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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...
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[ENS. Joseph Adams | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @rae @Dumedion and everyone in-between

Mostly rolling with whatever the situation threw his way, or wherever the Trill saw fit to ragdoll the poor man, Joe winced as he was pulled down, to his credit though, he didn't wince as much when the artillery shell exploded, although he did crease at being showered with dirt.

"Bloody hell!"

Came the holler, as he somehow miraculously managed to keep a hold on his weapon. Raising it for a moment, he looked around, as if expecting another bomb to fall on their heads.

"Good thing the safeties are on, eh..."

He mused, before turning to Kino. Her description was definitely familiar. Recognition on his face, he nodded.

"Red hair, Spots, sounds like Trill Lady."

He confirmed before commiting the name to memory. Azrin was far more suitable than 'Trill Lady', if recent events had proven anything, it was that the nickname wouldn't get him very far. Standing at her command, he returned her handshake, if still a little disoriented by the explosion and sudden fall. After which, he brushed himself down as best he could, at least until a helmet was shoved in his hands.


Bombarded with information all at once, he shrugged and began to lift the helmet on the end of his rifle. Doing as he was told, although he had a sneaking suspicion that she'd deliberately been screwing with him, particularly about the part where she'd seen all this in a Holo-Vid.

Swearing loudly as a lucky shot hit the helmet, making a loud noise, much akin to a metallic tap. except obviously much louder. At least they were shooting at the helmet rather than her....Although would that have been so bad? It would be like one of those old BB-Guns for the most part, a sharp pain but ultimately harmless. Maybe she deserved it-

A small shake of his head, they were on the same side after all.

By the time Kino regrouped with Joe, he'd become a little more relaxed as he acclimatised to the warzone. Even taunting the enemy soldiers as he waved his psuedo-soldier from side to side.


Turning to Kino, he lowered the now battered helmet, glancing at it, then at her.

"War is hell."

Removing the helmet, he offered it back, although doubted she'd want it. It had been utterly hammered by enemy fire and only just resembled its original shape. Proven wrong when she scooped it up and returned it to her head, he shrugged lightly, stepping aside and letting the Trill lead.

"Never make me do that again, that was terrifying."

The grin betraying him, he followed it with a small whack of his rifle, hardly enough to hurt, but certainly to get the point across. A shake of his head, he sped to catch up with Kino, particularly at the last corner, where he emerged about 3 seconds later. His gaze scanning across the trench and the other stranger. He offered a small wave at Kino's introduction, however remained a mostly silent third wheel as they rejoined the group at the rally point.

[Squad rally point]

Having sidestepped both Trill and Andorian, he looked around the trench. Taking in the faces of the rest of the group, particularly the redhead who had neglected to inform him that it was a War Simulation. He wasn't sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn't that!

Still, he supposed he could roll with it, it had worked so far. Aside from the bit where he nearly got blew up. Or the other bit where he'd acted as bait.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @tongieboi @Dree @RyeTanker @rae @Ellen Fitz @ob2lander961
Where the hell is North Africa, anyway? She didn’t have a clue, and right now it didn’t really matter.

Her eyes narrowed at the situation while she walked with purpose; boots caked in mud, stomping into the planks that lined the ground of the crude trench network. It had obviously seen better days, or was constructed in haste. Maybe a fall-back position? Kino couldn’t tell, but it wouldn’t last much longer if the artillery barrage kept up; the walls and bundles of sandbags atop them were in disrepair, pockmarked, soil spilling out – other sections were ruined, smoking as little more than craters. Yea, this looks promising. The sarcastic thought pulled her lips into a frown. Glancing at her new acquaintance, Kino pulled the cigar free with two fingers to answer him but then stopped suddenly – as a whistle grew in the air – and dropped into a crouch by the wall, pulling the Ensign down with her. “Down!”


Dirt and debris rained in a cascade of smoke and dust, littering the two of them. If it had been real, they’d be struggling to pick themselves up, eardrums likely blown out, knocked silly from the concussion; but it wasn’t, so Kino wafted a hand through the air, coughing. “Shit – close one, eh,” she wheezed, then looked him over, and finally returned the cigar between her teeth to brush herself off. “Knowing Red, she's probably the one that roped you into this, intentionally or not. Azrin Ryn? Lieutenant,” she answered in mimicry of Joe’s self-introduction, “engineer, red-head, spots? Super nice to everyone? Ring any bells?” A dark brow rose at him, as the staccato of small-arms fire lulled, nodding at his answer.

