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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [Day 01 | 1200 hrs] Titan's Arrival
Last post by Krajin -
[ Dominic Winters | Fighter Assault Bay (FAB) | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | U.S.S Theurgy ATTN: @rae

Dominic looked around the bay some as he admired the facilities, nice, advanced.. Each and everything here was leagues ahead of the Monarch and made the Thunderball, for all its retrofits, look positively stone-age. The young man walked his way through the bay admiring every curve, every lovely little detail of this facility. The armory, the walkways, the panels.. The ships! Yes he looked at the Mark III Valkyries that remained of Wolf Squadron here. Their smooth curves, larger frames and yes! Single Seaters! Something Dominic had been wanting ever since the Peregrines were decommissioned back in the day.

He walked some more until he stood in the bay just enjoying everything, every sight, and smell, and honestly, he would certainly be touching if he could. His gaze then fell on the Valravn and his nose wrinkled at the appearance of the fighters. His head tilted slightly as he walked over to take a look at one from the side and looked a bit like he smelled something just a touch nasty. The ship somewhat reminded him of Knight class Interceptors but was much uglier. Not only that he knew it would take some more modification for the cockpit to have the man fit! Even worse it could be a two-seater.

Turning away and wandering the facility and getting a good gawk at a rather hot-bodied Valkyrie up until his name got called out. His head whipped around to spot the visage of a Cardassian on approach, well a half Cardassian judging from the ridges on the nose and lack of the shoulder ridges. Introducing himself as the SCO of Wolf Squadron. Immediately his guard went up as the man maintained a distance to avoid needing to look up at the junior officer. Dom began to walk with him of course as they headed somewhere private. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into a Meet the Cardassians day. He thought to himself.

“Yes, I am Atlas, the one and only.” He responded at first. “What do you want to know about me? Well, I am a Kzint hybrid who has been flying ships in Starfleet straight out of the gate. From the Akira to the Peregrines throughout the war and volunteered for the occasional third shift to keep my skills diverse. Piloting a Galaxy Class is as ponderous as you might think but push comes to shove, they can dance and dance well. Earned the nickname Atlas all the way back in School when I did sports. Tackle Football, they had to get creative to take me down.” He seemed quite proud of this. “Other sports... I had my advantages.”

“Of course my other hobbies however include cooking and cleaning for my two evil sisters and long walks on the beach.” This last line was delivered with some hint of humor in it to see just how the commander reacted to it. His entire body posture from the tail to the ears spoke of someone who was at least mildly wary.

Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
Last post by AbsintheDeux -
[ Ens. Ryuan Sel | Public Baths | Vector 1 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Brutus

As she looked at him, Sal could not help but sigh. There were many things in the universe that annoyed her, but none more than her own weakness. And making such a lewd noise in the mess hall had been a definite sign of weakness in her book. She always did her best to hold it together in public and that most certainly was not holding it together. It was all she really had, she had to make sure she was taken seriously.

Sel had been through enough, at least she figured she had. She knew how men worked well enough and knew that they couldn't resist, but it didn't make her any happier.

With some effort she pushed herself up and off of him, holding him at arms length. She looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. Some part of her was enraged that he had made her look like a horny school girl and made her make such a sound, but she also couldn't be too made at him. Hell, if she could make him cum in public, especially if it was at an embarrassing time, she would. But it still wasn't fair.

"You deserved what you got," she said suddenly sternly. Her eyes flashed with just enough anger to make in known how serious she was, and how she was more than willing to clock him again if she felt he deserved it. Sel may have been pregnant, but she still had enough in her to deliver one hell of a strong punch when she felt like it. "You made me look ridiculous in front of everyone there."

She sighed and leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose, letting him know even though she was mad at him, she wasn't that mad. Her moods may have become more volatile since becoming pregnant, but she didn't want to be seen as nothing more than a bitch. "Now if it had been anywhere else, then maybe I wouldn't have had to punish you so severely."
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [ Day01 | 0900 hrs] Blanket Texts and Open Doors
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[Hirek tr’Aimne | Personal Quarters |  D. 17 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion

Hirek had seen the moment going a few directions, most leading to violence, and was pleasantly delighted when Talia chose levity in her response instead.

