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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

With the switching of Lin Kae's hands to shake hers, Soo had thought to say something more after her attempt to smooth things over, but the... sight that had flashed before her and the growing impression of the Bajoran's thoughts distracted her - eyes widening at the implications she received from him.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, trying to handle it all as best as she could, "Kae, yes. Wow, I am sooo sorry, I did not mean to force you to switch hands like that, and... I mean, I did not intend to make you do so on purpose, I..." she cleared her throat, all too aware that the hand she was shaking had just been holding his... Stop it!

Heart still beating fast as she released the handshake, she frowned and followed the direction in which he was looking with her eyes, and that made her piece together his thoughts. "I... would hope the Prophets were not here last night too," she said, chuckling nervously since she could sense that he really wanted to see her naked. She keenly felt Kae's interest in her bleed into her emotions as well, and she also wondered just how much fun they'd had last night. He was just a couple of years younger than her, and she looked much younger than she really was, so perhaps that had piqued their interest in each other last night? Before she knew it, she was trying to re-imagine their act in that room, and just like that, Kae's thoughts of her had kindled her own curiosity.

That, in itself, would not have been a problem if she had not been half Betazoid, and she projected her feelings unto Kae - resulting in that feedback loop that often got her into trouble. She'd triggered Lt Cmdr. Renard in the same way, and the Ovri nurse only yesterday. Rawley used to make fun of her for it, back when they had been lovers, but now she was not in her company... but a complete stranger's.

"You m-must have seen everything, yes," she said nervously, pressing her legs together and shifting them a bit where she stood, "I kind of goes with the assumption that we had sex last night... I don't think I remember any Prophets stopping us either." She chuckled and pried her eyes away from the Bajoran on her bed, thinking that she had to leave before she got them both into the same mess that got them there in the first place.

"I... umm.. Shower, yes. I will be in the shower. You can... stay or go, I suppose. I will just be in the bathroom." And yet... she could not bring herself to leave, standing there in the torrent of her triggered and growing emotions, channelling them unto Lin Kae without being able to help it. She ended up looking at him instead of leaving, caught in the maelstrom.

[ Than'Ida zh'Wann ] Attn: TheBanshee

Wenn Cinn's reaction was... not expected.

Ida did not know what was worse; the lack of support when she asked for his opinion, the deafening silence between them as she stood there behind the armchair, or how he decided to pull rank on her instead of being the comrade-in-arms that she needed. She just stood there, however, taking the orders he gave her without saying anything, but the Ridgenose even had the nerve to lay it upon her to find a suitable replacement as his Deputy if she left. It was as if he wanted to milk out whatever last use he might have for her before she left!

Pushing away from the armchair, Ida took a couple of deep breaths, filtering what she wanted to say in her head three times over in order to not make a fool of herself. Her upper lip curled still, and a cold fire lit in her blue eyes just before he said something behind her back. Shall be leaving me to..? Was he just going to..?

She rounded on Cinn and saw him walk out the sliding doors. Only when they shut behind him did her thoughts catch up with her and she snarled curse, striking the armchair so that it fell forward. The crash did little to appease her, and she ended up pacing her quarters with her fists clenched. Her antennae twitched back and forth in part shame and anger, having thought so much more of Cinn than for him to take it so personally that he shut her down and left. Didn't she have any allies left aboard?

Perhaps leaving the Theurgy was her only option after all...

[ Winterbourne ] Attn: IronFerrox

Oh, the treatment Cale recieved from his Cardassian lover was sublime, and like she claimed, it served to soothe his headache quite well. To simply stand there with his eyes closed as the sonic pulsed thrummed against his skin, while Aisha serviced his body with soap, body, hands, mouth and prodding fingers, it was far more than he had expected when she asked him to join her. Towards the end, when she had made him so aroused he could barely stand there in the stall, he had laid his hands against the glass walls for support - spreading his legs a bit to accommodate the massage of his prostate gland. It did not take too long for her, who knew his desires rather well at that point, to make him come - crying out as he filled her mouth and throat with his seed.

His expectations having already been succeeded by her divine treatment, it served to surprise him that she was not urging him down to kneel just so that he'd give her cunnilingus for her troubles. His climax had already made his knees weak so there was little required to make him oblige. When he opened his eyes at her request, he saw that artifical phallus before his face, so large it was almost intimidating. It seemed a seamless part of her body, and he could but chuckle at the sight, eyes widened in amazement.

"You spoil me, Aisha," he murmured over the thrumming sound of the shower, vapour rising from their bodies as he reached up to close his fingers around the fleshy fake organ. He titled his head and looked up at her as his hand moved, rubbing her clit by stroking the shaft. She needn't encourage him by pushing his head towards it, his lips already at the bulbous head. "I would say that you have more than made up for the experience of last night... And being a woman, you certainly know how to use your advantages..."

His hand began to move in tandem with his lips, and he made sure to apply his movements so that there was a lot of friction made against her clitoris. The artificial organ was a bit bigger than he was used to, even larger than Zaraq's and Riptor's, but that did not hamper him the slightest. In short order, he was doing what he managed without hurting himself, rubbing her sex with his movements. He even reached up to fondle her breasts with one hand as he worked the length, until the time came when he rose up and kissed her.

"Use the soap," he whispered heatedly against her lips, meaning as a lubricant, before turning and setting his hands against the glass walls - still kissing her over his shoulder.

[ Narik Cinsaj ] Attn: CanadianVet

The words the Covington man spoke was honourable, and his actions were far from what any Ferengi might have done. There had been no profit for him to follow her and protect her from the two pilots. In fact, she had thought far less of him, that it would not have been beyond the human to leave her to her fate at the hands of the other two lecherous humans. Starfleet or not, they were men, and it was in their nature to exploit women for their bodies, regardless if they were Boslic or Bolian. It did not matter to them as long as there were curves to fondle and holes to stick themselves into. At least... that was what she had thought, even though she knew she ought to give non-slavers the benefit of the doubt.

Standing there with the enormous yellow undershirt, probably given to her as a pajamas, she still had questions to sort out, but she would be civil about it - try to be kind to this human that had protected her virtue. She cleared her throat and hugged her own waist. "I do not know why I ended up sleeping here instead of my own quarters, but I can imagine that... if the other Harbinger pilots had found those two.. Smoke and Titan, I think they said their call-signs were... they would have been none too pleased. Perhaps staying here was for my protection too."

