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CHAPTER 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

[ USS Theurgy | Crew Quarters/Senior Staff Quarters | 0710 hrs. ] Attn: Any character not in 01: Resurrection

Throughout the Theurgy, the crew was waking up, some of which would be resuming their duties on the Alpha shift. For while the Festival of the Moon may have lasted until the middle of the night, and many had drunk a bit more than they should, it did not mean that there wasn't a tomorrow waiting for them.  A day that might bring shame and regret, or contentment and joy. Yet some may wake in shock - unable to deny what must have happened and also failing to remember how it came to be they woke up where they did. Or with whom.

[ Rihen Neyah ] Attn: Anyone

Her short blonde hair impervious to being dishevelled, and her face even more angelic when she slept, Rihen Neyah slowly opened her heterochromatic eyes where she lay on her bed - white sheets barely covering her bare body. It took her a couple of seconds to blink and focus upon the face of the person next to her, but when the sight and the memories came to her, her lips spread in a bright smile - the corners of her eyes creasing in delight.

She sat up in the bed, pulling up the corner of her blanket to barely preserve her modesty - done more out of common habit than any need to really cover herself. She ruffled her own hair with her free hand and then covered her mouth when she yawned - smile soon returning afterwards. "Good morning. You fell asleep quite fast after we completed Jamaharon. I trust you were satisfied with my companionship?"

[ Evelyn Rawley ] Attn: Anyone

When Rawley woke up with a sour curse, she was only wearing socks, flight boots and someone's unzipped undershirt. She was sitting by the small table in her quarters - feet crossed upon said table - and her neck hurt from sleeping with her head tilted forth. With eyes bleary and a bloody headache reaching as far down as her teeth, she glared around the room and put her feet down - replacing them by her elbows upon the table as she clutched her shaved head. "Fucking hell..."

On the table stood an empty bottle of whiskey, and her panties were lassoed around its neck. The rest of her quarters seemed to be on more of a disarray than usual, and... she wasn't alone. Eyes narrowing to make out who the moving figure was, she cleaned her dry teeth with her tongue so that she could speak without her lips getting stuck. "Hey, what the bloody fuck happened last night?"

[ ThanIda zh'Wann ] Attn: Anyone

Deputy zh'Wann was already in her shower, the water running down her back as she slowly lathered herself up. Her white hair was a wet waterfall down her back, and her antennae were lowered in thought while streams of water poured down her neck.

She was looking down at the drain as a little whirlpool appeared inside it and began sucking up the water coursing down her form. She tried to imagine that the water was actually her fears, doubts, and depression that was going down the drain, allowing the vessel that would be her body to be empty of all. Maybe a few drops here and there, but it'd be gone. Sadly, this could not be. The fact of the pending meeting with the Senior Staff still remained, and the revelation still due.

Ida needed to think her troubles would go down the drain. She knew it was far from the truth, yet she still needed this product of her imagination. She set her hands against the wall of the stall, just staring at the drain as the soap slid down her legs and fell from her body. She let her mind run amok and allowed herself  time to finally think; making the sounds of the water smacking against the floor block out all other sounds in the Galaxy. Everything... besides her thoughts.

She needed to tell Wenn Cinn about her transfer request before the meeting. She owed him nothing, but the Ridgenose still deserved to know ahead of the announcement.

[Deputy zh'Wann,] said Thea's voice over the intercom in the bathroom, [you have a visitor by the door, and it appears you are unable to hear the signals. Shall I tell your visitor to return later?]

Ida's antenna angled down and she hissed between her teeth. "Who is it?"

After being told, she soon stepped out and wrapped a large towel around herself, going to answer the door - her face stony and eyes as sharp as they always were on duty.

[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Anyone

Groaning, Soo rolled over. The party had ended hours ago but the pounding in her head hadn't stopped, or even lessened. Inside her fractured mind, she promised to never drink again, which she did every time she had a hangover. She wiped the crust from her brown eyes, and the vicious light that assaulted her made her cringe. Quickly, she closed them again and buried her face in the pillow.

What happened last night? She couldn't remember. After she had a private little time with the Ovri nurse, everything was a blur of music and shots, which had soon turned to complete oblivion. The last thing Soo could remember somewhat clearly was talking to someone - probably not a hologram - at the bar. And then... nothing.

She moaned into the soft pillow. It was time to get something for her headache. She rolled over, and slammed her elbow into a pillow. A pillow that grunted.

Her eyes widened. This is not happening... No bloody way. Slowly, she looked behind her, eyes bleary. Doing so, she also realised that she was as naked as the day she was born. Oh, shit...

[ Winterbourne ] Attn: Aisha S'Ithi

His peaceful, pleasant sleep was cut short as his world turned from a secluded black to a sudden flash of light. Dazed and still half asleep, Cale Winterbourne blinked, and then opened his eyes to be greeted with a ray of light that escaped from the bedroom door of his quarters - left slightly ajar. Riptor? came his thought, guessing that the tall fighter pilot from the Harbinger had suddenly left.

With a grunt, Cale meant to roll to the side but found his left arm pinned.  Blearily, he tried to move his arm, but all sense of touch stopped past the elbow. Confused, he turned his head, perplexed at being stuck and at the loss of feeling in his hand.  The world was still out of focus, but after a few blinks the Helmsman discovered the cause - lit by the narrow light from the door that had been left ajar. Oh, yeah... Now I remember...

Riptor and he hadn't been alone last night. Aisha S'Ithi's dark-haired head lay nestled in the crook of his arm. Her soft but steady breathing could be felt on his shoulder.  Cale smiled for himself as he admired the Cardassian's slightly scaled features in the beam of light. Her nose rubbed gently against his skin with the rise and fall of her breathing. With a stifled yawn, Cale also noticed her limp hand weighing down his chest - her fingers arched slightly.

Cale lifted his free arm and gently took her hand.  He thought her fingers give a reflexive squeeze.  As he slowly become more awake, Cale also notice how incredibly cold his legs were.  Lifting his head groggily, he saw his bare legs completely exposed, the blankets twisted across their upper bodies, and the only warm spot being where the Cardassian's leg was bent across his. He was about to rectify this when he paused.

Why... is there voices coming from the main room? Was Zaraq still with them too?

Glancing towards Aisha again, Cale did his best to gently disentangle himself from her, trying to not wake her up. Then he got on his feet, realising that he had no clothes on. He looked about, finding a pair of black boxers to pull on before he walked to the door - looking out the small gap before opening the door.

He saw Riptor. He stood with his back towards Cale, fully dressed, and he had just answered the door - someone standing in the corridor. They were silent, and it looked like the one that had chimed the door to Cale's quarters was stroking Riptor's face - a hand on his cheek. A sudden pang of jealousy hit Cale upon seeing it, thinking the fighter pilot had a lover he did not know about. But just as Cale stepped out to ask, Riptor nodded to the one outside... and stepped out. Gone as the door shut behind him.

"Ript-?" Cale had begun, but fell silent when he was left alone, running a hand through his white hair in confusion. Then he returned to the bedroom...

[ Narik Cinsaj ] Attn: Anyone

As soon as Narik Cinsaj awoke, she knew that she had made a mistake.

The Boslic groaned, the headache she had not being one that you'd get from a simple synthehol drink or two. It wasn't often that she was that drunk but whenever it happened, she'd done something bad. She tried to open her eyes but the light that flooded into the bedroom of her VIP quarters was too bright.

But wait, in her new rooms... the door was on the right side. Drizzt, where am I? She lifted the sheets over her marked forehead, trying to hide from reality... and noticed how crude they felt. They smelled strangely. She had to find out where she was. She tried to open her eyes a second time and looked around, finding out that she, indeed, was not in her new luxurious rooms. She lifted herself up into a sitting position and just then, she noticed that she wasn't wearing anything but a Starfleet undershirt... which certainly wasn't hers. She thought about it for a second; which person that she knew wore the colour of the undershirt? Too many.

