exchanged - the urgency plain for everyone involved. Once they got to the replicator, the requests were promptly made, and for some reason, they were not denied. Thus began the quick process of handing out uniforms, the two Captains working together to pass the garments over to the two followers. Then, they dressed - awkward as the process was while not in a private room - soon to attach the comm badges to their chests.

"Here," said the male version of the Captain and passed along hand-phasers to all four of them from the locker. He turned to Kiya with her issue of the weapon, "I would surmise this is against your oath, and that you might be unfamiliar with the design, but do you still want one?"

The female Captain checked the setting and charge on the weapon professionally and tapped her combadge. "Ops, Ives here. Prepare site-to-site transport. Four people, to the Main Bridge, and please hurry." There was a brief acknowledgement, then a couple of seconds for everyone to get ready. Once the transport was complete, both Captain looked around...

...finding Edena Rez commanding the Bridge at that point. The sight was a great relief to both Captains and they almost spoke on top of each other.

"Commander, please rep-"

"Commander, has there been any-"

The two individuals, of a sort, looked upon each other with cold frowns, before the male version ceeded the floor with a wave. "Ladies first, I suppose."

A terse smile came from the female Jien, before she turned her attention back to her XO. "I reckon you already know that we have stumbled upon some rare phenomenon, so please, report what you have learned so far."

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[Kiya Rez - Deck 05]

Kiya just nodded to the comment made by Thomas, as she finally managed to remember where she had seen him before.  Edena's reports included being the direct superior of Miles Renard, the SCO of the Tactical CONN.  This man was a Lone Wolf, one of the fighter pilots who protected the ship in times of danger.  He was worthy of respect for that, but Kiya hardly felt in a position to be offering a hand, not when it meant exposing either her breasts or her womanhood, still fresh from coitus.  She had taken up the last position, hoping no one noticed how each step she took was small and careful, as the male captain's seed leaked from her womanly depths.  Damn, this is embarrassing, she thought, as they walked down the corridors bare, Kiya turning to walk sideways whenever they passed someone, so that her lovely rear wasn't exposed to anyone who ventured past her.

When she was offered clothing, she didn't even care that it was a Starfleet Uniform.  No pips to indicate rank, but a uniform nonetheless, with undergarments and everything.  As soon as everyone else was busy putting theirs own, she rushed to get the boyshorts and tank top on to cover her shame, before feeling comfortable enough to dress casually into the rest.  When she was handed a phaser, she immediately set it to a level she was comfortable with.  "The Hippocratic Oath is very specific about doing no harm, but an appropriate stun level will have no long-term effects upon a person," she stated, able to bypass that code to defend herself if need be by rendering aggressors unconscious.  It wasn't all that different from a medical tricorder.  It was actually simpler, the device only having spread and power to worry about, rather then a hundred different scans to sort through when examining patients.

[Edena Rez - Bridge]

Her search had been fruitless before she was called back to command the bridge.  Jien had been missing since the event, with the ship unable to locate him by either combadge or by biometrics.  It was like he had vanished into thin air.  That fact only made the arrival of two captains that much more confusing.  Edena turned to face them, standing equal distance between the male and female pair, like she was addressing each of them with the same respect.  She took to the concept well, considering all she had ever seen.  "Cap--tains," she quickly adjusted, "we're reporting several problems throughout the ship which cannot be explained.  Most crewmen of mixed heritage have found themselves split apart into separate beings, bodies have been switched, sometimes with males and females, Thea's holographic program appears to be offline because her physical form has been turned into a human, and we have had several cases of crewmen who were total strangers being locked together in rooms with protocols prohibiting exit until they perform sexual favors for one another.  We haven't found a direct cause yet, but we do know that almost every scenario has some degree of sexual contact involved.  It seems like we're being played with, Captain."

