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2369: Starfleet Academy: Mentorship Program

[ Cadet 3rd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Jesaya

Ravon's last year was about to go in full swing, it would be he last year on Earth and he's probably go for the stars after that. There was a chance that he'd be allowed in on the TACC CONN Academy. Today though was the first day of his last year. He had kept busy to keep his mind occupied and when the training officers announced that there'd be a new mentor program to participate in, Thomas jumped on the chance. He had been mentored by Zephyr somewhat for his science classes and by having experienced it, he figured there'd be a solid benefit for those receiving a mentor. He signed up for it along with a handful of other last year cadets. Due to the small amount of mentors, first year students were picked at random to be assigned to a buddy so to speak. They were invited to one of the patios overlooking the city and the river.

The third year students were given a PADD with the basic things they were expected to as well with what they could expect to be frequently asked questions and where they could help out. Thomas had skimmed through the PADD while they awaited the arrival of the new bloods. The double doors of the patio opened up as the first year cadets rolled on in with a few training officers, being already shown around. The two groups mingled slightly in anticipation of the training officers to indicate where to take it from here.

"Cadets, your personal PADDs will be notified of which first year cadet and alternatively third year cadet will be linked to one another. From there on out, it all lies with you to find and make acquaintance. I remind you all that this is a testing program, the results of this project will determine if we'll implement the program academy wide. I wish you all the best of luck for the next year. Dismised." With that the various PADDs pinged as new messages were sent and arrived. The training officers walked away from the patio and Ravon looked at the PADD as a new name popped up along with a headshot of he student.

"Cadet T'Leia..." Thomas murmured as his eyes began to roam through the small crowd. His eyes eventually found a dark blonde Vulcan fitting the picture on his PADD and he made his way over to her. He made sure to approach from in front of her, giving her the time to spot him as well. He came to a stop in front of her and reached his hand out to her "Cadet T'Leia? My name is Thomas Ravon, looks like I'm assigned to be your mentor for this year." he introduced himself "Shall we move away from the crowd so we can conduct our introductions in a more serene environment?" he suggested, picking his words carefully as he had a few run in with Vulcans where they'd pick and fit on things he said and often it lead to Thomas getting annoyed rather quickly at how straight logical Vulcans thought at times.

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[Cadet 1st Year T’Leia  | Starfleet Academy Grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Nolan 

The first year of T'Leia's time at the Academy was about to start and she was more than ready to dive right in. She had done some research into what to expect during her time at the Academy but not too much as she wanted to be somewhat surprised and challenged by what she would be doing. Of course having opted to take the Helm & Navigation track to become a pilot and one day take the CONN of a Starship, she was bound to have plenty of challenges over the next four years.

The surprises however it seem would come early as this year some 1st year cadets would be partnered up with an older cadet in order to "show them the ropes" as the Humans put it and although the young Vulcan wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the program or whoever her "buddy" was, she could certainly see the logic and benefits to such a program.

The 1st years had been told to assemble before being taken to an area where the older cadets had also been assembled for the assignments. When the doors opened both groups of cadets sort of started mingling together before the proceedings got underway. T'Leia listened as the group was told how the assignments were to be handed out, with each cadet being messaged on their personal PADD's with the name and a photo of whoever their assigned mentor was to be. As it was a new program, those participating this year would be the test subjects for the program and based on the results at the end of the year would determine whether or not the Academy would implement the mentoring program going forward.

Sure enough, every PADD in on the patio pinged as messages arrived. Taking a look at her own PADD, she noted down the name of her assigned "buddy" a 3rd year cadet named Thomas Ravon, a Human. Having been raised by Humans for some time T'Leia was far more used to them that a lot of her fellow younger Vulcan's were, some of whom had never really interacted with Human's before attending the Academy so the fact that her mentor in the program was one did not bother her in the slightest.

Taking a look around the crowd, she tried to spot the face of the man in the photo, however he had evidently spotted her first as by the time she saw him, he was already practically in front of her and extended his hand. She found it funny that he spoke to her in a very Vulcan sounding way that almost made her want to play along like a proper Vulcan should, however the young pilot decided that such an action probably wouldn't make for the greatest first impression...then again the surprise of a emotion expression Vulcan would be quite a shock to many people's systems too thinking about it, it was quire the paradox that T'Leia hadn't really given much thought until now.