She closed her eyes and tried to even her breathing. She stood up, zipped the undershirt to her neck... and walked to the door, opening it and making her way through the Starfleet quarters to find out who she had stayed with during the night.

When she did, Narik leaned against the door frame... feeling extremely awkward.

[ Hannah von Slaverton ]

Nightmare awoke, thinking she was alone with her happenstance lover from late last night.

She'd had no idea Klingons were so rough lovers before she picked up Zaraq by one of the bars. He was the new Master-of-Arms, tall and strong with a past that bespoke her taste in men. Dangerous and with a sad story, exiled as he was and not able to return to his House on the Klingon homeworld. It had not taken many minutes before she had mustered the courage to ask him home to her quarters, and admittedly, the drinks she'd had might have helped some as well. In either case, Zaraq had followed her home, and they'd ended their Festival with some personal fireworks in her bed.

Yet when she opened her eyes, they were not alone.

"What are..." she began, sitting up with a frown towards the shadow standing by the bed, one hand placed upon Zaraq's face. He had his eyes closed, sleeping, but when Hannah spoke, he opened his eyes - looking up at the dark figure in the room. Hannah felt fear building in her chest, even if she was not easily frightened. The silhouette had sharp ears, like a demon, and it made stories from her childhood on Mars come to mind. It took her a couple of seconds to realise that they were Vulcan ears. "Computer, lights!"

The eyes that met Hannah when the lamps lit were completely dead - void of remorse. Her uniform collar was red, and she had three pips - halcyon beauty made terrible by the implications of the situation. It was Commander T'Rena of the Harbinger. The First Officer. The Winter Queen.

"Who the hell do you thin-" said Hannah, eyes darting to the hand on Zaraq's face. "What are you doing to him?"

"What is necessary for the mission," said the Vulcan quietly, just as she removed her fingers from the Klingon. "I will make you understand as well."

"Like hell you are! I don't know wha-"

"Silence her."

The strike was instant and brutal, sending Nightmare into the wall beside the bed. Zar-raq? She was disoriented, did not know how many seconds passed, but when she came to, she was on all fours - her hips held high by rough hands. She was about to scream, but the familiar feeling of Zaraq's ridged cock, forcing itself into her sex, completely drove the breath from her lungs. She flailed, scratched the floor, but before she got enough air down her lungs, T'Rena had crouched down next to her - a fine-boned hand thrust down upon the side of her head. She could only let out an animal mewl in protest to the meld as it set in.

But... in a couple of seconds... she did understand.

Soon, she even began to move in answer to Zaraq, knowing what her ultimate duty aboard would be.

[ Sjaandin ]

How did he end up on the floor?

Vivid impressions coursed through Sjaandin Fedd's mind, channelled through him by the woman that had climbed on top of him. Had she been at the door? Cir'Cie, the Vulcan from the Science Department. It was her that straddled him, right? The botanist. His head was ringing, hurting, and it wasn't from any headache. His torso hurt too. Had he been struck down to the floor? He had trouble thinking straight,  his mind not completely his own. Nor was his body, since the Vulcan had taken possession of him, one hand upon his cheek and with fingers splayed across his forehead. A mind meld? Cir'Cie's other hand had pulled down the underwear that he had slept in, and was now stroking his cock to arousal. Why is she..? His mind doubled back in confusion, a last resort as the meld aligned him to her viewpoint. No, it had not been her at the door.

No, indeed, through Cir'Cie's memory, he saw that it had been a man. A tall man with a beard, and he had stood in the corridor when Sjaandin opened. He recognised himself in the doorway, but the human had to have been from the Harbinger. Otherwise he'd remember that face. Well, he could not say he knew the entirety of the Theurgy's crew, but a giant of a man such like the one in the corridor he'd remember. Sjaandin had answered in his underwear, asked him what was the matter. Then... A strike to his abdomen. He had doubled over. He almost retched upon the floor. The second strike had come over the back of his head.

"Your compliance is required. Please do not resist." Cir'Cie, her face impassive - void of feeling - had made him hard with her hand. How did she end up naked? Was she trying to? Of course. Yes, the meld had told him the reason. Of course she tried to get him aroused. It made perfect sense that she wanted to have sex. They would need to reproduce for the long voyage, and Cir'Cie had picked him as a candidate to impregnate her. The meld had showed him what had to be done, and it made it easier to make the anger at being assaulted subside. If that did not soothe him, his empathic abilities could sense Cir'Cie deciding that it was time... well before she acted on her thought. She raised her hips and guided him against her Vulcan sex - letting him enter her... sinking down unto him.

When she did, her hand removed from his face, Sjaandin saw the figure behind her. It was the man that had stood outside the door, and he was naked as well - grinning to Sjaandin from across Cir'Cie's bobbing shoulder. "It sure makes sense, doesn't it?" said the bearded man, white teeth glinting. "If we are to win, we can't do anything foolish. We need the time and the numbers, or rather... the time to make those numbers."

Sjaandin grunted, Cir'Cie thrusting herself down on him - hands upon his chest. "Yes-s," he said, "It is the only way."

Nodding as he chuckled, the bearded man sank down on his knees behind Cir'Cie. He spat in his hand, lubing himself up, and then grabbed Cir'Cie's hips. The short-haired woman did not pause her movements on top of Sjaandin, but when the bearded man pushed inside her anus, the Vulcan did blink. Once. Yet that was the extent of her initial discomfort before she surrendered the control to the two men inside her - the both of them moving in sync. Mind and intent alike.

Captain Vasser was their only salvation, no matter the cost.

The subject will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. It may even deny the reality of the loss at some level in order to avoid the pain. The sense of shock provide emotional protection for the subject; a means to avoid being overwhelmed all at once. Depending on the subject, this feeling may last for an undetermined amount of time.
- Manipulation of Grief, by Host named cin Nicander

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[Aisha S'iti] Attn: Winterborne

Aisha stirred in the bed and began to awaken in the quarters of the Theurgy's young Helmsman.   She rolled over a bit as her eyes fluttered open.  Despite the soreness she couldn't help but feel wonderful after the amazing night she had been given by the three males.  Still if there was any of the three she would want to still be here with her it was the one who's quarters she was in.  There was something about the young helmsman she enjoyed the company of.  Maybe it was just the shared bond as fellows who shared the post at the wheel of their respective ships.  Maybe it was the way he was both like a man when she needed a man but straddled that line towards femininity as well that pulled her to him.  She didt knw what it was but something about him made her feel comfortable and happy.  As she looked up from the bed.  "Winter? Is that you?" she said looking towards the shadow of him as he came back into the bedroom.

[Miles Renard] Attn: Dyan Cardamarone

Miles stirred a bit as he began to awaken in his quarters.  At first he wasn't sure what it was that he felt next to him. But as he began to stir he remembered.  After their sparring match, and the subsequent enjoyment they shared afterwards.  She had came back with him to his quarters where they enjoyed each others company for a while more before drifting to sleep. 

Usually it would be more than strange to find himself in this situation and the awkwardness was permeating his mind.  Still the comfort of her naked body laying slightly atop his own naked form gave him a certain comfort he had never felt.  He was compelled to gently kiss her neck and run his hands over her wings.  Still, he couldn't help but feel a bit guilty for enjoying this kind of intimacy after mating.  More-so, he couldn't help but enjoy the feelings he had as he wrapped his tail around her and ran his hands through her wings as she slept against his furred body.

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[ Winterbourne ] Attn: Aisha S'Ithi

Returning, Cale saw Aisha stirring, and he stepped back to her while rubbing the sleep and residual alcohol inebriation from his eyes.

"In all honesty, I am not entirely sure just yet," he replied with a hoarse voice, his white hair standing on its end and his cursory attempt to comb it down quite futile. "I did end up in these particular quarters so I'd say it's a fair chance that's the case. I will not take much else for granted though. Not without some coffee and something for this headache."

