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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [0245 hrs.] Companionable Insomniacs
Last post by Griff -
[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Juzzie 

Busy eating his burger (and trying not to make a mess of it), Alistair listened with increasing astonishment to Rhys's recent romantic and sexual escapades. The bedroom adventures weren't surprising themselves; Alistair had served with enough sexually vivacious colleagues of various species that such stories no longer made him blush as they once did, although he still felt a funny jolt in his stomach all the same. No, what astonished Alistair was the clear disbelief in Rhys's voice that he had actually done such things. It was oddly familiar.

The grief in Rhys's words about his first lover was also quite familiar, and telling. Alistair didn't say anything (his mouth was full at the time), but looking at Rhys's boyish features, he felt a swell of affection for the man. Someone who felt loss so keenly was a rare treasure. Alistair thought guiltily back to Nadene and his own grief; if he spoke of her, would he sound as pained? Was the date with Enyd really appropriate so soon after that loss?

Shaking off the errant thoughts, Alistair focused on Rhys, smiling at the Welshman's hurried change of subject. "I can't really claim to have been as...uh...busy," he said quietly amidst the empty lounge, and now he blushed. "Not counting Niga, it's been a couple of years since I've been In that way." Alistair set down what was left of his burger, considering Rhys for a long moment. "Obviously I don't know you well, but from what I've seen, you are a catch. You're obviously attractive and sweet and, uh, caring. I think that you can have anyone if you really want to, and they'd be lucky to have you, either in bed for a night or something more permanent. Maybe my voice doesn't count for much besides the others, but...well, there it is."

Smiling bashfully, Alistair took a deep breath. "I guess you did it, you trusted me, so I'll share too. I'm not sure if you know Enyd Madsen, the deputy CDO? We went on a date to Qo'nos last night. I took her to this Klingon comedy show in Saq'wa. A Klingon friend of mine suggested it, years ago. The thing is, he didn't tell me how...uh...wild it could get." Shaking his head (but smiling awkwardly all the same), he continued, "it started out reasonable, but as the show went on, it got, and the crowd were really getting into it. The intermission got called early when it looked like the performers started to take each other's clothes off onstage. The director beamed them out, but by then the crowd, after they left the auditorium...Enyd and I didn't do anything ourselves, didn't see anything besides a lot of kissing, but that place had a lot of dark corners, and the sound carried."

Alistair chuckled as he cradled his face in his hands. "I know that I saw a couple of out together. One group of three, and another group of four. I can't imagine having sex with more than one person at a time, never mind in public, but the Klingons just looked...exhilirated, I guess. I was amazed. Sort of impressed, too, wishing that I was that bold."

He exhaled then, chucking again at the irony. "And then it got worse, if you can believe that. I guess you haven't seen the video yet."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 13 [ 0600 hrs.] Chaos Rising in the Morning
Last post by tongieboi -
[Ens. Joseph Adams | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

"So that's why my Uncle didn't let me see any shows."

He replied with a small raise of his brow. Of course Klingons encouraged their hecklers to fight them. He should have guessed. Another small nod of his head at her advice, he grinned. Obviously, he had no intention of exposing a potential date to such a scenario, as fun as it might have seemed.

These thoughts mixing with those of T'Mara and wondering about the situation of his friend remained distracting, so much so that it took Enyd's excited movements and encouragement for him to snap out of this momentary daze. A small shake of his head clearing all but the most essential parts of the story.

"Right! Sorry! Well, we were both at the Academy. I was in Ops and she was doing Engineering courses, so we shared a few classes. She was very standoffish to begin with. A lot of people thought she was a little rude too. I don't think she meant to be, though."

A small shrug, he'd since continued rowing after the small distraction and had balanced both this and reciting the context of the incident.

"We ended up on the same ship too, the USS Gallagher. I think I mentioned it earlier."

