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CHAPTER 03: The Captain of My Soul [08: Acceptance]

Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [08: Acceptance]

[ USS Harbinger | Fighter Assault Bay | 1015 hrs ]  Attn: All

By the time Phantom climbed out of his Valkyrie, having landed last of his squadron, his pilots had gone ahead to their own quarters to change into new uniforms, having worn the same since the attack on Theta Eridani IV besides whatever they had replicated on the Theurgy for the Festival the day before. Phantom reckoned they wanted a moment or two alone before the briefing of the mission, especially after what he had told them over the com about what lay in store for them. He was sure they were going to report to the Briefing Room on time, which left him some time with his trusted Valkyrie.

He crossed his arms and looked at her, thinking that those fancy-arsed pilots on the Theurgy likely thought his dear Mk II inferior to theirs, but she had taken him in and out of hell more times than he could count, and he knew her like the back of his hand. She was an extension of himself, and they might not like the truth of it, but any weapon was exactly as good as its wielder. He reckoned all of his pilots were just as deadly as the Lone Wolves, if not even more lethal since they were the hardened core of his Wing. They had been forty Tactical CONN Officers, and with the survival of the fittest, the seven pilots besides himself had been chiselled to perfected killing machines in their cockpits.

Yet as of yesterday, when he had forced himself on the Vulcan doctor, he wonder at which expense their excellence had been bought. Perhaps they had forsaken too much of themselves on the way there, even if they had not lost half their faces. Perhaps he had thought his injury, which he'd kept for everyone to see, would either caution them or raise the bar... Now, as he stood there, he wondered if they might have lost the same amount of themselves that he had.

Phantom heard footsteps next to him, and as he turned, he came face to face with the Winter Queen. Commander T'Rena, his First Officer. The frigid cunt who sucked the Captain's cock and poured poison in his ear. Having had his time with Doctor Maya, he could imagine it quite clearly. "Commander, I would ask if you enjoyed the party last night, but I know the answer and I don't really care anyway. I will convene with my pilots shortly. Your orders?"

"To close your mouth and understand before you speak," said T'Rena gravely, and put her hand on his cheek. "My thoughts to y-"

He snatched her wrist and kept the hand away. "Understand what?" he asked, not liking mind tricks one bit. Of what issue did she speak?

The Vulcan did not look like she did, but the irritated frown was plainly there nonetheless. "How you can save the last few pilots you have left." Slowly, she twisted her wrist against his thumb to come loose from the grip, and Phantom did not move away when he heard her words. "You will understand a new purpose in this fool's errand we are on, and see our future for what it may be. What we need to do... to avoid it more unnecessary deaths."

Phantom glared at her, but he let her lay her hand on him again.

And then he understood.

[ USS Harbinger | Deck 01 | Main Bridge | 1050 hrs. ] Attn: IronFerrox & Kurohigi

Emerging from the turbolift, ThanIda zh'Wann walked into the Main Bridge of the Harbinger with a heavy heart. Yet she did not let it show, of course, holding her head high as she entered, even carrying her large Starfleet-issue duffle bag over her shoulder. Clothes and personal affections mostly, since her canvases and sketchbooks had been beamed over from the Theurgy already since they were so cumbersome. She nodded her head to the present officers, among them being Aisha S'Ithi at the helm and next to her - whom she had spoken with at Lohlunat the night before - Chief Selena Ravenholm.

Presently, Captain Vasser was not in his chair, which was presently occupied by the Executive Officer, T'Rena. Seeing her, Ida set her bag down and folded her hands behind her back, her antennae rising along with her chin as she spoke. "Junior Lieutenant Than'Ida zh'Wann reporting for duty, Commander."

"At ease... Lieutenant," said the Vulcan woman as she slowly rose to her feet. Ida knew that the Vulcan was over eighty years old, and that she had spent most of her life in some temple before joining Starfleet. To Ida, she seemed the epitome of a Vulcan acolyte, and it made the fact that she was one of the best regarded hand-to-hand combat instructors in the whole fleet somewhat unsettling. "Welcome to the Harbinger."

It was only after a second that Ida realised that the emphasis of her rank suggested a promotion. Of course, being Chief of Security would mean that she had to be re-promoted to full Lieutenant again. Ida had not thought about it after Wenn Cinn blew her off that morning.

"Thank you, Commander." Ida inclined her head. "What are your orders?"

"Since we have not been properly aquainted, I would like to sit down with you in my Ready Room once Captain  Vasser returns," said the Vulcan, and her unsmiling way was completely at odds with the friendly invitation.

Typical Vulcan indeed, thought Ida, remembering how the woman had not been too impressed with how she handled Sonja Acreth when she first tried to escape. She cleared her throat, glancing towards her bag and the chronometer at Chief Ravenholm's Ops station. "Since the mission to Starbase 84 will commence in an hour, may I please go to the Security Office first and see what kind of arsenal and personnel I have to work with? Otherwise I cannot plan for what is to come. I can submit a full report when I return just before we lay in the new course."

T'Rena paused a second, and Ida did not know if she had offended the Vulcan, but just like that, T'Rena nodded. "Of course. I am pleased by your judgement and I look forward to speaking with you at a more opportune moment. I hope your new position with us will give you a better opportunity to serve to the best of your capacity."

