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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 4 S [ Day 01 | 1915 ] The Remains of a Crew
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[ Ens. Sashenka Kreshkova | Unnamed Cell | Alternative Asteroid Station | Romulan Space ] ATTN: @Ellen Fitz

Sash felt Ehfa’s gasp before she heard it.  The gruesome hand or paw, whichever it was, with the attached arm, tightened - nearly pulling it out of her grasp.  She wanted to say, ‘you’re okay,’ but she knew that wasn’t true.  Neither of them was okay.  Neither of them would be okay as long as they were captives to this savage race.

These ‘examinations’ were more than her body, her spirit, or her emotions could bear.  In all honesty, she had lost hope - hope that they would be okay, hope that they would be rescued, hope for anything other than a quick death.  She knew death would come, but Sash prayed that it would come soon and it would be quick. 
In this paltry reality, she wasn’t living.  The only truth she knew was mere existence. But maybe even in this continuation of breath, she could make a very small difference for this half person - half wolf laying exposed in front of her. If she could make her companion’s last moments or days a little more endurable, maybe if there was an afterlife like she had been taught, she’d had a better chance of landing in the better of the two.  But that wasn’t the reason that the young woman wanted to comfort her companion. No one should have to suffer by themselves. 

The young woman watched as the half-wolf / half-human opened her eyes.  She saw consciousness spread across her grotesque features.  Skin here, hairy patches there.  And then with the absence of clothes, she could see masculine features but two lines of what she thought were teats, and she didn’t understand what she was seeing, but that didn’t matter.

Then moments later, she heard the person try to speak, but nothing seemed to come out for awhile.  When he or it finally found its voice, she heard, “Hhoww arrrrrre youuuuuu?”

That was a loaded question.  Could she even answer it?  She certainly wasn’t alright.  Even if they escaped or were rescued, could she ever be alright again?  She couldn’t even answer that.  “I’m….alive.”  That was really the only thing she could say in answer to that question.  She didn’t want to to describe or discuss the attrocities they had both lived through.

What she could say though was, “You’re not alone, but zhey aren’t here.  It’s just you and me,” Her words were only a whisper, but they were filled with emotion.  But as she continued to stroke the creature’s hand, she couldn’t stand to see it naked - even in its mottled form.  She unbuttoned her shirt - the shirt that had been a navy blue at one point - and now looked more like a muddy brown.  At least she still had a bra and pants on.  She lay her filthy shirt along the torso of the naked creature.  It didn’t cover much, but it did cover some.  “I’m Sash,” she whispered again, not wanting to call any undue attention to either of them.  “Vhat’s your name?
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hey all. To those I owe posts to (and those I've plotted future ones with) I'm sorry to say that I am slammed with work atm, then taking a couple weeks off-line for vacation. Feel free to skip/npc my chars while I'm gone so I don't hold things up. Yall take care and I'll see ya on the flip side.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: CH 2: S [Day 01 | 1857 hrs] Expectations
Last post by joshs1000 -
[CPO Avandar Lok | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20| Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Lok listened silently as Cross told his story. It certainly was one that the larger man was loath to reply to with his own childhood story in kind. Sure he was bullied here and there and got into trouble but he had a life of ease and privilege on Betazed whereas Cross, as he somewhat hinted to, simply did not. It did however explain why he wasn’t acting like all the other Vulcans that Lok had met throughout the years. This filled him with some sense of ease and perhaps a bit of kinship at not being the only one who was raised by another species. Visibility Lok relaxed somewhat, he showed a bit more of a smile and took a bit more of a relaxed stance in his chair…well more relaxed than he already was anyway.

Leaning back in his chair, Lok continued to listen and nod attentively while Cross explained his own bout with martial arts. He was genuinely curious and engaged as Cross talked. He was actually unaware that there was more to Vulcan martial arts than just fighting, though he shouldn’t have been surprised considering that Vulcans never liked to do things simple.

“Never been one for meditating myself either”, Lok responded with a small chuckle before the conversation turned back to him and what he liked to do to unwind.

“Oh I like all kinds of stuff”, he began, “drawing landscapes, people, stuff like that; uh I like to cook, mostly meats…but you know- Kzin - so can’t really have anything else, a good roast or steak is my specialty.” The meat talk reminded Lok he had intended to try and replicate steaks for his dinner rather than the turkey sandwiches he ended up with, but the thought of a juicy steak did cause him to absentmindedly lick his large sharp fangs. “I also try to stay in shape by lifting weights or go swimming if the holodeck is free or if there is a pool or an ocean or lake.”

“-And yes before you say anything I know the Earth joke about cats and water, well this felinoid likes the water.”

He crossed his arms in a show of playful defiance to stereotypes before continuing, “other than that I really just like to tinker with stuff, old tech, new tech, scrap parts…I used to help my mother fix up her vintage hovercars. I also used to make these little alarm clocks out of a bunch of old duotronic transtators, but I don't think I’ll find anything like that on this brand new ship without replicating them, which takes away half the fun of finding old gadgets laying around.”

Lok also liked to drink and party, but he figured he’d keep that to himself for the time being. He may have gotten a better understanding of Cross, but the man was also a member of the senior staff and no doubt wouldn’t want members of his crew unfit due to drink. Granted it seemed a good number of the crew had a bit of a drinking problem, who could blame them.

“What about you, sir? I guess since you aren’t quite a regular Vulcan you don’t do the normal Vulcan stuff to unwind, no Kal’toh or whatever.”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO S [ Day 1 | 1200hrs ] ALL ABOARD the Crazy Train!
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Cmdr. Cross | Conference Lounge | D. 8 | V. 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @TWilkins

Tipping his head back, Cross mentally berated himself for not having shared his name earlier. He was out of practice as this whole rinse-wash-repeat onboarding process.