Nodding slowly, rationalising the situation as best as she could, she glanced towards the mirror and raked some purple hair back from her forehead. "So... thank you, Covington man, for letting me stay here, and for the rescue, " she said and looked back as she stepped past him and out of the bathroom, "It is rare to find chivalry in this galaxy any more, but I am glad that it is not an utterly extinct occurence."

Smiling a little as she glanced over her shoulder, pausing in her search for her clothes,  she added, "You may be a headstrong control-freak when it comes to the flight deck," she said without any edge to her words, "but I am glad there is a good person, Starfleet old-timer or not, behind that uniform."

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[Thomas Ravon] Attn. Rawley

As the fight drew them out of the bathroom and into the messy room of Rawley, Thomas fought back fiercely. Already managing to drop a good hit on Rawley her temple, he was seemingly out for blood. He had a wicked smile on his lips and his fists were raised. When she hurled the chair over to him, he waited for it and just as he wanted to dodge, the lights went out. Quite literally and figuratively speaking. The chair grazed past his own face now, hitting him just slightly against the head. Yet the lights turning off had some sort of alternate reaction to his brain. Ravon was a bit out of place now as he stumbled around, not finding decent ground to stand solid on and when he heard Rawley scream for lights, he frowned a bit.

He could not remember what had happened when he saw Rawley jump at him with the bottle. The last thing he remembered was the door sliding shut when Rawley went in the shower. He quickly raised his hand to counter Rawley, yet she'd probably notice as well, he didn't seem to counter her in an offensive way as before. He place one hand on her wrist that held the bottle and his other hand was placed against her shoulder. The balance was lost however as he fell back and landed hard and rough on his back. "The fuck?!" He shouted out now as he looked at Rawley, the rage burning in her eyes "What is wrong with you?!" He asked surprised, genuinely surprised.

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She couldn't help but loan loudly at his motions.  It was far better than she could have imagined.  She only guess this was what it must have felt like for a male as she lost herself in her fantasy feeling herself being pushed over the edge as he sucked and groped.  "Oh, yes!"  she moaned, "Suck me off."  she begged.  "Take it in deeper" she moaned each subtle motion of his mouth torturing her clit as she felt her cunt growing soaked as her inner walls began to tremble and she began to gush from the intense clitoral orgasm.

Soon after he was done sucking she felt him moving up and kiss her lips and nodded hearing his request as she turned to give himself to her.  Seeing her opportunity she was far from wanting to refuse and lubed up her synthetic cock with the soap before aligning it perfectly.  "Looks like I get to give that cute little anus a through cleansing,"  she said with a smirk as she eased herself into him letting the length and thickness massage the inner walls of his body.  She took great care to go nice and easy almost treating the cock like some for of massaging tool to rub muscles that could only be reached from the inside. 

Soon he felt another massage greet him as she felt a hand gently grip his balls from behind as she began to massage and roll them around in her fingers taking great care to gently apply just enough pressure to firmly squeeze the testicles within but not cause pain.  Slowly a thump and finger couple fingers began to gently apply pressure to each round testicle gently squeezing them individually not enough to hurt much but enough that the pressure was there.. her thumb rotated a bit as she began to massage the ball inside taking great care to not injure or cause pain but to give his testes the same kind of intimate and sensual deep tissue massage she had given every other inch her hands chose to grace.  Slowly her thumb and finger began to rub at his tubes that connected his balls to his body gently applying soft pressure to the point where his testicles and tube joined. She gently began gripping his ball and pulling it downwards letting him feel his tube literally being pulled tight as a finger worked around and massaged the tube itself before finding its way against his flesh and into the divot of his pubic bone and fingering against the structures in that sensitive cavity softly kneading around where his cock entered his own body before making her way to his other ball to repeat the process.

Soon, enough she was done with the testicles having given them their massage, and she made her way to his cock itself. She slowly, gently gripped and run her hand up and down the male organ combining a motion of a reach around hand-job with a deep massage treating the rigid cock engorged with blood flow like a tense muscle that needed to be eased into a far less tense state.  Slowly she applied pressure from the base to the tip squeezing him till his head was bright reddish purple from blood pressure before gently pressing fingers to the head and forcing the blood back down past the tight grip of finger and thumb returning it to a normal state.  She then began to massage him from head to shaft to base before easing slowly into a smooth hand-job using the pre that had invariably been spilled by now as lube as the fake cock burred in him continued as she always had been, slowly, rhythmically pumping in and out of his asshole making sure she moved around inside him to stretch his inner body out in every direction she could.

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Kae had not realized that Soo Young was a telepath, her statements that mirrored his own thoughts so eerily being the tip off that made him blush a little hotter, realizing that any thoughts he had about her body had also been picked up by her.  It was enough to make him want to avoid such thoughts again, yet that seemed almost impossible now, as he was unknowingly caught up in her psychic feedback.  Attraction from him impressed on her, and fed back to him, creating an almost infinite velocity from the feeling being passed back and forth, weighing down upon them like a small moon on their backs.  It was the difference between finding someone attractive and aching for them, and Lin Kae was beginning to ache, no doubt about that.  Already, his ability to cover up was lost, thanks to the growing manhood beneath his hand, unable to be restrained.

She had what felt like all the time in the world to go and take that shower she spoke of, and yet she didn't move, just as he didn't.  He could take no more, the feelings threatening to drown him, prompting him to finally give up on covering himself up, hand moving to the blanket she wrapped around herself and tugging at it.  If she were still in full control of her libido, she might have been able to prevent him from success, but if she were as trapped as he was by his own hormones, then it was more likely to fall to the floor and be forgotten before it even settled there.

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[ Evelyn Rawley ] Attn: Nolan

Her swing might have been caught, but Rawely had not let that deter her at all. She'd shoved the hand he'd put on her shoulder aside and pushed with all her bodily weight - her hand square against Thomas' chest to topple him. Why had her assailant suddenly been so unprepared, with his centre of gravity too high and his stance awkward. Had he forgotten that he'd attacked her?

Regardless, he went down, and Rawley straddled his waist to keep him there. Her shaved head still hurt from the night before, but the adrenaline had washed her mind clean. Thomas might have been holding her wrist like a vice, but she quickly switched the bottle to her free hand and struck down against his head. Problem was that he did not lie still, and she was not heavy enough, so with a resounding crash, the bottle exploded into pieces against the floor next to Thomas' head

He was shouting, looking like he didn't know what she was doing, and she realised that she had become the assailant since he was no longer fighting back - his expression being incredulous. Was it so surprising she fought back when he...? Scowling, Rawley laid the flat side of the broken bottle against his neck. "Move, I fucking dare you!"