Isn’t there a saying from Earth, involving cats and murder, her head tilted quizzically, but she shook the question off almost instantly.

Kino rose, offering a hand down to him, flicking her fingers in a come on gesture. “Up ya get,” she added, glancing around. Once he was back on his feet, her grip tightened slightly in a firm shake and a nod. “I’m Petty Officer Jeen, but you can call me Kino. Hold this a sec,” she released his hand and pulled the ancient helmet from her head. “Gotta see where the hell we are, and where the fuck we’re supposed to go. Take it over that way,” she pointed back down the trench, “stick it on the end of your rifle, like this,” the helmet tilted as she capped it on the business end of his weapon. “Bob it up and down over the lip of the trench, but stay low – I’ll pop up once they start shootin’ ya, and take a peek,” her head and thumb jerked up. “Got it? Off ya go,” she grinned at him, “You’ll be fine – seen it in a ‘vid once.”

There was a world of difference between real world and the holodeck, and…well, she’d never pass up an opportunity to fuck with fresh shiners. Ah, young pips. Gotta love ‘em, the non-com stifled a chuckle as she watched him, throwing a nod and a thumbs up in encouragement. “Yep, stay low like that. Doin’ great Joe,” Kino yelled, then glanced around for something to stand on and found a half empty, open crate of what looked like munitions. Her foot flipped the lid closed, as the tell-tale buzz and snaps of incoming fire increased over the line, following the decoy helmet. “Keep going,” she bellowed, then popped her head up, barely enough to see over the wall between two torn up sandbags.

Infinite hells. Her brows knit at the carnage. What a shit-show. Eyes narrowed as she found her objective, further into the trench network: Azrin, and someone else, dressed…well, her outfit was even more unorthodox for field work than Kino’s was. Then more folks, a pair, only recognizing one. Hah, fuck me – that’s Madsen, she chuckled, then started tracing a path to get to Azrin. Stay right there Red, so I can – waitaminute, Kino blinked, as her eyes locked on another player closer back to where Kino had entered this into mess. The cigar tilted up with a toothy grin, only to vanish as the dirt and bags around her started to explode with incoming fire. Kino ducked, kicked off the crate, and jogged back to Joe. Time to go, she smirked.

“Out-standing, sir!” Kino grinned at him. “C’mon, everyone’s back this way,” she added nonchalantly, returning the helmet to her head as she passed; the day, the sim, even the awkward revealing clothes temporarily forgotten. Right then, she just wanted to catch up to Reika and see that pretty smile of hers.

Less a minute later Kino rounded a corner, glancing back to make sure the Ensign had kept up, then skidded to a stop just in time to avoid running into the Andorian. And there she was, the Trill pulled the cigar from lips curled up in a lopsided smile, SMG resting on her hip. Her eyes took in Reika’s face and outfit at a glance, helmeted head tilting playfully.

“Goin’ my way, beautiful,” Kino asked in a quiet, flirtatious mix of sweetness and mischief, brows lifted, utterly ignoring the chaos going on around her – as the tenseness of it all fled away for a few beats of her heart – then she remembered where she was, and who was around. The non-com cleared her throat, hooking a thumb over her shoulder at the brown eyed human. “Ensign Joe Adams,” she named him, then gestured to Reika with a subdued wink, “Lieutenant Reika Sh’laan. The rest of the gang’s this way,” her head nodded to the side – down an even wider trench – with a lopsided smile, but her eyes showed what she really wanted to say, lingering on glacial blues.

After another slow nod, Kino chomped back down on her cigar, lowering the SMG. “Shall we?”

[Squad rally point]

“Got three more for the cause,” Kino announced with a chuckle as they walked up to everyone – blinking at the other Andorian’s outfit – before locking her eyes with Azrin's for the briefest of seconds, while the engineer did…Azrin things. Kino took a breath, knowing the odds of keeping her fellow Trill’s attention was low. The cigar came out between two fingers that pointed right at the over caffeinated, red-headed bundle of energy, following her movements. "How bout a little warning next time, Red – before you drag someone into your shenanigans, please,” her tone was light, but holding the slightest edge, but ended in a chortle of amusement.

She lifted her chin with a smirk to Madsen, glad to see the CDO again; a brow arched at the lightly bearded pimp at her side though, even as he nodded politely to her. The non-com returned the gesture, amused at Madsen’s revelation and his comment, especially.

“This’ll be a good time,” Kino grunted to no one in particular, even as her eyes and head turned sidelong to Reika, who seemed a bit uneasy, as far as she could tell. I really need to figure out what those antennae are trying to tell me, the Trill frowned quickly, but knew that knowledge would come with time and familiarity.