Edena then noticed Kiya, shocked by her appearance in a Starfleet uniform.  She stepped forward, the first and current host, separated by over 300 years, were truly face-to-face for the first time.  Edena shelved her concerns and tried to remain focused on the task at hand.  She faced the captains once more.  "For the sake of the chain of command, am I to assume you are both on the same page all the time?"  If their opinions differed even in the slightest, it would cause confusion, and require one of them to step down in favor of the other.  If they were always starting each other's sentences though, there would be little concern of the two sharing the leadership position.

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[Deck 5 | Corridors/Armory]

Thomas was happy to have found decent functioning replicators along with the rest of his party. He got dressed without even spilling a word and he paid little to no attention to the others around him. He nodded as the captain gave him a hand phaser and he glanced up to the male captain. "Thank you sir." He said on a lower voice and he checked the status of the phaser and adjusted the setting and charge. He heard the female counterpart ask for a site to site transport and he waited for now.

Once on the main bridge, Thomas looked around eagerly. He hadn't been called or visited the bridge alot during his stay on the Theurgy. Seeing that Edena was in charge untill the captains arrived, he decided that there was little to no matter in talking for now. He remained in the background and resumed his duty as a sort of guard detail for his party. In the meantime his eyes scanned the bridge, looking at the different officers and crewmembers aboard.

As he listened to what had happened throughout the ship he was a bit surprised that the effects were so widedly spread. For now he looked at both Captains and Edena. Wondering what their next step would be...

OOC: Sorry for the short post, at this point, the lone wolf has little to say ^^ Will see where I can pick up in the conversation later, might be best to keep him as a guard details seeing that I'll to no posting for a week.

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The two Captains listened to their Number One's report with grim faces, glancing towards each other once Edena Rez had finished speaking. The action caused the feeling of looking into a mirror once more, and they both wondered if they could serve the ship as two Commanding Officers instead of surrendering Command to their Executive Officer. The male one, however, knew that Edena Rez was also affected by the circumstances, and not quite the same either. It was not like he mistrusted Edena's capacity as a Starfleet Officer just because she lacked the active link to the Rez symbiont's former hosts, but did not know how that lack of contact with them affected her during a critical situation such as theirs. Therefore, he spoke up in reply to her query, since the female Jien Ives had just come to realise whom the Trill that had followed them from the holodeck truly was.

"Until further notice, we will both command this ship," the male Ives told Edena, glancing towards his female counterpart, whom returned the look with equal determination, "but if we are in disagreement, your ruling will decide which side has the right of it, Commander. Should you object to this along the way, with our disputes threatening the ship and its mission, I am sure the both of me will listen to your judgement and surrender command to you or whomever is deemed the best choice at the given time."

Nodding slowly in agreement with this, the female Jien Ives began to pace the Bridge, a scowl on her brow and her arms folded underneath her chest. "The common theme is sexual activity," she said, pondering what the XO described, "caused by force or temptation, by design or circumstance. There is no rhyme or reason to what is transpiring, and few known forces in the Galaxy that might be able to cause such things that has befallen us. These events, scenarios and tricks all serve to toy with us, like you say - as if there was a prankster in our midst. Such has befallen the Fleet before. The Continuum?"

All command level officers were briefed about Q's existence and what the entities of the Continuum were capable of - these mysterious, omnipotent and godlike beings that seemed determined to put Humanity and Federation to trial at the most inconvenient times. They had toyed with Starfleet crews over the last two decades, most assuredly, but would the Continuum resort to such petty means to shame them: prove them naught but animals with primal drives? No, if such was the case, there had to be a stronger reason than that for one of the Continuum to bother with it.

"It is the obvious explanation, the easiest one," said the male Captain after a couple of seconds, "and should be the correct one because of those reasons... yet there is one more factor to weigh in. I find it an odd coincidence that this befalls us so soon after the Niga Incident, in which we were all subjected to this kind of threat too - this common 'theme' of sexual activities across the ship. It is too large of a coincidence to be considered random chance, in my own reckoning. I would venture that the these two incidents are related. Somehow. Either the first has caused this one, by an unknown or known party, or the incidents were both instigated by the same source - the unknown enemy of ours with access to 29th century temporal war technology. The same enemy that changed Niga's flora and history only to get to us."