Her heartbeat resounding in her aching head, she glared at her squadmate with lips pursed - panting from the sudden fight that had been brought to an end. "What the hell was that, Ravon?" she demanded, the cold bottle still flush against his neck even though she did not move otherwise. "You should bloody well know better than to fucking attack me! What were you thinking? Any bloody woman would report you for sexual assault!"

[ Winterbourne ] Attn: IronFerrox

As he had rubbed Aisha's clit with the base of the strap-on, meanwhile sucking it like he'd suck on a real cock, Winterbourne had found that he could make his Cardassian lover come regardless the fact that the scaly length was not truly hers. He'd made sure he rubbed her firmly, and towards the end, he even raised a pale hand to slide his fingers into her. He'd felt her come as much as he heard her cry - which reverberated between the glass walls of the shower.

Now, as he'd turned his back to her and let that long hardness slide past his tight sphincter, it was his turn to be satisfied, and he groaned silently against the wall - fogging up the glass. He felt the soap lather up as she moved - the scales forming white foam between their bodies that dropped down to the floor.  Cale had laid his head against the wall as she fucked him, revelling in the sensation of soapy scales rubbing his prostate gland. He was panting at the time when Aisha reached around and began to massage his sac, and even though he somewhat enjoyed the massage, it was when she combined her slow yet persistent motions into him with the firm hold around his cock that he showed the most response. When she rubbed it from base to tip, he thought he'd loose his footing if it wasn't for the wall he leaned on.

For already was he hard, even if she'd made him spend himself already. He curled his fingers against the glass, panting harder, and soon, she had him thrusting his hips back against her a little despite the sheer size of the toy she'd replicated for him. "I'm, I'm..."

Unless she stopped, she would make him come against the wall in the next few moments.

[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

The silence had lingered to the point of being awkward, and trapped in the downward spiral as Soo found herself - and that she pulled Kae down into - it was almost a relief when he did something. They could not just stand there and look at each other...

Belatedly, she realised that Kae was reaching for her towel.

"He-ey!" she exclaimed and tried to get away, but that only helped tearing the towel off her body since Kae had formed a grip on it. She opened and closed her mouth like a fish, somehow trying to cover herself up and also being torn between running away and getting the towel back. She tried to sound angry, but it was kind of hard when she felt all giddy, her smile showing through. "What d-do you think you are d-doing?"

Speaking of 'hard', the holographic wizard had obviously not snatched away her towel for no reason, and upon seeing it, Soo covered her mouth and nose with both her hands in a mix of fright and intrigue - eyes wide. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I did not mean to... Oh, dear, that looks almost painful. Are you okay? Does it usually get t-that big?"

Yet they were already trapped, so it would not be any surprise to either of them that Soo did not leave, instead stepping closer with breath trembling. She glanced to Kae's eyes, for some kind of absurd approval, before she dropped her hands from her mouth and touched his hardness, wrapping both hands around it where she stood before him. She knew he wanted her to, and she let him know she wanted it as well... through touch and the bleeding-effect upon his mind.

"Oh... dear... how big you are..." she whispered, finding herself drifting even closer, lips pursing to seek his.

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Thomas Ravon

Thomas struggled and resisted the peculiar position he was in right now. He only stopped once he felt the cold glass against his neck and opened up his hands, showing his palms towards her to indicate to Rawley that he was no danger. "What the hell was what? What the fuck is this?" He bit back at Rawley, still not really sure what was going on. The only thing he knew was that Rawley was straddling him naked and he had no clue how he got in this room after seeing Rawley go to the shower.

As she laid out the facts for him now his eyes widened a bit while his eyebrows frowned "Sexual assault? Attack you?" He repeated slowly and shook his head a bit "What the fuck are you on about? Is your head still flushed with booze or something or has it been fucked too much by a cock that you lost your mind?" he hissed now. He was in a far too tight spot to fight his way out and remained calm as much as he could. "I only remember you in the shower and all of a sudden you're fucking throwing fucking shit at my face and pin me down on your floor!" he said, giving her his side of the story.

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[Lin Kae] attn: Lucan

Kae's manhood seemed to leave quite an impression on Soo Young, who glanced at it like it was some modern wonder of the world.  Some would have found irony in the fact that he was so well gifted down there, considering he had a fair amount of social anxiety, and didn't truly get much time to put it to proper use.  It must have been like putting the Theurgy warp core in a Constellation class ship with how impractical it was.  As her hands reached out to touch it, a soft but sustained breath of air left his body, showing his clear arousal at her touch, while his eyes gazed at the naked form now on display. 

Her training had her fit and strong, so very much like Skye Carver had been when he was with her.  Skye, and now Soo Young; I'm starting to think I have a type.  Tactical CONN officers were often much more physically fit then standard officers, with exception to Security, due to the stresses that could be put on their body by the high speed movements of smaller crafts.  Inertial dampeners designed for shuttlecraft were not meant to work for craft as small and maneuverable as the Valkyries, requiring healthy, strong pilots.  It resulted in male officers who would have broken Kae in two, and female officers who were equal parts strong and sexy.

Kae's own hands reached out, pressing to either side of her waist, observing how close his thumbs were to her naval, the center of her body.  "You're smaller then I thought," he said, before looking up with an apologetic glance.  "I didn't mean to say I thought you were . . . I just mean that Tactical CONN officers always seem so powerful and larger then life, but really . . . you're just a girl."  Perhaps woman would have been a better choice, but Soo Young still had a girlishness to her, a youthful appearance that made her look kinder, sweeter then he expected the hard edged fighter pilots to be.

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[Sten Covington] attn: Auctor Lucan

When the Boslic spoke, Sten simply smiled. Chivalry? That wasn't this thing. But he was kind of old fashioned in some ways and there were things one just didn't do. And cornering a drunken civilian for gang-rape was one of them. Especially if the aggressors were Starfleet officers. Usually, Covington was happy to be able to do what he did best and couldn't care less what the commissioned crowd did. But if the most junior enlisted recruit was expected to embody the galantry and honour Starfleet represented, officers ought to be held at a much higher standard.

