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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

There was something so predatory about the man opposite. Just the look in his eyes gave Rhys the impression of barely restrained power.  Despite that his touch remained, gentle and considerate feeling. He wondered when and if the damn would break, well more than wondered really, he felt embarrassed to admit he wanted it to.

Soon however, Hirek did something that surprised Rhys and ensured that he was like iron between his legs. He lifted Rhys onto the desk, seemingly with little or no effort. He knew that Vulcans were stronger than the average human, he had never really thought about Romulans in that way. However, given their relation he supposed they must be to. PADDs of important documents and Rhys’ teacup went skittering across the floor. As he was plopped on to his desk and kissed by the more experienced man, Rhys let out a soft needy sound that he was not aware of making.

It was not long before he found bluey-hazel eyes staring deep into his own bright blue ones as Hirek’s hand explored below his waist. He gasped softly at his touch, astounded by how good it felt even through layers of clothing. As he was stroked Rhys closed his eyes his head tipping back a little. When Hirek caressed the tip there was a jump and a shudder from the young Welshman. Soon though he found himself crushed tightly against Hirek. As he was kissed with a firmness that made his head swim, his legs wrapped around the other man’s waist instinctively pulling him closer.

Then Hirek in his cruelly insisted that Rhys had to tell him exactly what he wanted. Rhys wasn’t even sure he could form full sentences at the moment. He looked pleadingly at the other man for a moment but when he saw no help was coming from there he tried to respond. “I want…. um……. Uh…ahhh….” His eyes scrunched up as he tried to focus his thoughts into words. His hands moved as if trying to draw the words out from deep inside himself. He was tempted to just say ‘you’ again, but he doubted that that would be precise enough for him. He knew what he wanted really, but the words in his head made him cringe and there was a fear that Hirek would think less of him for saying it. He knew this was irrational he doubted Hirek would care what he had to say, but such was anxiety. “I… er…..” His hands drifted down to the older man’s backside which he squeezed firmly. “I er…. want you to fuck me.” He said quietly almost inaudibly finally being able to look Hirek in the eyes.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Only age and experience kept Hirek from ripping Rhys’ clothing off and fucking him without further seductive preparation. Age and experience had taught him well the process was sometimes almost more delightful than the actual act. Rhys was young, though Hirek had no notion of his experience—even a demure man could have a lot of sexual experience—and it seemed to Hirek that IF he did decide to forego further foreplay, the man would be perfectly happy for that. However, Hirek was just as calculating with pleasure as he was with his work and basically all areas of his life. He certainly wasn’t about to satiate Rhys’ desires in one fell swoop in rapid order. No, there would be time enough for the climax. Later.

Of course, this internal determination didn’t dissuade his own pleasure or keep him from grunting out his pleasure when Rhys kissed him back or squeezed his ass. Quite the contrary. Hirek made sure Rhys could hear the groans and moans of pleasure, knowing instinctively that sound was just as important as touching in intimacy. Especially for someone as shy as Rhys, the man would likely grow bolder the more he heard and saw confirming evidence that he was desired.

Rhys’ eventual confession of his desires had Hirek grinning, leaning in for another kiss. He placed his hands on Rhys’ knees and pushed at the man’s legs until he was able to extricate himself from the locked position. The only way any type of fucking would take place was if they were without more than a few layers of clothing. Hirek kept his gaze firmly on Rhys as he kicked off his shoes and toed them aside while his fingers deftly untied the knot of his tunic near his neck—allowing the outer flap to roll open—then the interior knot near his waist—finally falling open to reveal his toned torso.

“Unless you want me to rip the clothing off,” Hirek’s lips curled into a mischievous smile as he rolled his shoulders and shucked off the tunic completely, tossing it to the side, “I’d suggest you divest yourself of any articles you would prefer to keep in one piece.”

He gave Rhys a wink just as he hooked his thumbs into his trouser waistline and pulled them off, underwear and all. In less than a minute from Rhys’ submission to fucking, Hirek stood naked before the Welshman, shamelessly aroused. Seized with an idea and ever curious how Rhys would respond, Hirek stepped further back until he felt Rhys’ chair at the back of his legs. He sat down, legs splayed open, hands resting palm down on the armrests. If he’d been clothed, Hirek might’ve looked like a king sitting on his throne awaiting his courtiers. Sitting naked as he was, Hirek was no less noble but assuredly a different context that would be brought to mind for anyone who saw him.

Raising a single eyebrow, Hirek continued to watch Rhys with the controlled stillness of a bird of prey waiting to swoop in, “And how would you like to be fucked, Rhys?”

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

There was a part of Rhys that was wondering what had come over him. Rhys was not a go with the flow kind of guy at least when it came to sex and relationships. For most of his life he had done poorly in terms of his sex life. He didn’t really party, he was a stay at home quietly and read a book kind of guy. Confidence was a powerful aphrodisiac, it was working on him now after all, but what about a man with little or none himself. If you weren’t confident, it could make you come across as awkward and weird it also meant you were less likely to just try. Admiring people from a polite distance was what he did.

So, he was baffled by what had been happening to him recently. A loud, brash, and confident voice was starting to appear in his head and push him to do things he wouldn’t normally do. “Why not? Just do it.” Seemed to be its catch phrases.

Hirek’s clear enjoyment of Rhys’ touch was received with incredulous delight by the younger man. Rhys had had sex before and wasn’t awful at it at least no previous partner had been impolite enough to say that, but it still surprised him when anyone enjoyed him.

Hirek grinned in a way that nearly made Rhys melt as he forced himself to admit what he wanted. His heartbeat quickened and there was a feeling of both embarrassment and delight that what he wanted may soon happen. Reluctantly he released the older man from the grip of his legs around his hips, and felt his mouth go dry at the sight of his toned chest. Rhys had had a sense from the way the man moved and the way his uniform moved that he had a nice body, but he had no idea how nice it would be.

As Hirek revealed more of himself with a wink, Rhys hovered on the edge of his desk with his mouth open. He was sure he must have looked like a very stupid fish. It was not just Hirek’s toros that Rhys thought was nice. Shyly and with a reluctance of a person not comfortable in their own skin, Rhys began to remove his uniform. He flung off his shoes like Hirek had done almost smashing something valuable in the process. Rhys gradually unzipped his uniform. Not in the way Hirek had done, but in a way reminiscent of turtle cautiously sticking its head of its shell. Next came the light blue under shirt, revealing Rhys’ chest and upper body. His blush on his cheeks clearly travelled down his neck and to the top part of his chest. Then came his trousers and underwear, which he removed separately unlike Hirek who had taken them down together. I would never have occurred to Rhys that his slow deliberate and shy way of removing his clothes could be teasing to the other many.

He stood before the Romulan naked and feeling deeply vulnerable. Now came in some ways to him the hard part. Hirek had asked him a question. Rhys’ wasn’t sure he could answer it, he felt to embarrassed to shy to give voice to any thoughts that might be in his head. The confident voice in his head then said. ‘Don’t speak then.’ He bit his lip and moved up to Hirek with no clear thought of what he would do. Soon he found himself kneeling in front of the other man. His bright blue eyes focused upwards as he placed a soft teasing kiss on the tip of Hirek’s manhood. Slowly his tongue emerged from between his lips and slid slowly along the shaft from base back to tip. He looked up at Hirek’s face again, gave a shy little smile and a shrug, that seemed to say. ‘I dunno I am going to do this till I think of something.’ His mouth opened and he took Hirek, into the warm space.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Hirek understood that all physical intimacy carried with it a demand for and expectation of reciprocity. A rational individual would enter to a physical encounter only with the promise of receiving equal or greater pleasure to that which they may give. Oral sex, when it became a variable in the physical encounter, brought with it another layer of euphoric sensations and realities.