“It comes in different sizes,” Hirek said, looking up and down at Talia with a lecherous grin. “I probably need to get you the larger version. Maybe one of the more eccentric ones, with all the artistic nubs and ribs.”

Talia pulled back, thrusting something at him before he had a chance to finish grabbing his towel back to wrap around his waist. Giving up on the endeavor entirely considering the present company, Hirek left the useless bit of material on Talia’s shoulder, completely ignored, in favor of accepting the unexpected gift. He recognized the item's purpose right away, and a vague memory of past conversations between them knocked at the edge of his consciousness until she added a little explanation: "I don’t need it anymore,” then Hirek remembered. This had been her father’s flask, the one item she’d spoken of keeping from the deceased man.

When she framed his face with her fingers, Talia pulled Hirek from his wandering thoughts. She seemed to be taking the upcoming missions with a stronger sense of somber awareness than Hirek, but that was to be expected considering their personality differences. Flask in one hand, towel in the other, Hirek deftly looped it around Talia’s neck again and tugged, turning to lead her into the common area of the shared quarters.

“The benefit of being put in these quarters without a roommate, and likely not getting one thanks to my nefarious nature,” he cast a wink over his shoulder Talia, “is that I have extra room to have activities in.” Hirek stopped suddenly, turning to stare down at the dark-haired woman with a feigned expression of severity, his voice dipping lower into tones of secrecy. “Understand that what you are about to see is completely illegal, well, probably, not at all sanctioned, and if you tell anyone, I will have to find a creative way of punishing you. And in the not pleasant kind of way.” He gave her a lingering look of promise, leaving it to her how to interpret the words and expression.

Without further dramatics, Hirek keyed in the new code he’d assigned the adjacent quarters and stepped back to allow Talia in first. It was a pitiful excuse of a brewery, but modeling it off the Terran style of “still,” Hirek had managed to construct an extensive enough system in these spare quarters to allow for a modest production of legitimate alcohol. It certainly wasn’t Romulan ale, and he hadn’t quite decided on what to call it. Still, depending on what he used to brew it and how long he let it sit, it ranged from the kick of Blood Wine, the smoothness of Andorian ale, the consistency of Romulan ale, and the color of Kanar. A little something for everyone, it seemed.

“Now I’m wondering, did I inherit your father’s flask because you associate drinking with me, you see me as a father figure, you expect I will die soon, and you’d rather a dead man carry it, or…is there some other reason I haven’t quite conjured up?” Hirek questioned from the doorway, leaning against the frame as he watched Talia explore his ill-gotten goods and machinery.
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
Last post by RyeTanker -
[Ensign XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Ens. Zark) | Cardassia Prime] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

The Andorian joined in the final equipment check, then hopped in with Enyd and took a quick final look as Javec started the vehicle and took off from the city into the country side.  There were questions on her mind about how they'd ended up in this particular adventure. It was hard to decide if she should start asking questions, or focus more on their security situation.  The latter won out as she kept her eyes peeled to the quickly passing terrain.  Enyd seemed to take the whole thing in stride and she'd passed out.  Instead of heading straight for the abandoned base, Javec took a side road exit and began driving through the trees till he reached a dilapidated cabin.  "Let me go outside first.  They know me."

Zark nodded at this and took a moment to tie her hair into a tighter pony tail before unsnapping the holster of her pistol and pulled it out.  She calmly laid the weapon on her lap as she mentally reached out with her senses.  She couldn't really explain it, and it was something that defied description from the Andorian medical establishment, but her war time experience had increased the sensitivity of her link that came with her antennae, making it difficult for people to sneak up on her.  Quite a few Jem'hadar were fertilizing the ground in Kalandra when they thought they could invisibly approach the Andorian woman.  She was well aware of Javec and Enyd, but there were other figures out there.

It was less of a well defined feeling, and more of a gut one.  This proved true as one of them stepped out and greeted Javec.  Zark tapped Enyd awake as she watched the exchange between the two Cardassians. Zark watched in complete stillness and then it felt like the soldier was staring right at her through the window. She stared right back and she could feel his suspicion.  Javec waved for them to come out as they approached the vehicle, but the Andorian could see that the soldier wasn't really quite relaxing, and she couldn't blame him since she was quite sure she was the source of the wariness. Placing her pistol back in the holster, she stepped out and the trees rustled as four more armed soldiers came out of the foliage with their rifles aimed in their direction, but she could feel mainly at her.