He sat down next to her in the bed and raked both sets of fingers through his hair, trying to sort it all out. He tried to come up with a reason why Riptor would leave so suddenly without even saying goodbye, but he supposed there was any number of duty-related reasons why he'd have to leave. Perhaps his squadron was ready to depart from the Fighter Assault Bay ahead of time. Perhaps there was still maintenance to be done to them before they could, so he had to report to that frightening Squadron Commander of his, going by the apt callsign Phantom. But... why was there... a woman at the door, stroking his cheek?

In retrospect, he might have been wrong. The voice he had heard when he woke up could have been female, but it was not a certainty. He was not sure he had seen that hand on Riptor's cheek either, honestly, since he had barely woken up just yet. Perhaps the idea of a lover by the door had surfaced because of jealousy, being fond of Riptor as he was.

Glancing towards the woman that was usually at the helm of the Harbinger, now being in his bed, Cale gave her a lopsided smile, his back halfway turned towards her where he sat. "Yesterday was pretty wild, right?" he said with a chuckle, "I can hardly believe how things developed down there by the beach. I am not sure how much of a role as a facilitator that blonde Risian played in the events, but I am still very grateful to have been there... partaking in the madness. It was a great experience."

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[ Thomas Ravon | Rawley's quarters ]

It had been a long yet satisfying night for Thomas, a smirk could not be wiped off his face as he walked through the corridors of the Theurgy. He was on his way to Rawley her bunk, even though it was dead right early to be up and about after such a heavy night. The prospect of working on the captured Reaver had dragged him out of his sleep and after taking enough time to freshen up and get his clothes on, he decided Rawley should share in the joy of early wake up calls.

It was still pretty quiet in the corridors and he imagined a lot of people would still be sleeping out their hangovers or regretting their shift had started. He turned into the corridor that lead to Rawley her quarters now and stopped at the door. He let the door slide open and stepped inside the room. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and he sighed softly as he reckoned she was somewhere in her bed, with or without company. Somewhere he regretted the poor guy or girl that had walked into her web as he or she would probably get yelled or kicked out. Though that prospect lead to some amusement for Thomas. "Computer, lights please." he said and narrowed his eyes a bit.

As the lights sprung on in the room, the chaos around him was shocking yet not that chaotic at the same time. The smirk on his face only became a bit bigger as he noticed Rawley at the table, already in such a great mood it seemed. He looked around in the room and took all of the mess around him into his mind. It seemed like she had some great party here. His eyes stopped at the table as he looked at Rawley, noticing the bottle of booze. He stepped towards the table as she grunted and asked what the hell happened. "Well, I wasn't around here last night so you tell me." He answered her and fished the bottle off the table. He looked at the bottom of it to check if there was still anything in it, only to notice that it was empty. "Maybe I did see one or two ensigns flee the room though before I got in..." He teased her as he picked her panties off the neck and held it up with one finger. He seemed to inspect it a bit before making eye contact with Rawley.

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[Sten Covington's quarters] Attn: Nahrik Cinsaj

Sten was running a little late. The previous night's celebrations had taken a toll on the Chief of the Deck all right. Following his merry romp with Rawley, be had returned to the main area of the party and he continued to imbibe serious quantities of alcohol and synthehol. Being a large man with a tolerance to match was an asset, but he was no longer nineteen years old and the original chime if the alarm clock had gone ignored until he woke up again, only to feel the warm and soft presence that shared his bed. Who was it? I was definitely female and they did have a good deal of fun if the clothes strewn about were any indication. And a quick check revealed it had been the Boslic engineer.

How the hell had that happened? While a degree of professional respect had been established the previous day, there was still little love lost between these two. How much did I drink?

However, Sten did not wake the woman as he busied himself by tidying up his quarters a little before taking a rapid shower and it was with nothing but a standard-issue towel about his waist that be made his way back towards his bedroom, and incidentally his uniform. And when he saw the very much awake Nahrik in one of his undershirts, he stopped dead in his tracks. "Well good morning."

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[ Rawley ] Attn: Nolan

Evelyn grunted as she made out the silhouette of Razor in the garish light, hearing his jokes on her behalf.

"Fuck you, Tom," she rasped in her coarse Brittish accent and snatched her panties from his fingers, but she had to remain seated for a bit longer so she ended up holding her head together with her hands - the underwear lassoed around her fingers instead. "Shit, I have not felt like like such an acidic pool of vaginal discharge since I was in the Academy. How the fuck did I survive to flight school?"

With great labour, she got to her feet, supporting her weight on the edge of the table. The table, however, did not support her, so it tilted over and almost made her fall. It crashed down on the deck plating and she stumbled off to the side, catching herself on the doorframe to the bathroom. "Bloody hell," she mumbled and got her legs in order by leaning on the support she'd found. It was only when she was standing that she felt the soreness between her legs, verifying the fact that Nolan might not have been jesting. The undershirt she wore was not Starfleet issue, but rather a civilian garment that anyone might have brought to the holodeck for the celebrations. Unbuttoned, it just barely preserved her modesty as she leaned her aching head against the edge of the doorway, but she honestly could not make herself care about covering herself up because Razor was there, for her modesty was far down her list of current discomforts. She had the vaguest notion to put on her panties again, but she reckoned quickly that she needed a shower first lest she'd be smelling like a brewery all over the Flight Hangar.

"Why the hell are you here anyway?" she croaked and cleared her throat, trying to assemble her shattered mind. She was not bothered if he'd come to remind her about her pending shift, for her curses were not directed at him. No, her swearing usually maintained the calibre that would make nuns faint and children cry. Having asked, suspecting the answer, she turned her back towards him and removed the undershirt - her naked frame revealed just before she laid in a stumbling course towards the shower. Her naked body was, while toned and otherwise flawless, showing old scars and puckered seams of surgery. No dermal regenerator had been allowed near her skin, as much was evident.

She realised that the sliding doors shut behind her, so he'd have to step after to reply. That did not, however, stop her from turning on the shower and stepping in. She hawked and tried to spit out the foul taste in her mouth, hands on the shower wall for support. Who the hell did I end up fucking last night? Shit, Chief Covington... again? Had he been in her quarters as well?

"Are you trying to fool me, Razor?" she called to override the shower, water coursing down her body, "It was you who fucked me last night, didn't you? You claimed your prize for me flying the Reaver, huh?"

[ Cinsaj ] Attn: CanadianVet

Indeed, this was an awkward situation if she'd ever known one. The Covington man was not representative for her kind of taste in partners, and the other day, they had not really seen eye to eye in regard to her new contract. He questioned her expertise and refused to trust her to do her job without his full control over every little move she made in "his" hangar.

The thought had occurred to her that he was simply being discriminating towards her because she was female, alien or simply younger than him. Either way, she thought that if he did, he completely fit the archetype of what human males in their fiftieth Earth cycle were like. So she supposed that she was not entirely flawless and objective in her regard of him either, but regardless what viewpoint one might chose to observe this encounter, neither one of them were entirely content or happy with the surprise. On her end, she had at least been in control of her mind and memories when the Ferengi forced themselves on her during all those years, so it was genuinely frightening to consider that she had lost herself so completely.

"Why," she began, swallowing to ease her achingly dry throat, "why can't I remember anything? How could we... I mean, why would I... Did you put something in...  It does not make sense, that's all. Frax, my head..."

She clutched her marked forehead and walked off towards the bathroom, meaning to drink some water before she tried to shower off the smell of human upon her. Had she been taken advantage of? How could she tell if she had? She could not judge if she had been raped like the Ferengi had raped her. She had no means to deal vengeance lest she knew the truth. No means to cover herself as she bent over the sink to...

"Eek!!" She struggled to cover her bare behind, splashing water clumsily as she did. She rounded on the human and dared him make fun of her with her glare.