There was the psychological arousal that came from seeing one’s partner on their knees taking your most intimate part into their mouth. It brought on a feeling of being tended to, almost worshipped, as the entirety of one’s focus was on giving pleasure to the point of near climax, if not to the climax itself. Of drinking in the essence of the partner, taking in a part of them that bears evidence of contented satisfaction.

There was the element of trust required as well, since they could very well bite down and ruin more than just the pleasure of the moment, and that brooding threat also brought a certain erotic thrill. Especially when there was the perfect combination of pressure, warmth, and wetness. Or the variety between suction, tongue strokes, throat action, tempo, testicle touches, and prostate stimulation. There was so much more that could be done with the mouth and fingers than with the anus or vagina, though Hirek adored all experiences alike. But from the first wet lick to the last sucking pop, the ecstasy from the wet tightness of oral sex was one of Hirek’s favorite variables in the game of physical pleasure.

He did not mask the euphoric moan that Rhys’ tongue drew from his throat as he laved attention to Hirek’s cock. Gripping the armrest tightly with white knuckles, head falling back to rest on the chair, Hirek held himself back from fucking Rhys’ mouth with upward thrusts as he held a firm grip on the back of Rhys’ head. In his mind, Hirek could imagine the whimpered sounds Rhys might make if he did such a thing and this sent another thrill of pleasure through his body. Hirek didn’t close his eyes, as the building pleasure shivering up his spine bid him do. No, he kept the heavy-lidded gaze on Rhys, watching intently as the counselor sucked his cock in and out of his mouth.

The Welshman had been an unintentional tease with the slow strip, his clumsy awkwardness both endearing and alluring. Something about the mixture of confident bashfulness, unabashed desire and timidity worked as an opiate on Hirek’s senses. He had never considered himself a paragon of virtue, but even for him, the pace from first meeting to fucking was faster than average with Rhys. Not the fastest, but up there.

Hirek took in a deep breath through his nose, nostrils flaring, then let it out through his parted lips. He’d give Rhys a few more minutes of this sense of control, building his confidence, before he edged them closer to a line Hirek was curious if Rhys would be interested in crossing so soon in the game they were unexpectedly playing.

“You have a talented tongue, Rhys.” Hirek purred out the compliment with a strained smile. His hands continued to grip the armrests, his heart pounding as the sensations of Rhys’ mouth and tongue varied, keeping him ever on edge. “And the sight of my cock in your beautiful mouth is one of the best things I’ve seen in years.” He dared to let go of one armrest, fingers giving a subtle quiver as he moved them through the air. With his fingers, Hirek traced along the hairline of Rhys’ forehead, leaning forward in the chair so he could draw the same fingers over Rhys’ cheeks, then lightly hook under the edge of his jawline. “You are a beautiful man, Rhys. Even when you aren’t sucking my cock.”

Hirek dropped his hand away to retake the armrest, his torso falling back against the chair as Rhys elicited another sigh of pleasure from Hirek’s lips. He hoped Rhys wasn’t intended on sucking him off and being done with this encounter just when it was beginning. Not only for the selfish reason of wanting to draw it out because it had been too damn long, but because Hirek wanted to explore Rhys’ body in return, genuinely enjoying the giving of pleasure at the same ratio as he enjoyed getting it.

“If you want something from me, Rhys,” Hirek’s voice was strained on a murmured growl, “you’re going to have to be explicitly clear about what you want. Either by word or by action.”

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy]

It was likely clear to Hirek now as it was to those who had ever been with Rhys that what really mattered to Rhys was how his partner felt. The Euphoric moan produced by the older man was met with an obvious shiver in Rhys of delight. Rhys was no the kind of person who worried about whether what he did was reciprocated, it just did not matter to him to the same extent. In many ways it was emblematic of Rhys’ overall personality. Rhys did his best to meet Hirek’s gaze as he pleasured him, he knew people often really liked that.

Despite what Rhys had been doing, a simple compliment purred out by the Romulan was enough to pinken Rhys’ cheeks again. Being complimented was some how much more embarrassing to Rhys than anything else. Rhys had released him from his mouth when Hirek had started speaking and especially when he had caressed along his hairline and jawline.

Soon Hirek was leaning back in the chair again looking almost like the ruler of a decadent Kingdom awaiting service. He made it clear that Rhys would have to either state what he wanted or take it. The idea was to antithetical to Rhys’ personality. A part of him always wondered why he found it so hard just to say what he wanted. However, the voice was back, the one that spoke in his head with such un-Rhys like confidence and self-assurance. ‘Because you don’t think you deserve good things. Its not a puzzle Rhys.’ Rhys swallowed hard, his skin felt so sensitive to the touch and his mind was a jumbled mess. ‘You do. You deserve to feel as good as anyone else. He is offering it, he is handsome, take it.’ It felt to Rhys like he had hesitated for a long time, but really it had been a handful of seconds.

Rhys looked up at Hirek form his kneeling position. Took a few deep breaths and stood up. He swung a leg over the other man’s lap. He lowered himself on to Hirek’s lap feeling the Romulan’s hardness against his cheek. “I… I want you… to fuck me like this.” There was an obvious tremor in his voice and a slight sheen of cold sweat on his body telegraphing a fear that had come from who knows where.  Rhys wasn’t a virgin, but in nearly every sexual encounter he had ever had this fear was always there waiting to take over. He hoped his movement and words would be enough for Hirek to accept it as explicitly clear enough.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Hirek’s hands easily settled on Rhys’ hips as the counselor straddled him in the seat. He couldn’t help but smirk at the chosen position. Likely in the days to come, Rhys wouldn’t be able to sit in this chair without thinking of Hirek naked or the shared pleasure they were about to enjoy. This reality fueled Hirek’s desire as Rhys settled himself in Hirek’s lap, the firmness of Rhys’ erection pressing against Hirek’s belly even as his own erection settled between Rhys’ ass cheeks. The tremored whisper of what he wanted Hirek to do, alerted the Romulan that the man in his lap was well outside his comfort zone when it came to foreplay. Hirek would reward this personal best accordingly.

“Very well, Rhys.” Smoothing a hand up the length of Rhys’ back, Hirek cupped the back of Rhys' head, bringing his lips closer for another kiss. “Your command is my pleasure.”

As his tongue delved in and out of Rhys’ mouth, mimicking the actions Rhys so desperately wanted from Hirek elsewhere, Hirek tickled his other hand over the top of Rhys’ thigh and traced his fingers along the sensitive skin of Rhys’ belly. Only after he felt a reaction from Rhys did Hirek move his fingers further, finally gripping Rhys’ penis in a firm clasp and giving a single, full-length stroke. If he was lucky enough, in the coming days, he might be able to take the Welshman’s cock into his own body, but for today, he would be satisfied to taste it.

His hand still giving slow, firm strokes on Rhys’ cock, Hirek pulled back from the kiss. Eyes holding fast with the heavy-lidded gaze the Welshman returned, Hirek let go of the back of Rhys neck and brought two fingers up to his mouth. He was slow about licking them, then taking them deep into his own mouth. Once they were fully lubricated, Hirek moved his hand back around Rhys’ body and tapped the tips of his non-lubricated fingers down Rhys’ back. Hirek loosened his grip on Rhys’ cock as his lubricated fingers began tracing gentle touches along the firm rim of Rhys’ sphincter. Switching the grip on Rhys’ cock to equally light, gentle touches drawn along the sides of his erection, Hirek demonstrated skills in both dexterity and multi-tasking as his fingers moving over Rhys’ ass dipped lower to brush over the counselor’s sensitive perineum.