“Hey,” she whispered, brows knitting in concern. “You okay?”

OOC - just moving things along – my apologies if I stepped on toes – and thank you to @tongieboi for playing along
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter
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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Never before in Reika’s life had there ever been any kind of spoken commitment with a lover.  Oh, there was a regular paramour, Barak, during her time on USS Mustang. Their time was tender and delightful and sensuous rolled into one, but she had never asked for exclusivity, and he had never offered.  When duty transferred them apart, it was an amiable parting of ways with no promises spoken or implied.

But here with Kino, this experience was already different.  The Andorian would never have guessed how a spoken commitment could fundamentally change the nature of shared passion, the depth of eagerness to learn - to learn everything - what crevices needed a lip’s touch, what fissures yearned for nothing more than a tender vapor of Reika’s breath, what site tingled for the teasing brush of blue fingertips. 

But the Andorian’s needs went much further than that.  She ached to learn every aspect of the woman’s past, to share in Kino’s joys and triumphs as well as to step into her trials and struggles.  Reika pined to understand what forged this amazing woman who she is and to contribute to who she became in the future - all while satisfying her every bodily need and desire in every way possible.

Her chin raised, her mouth opened with panting breaths, and her eyes reduced only to slits, Reika’s eyes locked onto Kino’s.  There was an earnestness and an impecunious look that seemed to beg something of Reika.  But a flash later, the combined movement of Reika's hips and Kino’s hand and fingers continued to edge the Andorian toward the precipice of bliss.  And when two fingers breached inside, the Andorian moaned loudly, her need for completion overwhelmed her thoughts and senses. 

Instinctively Reika wanted to press into those delicious digits, but, just in time, she reminded herself, this wasn't simply about physical pleasure,  this was about exploring, about studying, about learning.  So as Reika willed herself to continue to move as she had, and to let Kino feel her way along every delicious millimeter.  In each instant - momentum, desire, tension, and need built further and further as pressure from the heel of Kino’s hand continued to exert sensuous pressure on Reika’s sex while her fingers found their purchase curling into place and massaging the enticing point which promised surrender to and relief from the heat coursing through her veins.

While the sensations surging through her body were amazing, it wasn’t easy to hold herself back from the release that was begging to be fulfilled.  Reika could easily have plunged headlong into the abyss that was this euphoria.  So a war waged between the urgency of the sensations that Kino was creating within her own body and the emotional compulsion that she felt to bring the Trill to utter satisfaction.  And while Kino had a head start, Reika knew that she couldn’t hurry.  Anytime, every time, but especially this first time, Kino needed slow, deliberate attention, not a hurried rush for gratification.

Reika needed Kino to experience the same - almost unimaginable pleasures, not at Reika’s leg, but from the Andorian’s hand.  As Kino’s hips pulled back in their cyclical movements, Reika gently slid her leg back just a fraction of a centimeter and slipped her hand into its place. As the pale hips pressed forward again, Reika’s hand began to move in conjunction with the Trill’s movement.  The knuckle on her thumb found its spot and began to draw pressured circles around Kino’s sex while teasing and delicate fingers slid down the supple skin between her legs exploring every fold, every space, every cleft until they found the chasm that they sought, slipping skillfully inside.

Reika wanted so badly to continue to explore Kino’s body with her mouth and lips, but her body began to tremble as her efforts to hold back the torrent of pleasure consumed more and more of her focus.  And finally, when no amount of countless endeavors could any longer hold the Andorian back from the precipice, waves of pleasure broke through the damn of her efforts.  Her eyes pressed shut, her head fell back, a loud combination of a guttural moan and a cry escaped her lips, and her knees almost gave out on her as swell after pleasurable swell of completion rolled over her body.  Afraid her legs would no longer support her, her arm slipped around Kino’s waist to stay upright.

But she couldn’t stop her efforts. Reika needed Kino to join her on this side of the torrent.  Her whole being cried out to let herself fall back onto the water and let it support her limp body, but she couldn’t.  She continued her ministrations.  Thumb and fingers working, deliberately, tenderly, willfully, raising Kino toward her own precipice.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 18 [1900 hrs.] Bread, Salt, & Wine
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[Lieutenant Commander Frank Arnold | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 02 | Deck 13 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Frank snorted as he smiled. It had been a while since he'd pulled anything silly and he knew he was asking for trouble, but in his current state, it seemed like a good idea. There was always the adage that if you weren't prepared to laugh over something, don't start it. His mind stirred on for a bit as he considered the various things he could do. For safety reasons he'd never executed a prank by the power systems, and the Chief had always come down hard on anyone who's tried. Fusion, anti-matter, singularity, didn't matter, those were all off limits and as the ancient saying went, the perpetrators had better have gotten forgiveness from their diety, because the Chief Engineer would not.