And the old Chief found both Smoke and Titan utterly lacking. He could have called Security, have them arrested. And then what? Between the booze and the operational situation, they would walk away effectively scott-free. So instead, some lower-deck justice was meted out.

Was it chivalrous? Maybe. But to Sten, it was not only the right thing to do, it was the only moral course of action.

"You were pretty shook up. Couldn't very well leave you there, could I?" Despite the callous nature of the words, the Chief of the Deck spoke with genuine care and kindness. She had been infuriating earlier, but he was a chief. Looking after folks was his job.

As she searched for her clothes, he respectfully turned his back as he pulled on shorts, his undershirt, a white Tac Conn shirt and his coveralls and then, he spoke. "I'm still not about to give you free rein in my hangar, but if you can make some time around lunch time, we can talk about how to keep you from making a mess on my deck."

The words were spoken with a smile. Could he and her eventually come to an arrangement?

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[ Evelyn Rawley ] Attn: Nolan

Listening, calming her breath a bit, Evelyn frowned where she sat on top of Ravon - trying to determine whether or not he was trying to fool her so that she'd lower her guard. With a headache and being upset, it was pretty hard to be objective about it, but she thought that if he was being straight with her, she had to at least give him the chance to show it. If he was trying to fool her, he ought to have acted even more confused and harmless than he was, and if she'd let him go, at least she would be armed with the broken bottle. She knew how to use it too.

"You need to have your fucking head checked, Ravon," she growled with the motion of getting up on her feet and stepping away, "And I don't say it just because that it needs to be said, I mean you really need to have your head checked by Sickbay or a Counselor. Jeez, I was just teasing you in the bathroom like I always do and all of a sudden you flew at me an tried to grope me. What the hell was that? And you didn't take no for an answer either, you hit me in the fucking head like you meant it too; right where I had surgery after the last fight! You could have fucking killed me, and you don't even remember it?"

Rawley spat on the floor to rinse her mouth and walked away, leaving Ravon where he lay and going to her bedroom. "What a pissy fucking morning..." she muttered under her breath, angry as hell and not prepared to speak with Thomas unless he came and apologised. She should be reporting him, but what would that be like in the pack later on? Hell, she did not know if she could trust him anymore, and trust was imperative if they were to fly against the Calamity together again. With anger in her movements, she raked her fingers over her shaved head and tried to focus, pacing the bedroom before she yanked out a drawer and began throw pieces of a new uniform on the covers.

She had no idea where her panties had ended up, and she had not replicated any new ones either, so she pulled on her trousers, not giving a shit.

[ Narik Cinsaj ] Attn: Canadian Vet

Putting on her clothes, Narik chuckled at the retort she got, and she turned to face him - wearing her white and magenta dress with its sash and boots. Her Boslic evening-wear might have seemed overly casual to most species, but hers was not a posh people. Ready, she made sure it was safe to look in his direction before she headed out to the main living-area.

"We can talk about it, but I am not making any promises," she said, and whereas a Human might wink, Narik decided that it might be misinterpreted. "I will go find some breakfast in the mess hall first and then head straight for the Flight Deck so that I can set my teeth into that Reaver. I heard I was going to get assistance from two pilots as well, and they'll be well needed too." Evidently, Mr. Renard had recruited someone named Rawley and another named Ravon to help out on the Reaver project.

"Assistance or not, I look forward to delve into all your rules and regulations this lunch. Hopefully I won't have destroyed too much of the place in just a couple of hours." She paused by the door as she teased him, folding her arms underneath her chest. She gave him a rueful smile before she left. "When you grow tired of talking, I will make sure to tell you how I prefer to work for sake of best efficiency. Perhaps you will learn something too... Sten."

She guessed that like with most other humans, the first name indicated a certain level of trust, and given the events the night before, she felt safe knowing that there was a good man on the new ship she had come to. Off duty, she decided she'd call him by that name to show this newly earned trust.

[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

She was trying to kiss him, but holographic engineer that he was, Kae seemed caught up studying her instead, as if she was a holo-character come to life. Soo bit her lower lip and let him look, but she would not be letting go with her two-hand grip on his arousal. When he called her a small girl, she furrowed her brow at him, then she twisted her hands around his shaft in opposite directions, meaning to hint at the pain she could cause rather than actually inflicting it.

"Watch it, boy," she said, emphasising the second word even if she was smiling with the corners of her eyes, "not only is your big friend here at my mercy, but I know enough martial arts to swing you around the room with this hold." Then she tugged at him with her grip so that he stepped closer, and she tilted her head to catch his mouth with her own. Kissing him, she felt that it was vaguely familiar, only confirming that they had been doing a lot of that the night before.

"My pack... comes in all sizes and variations," she breathed against his lips, starting to milk his thick length with her hands while they kissed, "you just happened to hook up with one of the smaller ones... But that does not mean I cannot bite..."

Grinning, she did close her teeth around his lower lip for a couple of seconds  - her eyes opening to look at the wizard she'd found on Risa. Or rather, the Risa that he had helped create for the two crews. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she slowly rubbed him - hands both soft yet not without its calloused edges. She was being compared to Skye Carver, no doubt, given the vague rumours that she had caught about her sister wolf and Lin Kae. Yet she needed no hear-say when his mind was as open book to her.

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She grinned, "I know, if I don't stop you're going to cum."   She said swirling a few fingers over his head, tormenting it a bit more knowing it was likely to send him near over the edge.  She spoke in a soft seductive tone as if telling him to go ahead. She began stroking his cock more and more as she pumped into his ass furiously.  She could feel her clit being teased to its limits wanting more and more motion to send her over her own edge and make her own fluids drip down her legs.   She moaned out loudly as she felt herself climaxing from the attention as she worked his cock relentlessly.  She could tell he was at his own limits as she began eying the ground waiting to see his seed being spent from her attentions to him.  "I want you to cum."  I want to watch you spasm in pleasure."  She grinned, "I want you to spill your seed knowing a girl gave your ass the fucking it needed instead of the male I know you previously thought you would have preferred."

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[ Winterbourne ] Attn: IronFerrox

When already having been so thuroughly, so luxuriously pleasured by his counterpart on the Harbinger before she entered him, Winterbourne ended up walking the line of the edge for longer than he had ever done before. He trembled on the verge of a second climax because of the first she'd given him, having fellated him so well and good that the anal sex confused his body, making him hard and ready to burst but just remaining there - the pleasure so exquisitely drawn out that he fell silent in the heaving rhythm.