Hirek leaned up, pressing his lips against Rhys’ again, drawing the Welshman closer through touch and intention. As his tongue breached the barrier of Rhys’ lips once more, Hirek pressed a single digit up into Rhys’ ass. He tentatively moved the finger in and out, switching between insertion and rim play. Rhys had undoubtedly had more sex more recently than Hirek, but for the Romulan, it wasn’t just about getting Rhys ready for penetration. It was about enjoying the reactions his preparatory actions brought to the counselor. There was little doubt that the Welshman was enjoying his touches.

Rumbling low a growl of approval, Hirek inserted two fingers and repeated the process of stretching and stroking. The head of his cock felt heavy, the heat radiating from his body almost unbearable. As much as he was enjoying the process, Hirek also had a point at which he needed to release, and he was edging very close to that point.

Pausing in the kiss, Hirek moved his fingers away from Rhys’ ass and cupped the same hand just below his chin, spitting into the palm, and reached around to rub the spittle along his cock. His fingers continued to trace soft touches along Rhys’ cock, occasionally darting out to tickle along the soft skin of his inner thigh or the junction of his leg and belly.

“If you want me inside you,” Hirek whispered against Rhys’ lips, “put me there.”

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

It was a strange mixture of emotions that Rhys felt as he looked at Hirek. The little smirk and the arrogance in the smile bother made Rhys feel aroused and uncomfortable at the same time. There was certainly something predatory about everything the Romulan did. However, any time Rhys started to delve into his thoughts the other man would kiss him or touch him in such a way that he stopped thinking in that moment.

Rhys’ heart was beating to hard that he was almost worried that Hirek could detect that sound somehow. Again, it was an ambivalent feeling. The heart beating so hard could be excitement or it could be anxiety. Both feelings felt appropriate for putting himself in such a vulnerable position with the olderman.

As Hirek stroked Rhys’ member, the Welshman let out a soft quiet moan and found his hips moving unconsciously in concern with Hirek’s hand. It felt good to finally have his hand on the soft skin. Somehow though his other hand’s motions and movements attracted most of Rhys attention. Feeling the fingers moving towards his ass, caused Rhys to shiver clearly and obviously on top of Hirek his body moving against Hirek’s erection unconsciously. AS the fingers brushed over the sensitive area Rhys made a sound he hadn’t intended to make. It was upsettingly needy more akin to a whine than a moan of pleasure. His cheeks darkened.

Rhys returned Hirek’s kisses attempting to duel back with his own tongue’s movements, but Hirek was defiantly the one in charge of this encounter of that he was in doubt. As the fingers were pressed inside him, Rhys moaned into the other man’s mouth the noise muffled and uncertain. His hands slid over Hirek’s shoulders as he played with the area.

Hirek whispered against his soft lips what Rhys knew had to come next. Rhys bit his lip and took Hirek’s manhood in his hand gently away from Hirek. He stroked the older man for a few moments before sitting up more on his knees to position himself more over the length of muscle. Rhys was holding his breath as the head slowly pushed past the entrance and popped inside him. He shuddered a little and let out the breath he had been holding. Rhys’ kept his eyes on Hirek’s as he slowly slid down the saft. There was pain and pleasure in equal measure and a long low moan escaped his lips as Rhys took as much of Hirek inside himself as he could comfortably manage.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Hirek’s head fell back against the back of the chair. His neck muscles tightened as the groans of pleasure came from the depths of his belly. It had been too damn long. The taut ring of Rhys’ ass popped over the head of his cock, then slid down the length of it, gripping him, engulfing him. Hirek’s hands anchored on the firm flesh of Rhys’ waist as the Welshman lowered himself further, only stopping when his ass was firmly settled on Hirek’s groin. Pulsing heat wrapped around his cock. The cylinder of pressure at the base of it flexed as Rhys grew accustomed to Hirek’s length and girth. Opening his eyes, Hirek brought his head off the back of the chair, his grip on Rhys’ waist loosening. The counselor would have bruises, and for that, Hirek was marginally apologetic. But, again, it had been too damn long.

“Rhys,” Hirek reached between them and wrapped his fingers around the Welshman’s cock, running a firm stroke up and down the hot member, “It has been a very long time for me. I will need you to dictate the pace otherwise…” Hirek’s grip on Rhys’ cock tightened as he shifted his hips beneath Rhy, causing his cock to shift up and forward inside the man subtly.

Coiling his fingers against the back of Rhys’ neck, Hirek brought the man down for another kiss. Despite the building pressure in his balls, the physiological plea for release, Hirek kept the kiss slow. Deep strokes of his tongue in and out of Rhys’ mouth, tasting him, testing him. The hand on Rhys’ cock was equally relentless with pressure yet also seemingly unhurried. Though he wanted to ram his cock hard and fast inside Rhys, and bring himself to a much-delayed release, Hirek was still cognizant enough to realize there was no guarantee this sort of interlude would happen again. Enjoy it from start to finish. Don’t get caught up on the finish.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

There was pleasure not just of the feeling of Hirek entering him. Pleasure also came from being able to see his face. The strange pride that came with making the other person feel good. That was as much an aphrodisiac to Rhys as anything else they might do. Hirek had told him that it had been a long time, and Rhys believed it, he could see it in the way he reacted in the intensity in his eyes. The way his hands gripped Rhys’ hips firmly in a way that would likely cause some discomfort but that could be good to. Like the discomfort after a long run or work out.

Hirek then gripped Rhys’ saft as he warned him abut dictating the pace. Rhys’ head fell forward for a moment on to his muscular shoulder as he gasped some kind of noise that he hoped would be taken as acknowledgement. Words were difficult at the moment.

Soon he was being kissed and in just the way he liked. Slow, explorative, teasing the kind of kiss that made his skin feel tingly and made him want to sink into the chest. Bracing his hands on Hirek’s chest and arching his back a little, he lifted his hips slowly before slowly setting them down again. He didn’t need to move much for it to feel good for either of them, it was intense no matter what. One key enjoyment Rhys took from all of this was how like a spring Hirek felt. Hirek was taking things slow and allowing Rhys to do the same, but the tension was apparent to Rhys. The desire to explode out into a mad frenzy of rutting was there. So, within the pleasure was the anticipation and wonder, would it happen and if so when. 

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

With Rhys’ head on his shoulder, the Welshman’s torso angled forward, Hirek could shift up, pressing his lips to the bare skin of the counselor’s neck. As he relished the feeling of the tight “o” of Rhys’ ass sliding up and down his length, Hirek opened his mouth over the taut cord of muscle connecting Rhys’ neck and shoulder. His bite was not as fierce as what would be considered the norm for Romulans, but he could not account for what it would be considered among humans. Hirek’s tongue darted out to lave away any sting his teeth may have left.

“Yes,” Hirek growled, his breath hot on Rhys’ skin as he held the counselor tightly against him.

River fishing along the cliffs of Uluma required courage, sometimes audacity, and amazing balancing acts. The up-and-down weight of Rhys on his body, the sliding heat of his erection inside Rhys, the attention Rhys’ tongue gave his own as the Welshman kissed him. The sensations were building, the tingling in his balls increasing, the weight in his gut growing. As his penis rubbed over the bundle of nerves inside Rhys, Hirek felt as if he were once more on the edge of a waterfall on Uluma. Veering close to the edge, staring over the edge in fact, the white water beckoning him below, yet balancing just shy of falling over. Here, with Rhys in his arms, the Welshman grinding over him, panting out his pleasure against Hirek’s skin, Hirek was in that same balancing act. Seeking out his own pleasure but not wanting to fall over the edge too quickly and neglecting Rhys’ pleasure in the process.