"Yeah, something like that. Thank you." Ida picked up her bag again, "I'll be back here in an hour."

As she turned to walk back towards the turbolift, Ida could not shake the feeling that the Vulcan stared at her the whole time.

[ USS Harbinger | Deck 01 | Main Bridge | 1055 hrs. ] Attn: IronFerrox & Kurohigi

After the Andorian left, T'Rena had sat down to write a message into the arm-rest of the CO chair. With her face blank, she did not need to read the words once she was finished.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<BEGIN MESSAGE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Security Personnel,

As of today, you have returned to the Harbinger after a brief time aboard the Theurgy. You, along with all of your comrades, have learned the truth about the only outcome of Captain Ives' enterprise. High risk without and margin for success, while our true work has only just begun.

Your orders are to ensure that those yet to understand our true cause does not take action or provoke the events that has already been set in motion. In that regard, you will apprehend your new Chief of Security and detain her in a holding cell until I have come to visit her.

Moreover, Doctor Duv must also be apprehended for the same reason. Before I can make her see the future as it may unfold, her oath as a doctor may cause her to make rash decisions.

You may use as much force as it takes to ensure that the two are apprehended before 1200 hrs. We cannot afford any mistakes if we are to succeed.

That is all,

Commander T'Rena
Executive Officer

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<END MESSAGE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Once she had finished writing it, T'Rena sent it off without any hesitation and rose from her chair. She stepped up to the Ops and CONN stations at the forefront of the Bridge, hands on her hips, and when Captain Vasser emerged from his Ready Room, she inclined her head to him.

"Chief Ravenholm," she said, lifting a hand to gesture for another Operations Officer to take the augmented woman's post. "We have just received messages from the Theurgy with important mission parameters that fit your area of expertise. I would like to go over them with you to ensure that they are both accurate and that you can do what may be asked of you. Infiltrating a Starbase on the border to Romulan space in this time of unrest may - suffice to say - prove difficult. Please follow me."

And then she led the way into her Ready Room.

[ USS Harbinger | Deck 06 | Main Sickbay | 1100 hrs. ] Attn: Nolan

Since the majority of the injured had been beamed aboard the Theurgy on Theta Eridani IV, Dr. Duv's Sickbay lay very quiet... almost eerily so.

There were not too many of her staff left either, since virtually all of her medical personnel had been transferred over to the Theurgy. This, after the decision to make the Harbinger a support ship to the Theurgy, and that the Akira-class ship was to be manned by a skeleton crew. That left Doctor Duv with only the amount of personnel that regulations said the skeleton crew required.

There was plenty to do, however, since entire Sickbay area was a complete mess after Duv's absence, with too little focus having been laid on restoring things to a proper orderly level with all that had happened.

It was into this desolate mess that two Security Officers entered through the sliding doors, phasers at their hips. They were both Petty Officers, and they looked around until they found the Chief Medical Officer, at which point they spoke up.

"Doctor Duv," said the tall, blonde one named Elliot Grant, "Can you please come with us?"

"It's for your own safety," said the other one, Liam Andersson, and he reached and took the combadge from the Trill's chest, preventing her to contact anyone. "Commander T'Rena will tell you more as soon as she is able to."

During the last phase in this grief model, the subject may learn to accept and deal with the reality of its situation. Its acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness, and given the pain and turmoil it has experienced, it may never return to the carefree, untroubled being that existed before the incident. Yet it may still find a way forward in its petty life: a means to deal with the past that makes it content.

- Manipulation of Grief, by Host named cin Nicander

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[ USS Harbinger | Deck 06 | Main Sickbay | 1100 hrs. ]

While cleaning up her office, Amelya had removed her teal jacket to have some more room to move around. Besides the slight restriction in movement she had also discarded the vest because it felt so incredibly warm while she ran from left to right in her office area. She was wearing a grey tank top with the red contours of her bra strips peeking out. In the background she was playing some soft pop music that she had acquired before the Harbinger left from the last station. Most of her staff was sent back to their quarters to rest up a bit before they would reach the Starbase that they were heading for. Amelya expected that casualties would be raining in her sickbay once the approach begun. As for right now, there were no patients in her wards.

Due to the music playing she hadn't heard the two security officers enter the sickbay area. The doors of her office were open and when the two gentlemen arrived and spoke up she looked up and frowned a bit. Before she could speak up she felt how Liam snatched her combadge from her tank top. "What?" She frowned and looked at Liam first and then at Elliot "What is going on? Are we under attack?" She asked, fearing that the Calamity would have found them again despite the cloak. "Can I just grab my vest first and put it on before we go?" she asked friendly now and smiled at the two men while she walked over to her desk to grab her vest.

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[ USS Harbinger | Deck 01 | Main Bridge | 1055 hrs. ]

She had been watching the movements around the bridge noticing how the Vulcan had just keyed in some message into the command chair console and then sent it.  She couldn't discern the content from her position and for some reason she couldn't help but feel something was strange since she left the Theurgy.  There was an eerie calm unlike what you would expect on a ship preparing for a suicide mission.  No real hustle to get things ready it was almost as if the Captain hadn't even given orders to prepare for the mission.   Little did she know just how right her suspicions were.