“Cross,” he nodded to the ensign. “Commander Cross. And I appreciate your framing the circumstances more conducive to proactive work. Our epitaphs will write themselves, I’m certain.” He gave a noncommittal shrug to the concept of being infested. Dealing with Nicander as often as he did, Cross knew far better than Llewellyn-Kth what it was like dealing with parasite victims who were self-aware and wishing to be anything than what they were. “They choose their hosts according to their own chaos-loving logic. I don’t think it is helpful to weigh your talents or abilities as being any more a target for them than someone who has positional power or access. Likely to increase your paranoia and decrease your proficiencies.”

He paused a moment, glancing once more at the PADD to ensure he’d indeed sent all the pertinent information to the man’s console before answering his questions.

“All the information regarding the upcoming mission, the personnel and technology you’ll be working with, including the Savi, has been forwarded to the console in your quarters. I won’t seek to color your opinions on any of the above with my own opinions and will instead leave you to study the data. That being said, the mission you’re going on is quite delicate. You will not be flying the Savi ships, they will be. We are assisting them in their fight against their own in a civil war. The vessels you’d most likely be flying are our own. If it comes down to you at the helm of the Savi ship, well, learning how to fly their ship will be the least of your worries.”

Cross readjusted his weight. He hated sitting for too long, and yet he got the distinct feeling that if he stood up now, the ensign would presume he was dismissed. Which wasn’t far from the truth, but Cross didn’t want to hurry the man. Especially not after his just-shy-of-a-panic-attack initial response.

“Anything else I can help with, ensign?” His tone was even, expression neutral. He knew Llewellyn-Kth had limited time to get settled in his quarters and study the mission briefing before heading to the Erudite but again he felt patience would merit a better response given circumstances.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: Triggered Much? [ Day 1 | 1800hrs ]
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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Storage Bay | Romulan Space Station | Romulan Space ] Attn: @Stegro88 @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @P.C. Haring @Hans Applegate
Cam awkwardly held the rifle in her arms. She was no soldier, she’d been in a few scrapes, sure - but a soldier she was not. Hearing the voice over the comms system of the Romulan Base was certainly not the way she wanted to start the mission. “Timeline just moved up.” She remarked, to those around her. She wasn’t just going to lie to them, and was likely doing a terrible job at hiding her own apprehension. For the first time in a long time though, she felt as though she had something to come back to, not just work. So she steeled her nerves, and swallowed down the fear that threatened to consume her.

There was no way they had seven hours.

That part of her, the part that brought the ups and downs in her emotions, tickled the edge of her mind, prodding her with intrusive, unhelpful, and paranoid thought. She licked her lips, and held the rifle up in a ready position as she pushed forward, Tyreke Okafor took up the position beside her, each of them taking a quadrant of view as they pressed into the station.

She felt a jolt, and it certainly didn’t feel like a small one, her arm institúyelo reaching out for the man next to her to steady herself. Each of them did so, and quickly regained their footing, “What was that?” Cam asked, not really caring who answered, any answer would help.

She pressed in on a room to the left, it looked like a storage bay. “Let’s start the sweep.” She sighed, then opened her tricorder, scanning each of the crates in the room. She heard a creak from her left, Okafor, on her right, looked up and his eyes went wide. All Cam saw as she turned her head was a single red eye, and a massive chassis before she was flung across the room and into a shelf, she shouted out over the local comms, they were made anyhow, damned if she died in a fucking storage bay. “Contact!” As she shouted it however she saw Okafor move out from behind a crate and open fire on the metal monstrosity that had emerged from…somewhere in the room.

The machine tanked the hits, its exoskeleton clearly scorching but it wasn’t enough. There was four clean shots to its chest before it picked up Okafor in its hand, and leveled the weapon…no, the cannon that served as its other arm against his chest, firing once and dropping his limp body to the ground. “Okafor is down! Need backup!” Cam jumped out from behind her cover, and dialed up the setting on her phaser, dangerously high. She pulled the trigger once, aiming for a bulkhead to the rear of the mech, what looked like an EPS relay.

It exploded, throwing cam back even further…and catching the mech in an arc of energy, causing it to momentarily freeze. Her entire body hurt and even worse she felt…strange, like the room was spinning, and those thoughts that plagued her daily grew ever louder. “No, no, no…not now.” She muttered, her breathing quickly becoming labored.

[Amelya Rez]
Amy heard the call over the comms and pressed forward, not knowing what part of her shattered mind compelled her to now run INTO danger instead of the opposite direction. Jona ran right beside her, as real as any other crew member to Amy, though only she could hear him. Only she could see him. Only she could touch him. She was haunted by him, night and day.

She turned into the room, seeing Henshaw on the ground, she looked to be hyperventilating, the blast likely knocking the wind out of her. She turned her eyes forward, seeing the mech frozen in the arc of energy, and the body of Okafor on the ground before it. Much of its armor had been blown off by the blast, but for the time being it was stuck. Amy opened fire with her phaser as she ran towards Henshaw, grabbing her by the straps on her shoulders and dragging her from the room, the whole time the yeoman protested, and screamed as much as she could. “Henshaw! Calm down, I need to-“ Cam elbowed her straight in the shin, desperate to get away.