Trapped there on the ledge of his pending fall, with soapy bliss thrusting and sawing against his prostate, and with her hand coaxing the climax to finally come from the base of his being, Cale heard her climax behind him a second time, and despite being trapped in his own euphoria, he grinned listlessly, his cheek still resting against the glass wall of the stall. Clumsily, he reached behind himself and lay a hand on her hip, to keep her moving even if her thrusts became arythmical.

Yet when she was finished, it was his turn, and she made him aware of her intentions in words - her syllables echoing in the sound of the shower. Despite it all, and the situation he was in mentally and bodily, he chuckled when she said she wanted to challenge a man in anally pleasuring him. "This is... the best... I have had... in forever..." he said genuinely, panting when she resumed her movements, and moved even harder. She was determined to end his sweet agony, rubbing him more firmly as well, and given how close he was, she got what she wanted in short order.

When he came, it was only with the support of the artificial cock in his ass that he remained on his feet, and he shot his load against the glass wall he faced. He cried out breathlessly at first, then he became much louder when the inital shock passed, his whole body flexing in on itself as he roped the wall with his thick seed. His hands and his cheek slid against the glass, fingers curling, and it was indeed the best he'd had since god knew how long.

He did not know what to say... And regardless how wiped his mind had been, he could not help feeling a bit sad that Aisha S'Iti would be returning to the Harbinger in just a couple of hours, after they had attended the Senior Staff Meeting.

- Fin

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He remembered nothing of what she told him, that he attacked her or that she teased him. His eyes stared into Evelyn's yet they seemed hollow as of his thoughts were too busy with processing the data she had just provided him "I wha?" he muttered softly and shook his head "My God, I'm sorry Ranger! It wasn't my intention at all to hurt..." Yet he paused just at that bit, how could he sincerely apologize for a thing he had no memory of? Maybe she was right, he did need to get his head checked up, yet he was no fan of shrinks or counselors for that matter.

He looked up at her now as she got off him and started pacing. He shook his head slowly once more and started to think how he could say something to her or do something with her at all without Rawley killing him. He shook his head once more as she started to get her clothes out. "Fuck Evelyn... I'm sorry. That's all I can say right now." He said now as he got on his feet, working with her on the Reaver would be a bad plan right now and he looked at her as she got dressed. Without another word he made his way to the door, preparing to leave the room.

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[Lin Kae]

"I-I did not mean to offend you," he said, apologetically.  Clearly, he had been trying to find the right words to explain himself, only to fail in the attempt.  "I'm just trying to say that . . . with all the things that you and the other Tactical CONN do, it can sometimes be forgotten that you're just people too.  You seem like so much more, and now, I see you."  He saw the side of her that wasn't a rough and tumble fighter pilot, but a woman who could appear vulnerable, as she had when she was covered by her blanket.  Seeing that vulnerable side, and now the stronger, more fearsome side she displayed, he began to see how he could have arrived in such a situation to her.  She was attractive, not only in the physical sense, but with a strong personality that could draw him in too.

As she continued to rub him, drawing forth pleasureable, quiet moans from his lips, he looked her up and down again, searching for some way to return the gesture.  He couldn't quite get to reach between her legs, given her double handed grip on him, so he moved up to the next best place, his hands first touching upon her arms, gliding up them to her shoulders, before circling around to touch upon her breasts.  It felt less perverse to work his way there rather then straight out grope them, but once there, gentle hands massaged the orbs, thumbs especially working small circles on her nipples.

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[ Evelyn Rawley ] Attn: Nolan

Noticing how Ravon hesitated by the door, Rawley glanced towards him with hardly any less ire in her gaze. He had apologised, and perhaps he was genuine about not remembering anything. Perhaps the situation aboard was becoming too much for Thomas, with the fate of being outlaws up against impossible odds not exactly being ideal for anyone. Still, innocent intentions or not, Rawley was far to angry and hung-over to be open for any reconciliation.

"I will see you on Fight Deck, but I would prefer not talking to you until you have had your head checked," she said and rubbed her head with one hand, furrowing her brow in Thomas direction. "Get out of my quarters."

Only when he was gone did she take a deep breath, looking towards the ceiling. Fuck her head hurt, but the worries were far worse. Worries for THomas and what might ail him, and worries about the Pack. How were they all to function if she could not trust one of them? The tight chain now had a weak link, and Rawley's head was hurting something fierce after the blow she took.

"Fuck what a night," she said for herself and sank down on the floor at the end of the bed, sitting there while nursing her head in her hand. And who did I fuck before Ravon got here?

- Fin

[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

Soo heard him - sensed him - putting her and her Pack on some kind of pedestal, but at the same time... he appreciated her for whom she was.

"I s-see. I did not mean to frighten you," she said, clearing her throat a little as the situation had become a bit awkward again. Her blood still ran wild in her veins, and she could not stop moving her hands fully. Was she being too forward? Should she stop? Had it been a misunderstanding? No. it had been him who tried to steal her blanket first! It was his fault getting the naughty ideas in his head, and... well... perhaps it had been her own fault for spinning out of control, but it was not like she could help it!

"I am nothing more or less than you see, silly. I am not the kind of girl who likes to keep secrets..." All manner of doubts were cleared when Lin Kae raised his hands to caress and fondle her skin, finding their way to her breasts while he rubbed him with some more range of movement. She did not need to ask if he liked her body, for his feelings shone though in both his thoughts and his bodily response. She found herself smiling in the radiance of his attraction for her, and she realised she was already far along on the path of wanting to have sex with him again. If nothing else, to make up for the fact that she could not remember much at all about the first time they had done it... She thrust out her chest towards his hands, panting shallowly as the spinning motion continued.

He was an attractive young man, this guy she had found in the holographic night, and while she had tried to kiss him, he seemed not so eager to kiss as he was to tease her. "I think we... really missed out on what happened here yesterday," said Soo, and she released his hardness with one hand to gently push Lin Kae so that he ended up on his back . Only then, when kneeling down by the bed, did she reveal how she had intended to fellate him, using lips and tongue at first. Her mouth encompassed the head, and then she could swirl her tongue around the bulbous head.

Yet in being a mind-reader, she was trying to learn what he wanted, and make his desires her own.