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[Thomas Ravon] Attn: Lucan

The smirk never left his face as Rawley snatched the panties out of his fingers. He leaned against the table for a second as he looked at her, head buried in her hands as the alcohol probably caused for a nasty echo in her head. At her comment about surviving flight school, Thomas shrugged his shoulders, letting go of the table and inspecting Evelyn her room. "You fucked your way to the top maybe?" he continued to tease her, basically on the verge of mocking her. "It sure has been a while since I saw you this knackered though." He continued as Rawley razed herself to her feet.

The table tipping over and crashing down made Thomas turn around and see what had happened. Evelyn was still on her feet, sort of, leaning against the doorframe. His eyes rolled over her noticing the bare breasts under the shirt. The buttons loose enough to see her skin underneath it, further down, well there was nothing there that covered up her sex and he followed her legs to the floor as they struggled to find a balance. "I'm here because our shift started about fifteen minutes ago. And we we're going to our little spoil of war." he answered her, he was not really surprised or shocked that she got rid of the shirt and he took note of the various scars and seams as she stumbled towards the shower. "Christ... Eve, do you need a hand to get to that shower?" He asked now, clearly seeing that she'd probably be not much use today on a flight deck.

Yet before an answer came the doors went shut. In fact he wasn't even sure if she heard what he had said, rolling his eyes he went after her. The sliding doors moving open again and the sound of the water reached his ears. So she did make it somehow to the shower in one piece. He leaned against the doorframe now as he waited for her, seeing her vague figure through the steam of the shower. What she shouted out next made Thomas smile "Oh, I wouldn't dare to fool you Ranger... Not in the state you're in now." He answered her, cheery enough and clearly being amused about the situation still "In fact, I still need to collect that." he reminded himself loud enough so she could hear him "Anyway, why do you think I fucked you? Have you been fucked so hard that it wiped your brain?" he asked her, trying to lure her out of her tent.

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[ Evelyn Rawley] Attn: Nolan

Despite everything, Razor's comment made Rawley cough out a derisive, short laugh against the glass wall. "Don't flatter yourself, hot shot," she rasped and cleaned her teeth with a finger, "I hardly think you'd make such a lasting impression. Besides..."

She ran her hands back her scalp and shook her head before glancing out the glass towards Thomas. " your own bloody words, I heard you have yet to collect," she said with a crooked smile and blood-shot eyes, "So don't oversell your cock when it's too fucking scared of me to come out and play."

Done with the shower, she pinched the bridge of her nose and stepped out - pearls of water coating her body as she reached for a towel, wrapping it low around her hips while she added, "You should stick it where it likes to be. It must think me tainted or something. That I have teeth down there too... or something." She took a second towel and turned her back on Razor, beginning to dry off her arms and neck before the mirror, feeling like shit... but what's new? She had a shift to attend to, and a Reaver to explore.

"Erectile dysfunction or not, you can still use your hands, can't you?" she idly chided Razor, and began to dry her head with her second towel, back still turned to him,  "I need a fucking uniform..."

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[Wenn Cinn] attn Ida

The celebration the night before on the holodeck had proved to be a very welcome distraction from the insanity of the mission and his return.  Cinn had woken with a satisfied smile still on his face but reminded himself quickly that returning to his usual stoic demeanour was the only option despite how he may feel on the inside.  He couldn't afford to let one night of throwing regulations to the wind distract him from his job.

He had decided that passing by Ida's quarters early, as he had been summoned to the awakening of the badly injured crewman, would be an acceptable grounding.  He wanted to speak to her about the requirements for the morning as he would be in meetings for a couple of hours at least.  Reaching her door he pressed the chime and waited.  Nothing happened.  He wondered whether she would still be asleep after a heavy night or whether she was awake and busy.  The answer came soon enough as a freshly showered and still be-towelled Ida appeared at the door.

"Good morning.  I trust you had a pleasant evening?" Cinn smirked at the hard expression Ida threw his direction.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything... or anyone," he said with a healthy dose of insinuation and looked over her shoulder to see if there was evidence of anyone else in her quarters.

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[Thomas Ravon] Attn: Lucan

Before Thomas could comment on Rawley her reaction he got shut down by the assumption of an erectile dysfunction. For a few seconds though he had found nothing to come up with to counter argue. Going full on defensive would probably just make Rawley revel and enjoy herself even more. Perhaps a more solid action should be taken to this matter?

His eyes went over her naked body and he looked up at her as she stood in front of the mirror. He stepped closer now and looked at her face through the mirror. "Aren't you tainted than?" he asked her with a smirk. He waited until she was drying up her face before he moved in.

He forced her against the wall, face sticking against the mirror while his hand pulled the towel off her waist. "Before I stick anything anywhere, I damn hell want to be sure you don't have any teeth down there." he growled in her ear. His hand reached down, moving over her abdomen down between her thighs. He ran his hand through her lips and he expected at least a struggle or a fight of this. Rawley wasn't really the person who would let this go unpunished, but he was craving for a good fight, or a good fuck...

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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She understood exactly what he meant.  "Yea Coffee can help with the headache but I can think of one even better,"  she said gently walking up behind him and placing her scaled hands against both sides of his face over his temple and gently rubbing it hoping the pressure and motion would ease the headache he was feeling.  "guess its a good thing that I didn't drink as much as the rest of you.  At least one of us should be able to have a clear head full of those wonderful memories."  She said softly kissing his neck.  as she rubbed the sides of his head gently hoping the temporal massage would help ease the headache.  She looked over at the replicator.  "Two cups of the black drink please."  she said. 

The computer made one of those strange staticy tones before replying, "Insufficient information." 

She sighed,  Access data on the North American indiginous plant common name Yaupon holly  Extrapolate from data a tea prepared by the following means.  Parch the leaves and braches Then in a large stock pot boil the browned leaves and branches in water until the liquid reaches a dark brown to black color.    afterwards strain into a cooling vessel.  From said information replicate two coffee cups of the resulting tea.  At a normal hot tea temperature."

The computer piped up, "According to data given the drink contains a abnormally large wuantity of ca..."

"I know computer, I know what it does it's a herbal medicine used by Missisipian native American tribes. That's what its supposed to do. Just make the damned drink already and file it as a form of detox treatment if you have to.

"Understood"  That said two cups of the drink appeared in the replicator.

Aisah smiled as she took one of the cups and took a sip grimacing a bit remembering the taste suddenly remembering how the black drink always was a bit of an acquired taste though vaguely reminiscent of tea.  she nodded "yep that's the stuff." she said in a satisfied tone before walking into the washroom and spitting out the small sip into the sink after having held it in her mouth for a few moments.  

Already her eyes looked a bit more awake than before as she brought him his cup.  "It's hot but drink it as quickly as you can.  Make sure you swallow it, and yes it is supposed to taste something tea-ish."

((OOC: the drink is known best as "the black drink"  It was used in the purification rituals of many native American tribes of the north American southeast otherwise know as the Mississippian tribes.  It contains in a single cup as 3.0-6.0 grams of caffeine.  Where on average 1 gram of caffeine is approximately 6 cups of coffee.  the most well known effect of the black drink is it is a natural emetic. (a substance that can cause vomiting)

I don't know the IRL time frame but I will assume after drinking he would begin to feel nausea approximately 30 secs to a minute after drinking it.  The effects after he is through I imagine will be similar to the caffeine surge of having drank about 10 espresso shots and feeling like he went through a day of detox at a sweat lodge.

If you are curious how I came upon this info I looked up if there were any herbal remedies or native teas that might be something she could suggest for him instead of coffee.  Everything that it said about the black drink made me think that based on their liberties with other things in native culture Star Trek would probably treat the black drink ritual as "Detox in a coffee cup."

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann ] Attn: TheBanshee

The Chief of Security teased her when she opened the door, and Ida narrowed her eyes at him - antennae rising in ill humour. She even folded her arms and cocked a hip as she regarded his smirk, her own lips thinning. "If you were, it would be none of your business, Cinn," she said in a quiet tone, but she did not linger on the topic. She turned and walked back into her quarters. "I need to speak with you, actually. Could you come in while I get ready?"