Using his grip on Rhys’ hips, Hirek subtly adjusted the both of them, probing at different depths and changing up the rhythm as he pursued the via media of fucking Rhys Williams. The grunts, sometimes growls, rumbling from his throat were uninhibited as Hirek relished in finally expressing a part of himself that had haunted his every step for so long, and yet he’d had to deny and ignore. This base part of himself, the rawness of his sexuality, had been closely monitored and controlled for so long. Holding Rhys, savoring the pleasurable heat as it built between them—this tension just shy of releasing—Hirek felt as if he were greeting an old friend after an extended journey. Finally, coming home.

“Rhys,” Hirek let go of the counselor’s hip with one hand and used it to take hold of the back of Rhys’ neck. His other had resumed its firm touch moving up and down Rhys’ member. He knew his next challenge would likely confuse the counselor, but it seemed this whole encounter served to challenge and satiate them both in dramatically different ways. Perhaps it would lead to another session…preferably also without clothing. “I cum only when you tell me to.”

His heart pounding in his chest, still on the brink of falling over the edge, Hirek was determined to keep true to this statement. The process was as pleasurable as the ending point and often far more memorable.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

Rhys not for the first nor the last time wondered what was happening with him. There was a very serious part of himself deep down, admonishing himself for his lack of professional standards in doing this. In there was also fear about what would happen. In some ways he had long been walking a knife edge with his career. If anyone found out…

Of course he also wondered given the Theurgy’s position and its inability to easily restock its crew what could his superiors really do? If removed him who would replace him, the number of people on board having issues was growing not getting smaller. All these voices were there but they were being pushed down by the overwhelming feelings of lust and pleasure.

There was something so pleasing about being filled in this way. Being pressed against another body like this. This was all coupled with the fact that Hirek was good at this. He had bitten and kissed where Rhys’ neck met his shoulder. This immediately got a very un-Rhys like growl to escape the young man’s lips. His hardness twitched against Hirek’s stomach.  It was a sensitive area that Rhys had always enjoyed being interacted with. The bite was hard, probably harder than Rhys would normally have liked, but he was too lost in the feelings of pleasure to care and the pain only served to accent the pleasure.

 Rhys slid up and down Hirek’s shaft showing no signs of slowing. However, Hirek started to take greater control of the pace. Gripping Rhy’s hips and pushing up harder. Rhys whimpered in delight not just at the Romulan’s rutting the sounds he himself was making. When Hirek’ took Rhys in his hand Rhys felt like he might explode at that moment. When he heard the strained voice, he knew he could not be far away.

Ordinarily being put in charge of a sexual situation would have horrified and bewildered Rhys. It might have caused that familiar twisting in his stomach and cause him to back out of the whole encounter. Rhys hated directing anything he was a follower and quite a submissive one by nature. However, by this point Rhys was so desperate to feel Hirek cum inside him that that feeling was gone from his mind.

Rhys kissed Hirek with an intensity that felt deeply un-Rhys. It was also followed by Rhys nibbling, biting and sucking on Hirek’s bottom lip. Rhys gripped onto Hirek tightly, as he felt a familiar pressure boiling up right from the very middle of his being. Rhys broke the kiss and placed his lips by Hirek’s ear. “Cum for me please.” He said his voice strained and needy, as he whispered into the pointed ear of his partner in this ancient dance.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

The Welshman pressed Hirek firmly against the chair, sucking Hirek’s soul into his body through the intensity of the fiery kiss the counselor bestowed. His balls ached for release, the pressure in his abdomen pleasurably painful as he continued to ram his length into the welcome warmth of Rhys’ ass. When Hirek’s lungs began to question the sanity of prolonging the kiss, Rhys pulled back just enough to lavish a series of invigorating bites along Hirek’s lips before giving the command in a breathy whisper near Hirek’s ear.

Hirek cared nothing for privacy or who might hear. As if to punctuate Rhys’ whisper with an exclamation point of enthusiasm, Hirek roared out his pleasure as hot cum jetted from his cock and filled Rhys completely. His hips didn’t stop their relentless drive up into Rhys until the last drop was pushed from his balls.

His body still quaking with the after-effects of cumming so thoroughly, and with a partner, after a bloody damn long time, Hirek gave Rhys no warning or time before he pulled his length from Rhys’ dripping arse. His hand was already wrapped around Rhys’ cock, giving firm strokes. Keeping the grip, Hirek snaked his other arm around Rhys’ waist and with a mere grunt for the effort, Hirek stood up, pivoted, then lowered Rhys into the chair. Hirek had his tongue moving over the tip of Rhys’ erection within seconds of the position change, next tracing his lips over Rhys’ stiffness before slowly taking the tip into the wet heat of his mouth completely.

Hirek was shivering with delight as he knelt between Rhys’ legs, his penis growing flaccid, as he first ran the flat of his tongue down the underside of Rhys’ cock before brushing the softness of his lips down the entirety of the length of it. He occupied his hands by alternating between tickling the skin of the Welshman’s inner thighs and tracing his fingers over the sensitive skin of Rhys’ heavy balls. Using only his mouth to lick up and down his cock, Hirek sucked Rhys’ cocked deeper until the tip touched the back of his throat. Hirek bobbed his head, slowly at first, then, looking up the length of the porcelain-like skin of Rhys’ torso, Hirek increased his tempo. Moving one hand to wrap around the base of Rhys’ shaft to move up and down with his lips, Hirek shifted the other hand to cup the counselor’s testicles.

He would give no further orders and take none in return at this point. Hirek was highly attuned to the noises and movements of the man sprawled before him, and he responded in turn. Every time his actions elicited a moan, he’d repeat the gesture. A gasp, and he’d pause before doing something similar. A body quiver, and Hirek was merciless with keeping up the pace or the attention. Rhys’ pleasure was his own at this point and he intended to “repay” the counselor for his earlier “kindness,” and with interest.

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

The marked differences between them had become apparent during their session together. Even the sounds they made in pleasure could not be more different. Rhys was soft, gentle his voice calling out barely expressed moans and groans. Hirek was loud, primal, animalistic and Rhys was treated to this sound as the older man orgasmed. Rhys held on tight for dear life like Hirek was a raft being buffeted on white water rapids.

This was not the only surprise that the Romulan had in store for Rhys. The young Welshman had expected Hirek to take a moment to recover his energies, to take some deep breaths before proceeding or perhaps leaving. Instead, with a speed and power that shocked Rhys, he soon found himself on the seat with a hand around his manhood. This was quickly followed by the other man’s tongue.

Rhys gave a gasp of shock followed quickly by a grunt of pleasure as Hirek applied his experience and knowledge to Rhys’ throbbing problem. Idly the though of entered Rhys’ head of how long Romulans lived for anyway. It was deeply bizarre what thoughts could enter his mind even in a time such as this.