Javec had the sense to look somewhat embarrassed by the whole affair as he worked to explain what was going on while pulling Enyd out of the line of fire. "I'm sorry Ensign, but they're not a group that has survived this long withough being cautious and while they know about Ensign Madsen, they don't know you, and to be frank and honest about it, they need to make sure you're not a, what was that term? A mole here to sell them out."  Zark glared at Javec for this. She hadn't really expected anything else since she would have been equally suspicious. What upset her was that this could not be a rather gentle affair that Starfleet would have likely used. They were Cardassians, and there was a deserved streak of brutality they could use. Her mental scales weighed the likelihood of that occurring and came up with not likely since they'd have to kill her afterwards rather than admit they'd tortured a Starfleet Officer, then Enyd and Javec would also have to disappear as well. A brief glance around her at the solders faces seemed to indicate they also knew this since they hadn't gone any further than keeping weapons pointed at her.

She decided to play it cool for now. "I see, what does this little test involve and what happens if I refuse?" It was the soldier who answered as he grinned though Zark wasn't sure if he was leering. "Not too much. We'll just do a couple of quick non-invasive scans followed by a body search." at this, Zark felt a refusal simmering on her tongue, but her mouth tightened as she waited for the other shoe to drop. "If you refuse, we knock you out and leave you in a nice little cabin. Incommunicado of course. We'll let you go when and if we get out." He shrugged casually and continued in a tone of complete indifference. "and if we don't make it out, well you starve, or get eaten by the wildlife."

Zark looked around again and didn't see much choice if she was going to keep her human alive. "I guess, I don't have much choice in this" The Andorian concluded as she shot a look at Enyd and Javec. "So how do we do this?" The soldier nodded. "I'm Ghin Torlan by the way and it's quite simple.  Place your hands on the hood and we'll give you a quick pat down for anything else."  The Andorian grumbled but complied as she turned to place her hands on the metal and took a moment to place her feet shoulder width apart.  The sounds of boots crunching on the ground, then came the sound of alloy sliding against leather as the pistol was removed.  A slight tug with the same sound let Zark know her knife was gone.  These were placed aside, then a strong and firm hands began gripping and brushing her leg.  That was to be expected, and she clamped down on the humiliation of the moment, having to surrender to the degradation.  This had better be worth it to get these...  "Yeow!!" Zark yelped as she felt a hand grab her crotch and squeeze.  She gave the soldier a dirty look and was given a sneer in reply. "Watch where your hands go mister.." Zark started and was cut off by Torlan. "Be glad the politician here talked us out of stripping you and doing a cavity search sUt’tert."  The Andorian snarled in return.  The search seemed thorough and relatively professional, even when they'd gotten to her chest and had to scrunch and squeeze it which made the Andorian bite her lower lip as she let out a series of grunts at the indignity being inflicted.  With a few final hard brushes and grabs of her hair, she could feel the soldier step away. "She's clean."  "I concur."  The two solders reported and stepped away.

"Good, let's get this over with so I can go back and wash this used targ off me."  Ensign Zark grumped as she stood back up and moved to retrieve her equipment. Ghin Torlan laughed and some of the others chuckled.  "She's got some fire in her Javec.  You should trade up.  Maybe it'll make you less of a stiff shirt." The leader turned his gaze back to the blue woman.  "Doesn't hurt to be paranoid in our business. Keeps people alive, but yes, it's time to move on."  Pulling an old fashioned acetate map, he laid it out on the hood to begin his breifing.  While Zark took in the map, she silently thanked the spirits that no comment had been made about the knife in her boot.  Starfleet Intelligence wasn't the greatest secret service in the galaxy, but they sure knew how to use one of the most advanced technological bases in the quadrant.  "We have a one hour hike to the base iteslf, then we're going to get in through a secondary access chamber here..."

sUt’tert = sex worker
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: CH 2: S [Day 01 | 1533 hrs] Il Dolce Suono mi Colpì di Sua Voce
Last post by joshs1000 -
[CPO Avandar Lok | Maintenance Bay 2 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Krajin

Lok had his back turned to the stranger but the sound of his voice certainly struck him in perhaps the best possible way. His ears immediately perked up and he turned around to see who was addressing him and much to his surprise he was greeted by the sight of another large felinoid. His first instinct was to think the flight suit adorned man was a fellow Kzin, he certainly bore a lot of similarities to himself; but the ears, looking more like a typical feline’s, and the lighter colored fur, gave him some pause. What further gave him pause was also the fact that if this man was a Kzinti, what kind would he be?