Suddenly, as he spoke, the male Captain remembered the woman in the turbolift - just before he had found himself trapped with Kiya Rez on the holographic version of the USS Augustus. Yet it seemed like the female Captain remembered this too, only before she ended up with the Lone Wolf.

"Identify the Caucasian woman with blonde hair that travelled together with me in the turbolift about an hour or go."

[Unable to establish identity. Input data corrupted. Please restate your request.]

Frowning, both Captains looked around the Bridge for suggestions before telling them all about whom s/he had had spotted - giving them the general description and waiting to see if s/he got something substantial from the Bridge personnel in regards to addressing the situation. In the end, both Captains came to look towards the XO, with the male form finishing up the short tale, "Can we trap her, or 'it'? A site-to-site transport? A lock-down with the reinforced bulkhead doors?"

Meanwhile, the female one came to seat herself in the Captain's chair. "Make it happen people."

OOC: In the end, some kind of lock with Transporters, or anything that might make the MG appear and talk to them on he Bridge. Hope that won't cause too much of a challenge, but let me know over PM in that case!

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It took a few minutes for Nicole to arrive at the bridge, her side trip to Ester's quarters making her late.  Stepping out onto the bridge, at first she didn't notice all the activity, in a hurry as she was to get to her station.  Halfway there, something made her stop and she turned to take in the people standing and sitting, eyes falling on Edena, then the blonde woman, the dark blonde male, and, finally, her captain... and her captain.  At first, it didn't sink in and she looked to the male Jien, "Um... did I..."

 It took her a moment and she had to blink twice before pinching herself to make sure she was awake.  When she looked again, they were both still there, the male and female versions of her captain, both of whom she'd seen naked.  She started to pale, then sank to the floor unconscious.

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Amatras glanced at Nicole as she entered and tilted her head slightly to the side watching her reaction to the Captain's new forms with interest.  She'd been far less surprised by the arrival of two captains if only due to the faint scent difference between the two forms.  It had caused for a few second delay in her turning to face them, as the initial surprise of two scents both of whom carried traces of the captain's rather, peculiar scent.  As Nicole fainted, Amatras moved swiftly over to her side shifting her position so that she was fully on her back and elevating Nicole's legs above her head using her own lap as a support for them.

She thought about calling Sick bay but doubted it'd be necessary in this situation.  Reaching up with one hand she gave Nicole's cheek a light slap, which sounded all the worse as the moist tissue in her hands left Nicole's cheek fairly damp for a few moments after the tap.  Glancing at the Captains she frowned slightly her mind mulling over the many possibilities that came to her.  "Our first step should be to identify who or what this thing is.  All interactions leave some trace behind no matter how subtle.  The most advanced technologies often try to hide their traces to minimize environmental effects or hide whatever is causing the change.  It may be radiation, a chemical residue, tachyons, or even something we may not readily notice with our instruments." She states calmly as she considers experiments that could be performed to identify what was causing these events.

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When Nicole Howard entered the Main Bridge, both Captains looked her way - the male one standing and the female one seated in her chair. Seeing the Chief Engineer caused thoughts for both the Commanding Officers for which there was no time to address, since the urgency of the situation cut through the emotions that stirred and thus left both Captains nigh untouched.

Yet only to the point where Nicole fainted, and caused the closest Captain - the female form - to get to her feet and make her way over to the fallen woman. However, Jien's Chief Science Officer, Amatras, got there first and did what she could in order to make Commander Howard come to. Jien had paused a few steps away, overlooking the situation while the Ash'reem laid out her overall analysis of the situation. While she spoke, Jien came over to crouch down on the other side of the prone engineer, glancing up to look into the dark goggles of Lieutenant Neotin.

"Our first step should be to identify who or what this thing is.  All interactions leave some trace behind no matter how subtle.  The most advanced technologies often try to hide their traces to minimize environmental effects or hide whatever is causing the change.  It may be radiation, a chemical residue, tachyons, or even something we may not readily notice with our instruments."