“Who the fuck decided to send this one?” Jona shouted, firing his phaser. In reality, Amy dragged with one hand and fired the phaser at the mech with the other, though her mind told her a different tale. As she breathed, heavier and heavier she felt…dizzy. “Woah…” She muttered. She’d taken an antitoxin before she’d come aboard but…she opened her tricorder, and sure enough there was something in the air. “There’s something-“ She coughed, even over comms, “In the air…”

Jona picked her up by the shoulder, slinging his rifle, in tandem as Amy secured hers, and dragged Henshaw from the room. “Need more guns in here!” Amy shouted, as she began to treat Henshaw, who luckily had escaped with only minor injury, and whatever was in the air. She felt it, but somehow that. Extra presence in her mind…it kept her centered, at least from the time being. He guided her, talked her through what she needed to do, and when the EPS unit turned off, and the mech got free, he raised his rifle, just as Amy raised hers, and started firing at the monster. Their actions were one and the same. What he did, she did. Even if she saw him doing it…they was her actions alone. Something she had yet to fully grasp.
Director's Cut / Re: [2381 USS Theurgy] Cohabitation
Last post by Dree -
Lt Reika Sh’laan|  Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy @Dumedion

As Kino pulled the stately Andorian down the hallway, Reika smiled.  She loved everything about this woman - her sensual noises when Reika kissed, sucked, or nibbled on any part of her milky-white spotted body.  Her darling, teasing sense of humor.  Those damn provocative dimples! The way she would chew on her lip when she was thinking or concentrating or responding to Reika’s advances. 

But just as her thoughts were getting going, Reika felt herself yanked in the opposite direction.  “It’s back this way.  Ahhg, I’m such a mess!  Your fault, Legs!  Better not pull that kinda stuff on me while I’m working on the torp, unless y’want jelly all over the place.  I can’t be held accountable for my actions under such duress.

That one statement slowed her steps - remembering what happened the last time she had been in Kino’s quarters, Reika had shot a torpedo with an arrow and thought she was going to blow up half of the ship.  Kino had done her best to assure her quickly enough.  Still, finding a torpedo hidden under the non-com’s bed had done nothing to assuage any of Reika’s fears.  Her girlfriend had a crazy sense of humor.  It both scared her and intrigued her at the same time.

But Reika was still half dragged, half running after her girlfriend even after the quick change of direction.  But it wasn’t long before they made it to Kino’s - old - quarters.

Her roommate wasn’t in the main room. “Must be out or sleeping.

But just before Kino crossed over the threshold to her room, she paused, turned, and grinned mischievously at her girlfriend before saying, “This shouldn’t take long, so long as you behave yourself, Lt.

But Kino turned quickly after and headed into her room. Before doing anything else, the OPS officer headed to the replicator and ordered a large duffle bag, then she turned to follow the Trill and leaned against the doorframe.  The Andorian crossed her arms under her bust and just watched Kino.  Damn.  The woman knew who she was and what she was about.  She moved with a purpose - a mission.  One of joining two separate existences into one shared life.  She could see her see her muscles tighten and loosen, she could see the tension in her shoulders release and the unconscious smile that graced her mouth.  It all filled her heart and gave her such joy.

After Kino removed several sets of clothes from her drawers and set them down on her bed, Reika made her way over.  In the six steps that it took to get there, Reika had a choice, make a move and sidetrack the two of them in - oh such an enjoyable way - or she could help, so they could consummate this new part of their relationship in their new shared quarters.  Reika rarely had a problem with delayed gratification, and while there was a momentary internal struggle, her decision was made shortly thereafter.  Coming up alongside her girlfriend, she asked, “You are so gorgeous, you know that?”  She smiled at her.  “And precious, and I want to make passionate love to you, but the next time, we make love, I want it to be in our shared quarters.”  She paused and looked at her girlfriend.  “So how can I help get us there sooner?
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 2: S [D01 | 1642hrs] The Spare Tire
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie “Hellcat”] Attn: @Dumedion @rae

As Daniel was dealing with the flotilla and covering Javert he watched as his fighter approached the disabled vessel.  Everything happened in a blink of an eye, suddenly a flash of light pierced through Javert’s cockpit and he received a flurry of orders from Janus who was seconds away.  He had already had the thought of getting the flotilla to safety even before Janus had ordered him to do so, whatever they were dealing with was now a new threat and considering the panic that was gripping the flotilla leaders he could tell that this threat wasn’t one of theirs.

“Conclave Leader, jump to exactly one astronomical unit from this current position towards your destination and hold position while we deal with this threat.”  Daniel ordered them as he kept the transmission open and prepared to engage the hostile.

Daniel watched as the flotilla heeded his orders and made a quick jump away as he turned his attention to the scene unfolding before him.  Hearing the secondary order to find out information Daniel spoke again.  “Conclave Leader, do you recognize this threat, know of any weaknesses or anything that we can use to fight against it.”  He said as he sent his sensor scans of the target to the flotilla lead vessel so that they could analyze it.

[ LTJG Ava Weaver-Havenborn | Cockpit | Type-11 Shuttlecraft “Friedrich Mohs”]