Perhaps it might seem an odd thing to wonder, but Lok had never actually met another Kzinti. He had been sheltered among the Betazoids for his young life and though Starfleet was open and full of many different alien species, Kzinti amounted to very few, practically nonexistent in the grand scheme of things. Lok only knew of one other though that was some years ago and he never actually met him or spoke to him or saw him in person. When he was a teenager, coming into his hormones and his unique anatomy, a curious Lok had looked up the Kzinti, but while they seemed intriguing their reported culture and customs were quite anathema to Lok’s upbringing. He could not reconcile the violence inherent in the culture, the awful treatment of the females, and the possibility that in another life he could have been like them and the more disturbing possibility that he had those traits of violence and cruelty waiting to be unleashed.

Lok took a moment more to eye up the stranger, and though his eyes did appreciate the tailored form that betrayed the felinoid’s ample muscle that no doubt lay beneath, he was searching for one particular item to clear this whole momentary bout of suspicion up, the name tag.

Wolf-10, LT(jg) Winters, “Atlas”, huh so not a human or Klingon-hybrid after all, he thought to himself before stepping forward to greet the officer.

“Apologies, sir”, he began, though he had no intention of saluting or straightening up his uniform, “we are under a tight schedule right now so we needed to get that out of the way rather than just wait to fix the jack.”

He had to admit it was a little odd for him to be talking to somebody at nearly eye level instead of looking down; actually this Lieutenant Winters seemed to be some centimeters taller than him. Perhaps this change in height instilled a bit of authority that compelled Lok to call him sir, or he was merely just being polite. He crossed his muscular arms across his chest and sidled up to the new officer, facing the ongoing bit of activity around the Valkyrie.

“But I wouldn’t worry about damage, sir. They test those casings back at the factory on Earth by dropping them from like five meters- plus those core jacks are designed to distribute the load so even that little baby fall isn’t going to do anything.”

HyperJet certainly knew what they were doing when they built these warp cores, they seemed to embody a much older mindset when making their products that made them rugged and easy to fix. Give me one of these over some bio-neural snot filled bag powered over designed piece of junk any day.

“Oh I’m Chief Lok by the way”, the half naked Kzin finally introduces, “I’m Head of Propulsion here on the flight deck and also the Assistant Chief of the Deck, so if you need anything looked after down here, come find me or Mister Herrold and we’ll get you taken care of, sir.”

His nose twitched a little as he picked up the pleasing scents of the Lieutenant’s perfume or perhaps cologne. There was a certain absence to the scent that Lok recognized was probably meant to be sweet but that he could not really diserne over the other odors. There was another scent too that he couldn’t quite put his finger on that tickled something in back of his mind, but that could also just be his slowly building nerves. Being in his element, on the flight deck, would only insulate him so long to the ball of nervousness that was forming in his stomach at having met another of his kind for the first time.
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
Last post by Brutus -
[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Temporal Observatory Lab | Deck 9| Vector 02 ] Attn: @AbsintheDeux 


A crooked grin did a lot to chase away the last vestiges of other times that might or might not have happened (to him, or another version of him). The last time he had kissed her nose, he hadn't expected the result he got but, aside from the violence that followed it, the immediate reaction had been a mix of adorable and arousing. He knew that their noses were sensitive, but he hadn't quite figured out that it increased quite so much during pregnancy and the end it was worth it and even Sarresh had an ego, and it was being stroked right then with the memory - and probably the blush from Sel. A woman who did not blush often.