Rhys was a gentle lover both by instinct and temperament, but even he found himself tugging hard at Hirek’s short hair. Or digging his fingers into the padding of the chair. Rhys was utterly unable to speak any words at this point. It felt almost as difficult to breathe, the sounds he did make felt like they were forced out of his lips in a desperate attempt to relieve some pressure. It did not take long for the pressure to build up inside Rhys to an irresistible level. His body moved and writhed under Hirek’s attentions, before  a tenseness emerged in his body. His whole body stiffened, before he let out a long low moan as he came.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Hirek could feel the tension in Rhys’ body build, the man’s fingers tugging in his hair and the animalistic sounds of desire echoing deep in his chest. Then…snap. A long, low moan filled the room as the sporadic movements of the counselor’s testicles rolling in the supporting touch of Hirek’s hand coiled up and Rhys’ orgasm hit him. HARD. Hirek felt the intense heat of Rhys’ cum as it pumped up the length of his dick, pulsing into the waiting wet heat of Hirek’s mouth. The hand gripping Rhys’ member stayed firm as Hirek continued to suck gently and stroke, milking the Welshman for every drop of the milk-white saltiness of his cum his body had to offer.

The throbbing heat of Rhys’ cock continued even as Hirek swallowed the viscous evidence of Rhys’ pleasure. Hands smoothing a type of comfort over the tops of Rhys’ thighs, he left lingering kisses against the head, licked a last few lines down the edges of the length, then placed a solitary kiss on the man’s lower abdomen, just above the tuft of curls framing his cock. Hirek leaned back to look up at the remains of the Welshman, more than a little pleased with himself that he’d brought the counselor to peak so thoroughly.

Hirek said nothing as he stood and moved to the replicator, quickly ordering two glasses of water. He paused a moment longer, curious if his second set of instructions would work. Amazingly, the moist towel appeared just as easily as the water glasses. He returned to Rhys’ side feeling yet more accomplished. A neutral smile was touching his lips as Hirek handed both the glass of water and the towel to the Welshman, shifting back out of the man’s personal space to sip at his own drink. He didn’t know if the counselor would prefer privacy to clean up, and seriously doubted he’d want Hirek’s help. As he tipped the glass up with eyes averted, Hirek noted he could still smell the musky scent of Rhys’ cock. His smile turned lecherous, but he remained silent for the time it took for him to finish the water and set the glass aside.

His eyes moving over the various piles of clothing they’d discarded, Hirek couldn’t help but smile again. He hadn’t felt this comfortable in his own skin in months, and it was all thanks to the counselor he had this renewed sense of balance. Hirek was still silent, though his features sported an easy smile as he moved about the room, retrieving what they’d lost. Under his breath, Hirek hummed the melody of one of the sailor's tunes from back on the Uluma Islands. A song of sea creatures seducing the sailors to their deaths in the morning, only for the sailors to prevail and eat the creatures at dusk. He had the piles separated between Starfleet and Romulan, with Rhys’ pile placed on the desk closest to the chair before Hirek returned his gaze to the counselor.

“Your hair is soft,” Hirek gestured to the counselor’s messy hair, “and the sight of your undulating muscles as you moved in my arms was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a very long time,” he wasn’t sure if Rhys would recall the earlier portion of their conversation before they’d fallen into the physicality of this encounter, but Hirek certainly did and he wanted to share his discoveries with the counselor. “You taste,” Hirek licked his lips again, then smiled, “salty, almost metallic, but in a luxurious manner. And you smell of spices and sweat, with a unique musk that I can only attribute to your unique pheromones.”

Hirek glanced down the length of himself, fully comfortable being nude, but when he brought his gaze back to Rhys, he quirked an eyebrow up, remembering from their earlier conversations that this man seemed to be far less comfortable with the shamelessness that Hirek believed moved hand-in-hand with sex, “Would you like me to dress now?” He looked over his shoulder briefly before turning his gaze back to Rhys, his tone of voice when he spoke again still soft, neutral. “Leave?”

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Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

Rhys’ brilliant blue eyes now seemed glazed. They were open but, on some level, he wasn’t really looking through them. His chest rose and fell quickly as his body began to recover from its recent exertions. He heard Hirek rise and move and order some water glasses and a towel from the replicator, but he sounded far away submerged in a ringing that was in his ears. It felt as if all the blood that had headed south was now marching merrily back north. Rhys wasn’t certain he would be able to stand stably if he got up.  He found a glass of water and the towel pushed into his hands. Rhys very much on autopilot took a few gulps of water and robotically cleaned himself up.

The thing that started to bring him back to reality was the tune Hirek was humming. He did not recognise the melody, but it had a distinct rhythm, and given the Romulan’s penchant for sailing Rhys guessed rightly that it was a nautical tune of some kind. Hirek moved around the room, busying himself with tidying clothes a small smile on his face.

There was a change that was for sure. The flirtatiousness was still there and the outward confidence and ease that Rhys envied. However, the tension was gone. The first time Hirek had walked in, he had attempted to put Rhys on the backfoot. Intimidating him. Intimidation which at the same time had turned the younger man on in a way he absolutely did not understand as well as frightening him. Once Hirek had seen Rhys was no threat and was in fact the sort of person who was only going to challenge him in the weakest and most half hearted of ways, the Romulan had softened his approach. There had still been some kind of tension, that now seemed gone. He seemed relaxed, maybe it was just the sex, but Rhys wasn’t so sure.

Hirek passed Rhys compliments, his hair, his body even his taste and smell. Rhys did not feel these compliments were feigned, Hirek meant them in one way or another.

There was also a change in Rhys. His eyes unashamedly followed and admired the older man’s body. His cheeks coloured of course when Hirek focused his attention on him, but the majority of the discomfort was gone. In fact, Hirek’s compliments elicited more of a uncomfortable reaction from Rhys than their combined nudity. It seemed a hurdle had been crossed. Whatever mental barrier had existed before was now down whether temporarily or permanently even Rhys didn’t know. 

When Hirek asked if he should dress and leave. Rhys rose out of his chair and hugged Hirek. His head was lowered so his face pressed into the other man’s chest and shoulder. “Those are unfair questions.” He said softly, his face burning against Hirek’s cooling skin. “I don’t want you to. But you may have to.” It occurred to Rhys that all though Hirek had been his last appointment of the day, they had been in his office a long time and Rhys did not want to arouse suspicions. What he had just done was a major breach of ethics and even in Theurgy’s current position could cost him his job.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Of all the responses expected, THIS was not one Hirek had considered. Feeling Rhys wrap himself around Hirek, tucking his face down to rest against his chest in an intimate embrace, Hirek’s hands splayed open, arms rising halfway up his body. The stiffening of his body was instinctual. As was the rise in heart rate, as Hirek rapidly moved through potential motives for this type of touch from the counselor.

“What are you doing?” her voice was cold, drastically contrasting to her normally fiery nature, her body an icy pillar in response to his touch.

Hirek’s arms felt heavy as he fought the temptation to drop them and end the impulsive embrace. Swallowing the lump of emotion in his throat, Hirek replied, “I am embracing my wife.”

“You are making a fool of yourself.” Her laughter had been sharp but shallow and though she made no attempt to push him away, Hirek felt the sting of rejection clearly. “Your touch dirties me, Hirek, and your persistent attempts to court me beyond rationality shames the clan.” Hirek finally let go and stepped back, just in time to receive her verbal barb to his face. “You are much a disappointment. To your parents and now to your wife.”

Llaiir left him then, looping her arm around the waist of her much younger lover who’d been waiting at the entrance to their home, tossing a disdainful smile at him before they disappeared from view. Of all the women he could’ve been given to in marriage, why had it been the one woman who only found pleasure in ridiculing him, rejecting him, and seeking to inflict pain on him in any and everywhere possible?

Rhys’ voice was muffled as he spoke, his face still pressed against Hirek’s skin, making Hirek tilt his head sideways to catch all the words. With slow movements, as if he were an automaton controlled by an unseen master, Hirek finally placed his hands on the Welshman’s back.