"Let's hope it won't be the latter," commented Jien's female form as she also tried to make the Engineer stir, gently shaking Nicole's shoulder and then taking over Amatras' burden by propping up the halfblood Bajoran against her arm and shoulder, "Here, let me wake her. I need you on your post, running calculations for what kind of ranges, residues and emissions that we can calibrate our internal sensors for. Make a list of effective means which we can use in order to isolate what kind of entity or alien we are dealing with. Once you have the theoretical methods assembled, the calibration might require overriding some security systems too, so you need to work together with engineering to make sure we get the scans we need."

Speaking of which, the female form of Jien looked down to see Nicole coming to, and stroked some dishevelled hair out of the engineer's eyes. Then she began to explain things in very brief and effective terms to Commander Howard in a low voice. Once Lt. Howard was ready to stand, Jien helped her rise to her feet, and she turned to Edena Rez where she stood, giving the expected order.

"Security alert, Number One," she said in her crystal clear voice over her shoulder as she followed Nicole to her station, "Level 4, silent. Set a course to a good hiding spot near by. Any sightings of unknown personnel or phenomena is to be reported to the Bridge immediately. All available hands to duty stations." Hopefully, Commander Grayson would answer the call to arms, otherwise the XO would have to use the Mission Ops station to rally Security.

Meanwhile, the male form of Jien Ives headed over to Amatras where she was by her Science console. He set his hand down on the back of her chair and leaned in over her shoulder - following her progress. It was impressive to see the Ash'reem at work. So many years of accumulated experience set to the task of solving the riddle of their situation. While new in the Federation, it did seem like they were a resourceful people, and Jien had high hopes for what one of them could achieve in such an elevated position as Chief Science Officer on a Starship. It was, besides her track record, one of the reasons why he had promoted her during the last leg of their escape from Federation space. For while they were not an exploration vessel, it would still serve as a reference for the Fleet.

That was... if they could return to the fleet one day.

"If we are dealing with the same faction that issued the Niga threat," he said quietly to Amatras where he stood, the vague smell of the species pleasant but peripherally noticed compared with the task at hand, "perhaps you might need to call for Junior Lieutenant Morali's assistance, since he might have key knowledge in tracing recent temporal incursions in this area. Set him on reading external sensors, while I want you to locate whatever has slipped aboard our ship."

A little bit away from there, the female form of the Captain stood by Nicole Howard's side, checking on her by her Engineering station. "Are you feeling better now, Commander?" she asked kindly, as kindly as she could make herself out to be given the situation, "I need you to alert Engineering to be prepared for hasty modifications to our sensor arrays. Amatra's husband is down there, so contact him if you need someone that speaks her language. Quick communication might be the key to our way out of this ordeal."

So far, nothing had befallen the gathered Bridge personnel... but the question was how long they were able to proceed without... interference.

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Nicole's first response was to deny everything, but as she slowly came to her senses, felt Jien's soft fingers stroking her hair from her face, she wasn't sure what to believe.  Then she heard Jien's masculine voice from across the bridge and felt her breathing grow difficult again, even as she reached up to confirm Jien's feminine form was cradling Nicole's head in Jien's lap.  As she was helped to her feet, she focused on first the Jien who helped her, then on the one standing over Amatras and couldn't deny what her captain had told her.  It made her feel light-headed again, so much difficulty aboard their seemingly small ship in such a short time; Niga hadn't been that long ago, and the start of their fugitive run not so long before that.  And, now, this?  What else could happen to them?  If she'd believed in a god, she would probably be cursing him, her or it right about now.  Instead, she took half a dozen deep breaths and regained her composure, before going to her station.  Having Jien beside her seemed to help and as she began her diagnostics, she touched the Jien's hand slightly, comforted by her captain's presence, "I'll be fine, Captain.  I just need a minute to adjust."

She reviewed past instances of shifted encounters, notably the Enterprise D with interface generators and Voyager's encounter with the Srivani.  Knowing she didn't have long, she still did the best she could to gather the data she needed.  With a nod, she informed Engineering to be ready for the changes, then glanced at Amatras, "Whenever you have a phase adjustment, Engineering will be ready to make the changes."