"Chief Ravenholm,  We have just received messages from the Theurgy with important mission parameters that fit your area of expertise. I would like to go over them with you to ensure that they are both accurate and that you can do what may be asked of you. Infiltrating a Starbase on the border to Romulan space in this time of unrest may - suffice to say - prove difficult. Please follow me."

Understanding the request and having a guess as to what must have been the content of the message, a reply back to the Theurgy she assumed. Selena got up from her desk and nodded to The XO.  "Of course, lead the way" she said an a neutral 'all-business' tone. 
as she followed the XO out of the room and into the Vulcan's ready-room.

At the Conn desk Aisha noticed a strange sensor blip for a moment near where the Theurgy should be registering over the navigational sensors.  "Captain, I am detecting an anomaly near the Theurgy, it appears that for a second there her cloak may have fluctuated over a small section of her hull.  Perhaps we should check our own cloak systems to assure we are having no issues."  she said a bit worried about what doom might befall them if they went into this mission at even a fraction less than 100 percent.

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[ USS Harbinger | Sickbay ]

Elliot glanced towards Liam - who pocketed Doctor Duv's combadge - and they shared a small smile.

"There is no need for the vest," said Elliot and walked up behind the CMO, and he attempted to push the Trill down over her desk, bending her over with a hard-fingered grip behind her neck. "In fact, you are too overdressed for your purpose henceforth."

Petty Officer Liam produced his phaser, setting it to stun, and he turned his head to look at the office entrance. "Computer, lock the door, and increase the volume by 50 percent," he said, before looking back towards his fellow security officer and his progress with the Trill - this woman that they both had longed to know more intimately. Now, they were supposed to impregnate all women. Doctor Duv included. T'Rena might not have shown her that she had no choice but to cooperate in order to save the Galaxy, but as soon as she'd been enlightened, she would surely forgive them. Besides, ever since she had come aboard, half the ship had wanted to get underneath that uniform of hers... and now it was practically off to begin with, so there was no way they could pass on the opportunity.

The Trill music boomed in the office while Elliot tried to physically hold Duv down and strip her lower body, and Liam stood ready with his phaser.

[ USS Harbinger | First Officer Ready Room ]

Leading the way into her own office, T'Rena movements had the full grace of efficiency and control combined in perfect coalescence. She began to speak as she walked towards her desk, even though she never sat down behind it.

"Captain Ives gave the order to lay in a new course towards Starbase 84 in one hour and four minutes. More details will be forthcoming when the reports from all departments on the Theurgy and the Harbinger has been submitted, and I am sure you have already submitted yours. Ives will likely have conceived the basic elements of a plan barring the methodology provided by Tactical and his new Intelligence Officer."

Having rounded her desk, T'Rena came face to face with Chief Ravenholm. "I am, however, troubled," she said, even though she looked nothing like it - face smooth and halcyone. "There are many risks in this aggressive strategy, the odds of peril and destruction to both ships high. Not just in the approach to SB84, and not even in the risky attempt to use its communication network to broadcast what we know about the enemy. I am not even referring to the fact that the source of the message cannot be masked, and that the first waves of the fleet will converge on our coordinates mere minutes after the broadcast. No, the risks are profound in countless layers, and while I could detail them through speech, we are short on time."

T'Rena did not move her hands from behind her back just yet. "Like I mentioned, your unique expertise will be key to facilitate the precautionary measures we must take, and only if you are enlightened about the risks will you be able to make sure that as many as possible in both our crews will survive. We must not let the truth die, because then, the enemy will reign over the Galaxy completely unapposed. This... will save you some time for preparations."

Only then did she lay her right hand against Ravenholm's cheek, fingers splayed just so.

And T'Rena had not even lied before she made her understand the full expanse of their problems... and gave her understanding of the solution.

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[ Amelya Duv | Sickbay ]

Before Amelya could react or do anything she felt the cooler hand of the security officer push her down onto her desk. Her eyes widened a bit and she felt her bosom smack against the hard surface of the desk. Some air got pressed out of her lungs and she gasped for air while her mind panicked. "Wh-Wh-What?" She brought out with a trembling voice as she didn't quite grasp the idea or situation that developed here. She had to resist, it was her instinct shouting out for it. Her eyes darted from the left to the right of her as she felt Elliot his hands moving over her clothes.

"No! Stop! Don't do this!" She shouted now, yet her voice was suppressed by the music that got tuned up. She noticed Liam had taken out his phaser just in case and she knew that even if she managed to break free that the chances of getting out of here would be slim. "Stop, let go of me!" she shouted now and struggled as much as she could, her hips swaying left and right while her legs frantically tried to kick the officer behind her. She could feel his hands peeling away her uniform pants. The fabric was easily removed to just about under her firm ass cheeks. Under the black pants Elliot got the first sight of the well formed rear of the Trill including her lace black thong. Amelya reacted heavily on the partly removal of her pants, a well landed kick hit Elliot straight on the knee.