Her fingers dug painfully into the flesh of his shoulders as his mother ripped him away from her body and forcefully held him at arm’s length. Hirek’s face was still damp from tears, his nose runny. Looking up at his mother, Hirek saw the disappointment clearly in the sternness of her gaze and felt it in the grip she maintained on his shoulders. When Hirek raised his arms and pushed forward as if to resume the embrace, his mother kept steady, her head giving a quick shake.

“You must learn to control yourself, Hirek.” Though whispered so the marketplace passersby couldn’t overhear, his mother’s words carried a power that Hirek felt clanging in his chest. “Do not display such weakness in public ever again.”

His eyes were bright as he felt tears renew in the wells of his eyes. “But-“

She leaned close and shook him firmly, “Never, Hirek. And you will not cry in public. Not now. Not ever.” Abruptly letting go and standing to her full height, Hirek’s small frame jostled back a step as he watched his mother smooth her hand down the front of her tunic as if to wipe away any evidence of his earlier tears. “Intimate emotions like tears, intimate gestures like embraces, are reserved for the home only, Hirek.” Her eyes darted around, sighing quickly when she seemed satisfied with whatever she was looking for. “We will speak on this further when we arrive now. Now,” she held out her hand, grabbing his small one in her own and giving it a firm squeeze, “let’s finish our errands.”

Hirek let her tug him alongside her, his eyes downcast and shoulders slumped. He’d only wanted comfort from his mother and yet found it forbidden to seek such things in public. Would it ever be acceptable to share such simple things with someone?

He took a steadying breath before smoothing his hands up and down Rhys’ back. The touch itself was not unpleasant, even if it brought back painful memories and even if it knocked on the vault door, behind which Hirek kept all his yearnings and dreams locked away. The real ones. The ones he’d never voiced aloud, not even in the dead of night in his room alone. There was danger in giving voice to such things, and Hirek was not in a place where he could offer anyone anything more than danger or pain. In truth, he’d never been in such a place. If it wasn’t the Tal Shiar going after his family with old grudges, it was his clandestine work with King against them, and now it was this whole ordeal with the Infested…

Hirek’s lips pulled back into a pained smile, eyes briefly falling shut as he memorized what it felt like to embrace another being, believing such an event would be rare indeed for the likes of him. Clearing his throat, Hirek replied to the counselor, “In my experience, all of life is unfair, not only the questions we ask one another.” He squeezed the taller man in his arms, letting his fingers playfully tickle Rhys’ ribs, “Your welcome aboard the ship has been most enlightening and unexpected, dear counselor.”

Hirek shifted his body subtly, slow in breaking the embrace, yet preferring he end it before Rhys followed in the footsteps of others before him and pushed Hirek away first. Reaching up, Hirek smoothed some of Rhys’ unruly bits of hair, an amused smile tugging at his lips.

“I would find great pleasure in sharing a meal with you in the future or a drink.” Hirek dropped his hand back to his side and gave a half-shrug. “As you are aware, my social calendar is far from booked.”

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Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

Almost as soon as he had done it Rhys began to worry that embracing Hirek had been a mistake. He had stiffened as soon as Rhys had moved in for the hug. Rhys almost felt he could feel and increase in the other man’s heartbeat beneath the skin. However, Hirek did not push him away. Rhys felt as if some internal battle was going on behind those eyes.  It was an occasion that again made him wish he was a Betazoid and that he could simply walk in and see what was happening. Though in truth he always felt that that was an unethical thing to do.

Rhys knew little about Romulans. Was the tension cultural or personal or perhaps both? He couldn’t be sure. Soon however he felt Hirek’s hands on his back. This made the whole thing more confusing, had Rhys simply been misreading Hirek and he was fine with this but just a bit surprised Rhys had done it.

Eventually he felt Hirek take a deep breath before he began to touch him a little more, stroking the young Welshman’s back. Hirek smiled and spoke it wasn’t a warm smile it was uncomfortable for the Romulan to give it. However, it became hard to think when Rhys’ ribs were tickled. This caused Rhys the jump and he tried to resist making a noise. Another person discovering how sensitive he was and how easy it was to do something like that to him. It was embarrassing. Still what Hirek had said felt good to here, that his welcome had been appreciated. Rhys certainly had hoped that was the case or the whole thing would have been deeply embarrassing. To have broken his professional standards and discovered that Hirek hadn’t enjoyed having sex with him.

Hirek then smoothed and played with some of Rhys’ hair, which caused the young man to close his eyes and stand in place leaning in to Hirek’s touch as if he was a puppy receiving pets. When Hirek suggested that sharing a meal or a drink would be agreeable to him, Rhys responded almost without thinking. “Yes please!” His face coloured about at his over eagerness. Rhys smiled softly. “Well that's best way to make friends and allies is to get that social calendar booked.” He said cheerfully. It looked like Hirek had plans already to intergrate himself with the crew. “I don’t have much to do outside of work at the moment either.” He said answering honestly. 

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Hirek couldn’t help but smile at how Rhys shamelessly responded to the casual touch of his hand against the Welshman’s head. “Have you always been so keen on touch, or did it develop over time?” Hirek was tempted to reach out and touch Rhys again to test his growing hypothesis further that the counselor was likely addicted to touch. However, not quite knowing what Rhys wanted or expected now that they’d bypassed protocol—Hirek wasn’t even Starfleet, and he knew they’d just violated many rules, not that he was bothered by it—he continued, “As you may be aware, Romulans are discouraged from a young age to engage in physical affection in public. What is done in private is no one’s business is the general rule of thumb, but public arenas prove a dangerous place to display such vulnerabilities. You never know when the object of your affection may be used against you or turn against you. So best to keep such yearnings and preferences hidden.”

Hirek didn’t comment further on the subject;. However, Rhys was the counselor assigned to his case—so far at least—he didn’t think it was pertinent information to share that he, like Rhys, thoroughly enjoyed affection and from a young age had often yearned to share it more openly. The taller man’s enthusiasm for sharing a meal distracted them both away from the potentially deep topic, and Hirek smiled. He leaned back on his heels and let his eyes travel the length and breadth of the counselor.

“Are you wanting to tempt others to eat you, dear counselor, or are you wanting to leave such delicacies to a select few?” Hirek’s smile turned mischievous, once more reaching out and ruffling the fine, sandy-colored hair on Rhys’ head. “As for the social calendar, the captain spoke of a morale department that I could volunteer with if I want to expand my social circles. I haven’t checked in yet, considering I barely finished with the doctor,” Hirek’s smile was warm at the memory of Elro, “before I came to find you,” the warm nature of the smile continued, accompanied by a light touch of his fingertips against Rhys’ cheek, “but I intend upon finding the office and giving them my details. Are you available to join me now for that meal, or at least point me in the right direction to find the morale office?” Hirek glanced over his shoulder at the door to Rhys’ office. “I do not wish to overstay my welcome.”

For some, creating a sense of urgency usually cultivated more interaction. However, depending on one’s sense of duty or obligation, sometimes it had to be postponed or ignored altogether. Hirek figured he was about to discover more about Rhys’ character, which was a fine addition to knowing as much as he did about the noises Rhys made when fucking and the color of his skin when aroused. While Hirek had far more experience in the nuances of surface-level pleasure-seeking relationships, he was not foolish enough to claim he had absolutely no interest in cultivating other sorts of relationships. It seemed, at least so far, that with Rhys, there could be potential for both pleasure and something else, and that intrigued Hirek immensely.