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[Lin Kae]

Her was spending too much time in his head, just trying to make sense of everything, planning out what to do next, and not enough time just letting him feel his way forward.  If he were better able to stay out of his mind, he might have noticed Soo Young trying to kiss him, and returned the gesture as was proper.  Not kissing her and yet the two of them touching like this felt like a skipped step, but as she mentioned that they had missed out by not remembering, his eyes moved back to hers, away from the bosom he had been lavishing attention upon.  She pushed him back, Kae landing on his back on the bed, watching as she moved into position for something that could only have been one thing.  Before she could do so, he sat up and stopped her, wishing to do something else first.  Finally, his lips met hers, an actual kiss shared.

"I thought that should . . . go first," he said, explaining that was the reason why he would stop her from going through with what she was intending.  Even after the kiss, there was a sensation on his lips, like he could still feel her mouth against his, still kissing him.  He allowed himself to recline back, not fully laying back, instead placing himself in a good position to observe as she began to fellate, proving her skill with an attentive and creative display that didn't settle for just one thing and doing it till the end, but making full use of her lips and tongue to press the act onward.  Kae reached out to brush some hair from her face, tuck it behind her ear, and make sure he could get a good look at what she did, wishing to fully appreciate the act by witnessing it with his own eyes.

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[ Soo Young Seung ]

Soo was very pleased when her happenstance lover wanted to give her the kiss she had been bereft of, and she first chuckled and then purred against his lips. "That's more like it, wizard." She gave him a grin once their lips parted, feeling more into it now that it was not just the maelstrom of their sexual attraction that made them do this (again). The break of pace, which the kiss indeed was, made Soo think more of him than that she was just letting herself be washed under by the undertow of their linked minds. For this, she gave him a very warm smile while he reclined upon the bed.

Was his cock all that beckoned for her now? No, her mouth was going to explore the delights Kae's body had to offer. Traveling downwards, marking the young man's flawless skin with kisses as she went, she lavished attention to her lover's neck and collar bones before she would find her way to the hard pebbles at the bottom of his chest. Her hands upon his shoulfers, Soo crawled down his body to take the first one in his mouth. She rolled her small tongue around it, nibbling and kissing until it almost hurt. She felt and listened for his reaction before she moved on to the other nub, giving it the same treatment. By then, her hands would roam Kae's body as she made her way ever downward, not once ceasing her ministrations, the Asian Lone-Wolf not wanting to leave a single part of the Bajoran's body untouched.

Soo's mouth, guided by his mind, soon found its way down to Kae's hips after tracing his navel. She scraped her teeth lightly against his skin, before sinking her teeth into a hip bone. Not hard enough to break blood, of course, and she soothed the area by nipping and tounging at the abused hip. Then, glancing up at Kae, Soo traced circles over the hip's twin with her thumb... apologising for the harsh treatment if it was too much for him. In either case, she replaced her teeth with feather-light kisses once she moved there.

She continued downward - skipping past the prevalent erection - to nip at his inner thighs. She gave him a playful grin past his throbbing length, peeking out form behind it. Only then did she grasp the presented shaft, gingerly running the thumb of her other hand over the slit collecting liquid at the top. Moving her body up, letting him see her body a bit more, she ran that thumb across Kae's bruised hip, the pre-cum glistening in the faint light - creating an ethereal brush-stroke. Ever teasing the shaft with her grasp, Soo then greedily lapped up the smudge, effectively cleaning her lover's hip before making her way back - perching between parted legs. Then, with a smile on her lips, she leaned down to meet an eagerly twitching head. He tormented Kae by placing slow, deep kisses against his the slit at the top.

Continuing to stroke one of his thighs with her free hand, Soo finally dove in. He passed between her separated teeth and she closed her lips around him. It did take her a few quick dipping motions to achieve acclimation to his girth. Soon, she managed to get a good rhythm going. Bending her head back as best she could without putting his length in a compromising angle, she took a look at his face to verify what her mind was already perceiving from his.

Contnent, Soo continued to shove him down the length of her tongue, the head getting closer and closer to her throat with every thrust. She could not help but touch herself with her free hand at that point, feeding on the stimuli she was giving him through the feed of emotions his mind. She fingered herself, letting a soft moan percolate down his shaft, and the rhythm of her fellatio increased for a while, her lips flush around him. She could feel him hitting the back of her throat, and her eyes watered a little even though she kept going.

Yet soon, she slowed her pace down and dragged him out of her mouth fully, stretching her lips back into relaxation and a deep breath. "You like it, huh?" she whispered huskily, grinning to him, "I can feel you do..." Milking him where she sat, she tilted her head to the side. "Do you want me to keep going?"

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[ Axius vel Onea ] Attn: Riheh Neyah

Woken by a soft voice, Axius opened his sapphire eyes and looked upon the metal ceiling above. While a pounding in his head rang like a drum, the voice mysteriously didn't seem to cause any pain. It was sweet and calming, and he turned to where it came from.

The first thing the Câroon noticed was the outline of hourglass hips and teardrop-shaped breasts in the white sheets. He took another look at his respectively bare body before facing Rihen with a look of shrouded surprise. Then came a genuine smile as he remembered the night before. Axius leaned toward her, speaking in her ear before he jumped from the bed, "Oh, I can only sleep once I've been fully satisfied."

He stood next to the untidy bed, exposing his sculpted body before speaking again, "And you sure as hell did that." He bent over as he waited her to reply, amused by the amount of smiling they shared, and gathered the trail of clothes leading to the door, not sure if he should leave them unattended for another hour of fun, or place them over his skin and head in for a shift.

He tried not to look at her glowing skin in attempt to control the length between his legs.

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[ Rihen Neyah ] Attn: Ericajohn

Having grinned when the fighter pilot had answered her with a private comment in her ear, Rihen positively beamed when Axius rose from the white sheets and complimented her on her performance of the Jamaharon. She'd always found Câroon men and women gratifying patrons when they came to Risia, and not just for their physical beauty, but for how they were not the kind to react with bland politeness. They were an emotional people, often outspoken, and while empaths and telepaths could never read their feelings, Rihen had found it fairly easy to see when they were appreciative towards her arts.

"It means a lot to me that you say that, Axius vel Onea," she said with her bright smile, and she tilted her head when he bent over to pick up the clothes from the floor - looking without shame upon his posterior and the way his muscles moved underneath his skin when the garments were scooped up. The Lone-Wolf might have had a wee bit paler complexion than other Câroon, but the accentuated body was no mistaking. Like how they wore their feelings on their sleeves sometimes, their bodies were a second testament to where they hailed from.