Ava nodded as she received the sensor data from Janus.  “Copy Wolf Leader, data received.”  She said as she helped Talera look through the data, though she was a pilot so she wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking for.  “Anything specific that we should be trying to look for Lieutenant?”  She asked as she kept the shuttlecraft in a wide orbit from the battle zone.  Having seen how quick it had moved to strike against the poor Javert.  She wondered if she should keep up with the flotilla since they wouldn’t be very useful in the fight but she hadn’t received orders to do that so she continued to keep her distance.  There might be a scientific way they could help though.
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
Last post by RyeTanker -
[Ensign XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Ens. Zark) | Federation Embassy Compound | Cardassia Prime] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Zark couldn't quite savour the sweet toffee richness of the caramel in her Ketheka as the jumbled mass of neurons worked to re-align themselves.  On the bright side though, the re-booting was occurring, so at least her ability to absorb information while transitioning fro the land of the sleepy to the land of the waking let her pick out points here and there.  The main gist of the information though was that for whatever reason, Ontatt had decided he liked the two very junior members of the embassy staff and would only talk to them about intel he had.  It was going to take place in a few days and some where not on the planet, but still within Federation boundries. That didn't make a whole lot of sense to the security officer since it still took some time in a galactic straight line to get anywhere in the Cardassian Union.  On the other hand, at least he was cooperating, even if it was for revenge against the 'business partners' that had tried to have him killed.  She did let out a low whistle at the fact that no Cardassians were allowed to be part of the debrief and she had to wonder what had been required to secure that sort of concession.  It likely hadn't come cheap to the CDO since he was making the deal on behalf of a felon.

A drop of liquid dripped off her cup and she felt it hit with more force than was realistic and Zark looked down for a moment and her own eyes widened as an adrenaline surge shot through her system, forcing out the rest of the anesthazine.  Wait a minute. Was I naked this whole time?  A look down past the blanket confirmed that there was a helacious set of blue legs and wide eyes looked up at Enyd for just a moment as she sat there with her mental processes coming to a crashing halt.  Blue lips opened and closed like a fish out of water as she looked down at her magnificient chest and across at Enyd, then down, then up again.  She could have blurted out a fumbled apology, but despite her best efforts, she could see that Enyd was doing an admirable job of hiding her shock at the situation.  It actually spoke volumes about the diplomat that she was able to deliver such a concise brief while staring at a totally naked person.  Zark looked down again.  Okay, mostly naked, at least she was sort of covered from her hip to thigh.  The Andorian smiled for a moment, then sniggered, then finally cracked up in uproarious laughter.  Her cup was an after thought as it fell on the ground and Zark buried herself in the silk sheets as she held her sides.  "Oh Spirits Ensign Madsen!" Zark howled as she tried to sit back up. "Couldn't you have started off with I need to put some clothes on?!" The Andorian's rich laughter filled the room. "I usually need a first date before I give someone a booty show and you got it for free!" The Zhen continued laughing as she stomped her feet into the bed to beat the hilarity out of her system.

And it worked as the pace and volume of the thumping eventually subsided and Zark sat up gasping for breath as she rubbed her exoskelton where humans would have their ribs.  "Ohhhhhh Enyd, youre too much." Zark let out as she slowed down to chuckles.  It was way too late, but the Andorian pulled up her blanket anyways to cover herself and crossed her legs under the thin sheets. When she was sure she had some control of herself, the Zhen gave a small smile. "Okay, so we're going to get some information regarding the activities of Ono and Jassarac regarding the Cardassians.  We're going to get cover identities to meet with him and possibly use afterwards to infiltrate whatever it is they have going on to which we'll find out when we talk to him later."  Seeing that was the essentials of what was going on, Zark nodded then shrugged for a moment. "I wouldn't worry about not being asked to accompany you.  My assignment is you, so where you go, I have to go.  I don't think Commander Herasin thought it was going to be this adventurous when he first assigned it to me, but there's no real reason to pull me off since you seem intent on getting into shenanigans anyway, and don't deny it, trouble is looking for you and will always find you."  Zark emphasized this by pointing a long slender finger right at Enyd's face, then waved it narrowly from side to side as if daring the diplomat to say otherwise. "So here's what's going to happen, I will follow you around when you go off the reservation, but in the mean time, we are going to make free time in your schedule for me to polish your fighting abilities, and don't say you're too busy, you can't help anyone if you're dead."  she finished.  With that main point concluded, Zark took some time to help sort out a few other details of how they were going to deal with Ontatt before bidding the human good night.

It was kind of a relief that Enyd had seen her naked since it helped to break a layer of ice that she'd felt forming between the two from her side.  She was getting ready to place an automatic cold shoulder to the diplomat and that would have been tragic.  That wasn't to say there hadn't been a price to the showing though as she felt a familiar urge between her legs and remembered there was a certain video from her wife that was specifically recorded for situation like this.  Locking the door, Zark activated the terminal with no intentions of leaving for quite a while.

[Several days later | Castellan's Office | Cardassia Prime]

"Do you trust them Garak?"  The Castellan asked as he stared out the window at the city going through a resurrection, hands clasped behind his back.  Javec hid his look of surprise that the question was being directed at a specific person instead of the group as a whole.  If the head of the Union Intelligence Service was just as surprised as he sat next to his boss, he was certainly too smooth an operator to show it.  Daadral Porin, the Minister of Justice was in the middle seat and frowned slightly at the question.  Odrem Tremill, the head of the Union Bureau of Investigation sat on the other side and looked over at Garak in surprise then speculation.  She handled the domestic intelligence service, really the national police, while Elim Garak was the head of a much reduced foreign intelligence branch. 

Elim Garak would normally have waxed poetic, but given the precedence of integrity and fairness he was working to set within the rebuilding Union, he looked at Daadral first, who didn't look back.  "I do sir."  The Castellan turned the upper half of his body from the window looked at the former tailor for elaboration.  He also caught sight of the manifest unhappiness from his Minister of Justice and smiled reassuringly.  "Don't worry old friend, I just need the view of someone who lived and got a feel for them."  The Minister frowned more but nodded his acceptance.  As Garak saw this, he continued. "Starfleet and the Federation has a vested interest in building us as an ally, and the domestic turbulence that a member planet may be fomenting would derail those efforts."  He looked at the others in the office. "There was a saying one of the human leaders had. I will destroy my enemy by making him my friend.  Or something along those lines.  The Federation values friends, allies, and diplomacy first.  War is diplomacy by another means, but not their first choice.  Their morals and integrity have been tested in the recent unpleasantness, but I do believe they have held firm.  The information sharing agreement will hold."