The sitting area was not far beyond the doorway and adjacent to the bathroom, so Ida went to the fogged-up mirror and washstand, telling the computer to keep the sliding doors open on the way there. That way, she could brush her wet hair and still speak to Cinn while he waited outside. She picked up the Starfleet issue blowdryer and overrode the small noise it made when she spoke. "I wanted to tell you this before either of the two Captains approached you." She clenched her jaw and continued to brush her hair while she spoke. "The USS Harbinger has a skeleton crew, but that does not mean they are without need for protection. Ensign Acreth killed all but one Petty Officer Cardamone when she escaped from the Brig during the attack on Theta Eridani IV, so there are no senior officers left to lead a new security detail aboard the Harbinger."

Ida felt pearls of water tickle her blue skin as she tended to her hair, and her face was still freckled with small droplets when she stepped towards the doorway, meaning to look Cinn in the eye when she told him.

"I mean to apply for Chief of Security on the Harbinger," she said simply without ceremony, turning off the blowdryer and standing in the doorway to the bathroom, "Yesterday, Captan Vasser  already suggested it before I did." Technically, it had been Chief Ravenholm that broached the topic, but that held little consequence. She merely wanted Cinn to understand that it was not just her own initiative.

"Given what I told you in my office... about what happened to me during the time when you were away, I hope you understand that while I do look forward to being your Deputy again, I might need a fresh start... on a new ship. I also want to point out that I am not considering this as a career move, for there is no prestige to be found during this mission of ours."

She left her brush and hairdryer behind and stepped out to the sitting area, putting her hands on the back of an armchair and leaning on it while she spoke to Cinn. "On the Senior Staff Meeting, the suggestion to have me transferred will come up, so...." she sighed, glancing away, "I would like to know what you think before that. I personally think its the right choice for the mission and the need to protect the Harbinger crew now that they have been decimated, but also from a personal standpoint given recent events. So..."

Ida trailed off where she stood, looking to Cinn with the wish that he'd break the ensuing silence.

[ Evelyn Rawley ] Attn: Nolan

When Razor asked his strange question about whether o not she was tainted, Rawley did not have the energy to frown at him in the mirror's reflection - not understanding what he was referring to. She figured he was not inclined to go fetch her uniform, but thought no more of it until she dried her head and face with her towel.

"He-ey!" she exclaimed when Thomas pushed her up against the washstand and the mirror, pinning her against the cold glass surface and the edge of the porcelain. "What are you-? What the fuck do you think...!" Her eyes went wide when he ripped the towel from her hips, baring her against the pressure of his body against her own - the side of her face held firmly against the mirror. She tried to backtrack what she had said and understand what the fuck was going on, and she could but come up with one theory.

"I did not mea- Hey! Ngh!" Suddenly, Thomas had slipped one hand down between her legs, and Evelyn felt his fingers rub her tender labia insistently. It did not exactly hurt, rather the opposite, but it ignited her ire for real because she was certainly in no fucking mood to mess around. "Take your hands off me, RazorI I said I n-needed a uniform, and you had hands to help me bring one, you bloody dimwit!"

Admittedly, she might not have been too clear about it, and the resulting misunderstanding and development would have made any number of women feel threatened and exposed to a sexual assault, but Rawley was more fighter than woman, so she lashed back. She struck backwards with her right elbow, meaning to catch Thomas over the side of his face. Being pinned against the edge of the washstand was problematic, but regardless of hard she managed to strike him, she'd secondly try to push away from the washstand and make him trip backwards. From that point on, if she succeeded, it would be all fists and kicks to take him down.

She fought like a cornered cheetah in ferocity despite her short stature, making up for what she lacked in muscles with her rage. The only thing that mellowed her ire was her hung-over state of mind, which might serve to keep her from dealing permanent damage to her squadmate.

[ Winterbourne ] Attn: IronFerrox

"Wonderful memories indeed," said Cale and closed his eyes with delight when his Cardassian lover massaged his temples and kissed his neck from behind where he sat upon the edge of the bed. He only opened them slightly during her debate with the replicator, which eventually led to Aisha leaving the bed and him being rewarded with the sight of her naked self picking up the two cups that had materialised. He frowned in her direction when she sipped from one cup and vanished to the bathroom, hearing her spit out what she had tasted.

"So... I really should drink this then?" he verified with raised eyebrows when she returned to him and gave him his cup. He smelled it first, but he had not the best sense of smell so most of the scents were hard to pick out. He decided to trust her since it seemed like a concoction made by her adopted human people, being of the old native american bloodlines. It seemed so remote, that one of her species had been brought up and schooled in a centuries old human culture. It only added to the many intriguing qualities she had, and fed his appreciation for the unknown and his need to explore her more. "Okay then..."

Winterbourne started with a sip, and it really did not taste well, but he continued to drink it all down as best as he could without scalding his tongue. Immediately, it seemed to clear his head and make the skin on his face tingle with re-activating nerve-endings. His stomach complained loudly, but his mind slowly cleared and the headache subsided somewhat in intensity. He grimaced a bit since the taste wanted to linger in his mouth.

"I don't know about the drink," he said in light humour where he sat on the edge of the bed and coughed into the bend of his arm, but his eyes lingered on Aisha as he added, "but the service and the staff in this place sure makes up for it."

He could not even remember the last time he had a naked woman roaming around in his quarters. There were usually men, admittedly...

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She lightly laughed about his comment on the drink, "Actually I would advise you excuse yourself to the latrine if it feels like the black drink wants come back up.  For centuries was used various purification rituals among different tribes particularly before war.  I think your stomach may be telling you exactly what the purification ritual entails."  she said with a bit of humor.  Dont worry after you get back I'll have us both something much better that is sure to get rid of any other lingering effects.   I promise this one will taste a lot better.and will even help a bit more with the headache.  She said as she walked over to the replicator.  "Tea, Wintergreen Hot.  she specified as she sipped at her cup of the Black drink holding the liquid in her mouth for a moment letting the caffeine absorb before swallowing it having learned to not let it bother her stomach as easily by taking slow sips of it though never having learned how to like the taste.  Still she had to admit the caffeine buzz more than made up for the taste.

Taking the two cups of wintergreen tea out of the replicator she smiled walking over to a seat not even bothering to look for her clothes deciding that if he didn't mind her state of undress she may as well enjoy the liberation of not having to get into a uniform for at least a while more.  She always had always enjoyed the rare moments of having the luxury of going without clothing finding the freedom relaxing as she waited for him to come out of the bathroom knowing it might be a few minutes remembering the first time she had been introduced to this drink and remembering how it tended to react to a stomach full of alcohol and not much else.  she silently apologized to him knowing that the worst for him was moments away but knowing afterwards the hangover would be far less pronounced thanks to the mixture of caffeine and the rejection of whatever alcohol was still in his stomach.

OOC: the tea she has had made now is wintergreen tea and is is a tea made from the plant also called wintergreen or teaberry.  It is a form of herbal tea and from what I understand its a tea with a light minty flavor  that has been used as a Native American herbal remedy for amongst other things headaches as the essential oil of the plant is very similar to the headache drug Asprin.  Basically this combination of temple rub vomit inducing caffeine drink and chasing it all with natural aspirin containing minty tea has been her personal preferred cure for hangover for quite a while.  the final item in the hangover cure is usually a long warm shower (that's even more relaxing if it's shared with someone.)  

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Anyone

Groaning, Soo rolled over. The party had ended hours ago but the pounding in her head hadn't stopped, or even lessened. Inside her fractured mind, she promised to never drink again, which she did every time she had a hangover. She wiped the crust from her brown eyes, and the vicious light that assaulted her made her cringe. Quickly, she closed them again and buried her face in the pillow.

What happened last night? She couldn't remember. After she had a private little time with the Ovri nurse, everything was a blur of music and shots, which had soon turned to complete oblivion. The last thing Soo could remember somewhat clearly was talking to someone - probably not a hologram - at the bar. And then... nothing.