Realising that she had yet to say anything, she smiled brightly and took his hand, giving it a firm shake "That's me, nice to meet you Thomas." she exclaimed happily in a manner completely unbecoming a Vulcan, something that was evident by the "looks" some of the other Vulcan's around her gave her, not that she particularly cared she was who she was and she would make no apologies for it. "Moving a little out the way to somewhere a little quieter would definitely be preferable, how about over there?" she asked, gesturing to a corner of the patio that overlooked the San Francisco Bay.

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[ Cadet 3rd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Jesaya

The young Vulcan reached her hand out and if anything, it was a shock to hear how un-Vulcan she was. It was even more emphasized by the way the some other Vulcan students gave her a look for her outrageous behavior to their standards. It made Thomas cock his head to the left slightly as he couldn't help but grin and firmly shook the hand of the woman before a smile covered his face "Pleasure is all mine." he answered her after nodding as she suggested for them to move over to the corner of the patio that looked over the bay.

As the two split off from the group Ravon admired the view, both from the bay and the Vulcan as she was very easy on the eyes. It wouldn't be a surprise if she'd be the target of the many male cadets on the Academy. Thomas rested an elbow against one of the stone walls as he leaned and looked into T'Leia's eyes "Welcome to the Academy." he started again "If I may ask, where do you see yourself when you graduate? Why pick the Academy of all places to go to for that matter? I assumed most Vulcans would prefer to remain on their planet to learn more in one of the post education centers."

There was a slight breeze out over the bay and the scent of the ocean was just faint enough to prickle's one nose. Ravon awaited her response in the meantime and enjoyed the sun shining down on them. He nodded and couldn't help but be amused by her answer slightly before he continued "Interesting. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm a third year cadet currently on the Tac Conn track and I should be graduating this year. I'm not from Earth but human nonetheless. You can always reach me through PADD or you can always try to check if I'm in my quarters. I'll show you around on the Academy grounds after the introduction here. Have you been to your quarters already? Or have you met your roommate yet?"

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[Cadet 1st Year T’Leia  | Starfleet Academy Grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Nolan 

Watching the Human's reaction was enough to cause a slight smile to appear on her corner of her lips, although his own lips curled into a smile as they shook hands and made their way over to the balcony and away from the other people, as well as the other Vulcan's who were clearly judging her. Hell her own sister would have been one of them had she been there too, but again she didn't really care.

The spot they had opted for offered a very nice look over the Bay, however the two cadets were looking at each other as they spoke, with him starting off by welcoming her to the Academy again before firing off a series of questions at her. Where did she see herself upon graduation and why pick the Academy, his own assumption being that most Vulcans would prefer to remain on Vulcan. Both reasonable questions and understandable ones that she was more than happy to answer.

"Thank you, I'm glad to be here. To answer your first question, ideally at the helm of a Starship, I'm studying Helm & Navigate to become a pilot. I love to fly and have had some experience flying a cargo ship when I was younger and while I did certainly love that ship, I wanted to fly something better and Starfleet has some of the best, most advanced ships out there. It's hard not to want to fly one of those. she said with a smile.

"As for your second question, there are several reasons. The first relating to my previous answer, I wanted to fly Federation ships and you can't do that if you don't attend the Academy so the choice was rather logical." she joked, while simultaneously briefly sounding like the Vulcan that everybody expected her to be.  "Beyond that, as I'm sure you can tell I'm not like most Vulcan's. she smirked. "I do understand your reasoning however, a lot of Vulcans do. My sister opted to attend the Vulcan Science Academy back home several years ago, before deciding to also attend the Academy. Speaking of which she is my twin so if you happen to see me one day and I do not respond it is more than likely her and not me." she added then grinned. "Unless of course you've done something to annoy me in which case it might very well be me and I am ignoring you." she chuckled.

After she had answered, it was Thomas' turn to tell her a little something about himself and couldn't help but smile at the fact that like her, he was a fellow pilot, which was perfect as far as she was concerned. "A fellow pilot, that's fantastic!" she exclaimed, unashamed of showing her joy at the revelation. "You must be a very good pilot if you're on the Tac Conn track, I've read up on that, I hear they only take the best. What made you wish to become a pilot if I may ask?" she added.

