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Re: Day 30 [1400] Waking up from a cold sleep

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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Deck 11 | Civilian Quarters | Jacks Quarters ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The civilian seemed to get what she meant and agreed to it, Kythalie only smiling more widely now. Her way over to him had been slow and she had taken the time to observe him. When she had reached him, she had leaned in and she could feel the mixed emotions inside of him. She didn't pry though, yet just sensed it. He looked her into her eyes and she looked back in his before he raised his real hand. A gesture that if not welcomed by her would have caused him to be planted face first into the table. She let him though, feeling the fingers come to rest against the back of her head, into her thick lush curls.

He gave her a kiss and she kissed him back, her lips curling into a smirk before she bite his lower lip and pulled back. She easily managed to get away from him, standing upright once more before she licked her lips and tasted Jack. She decided to play it hard and answered him with a sigh "Well, I've had better first impressions." she concluded walking back to her seat to take her things "Though it's not the worst impression either." she winked at him and laughed "Thank you for the company Jack, but I do have to get going. Take care of yourself. We'll meet another day perhaps. Feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to." she said and kissed him on the forehead, saying her goodbye before going to the door to leave the man to his own devices for now.

Re: Day 30 [1400] Waking up from a cold sleep

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[Hi'Jak | Deck 11 | civilian quarters] Attn: @Nolan
Remaining seated as he was, the warm imprint of the Betazoid's lips stayed with Hi'Jak as he sat there, still in pain, but perhaps with a bit more hope in his heart than he'd had before.

He was, after all, aboard the Theurgy again, damaged and hurt as he might be in terms of both mind and body, but he if he could prove himself again, and rise above his past shortcomings, he might still have a chance to make a difference.

Lowering his gaze to the floor, the shadow of himself - cast by the ochre surface of Aldea - did so on the bulkhead as well. Alone, he realised that he would never be rid of the dark deeds of his past, but hopefully, all that had transpired had done so for a reason. Perhaps there was a purpose to his suffering, and the deaths his actions had led to. He wasn't normally the kind of believe in some manner of cosmic justice. It seemed so naive.

But what else did he have but hope at that point?


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