She moaned into the soft pillow. It was time to get something for her headache. She rolled over, and slammed her elbow into a pillow. A pillow that grunted.

Her eyes widened. This is not happening... No bloody way. Slowly, she looked behind her, eyes bleary. Doing so, she also realised that she was as naked as the day she was born. Oh, shit...

[Lin Kae]

He had been too comfortable to move or open his eyes, simply enjoying the feeling of remaining in bed, avoiding any stimulus that might have kicked in a hangover and left him sorely trying to put together the pieces of the night before.  The first thing that tipped him off that something wasn't right was when he shifted in the bed, and realized it was bare skin against the sheets.  He never slept naked, always having his underwear on.  When an elbow hit him in the side, though, was when he knew something definitely wasn't right.  His eyes snapped open, shooting up in the bed, and finding himself staring at . . . Oh shit.

Soo Young Seung wasn't exactly a stranger.  They might have passed one another in the hallways when working aboard the Theurgy, maybe said some form of greeting in passing, but this was far beyond that.  He was naked in a bed with her, also naked, the sheet the only thing keeping either of them from fully appreciating the other.  "Did . . . did we . . . ?"  He couldn't bring himself to say it, but the signs seemed to point toward it.  Sharing a bed together, naked?  The only way they couldn't have had sex was if they both fell unconscious from drinking too heavily.

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[Thomas Ravon]

The elbow Rawley swung his way hit Thomas straight where it had intended to. The blow dazed him a bit, allowing Rawley to break free from her position. He managed to raise his fist and regain his composure just before Rawley would be able to strike down the seven hells down on him. Clearly he had misunderstood the situation entirely yet a good fight was something he needed, the consequences of how and what however would be something completely different to answer for later. He didn't even try to justify his actions. "Come on Evelyn..." he said softly, teasingly almost, wanting her to go berserk.

He equaled his footing now and cleared his mind. What exactly triggered him to go this self destructive? It was something that had completely been dormant during his stay at Theurgy. Perhaps the cropped up feelings of being a hunted prey by the Federation or perhaps it could be something that was way deeper down. Either way it was something that he couldn't really think of right now, right now, he only felt the urge for a really good fight. He waited for Rawley to make the first move, yet he was ready for her, ready to repel each and every kick or swing she'd deal out at him.

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

The confusion and doubt that the Bajoran young man radiated reflected Soo's own consternation, and with wide-eyed shock, Soo scrambled out of bed - yanking the blanket with her on the way.

Though she had not counted on her limbs feeling like leaden weights and her sense of balance so off that she could not tell up from down when she got her feet on the floor. With a sail of her billowing blanket behind her, and heralded by her indignant cry of surprise, she careened off the bed and crashed-landed into a heap of textile and bare limbs. Having landed thus, she wanted nothing else than to remain and hide as best she could, but she was hurting too much - unsure whether her headache had spread down her limbs or she managed to strike the floor too hard in her fall.

So eventually, she peeked up over the edge of the bed, only her eyes and her hair - completely on its end - showing as she regarded her happenstance bedpartner. "You are..." she blinked hard, "the hologram wizard, right? The one who unshackled Thea? I was MIA at the time so I have only heard the stories, but I was there when you made her able to leave the ship with that... emitter thing. But... why would... How did we..? I have not spoken with you before, have I?"

A hand surfaced from below the bed as she held her head, groaning in pain, "I'm Soo... or Oracle, anyway. Do you remember anything? Did we..?"Hesitantly, she reached down with her other hand... and the soreness confirmed it. "I... think we did..."

[ Evelyn Rawley ] Attn: Nolan

This could potentially have been the worst morning she'd had in a long time, and that including the couple of months she had spent in Sickbay. Rawley had no idea what she'd done the night before, she was so hungover she thought she was actually still drunk, and she had woken up in a chair with a cramp in her neck that would not go out. From the moment her eyes were open, she had been heckled by her squadmate, and now, having asked - albeit impolitely - for him to get her uniform, she had ended up in a bloody fist-fight!

"Fuck you, Razor," she hissed, face contorted in rage, and she picked up the glasses standing on the washstand, throwing them at him with brutal force. Her toothbrush clattered on the floor. She picked up a plastic container stacked with towels and sent it the same direction that the two glasses had gone, and then she snatched up the square and heavy weight indicator and hurled it like a bastard frisbee against Thomas. "Get the fuck out of my quarters!"

In the wake of the flying onslaught of objects, Rawley flew in, dealing consecutive fire with close-quarters attacks to try and finish what her artillery had begun. She had no regard for her own nakeness, coming at him like a bat out of hell and with burning ire in her eyes.

[ Winterbourne ] Attn: IronFerrox

True to Aisha's word, Winterbourne's stomach rumbled again in a couple of seconds, and he decided to take her advisement for the recuperation before it was too late. He excused himself and headed to the bathroom, and in the movement to rise up from the edge of the bed, the effects hit Cale in full force. No more had the sliding doors of the bathroom shut behind him than the convulsion started deep down in his throat. He landed on his knees and heaved with the force of the regurgitation.

Five minutes later, Winterbourne emerged from his bathroom again, having brushed his teeth but still looking more sick than he had before he had drunk the black concoction. Yet in seeing Aisha where she at and with the cup of tea available, Cale sat down on the edge of the bed again with a deep sigh. The new air and the lessening hold of disgorgement, added with the first sip of the tea, made him smile weakly where he sat in his black underwear.

"That was... intense, in lack of a better word," he said, and found the energy to chuckle, "so what is next, tea and hoping for the best?"

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[Sten Covington] Attn: Cinsaj

As the Boslic spoke and moved past him, Sten made his way back into the bedroom where he started getting dressed. And it was then he noticed his hands. He might be the Chief of the Deck and not get his hands as ditch as he used to, but he was still very much involved with fighter maintenance. And as such, his big hairy paws had gathered more than their shares of burns, scars and scrapes and various other injuries. However, he did not burst his knuckles at work the previous day.

And then, as Cinsaj yelped, some memories resurfaced through the fog of alcohol. Two of Harbinger's pilots had cornered her, one had her pinned down while the other was reaching for his belt buckle...

That would explain these more recent injuries, and the bruise on his ribs.

"I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I'm fairly certain you followed me willingly, and that I didn't touch you."

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[Thomas Ravon]  Attn: Lucan

The barrage of glass and pretty much everything that was moveable in the bathroom was not really something Razor had expected. The glass shattered against his elbows as he tried to repel them. Yet the heavier weight indicator was dodged by just an inch. He prepared himself just in time as the close quarter combat began. Countering most of Rawley her swings and kicks, he dealt out a few blow himself, not really inclined to leave her quarters just yet.

The normal thought pattern inside Thomas his mind had been completely wiped at the moment it seemed. The look in his eyes much hollower and empty than before. It was as if this wasn't really Thomas anymore and the way he fought off Rawley was a nice example of it. He fought wilder and more savage, dealing out rough blows and vicious strikes in places he knew Rawley was still weak after her stay in Sickbay. There seemingly was no sign of the old Razor at this time and the fight continued.

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She smiled softly, "Well, after the tea, I would suggest a nice long shower while I take care of you and help you get rid of what's left of that headache in every way I can think of.  It's the least I can do for you being part of a fantasy I had secretly wanted for years after all."  She said softly feeling a bit attached to the helmsman,  her kindred spirit on the Theurgy so to speak.  For certain it wasn't a love or romance, though she did enjoy his company and absolutely loved every second convincing him how much a female can please him just as well as a man could.  In a way she felt a sport in the way it was clear he preferred male company.  It was like everything she did was a game to show him anything a guy could do she could do so much more for him.  In a way that little game made everything all the more fun for her.

She smiled softly turning her back to him before bending over to pick a piece of clothes off the floor.  A bit of swimwear that she had hastily discarded after entering the room the night before.  As she moved her naked scaled body was fully exposed and as she bent over it was all to easy to see the split between her legs softly glistening in a bit of morning dew that was oh so intentionally revealed for him to see that she was his to take whenever he desired.