So the answer was something funny but relatively harmless, and in his inebriated state, the Chief sat there and pondered through his way through, a veritable number of absurd ideas began to form.  "He's gota new fighter and it's till being tuned correct?"  Frank stroked his beard at the prospects. "We could change the startup sounds from the standard beeps to something like....... La Cucaracha, or some really raunchy jazz music."  His fingers began tapping on the table as his eyes turned distant in thought. "Or we could change out the air filter on his plane.  Not some thing nasty since he still has to fly the thing, but we could plug in pockets of various scents that'll blow in at random intervals.  Things like flowers, fresh laundry, cotton.  Stuff that's pleasant and soothing. What else?"  Another round of tapping, then the Engineer chuckled. "I'd have to look up the specifications for this paint, but it's invisible under regular light, but as soon as it's been exposed to solar radiation, or the fusion thrust from an impulse engine, it will change colour.  I think it was a fluorescent pink.  Amazing what R&D people will come up with."

As Frank rattled off different ideas, he suddenly stopped and looked into Reggie's eyes.  "If we do this right, we might be able to mix in multiple items at the same time.  Make it multi-layered so they'll kick in at random moments under different circumstances, and we can even provide a very obvious cover, something he can't get rid of easily.  Frank leaned on the dinner table with his elbows and began rubbing his hands in earnest.  "You're familiar with the term nose art, the paintings that they would put on the atmospheric equivalents of our fighters in the past?  Well, why don't we weld something appropriate to the nose?"  Frank suggested as he let his mind really dive into the task of helping Reggie.
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
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[Ensign XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Ens. Zark) | Cardassia Prime]   Attn: @Ellen Fitz

"Yep, lead the way local guide." Zark smiled as she waved at the door.  Stuffing a last grenade into one of the pockets, Ensign Zark followed next to Madsen as they left.  It was a short walk to the gate where all three of the party had to sign out.  As Enyd signed out, Zark caught the fulminating look the guard gave Enyd and the sympathetic one he gave her.  Huh. The boss was right.  Been giving everyone the run around. The Andorian thought to herself and it translated into her twisting her lips a bit as she tried not to smile at the gate watchers unhappiness with the diplomat.  After completing her own thumb print, the gate was opened and Zark entered a different world. 

If it hadn't been for her own war service, the Andorian would have been shocked at the destruction she saw.  Usually civilizations that had been around for a while tended to build a sense of history with their architecture, but in this case,  many of the buildings looked very new or were a patch work of various states of repair.  A low three story building just outside the compound was  a case in point as there was a slight discoloration cut diagonally across the building.  It was only by trained eye that the material on the upper half seemed to be a bit lighter and shinier than the rest.  Many people also moved about with a depression borne of the need to not feel as they worked on repairs.  In some cases, stacking debris into trucks for transport to the industrial replicators for reclamation and processing into new materials. 

"Javec, Enyd.  I have a question.  Granted the Federations is also rebuilding, but surely there was more that could be sent?"  Zark knew it was a naive questions, which was quite fair for her under the current conditions.  Javec looked at her for a moment to guage the Andorian, but Zark's face pretty much remained open and honest, and not knowing the woman, he decided to take this one at face value; simple curiosity, and maybe a chance to educate. "True, the Federation could send much more, and there are those who argue they should have.  Between us, when the initial negotiations began on this topic, the Ambassador actually offered much more, but the Castellan whittled down the amount."  Javec grinned and chuckled at that memory.  The look on the Ambassador's face had been priceless.  When he looked at the Andorian one more time, he let out a rich laugh that felt out of place in the street.  Zark's face was almost a mirror with one eye brow arched high, the other low and her mouth looking like she was getting ready to save up spit.  The aide sighed as his amused demeanour softened. "We are a proud people Ensign.  Yes, we make mistakes like any other culture, but nobody likes to be considered a poor beggar."  The light began to dawn on Zark's face as it returned to it's more neutral expression. "Rebuilding one world, while still a massive undertaking, is not all that difficult for space faring civilizations such as ours.  Cardassia would be just one more world.  Look how quickly Bajor was brought back to its natural splendor with Federation assistance."  Zark jerked slightly at that remark since in her mind the Bajorans really really disliked their former overlords and Javec picked up on it. "Just because they were in our thrall at one point doesn't mean they can't be appreciated after we've left Ensign zh’Ptrell."  Zark blushed at being caught out like this, but Javec ignored that as he looked around as a crane held a metal panel in place and several people on scaffolding began welding it in place. "We know we're indebted to the help you've provided, but we have to get our hands dirty to take ownership of process and remind us that this is our home and heart. Even if it means doing things the hard way."  Javec finished rather dramatically with a smile as he lifted both arms up like he was lifting weights and Zark could see the traces of the muscle bulging underneath his tunic.