The Castellan nodded, but Minister Porin wasn't as sure. "I'll speak with the Foreign Affairs Ministry to confirm the view.  I don't doubt it's veracity, but it doesn't hurt to make sure."  Garak was about to say something, and he'd even begun raising his index finger, but thought better of it and gave a minute nod.  Even if he didn't have any qualms about being second guessed, he still would have kept them to himself since it was the Minister's job to present the group's views.  There was a chain of command to be respected after all.  Seeing this, the Castellan took a seat and pulled up the next item on the agenda from his terminal. "So where do we stand on the reports of grain smuggling?"

[Three Weeks Later | Trill ]

The tall and statuesque Andorian seemed to glide to a stop outside the door and hit the admittance chime.  "Come!" a voice called and Inspector Ashryzit sh’Oshraalrath, Andorian Peacekeeper, stepped in.  She wore a blank expression as she entered and took a seat opposite Assistant Director Nita Wakakita, Federation Security Agency. He leaned back and undid the top of his tunic.  She certainly was very easy on the eyes. He thought to to him self before getting the meeting started.  "Thank you for coming so promptly."  The Andorian gave a small smile.  "I figured it was going to happen soon after the investigation was over." The human nodded and grinned. "Can I offer some refreshment?  A cup of ketheka perhaps, or maybe something stronger?  I do believe it is after quitting time."  The Andorian smirked.  "Given how you don't leave till after 2200, maybe you shouldn't be lecturing someone on when to go home."  The Japanese man bowed his head in acceptance as he smiled.  "Whisky it is then." Ashryzit thanked the man and took the proffered glass when it was placed in front of her.

She took a sip and hid the grimace at the flavour.  It wasn't bad, it just wasn't her preferred drink.  Probably her wife would have had a better appreciation of the stuff since she had the envious ability to consume everything with a relish.  He took a much larger sip before placing the amber liquid down.  "So, what did you find?" The Andorian cop sighed. "They were dupes." The man nodded and she took her chance to put the glass down before continuing. "It was a charity front for the rebuilding of Cardassia by a group of monks who were looking for an NGO method to improve relation between them and the Cardassians.  I guess someone wanted to start making peace somewhere."  The Assistant Director nodded as he took another sip. "And it was originally sponsored by Sotye Agi, the current Minster of Agriculture and acting Minister of Trade?" Ashryzit nodded.  "Yes. Her permanent predecessor had a stroke of all things and had to be quickly replaced. She is definitely more conciliatory in relations, so she's done what her position allows her to do improve relations between Bajor and Cardassia." The human nodded again. "Anyway, the charity she helped found was supposed to provide agricultural assistance, but it received a large donation recently.  The monks were caught up in the excitement of the pledge and skipped over the lines about the funds going to a specific location and didn't ask what it was.  As far as we can tell, the latinum transfer did make it to Cardassia, but disappeared after they were picked up by some Orions at the space port."

The Assistant Director's eyebrow rose. "I take it, their arrival, then disappearance was noticed?"  The Andorian cop nodded, but it wasn't very decisive. "Yes and the report from the Ministry of Justice on Cardassia indicated there were UBI agents on the way, but several bombs were detonated in the area and the group made its escape in the confusion."  The human grimaced as he stared into the glass and put it down without drinking, clearly disgusted by the events. "So the latinum is lost?"  "Maybe not." Ashryzit replied and the human blinked. "Why not?" he asked and was more surprised when the normally severe Andorian cracked a full out smile. "Well, it just so happens that some of the latinum was recovered from a syndicate member with less sense and even worse luck." Ashryzit, or Ryzit as she was known to Zark, was really not sure how her wife gotten involved as the story seemed too ridiculous, but providence was not to be overlooked, especially in a case like this. "My wife took part in a raid on a Syndicate operation and managed to recover some of latinum.  She was also there for the interrogation; and I want to say, her partner, got the connection to the heist at the space port.  That aspect was a little fuzzy, but the follow up raid yielded more latinum, so they're on the trail."

Assistant Director Wakakita nodded and smiled, then frowned.  "So I guess we'll have to see how this turns out since it's in the Cardassian Union and not part of our jurisdiction."  The Andorian shrugged.  "I guess so."  The Assistant Director sighed.  "Well, we'll pass on the information we have and hopefully it will prove useful.  Anything else we need to look into for the charity or Minister Sotye?" Ryzit shook her head "T'Veir is looking into it and will get back if he finds anything."  The human nodded, glad to have had this particular Andorian seconded to the Agency. "Well, your secondment is pretty much over.  Any plans?" Ryzit grinned and shrugged. "I do have quite a bit of leave accumulated since my wife got posted to Cardassia, and I've always been curious about the place, so I think I'll pay her a visit."  The human wasn't fooled in the slightest, but merely smiled and held his hand out to shake hers. "I wish you a safe a speedy journey and a successful trip."  The Andorian Cop shook the hand as she smiled like a predator going on the hunt.