Indeed, the two of them were nearly inseparable. Conclusions could be drawn whether it was by choice or through circumstance, however the smile on the Ensign's face definitely seemed to mean he remembered the 'rude, standoffish' Vulcan with fondness.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 13 [1210 hrs.] Awkwardness Abounds
Last post by Griff -
[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Enyd's concern for Drauc was very endearing, and Alistair gamely wrapped an arm around her back as she rested her head on his breast, instinctively sensing that she needed the close contact. It felt odd to be the strong one, to be one offering solace and comfort, but also...good? Warm? Enyd's grip felt desperate, urgent, as if she was afraid to let go. Lost in the feel of her and her scent (mixed as it was with the faint tang of scotch), Alistair just held her, hoping that he (and Drauc, if possible) would be enough. to make her feel secure He knew full well what it was like to be terrified of messing things up. Realising that Enyd felt the same way was surprising, yet also deepened his affection for her.

It was only the latest aspect of the ever-deepening complexity of Enyd Madsen to be revealed, and Alistair was growing ever more fascinated and enamoured with each new discovery.

At Enyd's next words as she looked up at him, he chuckled under his breath. "Uh, as much as I like the idea of you thinking that I'm such dashing hero," he said quietly, looking down at Enyd as he stroked her back, ignoring the chatter of passing crewmen behind him, "I'm really not. People like me don't do the hero stuff. I'm not even on the mission tonight; I'm just helping the people are, backing them up from up here."

Briefly Alistair remembered that Zark was on the mission, and he sighed, hating that he couldn't say anything. If all went well, not even the away team would know that he'd helped them. "I need to drop this PADD off and do a couple of other things, but I'll meet you in Holodeck 7 in...uh...ten minutes, fifteen at the most. My homeworld's specific style of steam rooms won't be in our databanks, though. it's a tiny colony out in the middle of nowhere...I might design a program one day, actually, try to distribute it throughout the Federation networks, there must be others who'd like to experience that..."

Realising that he was rambling, Alistair smiled bashfully down at Enyd. "Sorry. What I mean to say is, just load up whatever steam room program you like and get comfortable. I'll join you soon, alright?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [0245 hrs.] Companionable Insomniacs
Last post by Juzzie -
[Lt. Rhys Williams | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ]
attn: @Griff
Rhys smiled softly as he looked at Alistair, there was something different about him he had picked that up quickly on their first meeting. Most people intimidated Rhys mostly unintentionally. He wasn’t the thrusting ambitious type he was also deeply socially anxious, in Alistair he felt there was something of a kindred spirit. Their ways of coping seemed different, Rhys stayed quiet during the awkward moments, Alistair tried to fill it with conversation.

It was not often Rhys felt protective about someone. He was full of sympathies for patients and most of the crew for what had happened about them. However, there was something about Alistair that brought out this desire to hug him and say, ‘Its fine.’ Maybe he was just recognising someone else who had been wounded by his experiences.

They barely knew each other and still even without Alistair’s promise not to keep quiet about what Rhys may tell him, the young Welshman thought he might still have trusted him. Rhys still went a nice vivid pink at the suggestion he talk about ‘dates’. He worried that maybe the events of the past few weeks might make him look bad. Plus, Rhys was shy of discussing subjects like that at all.

He took a moment before responding, mulling over exactly how much to share. “I’m not sure…. There have been a lot of…. Developments recently.” It had all of course started with Stellan’s injury and his exile to the world of cyrogenic freezing and resulted in him sleeping with a close friend and a person he was meant to be evaluating who was otherwise a stranger to him.

He sighed and spoke. His hands moved expressively in front of him as he spoke slowly as if he was trying to think about each word he was saying. “I had this ‘friend’…” The way he said friend spoke volumes “… who was rapidly becoming more than that. He got injured in an incident in the holodeck.”  The phrase ‘got injured’ also came with a heap of baggage, Rhys still viewed himself as responsible.