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Kiya remained out of the way.  She wasn't a commissioned Starfleet Officer, which left her more then a little out of place on the bridge.  When Nicole Howard had collapsed, she thought she might have been able to help, but faster reflexes reached her first.  For a simple fainting spell, her familiar crewmen were more then adequate to take care of her.  The oldest of the Rez hosts simply backed herself into a neutral corner, out of the way of everyone else, and watched as the crew began to function like a well oiled machine, working to find the solution to their problem.

"You may want to scan within a Phase Variance of 0.21."  The voice was male yet unfamiliar to anyone but four people, those being the two Captains, Edena and Kiya.  Jona Rez had walked onto the bridge, dressed in the black uniform of a Starfleet intelligence officer.  He was tall but slender, face weathered and black hair peppered with gray.  "Jien," he regarded both the male and female Captains with a familiarity that spoke of some shared history.  Ives had been a SI agent some time ago, which was where Jona forged his craft.  Encounters between them weren't unusual, though much of it shrouded in mystery.  He never told Edena about it, and with their incomplete joining, she didn't have any other means to acquire the information.

"Once you've identified the subject using the phase variance scan, your engineer will want to bombard the location with a fifteen second burst of Anyon radiation to force her back into our phase, and keep her here for at least five minutes.  You should be able to transport her normally that way."

"You know what we're dealing with," Edena spoke suspiciously of the former host, who regarded her as though she were still just the sniveling science officer she was when he first met her, like their separation forced her back to less then she had been since the joining.

"We all have our secrets," Jona replied, glancing briefly to Jien.  There was a past between them, likely from Jien's time as a member of Starfleet intelligence.  Perhaps that history would be enough to get the Captain to agree with his suggestions.  Whatever Jona knew, his instructions were exact enough that he must have known what race of being their intruder was, and had learned to trap them before.

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As the voice emerged from the sliding doors, both the male and female Captains turned to see the speaker.

The male Jien remained by Amatras and the female by Nicole, yet they might as well have been a single individual given the frown upon their brows. They frowned, because the voice and the face was that of the past, many years ago, but the name attached did not add up with the one provided by the current host of the Rez symbiont. Had Jien known that this was the same Trill that had figured in those days of cloaks and shadows, s/he would have reacted in a very different way back in the Brig when this host had presented himself. Jona Rez was to Jien known as someone entirely else, yet s/he doubted that s/he had the correct name back then, since Edena Rez and her former hosts had sworn him disclosure when instated as a part of the Senior Staff. It must have been a codename of his, back then. It seemed full disclosure had convenient limits, depending on whom was listening in. Right there, right then, was not the time for interrogations. Just as little as there was time for camaraderie and reunions.

"For you, that is an understatement," said the female Captain as she looked into Jona's eyes, utterly unblinking. The revelation that this particular Trill was aboard, and had been the host she had been talking to over the course of the last few weeks held its own time to be addressed.

Meanwhile, the male Captain considered how he had known far more about his new XO than he had thought when he promoted her. Moreover, that he had come to know the first host of the Rez symbiont just recently, leaving only the grifter Illya as an enigma to him. He glanced towards Kiya and then to Edena, as if wondering whether the two of them knew about his and Jona Rez's past. However moot the question, given the time, it gave Jien pause. Perhaps this shade of Jona had not even realised - given the many webs of secrets the host had been a part of before his demise - that Ives knew him by an older name.

"It might be that you are right," said the male Jien at last, glancing down towards how Amatras worked by his side, "but a rotating phase variance scan picks up a wider range, and it might just be that this threat can change its own displacement in this time and space. Therefore, we have lost time, and even more so if the phase variance has no part in the detection of the enemy. I would check your facts personally before limiting the search, but there is no time. Moreover, Lieutenant Neotin might have alternative methods, so I will leave the call to her. She has to figure out how to modulate our forcefields to hold her contained too, since she is obviously a powerful being."