[Two weeks later | Reception Area | Federation Embassy Compound | Cardassia Prime]

The receptionist manning the welcome desk was typing away on her report when a throat cleared itself above her and she looked up, then up a little more. "Uhhh, can I help you ma'am?"  The receptionist asked the Andorian who'd materialized in front of her. Her face appeared to be one of cold indifference. "Yes. Is Ensign XamotZark zh’Ptrell around?" The receptionist blinked in surprise, but she guessed it made sense that the Andorian in front of her would be looking for another one in the compound and she pressed a few buttons on her console. "Yeeees she is in the compound at the moment." The Andorian nodded. "Good, can you call her over and tell her, her wife is here to see her." This caused the receptionist to give the blue skinned woman another look and her hand moved towards the comm button to call the security ensign directly.  Something flashed in the Andorian's eyes and she grinned suddenly. "Hold on, is this the one for public address?"  She asked innocently and the receptionist gaped as blue hands snapped out with viperish speed to hit the button and a smile transfixed the Shen's face. "Ohhh Zaaaaark! Baaaaabee!  Your love slave is here for your satisfaction!" She lustily yelled into the public intercom.

[Fitness Facility | Federation Embassy Compound | Cardassia Prime]

Ensign Zark was working with Ensign Madsen on some of her hand to hand techniques when the call came.  She initially was only going to listen with the announcement with half an ear as the two were in the middle of sparring.  That was until she recognized the lusty voice of her wife blare over the comm system for everyone to hear from the CDO down to the lowest security guard and her mind froze in shock and embarrassment at being called this way.  This didn't do her any good since she totally lost track of what Enyd was doing and missed the incoming punch that smashed into the side of her head and knocked her to the ground.

[Reception Area | Federation Embassy Compound | Cardassia Prime]

The Receptionist was livid and also embarrassed to have had that broadcast across the entire compound.  "Ma'am you can't just, just.." "Oh come on, of course I can, it's funny and she's my wife anyway.  I wouldn't worry about it, I've done more to her and I totally intend to do things to her that'll make a Betazoid sing with joy."   This set the receptionist to blubbering as she tried to find a way to admonish the crazy Andorian who seemed totally unconcerned.  The poor woman hit a button to summon security to eject the blue woman when another blue woman, quite scantily clad in her workout attire entered the foyer with a look that combined exasperation and embarrassment.  It also didn't help that her hair was dishevelled and she had a bruise on her cheek.  Zark stopped for a moment and stared at the new comer.  "Oh Shelat, it is you. I mean it's good to see you and all, but what.."  Zark's haphazard greeting was cut off as Ryzit sighed, then squealed and ran at her wife.  "Wait! Ryzit! Not here!" was all she got out before the Shen jumped the last meter and collided with her marginally shorter wife and locked lips in public while wrapping her legs around her hips.

The 'Not here' occurred when Ryzit gripped Zark's body and proceeded to mash the two together as hard as she could while Zark was forced to grip onto her ass to support her.  Being each other's wife, the Zhen couldn't help herself and squeezed the more slender posterior in her hands which elicited a yelp then a moan that caused Ryzit to lean in harder.  This made Zark lose her balance and the two toppled to the ground where the rebound on the ground finally forced the two apart.  Zark stared into her wife's face with disbelief.  "It's uhhhh great to see you, but what are you doing here and why didn't you let me know?" The Shen giggled. "And spoil the fun? I'm here to see you babe, and also I'm here to help with your money problem."  Looking around and ignoring the range of looks she was being given, she quickly identified the human brunette who'd been dragging her wife into danger all over the place. "And you must be Enyd Isolde Madsen.  We have a common problem we need to discuss and I don't mean my wife."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 10 [1326] Chaos in the Clouds of Qo'Nos
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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Mekro'vak Region | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz
Enyd might have had the quick and flowing movements of a gymnast, but Cal lived amongst the clouds. Despite a solid physique, he could be light on his feet when necessary. He allowed his momentum to be redirected without resistance, his footing almost getting tripped up by an empty wine mug. His empty wine mug. Sparing the slightest regret for the spilled wine, Cal stopped his momentum and steadied himself, legs slightly crouched as he glanced over his shoulder at his attacker.

Not to be outdone apparently, she was attempting what he could only describe as a drunken cartwheel, yet slightly more elegant. Whatever it was called, she was about to do it directly into the roaring fire that the klingons had recently fed with some dried branches. He cursed under his breath and stepped sideways towards the fire so that she would land on his back instead of the flames. It was a sacrifice that would put him in a very difficult situation as his mixed martial arts classes had taught him, but it was a necessary one. The alternative was a Starfleet diplomat burnt to a crisp with barely any clothes to act as a barrier between the scorching fire and her skin. If she wanted to throw herself into a fire that was her prerogative; but, Cal dreaded the paperwork he would be burdened with if she did.

So he sacrificed his back which she landed on in quite the opposite position he was expecting. He had expected legs to wrap around his torso and her to bite at his head or shoulders in an attempt to bring him down to the ground. Instead, it was her legs around his neck and her head around his nads and close to the tassel. That also meant his head was now close to her tassel and he could feel the cloth against his neck. So close...

Cal's weakness would not permit him to carry the woman, especially draped on his back in such a way. He needed a fast solution or his knees would buckle and she would undoubtedly bite the tassel free in his collapse. He swung around, struggling to keep his footing with the full-grown woman hanging from his back. It took him but a second to find the solution.

Cal swung the pair of them towards a nearby table that had until recently been filled with the bounty of the feast. Now it was bare save for a few empty plates. Then, in what could only be described as the dirtiest pseudo-powerbomb in the history of wrestling, he lunged himself backwards so that the pair came down onto the table -- Enyd first -- in a move that would make a Buffalo Bills fan from Earth history proud. The table buckled in two at the center and the pair hit the ground hard.

