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((OOC: this part occurs slightly before the short time skip of my ooc post))

He looked to his deck chief and nodded, "It isn't your fault and you know that; for all we know it wasn't even one of them.  But yea please keep'em busy for bout 5 minutes my meeting will be short probably, I doubt anyone saw anything anyways.  Just kinda casually ask around about whether anyone saw the door open or anyone leaving the office if ya can.  I they ask why just tell em that someone left a PADD in the office and mines missing and we're just trying to figure out who dropped their PADD and picked up mine instead.  You know make it mundane possibly even something where seeing someone leave does the opposite of get the one leaving in trouble.  I'm sure you can come up with something better than I could."

Miles made his way to his desk and sat down for a minute as he watched the once 16 pilots now 12 file into the briefing room.  The screen on the view-screen was uncharacteristically blank which was far from the usual.  At the minimum it usually had a static image of the United Federation of planets but right now it was blank.  HE waited for the pilots to be seated and nodded as finally a single security officer, the CPO who was the highest ranking deck security currently on the deck.  Miles stood up and hunched over the desk for a moment as the security officer took the seat beside his desk where Sten usually sat but was mysteriously absent.  "I guess I should address the three elephants in the room.  One regarding the absence of Papa Bear, he is currently talking with the deck crew regarding the subject of this meeting himself.  Second the security officer whom I asked to this meeting, due to the reason being something that at least one person from security on deck should know I have invited him so that he may deliver the information to his fellow officers on deck.  Finally there is the urgency of the meeting.   First, I need to ask any of you if you saw any form of suspicious activity at or around my office door.    Recently I discovered that it had been left open and I hope you understand but I am not going to talk about what prompted me to want to know if any oddities were spotted.  If any of you saw anything I would ask that you mention what you saw now as I do not want to potentially taint your recollections by revealing why I am asking.  I hope you all understand that i have my very specific reasons for keeping this close to my chest at the moment.  Oracle I imagine you have already sensed what it is I am withholding but I request you do your best not to react strongly to it until I tell the rest of you."

He sighed breathing in and out a moment,  "So, the question is have any of you noticed anything strange occurring in or around my office at any point this morning.  If so was there anyone you noticed coming out of my office or entering it."

OOC: Regarding my previous OOC post I have edited information about the design of the briefing room.  and it woudl be a good idea to reread it.   The model used in Battlestar Galictica is a larger example of the kind of briefing room this part is set in.  instead of a podium there is an empty space infront of the pilots' seats as shown in the drawing i made.  Like in my drawing there is the desk to the side where miles and observers/guests can sit.  the pilots seating area though is much more like the one from BSG so this should give you guys a good idea of what kinda area you guys are seated in.

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He wasn't surprised by Razor's behavior, but as always, he felt sorry that he couldn't communicate with him. It was a shame that someone so smart and attractive was turned into this... razor. It cuts, it's cold, and it has two sides, but the middle is made for the damages it leaves behind. Thomas really was someone Axius wanted to know, and he was trying to make it his goal to get that through.

"What's it to me?" he asked sarcastically. He bluntly stared him in the eye, not to intimidate the other pilot or convey a sense of hostility, but to make sure his words were remembered. "I care. I care, you know that?"

Without saying more, he turned to the front of the room and waited for the view screen to come to life and for Papa Bear to step through those doors, but instead, he was greeted by his absence. Iron Fox glided in with a security officer in toe, walking promptly to his desk before speaking to the Wolves.

Miles spoke like a doctor trying to circle around the problem with a patient. Every time he thought the Vulpinian would elaborate onto the enigma he was addressing, he simply asked another question to add to the slew of others. Priority Alpha meetings aren't too positive anyway, but this speech, which was turning into an interrogation, wasn't to the outlook many had already perceived.

He hated mysteries, and he hated being left out. Perhaps scars from his childhood - the murder of his parents for only speculative reasons, and being trapped in a monstrous orphanage - and these were two things he felt after the small speech given by his commanding officer. Axius grunted along with the rest of the pilots until he stretched his lips and shook his head, a sign that he knew of nothing.

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The words sinked in slowly with Thomas as his eyes remained on Axius and he didn't even seem to flinch at the words. His eyes however moved a bit as they scanned the face of the young pilot before he looked away and let out a soft smirk. "Sure Axius. I know." He answered him with a low voice. His voice didn't sound sarcastic at all nor did it seem to be meant to be mocking, it was just some sort of acknowledgment.