Listening as he continued telling her that while he was Human he was not born on Earth, she listened as he told her how to reach him and that he would give her the tour after the introduction here was complete, following it up with two questions of his own about her quarters and if she had met her roommate yet, which she answered with a single, more Vulcanesque nod "I have, she was equally as surprised as you are at my less than Vulcan like nature. It was quite the scene to witness." she grinned.

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[ Cadet 3rd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Jesaya 

It was a delighted surprise to hear that the untypical Vulcan had ambitions in Helm and Navigation. Ravon's smile only growing even more as she spoke of her past experience as well as the reasons why she chose Starfleet above the other options. The mentioning of a twin sister made Thomas shake his head. The thought alone of people getting to know the young cadet only to confuse her with her typical Vulcan sister would probably cause for a myriad of awkward situations. The pilot couldn't help but laugh at her joke about mixing her with her sister as well as her typical Vulcan sayings.

"What made me wish to become a pilot? Well.. It was one of the subjects were I seemingly excelled in. I could've gone for security, but flight seemed to be more my thing. Truthfully, I don't regret it, I feel alive when I'm behind the stick. Obviously, I'm limited to simulator flights and shuttle flight at the moment, but it's a dream really. I am considered to be the among the top of my class, though that could say a lot about my fellow cadets." he smirked.

"Truthfully, I think a lot of people will surprised at your non standard Vulcan behavior." he grinned, his eyes studying her face before asking "May I ask... How it is that you're so... Full of emotion and life. Unlike the more logical and stoic brethren and sisters of Vulcan?"

Most of the other cadets were now departing for tours or to take their first years to a more private space to give them the info they needed. Thomas glanced over the vacating area before looking back at T'Leia "Say, could I buy you a drink? I can probably give you most of the information over a meal if you'd like. I'm not sure if the officers gave you time for breakfast or any sort of meal for that matter."

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[Cadet 1st Year T’Leia  | Starfleet Academy Grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Nolan 

T'Leia knew immediately that Thomas was rather pleased that she was a fellow pilot, much as she was about him giving the Vulcan a feeling that the two would get along great over the course of the year. Evidently the mention of her twin sister and her joke had gotten a laugh out of him too, which made her smile.

As he started telling her about why he had become a pilot she found herself nodding along at his explanation and smirked at the comment about his fellow pilots. "I understand that feeling completely, the first time I sat at the helm I fell in love with it and knew it was what I wanted to do, despite my young age. As you said there is something that makes you feel alive and so freeing to fly, it's nice to know somebody who knows that feeling." she replied.

At Thomas' comment that there would probably be a lot of people surprised by her non standard Vulcan behavior she smirked and nodded "I wouldn't be surprised, most people are. I've gotten used to it over the years." she told him with a chuckle. Then of course came the next logical question, why she was the way she was.

"I was separated from my family and raised by Humans for almost a year and a half when I was younger, during which time I started expressing them myself. By the time I was reunited with my family they had become a part of my life, but my father, sister and pretty much every Vulcan I knew disapproved. Wanting to resolve that issue, my father insisted I undergo the Kolinahr to learn to suppress them and embrace the path of logic." she said with a smirk. "After four long years I'd certainly achieved at least half of that, the logic part obviously. The emotional part though didn't stick as well but it was enough to control them most of the time...assuming I choose to. So there you go, evil Human influence is the reason." she chuckled.

During they time they had talked, the other cadets had apparently departed, leaving only a few remaining in the area. At Thomas' invitation to having a drink. "I wouldn't say no to a drink and some breakfast, they gave us some time but it was either food or a little extra time to unpack and I wanted to get that awful chore out of the way so I skipped it. You will have to lead the way however as I will most definitely get us lost." 

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[ Cadet 3rd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Jesaya 

Ravon couldn't help but chuckle "Sure blame the humans." he answered her "Evil humans no less." he laughed now as he looked around, seeing a few more cadets left. The Vulcan cadet surely was enthusiastic and completely different from any Vulcan standard. She had advised him to take the lead and he nodded as he winked "Sure, follow me." 