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Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

Hirek again asked a question that made Rhys wonder which of them had really been trained to be a counsellor. He though about his relationship with touch through out his life. There had definitely been some changes. He wondered how much to share with Hirek. “It’s only been recently that I’ve become more open to touch.” It was an answer that the counsellor in Rhys would have found interesting coming from one of his patients. It was clear avoidance. The truth was that there was a small feeling of embarrassment attached to the answer and a sense that giving a full answer might require too much emotional and verbal effort.

He remembered how the death of his mother had led to a death of another relationship. The one he had had with father had been appalling there after. His father had displayed naked contempt for him. That coupled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder had created a young many who had yearned for physical contact and affection just as strongly as he was afraid of it.

Rhys felt Hirek’s eyes on him again. His cheeks pinkened, there was a curious mix of discomfort about being so obviously admired and delight as well. The ambivalence was always hard to reconcile. Then of course Hirek made the comment about eating him, and Rhys raised the uniform he was holding to his face so only his eyes were showing hiding a little. Again, he didn’t really answer the question after all they didn’t know each other to well. “I don’t think I am so tempting.” He simply said his voice momentarily muffled by the material of his uniform.

Rhys felt happy that Hirek was aiming to expand his social circle by getting involved in the morale efforts on board. It would surely endear him to the crew. Though he was obviously doing this for less than beneficent reasons, Rhys knew that the more he interacted the more there was a chance the crew’s ways would rub off on him to. Rhys did not say this as he hated to imagine what sexual connotations Hirek would take with the term ‘rub off’. He shivered a little and smiled at the fingertip touches to his cheek.

Finally, Hirek asked if Rhys was available at the present time. In truth he was, Hirek was his last appointment, but worryingly for Rhys there was the sense that he would find it hard to tell the handsome older man no to anything. “I am happy to spend more time with you. You were my last appointment of the day anyway.” He said smiling shyly, as he busied himself dressing and hiding his slightly blushing face.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Hirek laughed at Rhys’ response to his compliment. It was a genuine laugh, and the sound was almost foreign even to Hirek’s ears. He’d been embedded with the Tal’Shiar operatives on Qo’Nos long enough he’d almost forgotten what a genuine emotion felt like, let alone sounded like. Yet, in less than an hour spent with Rhys, he’d been sexually satiated and brought to feel a genuine sense of enjoyment without fear of repercussions for expressing it. Hirek was no longer the naïve romantic he’d been when he’d thought it possible to love his arranged marriage wife—the selfish bitch that she was—so he was not about to equate this sense of comfort and confidence with something more than it was. Rhys did not seem the type to even want a relationship of a more profound caliber than mere physical affection with someone like Hirek; if Hirek’s assumption on this part were wrong, that would be intriguing and not unwelcome. Yet, for his brief time among the non-Romulans of the ship, Hirek had a feeling he’d be just as likely to find “true love” among this crew as he was among his own people.

While Rhys dressed, Hirek mimicked the motions, his low timbre voice mixing with the sound of clothes rustling, “Doctor Kobol showed me to my quarters earlier today, so I know there is a replicator there, and I presume in your quarters as well, if you would prefer something more private.” Hirek finished dressing before the counselor, having marginally fewer buckles and zippers to deal with. He was curious if Rhys would prefer to keep a low profile while being seen in proximity to Hirek, hence his offer for a quarter's meal. “But I have yet to see any of the eating areas of the ship, though I’ve been told there are many. Do you have a preference?”

As he waited for Rhys to answer, Hirek reached out and smoothed a hand over Rhys’ head. One particularly stubborn lock of hair stood up, but after a few more smooth overs, it surrendered.

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Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

 Rhys noted that in some ways Hirek’s demeanour had changed a little. There was still the wry amusement, and he was still reasonably guarded but there was a little more openness. At least as far as Rhys could read it from the more genuine sounding laughter and the affectionate touches. As they dressed together Rhys heard the other man’s voice and held back a shiver that was threatening to overwhelm him. He also tried to avoid giving Hirek sideways glances as he dressed. He was not successful.

Rhys had mostly been calmed almost slightly blissed out since their sex session had ended. However, at the mention of ‘Quarters’ and ‘Private’. His face had pinkened again. This time he knew it was definitely his own fault, he was doing it to himself. He had a strong sense that Hirek was not thinking of anything more than spending more time with him. However, Rhys’ own mind betrayed him envisaging more sexual adventures with this man. It caused Rhys to pause half dressed as he tried to formulate a response and get his own mind out of the gutter.

It occurred to Rhys, based on what Hirek had said before, that Hirek might have suggested privacy in case Rhys was embarrassed of scared of being seen with him. Rhys wasn’t sure if this was the case, or if Hirek too had his mind in the gutter, or if it was an innocent suggestion. Rhys certainly did not want to give the Romulan the impression that he in any way would not want to be seen with Hirek because he was a Romulan. If there was any embarrassment it was more to do with breaching Starfleet ethics codes.

His thought process was slightly short circuited by Hirek’s smoothing down of his hair. An innocent gesture that felt incredibly intimate to Rhys and made his heartbeat faster. Rhys finished pulling on his uniform and smoothing it over before replying. “The Below Decks lounge is a popular area for that kind of thing. I might be busy at this time as a lot of people come off duty though?” He paused his eyes looking up at the ceiling in thought. “I’m happy for you to come to my quarters… unless you’d prefer somewhere livelier.” He said the little self-depreciating joke indicating that his quarters were likely to be less than entertaining.

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Counselling Offices |  D. 09 | V. 02 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Having given Hirek the option of the two, the Romulan was satisfied with the fact that Rhys seemed more uncertain of himself than he was of Hirek’s presence at his side. Not that it would’ve offended Hirek either way. But being welcomed or liked was pleasant regardless of the circumstances and any Romulan who professed otherwise was a Tal’Shiar brainwashed ingrate.

“How about you introduce me to your preferred location for ending the day on a positive note?” Hirek crossed his arms over his chest and gave a quick sniff of the air, his smile growing when he could easily detect the lingering scents of their intimacy, “While it seems you’ve ended the day on a high note already, let us presume you had a harder,” he paused and cleared his throat playfully at the intended innuendo, “or rougher,” he again cleared his throat as Hirek dropped his arms back to his side and shifted away from Rhys, “or more difficult ending than what’s thus far transpired.”

Assuming that Rhys would follow close behind, Hirek led the way to the door to Rhys’ office but didn’t make a move to unseal the door and move back into the corridor. Once he was at the door, Hirek glanced over his shoulder and quirked an eyebrow at the Welshman.

“I am still learning Starfleet ‘down time’ hobbies and recreational activities and an introduction to what YOU enjoy would be much appreciated.”

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Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

Rhys was intrigued by Hirek’s flirtatious behaviour. He wished that he could have had the kind of self-assurance that required. Rhys never really flirted in the way Hirek did if at all. Rhys felt on some level that someone like Hirek could get away with saying the things he said, whereas if Rhys said them, they would come across as perhaps cheesy or forced. Not that Hirek’s style of flirting was particularly subtle. He had all the tact in that way of a sledgehammer. Which was another thing Rhys liked about the Romulan. Subtle flirting tended to fly over Rhys’ head or make him worry that he was reading flirting into something the other person was saying. There was none of that with Hirek, he was up front obvious and enjoying himself.

Rhys followed Hirek to the door, like an uncertain puppy. In fact, there was a lot about Rhys that often-put people in mind of a traumatised puppy. He regarded this view of himself, as he did with most things, with a significant strain of embarrassment. Rhys opened the door and moved awkwardly past Hirek into the corridor beyond. “I am probably not the best to learn about down time hobbies from. Well not social ones anyway.”

