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Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 0800 hrs. ] Aftermath of Untruth

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @patches
The initial awkwardness of having walked into a room full of ranking officers was quickly dissipated, in no small part due to Doctor Maya's calm and concise handling of the overall situation. Deftly moving around and performing her duty as needed, it was an odd thing for Varder to witness the initiation of a Vulcan trance and he watched with some rather apparent curiosity. When Maya turned to once more address Varder he listened and briefly mimicked the movement she had made. "Understood doctor, will do and good luck."

With his reply the little Vulcan offered a small nod and left, providing the opportunity for the young Bajoran to address the similarly young Trill standing not so far away. "Good to see you Kino, I would say its been a while, but.." Varder offered a small shrug accompanied by a cheeky smirk as he half sat half leaned back on the foot of a nearby bed, followed by a quick look over her kinda like playing spot the difference. Although that game did get confusing with the amount of spots. "It'll be nice not being the most recent thaw in Security." A small half smile accompanied his last words. 

Despite everything, it was somewhat strange to see Kino. There was relief at a familiar and friendly face, given the additions from other ships and places alongside the overall casualties. More than that this was a woman Varder knew he could trust, after all, not many aboard could say that they had gone against the Dominions ground troops. Even fewer could say they had broken their line.

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 0800 hrs. ] Aftermath of Untruth

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[ PO2 Kino Taer | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 Stardrive Section | USS Theurgy ] @Jm Von Cat

“Hey, Varder! I bet. You mentioned an earlier incident with the doc. Would that be the one that left all these lovely little cuts on you?” Kino replied, a broad smile plastered on her face. “I didn’t know you were frozen too. It must have happened after I went in.”

Ridun was one of the few other NCOs on the ship that the Trill respected, a result both from the stories she had heard and from seeing him in action. It also helped that he evidently similarly respected her, seeing the professional and veteran under the cheery and mildly bloodthirsty façade Kino deliberately maintained. Most of the rest of the crew seemed averse to getting to know Kino well, aside from the few women aboard that she had been able to get to bed with her.

She liked it that way. It meant they underestimated her and generally left her to her own devices, most of which were some degree of explosive or incendiary. Idly, Kino wondered if anyone ever searched her quarters or if they just locked it when she was put into stasis. None of the bits she kept there were dangerous, but that was because they were almost entirely in pieces and she wasn’t stupid enough to keep the actual explosives there. Even put together, the result would be harmless. Mostly.

Taer took another long look at Ridun and then back down to her body. “Say, as freeing as it is to be without pants on, I don’t fancy staying in a hospital gown all day. I don’t suppose you want to walk me to my quarters so I can shower and change? You can catch me up on what I’ve missed.”

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 0800 hrs. ] Aftermath of Untruth

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @patches
Upon Kino's mention of the earlier incident Varder lightly clenched his right fist as he cast his gaze down towards the injured limb. "That would happen to be the one." He would affirm with a distinctly down to business tone, one the Trill was more than familiar with. Her next words caught his attention and his mind very abruptly, now that it was mentioned, Varder could not recall having heard anything about Kino's stasis. Via after action reports or otherwise, which would have been an unusual occurrence given the petty officers general lack of good friends aboard Thea. "I cant recall hearing about you going under either, might have been the same day. We took plenty of hits..." The Bajoran trailed off slightly in thought from his sentence, the thought of being flash frozen and damn near dead was still a strange one.

The two officers did make an unusual pair, he was a very patient and often far more quite and reserved individual. Tending towards observation and understanding, often meaning his input often ended any dispute. Kino on the other-hand, quick minded with a far shorter fuse, mentally and with the explosives she loved to handle. However, no nonsense was a very applicable description to the pair. A mistake that would be easy to make when one looks at these officers would be to deem the larger male Bajoran the more pertinent threat, it would also likely be the last mistake ever made should they find themselves in the position of a target.

Kino was the one to continue conversation, in her usual manner. Fairly practical, the medical gowns were not the most flattering or comfortable to wear. "Easy enough to manage, security escort for such a high value individual within our ranks accompanied by a personal briefing on recent events." He pushed off from the foot of the bed he had been leaning against, jokingly making the grandiose gesture of lead on.

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 0800 hrs. ] Aftermath of Untruth

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[ PO2 Kino Taer & PO1 Varder Ridun | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

So both of us went under about the same time perhaps? Well, it was pretty chaotic. Kino mused to herself as she listened to the Bajoran. She laughed loudly at his last statement.

"High value individual? Me? That's a first!" The Trill shook her head disbelievingly. "Either way though, you look like you need a break more than I need a walk at this rate."

In response to her comment about his present state of being the Bajoran offered a weary and well recognizable smile, the kind that says You're right. Despite fate or duty always taking action against such seemingly luxurious enterprises of rest. After that brief moment he simply followed the brisk pace set by Kino.