The two of them left the conference center and walked further out of Academy grounds, as they walked Thomas looked back at T'Leia "How does that actually work? You know embracing the logical side? I mean... I know if I'd ask it to a.." he weighed his words "Typical Vulcan.... They'd go on about it being the only logical way. Though you seem to be more... Human. Perhaps you can shed some other sort of insight for me."

The two of them headed into San Francisco and after taking the public transport systems they were in the heart of the bustling city. Ravon had found a few good places to eat and drink during his time at the academy. He lead her through the maze of streets and alleys to a vintage diner that offered Terran typical dishes. He opened the door for her and gestured her to get in. The inside of the diner was decorated with red leather seats and a blue painted wall which gave off an even older vibe. Neon lights and soft music warmed the place up as the tables had holomenu cards on them so one could pick what to drink and eat.

"Pick a spot cadet T'Leia, take a look at what you'd like to eat or ask away if you want to know what's what." he smirked as he nodded at the waitress and stepped in himself.

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[Cadet 1st Year T’Leia  | Starfleet Academy Grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Nolan 

T'Leia smiled and held her hands up in mock surrender "Well maybe they weren't evil, they were actually very nice people but they were indeed Human." she said with a chuckle. Noticing the Human taking a look around she did as well, also spotting that many of the other cadets and their mentors had left, leaving only Thomas, herself and a few others behind. Shaking her head at his wink but chuckling she nodded and started following him. "After you."

As they left the conference center and made their way out of the grounds, she watched Thomas turn to look back at her, listening to his question, albeit with a slight hesitation as he thought of the right way to phrase it and arched her eyebrow in a very Vulcan like manner as she considered his question. "It has a lot to do with suppressing our emotions, which despite the fact I express more emotion than my fellows I do still do maintain some control over them. Vulcan emotions are very powerful things after all, we were once a very violent species if you can imagine such a thing." she told him with a soft smile.

"The reason why most other species don't follow the path of logic is because they choose instead to take action based on how they "feel" in the moment. For example, let's say you and a fellow pilot are out on patrol and your fellow pilot, a close friend gets shot down and crash lands. Your ship is also caught in the explosion and takes damage and you too have to make an emergency landing. Your communication system is offline with no way to be repaired and you have no way to know if your fellow pilot's is, or if they even survived the crash. Luckily you're patrolling on a friendly planet and you know that from where you landed the nearest outpost is 2 days away to the north and you have a little over 2 days of supplies, enough to get you to the outpost. However your friend's ship has gone down 2 days to the south." The Vulcan said as they continued walking down various streets, past numerous species and shops in the San Francisco area.

"What do you do? You have two days of food and while your fellow pilot is 2 days away, that's a 4 day trip just to get there and back to your craft again and another 2 days from your craft to the outpost. Assuming the pilot survived and is well enough to walk, that's a long journey, during which you will have to hunt for food, more than likely adding at least an extra day or two to your journey. If the pilot is badly wounded what do you do then? Carry them, which will take even longer and cause you to expend more energy, or leaving them behind and making the journey to the outpost by yourself to get help anyway and if they're dead it's been a wasted trip for you. Logic would dictate that the best option would be to head for the outpost. You have enough food to make the journey and when you get there you can get help for your fellow pilot." T'Leia continued, finishing her example as they stepped onto the public transport system to continue their journey.

"Yet despite that logical fact, I'm sure many people would opt to go and help their friend because of their emotional connection to them. That emotion can overrule their decision making process . Vulcan's suppress their emotions so that they aren't a factor in our decision making process and allow us to focus on what the most logical option is in a situation without having our emotions playing any part in that process." the cadet finished and looked at him.

"Tell me Cadet Thomas, have you ever made a decision based purely on your emotional reaction despite there being alternative decisions you could have made? If so, were you to look back on that moment now and remove that emotional reaction from your decision making process would you make that same decision again or would you make a different one?" she asked. "If your answer is no and you would have made a different decision instead, that is how embracing "the logical side" as you put it works." she finished, that final sentence sounding the most Vulcan like she had been all day.

Her explanation and question had seemed to take the majority of their journey as they soon arrived at a rather unique and old Terran designed diner, despite the neon lights within and gave Thomas a friendly nod as he opened the door for her "Thank you, such a gentleman." she grinned as she stepped inside, the scent of numerous foods and drinks filling her nose.