Se smirked looking back to him as got back up and walked over to the replicator whispering a couple sentences to it then grabbing whatever it had just replicated hiding it as she made her way towards the bathroom before looking back.  "I'm going to use your shower; feel free to join me."  She said as she disappeared into the washroom and the sound of a sonic shower starting could be heard.

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[Lin Kae]

Soo pulling the blanket away made him instinctively place a hand over his manhood, obscuring it from sight.  As she took her fall, knees apparently still weak from whatever happened last night, he forgot about modesty and was more concerned with her, leaning out over the bed to check on her, his nudity a distant memory at that point.  "You okay?" he asked, eyes locked on her face, not on any exposed bits which might have been unveiled from her fall.  As she asked about him, using a nickname he hadn't heard before, he felt a bit of a flush come across his face.  "Is that what people are calling me now?  Yeah, I'm Lin Kae, Holographic Specialist.  I don't think we've ever said more then two words at a time to each other, usual greetings when we're passing each other in a hallway.  I have . . . no idea how we ended up here."

As she reached between her thighs, his eyes averted their gaze, but as she confirmed that it seemed they had had relations that night, he swallowed a heavy lump that formed in his throat.  "I'm not sure what to say in this kind of situation.  This has never happened to me before."  One night stands, even drunken ones, had never been a part of his life.  Hell, sex with organic girls was unusual for him, Kae always suffering a bit of social anxiety with anyone who wasn't made of protons.  Skye carver, through some extraordinary circumstances, had helped him with overcoming that a bit, but Soo Young was only the second woman of flesh and blood he had been with, if everything was as it appeared to be.

Re: Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [02: Shock & Denial]

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[ Soo Young Seung ] Attn: Kurohigi

Soo was about to say that this kind of thing never happened to her either! But... she realised that... well, that would not be entirely true. She shut her mouth and cleared her throat, suddenly remembering one or two occasions that she had also used alcohol in order to cope with the stress of sensing people's thoughts and emotions all around her. Yet as for the night before, she did not remember Lieutenant Lin at all, but she did remember that Ovri nurse that had used that long tongue of hers in ways she had never...

Blushing even more, Soo reeled her mind out of the gutter and to the present. "Well, I can't really say I know what to say either..." She grabbed a fistful of the blanket and held it to her chest as she stood up, her balance a bit better but her headache still lingering. "It is just s-" Standing, she saw that Lin Kae was completely naked where he had laid on the bed and had looked down on her. Upon realising this, her eyes went wide and she quickly turned around with a startled sound, meaning to grant him some modesty. The problem was how that exposed her entire backside to him instead, resulting in another indignant sound escaping her as she awkwardly tried to wrap the blanket around herself without falling over.

"Would you just-! I mean can you-?" She gave up trying to say something coherent, hard as it was to keep a trail of thought. She finally managed to tuck the blanket like she would use a towel underneath her armpits and quickly set about looking for her clothes around the bed, heart beating fast. She really tried to not look at the Bajoran while she searched for her garments, but it was kind of tricky since he was just... there."Have you seen my shorts and my white top? Underwear, yes, I had underwear too. Where the hell-?"

This was silly. While she soon saw how their clothes had been left as breadcrumbs leading out into the front of her quarters, she could not just leave him there as if he had done something wrong. This had obviously been both their faults. She rounded on him instead, taking a deep breath and looking at him, trying to not look anywhere she souldn't, hard as it was. "I am sorry. Let's start over. Hi, I'm Soo Young Seung, like I said. Nice to... make your aquaintance, I guess?"

She held out her hand to him, giggling nervously at the more formal greeting.

[ Evelyn Rawley ] Attn: Nolan

The fighting took them out of the bathroom and back into the trashed main living area, Rawley's leaden strikes hard yet imprecise since the adrenaline could not quite clear her head. She tried to slam Thomas' head into the doorpost as they left the bathroom, but she failed, instead getting hit over the temple.

The world spun upside down and she almost fell over, since the head trauma that last had put her in Sickbay reminded itself quite severely. That Ravon would strike her like that just showed her that this was not friendly fire. She had obviously ticked him off with her jargon, which might not be too surprising but she had never thought it would lead to a full on fight.

In order to get some respite for a few seconds, latched on to a chair and hurled it in Ravon's direction. "Computer, lights out!" she called, and while she might have called for security instead, she was not the girl that would let others do her fighting for her. If Ravon and her had a disagreement, she'd settle it herself. The darkness fell over her quarters, and she tried to focus, knowing exactly where she might dive and roll on order to get past Thomas and end up behind him. Going from a fully lit room to complete darkness blinded them both, but she had the upper hand on her own battlefield. Only problem was that she could not stop her head from spinning after that last blow.

Nevertheless, she picked up another aluminium chair and wordlessly struck it sideways where Ravon ought to be. Two swings, then three, the last with a cry boosting the force behind the swing. Only upon striking him did she toss the chair. "Lights one hundred percent!"

She was prepared for it since she said it, and then she snatched up the bottle that had been decorated with her panties not long ago - going after Ravon with it.

[ Winterbourne ] Attn: IronFerrox

Winterbourne was still coming to terms with the effects of whatever he had been asked to drink, but his eyes became still when Aisha tempted him with the display of her lower body she picked up a piece of her clothing from the floor. A lopsided smile came to him as he watched her move through his quarters, replicating something he did not catch what it was before heading towards his bathroom. Upon being invited into his own shower to join her, Winterbourne chuckled where he sat on the edge of the bed and shook his head at the boldness she showed towards him in her desires.

The woman intrigued him, that was certain, and while it had begun with an innocent fascination for her alien body back on Theta Eridani IV, he was not entirely sure what kept him so invested any more. They had become close friends, he supposed, but with certain benefits that he did not have with others aboard the Theurgy. Certainly not with any women, at least. There was the Chief Medical Officer, which he kept to himself for both their sakes. He could not even remember how it had happened the first time, but he still dreamed about those few times they'd shared.

The memories quickened him, and he rose from the bed with a smile on his lips and with unfitting ideas in his head - following Aisha just a couple of seconds after she turned on the sonic shower. He paused in the doorway to push down his black underwear with his, leaving him bare as he stepped out of them and closed the final distance - his pale yet lean body caught in the stark light of his bathroom.

"How could I refuse?" he said as he opened the glass door and stepped into the stall.

[ Narik Cinsaj ] Attn: CanadianVet

Scowling at the Covington man where he stood, Narik's eyes slowly dropped after he spoke and she also noticed the wounds upon his knuckles. Frowning at first, her eyebrows climbed with the images that came to flash before her eyes. The holodeck. Suraya Bay. She had started to drink in her VIP quarters while writing her diary, deciding that it would be a great idea to familiarise herself more with the crew of the Theurgy now that she had ended up there instead of the Harbinger. She had come upon a group on the sands of the amphitheatre that had brought a couple of crates with bottles from frax-knew-where, and she had grabbed the neck of two bottles containing some strange Human beverages.

"Oh, drizzt..." she whispered and put her hand over her marked forehead, closing her eyes. "I think I remember..."

But that was not the worst of it. There had been these two pilots, persistently following her in the group. She had acted friendly with them at first, made some chiding remarks that had gone completely over their heads, but the more she'd drunk the less patience she'd had for their antics, recognising the callous nature of those lecherous smirks as soon as she saw them. She had seen the expressions on many Ferengi when she'd been a slave. But how...

"I was parted from the group," she said, unsure about how it happened, "No, I saw you. Yes, I saw you returning from the beach. I decided to leave... but there was..."

They had followed her. The two pilots. She had been so inebriated she had barely been able to walk straight. Had she drunk that much of the human swill? Synthehol drinks did not make her that out of it. Regardless, they had followed her, and when she noticed them... It had been too late.

"You..." Narik's slate grey eyes rose, "you had followed me as well. They had me, but you showed up."