His heart was beating faster, he took a sip of his hot chocolate to wet his drying lips. “I then went to a part with an old friend of mine…. And ended up… ahem… sleeping with her.” He looked deeply embarrassed and moved on. “Then a few days later I ended up sleeping with a handsome older… gentleman who was pretty much a stranger to me.” He had moved from pink to a dazzling red. He found himself unable to look the other man in they eye, he ended up looking out at the stars. “I don’t know where this has come from this is not like me.” A treacherous voice reminded him of a threesome he had had with a certain diplomatic officer and her girlfriend. “… usually.” He said weakly. “Normally I have these voices telling me, not to take risks, that I’ll fail if I peruse someone. That I’ll never be happy, that there is something wrong with me.” He sighed and bit his bottom lip. “Now I have this confident voice telling me to take risks, that I can do anything. ‘Why shouldn’t that guy want to sleep with you, you are a catch.” He looked back there was a slight hint of panic in his eyes. “Its kind of scary.” He then realised that what he was saying sounded bizarre. What was so bad about having a voice giving him a big of confidence for once, he couldn’t explain why but he felt uneasy.

Feeling like he had said to much, he suddenly panicked and with a slight squeak to his voice replied. “So how about you.” It was the weakest attempt at diverting from an uncomfortable topic in his history of awkward conversations. He was worried about thinking about the voice for too long who knew what it might try and persuade him to do next. The thought then occurred. ‘This guy is kind of handsome.’ No no no no! He mentally attempted to force the voice back into the burrow it seemed to have made around his libido.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [2345 hrs] Antennae and Intuition
Last post by Juzzie -
Lt. Rhys Williams | Rhys Williams' Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 01| USS Theurgy] attn: @RyeTanker

With surprising speed all pretence of thought and rationality seemed to seep away from them. Considering how much both of them had had to drink before hand it was perhaps doubtful that they had much of it to begin with. Nevertheless Rhys lost himself in sights, sounds and feelings of his blue friend.

He felt a strange primal satisfaction at the sounds she made, the calls moans and mewling’s. The satisfaction of knowing she was feeling good and something he was doing was making that happen. As was in some ways fitting of Rhys he was deeply sensitive to how what he was doing was affecting her, he didn’t really mind if he felt good or not what mattered to him in the moment was her pleasure.

It was just and added bonus that she felt so good wrapped around him. He kept up his firm and steady pace of thrusts. He looked down at her and saw her eyes closed as she groaned at him lustily. He leaned down and placed kisses on her exposed neck enjoying the slightly salty taste that her sweat was creating. Gently his teeth brushed over the skin, and he sucked on it softly leaving a little raised mark. This shifted him a little to the side and allowed a hand to slide along her ribs and brush over her chest. The tip of his thumb brushed against her hardened nipple, before he took it between thumb and forefinger gently rubbing and squeezing. He moaned softly the, sound muffled against the skin of her neck and his warm breath caressing the skin.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 13 [1210 hrs.] Awkwardness Abounds
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Once upon a time, they’d naively beamed to Qo’Nos to watch Klingon comedy, utterly unaware of all that would entail. As time had ticked by, they pressed onward even as they were made aware of the building tension of chaos. The slow burn to the explosion of the evening had been intoxicating, enticing them to return to one another’s side to see if it had only been the spell of the evening or if there was something more involved.

This kiss that Alistair laid on her was not so dissimilar from that evening. Her lips were already pulled back in a playful smile when he first pressed his lips to hers. She felt a mirrored affection in his touch and had not tried to hide the soft whimper of delight when it sounded in direct response. And then it happened. The click from simple to complex. Her hands went from a lightly clasped loop around his neck to gripping his shoulders and fisting the material of his uniform. When Alistair tip[ed her back over the supporting arm on her waist, Enyd’s legs shifted to help steady their new position. Feeling the brush of his knee against her inner thigh had Enyd whimpering again. As his tongue moved in and out, tasting her, Enyd clutched herself tightly against him, feeling for a moment as if they were on a ship. A nautical ship, at least, as her world rocked on its axis and remained spinny even after he pulled back from the kiss.