In the chaos, Cal turned his head and began to bite for the tassel. His teeth found the flesh of Enyd's thighs several times but he was careful not to bite hard or puncture the Starfleet officer's skin. He was getting close, and barring anything tricky up Enyd's figurative sleeve, he was but a bite away from victory now.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 3 : The Meeting of Heroes (or Villains) [ Day 1 | 1500+]
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[Jaeih T’haelaa | Bridge Crew Mess Hall | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | The Helmet] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Brutus @Stegro88  @Nesota Kynnovan @P.C. Haring @JacenSoloDjo  @Juzzie @GroundPetrel @Eirual

From where she stood near the wide viewport, Jaeih wore the faintest of smiles while her emerald eyes panned the room in an unblinking gaze; a casual, bird-of-prey stare that observed without focus. Her back to a corner allowed an unimpeded view of the proceedings; a gathering of two bitter rivals that would never trust each other and had no interest in doing so, hosted by optimistic fools.

How very quaint.

Directly ahead, no more than three long strides away, Donatra sat resplendent in her finery at the table, in idle conversation with the black-furred Starfleet diplomat. Jaeih didn’t need to be telepathic to know the Empress was already bored, yet subtlety and diversion was an art form they had all mastered long ago – some better than others, apparently. A brow twitched as her eyes drank in the various attire on display: the Klingons in their leathers and armor, still woefully inadequate to mask their stink – while the officers and crew of the Federation exiles varied from uniformed finery to elegant and revealing. By comparison, Jaeih had chosen a more subdued ensemble; a simple synth-fab hooded dress the color of desert sand. It hugged her powerful body comfortably, with no impediment to range of motion, but offered little in the way of warmth or protection. Still, she betrayed no external sense of discomfort – only a casual vigilance to those who would recognize it, or idle indifference to those that did not.

Already, it was all too obvious how this ‘alliance’ would play out. Starfleet and the Klingons were all too eager to show their unity – purposefully displayed by how easily they mingled and toyed with each other. Let them cavort like the fools they are. Every minute wasted here presents further opportunity to pursue our own ends, Jaeih mused. Rihannsu will outlast you all, in the end.

A nearly Imperceptible nod from Donatra caught her attention. Jaeih’s gaze shifted in its direction to lock upon a Klingon male that mirrored her position and stance on the opposite side of the hall. Very well, Empress, Jaeih mentally sneered at the title as she searched her memory for the warrior’s dossier. A Colonel, by the trappings of rank on his barbaric uniform, but surely no simple KDF officer. Martok had made a clear display of strength and audacity with the armada that blocked the stars from view in the void; likewise, the stinking brute would not allow any but the most competent of his filthy breed to accompany him. Jaeih’s eyes snapped back to the Empress after a beat of her heart to witness a casual gesture of Donatra’s fingers: investigate, she signed.

Understood, the former Sentinel signed in reply, clenched her jaw, then relaxed as she moved off in a silent, circuitous approach, offering a pleasant nod or word to those that greeted her.

[Lt. Enyd Madsen]
So far, so good Enyd thought to herself as she multitasked on her chosen side of the room. The Klingons were on their best behavior, leading her to inwardly chuckle at what must’ve been quite the paternal lecture from hell given by Martok just prior to their arrival. The Romulans were…Romulan. She was happy no one seemed to be keeling over from poison or hidden blades now buried between their ribs. The Theurgy crew in attendance were doing their utmost to mingle with both crowds, though some obviously favored Klingons merely for the shared history of rivalry and support to fall back on in a pinch.

Taking a small sip, in no rush to compete with either group for who had the strongest alcohol tolerance, Enyd let her gaze wander from the small group she’d initially inserted herself with. Within seconds, her hackles raised, and she stiffened. Donatra’s aide, the statuesque Amazon from the first meeting, was making a beeline for Hauq. Both looked equally delighted at the prospect of small talk, which meant Enyd had a job to do: bridge.

“Excuse me,” she demurely murmured to her group, giving each Klingon a respectful head bow before backing away.

Having to weave through the mingling crowd meant she made it to Hauq’s side a few moments after the Romulan and found them still looking equally warm and fuzzy toward each other and the circumstances.

“Colonel Hauq,” Enyd brightly called attention to herself as she stopped an equal distance from both Klingon and Romulan. “May I present Empress Donatra’s aide, Jaeih T’haelaa?” She was aware of the fact that introductions may have already been made however, repetition for the sake of even footing was sometimes the best route to take. Pausing to catch Hauq’s scrutinizing gaze, Enyd gestured at the Romulan. “Like you, colonel, T’haelaa here has shared some concerns regarding the safety and security of our joint fleet. It seems disgruntlement runs on both sides.”

Enyd knew she was taking a gamble by naming such an elephant with present company and yet also given present company, duplicity and half-assing conversations would only keep them where they presently stood: on either sides of a cultural and ideological chasm.

[Colonel Hauq, son of Dorak]
“che’wI’ ‘oH, qa’pu,” Hauq grunted Madsen’s title like the curse it was, yet tinted with amusement. The terran diplomat had earned it and her reputation over the past few weeks. In his eyes, she was an endless storm of chaos; a white-squall, a rogue wave – trouble found her no matter where she chose to tread. It was an…alluring aspect, to be certain, yet he had purposefully kept the human at arms length.

“We are not disgruntled,” he glared at Madsen, then slowly turned to the Romulan. “Treachery,” he sneered at her, “is only a matter of time and opportunity – we are Klingons. We are prepared for it.”

“As are we.”

She was a statue, an unreadable edifice; Hauq registered no external reaction from the Romulan woman, other than a slow blink, then he watched as she turned her attention to the pale Starfleet diplomat with a deeper dip of her hooded features. The Colonel felt his upper lip twitch in a silent snarl as soon as she spoke again.