Picking a table by one of the windows, she scanned through the menu she was not surprised that they were all Terran dishes and was glad that she'd had plenty of experience over the years eating their food. "I'll have the fried chicken and crispy rice ball salad please." she said and looked over at him to observe his reaction.


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[ Cadet 3rd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Jesaya 

If anything, this cadet had quite a great sense of humor... For a Vulcan. A very great sense! It was quite enjoyable really to have someone so different from her standard racial beliefs. Vulcans wouldn't always go hand in hand with Thomas who was sometimes known to be too emotional at times. His actions sometimes being triggered by emotional impulses. Perhaps that's why they chose a Vulcan to have him work on that. Who knew really?

As they walked, T'Leia tried to explain where the difference was between logical actions and emotional driven actions. Ravon listened intently to what she said and he could quite find his actions to be on the emotional side of things. He looked at the first year cadet as she carried on to talk about how one choice would affect a said mission. If she laid it out like she did, it did sound quite logical to follow that train of thought. However, he could still feel his gut disagree with her way of thinking.

She eventually asked him if he had regrets of any sort during his training or life for that matter. To be honest there were a flurry of decisions that he had made that in hindsight he'd handle differently. Would any of those options make it better though were the question. The thought of it made him grin and laugh a little as he opened the door for the Vulcan to enter the diner as her talkative mood had served for distraction for most of their walk.

As they took a seat he had failed to formulate a reply to her previous question an instead looked over the menu card himself before ordering himself "I'll have the usual. Potato wedges with chili sauce and a pulled pork sandwich." he smiled to the waitress who took their order and sauntered off while Thomas his eyes followed her till the counter. He licked his lips as he looked back at T'Leia who was looking at him with some anticipation if he were to guess.

"As for decisions I've made in the past..." he started "I'm sure there are some which when I look at them in hindsight could've been handled differently. However... Unlike the logical path, I wouldn't be quite sure if I'd pick the right option." he chuckled "For example. I've met someone which I really care for, yet never really got close enough to her to actually make a move. Or well I did, but never took my chance."   he tried as he looked into the eyes of the freshman cadet "So to say that logic would dictate that I'd... Have to take my chance sooner or before she met someone else?" he looked a bit puzzled at her before laughing "Cause... in Hindsight, I'd probably would've gone for the guy that swooped her away... To consider he was my friend." he chuckled before shaking his head "Or do emotional matters not count when attempting to look at them from a logical point of view?"

He sighed and shook his head again "Sorry, too much info there. Anyway! When I look at it from a fighter perspective. Like the example you've given to me." he thought it over "I don't know really, depends how good I'd have known the pilot to be honest. If it were to be just someone I knew from flying with, I'd wager I'd circle the crash site before heading back to complete the mission and send help. Though if it were someone I was really close to... I suppose the emotional aspect would weigh in more." he answered as he looked at T'Leia "Some of your colleagues will form a bond with you, whether you want to or not. A bond like siblings, perhaps a little stronger. Emotions weigh in there and I can imagine that it might be even harder for you, where logic and emotion will be at constant conflict with one another." he said softly.

"Imagine the same situation, only the ship going down would hold your closest family. Would you carry on to complete the mission as logic dictates as you can't be sure if they survived the crash? Or would you head down to check for survivors, knowing that you might not make it, but at least get the chance to say goodbye? Would you alternatively, in hindsight be able to live with the consequences of the logical choice? To know that they survived the crash, yet were unable to survive due to the lack of help?" Thomas asked as he looked at the cadet in front of him "Not to mention on how you're environment will react. People without that sense of logic. Will they think of you as an ice cold woman?"

He shrugged again "I mean, I can sometimes understand the way of logic, though I'm not convinced that it would always lead to the best choice." he smiled more friendly as their meals were delivered "Plus emotional decision shape a person I'd wager. Every emotional choice I've made so far has lead me to become the man that I am now." he chuckled as he gestured to her meal "Please, dig in. Enjoy your meal."