The fact that Alistair could form coherent sentences so soon after that intense of a kiss proved to Enyd that he was undoubtedly the more experienced of the two of them. She was still mute when he set her upright, though she wasn’t so slow in thought that she couldn’t smirk at his naughty comment. This helped to keep her brain engaged and tracking as he explained his freedom for the afternoon. Reaching up to push any disheveled hair back into place, Enyd smiled shyly at his choice of words as he suggested they spend more time together.

Her head gave a small shake before she verbalized her response, having finally rediscovered her ability to speak. “Perhaps NOT the arboretum. That’s where I first met Drauc, and I know he enjoys going there to find peace. I wouldn’t want him to feel like I solicited your support and we were cornering him into something he wasn’t keen on or ready for.” Enyd sucked her lower lip between her teeth and lightly nibbled before adding, “Drauc also enjoys the steam rooms.” Enyd’s eyes widened then, her hands reaching up to press against Alistair’s chest. “I don’t want this to feel like we are avoiding an ‘ex’ or anything because that is not it at all. I just really don’t want him to feel like we are pressuring him or rushing him. Even if he has rejected the concept of being more with me ,and with you through me, I still respect him and regard him highly.”

She leaned her head forward, knocking her forehead against his chest. They were barely twenty minutes into being “official,” and Enyd felt like she was already making a mess of things. Not willing to relinquish her hold of his uniform or step away for fear that he’d run away, Enyd turned her head till her cheek rested over his heart and blinked up at him.

“Could we simulate a traditional steam room from your homeworld in the holodeck as a compromise?” She broke eye contact as she wrapped her arms around his waist and semi-buried herself against him. Her voice was muffled from speaking through his uniform when she quickly added, “I also really want to spend much more time with you. Especially if you have a mission, and with how my missions go, I can only imagine that yours will also entail danger and chaos, and I don’t want to pass over an opportunity.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [1615 hrs] The Fightin Fashionistas of the Gloamin
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 03 | D. 21 | V. 03 | USS Theurgy] ATTN: @RyeTanker

Zark’s antics brought a grin to Enyd’s lips. She played her part, cooing, oohing, and ahhing over the writhing Andorian as she curled and twisted around Enyd’s body. Enyd rolled her eyes when she felt Zark shamelessly seize the opportunity and grabbed a handful of Enyd’s tartan-clad rear. While Zark grabbed her ass and made a show of “dying,” Enyd spied Caitlin, Ewan, and Clyde emerging blood-stained but victorious from the keep. While one hand stroked against the “dead woman’s” face, the other waved the loyal servants closer. If Zark wanted to play, Enyd could as well.

“Caitlin, we must ready the funeral gown for Lady Zark.” Caitlin bobbed a quick curtsey and ran off to fetch the closest equivalent to Enyd’s request. Turning an amused smile toward the men, Enyd made sure to shake her body as if in a sob, her hands fisting in the woman’s shirt, “Ewan, Clyde, tell the men to build the funeral pyre, we shall burn her ‘ere the blood of her enemies dries.” The pair ran off to do as she bid, leaving Enyd relatively alone with the incorrigible Andorian. Leaning down, Enyd whispered over her friend, “Unless you want to test Thea’s simulation of a funeral pyre, I suggest you miraculously recover.”

To emphasize her point and further her friend’s recovery, Enyd poked at Zark’s side, tickling her fingers into her armpits and making a nuisance of herself.

Suddenly a shout of alarm rent the air, calling all eyes to the top of the fortress walls where a member of Clan Grant was waving his hands madly. “The British are coming! The British are coming!”

Her eyebrow raised in amused curiosity as Enyd returned her gaze to Zark. “First Queen Mary and now Queen Elizabeth? You must really hate monarchies.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 13 [ 0600 hrs.] Chaos Rising in the Morning
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | USS Theurgy ] Attn @tongieboi

“Klingon comedy is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you.” Enyd spoke between rows, “Not only do the comedians actively fight each other, they also invite the audience to heckle and fight them as well. Then there’s the performance art aspect,” Enyd’s cheeks warmed as she remembered the amount of nudity involved that evening, “with much of the performance not including clothes. And, well, yeah. Unless you’re trying to do a ‘trial by chaotic fire’ style first date, I’d suggest you take a date by at least the third outing, not the first.”