The attention of Razor was drawn away as he looked forward now when Miles arrived with a security officer. Thomas looked over at Quake now and again while listening to Miles his speech and following odd request. He closed his eyes to dig back where he had been last night. Somewhere deep down he hoped he wouldn't stumble upon another blackout like earlier this morning. He sighed deeply and recalled he was at the fighter assault bay when the festival of the moon was in progress yet he had left the bay as well to return to his room. Yet he didn't glance over at Miles his office during that time. So it probably wouldn't help him a whole lot. As for this morning he was nowhere near the office.

He raised his hand and waited for approval to speak from Miles before he gave his statement "I was in the Fighter assault bay Sir. Yet I reckon it was about 0100 or maybe a bit earlier when I left it. I didn't see or notice anything suspicious at that time in the bay but I might also have to add that I didn't really keep an eye out on your office."

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She was supposed to be off duty and had been sound asleep in her small quarters when the call had come, an alpha priority at that!  Misjudging where she was in the bed, rolling over didn't end when it should have and a loud thump resounded through the room as she belly flopped onto the floor.  "Fuckin' damn hell!" she snarled and pushed up so hard with her arms she levitated right at the top height of the bed before getting her knees underneath of her.  It didn't seem like it was going to be her day as she took one step and found herself tangled in her Starfleet issue bra and very nearly found herself face-first on the floor again.

Her hair was a mess so she grabbed a band which she slipped over her wrist, something she could fix as she moved through the corridors.  Hastily donning underwear and then socks, she hopped into her pants and boots and took off out of her quarters pulling on the undershirt.  "Mornin'," she said to a few as she passed them, grunting a little as she worked to get her arms in her uniform jacket.  Her stomach rumbled and she groaned.  "I'll feed you later," she rumbled back then stepped into the meeting room with her jacket still unzipped and fingers desperately trying to comb out the tangles and pull the golden locks back into a tail.  Seeing Miles standing there, obviously having said something and the others looking a bit strange, she paused.  "Uhhhh .... Sorry Sir.  Got here as fast as I could," she said sheepishly and plunked down in the seat next to Razor.

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He nodded looking to the late arrival.  "Its fine I doubt you saw anything anyways since what I was asking about occurred after shipwide sun-up."  Using an old colloquialism that essentially meant after 0600 and signified when most of the graveyard shifts were ending and most early morning shifts were beginning.  took you less than 5 to get here so I guess along with the reason i called you here I can send the XO a report that we have completed a recommended zero t full alert 5 drill and passed with flying colors."  He smiled a moment before regaining his serious composure.  "I will go ahead and apologize for using the alpha priority alert to get you all here so quickly but i felt that i should personally inform you of this at the same time as i informed the on deck security of it.  I figure it'll do no good for rumors to start flying so may as well get things out in the open so noone has to start whispering about whats going on or whats being kept from you."  Miles tapped his combadge. "Covington go ahead and tell the cubs whenever you are ready I am informing the wolves now."   He looked back to the pilots.  "as you can see the reason Papabear isn't here is because he is currently conducting a nearly identical meeting with his deck crew  the reason for the Security officer is so that he can deliver the same news to his fellow Fighter bay security crew members.  wouldn't be fair to leave them in the dark since it is a security matter after all."

He looked down at the ground knowing that with every word he spoke he was trying to delay telling his pilots what he had to tell them.  "Fuck it," he said to himself at the podium "I'll just say it and be done with it.  At some point this morning The Boslic civilian engineer Narik Cinsaj was murdered within my and Sten Covington's office.  I discovered her body approximately 10 minutes ago upon noticing my office door was open.  I immediately informed the main security office.  Covington soon after saw the crime scene.  CSO Cinn was unavailable and I spoke with an officer at his desk.  THe officer who took the message sent Thea to begin the investigation.  The officer sent Thea to act as Investigator and is currently within my office working the crime scene.  WHen the appropriate parties are availible thea will inform them of the crime as well.  As far as security on deck goes you guys are to operate as you would normally but as of now my office is off limits to all until Thea declares it no longer a crime scene under investigation.  Aside from The main security desk, Thea, Covington, and myself.  THose of you in this room now and the deck crew are the first to know of this crime.  I would prefer not to speak about further details of the crime at least not at this moment.  I know you guys don't like having secrets kept from you but I think you can all understand how vital it is that only certain parties are privy to detailed information regarding a crime this serious."