Letting her have a moment to collect her thoughts and recenter herself, Sarresh resisted the urge to preen. That would be unbecoming of him, and as much as he enjoyed the privilege of seeing Sel's softer side, he didn't want to push things too far. Mood swings were very, very common.  And in truth...he did love the woman, as much of a surprise as that was to him. That it was - he believed - mutual was another surprise. But here they were, each shaping their lives around each other and the results of their mutual attraction. For him, there was a renewed sense of - as the humans liked to say - having skin in the game. Yes, he was going to save the timeline because it was the right thing to do. He'd volunteered to come back and do just that, and suffer so much for it. But there was something that made it all more real. A personal investment.

Hearing her clear her throat, Sarresh's eyes seemed to snap into focus again, watching her watch him. Watching her smile that smile that could easily enthrall him. Again, that warmth bubbled in his chest, softer than the heat of the baths, sweeter than his usual hotheaded anger. Much nicer. A sense of ...home? Maybe, yes. As dangerous as that was.

Laughing again, softly, the former Ash'reem shrugged his very human shoulders. "In my defense, I didn't expect to exorcize your soul with a few well placed kisses." He paused for a moment, then added, "Using the tongue right at the end was a bit much I'll admit but you were squirming so delightfully and really I couldn't resist. A man likes to know he can satisfy his partner and you sounded very satisfied. Right before you ...cold clocked me?"

He didn't seem terribly bothered by it, as he started to draw circles on her shoulder, fingers dancing to her collar bone just below the water. There was a playfulness to the gestures that would have surprised anyone that worked with Sarresh on a day to day basis. ”I did promise to be better about keeping that kind of thing to more appropriate settings. I will grant you the messhall was not the place to do that, in hind sight.”

A bath however...especially these, which might as well have been taken right from Risa? That was a different matter.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01|0925] Mindbuggery Of The Highest Order
Last post by Griff -
[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Dumedion


Though mildly reassured, Alistair looked at his brain scan with concern. He could easily see where Arven's concern lay; there was a clear dampening of neural activity in the area, and weirdly targeted. If it were a positronic brain like Thea's, or a multironic brain like Vanya's, he could make a half dozen guesses as to the cause, none of them good. Neural networks were highly complex and interdependent, whether biological or artificial, so for a specific region to be so deenergised...what the hell?

"I'm fine, honestly," Alistair said to Arven with a shrug. "Call it a nine. I'm sleeping fine, my memory is perfect, my work is solid, my social interactions are good...I get anxious sometimes, sure, but nothing unusual for me, and Counselor Williams reckons I'm okay. After everything I went through, I know that I should be a wreck, and I keep expecting to just sort of...implode...but it hasn't happened yet."

He shifted uncomfortably, hating to say what came next, but forcing it out. "I still remember it all. Being infected on Betazed. Seeing the recordings of Earth and everywhere else getting assimilated. The Borg catching us...torturing us. The screams. The blood. The laughter. It makes me feel horrible to remember it all, my gut is being ripped out, but I can still function. I don't break down or anything."

Alistair fidgeted, visibly pale, glanced at the brain scan again, then looked at Arven anxiously. "Doctor, what's happening to me? This reaction can't be normal, can it?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 17 [2200 hrs.] Aftermath's Embrace
Last post by Dumedion -
[LT Arven Leux | Arboretum | Deck 22 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @EnigmaTales
After V'lana's stoic response, Arven simply nodded and let the matter go; there was no need to press the issue. He had faith that the Elsarian would find her own path and seek her own assistance – if and when it was required. The lift ride up to the Café was spent in relative quite while they both admired the scenery.

Leux pursed his lips in thought, his mind rummaging through the tasks that awaited tomorrow; a default habit he'd developed from somewhere in his youth. Every day tasks, routine duty obligations, administrative boxes to check; he worked through half the list while the lift slowly rose. When the door slid open, he gestured for V’Lana to exit first before sliding into step alongside. The pair found a table near the balcony that looked over the park; the Doctor paused long enough to pull the Elsarian’s chair out for her, then seated himself – straight-backed, elbows rested on the table with his hands clasped. The Trill dipped his head in affirmation to V’lana’s question, but offered no comment, sensing she had more to say on the matter.

Once they had ordered, the Elsarian had leaned in with a confession – which didn’t surprise Arven – and touched on the circumstances of her internment in stasis along with a follow-up question. The Trill’s head tilted with a brief frown as he considered his answer; violet eyes drifted off to look over the greenery of the Arboretum – clouded with something that he had no wish to discuss.