Rhys began the walk to his corridor. His submissive behaviour seemed to extend beyond his romantic or sexual relationships. As he walked, he tended to look at the floor or his feet. When speaking he would look at Hirek but once he finished his eyes would drift down again. He didn’t seem to be in a negative mood either. This seemed to be a natural behaviour for him. When Hirek spoke, he would look at him but rarely met his eyes. “Let’s go to my quarters. When I have had an um… hard day...” He said his cheeks colouring remembering the Romulan’s clear implications. “… I tend to play about with my guitar, maybe do some reading. Make some model ships.” All of these hobbies were said with caution as if he were saying things, he fully expected Hirek to roll his eyes at.

[Lt. Rhys Williams | Rhys Williams' Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 01| USS Theurgy]

The journey to Rhys’ quates did not take long. Once ushered inside the older man would see very conventional looking room. Everything was neat, painfully neat if it were not for the various personal items in the room it would be easy to assume these quarters had not been assigned to anyone yet. There were models of space craft of various cultures and vintages, and naval vessels. One or two actual physical books nestled between the models. Two small pictures one, a picture of Rhys and his parents in a less formal setting than the one in his office and a picture of him graduating from Starfleet Academy. Lastly in a corner on a stand was an old but very well cared for acoustic guitar. On its body was carved and painted a little Red Dragon of Wales. 

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Rhys Williams' Quarters | Deck 13 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie

Rhys’ response to hobbies not surprising to the Romulan. Nothing about the counselor screamed “attention getter,” and that the man seemed to prefer solitary or more subdued activities in his off time merely supported Hirek’s developing opinion of the nature of the man. Moving through the corridor alongside the taller man, Hirek couldn’t help but feel curious if the crewmates they passed could sense—literally or figuratively—the intimate nature of their “counseling session” only moments ago. Hirek smiled, wrapping his arms around his torso and clasping his hands behind his back, effectively resisting the temptation to reach out and touch Rhys.

“I also enjoy many solitary activities. Back on the island, it was usually just me and, on occasion, a cousin or servant who joined me in the lab, where I prepared new blends and mixtures for the ales and teas our home is known for. My work in the gardens was equally favorable to having a companion or being alone. And sea fishing or diving for mollusks, while recommended to do with a partner or a crew, could also be conducted alone. Zhal Makh, a type of Romulan martial art, if you were not already aware, is traditionally done alone as a form of meditation, so I suppose that is the first true solo activity I enjoy. Many of my other hobbies, cooking, sailing, even my interest in zoology, can be done with or without others.” Hirek waited until they were in the turbolift before he shifted closer to Rhys and purred his question, “What does that say about me, counselor? If you were to make an analysis in your official capacity, what does it say about a man who deeply enjoys the pleasure of others’ company but also is just as satisfied with being alone with his own thoughts and desires?”

The room Rhys later introduced Hirek to was much a reflection of the man he’d so far come to know: organized and nautical in tone as found in the few personal items quickly seen. Hirek glanced at Rhys for further permission before making a beeline for one of the naval vessel models. He understood now what Rhys had been referring to when the Welshman mentioned making “model ships.” His lips pulled back into an appreciative smile as he noted the intricate work necessary for building this and the other vessels decorating the various nooks of the room.

“I would venture a guess that you enjoy working with your hands, counselor,” Hirek spoke while he gently replaced the first vessel before picking up another, turning it before his eyes as he continued, “that you enjoy the puzzle and the art building something like this brings. Keeps your mind focused, body too,” Hirek set down the piece and returned his gaze to Rhys, “puts you into a place of control without risk.”

Before he allowed Rhys to backpedal into disquiet, Hirek moved to the guitar and again sought out Rhys’ eyes for further permission before he picked up the instrument and gave the strings a tentative tug. The resulting mellow sound delighted him, and Hirek was quick to shamelessly hold the instrument out for Rhys, silently demanding a song with his actions.

“My mother plays a stringed instrument somewhat similar to this one and always hoped I would learn to play. Never had time for it, but always loved listening to her sing and play.” He pushed the instrument against Rhys’ chest, eyes warm with nostalgic delight and present contentment. “What is one of your favorite tunes of late?”

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[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

Hirek shared his preferences for solitary activities. It was something they shared though Rhys suspected for different reasons. Rhys certainly was not opposed to socialising with others, he really liked being around other people. The problem was social anxiety. His tendency to fixate and panic about what others were thinking of him mean that he avoided more social activities despite often craving them. It did seem to be changing though, he was getting better.

Hirek mentioned a martial art that sounded quite like Tai Chi to Rhys, cooking, sailing, and zoology. Rhys’ ears did perk up at the mention of tea. He was rather fond of the stuff and now was wondering what Romulan Tea might be like as opposed to Human tea.

Of course, with Hirek it never took him long to return to a style of speaking clearly designed to tease and arouse his young companion. He had asked him to analyse what he’s hobbies said about him. In truth nothing very much. All his hobbies in one way or another did not strike Rhys as so unusual, except maybe zoology.  Trying not to shiver at the purring voice Rhys simply shrugged. “I think everything you have described is very mentally healthy. Being social if and when you desire, and the rest of time engaging in activities you find fun or stimulating. Very healthy.” He said smiling a little.

Once they were in Rhys’ quarters he noted that Hirek seemed intrigued by the models he had made. So intrigued he was using them to speculate about and analyse Rhys. The Welshman now that he was in a situation where he felt less intimidated by Hirek was more vague and coy about his feelings. It may have been he also felt more comfortable in this place than his office. “I thought I was the counsellor here. You aren’t out for my job, are you?” teased Rhys a small smirk turning up the corners of his mouth.

Hirek then seemed to zone in on the guitar. That didn’t surprise Rhys people often did. On the rare occasions people entered this room they often asked him about. Some like Hirek even asked him to play something. He was always a little shy about playing for someone else, but as he had been expecting the question he felt a least a little more relax. Taking the guitar in his hands, he took a moment to look around. Spotting where he had left his plectrum, he picked up the bright orange bit of plastic before making himself comfortable on the sofa. He strummed a few times to make sure it was still in tune. A couple of the strings were a bit off, so he began to gently adjust the tunning pegs. “There is a song called ‘Strangers’ by a musical group called The Kinks. From Earth in the 1960’s. Its been rattling around in my head for a while.”

Satisfied the guitar was in tune. He Began to strum the opening cords. He avoided looking at Hirek mostly so he wouldn’t feel as nervous. He looked anywhere in the room except directly at the Romulan. The song had a warm cheerful quality but the lyrics were a little unsettling. He had a soft Baritone voice, that was pleasant even though he was clearly untrained.

“Where are you going I don't mind
I've killed my world and I've killed my time
So where do I go what do I see
I see many people coming after me
So where are you going to I don't mind
If I live too long I'm afraid I'll die
So I will follow you wherever you go
If your offered hand is still open to me
Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one

So you've been where I've just come
From the land that brings losers on
So we will share this road we walk
And mind our mouths and beware our talk
'Till peace we find tell you what I'll do
All the things I own I will share with you
If I feel tomorrow like I feel today
We'll take what we want and give the rest away

Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one

Holy man and holy priest
This love of life makes me weak at my knees
And when we get there make your play
'Cos soon I feel you're gonna carry us away
In a promised lie you made us believe
For many men there is so much grief
And my mind is proud but it aches with rage
And if I live too long I'm afraid I'll die

Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one
Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one”

As he brought the song to an end, he looked at Hirek with faint embarrassment. He wasn’t really sure what to say next. So, he simply said in a voice dripping with a feeling of awkwardness. “I like that song.” He looked Hirek with the desperate eyes of someone begging him to say something to make him feel less awkward.

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