He paused for a moment.  "I know its gonna sound insensitive to say it but all i can think to say is take up to an hour break if ya need it to wrap your head around what i just told ya and let's get to work. Captain wanted us at full operational capabilities by 1300 today, yesterday.  I want to shave that down by a half hour minimum.  Target for Lone wolves at squadron wide alert five status is 1200 hrs.  As for myself I don't think I want to stand here one more second thinking about whats in my office.  I'm gonna give my bird a final once over and start movin on the line to the rest of your Valks."  With that he casually made his way to the door and walked out of the room leaving them all with the news he had just shared having decided he was gong to channel everything he felt into nothing more than a desperate attempt to blind the rest of his senses and thoughts with work rather than the obvious.

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[ Tessa May Lance ]

"Smeggin' Hell!" Tessa May Lance exclaimed breaking the silence.  "Somebody got murdered!   Holy God!  Who would do something like that?"

In her mind's eye the answer came to her.  The leering expressions of the Harbinger pilots forced themselves into her mind just like the real ones had probably forced themselves on Narik Cinsaj.  It all made sense.  Phantom's pilots looked like the kind of guys who would gang rape a girl, then kill her to silence her.  But why the hell had they left the body behind?  Hadn't they heard of forensic science?  They would have been better off letting her live and threatening her to keep quiet.  What the hell was wrong with those guys?

"I'll bet it was the Harbinger's pilots!" she exclaimed.  "I'll bet my last holodeck hour on it!   Ever since they came aboard I haven't felt safe!  I've been so scared of going back to my rack by myself I had to let Zaraq do me just so I'd have protection!"

Oops.  Too much information Tessa.  Time to shut up now.

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As the information was gradually revealed, Rawley's eyebrows climbed further and further, and at the point when Renard left the Briefing Room, a nauseous feeling had settled in the pit of her stomach. She had not traded two words with the Boslic engineer, only known that they would have been working together on the Reaver Project starting that morning. Despite of not being Starfleet, she had seemed to have her wits about her, mindful about her work and not about to let anyone take advantage of her. Now, whatever non-fleet know-how she had possessed had been lost to them, but that held no relevance to the fact that someone had been murdered right there in the Fighter Assault Bay, perhaps even when they were just outside the door, working on their Valkyries.

It caused the sick feeling Rawley felt turn to ire, so when Tessa broke the silence, she snarled the vehement words that had formed in her gut. She covered her own eyes as he mind reeled, hearing but not truly listening to Tessa's accusation towards the Harbinger pilots, seedy as they had appeaed. Suddenly, she realised the connection she had not made immediately, and she turned her head to look at Razor where he sat next to Skye Carver. The two seemed to get along well, but did Kestrel know what Thomas has done to Rawley that morning? He said he did not know what had happened to him, but could he blame her for not believing him?

"It might not have been the bloody Harbinger pilots at all," she grated with a cutting tone as she locked eyes with Razor, but as cutting as her words had been, Tessa's exclamations overrode Rawley's, and when she ended up saying she had fucked the new Master-of-Arms for sake of his brawn, even Rawley's train of thought was lost to her as she ended up staring at GoldenEye for a moment.

"Excuse me," said Soo Young Seung weakly and got to her feet, holding her headphones tight to her ears as she made for the exit. It seemed Oracle did not take the news well, and even less the feelings that bubbled in the minds of her Pack. Rawley had the notion to follow her and comfort her until the point when she remembered she had broken up with Soo, and that it was not the best idea to open that can of worms. Hannah seemed to be brooding where she sat, having looked at Tessa for a long while after she had told them about her and Zaraq, and come to think of it, Rawley did have the vaguest memory that she had seen Hannah and the Klingon together at some point during Lohlunat .

In the end, Rawley rose to her feet - having decided to not push the issue about Razor since she had no evidence. She sighed and climbed the stairs to the exit. "We have a mission, and we need to prepare the bloody Valkyries for it, so don't know about you guys, but I will try to wipe my fucking mind clean from this until we learn more. Speculation is just gonna fuck with our minds, and we'll start blaming people without cause."

She wanted to talk to Covington, but she knew he was talking to his deck crew, so she would not have any chance of getting some more details out of him. Not that she thought he would be more forthcoming to her just because they fucked on the beach last night, but perhaps he could tell her enough to make her stop thinking about what Razor had done. Perhaps Thomas had nothing to do with it, and Rawley really wanted it to be so, because she hated not being able to trust her own pack.

"Quake," she said as she passed him by, "do you need any help getting your bird ready? It's not like I have one of my own to fix so let's go."