Amelya felt the adrenaline boosting through her body now. She had to figure something to get the hell out of here, but how? Her mind was still locked with fear and shock by what had just happened and she assumed that Liam would probably fire away at her if she got up and did anything. But did she have any choice? She pushed herself off the table and came face to face with Liam. She didn't understand why these men resorted to such a violent action with her, she remembered them both as she had done several check ups on them. They were always polite and she had treated them with kind and gentleness. They were supposed to be good men.

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[ USS Harbinger | Sickbay ]

Elliot grunted and stumbled backwards from the kick against his knee, loosing his grip on Amelya in the process and falling to the floor. His leg was not badly injured, but the pain and the angle of the kick had thwarted him before he could do more than push her trousers down a bit. He hit his shoulder in the fall, crying out as the second cause of pain immobilised him for a short while.

Yet Liam was facing Doctor Duv when she tried to make it for the door. He was already blocking her path, and he had his handphaser raised towards her by his hip. He was of average human height and he had  a shaved head and dark eyebrows. His blue eyes broke no doubt that he would fire his phaser in an instant if she came closer - his mien rueful yet at the same time uncompromising. "You have no choice, doctor," he said quietly, unmoving where he stood. Elliot was slowly getting back on his feet again behind Amelya. "Either you take off those clothes and have some fun with us, or I will stun you and we'll have our fun without you being conscious. How do you want it?"

Elliot used a chair for leverage as he got up, and as he stepped up behind Duv, he produced his own phaser - his blonde hair hanging before his angry features. "Careful now. You don't want to upset us, do you? We have no interest in hurting you if you don't mind sharing that body of yours..."

There were eight feet between Amelya and Liam, and behind her, Elliot was standing at just about the same distance from her.

"So what will it be, doctor?" asked Liam quietly, tilting his head to take in her barely dressed appearance - the promise of what awaited prevalent in his mind.

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[ Amelya Duv | Sickbay ]

Amelya stood before Liam now, caught like a deer in the headlights of a car. Her chest going up and down rather rapidly as she was breathing fast yet shallow, the adrenaline still pumping through her veins. Yet She stared down at the phaser of Liam and heard Elliot's phaser going active as well. Hearing the choices that had been laid before her she knew she had to take the lesser of two evils. Who knows what they would do with her after they stunned her. Perhaps going along with the plan would be the right call?

She had little time to run the possibilities through her mind as she saw Liam waiting impatiently. She looked back to see Elliot at quite some distance away, just as Liam. She could buy herself some time if she stripped for them perhaps. She slowly gave in with a nod as her cheeks reddened. "I..." She said softly and swallowed hard to get the next words past her lips "I'll take them off." She said with a trembling voice as the music kept booming around them. "Yet, I want to..." She searched for the right words now, hoping she could entice them with the correct words to refrain them from doing anything to her in a brute or savage way. "I want to peel my clothes off for you two myself... Like... Like a striptease." She said with a voice, still trembling and hoping she had used the correct terms. "Why don't you two sit down and enjoy the show hmm?" she encouraged them and smiled a bit, she tried to do her best to smile as good as she could. Even so, trying to be as seductive as she could.

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[ USS Harbinger | Sickbay ]

While Doctor Duv spoke, Elliot ambled around her, soon coming to join on Liam's side - the two of them now blocking the path towards the door.

The two Security Officers listened to Amelya as she agreed to take off her clothes, and both of them smiled in their own ways at the fact that she even wanted to make a show out of it. Of course, neither of the two thought that she would suddenly be so complacent right away, and that she would try to escape the first chance she got. Liam turned away, leaving Elliot blocking her escape, and went to bring two chairs, one being a bit heavier since it was the CMO office chair. He rolled them to Elliot and they both sat down, eyes trained on Doctor Duv and yet still holding on to their phasers, comfortably held in their laps.

"We are waiting, doctor," said Elliot with a smile, overriding the music where he evidently had been seated.

They watched the doctor's movements carefully, recognising some dancing that reminded Elliot about Earth. A home they knew they might never see, but the children they would have would all return to cleanse out the vermin that had overtaken the Galaxy. Who knew? Perhaps Duv would be the one to carry their children until they showed traits of the real father, or those traits were added to them post labour. Irrelevant thoughts, hardly substituting the promise of Duv seen without clothes...

Liam leaned forward with his elbows on his knees, eager to see what she had to offer, while Elliot leaned back in his own chair - eyes trained on her.

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[ Amelya Duv | Sickbay ]

As the two men prepared themselves for the upcoming show Amelya remained where she was. Her mind streaming into overdrive to figure out what to do or how to escape this nightmare. Yet time wasn't really on her side right now as the two security officers sat down on their chairs and strongly encouraged her to start. She nodded and just at that moment a slower yet more sensual song started on her playlist. It was a song from a local band that she got to know during her stay on DS 3. She had danced numerous times on the song and memories of better times brought out a genuine smile on her face as she started to move her hips slowly as she submerged herself into the music.