“Not even slightly,” Arven admitted quietly, his tone devoid of the typical sass and sarcasm. He blinked then and redirected himself back to her, opening his hands in a kind of shrug.

“Given the circumstances, if I’d have been there, I’d like to think that wouldn’t have happened to you – but no one’s perfect; mistakes happen, especially in the thick of it. As an administrator, that individual would have been held accountable, along with myself. As a Doctor,” his head wobbled side to side a bit, “I sympathize for both of you. As a person, with my own twisted little ethics and morals, I view it as a hard lesson learned. Life is an indiscriminate trickster like that; none of us are ready when it decides to drop-kick us to the floor.”

Arven thanked the waitress after their drinks were delivered, lifting his cup of hot mocha to his lips and blew to cool the liquid. “I’m far more lenient with others,” his brows rose with the sarcastic addition, “mostly because I have to be in the name of self preservation. I do my job and move on. I don’t linger, I don’t bother with chit-chat or non-relative issues because that’s not why they come to see me – idiots that they are; which is a struggle in and of itself,” Arven sighed dramatically. “I’m such a people person though, and they can’t help being imbeciles.”

Like most good storytellers, Arven had mixed a little deception in with his truths, and left V’lana the choice to interpret his response however she chose. After another shrug, he took a sip of coffee, then placed the cup down to dab the whipped cream mustache from his lip.

“You, on the other hand,” Arven’s lips curled slightly, “I reckon you’re probably the polar opposite: overly attentive, nurturing – dutifully burdened with the weight of the patient’s problems,” his voice dripped with cynicism. “The ideal clinician, per the books. Sounds bloody exhausting,” he snorted, then leaned forward in mimicry of her earlier movement.

“Do try to pace yourself.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [0800hrs] The Glitter-Bomb Massacre
Last post by rae -
[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @RyeTanker @Dumedion @ob2lander961 and all my other lil wolf cubs

The Fighter Assault Bay was already in chaos. Little did they know, it was about to get a lot louder.

Janus knew he had heard the song his fighter had been blasting on repeat for his entire approach somewhere before. The name was on the tip of his tongue yet somehow eluding him. He was certain he’d remember it the moment he landed and ripped the whole com system out.

He’d expected them to do something – what kind of fighter squadron in their right minds wouldn’t? What he hadn’t expected was the sheer array of pranks he’d been subjected to in the past few hours.

The first thing he’d seen was the nose art, which was completely delightful. Janus had laughed the loudest of all of them when it had come into view, a beautiful woman climbing out of a coffin like the personification of death. They probably didn’t understand why he found it so funny, but then, it wasn’t common knowledge that his downfall had started with him encountering a beautiful, deadly woman. Too bad the picture wasn’t of an Andorian, though he would have had to remove it in case Ida found out and decided to kill him on purpose this time. This picture though? This one he was going to keep until someone – aka Ives – made him remove it. Even if he did completely miss the fact that ‘Lazy’ was short for ‘Lazarus,’ and assumed they were just calling him lazy for missing three months of fun in favor of a nap.

That was all good fun, but it had really kicked up a notch once the Wolves were in flight. He hadn’t planned much for this drill. He hadn’t been up in days – actually months, but it hadn’t felt that long to him – and most of the pilots needed to acclimate to him. The first time the ship had threatened to eject him, Janus has been explaining the next sequence in the drill, only to cut himself off immediately with a heartfelt “Fuck!” as he tried to track down whatever error was going to send him on an impromptu spacewalk. The countdown had ended with no luck figuring it out, leaving him resigned to the ejection right as a loud rendition of ‘We are the Champions’ started up.

A few minutes later he’d shot fireworks at Emerald instead of training munitions.

By that point, he was on the lookout for anything, rooting around the console whenever there was a lull to try and find whatever add-on was causing such a ruckus. By the time he did find the new isolinear chip, the drill was so close to over that he decided to endure whatever finale was planned. Maybe it would be fun.

