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The year is 2381. They have been betrayed. Outlawed and alienated by Starfleet Command. Yet in times of war and uncertainty, the persecuted must endure. Ready to answer the urgent call for truth, justice and freedom. They are that crew.

After returning to base in San Francisco after a long diplomatic mission to Romulus, it was due to pure happenstance that the crew of the USS Theurgy managed to pick up transmissions that detailed a horrifying change to Starfleet Command. The senior positions of Starfleet Command - Starfleet's operational authority - included the Commander in Chief, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Starfleet Operations. These three individuals, along with an unknown number of others in the organization, were revealed through the transmissions to be impersonators of the people they once were; replaced by an unknown enemy.

Before the truth came out, the crew's secretive efforts to meet this threat was compromised, and they had to flee Earth in order to save their own lives. The USS Theurgy was hunted by their former collective fleet - the pursuers merely following orders and whatever fabricated truth Command had given them. The Theurgy escaped after an enduring two months gruesome chase through the Alpha Quadrant. Yet the truth be their witness, they would restore Starfleet to the Federation and the President, and enlighten their fellow brothers and sisters in the fleet about the immediate danger they unknowingly were in by carrying out the orders of Starfleet Command. Yet the Theurgy also had to protect the truth they carried at all cost...

You are about to enter a website that may contain content of adult nature. These pages were made for adults only and may include pictures and materials that some viewers may find offensive. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you, or if it is illegal to view such material in your community, please exit now.

The character images depicted herein are expressly for artistic purposes only. These are manipulated, or are otherwise known as 'fake' pieces of work. There is no intent or implication that these are the actual person's upon which the images are based off of, nor is there any implication that the individuals themselves have dressed in such costumes or behaved in any fashion depicted herein. These are transformative pieces of art for a clearly fictionalised portrayal of characters, not real individuals, and no claim is being made that these in any way relate to individuals they may resemble, and are both easily and reasonably recognised as such.

None of the artwork or content on this site is available for usage on any other sites than Star Trek: Theurgy. This community, however, functions solely as non-profit entertainment for writers where no economic gain is perceived by any of its members as a result of the available media. Star Trek, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks, the Star Trek movies, etc. are © Copyright Paramount Pictures & CBS Studios.

  Star Trek News | Ex Astris Scientia

  • New Story by Travis Anderson: Hidden Corners - 20 June
  • Hidden Corners by Travis Anderson. President Ardra's administration gets investigated by the Rockford Detective Agencies, Outbound Ventures, and eventually Starfleet and Federation Security as the Federation Council must choose whether or not to act upon the evidence.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • New Article: Handling Canon Issues at EAS and at Memory Alpha - 15 June
  • Canon criteria and interpretations have become controversial in fandom. I have compiled a list of discrepancies between EAS and Memory Alpha, which exist despite the common goal to make sense of in-universe material without speculation.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • New Story by Travis Anderson: Ascendancy Rising - 14 June
  • New story by Travis Anderson: Ascendancy Rising. The Federation reaches out to the Ascendancy only to receive a great surprise. A surprise that leads from the Gamma to the Beta Quadrant.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • New Article: The History of the Betazoid Emblem - 08 June
  • Jörg's new article The History of the Betazoid Emblem describes how a fan design accidentally became canon in Star Trek Picard in 2020 and has appeared repeatedly since then.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Prodigy Season 2 Coming - No Binge-Watch Reviews - 06 June
  • Everything is set at EAS for Prodigy season 2, all 20 episodes of which will be released on July 1 - which is insane. There is no way I will binge-watch the show (or myself) to death. It will take several months to catch up with the reviews and updates, and I will limit my social media activities...
  • Retro Reviews of VOY: "Juggernaut" and "Someone to Watch Over Me" - 02 June
  • I have been so busy with the updates related to the final Discovery season the past three days that I need to relax and watch Voyager. Here are two more retro reviews: VOY: "Juggernaut" and VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me".#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Update of Discovery Future Federation Ships - 01 June
  • And here are the Federation starships from Discovery season 5.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Update of Starship Database and More - 31 May
  • I have added the alien ships from Discovery season 5 to the starship database. There are also various other updates with facts from the latest episodes, such as about time travel in DIS.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Review of DIS: "Life, Itself" - 30 May
  • Star Trek Discovery ends with an episode that is action-loaded and ties up most of the loose ends but is also verbose at times without telling a lot. Here is my review of "Life, Itself".#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Review of DIS: "Lagrange Point" - 24 May
  • Discovery doesn't take a break from action in its penultimate episode. Here is my review of "Lagrange Point".#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Review of DIS: "Labyrinths" - 17 May
  • This week's episode comes with an exciting and a contemplative plot thread, of which one fails to convince me. Read my review of DIS: "Labyrinths".#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Updated Observations and More Chairs - 12 May
  • The upgrade of the oldest TNG Observations continues with "Hide and Q" and "Too Short a Season": better pictures, more references, some additions and error corrections. There are also quite a few new chairs. Special thanks to Josh Hardgrove!#cdata_escape_encode#
  • New Observations in TNG: "Reunion" - 11 May
  • There are many new observations by Jörg and better pictures in the article on Observations in TNG: "Reunion".#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Review of DIS: "Erigah" - 09 May
  • Here is my review of DIS: "Erigah", a solid mid-season finale that brings one arc to a preliminary conclusion and establishes a new, more dangerous adversary.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • New Observations in TNG: "Legacy" - 04 May
  • Another old article supplemented with new observations by Jörg and better pictures: Observations in TNG: "Legacy".#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Review of DIS: "Whistlespeak" - 03 May
  • It looks for a while like DIS: "Whistlespeak" could become a classic in the vein of "Who Watches the Watchers", until massive problems in the back story become obvious.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Review of DIS: "Mirrors" - 25 April
  • Read my review of DIS: "Mirrors". The episode comes with two big reveals, of which the second one works a lot better.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • New Alien Starship Images and Updates in Many Articles - 24 April
  • Over 60 new or significantly improved images of Alpha and Beta Quadrant Starships, Part 1 and Part 2. I have also updated over 20 articles in the past couple of days, such as Appearances of the Romulan Warbird (animated Warbirds), Analysis of the Qualor II Surplus Depot (summary and new HD...
  • Review and Time Travel Analysis of DIS: "Face the Strange" - 19 April
  • Here are my review of DIS: "Face the Strange" and my analysis of the time travel effects in this fun episode.#cdata_escape_encode#
  • Lower Decks Canceled, Strange New Worlds Renewed - Comment - 13 April
  • Lower Decks has been canceled, Strange New Worlds has been renewed. Here is my comment.#cdata_escape_encode#
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