She started by kicking off her shoes first so she got a better grip on the surface below her feet. The floor of the sickbay area was a bit cold yet she didn't quite register it with the adrenaline and nerves running through her body. Once she was on her bare feet she started to dance slowly and seductively. She stalled it a bit to get them a bit riled up but eventually she slowly lifted her tank top inch by inch. Slowly she revealed her belly button to them and after that her smooth skin to just under her breasts. She kept an eye on the two to see if they enjoyed what they were seeing. Eventually she slid the tank top up even more revealing the red decorated bra she wore underneath. She flung her tank top towards Liam and spun around while she stood with her back to them.

Slowly she started to push the standard issue pants downwards revealing her underwear once more. She stepped a bit back while doing so but made sure she'd remain out of range of the two men. She couldn't afford to get grabbed right now. Slowly the pants dropped down to the floor and pooled by her feet. She stepped out of them slowly and danced a bit more before she turned around again and slowly unclasped her bra. The bra sprung loose and Amelya let out a soft sigh before she held her breasts covered with one arm and with the other hand she showed the two boys the piece of lingerie before she dropped it to the floor. She turned around now and smiled again before slowly walking closer. "Enjoying the show boys?" she asked with a soft voice. Her eyes looked for their phasers in the most subtle way. As if she wasn't looking for it deliberately and instead looking the two men over as she seemingly was thinking who'd she take first.

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[ USS Harbinger | Main Sickbay ] Attn: Nolan

While Doctor Duv danced, Elliot and Liam were watching where they sat, famished eyes wandering her body as she moved before them. Liam caught the tank top in his free hand when she threw it at him, but did not otherwise move where he sat, and Elliot remained where he was, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. Liam had his phaser pointed in the doctor's general direction, while Elliot's phaser hung in a loose grip in his right hand.

Once Amelya's pants came off and she was dancing for them in but her underwear, the two security guards became a bit more riveted by the sight. Here she was, the Trill they had longed to see naked in all her glory, with her spots trailing twin lines down her body and removing her bra for them as well. The sight of her bare upper body caused them both to chuckle ruefully in apprechiation, and they shared a look between themselves that spoke volumes in how lucky they felt about their new mission parameters. She was asking if they enjoyed the show as she stepped closer, and their answer was to stand up from their chairs, Liam still holding his phaser raised by his hip but Elliot holstering his own.

"We are, but I think we'll need more than just a show, right Liam?," said Elliot, and he opened his uniform jacket and undershirt, deftly yet unhurriedly removing the garments. Next he unbuckled his belt, and stuck a hand down behind the waistline of his underwear. In short order, he had withdrawn his male hardness from its confines, which made it evident that at least he had been enjoying the show. "Here, doctor. Why don't you scan this from top to bottom with those lips of yours?"

Meanwhile Liam stepped out to Amelya's right side, phaser still in hand, and he began to remove his clothes as well, carefully baring his human body while still having her in his sights with the phaser.

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[ Amelya Duv | Sickbay ]

The sounds of the music in the background had slowly been pushed out of her head as her heartbeat was the only thing that seemed to grow louder and louder for Amelya. She looked at the two men as they got out of their chairs, Elliot seemingly set at easy by the Trill her little show. Yet a quick glance at Liam showed that his phaser was still aimed at her. She bit her lower lip nervously as she saw Elliot undress and Liam seemed to follow his example only more slowly.

"Y-You... You w-want me..." she brought out with a broken whisper and smiled nervously as she felt her blood soar through her veins. She swallowed hard before she let her nimble fingers reach out to the hardened member of Elliot, slowly letting her fingers explore the girth of it before she set herself down to her knees. Amelya feels her mouth go dry at the thought of having to orally pleasure Elliot with Liam holding her at gunpoint. Yet she feels that asking either of them anything to do anything about would destabilize the current situation. She leans in to Elliot his hardened member now and her eyes are fixed on it. Slowly her fingers take hold in the middle of his length and start to stroke him towards the base while she kisses the tip of his cock slowly.

A shudder moves through her body at the same time as her lips make contact with the warm head and she looks up slowly towards Elliot as she takes the mushroomed head into her warm mouth. The length of her tongue slowly greeting it in her mouth by going over the base of it. Her other hand slowly trails up his leg, resting just under the holstered phaser while she applies just a minuscule amount of suction against Elliot's cock. Her eyes locked on him, yet she can feel the eyes of Liam to her right and from the corner of her eyes she can still see his figure as he undresses.

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Elliot breathed heavily as he watched Dr Duv beginning to fellate his hardened length. She took her sweet time about it, but it was not like they were in any rush. Elliot's lips pursed in mesmerism, hypnotised by the way his cock vanished into the warm confines of the Trill's mouth. He tilted his head, meeting her eyes as she went about it, and he came to lay a strong and heavy hand upon her head of hair - encouraging her.

"Oh, I have longed for this treatment, doctor," he said, a breathless smile ghosting across his mouth. He lifted his gaze to see Liam's progress, and the the smile turned a bit cruel. "Come, let my fellow officer enjoy your eagerness as well." And he made a fist in the doctor's silken hair, taking a couple of steps back and sinking down on his knees - keeping her mouth where it was. It resulted in her being on all fours, and Liam wasted no time to crouch down behind her and slowly pull her thong down her thighs.