Zark nodded at this. It made a lot of sense as she digested what Javec told her.  Also nodding along with Madsen's insights, the trio continued walking towards the speech.  The security Ensign suddenly stepped ahead and her arm went up to push the other two back for a moment while her hand went to the phaser on her hip.  There was suddenly a splat a couple of meters ahead of the group and Zark's sense of smell was assailed by rot and fermentation as her antennae began to whirl around like an ancient radar.  "Off world whores!  You especially!" and despite the distance, it definitely felt like the finger was being pointed at Javec.  "Begone from this place foul aliens and Glory for Cardassia!"  The cape flowed as the figure stared his disgust one more time then disappeared into the alleyway.

Zark had stood, leaning and  poised for action, but hadn't drawn her weapon nor moved her head as she interposed her body between the fruit thrower and her now two charges. With her antennae pointed in the direction he disappeared, she subconsciously felt his presence receding as people stared on. Standing up and releasing the phaser's handle, the blue woman turned to the Human and Cardassians. "Well, that was interesting. At least it wasn't a bomb. " The security officer took one more look around and while not happy, was satisfied they were safe for the moment. "Let's keep going." Zark told the other two, making sure to step around the splattered fruit.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 13 [1700 hrs.] The Chrono-Deflector Schematics | Tempus Sigillum
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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Secret Facility | Catacombs | Qo'nos] | ATTN: @RyeTanker @P.C. Haring @rae [Show/Hide]

Reggie ran briskly towards Alana, and she felt the woman's chest smash into her arm and shoulder. With force but a cushioned blow to her person. She rolled with Reggie to the ground avoiding the shot that was fired. She heard nearby that the Andorians were dealing with one of their own now too.

"Damn!" She saw that Reggie had been hit, albeit slight. Alana leaned and checked and it was thankfully singed closed but still alarming. Have Zark patch you up as soon as you can. Thanks for taking that shot. I'm just sorry I wasn't fast enough... She slunk slightly at having botched that and causing her friend pain.

Alana barrel rolled near a bulkhead for cover and fired a shot off near the entity as she scanned her tricorder download which was 56% now. Regardless of what happened, she would have the console download to keep safe and the Scion's to take out. "We need to find these behemoths weak spot. So inopportune for us right now too. But I guess it was easy going so far."

She fired another shot off. "Check Zark and Nysari's status when you get a moment. We need to keep Korath safe and take these things out of here."

Looking overhead an idea hit her as she saw a plasma tube in the cave, likely for an energy conduit. Taking a shot, she caused the Scion to move backward to avoid being hit. Aiming up, she fired at the tube and the plasma sprayed wildly over the top of the Scion as it proceeded to melt the flesh of the creature, exposing it's exo-skeleton. Alana dove to reach the console to check the status, all the while hearing the screeching yells from the creature nearby as it flailed about. Leaving the remaining bit for Reggie to finish off, she tapped the console. Thankful she learned Klingonese, she noted that it was picking up the pace in their struggle.

"Download at 89%!" She yelled nearby as the creature screamed still as it began to attempt to grab it's blaster again despite the pain. Firing a shot, she knocked the blaster from it's hands as it dashed for Alana in wild abandon with her back turned at the console. "Once we're done here, we'll be heading to the other near Zark and Nysari."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...
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[ENS. Joseph Adams | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy  Attn: @EllenFitz @RyeTanker @rae @Dumedion and everyone in-between

Glancing from side to side and occasionally flattening himself against the wall so a group of running soldiers could pass unhindered, he turned his head suddenly, a little startled at the bellowing voice. Glancing at the Trill he'd apparently conjured, he squinted for a moment with confusion. This was not the person he'd met in the hall. For starters she was at least three inches taller, and instead of red hair, she seemed to have equally distinctive white hair, cut short.

"Not you, exactly. You're not the 'trill lady' I was looking for."