Enyd watched in her peripherals as he adjusted his seat and took position, starting but not finishing a story. Curious, she slowed her rowing just long enough to give him an exaggerated expression of expectation.

“Come on, you can’t start a tale with a name and a description like that and not finish! I achieved my master’s degree at the Metternich on Vulcan and once I finished my first posting on Cardassia, I took up a position at the embassy on Vulcan. That was just before transferring here. So when you say ‘very Vulcan’ I can imagine what you mean, but,” she waved excitedly in the air between them for encouragement, “you’ve got to give me more, Adams!”

She resumed her rowing only after giving her workout companion another eager smile, hoping he’d take the hint and finish his story. Or offer another instead.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [1100 hrs.] Valravn Flight
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder, Callsign “Gemini” | Wolf-13 | Cockpit ] Attn:  @ob2lander961‍  @Nero

[Hunter here. Standing down.]

At first, Reggie felt her own relief, but the anger and confusion from Wolf-14 pervaded her telepathic center.  Hunter was Wraith’s RIO, and for a moment she wondered if the shield scrape had injured Logan.

“Understood, Hunter.  Please advise status.”

She held her breath for the brief moment it took Hunter to reply.

[Superficial damage to shields.  All systems operational.  No injuries, though I have taken control of the craft.]

Reggie sensed no deception from the Vulcan RIO but she knew that for Hunter to have locked Wraith out without him being injured…well that was as close to a mutiny as she’d ever seen. 

A mutiny that might have saved Wraith’s ass.  Probably one of the smartest moves that Hunter could have make on behalf of her pilot.

“Understood Hunter.  I’m disengaging the tractor beam.  Form up and stay tight on my wing.  I’m keeping an extremely close eye on your ship.”

Reggie followed through on her statement, but before she could take additional actions, the Comm panel lit up.  They were being hailed by the Klingons.

I thought their comm array was offline.  Put them through and broadcast to all ships.

An angry Klingon appeared on the small view screen in her console.

[You Honorless dog!  Do you not have the decency to deliver the killing blow to your enemy?]

So, that was how it was going to be.  She would need to dig deep into her limited bag of diplomatic tricks.

“I am Lieutenant Reggie Suder, of the U.S.S. Theurgy and commanding officer of this wing.  To whom do I have the honor of speaking?”

The Klingon scowled. 

“Why have you fired on us, Colonel,” Reggie barked.  It would anger the Colonel but if she was to get anywhere with him, she would need to show no hesitation and meet his aggression in kind.

[You are my enemy, Human.  We stand with House Mo’Kai’s claim over House Martok.  You are allied against us and we do not suffer the presence of our enemies.  If your intent is to capture us, we will not permit that.  I demand an honorable death.]

“My Apologies Colonel,” Reggie replied, trying to keep her cool as best as possible.  “But I will not destroy a defenseless ship, especially when it is not my enemy.  Your information is out of date, Sir.  The Klingon Civil war is over.  Chancellor Martok has emerged victorious, House Mo’Kai is in ruin, and Gorka himself is dead.”

[P’tak!  You lie.  I demand you give us an honorable death!]

Reggie’s mind raced.  There was no reasoning with him from a rational perspective.  She needed to come at him through honor…which she did not fully understand.

When in doubt, wing it.

“I’m sorry Colonel, I can not do that.    There is no combat to be had between us, I will not destroy you while you are defenseless, and there is no battle or glory to be won here.  The conflict has ended.  If you would like, I’m more than happy to call rescue ships to tow you out and return you to your house.”

[You lie and dishonor not only us but yourself as well.]