Her fragrant sex was thus bared to the Security Officer behind her, and while he still had his phaser, his free hand roamed her arched back and her firm buttocks. "Oh, my, doctor," the tall and blonde man whispered in awe, and his hand even travelled up her abdomen and cupped her fantastic breasts - fondling her as the loud music played. It was a dream come true for him, and it only took a couple of seconds before Liam lowered his warm mouth to her bared sex - beginning to lick her crevice in long and thurough strokes. He was already naked, and already hard, only wishing to savour the Trill before he pressed himself inside her. He rested the hand with the phaser on top of her arched back, the cold, flat side of the weapon against her skin.

His other hand, oh, it stroked her thighs for a short while... before he began to tease her clit and her entrance with his thumb.

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She could hear the heavy breathing of Elliot as she slowly took his veined length into her mouth slowly. The musky smell of his groin entered her nostrils and she swallowed once while having the fleshy sensation of cock inside of her mouth. She closed her eyes now in order not to think too much about it and let her tongue slide along the cock while she tried to steady her own breathing. When she felt his hand against the back of her head she froze up for a second and her lips tightened up around his cock in reaction. Only than she felt how Elliot suddenly sank down to his knees, forcing herself to get on all fours. She moaned a bit as if she would try to speak but all she did was sent vibrations along the length. The grip of the security officer tight around her soft long hair.

The next thing she felt was her thong being slid down her thighs and she wanted to resist so badly but just didn't dare to move. She swallowed once more and tasted a bit of precum already from Elliot's tip as the flavor soon spread through her mouth. She felt a cold shudder go over her body as Liam started to touch her. The hand moving over her back before he reached out down her abdomen towards her breasts. She could feel him fondle her and even as she tried not to, she couldn't help but let out a soft moan and some whimpering. The next shock she felt go through her body when Liam's tongue started to work on her rather dry sex. It wasn't entirely dry of course since the sensations had somehow managed to create just a tiny bit of wetness. She couldn't help it but the licking triggered a good sensation inside of her and the man seemed to know what he was doing as she felt his other hand work along her sensitive bobble.

A few more moans were escaping from down her throat, sending more vibrations through Elliot's cock. Amelya only hoped the officer wouldn't shoot his spunk down her throat or into her mouth. Although, perhaps that would be better than to get raped by them. She let her hands roam up the legs of Elliot once more as she felt the cold phaser of Liam on her back. Her mind sought a way to escape and when her hands found the holster of Elliot's weapon she knew she had to get it.

It took her a second or maybe two to gather up the courage to proceed with the plan she had made up just now. Her hand reached out for the phaser and took hold of it. She yanked at it pulling the weapon out of the holster, at the same time her jaws clenched down and her teeth snapped shut like a bear trap around Elliot's fleshy member. She could taste the salty yet metal like flavor of blood yet she doubted that she'd have bit the cock off. Even though, the damage to it should have been enough to make the security officer before her be out of service for a bit and especially now she guessed that he'd be incapacitated for at least five seconds or more. She let go of the cock now and attempted to give Liam a kick in the torso or around the abdomen with her legs while she flipped herself on her back. Unaware of the result of her action she aimed the acquired phaser towards him and fired already to make sure she'd at least hit him with one of them. Once that was done she tilted her head back a bit and fired a new volley of shots towards Elliot.

Her mind only seemed to register what had happened a second or two after the final shot and she could first hear the screaming of Elliot and the gushing member of him as she had probably hit a few veins with the bite down. Next she could feel the warm yet rapidly cooling off sensation of moist upon her face and when she reached out to feel it she noticed the blood of Elliot on her face which probably made her look like a psychopath after a multi victim slashing assault. She glanced over at Liam now only to see him down on the floor and when she glanced back at Elliot she realized he was down as well. The screaming however still dwelled in her ears despite the loud music and she looked at her shaking hands that held her phaser. She hadn't even bothered to check on what stance it was yet right now she couldn't care if both of them died. Not after what they had done to her. Yet her more sensitive side surfaced rapidly as she dropped the phaser with a whimper and the rest of the emotions soon followed as tears formed and blurred her vision. She started crying and curled herself up in a corner as far away from the two bodies as she could. She pulled her knees as close as she could against herself and just let the tears flow and dug her head against her knees.

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[ USS Harbinger | Sickbay | A Couple of Minutes Later ] Attn:  Nolan

Having heard the music when he arrived in Sickbay, Phantos "Phantom" Kilinvoss was drawn to the CMO Office. He was looking for Dr. Duv and wanted more painkillers, since that Ovri nurse named Vojona had said there were no more aboard the Theurgy. Given what was to come, this would likely be the only opportunity he got to get his hand on more, so he had gone out of his way to leave the large and empty hangar of the Harbinger - filled with bitter memories as it had been. Whenever he had been there together with the survivors - as he often referred to his squadron - he would have looked at the many wrecks that lay there on their allotted places in the hangar and remembered the pilots that had flown them. Yet after Commander T'Rena had shown him the future, he was not so bitter any more.