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Words and thoughts escaped his conscious as he stared at the ground below his combat boots. Accusations and conversations and preservations flooded the dulled room with a thick coat of tension. Axius leaned back in his chair, patted the distraught Razor on his back, and rubbed his eyes before paying attention to make up for his lapse in daydreaming.

He placed his elbows on his knees as Soo stepped out of the room and his pack was dismissed, his knuckles resting on his pink lips as he pursed them in thought. The Harbinger pilots? he thought, standing up again as Ranger walked beside him.

"Quake, do you need any help getting your bird ready? It's not like I have one of my own to fix so let's go."

 He smiled at her softly, standing up as he spoke, "Thanks, really, but I was going to get a little workout in before I started maintenance. One way to prevent speculation from 'fucking with my mind,'" he paused to give a small, dry snicker, "is to get my body moving. You could, if you wanted, start a general diagnostic. I won't be long."

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Razor let the words sink in as he heard of the murder and listened to the possibilities that got spewed around in the room. He glanced over at Skye as she had plunged next to him in the chair and a faint smile managed to creep up on his lips. He hadn't counted on murder to happen on this ship, especially not on a civilian. The next thing he heard stung in his ears and it rippled further into his mind. His eyes shifted from Skye to Rawley and his eyes locked in with hers and he shook his head slowly.

He got up from his seat and looked down at Searcher, a more genuine smile now appearing he held out his hand for her and whispered "Can we talk? Somewhere more private." he asked softly as he wanted to keep her in the loop of what had happened this morning. He needed to let someone else know about what had happened. Or at least what had been told to him what had happened. The blackouts would be a danger to his flight options yet he didn't want to lose his wings just yet.

He looked at the other wolves as they got up from their seats and seemingly made their way to their duties or plans that they had before they needed to be ready for the real deal.

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Skye could often be just as loud as the rest of them but as Goldeneye went off, she remained quiet.  It was too easy to blame this murder on the Harbinger pilots and the fact was it was under investigation and accusing anyone at the moment was premature.  Still the fact that someone had been murdered angered her, enough so that her knuckles went white as she looked around.  She had heard Rawley's words and wondered why she was glaring at Razor, something that made her hackles raise toward one of the Wolves she liked the least.

People began to disperse and she looked up when she heard Razor's voice, her own smile forming in response.  "Of course.  I always have time for you," she said and took his hand as she stood.  Something was bothering him, something more than the news they received.  Did it have something to do with Rawley?  Whatever it was, she was glad he felt comfortable talking to her.  They'd shared a moment of passion and now she felt a closeness to him something like Lin Kae but also different.  He was special to her, someone she wanted to protect.

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As most of the pilots left the briefing room Razor's jaws clenched shut and his teeth seemed to grind against each other as he seemed to be looking at everyone as fast as he could. Eventually his eyes rested on Skye and a faint smile appeared on his face while his body seemed to relax just a bit at the sight of her. He had requested to speak to her in private yet the briefing room seemed empty enough after all and with hush voices he probably would be able to convey the message without anyone eavesdropping on them. He looked into Skye her eyes and gently stroked his hand against her cheek and sighed softly before starting.

"I've... ran into a bit of a peculiar situation this morning." He said softly and kept looking her in the eye "You know that I was supposed to go with Rawley to work on the downed Reaver just to see if we could get some use out of it. So I went up to her this morning at her quarters." He paused for a second as he tried to recollect what had happened, hoping that he could see where the problem was that had caused such a violent reaction from him or so Rawley had claimed. He decided to leave out the detail in which state he found Rawley and went ahead. "So I was waiting for her to get ready to head to the flight deck when suddenly... I don't know... I think I must have blacked out or something.. The next thing I knew was Ranger's furniture being launched to my skull and us in a pretty rough close quarter combat. She told me I had..." His voice died down now as he frowned and shook his head as he couldn't look Skye in the eyes anymore "She said I had assaulted her, apparently sexually or something and that we had gotten into a very ugly fight... Yet I can't recall anything of it. It's like it never happened like I' missing a key part in that sequence. It's somewhat scary as fuck but I'm not sure if I had them before or not. For all we know I might've as well you know..." His eyes darted to the sealed off office of Renard and Covington and he let out a sigh before looking back to Skye.

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As more of the Wolves filed out, Skye watched Razor and felt her insides churning because of his demeanor and the way his jaw was clenching.  Something was wrong, very wrong and for the moment she couldn't imagine what could have him so upset.  He had been the one to calm her before, to reassure her that she wasn't losing her mind and then he'd helped her take out her aggression in a most passionate way.  He was her teammate, friend, and even a lover so she would not abandon him.