The female Ives glanced towards her male counterpart with a frown, not entirely satisfied with the decision and more inclined to trust Jona Rez in this matter, simply because she stood closer to him on the Bridge and had read him better when he lay out his suggestions. It was a chance variety between the two Captains, and it was strange to experience. Still, she would not start an argument over this, and the entity would have to be contained, so instead, she lay her hand on Nicole Howard's shoulder, talking to her Chief Engineer. "Prepare the systems for the dispersal of anyon radiation too, and have Ops standing by for Transport."

Where was Lieutenant Commander Stark?

The male Ives turned back to follow Amatras in her endeavours by her stations, while the female Captain's stare lingered on Jona Rez. "Unless you have more to reveal," she said with a terse smile, "would you please make yourself even more useful and see to that we have guards in here with the right phaser settings for this meeting?" With another glance towards Edena and Kiya, as well as the pilot that had happened to take position in the back of the Bridge, the female Jien turned back to follow Nicole's work.

While the seconds passed, reports streamed in that the available personnel took up their duty stations and stood ready for whatever awaited them.

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"Don't sell yourself short, Ives.  I'm sure you have just as many . . .well, you at least have some secrets of your own."  It was issued like he was telling Jien something.  He was not to be judged for the things he did, for Ives had done plenty of things he would probably take back while he was in service to Starfleet Intelligence.  The difference between them was that Jona believed in what they did, didn't transfer out when things got a bit too hot for the Chameloid to handle.  Perhaps much of the adversity between them came from Jona being head of a task force responsible for coming up with ways to detect and terminate shapeshifters who might have infiltrated Starfleet's hierarchy.  It involved a lot of invasive questions and high personal probing of Jien, to understand his kind in particular, and find what he could learn from the only commissioned officer in SI with such an ability.

"If you want to know the best results to deal with this particular species, then you're going to want to calibrate your shields to this frequency," he said, typing out a sequence on Nicole's console that she could use should his suggestions be approved.  "Standard phasers won't affect this creature, but a correctly calibrated phaser burst shot into a shield with that harmonic frequency will disorient the creature, prevent it from using it's abilities so long as the blast is issued at least every 44 seconds.  The pain is . . .negligible, and it's the only thing we ever found capable of rendering them contained for any length of time."

The crew was seeing the epitome of Starfleet Intelligence, the cold, hidden sword which circumvented proper regulations.  Few had the stomach for it, even Edena had been questioning her place there, and just being face to face with Jona was enough to make her regret ever joining the organization.  She saw it as a chance to be more then some lowly Science Officer, but she worried some days that it might have cost her soul if she hadn't been assigned to Theurgy, a place that let her keep herself at least a little bit pure.

"Captain," Edena said, addressing both male and female as a single cohesive unit, as she had come to know Jien preferred to think of itself as, "I wish to formally state that the knowledge Jona Rez is presenting is not part of my own knowledge.  Due to my faulty joining with the Rez Symbiont, I am only privy to information willingly provided by my former hosts.  Jona has apparently kept far more secrets from me then I ever could have imagined.  I would ask to be exempt from whatever charges you might have for him after this crisis is over, and would be willing to submit to whatever testing you require to confirm, be it lie detection through standard means or by Vulcan Mind-Meld."

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Both Captains had turned their heads when Jona offered further insight, or instructions, depending on how one might see it. Yet neither of them spoke at first, letting both Amatras and Nicole prepare for what they were about to do - to find, trap and contain any alien entity or creature they might find. The threat from Jona Rez was heard and noted, but neither of the Captain's forms cared to address the matter now that his/her ship was beleaguered. Question was... could Jona Rez be so bloody certain this was the alien entity in question: the one for which his specific instructions would direct the means for success. There also was no way of knowing how the Trill got his intel, even as a spectre of the past. Jien did not like it. S/he did not like it one whit. Perhaps it was foolish to place doubt in Starfleet Intelligence, but as far as trust went, s/he had far more of that in store for his/her Science and Engineering Officers. S/he also trusted the current host of the Rez symbiont... yet not her predecessor. S/he would take their judgement on their situation any day over blindly acting on mysterious instructions thrown across his/her Bridge.