Admittedly, the woman was a little scary, she reminded him mostly of the instructor in charge of his basic combat training at the Academy. Drawing the conclusion that she was a Security Officer, or really taking to her role in the simulation, he moved on to her question and nodded a little.

"Joseph Adams, Ensign. Although I wasn't paying too much attention to who I am in...this."

Gesturing to their war torn surroundings, he took a step back as his rifle was forced into his hands. He'd held weapons like it before, after all. Although a Phaser Rifle was very different to what he had now. Adjusting his grip as he was instructed, he sighed quietly, only moving his left hand, which was supporting the rifle, to conciously touch at his eyebrows with a frown. He had no intention of shooting someone who was, or appeared to be, on his side. Plus, he was a fan of his eyebrows, he needed them so people could tell when he was arching them. Like now, when they were arched with both confusion, defensiveness and curiosity toward the stranger.

"Right, the Artillery gave it away, we're somewhere near North Africa...Who's this Azrin anyway?"

Cutting across his own quiet rambling and instead, deciding to try and extract some information from the stranger as he followed her, he kept his head low as to avoid chunks of dirt thrown at them from far away, rumbling explosions. Definitely not a leisure park. Who considered getting shot at and blown up as a leisurely activity? Was this really for fun? It felt more like a mix of Non Fiction and a training simulator to him.

"And who are you for that matter?"

A glance to her tag earlier had identified her as 'Maddie' but he doubted that was her real name. Merely one of the personas that Lena would have assigned them upon entering the Holodeck.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [1615 hrs] The Fightin Fashionistas of the Gloamin
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Just because one was being asked questions did not mean that they went about answering them and as much as she loved the idea of meeting Lor'vela, Zark was still a hardened security officer.  The answers provided were deliberately general and easily verified, thus utterly useless for an diplomatic espionage perspective. Personal preferences for liabilities could be lied about through her white teeth as she bullshitted her way through the conversation.  The various sensors that monitored the Andorian generally came back negative or were confusing to the point that Lor'Vela was becoming both amused and frustrated by the adroitness with the evasiveness of the supposedly simple soldier.  Being an officer of this time though also meant the possibility of participating in the games of courtly or diplomatic intrigue.  "What brings you to the ball Captain?" the Duchess asked. A toothy smile followed "It's the social event of the season and His Majesty, via my Colonel of course, ordered me to attend." The silken flower patterned fan fluttered "Surely a Captain of His Majesty's Army should can be better employed?" Zark quirked an eyebrow at this and looked around for a moment before smiling. Sometimes the best answers were laid out right in front of people. "Of course Your Grace.  The regimental Quartermaster is also looking for the next haut item to serve at the Colonel's social gathering, and I've been asked to evaluate the Stroopwafel as a dessert." Zark figured the computer must have hiccuped at this answer as the Founding Mother seemed to freeze for a moment to consider that answer before the eyes narrowed and the fan was snapped shut against on blue hand.  A semi-historical simulation this was, but when the other Andorian's hand began to go towards her waist, Zark seriously considered that she was about to have an Ushaan-Tor challenge, which would have considerably changed the mood of the ball. 

Thankfully, the question of clashing blades would have to wait as Zark felt a presence behind her and turned to face a striking auburn haired woman.  The Zhen purred her approval as she felt the flower brush along her jaw line. It was always nice to be appreciated and she realized that Enyd had deliberately set this up to entice and beffudle her.  The implications quickly ran through the Andorian's mind as her hand shot up and gripped the wrist holding the flower.  Zark twisted and applied pressure, the computer obediently did the measurements and determined Julie's pain tolerance had been slightly exceeded, and she gasped as she dropped the flower while her eyes widened.  As soon as it fell though, Zark let go and buried her cheek in the open palm and as she smiled seductively back at the trouser wearing swords woman.  Julie d’Aubigny looked like she was about to gape at the sudden change in situation and returned the smile.  "Beautiful as you are deadly I see dear Captain."  The French woman's gaze flicked to the Duchess standing behind as she gasped at the sudden display of overt affection between complete strangers, and one that was well known as a harlot.  Zark merely smiled. "Indeed I am Miss?" The pantaloon woman smiled. "Julie d’Aubigny, performer and entertainer extraordinaire." she practically sang.  "A pleasure to meet you Miss d’Aubigny.  Would you like to dance? I don''t know all the moves but I'm sure you can show me."  d’Aubigny was practically ready to burst at the invitation.