Reggie sat back in her seat. “What reason would I have to lie to you, Colonel?  My ships are more than capable of killing you all…”

[Then do so!  Honor demands it!]

“Does honor demand you die in ignorance,” Reggie shouted back.  The words were out of her mouth before she realized it.  She couldn't place where the inspiration was coming from, but as she saw the shift in the Colonel’s demeanor she could tell she was finally starting to chip away at him.  “Tell me, Colonel.  Is there any honor a death that is needless in the name of a cause that is lost in a conflict that no longer exists?  Is there any honor in dying needlessly while ignorant of the truth?”

[You have no honor!  You are lying!]

“Then you’re an ignorant fool!”

[P’Tak!] He cursed again.

There was no way she would convince him herself.  His comrades in arms would set him straight if she could find a way out of this.  But to do that, she needed to give him a way to save face.  Then an idea came to mind.

“Colonel, I offer you a compromise.”

[Compromise,] he spat. [A tool of human weakness.]

“You show your ignorance, Colonel.  I am not human.  I am Betazoid.”

The Klingon stopped short there. 

“But it does, Colonel.  If you were wrong about me, can you accept that you might be wrong about the war long enough to hear my compromise offer?”  He remained quiet, which Reggie took as acquiescence. “Provide me the name of whom I can contact to send a recovery team to tow you out.  One you return to Qo’Nos, you can verify my assertions through whatever means you wish.  If you determine I am lying, find me aboard the U.S.S. Theurgy and I will face you in personal combat where we will settle this once and for all.”

[And if you are proved correct?]

“First round of blood wine is on you.”

The Colonel eyed her and the Betazoid could only hope she was showing no signs of weakness.  He was probably concluding that she was an easy kill with the Bat’Leth.  Maybe she had no chance against him, but she certainly would give him a fight.  Still it was an easy compromise to offer as she knew the truth was on her side.

[Very well, Lieutenant Reggie Suder.  We are agreed.  But be warned when I come for you, I will not rest until I find you.]

“I have no doubt, Colonel.  Your wisdom does you honor.”

The screen blinked off. 

“Receiving communication instructions from the cruiser,” Athen reported.

“Very well,”  Reggie replied.  "As soon as we clear the field, contact the Klingons and have them come pick up their missing ship.”

That only left what to do next.  Technically they still needed to undergo weapons testing at the scrap yard, but given recent developments, that was not going to happen.  What had started as an exercise intended to familiarize pilots with their ships, and develop some fellowship between the eight of them, had resulted in an incident of insubordination that had threatened to irrevocably tear them apart.  As a result any progress they had made was wiped away and now she needed to deal with Wraith when they got back.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

She switched back to her squadron frequencies.  “Gemini to all Wolves.  Form up and set course for the ship.  We’re heading home.”

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 17 [0900 hrs.] Assessing The Newbie
Last post by Elyria -

OOC: Please note, Zark has started a simulation, and therefore, any crew members referred to beyond Kizra (in this case, Thea) are not the REAL crew members, but holographic versions of them.  Technically, I know Thea has a holographic body, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole, shall we?

[Ensign Kizra Tos | Armoury | Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @RyeTanker

She’d done what she was told.  Take phasers apart.  Put phasers together.  Aim and shoot target.  In Kizra’s mind, she was done - and she was more than ready to be finished with the exercise. Her head was clear when it came to acting in such a capacity.  If she had met those requirements, then she should be free to go, right?

Evidently not.  Why were they not finished?  Wasn’t the assessment over.  She’d managed to According to Zark, the answer was no, for she indicated what she’d done thus far was only a ‘warm up’.  Why?  She’d taken them apart and put them back together.  She’d shot the last, though why the safety had been on in the middle of the assessment when they were actively using the weapons, she didn’t know.  What tests did she have to go through now? And why?  Why were they going to the range?