The female form of Jien Ives remained by Nicole's side as Jona Rez approached and punched in numbers upon the Chief Engineer's console - the shield harmonics that was going to hurt the creature. Would they have to resort to such measures? Was it already a situation where ethics fell away for efficiency? Starfleet Intelligence was indeed showing its true nature: unhesitating to deal harm for the sake of control. Crippling pain, in this case. While Edena Rez spoke up and swore herself free from any knowledge of the current development, the female Jien Ives was dissecting the situation as best as she could - listening only by half an ear to her First Officer.

Because she knew the other side of the current matter too: That they had no other guesses as to what was going on. It might be better to progress than not to if there was a path ahead provided. Their mission merited rougher means to accomplish it. Nor had Jona Rez any reason to lie for them since the Rez symbiont and his incorporeal life depended on...

That was it.

There was a personal agenda for Jona's spectre: To become alive again.

And thus, the female Jien Ives made the call, since the male Ives was helping Amatras further away. "Thank you for your input, Jona Rez, " she said in a low voice, her lithe frame deadly still as she stood next to Nicole's chair, "Yet we will try diplomacy over torture as a first resort, like any Starfleet Officer should if faced with the unknown. We might rattle the sable, but we will not cripple or kill this entity just because we supposedly know how to do it. For all we know, this creature is not aware that we experience this as a hostile situation. You will back away now, and not meddle with my crew's actions any further. Do I make myself clear?"

The male form of Jien Ives looked up from his place by Amatras' side at the exchange and frowned, not entirely convinced that this was a wise thing to do when the middle-aged Trill might possess the means to get out of this ordeal. Yet he could not openly argue with himself - herself - either in front of his crew. Therefore, he chose to answer Edena's pledge.

"Duly noted, Commander," said Jien in his deep voice in Edena's direction, "yet this is not the time. Would you please make sure your former host remains by the back wall with Kiya Rez? Lieutenant Ravon! Would you please assist your XO and make sure our present representative from Starfleet Intelligence does not touch any of the ship's controls. Not without the specific authorisation from me or my more feminine form."

Whatever conclusion his female self had drawn, he was the last to argue about it, even if he found it strange. The idea of a phase variation sweep was still a good one even if Amatras was working on more means to detect and contain whatever they might find. Therefore, he turned his oaken eyes to Nicole where she sat a little bit further away.

"Commander Howard, would you please begin scanning different phase variables, sweeping over the scale one number at the time?" he asked of her, and after a glance towards Jona Rez, he added, "beginning with the phase variable that has just been provided."

Jien looked down towards Amatras' progress again after ceding that point to Jona Rez, not able to stomach the sight of the man's smug grin - should he care to offer it.

OOC: Kitty, Taguiera, Kurohigi and Nolan, at this point it does not matter whom might post next, just try to keep attention to any notice about upcoming posts while you write. Nicole's scan will be successful, leaving the next step the anyon radiation distribution and the transporter lock. This is something that does not have happen in a single post, Taguiera, so feel free to cede the floor to the rest of us as you see fit.

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Lieutenant Ravon was impressed by how well the bridge was functioning at this time. As a junior officer, he hadn't witnessed anything like this before. He'd either be on another deck or flying his ship around, giving him little to no insight on what might be happening on the bridge. Evenso, the young lieutenant kept in the back of all the commotion and orders being given.

From the back of the bridge he observed on how each crew member functioned. Once Lt Howard arrived on the scene, Thomas kept a bit in the back but wanted to help as she fainted. Seeing that Amarass was first and fastest to respond to the fainted woman, he let her be and just remained in overlooking the bridge. Thomas listened to the certain theories and ideas that were spewed around on the bridge and he realised he would be of little help here to help the rest of the crewmembers.