Things were not so hopeless, and his own despicable tendencies were somehow merited. There would be an end to the fighting as long as they could claim the Theurgy, and the time to build upon the sacrifices of his pilots had come - to start over. To give meaning to all the strife they had gone through. Excitement propelled his mordant stride, but he was stopped short by the door that did not open for him - Dr. Duv seemingly having locked herself up in her office with her Trill music.

"Computer, open this door on authorisation Kilinvoss-Beta-Charlie-Niner-Two."

The music poured over him as he stepped into the office, and he spotted the two figures on the floor - naked and one of them bleeding. Security officers. Elliot and Liam, he believed. Clothes strewn across the floor. Irritated, and he frowned as he looked about - his milky white and dead eye moving in sync with his seeing one. The stark overhead light put his face in garish detail. He did not have time for this. He needed his pain-killers.

"Doctor Duv," he rasped like the freak he was, but he somehow tried to soften the syllables to reassure the Trill before she did something she might regret. "Are you there? What happened here?"

Then, he saw her, and he did not let his good eye stare too boldly.

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As the doors slid open Amelya looked up in terror and distress. The dried up blood still covering her face and more of it around her lips and cheeks. It was the Harbinger squadron commander that appeared in the room and unlike most people she managed to look past his scars. She pressed herself against the wall however and tried to cover her body as much as she could with her hands while she still tried to control her crying. She wiped her tears off her cheeks against her arms as best as she could before she tried to answer Phantom.

"T-They... They wan-ted..." She sobbed and shook her head "Tri-ed to... Make me..." She carried on in incoherent sentences and broken words. She looked up at him and her eyes seemed to beg him to find some garments or provide assistance in this matter. She was in shock and completely over past rational thinking. She didn't know what to do next or how to formulate anything about what had transpired in the room. "Help me... Please." She begged him and looked up at the man.

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It was rather clear what had happened, judging by the CMO's appearance and the state of the two security guards, so Phantom suffered through her snivelling mewls with complete disinterest. He did try to appear somewhat taken by the implications, expressing at least a modicum of shock in his scarred countenance at the idea that Dr. Duv had almost been raped. He made a show out of checking the two bodies instead of approaching her - showing her state of nakedness the respect she probably wanted. They were merely stunned... but the fact of their presence gave Phantom an idea.

"Of course I'll help you, doctor," he rasped gravelly, and while he thought about finishing what the two guards had started, spotty Trills were not his preference, and besides, he did not have the time to thoroughly enjoy her if he was supposed to launch with his squadron again. For sake of winning her trust, he took her lab-coat from its peg and came over to her - draping it around her shoulders where she sat. "First, want to transport those two to the Brig, where they belong. There is no telling what they are capable of once they regain their senses."

He lay a hand upon her shoulder and squeezed it in an act of reassurance, and then stood to walk over to her computer console. "I need access to the medical transporter systems to do that," he grated with his damaged voice, and his face was lit by the light of the compute console as he turned it on. "Can you give me login?"

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Shaking from the colder air Phantom had brought in, Amelya shivered a bit more as she looked up at the scarred pilot as he checked the bodies and covered her with her lab coat. What he told her made sense and she nodded slowly as he tried to stand up on her legs. She quickly tried to cover most of herself up with the lab-coat before she turned back to him. While Phantos talked she listened to what he had to say but in the meantime walked over to her medical cabinet and entered the code to open it up. Her eyes gazed at the sedatives that might numb her shock feeling down a bit but she pulled her eyes away from them and reached out for a small bottle of painkillers that Phantos had asked for. It was a sort of private cache for Amelya, only to be used in extreme conditions yet she deemed it righteous to use them on the man that was helping her in this situation.

As Phantos asked for her login she nodded and whispered "Hold on I'll log myself in so you can use the console." Her own voice still a bit ragged and a bit broken. She tapped in her login and password and handed Phanton the painkillers he had come for "Thank you again. I wouldn't know what to do with them without you." she thanked him and looked at him in the eyes. The fact tat half his face had been scorched away was something that she had managed to look past. It was her medical spirit that helped her do that. She gazed over at the two injured and stunned security members while Phantos did what had to be done. He had managed to gain her trust.

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With Doctor Duv standing on his scarred side, she would not catch him looking at her fingers when she punched the code into the terminal. Phantom reached into his pocket once she did, but the mall canister that she held in his view gave him pause. She spoke to him too, uttering a common platitude. She would be grateful to anyone who had given her a coat. She might not have known what to do about two bodies lying on the floor, but she would have known to leave. Phantom refused to be fooled by her gesture, her thoughtfulness of why he might have come to her office. She had merely saved him the trouble of destroying her medical cabinet before he left.

How dared she look him in the eye? He kept his upper lip from curling. From baring the other side of his teeth as well.

His mismatched eyes returned to the computer console, and his hard fingers typed in the transport sequencing. In just a few seconds, he had the signal, and then the lock. "Here, you might need this, and thank you for the medication," he rasped and pulled up her combadge from his pocket, which he had taken from the floor next to Liam. He pressed it to Amelya's lab coat and then struck the last key on the console. Energising. "I need my mind clear to hunt for wolves."

His words lingered in the room after he spoke, having just reached Amelya before she vanished in the brilliance of the site-to-site transport. He paused only to pick up a dermal regenerator from a tray and toss it unto Elliot's unconscious figure on the floor. Then, he left for the Flight Hangar, and what was in store for him and his survivors.