Since he had vacated sheets they'd shared, Rihen smoothly rose from them as well, still holding the corner of the blanket when she followed him out from his bedroom and into the main living area of his quarters. Smoothly, with practiced care, she tied the blanket around her body like a towel, and she seated herself on the small divan she found in the sitting area, and her mismatched eyes still followed him in his quest for the clothing he had worn during the Festival. She saw her own white toga, remembered how she had let it fall on the way to his bedchamber, but she made no movement to retrieve it where she sat.

"Thank you for letting me sleep here in your quarters tonight," she said, a playful expression on her face, "I have my own civilian quarters, of course, but I really enjoyed your company after the success of last night."

She had hosted the entire thing, practiced her old dancing from before she was banished from Risia. It was a wonder she remembered it all. "I had never imagined that I would be able to host Lohlunat for both of the crews. I felt there was due cause to celebrate afterwards, and I am grateful you wanted to do so with me." Sitting there, she let her eyes wander his bare body up and down - emphasising the meaning of her next few words. "Yet the sights one can see here in the light of morning does make the wonders on the holodeck pale by comparison..."

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[ Axius vel Onea ] Attn: Lucan

It seemed as the two were having most of their conversation without words. The exchange of genuine smiles was something rare in the life of Axius. She was one lover that had satisfied him to his ends. Maybe her Risian blood had a great effect, how she always gave, but somehow knew what the pilot wanted. He remembered their sweaty skin writing against each other, taken away by the flare of passion that had either sparked from the enthusiasm of safety or the alcohol. Either way, it was a night he wanted to remember.

"My pleasure. My door is always open whenever you need it. Just remember to bring the good stuff, not synthehol." He winked, as though being completely naked and expressing clear sexual desires wasn't enough flirting.

He placed the clothes he had gathered into the replicator to be recycled, and he received a satisfying glow of light as their matter was turned into energy. He tapped a simple control, programmed by the many previous uses, to replicate a small pot of hot tea, accompanied by china cups decorated with the inscriptions of ancient Câroon languages.

Axius strode to where the Risian sat carrying the small tray of beverages to the table. There she was, propped up perfectly, as though the linens were crafted by the finest seamstresses and fitted perfectly to the goddess shape of her body. It couldn't be that her species allowed her to be this breathtaking. She was unique in a way that couldn't compare to other Risians.

And then she made his heart melt with a simple sentence.

Axius neared her even closer, almost nose to nose as they mingled their breaths. "Am I your light in the morning?" He ran a tattooed hand up her wide hip and into her covered chest, "I am merely the moon to your star."

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[ Rihen Neyah ] Attn: Ericajohn

When Axius came closer, Rihen tilted her head the other way and bit her lower lip with her characteristic smile. Yet when he touched her, that smile grew even brighter, and she leaned her head back to meet his gaze better since he was leaning over her.

"I don't know if you can call me a star just yet, Chief Onea," she breathed against his lips and propped herself up with her hands behind herself, making his rank a sultry sound. She arched her back to meet his touch too, slowly pushing her chest out to the palm of his hand. "After all, you have not lit me this morning."

The path Axius' hand took made Rihen's blanket come a bit loose, and it slipped off her body a little, but she was nowhere as bare as he was - a fact that she was very well aware of. She liked it when men and women were not self-conscious about their bodies, regardless their species or appearence. In that regard, Axius and her were alike. For her, it was in her very nature as a Risian to be generous with her body, and she had a mind to be just as generous as he was being right then.

"Oh.. I don't know what kind of 'wolves' there are below the ground of Câroon," she said after a tell-tale glance - lips barely touching his in anticipation of their first morning kiss . and she shifted her weight to reach out with her hand, "but it seems they do like their stars instead of any moon."

And her fingers wrapped around the Lone-Wolf's endowment just when she kissed him, stealing his breath into her mouth. She did not know if Axius knew about the name-sake for his squadron, but she had heard about the Terran animals once or twice. With the way her hand began to stroke his tumescence, she was confident he would get her meaning nonetheless.

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[ Axius vel Onea ] Attn Lucan

Axius breathed in slowly in pleasure and fulfillment of the kiss's anticipation. Her grip was like velvet, soft and firm, pulling the blood into his thickening cock as he entered his tongue into her waiting mouth. Each stroke made him moan softly into her mouth, eyes tightening in angst. His hand slowly gripped the sheet that covered her flawless skin, throwing to the side as he seized her full breast. His free hand glided up the curve of her arched back and pulled it closer, releasing the two from the awkward position as he continued to embrace her lips.

He quickly ripped her from the ground, wrapping his strong arms around her waist and, unfortunately deafening the pleasure coursing from his now hard length. He pulled his head back, opening his eyes as he locked with Rihen's, speaking softly as he brushed his thumbs softly against her back, "I'm not 'Chief' in here..."

He pecked her lips once more, "With your artistry, you have complete control over me."

He continued to kiss her vigorously, savoring the taste of her lips and the feel of her skin, carrying her to the bed where they would once again achieve a level of ecstasy surpassing pleasure. "What first?" he asked, biting his lip.

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Soo Young Seung was full of surprises, Kae was beginning to realize.  He had seen a vulnerable side of her when she woke up feeling exposed, and then a strong, almost too willful side for one of her size when she thought he might have been underestimating her.  Now, he saw her in the throes of passion, intensity in every action she performed, and when that action was using her mouth against him in inventive and pleasurable ways, it was almost too much of a sensory overload for him to handle.  When she asked if he liked it, he could hard;y believe she felt the need to ask such a thing.  With the skill she had on display, he couldn't have imagined anyone who experienced it would have any complaints, though he had learned enough about sexuality to know that when a woman was that talented, it wasn't because she was worried about her ability that she asked, but simply to hear praise for it. 

"More then like it.  You're incredible," he said, voice barely able to get it out, like she had sucked the breath from his lungs when she had sucked on something else.  At the question of whether to keep going or not, he nodded, bringing a hand to the back of her head and nudging her down.  Nudging was about all he could do, because her inner strength had already proven too much for him to have any hope of forcing her to do anything.

Under such skillful hands and mouth, he knew he wouldn't last long, but the need to try kept him going.  He didn't want to seem too easy to get off, even if what she was doing made him want to release far sooner then he did.  When at last he felt himself nearing the climax, unable to hold it back any longer, he let her know, offering Soo a chance to decide how she wanted to handle it, whether she would take it out from between her lips or not, and if she did, where she planned on aiming the resulting mess that was quickly coming her way.