Kizra managed to hold back the sigh she wanted to heave and simply nodded, then ‘grabbed the guns’ as Zark put it.  They didn’t have to go far for the range, and once there, Zark set up more targets - but this time, they were moving.  Ah, moving targets, and distance shooting.  Kizra knew there might be times when that was necessary, but she really felt like this was beyond the basics, especially since, as Zark said, most of the time short range engagement was most likely.  She went through a mini lecture about targeting, and then it was time to actually engage, though the Andorian showed off by hitting a bullseye.  Multiple times.  Kizra didn’t wait, didn’t even bother to comment, she just fulfilled her requirement and began shooting. 

And then it happened.  Everything shifted and changed, and suddenly the targets were no more.  An alarm assaulted her ears and she winced at the volume, then jerked around to stare at Zark just as the computer cried out about Klingon intruders on several decks.  “What the…”  Wait…Klingons?  Decks?  On the Theurgy?  But why?

She was interrupted by the sound of fire and Zark giving her a command.  "Tos, come on."   Rifle in her arms, Zark made her way out and Kizra gritted her teeth, then followed. They were in orbit around Kronos, but as far as Kizra knew, there was a truce between them.  Or an alliance.  Or both?  So what had happened to change that?  And if she beamed down to the surface, how would she be any safer if the Klingons had decided to turn against them? 

Red surrounded them, bathing everything in a bloody haze, and the alarms urged them to find a way out of the danger that was coming.  Kizra followed, and what happened next was a blur of motion. One Klingon shot one officer while a second sliced someone else in half.  The Anorian took care of those.  Dumbly, Kizra followed, her fingers clenched tightly around her phaser, knuckles white.  More Klingons appeared, and Zark took care of them all, leading the way and keeping it clear for the scientist behind her.  They made good progress - until they didn’t.

As skilled as Zark was, there was only so much one could do when there were so many against one.  Pinned down by one Klingon, she was impaled by a bat’leth from another.  "You fought well, but in vain for House Mo'Kai will be victorious!" But the man himself had little to say as Zark wrenched a knife from somewhere and slammed it into his neck.  Collapsing against the wall, Kizra managed to somehow move again, realising all she had witnessed and she had merely stood by and watched. 

"Oh Kizra.  I'm so sorry." She coughed and blood expelled, splattering over her face and tunic.  "I'm dead.  Get out of here.  Go to deck 5 or deck 12 and transport to the surface." 

“Uh…wait…no!”  But it was too late.  The woman slumped and Kizra was left with only corpses for company.  Gingerly, she reached out, but the woman was gone.  Jumping to her feet, Kizra whirled around and set out at a dead run down the hallway, then skidded to a stop.  A Klingon came from around the corner, turned to lay his eyes upon her, then grinned.  Immediately, Kizra aimed and fired. 

She got him in the shoulder and the creature roared and stumbled, but did not fall.  He straightened and began to run toward her, his feet pounding a threatening rhythm against the floor.  WIthout thinking, Kizra let go of another shot, then another in rapid succession, and the Klingon finally went down.  She didn’t bother to check to see if he was alive - there was no time and she was now in enemy territory.  Gasping softly, she darted forward, then skidded to a stop.  Dropping down, Kizra dug her fingers into the fine edges of a plate and yanked the panel of an access port that led into the Jeffries tubes.  Three quick, decisive tugs removed the barrier and she scrambled in, then pulled the plate back over, covering her escape route. 

Her chest heaved and the air bit in her lungs as it raced in and out of her body.  Without allowing herself a chance to catch her breath, she began to crawl through the tubes, trying to control her breathing and her heart beating against her chest. 

“Thea!”  The name came out in a gasp of air, but she didn’t even take the chance to slow down, instead worked her way toward a junction so she could head down toward deck 5.  “Thea, report.  What decks are compromised now?  Can you erect force fields in the sections to contain the Klingons?

She glanced behind her, but thus far, all was clear.  Would it stay that way?  How long until they had access to the internal sensors?  Would the captain start the self-destruct sequence?  Surely they wouldn’t give up so quickly or so easily!  There had to be something that could be done!  “There’s got to be some way to stop them.”

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