Jolan tru, Lieutenant Eynd Isolde Madsen – I prefer Jaeih, please. So kind and dutiful of you to intervene, even when not expected or required. The Colonel and I were only beginning to get acquainted, now we all may. Delightful, truly.”

Hauq’s annoyance flared while she spoke; her voice was a formal rasp of bladed silk, with more than a hint of typical Romulan haughtiness. He was unable to stop himself from clenching a fist from just hearing it, but managed to keep from openly sneering – barely. Romulans, he growled instead, then shook his head at the pointless formality and returned his attention to the activity in the hall. “As if we all didn’t already know who the hell we all are,” he muttered in his native tongue impatiently, shoulders flexed to ease the tension from his frame.

Hauq was no diplomat; he had neither the patience nor the inclination to understand it’s nuance – a warrior need not waste words with an enemy. Especially one pretending to be a friend, he brooded, then decided to cut to the heart of the matter and be done with it. “Speak your mind and be gone, both of you – I have matters to tend to,” Hauq switched back to Federation standard, his voice like a gravel landslide.

A pause preceded the aide of Donatra’s reply; whether it was true hesitation or purposeful consideration, Hauq couldn’t guess. A glance revealed the hint of an amused smile on the Romulan’s lips.

“Of course, Colonel. As our host mentioned, in the spirit of cooperation and to ensure the highest quality success in the upcoming venture, we have expressed our…concerns.”

Hauq watched the Romulan tilt her head slightly to the side with that oddly discerning gaze of hers locked on him, yet he was sure the ghargh directed her words at Madsen.

“The details of which I am sure has been dispersed to all our new friends,”
the woman smiled coldly. “As friends, I wonder how we Rihannsu might render assistance in these troubling times?”

Hauq’s mouth opened to snap off a dismissive insult, but an unexpected intervention occurred instead.

[Lt Enyd Madsen]
Feeling Hauq tense beside her, growling tone spitting what was likely a complaint in his native tongue, Enyd responded instinctively. Just as her grandmother would’ve done to her, Enyd subtly reached down and lightly brushed her fingers over Hauq’s wrist, giving a quick squeeze before adjusting her hand movement to tug at her dress. Likely the Romulan, being who and what she was, had seen the movement but it was just as likely that the discerning woman understood the movement for what it was: a calm down and play nice gesture.

Enyd smiled with genuine amusement. “In truth, Colonel, I would say that just as Starfleet officers, myself included, have a reputation of being hapless, hairless monkeys on the best of days, Klingons do have a reputation of being disgruntled. And,” she turned to Jaeih, “Romulans the reputation of haughty superiority.” Pausing to take a bolstering sip of her blood wine, Enyd gave a playful shrug as she lowered his cup. “We are all entering this circumstantial alliance with preconceived notions of one another and with more than a few reservations. While my professional role desires for a workable relationship that will last beyond the moment, my pragmatic personal self understands that there are certain aspects of each of our culture’s that we will likely never understand or wish to accept. Should that mean we can’t have future trade routes between each other’s systems? Should that mean we can’t have cultural or technological exchange programs? No, I don’t think so. But,” her eyes were warm but held determination as she glanced between man and woman at her side, “a lot depends on just how stubborn, xenophobic, paranoid, and yes, disgruntled we remain in this moment and the next.”

It was not lost on Enyd that, yet again, she was in the midst of another scenario that an Intelligence officer would potentially be better suited for, if only because of the official parameters of their duties. An Intelligence officer had more clearance to make bolder claims and arrange more direct responses. Not exactly an act first and inform superiors later, but something more akin to that than what a diplomat typically could do.

“What can you do to render assistance?” Enyd parroted back politely, taking the time to look at both Klingon and Romulan. “Since both groups have reported treachery,” she used Hauq’s earlier term with a half smile, “I would recommend that we seek to funnel the known or presumed members of these groups to an easily controlled area. An area where joint forces can mitigate the threat and potentially root out the deeper machinations at play. It is likely that while there are agents of treachery present, it is just as likely that there are more back home.”

[Jaeih T’haelaa]
While the Klingon simmered, Jaeih reeled her outward expression of amusement in with another slow blink; she had neither the desire or need to aggravate Hauq further, and had learned a great deal of them both in the short exchange. The klivam was no fool, even if he looked the part and smelled worse, and the hevam at his side was clearly a pet of his or visa versa; Jaeih didn’t care which. Their relationship could prove useful in the future, however, so she made note of it, as well as the diplomat’s apparent weakness for strategic thinking. A pity, but not surprising.

The good Colonel chose to add his thoughts on the matter, then: “The suspects will be found and dealt with. Your…assistance, Romulan…if it is needed, will be communicated through the appropriate channels. In the interim, I recommend you set your own house in order.”

Jaeih sighed to herself, impressed with the sheer willpower Hauq displayed to control himself; it  was so very rare in their mongrel breed. Still, she sensed that it was not the time to press further, and there was much work to be done to secure the future of Rihannsu; these were merely the first steps on a road that had yet to be paved – where that road led, and the sacrifices to be paid along the way – remained to be seen. We will be watching these two, for certain.

A respectful bow of her head was offered to both of them as she spoke. “The Empress will hear these recommendations,” Jaeih smiled politely, “and I look forward to speaking with you both again, at your convenience. Jolan tru, Colonel Hauq, Lieutenant Madsen.”

With that said, Jaeih took care not to turn her back on them as she withdrew to resume her post near Donatra’s side of the table.

OOC: You can find details on Jaeih and Col. Hauq under the Story NPCs, if so inclined. Thanks for the JP @Ellen Fitz – always a good time :)
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