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[Cadet 1st Year T’Leia  | Starfleet Academy Grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Nolan 

T'Leia observed Thomas as he placed his order, catching the way he eyed up the waitress and licked his lips at her, perhaps food wasn't the only thing he had an appetite for. She thought, allowing a small smile to curl in the corner of her mouth.

When he started speaking, she listened intently as he spoke about things that he might have done different in hindsight, although she was a little surprised that he delved into a personal romantic situation, an unexpected topic considering they had only just met but if he was comfortable discussing such things then so was she. Keeping her expression stoic Vulcan neutral as she listened, she watched as he looked at her and arched an eyebrow.

"Logic factors into all situations, although not all situations can be answered with logic." she replied. "As for your particular situation logic would indeed dictate that you should take your chance before someone else does. However it would also be logical to examine your relationship with your friend and what effect your pursuit of this female would have on your relationship with your friend, as well as the group dynamic between all three of you and make a decision based on what potential outcomes will be for all parties involved and if you can live with those outcomes. That would be the most logical approach." she replied, pausing a moment to think before arching her eyebrow again as she looked at him. "However contradictory to logic there is an old Human expression: "The heart wants what the heart wants." and when it comes to that and romantic relationships in general, logic rarely seems to apply."

When Thomas offered up the same scenario that she had, only switching the person on board to be her closest family, it took all of her Vulcan control to not show any reaction, considering her personal experience with such  a situation in her own life. After all there was no way he could know that her mother had faced that very situation and had sacrificed her own life in order to save her daughters. Despite the fact the example hit close to home for T'Leia it also meant that she already had an answer. "I would do whatever I could for my family." she replied, sounding like the perfect Vulcan, although there was the slightest hint of emotion layered in her voice as she said it. "The logical answer isn't always the right one." she added.

"As for what people think would think about me, I would remind them that controlling ones emotions does not mean we do not feel them." she added, with more emotion in her voice this time, although it only lasted a moment before she regained control over them again. She did however allow herself a smirk as she spoke again "In my case however I suspect that giving such a situation my feelings would be clear as day to see." she finished, realising the irony of that statement considering how she was doing her best to reign hers in at the moment.

She nodded when Thomas said that while he sometimes understood the way of logic he wasn't convinced it would always lead to the best choice "Sometimes it does not." she agreed. Her attention briefly shifted away from him to the sever when their meals were delivered. "Thank you." she said to the waitress before turning her attention back to her fellow cadet "Of that I can agree. I have been shaped by the emotional decisions I have made as well as the emotional decisions that people have made both for and because of me." T'Leia continued, her thoughts going to the few memories of her mother that she had. "It is the same for most Vulcans, despite what they say and display to most people, even the most stoic of "traditional" Vulcan's can make decisions based purely on an emotional reaction and not the logical one."

When he gestured to her meal, she smiled and nodded back at him Thank you, and you as well." she replied before taking a bite of her food. "So why did you sign up for the mentoring program and decide to spend some of your free time hanging around with a newbie?" she asked, mentoring was certainly something that would benefit a new cadet such as herself of course, but for a mentor the reasoning behind it would shed some insight into the kind of person he was. She was sure that some might very well do it for an extra mark on their record, while others could do so simply because they wanted to help somebody else out. Her instinct told her that Thomas didn't do so just for the extra mark but still she was curious.    

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[ Cadet 3rd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Jesaya

The human cadet looked at the freshman cadet as she gave her take on his particular trifle with Zephyr. How promising it was to see how a Vulcan would deduct the given through logic, in the end it turned out that for matters of the heart, logic would give no solace. Thomas couldn't help but smirk a little and chuckle as he nodded "Perhaps... Thanks for enlightening me in the Vulcan way." he answered her before he took a nip from his drink.

As she began to reply to his own given query about what people would think of her if she abandoned someone during a mission, he noticed the emotion laced in her response. It had been curious to see. Not only because he was still getting used to a Vulcan being this open with emotions, but also because just as fluently as it had appeared it was hidden away once more. Her reply made the last year cadet smile "Guess that human touch really would be hooked in you huh? Evil humans." he tried to lighten up the mood. It would only be normal from his perspective to show emotion if something were to happen to relatives.