This time, when the bright flashing red countdown of the auto eject sequence started up, Janus had a pretty good idea of what was coming. All the same, he let the rest of the wolves return to the den and loitered out in space until it was done, since flight ops wasn’t going to take ‘it’s a prank!’ at face value until they were absolutely sure the Valkyrie wasn’t about to dump him and explode. He did take a peek into the code to make sure it was causing it, trying to confirm without ruining whatever final surprise was in store. He did notice that Gemini had been nice enough to sign it.

“Damn woman, I didn’t fuck up your ship that bad did I?” He said with a laugh and a shake of his head. His com was off, so no one could hear. He flipped it back on as the countdown reached the end. “Flight ops, Janus. Party starting in 3… 2… 1…”

His landing was spectacular. Not because of anything he did, but because his ship was blaring music and shooting out multicolored smoke like banners behind him.

The music finally stopped once he’d powered down and popped the cockpit open. “Chariots of fire.” It hit him right as he was jumping out. “That’s what it is.” Since he was the center of attention anyway, Janus took his helmet off at the top of the ladder and threw it down to a frazzled looking deckhand, then took a dramatic bow. “And that is how you make an entrance.”

As he straightened up though, Janus noticed that he wasn’t the only one getting picked on today, judging by the group of people splattered head to toe in some very bright pink paint. “Ha! At least I’m not them.”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [0800hrs] The Glitter-Bomb Massacre
Last post by ob2lander961 -
[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix |Locker Room | FAB | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Lone Wolves ] Attn: Them flybois and gals

"I aint got no latimum in my bank, yuh, I ain't got no latimum in my bannnnk!!" Via with out a care in the world came bardging into the FAB locker room listening to one of her favorite songs through an audio directed ear piece she kept in her ears. Moved with the songs rythum and base, banging on the walls and lockers as if she was herself playing the precussion in the music. Of course to everyone else it would seem like she was just banging on random things in the room like a crazy person but probaby at this point in Via tenure as apart of the Wolf Squaderon her fellow wingmen grew to expect such anctics.

"BoomBoomBoompsfftpsfftyuhyuh" Via pursed her lips and spat out the rythum as she banged all the lockers on her way to her own. She had just came back from a sortie feeling quite good for no reason in particular. When she reached her locker she stripped her exosuit in sync with the beat of her song. Once she got down to her underclothes which consisted of her Tank top and underwear she stripped her underwear revaling her barebottom like she usually did and continued somewhat dancing around.

"Yeahhh!! In my bannnk!!! Latimum!!!" she bang on her locker before she attempted to open. When she tried she felt the latch feel a bit stiffer than usual prompting her to stop her typical level of force to open it. She tried pulling harder feeling some increased resistance but she didn't want to give up.

"What in the fuck?" She said as she pulled and pulled and pulled until....

A massive glitterly explosion filled Via's vision. The force was so much so it pushed her flying back to the row of lockers behind her disorientating her. The glitter got everywhere, filling the locker room and disorientating all the occupants who were inside. Still disorientated Via on all fours crawled until she reached the exit of the locker room into the greater FAB, other pilots in the locker room seemed to have the same idea.

"Fuckin'bitchassfuckingbitchfuckassshitfuckin'fuckbitch!!" Via quite loudly cursed a storm as she wiped the glitter from her eyes and seeing the result all over her body. "WGHATINTHEFUCKIN' FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!" She screamed in extreme annoyance. Via quickly knew this entire act of...terrorism was a prank from someone and she was livid she was a among the first casulties in this now started war.

"Bitchasssmoutherfuckin'Oh your ass be thinkin' this funny?!" She tried wiping away the glitter but it was everywhere in every crevas of her body. "This is fuckin' war! Your bitchass gonna see my ass take all of yalls out I ain't playin no more!! Whoever did this you are a bitchass,dumbass,stupidass,bigass, no life havin', ugly havin' ass, two warp coils short of a warp core havin' ass...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" She screamed in fusteration. Already in her head she made a list of possible perpertrators and already she started comming up with plans to take every. single, one of them out. The gloves where off now. The prank wars have begun.

"I bet its them fuckin' Valk pilots. Single seat havin' dumbasses...I'mma get them asses...yeah...fuckin'...dum...ughhhh"  Stood up, half naked, covered in glitter, pissed off as ever living hell.

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