He finally started to speak, his voice hushed as he stroked her cheek.  She nodded to acknowledge the intent to work on the Reaver, something that had given her a pang of jealousy because he had been spending more and more time around Rawley as a result.  She held no claim on him and if it had been anyone other than Rawley she wouldn't have cared.  Rawley had more guts than just about any of them and was a damn good pilot but she pushed people away and sometimes people just didn't get along.

What Razor said next made her eyes widen, with surprise at first then he could see her emotions run the gauntlet to utter defiance when he tipped his head toward Miles' office.  "No," she said flatly and took both of his hands in hers.  "I don't know what's going on but you are not a rapist and you only kill when faced by the enemy and I don't believe you are responsible for death.  Rawley's not stable, maybe she misinterpreted something and hit you with something that caused the blackout," she tried to reason.

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Feeling Skye suddenly hold his hands and deny what his thoughts were assuming made Thomas look back at her. How could she be so sure? "I don't know Skye... I've replayed the entire sequence over and over again in my mind. I can't find a reason why or how it happened just the black out..." he said to her and shook his head. He had seen the look on her face when he even suggested that he might have something to do with the death of Narik. Yet the truth was that he didn't know himself if he had a hand in it or not.

He sighed and looked into Skye's, he was lost and didn't know what he had to do. He was second guessing himself and he feared that it would return to him once he'd be out there in the dark void of space. His mind however tried to focus back on Skye now as she stood before him. She was a soothing factor at least, she could bring him back the peace he craved for yet he didn't know if his confession would complicate things. "I'm not sure what I need to do... Do I report this to Renard or not? I don't want to lose my wings and a freaking psych eval doesn't sound like the happy trip I want to go through." he said to her.

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Razor had that lost look in his eyes, that sense of hopelessness that he might be responsible for Narik's death but now wasn't the time for doubts.  "Right now we don't have any evidence but we're all under a shitload of stress and we all deal with it differently.  I'm more inclined to believe Rawley sucker punched you, causing that blackout."

She hugged him then, her embrace almost crushing yet her cheek was soft against his.  "I believe in you, Thomas," she said, using his real name to emphasize the sincerity.  "Right now, just focus on this mission and if we survive ... then we can talk to Miles and see if someone can help you recall that blank time.  As long as I breathe, I will be by your side," she promised.

Pulling back, she cupped his face in her hands.  "We'll get through this like we get through everything, as a team.  I've got your back and I know you've got mine.  No doubts," she said emphatically and then gave him a playful swift kiss on his lips.  "Otherwise I'll have to spank you though I think you might enjoy that too much," she added with a teasing smile.

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Skye's words brought a small shift into the mind of Thomas as she claimed that Rawley was the one who had instigated the fight. Perhaps she was right... Perhaps this was all a mix of stress and coping mechanisms that failed to do their part. He slowly placed his arms around her as well now as she hugged him firmly and he hugged her back and rested his chin against her soft yet lovely hair.

"That mean a lot to me Skye... It really does... I'll be at your side anytime too, no matter what." He answered her and a faint smile appeared on his face as he started to believe in himself once more. His eyes slowly showing a small sparkle of life once more a sparkle of hope and lust for life.

The kiss was a delight yet it was over before it could turn in something more. "I'm afraid I might... I'm sure you'll find a way to punish me otherwise." He answered her back with a sly grin and looked her in the eyes "Thank you again Skye. Time to prep our birds and get ready though for the shit storm that's about to happen when we reach the starbase." he said softly and kissed her once more before squeezing softly in her lower back and returning back onto the hangar deck.

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There it was ... a tiny spark and from that spark there was light in his eyes again.  Her smile answered his and then she smirked when he admitted he might enjoy a spanking.  "I will punish you to within an inch of your life," she promised and reveled in the simple embrace they were sharing.  He held her closer for a moment and then thanked her, looking much better than he had before.

"Anytime, Razor ... anytime," she said with a look and tone full of innuendo.  She watched him walk out to the hangar, admiring how his trousers displayed his ass.  Naughty thoughts trailed off to darker thoughts though, specifically what the hell was going on with the blackouts.  She could only hope it didn't happen again, especially if he were in the cockpit during a dogfight.

"We'll get it figured out, Tom," she murmured a silent promise to trail after him.  Then she too followed that trail out to the Valks.  Kestrel needed a few tweaks but she knew she was in much better condition than a lot of the others.  Still she wanted to make sure she was in the best possible shape for this mission.  It was crazy, suicidal even, but she believed in her captain and would do her best to not fail.

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