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Lost in the waves of pleasure, Ida's thoughts had become bereft of worry, with no doubt about what she had wanted.

She'd matched Shall's pace, moved to meet him as best as she might, and found how - in her delirious state - she'd forgotten her loathing of other Andorians entirely. With Shar, and with Shall, she'd relearned what it was like, the biological, evolutionary match of their bodies. She was beside herself with the pleasure of being claimed so hard by the Chan, and with so much time of denying herself what she wanted in that chamber they shared, she could not last for long. She crossed the threshold when Shall flooded her sex with his warm seed. There was so much of it, pent up as the man had been by their refusal to comply with the Savi. Her eyes wide while she came, she felt the excess pour out of her, even before he vacated her and fell to the deck plates.

In the immediate aftermath, she slowly sank down on the cold surface beneath her, twitching in the tremors that followed - unable to fully catch her breath. Vaguely, she heard the development behind her, and even though she didn't look, she knew that their act of defiance was lost. Even before she caught her breath again, she could hear Shall claiming the Shen as well.

Covered in sweat, with her temple against the cold deck, Ida closed her eyes.

As much as she had enjoyed what happened, her elusive rationality was clear on her feelings.

She would kill the aliens responsible for violating her.


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