[ USS Harbinger | Holding Cell A | Brig ]

Bruised and bleeding, Ida wanted to just shut her eyes again and wish he hadn't left the Theurgy, yet it was easy to be wise in hindsight.

Though that thought remained with her as she sat on the floor of the holding cell, the pain throbbing all over her body. She thought she had passed out for a second or two, and she had dreamt of another outcome to the fight. But she knew the difference, she did not dream about such things. She made sure it happened. Now, however, the dream hurt more than the bruises of her fighting. Her chest was aching from the kick that Security Officer had given her - someone that been meant to be her subordinate. Ida's face hurt too, from when another one had hit her. But the failure hurt worse.

Ida winced a little as she tried to stand up. Her face felt like it was on fire but she got over that, she immediately wished she had not stood up. The act of breathing felt bad enough, causing pain to shoot through her ribcage. She did not think any ribs broken, protected as they were by the cartilage exoskeleton under her skin. Yet the idea that she would not alert her crew, her real crew that she had sworn to protect, it made her wish she was dead on the spot.
She pushed these thoughts away and reached up to her face, checking its condition and wincing in pain again as she felt the tender areas across her cheekbone and her jaw - but split by the strikes that had gotten through her guard. Ida wanted to take her frustration out on something but held the anger in... saving it for a more opportune moment. She took several deep breaths slowing her heart and focusing subduing the pain from her resilient torso. If she had been a Pinkskin, she might not have survived the internal bleeding from so many kicks that they had laid against her when she had ended up on the floor in the fight. Standing there, swaying where she stood in her tattered uniform, Ida told herself to breathe... to breathe... and spat out a little blue blood from her tongue.

That was when the light of the transporter beam lit the holding cell no more than a few feet away, and Ida raisd her bloodied knuckles in a guard stance - the fight nor completely out of her yet. Her antennae tilted forth, and she prepared to strike out... Only to see that it was the Harbinger doctor, and that she did not appear in much better condition than herself if her clothes were any evidence to rely upon.

"Lieutenant Duv, correct?" said Ida through blue-bloodied teeth, "Mind telling me... what you know about all of this?"

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Amelya continued to look around now while Phantom was typing in the transport sequence. Her body still shivering from the rush of adrenaline still going through her body and the coldness of her bare body under the labcoat in the office. She looked at Phantom once more as he spoke and she let him pin up the combadge without any more thought until she realized she was being transported by Phantom. What the hell was this? Was he part of it as well? She raised her hand and shouted "What are you-" But her sentence never reached phantom as the site to site transport warped her away.

Confused she stood in what looked like the brig now. She blinked and the last bit of her sentence was carried further into the cell "Doing..." Her eyes had to adjust a bit to the change of environment and she realized the brig probably had more security guards who were presumably as vicious and cruel as Liam and Elliot. Not to mention friends of them... God knows what they would do if they found out what she had done to the two security officers. Amelya jumped up when she heard the voice of Ida rasping through the cell and she turned around to face her, her back pressed against the wall and her labcoat falling open for a few seconds. It revealed the body of the Trill for a moment yet she closed the coat tightly as she observed the injured security officer.

"I... I have no idea..." She murmured and her soft side came up once more as she looked at Ida "What happened to you?" She didn't know this Andorrian's name yet she drew closer slowly to take a look at her bruised and bloodied face "Let me patch you up a bit... If you let me..." She said softly and came closer to her while she dug her hands in the pockets of her labcoat. She found her spare medical tricorder and some tools that could help her treat the superficial injuries of Ida yet nothing too fancy. She came closer to Ida and showed her the tricorder, letting her see that she meant her no harm.

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Resigning herself to being scanned by the medical tricorder, Ida unlocked her guard stance and folded her arms underneath her chest - cocking a hip as she stood in the middle of the holding cell. Doctor Duv seemed scantly clothed, and while there was no significant bruising on her skin, Ida surmised that the Trill in all likelihood didn't usually go topless underneath her lab coat, so she must have suffered the hospitality of Harbinger security as well.

"I might as well ask you the same thing, by the looks of you," said the Deputy, because she did not wish to call herself Chief of Security of this ship any more. Not if she was supposed to lead a team of brutal misogynists who wouldn't hesitate to try and rape both their own and her. Luckily, Ida had managed to land enough hits of her own to make her assailants forget about wanting to get close to her again, but Ida wondered if the CMO had been so lucky. Her tone of voice was cutting because of her ire, but she made an effort to wrap it in silk when she spoke to the Trill. From the way she was looking at Ida, it appeared to the Andorian that the doctor was unfamiliar with her.

"ThanIda zh'Wann, Deputy Chief of Security on the Theurgy. I just transferred here to take the position of Security Chief after David Cerrato, but I never got further than the entrance to the security office before they all came for me. I do not know what is going on... but I don't like it."

This had to be larger than two women thrown into the Brig. What, she did not know, but she'd find out somehow, and together with the CMO she would escape... and let Declan Vasser know what she thought about the Harbinger's hospitality.

- Fin

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