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What he found within the stall was the Cardassian woman standing there her body with water caressing down its form.  She gently guided him in and smiled softly.  "Just close your eyes, relax and let me take care of you." she said softly as she placed her hands back on his temples and as the water caressed over him. She continued the soft temporal massage from earlier, gently caressing his neck and upper shoulder with her lips.  Slowly she moved the massaging hands to his neck as she pressed her naked body against his back letting him feel her breasts pressing against his shoulder blades as a soft slippery sensation could be felt. It soon became clear that she was using her very body to lather his with soap as she continued the massage taking it down to his chest, then abdomen, before he felt her scaled hangs gently grasp his male organ slowly beginning to stroke it from behind as she fondled his balls as well before slowly moving around him to kiss his lips with hers then neck then chest before coming back up using her own torso to lather his front half up with soap.  Occasionally she returned to tease his cock with a rhythmic but slow handjob while she just softly reminded him to keep his eyes closed relax and just enjoy, reminding him he had to do absolutely nothing but become putty in her hands that she could hope to mold into a tension free relaxed form free of every ache and worry.

Soon, he felt her moving down slowly grazing her lips against his chest stomach them abs before her hands once again returned to his human organ.  Far from her hands being all that she gave him as he felt the familiar moistness of her lips and tongue softly against him as she began to gently slowly suck him off using her hands to gently mound his rump before a finger prodded and intruded into his anus pushing deep into him.  SHe moved it around his colon searching as she waited to feel that reaction when her finger found his prostate so she would know exactly where inside that cavern she needed to massage.  Finding her target she began to increase the movement and sucking of his blowjob as she intently began milking his cock for all it was worth guiding him to release his pre as her finger intently rubbed and stimulated his prostate to her full ability. 

He may have noticed that the other hand had been absent for a few moments though but soon it rejoined the other slowly fingering around his asshole as the other stimulated him.  There was no telling what the other hand had been up to though the human knew it probably had a lot to do with the item she had retrieved from his replicator that was still a mystery to him. Unbeknownst to him the mystery was about to be solved as she finally got what she wanted as he erupted into her eager mouth.  She slowly swallowed every drop starting with her lips around his head then slowly began to deep throat him letting him feel her throat contract around his head as she swallowed every drop down.  Slowly she withdrew her mouth from around his length taking time to savor him and licking him clean of every ounce of tasty cum before taking her hands and slowly washing his entire crotch clean before washing his legs and rear then feet as well. 

Slowly he felt her get up and then amost in the same movements guide him down. As he was guided down to his knees presumably for him to give her a similar treatment to her own she smiled softly and spoke up.  "You can open your eyes dear?"  she said softly.  As the youthful human opened his eyes he was met with a phallic object about a foot and a half in length in a shape and scaled pattern similar to the same scaled pattern of his guest's skin.  Directly below it was her Cardassian slit though her clit was nowhere to be seen. It was more than clear though that the object was connected to that sensitive bud and was a device to mimic a male's organ for a female to use for a clitoral orgasm with another partner, essentially a device for the woman to make herself feel male. 

"I know that you like males more."  she said softly. "And I know you were saddened to see our last guest leave. "I was hoping that I could make that loss up to you though" she said gently.  The enormous Cardassian modeled device graced her form almost as if it was always meant to be a part of her.  "After everything you gave me last night and that wonderful breakfast you just gave me the least I can can do is try and let you have the morning you obviously wanted."  she said as she softly guided his head forwards guiding him to begin sucking on the very realistic looking cock that was now attached to her otherwise feminine figure.  "Go ahead and pretend I'm the male that you really desire."  she said gently caressing the back of his neck.  "I only wish I could also fill your throat with the delicious seed you crave."  She said making it clear her only regret in this device was that she couldn't make the results even more real for her partner.

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[Lin Kae]

Her brief eye contact with his bareness brought the self-conscience back, an arm moving down to censor himself again, even as she turned her back, exposing a round, well shaped buttocks to him.  Say what you will about Tactical CONN, but their pilots were some of the most in-shape people Starfleet had.  For the girl's that meant bodies like fitness models, like Skye or Hannah.  Soo Young, perhaps in part to her heritage, was more like a martial artist, slimmer in her figure then the other two women, yet everything was well proportions, and firmer then -- Stop staring!  He had to mentally scold himself, looking away from her posterior just as she finally wrapped herself up and properly hid herself. 

He joined the search for clothes while remaining on the bed, covering himself.  It mostly consisted of craning his head this way and that, looking for some hint.  The trail of clothes soon made it obvious that they had tore into this bedroom with intent.  It was something pretty intense, so much so that removal of clothes could not waist until they had a bed beneath them.  Makes me wish I could remember, he thought, disappointed that some thing that must have been so hot and heavy wasn't even a blurry, incoherent memory, not a non-existent one.

She sought to clear the air, and perhaps dispel some awkward, though her introduction after a night of forgotten sex did make things still feel a bit awkward.  "Lin Kae," he replied, about to reach up and shake her hand, before realizing the hand he needed was the one covering himself.  After her own hand switch to the other, he used the free one to shake hers, while absentmindedly staring at the blanket that covered her.  I must have seen every inch of what was beneath that blanket, did things that only the Prophets know to it.  As embarrassing as this moment was, perhaps the greatest disappointment was not knowing, both what happened and, maybe more importantly, if it was any good for them.

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[Wenn Cinn] attn Ida

Cinn stepped through the door and took a seat as he waited for his Deputy to get herself ready and also speak to him about whatever was on her mind.  As she spoke he could feel his good mood ebbing away but expression didn't change.  Instead he let her talk, to explain her motivations for her transfer application.  He couldn't blame her for wanting a fresh start but he certainly felt that guilt return over his failing to prepare her for his death.

His eyes, which had been staring forward while she attended to her hair, returned to the towelled blue figure as she walked back through.  He last word hung in the air and he let it linger there while he formed his thoughts into a coherent sentence.  The silence was palpable in that time as the two security officers looked at each other.

"If it is what you want," he said, emotionless in his tone, "then I will support your application."

He paused again.  There was a lot he had wanted to say but he couldn't or perhaps wouldn't.  He had been so open and honest about how coming back had  made him feel, even how he had felt when Ida had brought him up to speed on what had happened but now he could feel it all being locked down and held back again.  Then he did what anyone who was struggling with a topic did, he changed the subject.

"I will be in meetings most of the morning it seems.  You are aware of the Acreth situation and I will be discussing that with the Doctor later on.  Monitor it but I want no interaction with it for the time being.  I want a report on the damage to the ship in its relation to security, what is likely to cause us the most blindspots and potential breaches.  Lastly I suppose you should begin to filter your suggestions for a potential replacement," Cinn listed his requests in a typically businesslike manner, only the last sentence having any kind of hesitation about it. 

Standing, he headed back to the door, "I shall leave you to get yourself ready for duty and I will see you once the meetings have concluded."

With that he exited through the now-open door, more on his mind now that he had anticipated or would have liked.

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[Sten Covington] Attn: Auctor Lucan

The Chief of the Deck's gaze met the Boslic's as she spoke. Her words, they made the last of the alcoholic fog clear from his mind and he too recalled things extremely clearly at this point. He was about to head out, his guitar slung across his back when he and noticed the civilian being eyeballed by a pair of pilots from the Harbinger. That of itself was not unusual, but when they followed her, he simply knew they were up to no good. After all they appeared to be friends of Riptor's and they likely wanted to avenge the insult done to him on her behalf.

"Actually, I followed them," replied the older man. "I wasn't sure what they were planning, but something told me it wasn't for your health." Oh, did he ever unleash seven kinds of hell on these two men, storming up behind them and striking without warning. A flash of recall brought to his mind the sight of one of the pilots, Smoke, slumping to the deck with his nose broken and a smear of blood on the bulkhead to mark the point of impact before he turned his large fists on Titan...

"Whatever our differences, lass, I wasn't about to let them jump you."

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