He glanced over at Kiya a couple of times to check how she was holding up but eventually his attention got drawn to the SI officer that apparently was known as Jona Rez. Thomas never liked Si officers, the shroud of mystery and secrecy was something that the young lieutenant couldn't apreciate. Seeing that his parents were most probably on a mission for SI, which resulted into their deaths, Thomas started to project his long burried hatred and anger on Jona, not knowing that Jien had been in SI too.

Thus, the order from the captain to assist and keep the Starfleet intelligence officer on the back of the wall was a welcome order. "With pleasure sir." he answered with a broad grin across his face and he took out his phaser, set it to stun and kept his eyes pinned on Jona. He wouldn't hesitate a second if the man even tried to reach out to any of the controls.

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"Aye, sir," Nicole answered before turning back to her station.  Nothing about this situation sat right with her, and it was at least a little disconcerting having two Jiens present.  It helped to focus on her work, what needed to be done, starting the internal scans at the specified frequency, arranging for Engineering to produce hand held scanners and anyon radiation emitters should they become necessary.  Each step took her attention and she focused hard on them, keeping her mind from wandering to subjects best left unattended right now.  Still, on occasion, she would look up at the female Jien and remember how she'd looked undressed and wet, then glance over her shoulder at the male Jien.  Her skin flushed at the remembrances of their previous intimacies, making her feel overly warm for a moment before she turned back to her work.  It was a comfort to have at least one of them standing nearby, more than she'd given thought to recently, especially with the way they'd ended things.  She'd been angry about it, partly with Jien, but mostly with herself for not making her curiosity better understood, but she'd also been missing her Captain, something she was unaccustomed to.

With a shake of her head, she pushed the thoughts away and returned to her scans.  Her eyes widened as she spotted a blip on the scanners, "Captain, I think there's... well, I'm not sure, but I think the scanners have detected something.  It's faint, but definitely present."

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Amatras glanced at Nicole with interest as she began to do her scan.  Her mind juggling different hypothesis on what different readings might mean and what each could mean.  She tapped her badge and frowned as no signal seemed to come from it, glancing at the ship layout she attempted to open a 'landline' connection between her terminal and the terminal closest to Sarresh Morali.  She frowned glancing at Jien's male form next to her then back at the terminal. She spoke in her native tongue into the terminal hoping to get his attention assuming his combadge and such were actually where they said they were on her terminal. "LT JG Morali, please report to the bridge, if you receive this message, move left and then right three steps so that we can verify you received it.  Comm systems are down overall."  She hoped that the message wouldn't be jammed like the comm badges. 

Glancing up from the screen after waiting a few seconds to see if Morali responded to the quick series of pulsating 'chirping' like sounds she'd just produced from her throat, outside the normal range of hearing for most of the crew, although she suspected the Vulpinian could hear some of the tones she'd yet to ask.  It would be slightly annoying if he could given it was a means of privately talking away from the rest of the crew.  As Nicole speaks up Amatras listens with interest to her analysis and gets up to glance over her shoulder at the display.  "Captains, do you think we should have Lt Kae glance over these readings?  He may be able to shed some light on this given his speciality."

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When Amatras was on her feet to check Nicole's readings, the male form of Jien Ives followed her - coming to stand next to his own female form and joined her in mirrored contemplation.

What the Ash'reem said made sense, Jien realised, as he came to understand the concept of the idea. Lin Kae was their holographic specialist. "Of course," he said slowly, "you mean that we should use the hologrid to emit anyon radiation, with the safeties off... It is worth a try, but if it does not work, Nicole's personnel will have to prepare for direct engagement as well unless we can get a hold of Security and arm them with the anyon emitters."

The female Ives laid her hand gently upon Nicole's shoulder. "Could you please try and send a message to all control panels aboard, stating that Lt. Kae needs to report to the Main Bridge immediately. While we wait for him, or for your engineers to reach that thing that is walking this ship with their anyon emitters, prepare the Transport protocols. We might not have a lock right now, but the window of opportunity might be small once we get a fix on the entity."

It would be a matter of time before the alien realised they were on to her... unless she already knew.

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