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[ Rihen Neyah ] Attn: Ericajohn

When she was hoisted up into his embrace, Rihen made a surprised but delighted sound, and she wrapped both her arms around his neck and her legs about his waist. She returned his passionate kissing fully whilst she was carried through his quarters. Judging by his words, he wished for her to show him the best way to repeat their Jamaharon, so when they reached his bedroom, she set her feet down and ran her hands down from his shoulders and the hard planes of his chest - lips parting from his.

"Then let us take our kisses elsewhere," she said, and she pushed him lightly to make him lie down upon the tangled sheets they had shared during the night. Yet she followed him, laid down upon him to rake her fingers through his hair, and kiss him once more before she turned around - straddling his face while leaning down towards his rigid arousal. "Let our lips show our desires through action rather than words..."

So she took his throbbing length into both her hands, and stroked it firmly in preparation for her lips, which would descend his hardness all the way to its hilt. Eventually, of course, since there was less pleasure without anticipation. She swirled her tongue around the bulbous head, and when she drew her lips back, she made it pop free with a damp sound. In all things she did, she wore her playful smile, truly enjoying Jamaharon in all its expressions.

[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

When Lin Kae replied, Soo grinned across the head of his glistening length. "You have an incredible wand, my dear wizard," she said, tilting her head while she jested. With her hand at the base, she waved it from side to side in lazy motions , "My magic is only as good as the wood I wield in my hand."

He urged her to continue, and she happily did so, welcoming his hardness all the way to the back of her throat in a firm and quick rhythm. She groaned around his girth as she continued to finger herself, rubbing her clitoris while she pleasured him as best as she might. Her other hand rubbed him in sync with her lips' insistent movements along him, and she closed her eyes to better sense him - to let herself revel in the very pleasure she was giving him. It was more than enough to bring her to the edge of her own tolerance, swaying of the brink of the fall with each second she fellated him - thrust two fingers deep inside herself.

So when he eventually came, it was the final straw for Soo. She had to articulate her climax, pulling back her lips from his cock just as it began to gush thick white cream upon her. She rubbed herself throughout the convulsions that shook her, and she milked out all of his seed with her other hand. His semen spattered her neck and her breasts, feeling warm against her skin. Breathlessly, she came to grin in satisfaction once the tremors subsided, and she opened her eyes to look at her happenstance lover.

"Oh, my..." she said and giggled in delight, "I think I'll have to borrow your shower now, if you don't mind."

She stood up and let go of him, swaying her hips playfully as she walked out of the room. She glanced back over her shoulder at him. "I suppose you could join me, wizard. Might be lonely in there..."

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[ Axius vel Onea ] Attn Lucan

As the two danced through the erotic stances, Axius finally realized what Rihen was positioning for. With her clean folds of vagina nearing his eager lips, he was oblivious to the fact that she was about to do something he hadn't received in a while.

As her gentle lips wrapped around his massiveness, his breathing shuttered, chest becoming tight with the overwhelming waves of intense pleasure emanating from his cock. Her tongue like a whip of water gliding over his head, saliva rushing from her lips and down to his pubic hair as she ascended and descended his length. Each and every moment was like a new sensation, each new wave of satisfaction making him forget that she was performing this activity to its maximum potential. He bit back a moan, but still escaped was a deep grunt of joy. He placed both tattooed hands on her firm cheeks, gently squeezing as his own tongue snaked from his lips.

It met her in her pinkness, gently gliding over the skin, bare, but natural. It tasted of her other set of lips, still as sweet and intriguing as her personality. As he progressed through the flesh, lips entering her passage, the pattern of bliss came into action. Every lick, every kiss, every maneuver he made on her was reciprocated on her end. Each movement he made felt like he was doing so to himself as the rhythm set it.

This was definitely a good morning.

Heaven was a word he used lightly, but each time the head of his penis punched the back of her throat, he felt it getting closer and closer. Eventually he would have to release, but he felt the urge to conceal it. Partly because he wanted to continue in his efforts with his procedures, but also he didn't know if Rihen would want his cum in her mouth. She was an expert, she would know when he was meet his peak, so he left it in her hands as he vigorously, yet gracefully, pleasured her.

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[ Rihen Neyah ] Attn: Ericajohn

Feeling quite keenly how this was not the first time the Lone-Wolf pleased a woman with his mouth, she found herself moaning around his rigid arousal without having to exaggerate her reactions in any way. She began to arch her back rhythmically to thrust her warm sex against his mouth, and her puckered, hard nipples scraped against his abdomen as she moved. She paused in her ministrations to speak, smiling from ear to ear.

"I a-am not used to men being quite so generous as you a-are. Oh... " She had a mind to say more, but she could not be ungenerous and leave him bereft of her mouth. With one hand milking him from base to neck, her lips sealed flush around his girth once more, and each time she raised her head anew. He was vigorous despite the aftermath of his drinking at the festival, and she envied him for his ability to drink sensibly. It was an art she had never learned, and therefore she had all but quit drinking anything but synthehol. Something she appreciated now, when she could be as generous with herself as she wanted without feeling ill or having a headache.

With the tension rising, they both quickened their motions, each one's sounds of lust growing inside of their occupied mouths. "Mph!" she cried out as her vagina tensed up, and then pulsed with pleasure. "Mppphh!" She had to wrap both her hands tighter around Axius to have something to hold on to. Eventually, she tried to continue her oral stimulation, but could only do so when as the waves of her climax began to abate, rhythm completely lost. In the end, she had to let it go from her mouth so that she could moan loudly with the release she had felt. Delicate shivers coursed through her body, and she grinned in elation when she finally resumed control of herself. "Oh, Axius... You have me quaking... Is that why you got your pilot name?"

Feeling how his male hardness pulsed, Rihen knew he was not far from his own completion of Jamaharon. Therefore, she threw him a knowing grin across her shoulder and turned around so that she was facing him where he lay on the bed. "Can I ride your tremors while you shake?" she asked in a hushed voice and laid her hands upon the hard planes of his chest, placing her sex on top of his length, grinding herself along it as it lay against his lower abdomen. "I want to feel you move and tremble... and then ride out your aftershocks..."

And with a small shift with her hips, she got the angle right... and she felt him press into her. "Oh..."

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