The Duchess didn't like having her information source taken away. "Be gone you hussy. You are a walking embarrassment."  Julie pshawed and waved her hand at Lor'vela then linked arms with Zark and led her to the floor.  The performers didn't really know what to do since Julie was generally persona non grata, but Zark solved this by whirling her fingers in the air for them to get going and the sounds of Blue Danube began to fill the air.

The waltz was supposed to be an elegant and formal affair, but Zark had other things on her mind and despite having told d’Aubigny she'd have the lead, Zark forced their bodies closer.  Gasps followed at such a sensual display, but Julie didn't mind and laughed heartily as she began to swing the Andorian around.  It took only about a minute to get the general gist of the dance and Zark continued to let the red head lead, but brought her head in closer.  "My my Julie. You've seemed to have ruffled quite a few feathers just by showing up."  The cross dresser lived for this as she brought her head side to side with her blue dancing partner and a filler character gasped into her hand then moued and fell with a thump.  Several men immediatley went to her side to begin fanning her.  "Indeed I have mon Capitaine.  It's always a wonder to be sent to these events.  Now if only they'd prepared some food for my grand arrival"  Zark arched an eyebrow at this. In many fields, the devil was in the details, and she latched onto the word 'sent'. "It truly is a shame."  Zark then further scandalized the the public as she turned her head towards the auburn hair covered ear.  "Then perhaps we have matters to discuss in private." Zark said in a low sultry tone though her attention wasn't entirely on what she was saying as one eye looked out towards the crowd and she began picking out people who looked far too calm for what she was doing, and she took note of several possible counter agents, or possibly just cold fishes in the room.

Julie laughed in delight, but let the dance continue to its end. "Indeed Capitaine."  The two came apart as the dance ended and stretched out their hands before bowing to each other.  Linking arms, Zark gently pulled Julie towards the foyer doors and the unwanted woman snagged a glass of champagne as she went by.  Zark smiled at several people and wagged her eyebrows at Enyd as she passed her talking to a short man with a bicorn hat and one sleeve tucked into the centre of his jacket.  As the Andorian passed, she casually made a motion to her side as if pulling a dagger from her hip and sticking it behind her back.  It wasn't the most obvious expression and Zark hoped Enyd picked up on it as the red head threw social conventions to the winds and laid her head on Zark's shoulder.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 14 [2000 hrs] What happens behind the door....
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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @RyeTanker
“Nh-uh,” Shadow groaned quietly, as Kali pulled away smiling. “Nooo,” the pilot mewled, as her fingers slipped across blue skin, out of her grasp. Talia pouted petulantly at Zark, propped up on her elbows, the toy between her legs flopping around comically as her hips swayed in a vain attempt to recover her playmate's attention. It didn’t work, and she cocked a brow with a lopsided smirk at Zark's hedonist comment.

“Hey, you started it,” she huffed a laugh at the Andorian, dark eyes narrowed playfully, even as she sat up and pounced.

That didn’t work, either.

Pushed onto her back, the pilot giggled even as she batted Zark’s hand away to pounce again – but Kali was faster. Talia froze, head turned slightly, eying the blue hand wrapped around the shaft of the silicon mass that had brought them both so much pleasure. Don’t, she mouthed soundlessly to Zark, even as her lips stretched into a dimpled grin – but that didn’t work – and sure enough, that blue hand went right to work.

Initially, Shadow did her best to seem indifferent; that lasted for about two seconds – long enough for three long, deep strokes – then then Zark started turning it, then bending it, stretching Talia deep at different angles, seemingly at random, only to withdrawal completely and torment her clit with wet slaps and slithering strokes before being plunged in again. In the back of her head, Talia vowed vengeance – someday – she’d repay the Andorian in kind, but at the moment, she focused on trying to be quiet.

That didn’t work, either.

“Z-Zaaaark,” Talia whined under her breath as her head fell back, panting. “Nnnh…not…fair,” she moaned, tanned hands slid up sweat sheened abs to hold her shuddering mounds, nipples squeezed tight between thumbs and fingers. “Ah, f-fuck,” she grunted, back arching as her hips bucked against the toy, trying to work against Zark’s arrhythmic movements. Just as she heard the coms channel open, and the Andorian’s laughably calm demeanor, Talia loosed a high pitched squeal before she could help it – clamping a hand over her mouth. Another moan, as Zark’s pace increased, as the depth increased, mercilessly. Shadow's thighs tried to close on instinct, as her hand flew to the sheets at her sides to grip tight. “Holy fuck that’s deep,” the pilot announced to the world, unbidden, her shock evident in the matter-of-fact tone. Another growled out moan, as her eyes screwed shut, chest jiggling from Zark’s efforts. “F-fuck you’re…,” her hands slapped against the bed, thighs opened, back arched again. All she could do was pant, grunting back moans, while she vaguely caught the exchange between Zark and security.