"Thanks." he answered when their food was delivered and he looked back to T'Leia as she agreed that logic was perhaps not always the best solution. The Vulcan gave more insight on how Vulcans, as stoically as they can be still decided emotionally from time to time. Ravon frowned a little "But they won't show said decision as an emotional one? Would they deny it as an emotional decision for that matter? Or would Vulcans not lie?"

They had started eating in the meantime and T'Leia asked him why he had signed up for the mentoring program. The man looked into her eyes and chewed on before swallowing the contents through to reply "Why did I sign up for it?" he repeated the question as he thought about it and shrugged "Honestly, I don't really have a reason for it." he smirked before shaking his head "I don't know... I remember when I was in my first year and struggling with some courses, I had to figure out where I could go for tutoring or who could help out who among students. I wasted quite some time doing so, figured that the new cadets could spend their time more efficiently." he explained "Plus, I believe that it ought to give a boost to students who are well introduced to the academy. Giving you an edge over other students for that matter." he grinned.

"How's the food?" he asked her as he was going slow about eating his meal.

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[Cadet 1st Year T’Leia  | Starfleet Academy Grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Nolan 

At Thomas' thanks for enlightening him in the Vulcan way she gave him a slit nod of her head in response. "You are welcome." she replied as their conversation continued, listening as he responded to her earlier comment and smirked "Yes you evil Humans, always influencing others for better or worse." she added.

The conversation lulled briefly as their food was delivered before the conversation moved to how Vulcan's could arrive at certain decisions and already knew by the frown that made it's way onto his face that Thomas had a follow up question and shrugged "It depends on the Vulcan and how comfortable they are with their emotions and the person they were talking with. Some will outright say that they made an emotional decision, others will simply state that it was a brief loss of mental control and others will simply find a logical explanation they can use to justify such a response. No Vulcan willingly lies...technically."

As the two ate and the topic of conversation turned to the mentorship program, T'Leia listened intently as Thomas answered her question. His reasoning was a fair one, it was hard to say how she would have fared on her own, although she did her sister to lean on if need be but still they were on different career tracks so there were certain things that neither of them would be able to help the other with so she could definitely see the logic in having experienced such struggles oneself that one might want to ease that burden on new people going through the same thing. It certainly spoke about the kind of person Thomas was that he would want to help others avoid the same struggles he had faced. Still his last comment made her smirk "Ah so that you can no doubt point at them if they do well and be able to say "I had a hand in that." There you go again, evil Human with your influencing." she teased.

"The food is quite delicious as is the venue, I can see why it get's the custom it does. The company is nice as well. I trust your food is as good I hope." she countered as she took a bite of her own food.

"As you seem so curious, are there any other Vulcan mysteries you'd like to try and pry from me?" she asked, the hints of another smirk briefly curling on her lip before vanishing again as she took another bite of her food.

Re: 2369: Starfleet Academy: Mentorship Program

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Her reply about how Vulcans would show emotions and how they'd explain them to the outside world was rather refreshing. It was always handy to expand one's views of other races and T'Leia's insight proved to be most interesting. He gave a nod at her explanation and as food was served he started to eat as he looked his first year cadet over.

Ravon had to laugh as T'Leia pointed out that he could boast with students he had helped throughout the academy. The last year cadet shaking his head and chuckling "Yes, evil human influences, I get it now." he smirked as he took another bite.  He replied back to her, his eyes shooting over to hers "You better make sure you make me proud. My goal is to make sure you'll be the top five of your class at least." he grinned "Top three to really get me boasting." he laughed again. It'd be hard to tell if he was joking or being serious as the smirk remained on his face.

He smiled as she liked the food and the venue. As she complimented the company he had to chuckle once more before nodding "Food is terrific here as usual." he answered her "The company stunning." he winked at her, unable to resist the flirtatious behavior. He continued to eat and finished up on his meal rather quickly before sipping from his beverage.

As she asked him if he had more questions about Vulcan mysteries, the pilot had to think. He gave it some thought as he remained silent before one shot in his mind "Oh! Can you teach me that pinch move?" he laughed excitedly "The one that passes people out!" it'd be a handy trick to know when he'd be in a brawl. He wasn't sure if she'd know the move or if she'd be willing to teach him, yet he could try.

After hearing her answer he smiled "What about you, any more questions for your mentor?" 


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