She waved cheerily at the medical staff as she led him to the exit for Sickbay. The pace to the hallway was quick, but once the pair hit the halls, there was a not-quite-subtle relaxation in her body language and Kino took on the more characteristic slower stride she favored, reminiscent of a woman going window shopping.

"So, Ridun!" She exclaimed as she gestured to Varder. "How long have you been thawed? What's been going on?"

The change of pace and general tone of body language after leaving the threshold of the sickbay and entering into the halls of the vessel at large was not something Ridun was the type to miss, nor was he particularly the type to comment. Instead he simply made a brief mental note before the woman he was accompanying offered her questions.

"Only about four days now, meaning I am supposed to be 'Taking it easy' ", he gestured his general unkempt form with a small smirk in those last words. "Other than that, we have a cult problem. One that makes people like us even more reliable and trustworthy." Ridun moved his left hand to lightly press against his side, where he had sustained the injuries which placed him in stasis. A mostly unconscious gesture only recently adopted.

Wow, really not much longer than me then!" Kino noted as she pretended to ignore the way Ridun's hand brushed against his side. She recognized the gesture for what it was, having seen it in both herself and other recently injured and healed folks during the Dominion War. The body had a strange way of remembering the trauma it suffered. So did the mind, for that matter, but that particular subject was something she rarely ever talked about. You couldn't see or poke a mind, but you could readily feel and see a body.

"What's this about a cult? I thought we got past the whole cult thing about now."

As Kino spoke the Bajoran altered the movement of his hand in a vain attempt to mask it as simply straightening his uniform, an action that would have likely fooled many others. After all, not all had experience with such injuries nor as keen an attention as the Trill beside him.

A short sigh was offered before Ridun spoke in answer to Kino, "They are called 'The Devoted of Moralli', some temporal officer we picked up at some point. He is from the future and so he will therefore allegedly lead us to glorious salvation, at least that what the followers believe." Ridun briefly paused as he brought his uninjured hand up to brush a few rouge strands of hair from his face before continuing. "Their goal is to replace the Captain with Lieutenant Moralli, they have and will use terror tactics to achieve their goals." Distinct irritation was clear in his voice as he spoke, after all these were Starfleet personnel.

We are supposed to be so much better than that.

"Ugh, of course. We saw some of this during the war and after, but this is the first I've heard of a time traveler being our savior!" Kino exclaimed as she shook her head in disbelief. "There always seems to be fools looking for the wrong answer. You'd think Starfleet could weed them out, but the losses from the past couple decades..."

Ridun was all to well aware the effects that those whom have traversed time could have upon the present, prior to the Dominion war one such traveler emerged from the Bajoran wormhole. He sought to implement an archaic cast system, thus 'returning Bajor to its former glory'. In this case the fools were opportunists or those blinded by religion. The only visible reaction to the Trill's words was the nodding of his head.

They arrived at the turbolift as her voice drifted off. The Trill gestured for Varder to get in first before hopping in and voicing a request for Deck 14 where the NCO quarters were. Luckily, those were mainly on Vector 2 so her own quarters would be there, assuming they hadn't been blown out. It was a short trip, the difference being only three decks. As the pair exited, she gestured in the direction of her quarters, which were about halfway down the hall.

"It's on the left. About three doors down from yours actually, if memory serves. Oh, before I forget, remember Crewman Davies? He owes me from our last poker game. I don't suppose he's made it?"

Ridun nodded his confirmation to her directions, stepping off at a reasonable pace towards her quarters. "Gruff looking fellow if I recall, not the best with his cards, good man... Nearly made it, saw his name in the reports for Star-base 84. Day before I thawed." The next few steps he took in silence, then the Bajoran halted, they were outside her room.

Ridun turned, so as to place his back against the wall beside her door. "There are a lot of new faces, a lot of old ones are missing as well. Once you are ready I would suggest reporting for a briefing, then read as many reports as you can get your hands on. That or find an old friend to ask." He offered her a halfhearted smile paired with a small shrug at the end of his words.

"Ah, damn. I guess I'll have to find his replacement before our next card game." Kino replied with a short groan. She then turned thoughtful. "Well, the doctor did say I'm supposed to take it easy. I might just spend a bit in the Armory. Check my suit and weapons. As much as I know Sel's qualifications, I have to say I'm more comfortable checking things out for myself."

The Bajoran inclined his head slightly at the mention of Sel, the words to reveal she was not present aboard this vector just behind his lips. And yet he chose to hold it back, it was something she would find for herself in short order and he had no desire to continue a downpour of changes upon the Trill before him.

The Trill opened the door as she finished her sentence and smirked. "Right now, though, I need a nice shower and some clothes. It's a little breezy. I'll see you around, Ridun."

Ridun offered a small nod to her words, he had felt much the same after he was thawed himself and knew well she simply needed a little time to unwind. "You know what to do once you are all squared away, then once we have a moment of time drinks are on me." With those words said and a short fairwell nod Ridun turned to return to the Sickbay, leaving the Trill to her devices.


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