Then a lessening, as Zark’s skillful use of the artificial cock eased, leaving Talia giggling between breaths. Her head rose at Kali’s seductive scolding, wearing her best attempt at appearing remorseful, given the circumstances. “I didn’t mean to be bad,” she lied through curling lips – as Zark mounted the toy once again – and her instruction continued.

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Alleyway | First City | Qo'nos]      @GroundPetrel @BipSpoon

While Valyn began blasting the various panels and other places with her disruptor, Zark quickly moved to the the power cell bay and opened it up.  Quickly rerouting everything into a feedback loop and shutting down the cooling system, the Andorian heard the universal whine of a system on over load.  The Andorian opened up a couple more panels exposing the cooling system and the hydrogen reservoir.  Quickly backing out, she pointed the areas to shoot and pulled her own disruptor to pump a few more shots into the necessary areas.  Only a few were necessary before Valyn yelled to run and the two took off into an alleyway between the tall buildings.  For whatever reason, the response by emergency services seemed to be really off as nobody was beaming in to take control of the situation, but that was a distant thought in the pair's mind as they made their way between the cavernous gaps.

The two made it to the first block, then stopped for a moment to check to see if anyone was coming, but the area was deserted and they quickly crossed the street.  The sound of sirens blaring hurried the pace of the two women as they looked for any sort of concealment.  Valyn spotted a gate that had been left open and ran through.  Her attempt to get through was stopped as the gate was stuck and she heaved again with a grunt of exertion, but it wouldn't budge.  Zark quickly joined and they pulled together.  The gate still refused to budge and they tried again.  With shriek of metal, the gate opened barely wide enough for them to fit through one at a time.   The siren blared past at high speed as the to hoped the authorities would just continue going.  They stopped and listened as they tried to control their breathing.  Andorian eyes met Romulan eyes and they quickly took off again as the siren started getting louder.  Entering a building, the two ran for a service entrance that was locked from the inside.  Valyn pulled her tricorder and punched several buttons quickly while Zark turned and put a hand on her dirsuptor just in case.  A clunking sound indicated the lock was bypassed and the door sprung open just a hair.  The Romulan pulled the door open and the two dashed inside, ignoring the hallway and descending further into the basement and into an area infested with pipes and other equipment that ran the water and power in the building.

The two continued running for a couple of minutes when their communicators crackled then came to life. "Valyn, Zark, Fisher here.  Keep going."  If the two women weren't breathing so hard they'd have sighed with relief at hearing the mission commander's voice.  "There's a door ahead of you about 100 meters away.  Take that into the hallway and down four flights.  There's a garage down there.  An unmarked vehicle will meet you.  Get in it."  Times were desperate otherwise the two would have considered asking what was going on, but they trusted Commander Fisher, so there wasn't much choice.  The two acknowledged and kept up their flight.  The instructions were pretty much followed to the letter and as they exited the stairwell, a black van was waiting with a Klingon standing outside holding the door open and waving the two in.  They almost ran back inside, but it was too late and they followed the instructions and jumped in.  The Klingon jumped in after and yelled for the driver to go as he slammed the door shut.  "Voreth, Imperial Intelligence." he introduced and both Zark and Valyn wondered if they were going to have to fight their way out of this vehicle, but the intel man quickly waylaid their fears.  "We're going to head out of range of the transport inhibitors and your Lieutenant Commander Fisher has permission to beam you out.  The Orion is already on the shuttle."  Zark laid her head back in relief.  "I wouldn't worry about the investigation, we've uhmmm influenced the choice of investigator and our man will make sure this looks like a gang shoot out between various factions of the Orion Syndicate.  Maybe even give is a chance to really clean the scum out."  The Klingon smiled at the prospect of breaking Syndicate heads and Zark was happy to let him fantasize.

It was about 30 minutes later when the hum and shimmer of a transporter beam whisked Valyn and Zark away, depositing them on the deck of the shuttlecraft, and greeted by the wry bearded face of Commander Fisher.  "Welcome back.  It's been a minute hasn't it?"  Tapping the comm button for the cockpit, the system beeped. "Dantius, they're on board get final clearance and let's get out here." Turning his gaze back on the two women, a look of relief was clear in his eyes. "Stow your gear and grab a drink.  When we break atmosphere, we'll have the hot wash of what went down.  No rest for the wicked people, there's still work to do."


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