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Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 16, FAB Locker Room > Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

(Authors' Note: This starts immediately following the events of Hidden Raptor.)

K'Ren finished stripping out of her flight suit, locker open as she began to stow her gear. She'd managed to suppress the madness long enough to complete the mission, but as they'd come in to land, she could feel the madness on the edge of her sanity, gnawing at her, like an animal, a predator waiting to devour her mind. She hurriedly slipped on her uniform dress, arranging as best she could, shoving her flight suit into the locker, caring little for how well she did it, she just needed out, needed to escape this room, go and hide, somewhere. "Daniel," she said softly, her hands already starting to shake, her tail and ears twitching nervously. "Please get me home, it is beginning. I can't fight it anymore."

As they were stripping out of their flight suits Daniel was worried about K'Ren, the flight back to the ship had been a little wonky, he could tell that she had been suppressing the madness as best she could but it was coming fast and he knew that she was going to break down soon.  He finished putting on his uniform and had just smoothed it out straight when he heard her speak softly to him.  He turned around and saw that she was barely holding it together.  He walked over to her, took her hand to help comfort her and placed a hand on her shoulder.  "Alright K'Ren let's get back to my quarters."  He said as he escorted her out of the Locker Rooms.

"Thank you," she said softly. Letting him lead the way, trying to hold it together long enough that she could be in private before she broke down. She could feel the tendrils of the madness working their way into her psyche, the damage of the bond torn from her starting to manifest. How long it took to walk to his quarters, which quarters she was in, who was beside her, none of that mattered as she sat down, feeling the first wave of the madness wash over her. "Sorry Daniel," was all she could whisper, tears forming in her eyes, the pain of her loss began to smother her like a heavy wet blanket as she began to cry.

The walk to his quarters and the ride in the turbolift seemed to take forever but in a few short minutes they had arrived and he had gotten her sat down on his couch.  He quickly went into his room and dropped his tactical soft bag down in the hardcase storage box he had replicated earlier, he hoped that it'd be able to withstand her strength.  He walked back into the room and sat down to hold her as the madness began to begin.  She was visibly shaking and crying and Daniel did his best to comfort her.  "It's alright K'Ren, I've got you.”  Daniel said as he looked around his spartan room, at least everything in this room could be replaced.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

K'Ren could feel his touch as her mind closed down around her. She knew he was there to help, instinct told her he was friendly, even in the madness Caet could recognize the presence of those close to them, those who should not be hurt in one of the moments of rage. Most Caet could also see the signs of the anger, knew to keep a respectful distance unless the grieving one was trying to harm themselves, a rare but not unheard of occurrence. K'Ren never had, but she knew, as did Daniel there was a risk, why she wanted a companion nearby. Tears running down her cheeks, she just sat there in silence, broken only by the painful mewls of one who'd lost so much, hurt so much as they tried to process the pain.

Daniel held K'Ren against himself, this was going to get difficult to say the least and crazy to say the most but he was here for her.  Here to help her out just like he did last time, at that time his opinion of alien species had been low, the fact that she was a Starfleet officer had been the reason he had volunteered to help her, that and compared to some of the other members of the crew he was probably one of the few who could take the kind pf punishment she could dish out, his body having been enhanced.  After that first bout of madness that had brought them closer and he had always considered her a good friend afterwards, even if to outsiders it didn't look that way.  "I've got you K'Ren."  He repeated, sort of as a mantra to help her relax as much as she could as the madness took her.

As her mind closed down around her, only baser instincts, ingrained habits, and deep seated memories remained. The mind was a delicate thing in most humanoids, and tearing away what amounted to a weak psionic link between partners, could result in lasting damage. For the Caet, the madness was a way of coping, of protecting the conscious, rational part of her mind from the damage of a torn link. She knew Daniel was there, knew he was a friend, perhaps not entirely understanding their relationship, but he was 'safe.' The sound of his voice was enough to calm her, help her hold onto what little she could, remain sane enough to at least function. "Don't leave me," she mewled softly, almost clinging to him like a scared kitten, "Hold me."

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

"I'm not going anywhere."  He said as he held onto her tightly.  It helped that her fur was very comfortable so he did at least enjoy holding her but he knew that he wasn't going to enjoy what was going to come next.  "You're safe with me K'Ren."  He said and then repeated it again, he knew that his voice would be something she could focus on as well as his warmth.

The next few hours were hard on K'Ren as her sanity ebbed and flowed. In moments of clarity she clung to Daniel, his soothing voice comforting her. In moments of the madness she cried uncontrollably, weeping as she mourned the loss of her mate Deacon, inconsolable despite his best efforts to comfort her. And in brief moments of anger, she tore at anything close to her, injuring Daniel with her claws, thankfully only a small laceration or two he easily patched with a dermal regenerator.

She, finally exhausted from the madness, let Daniel guide her to his bed and collapse in it. In a moment of clarity she asked Daniel to help her remove her clothes. Caet normally slept naked, one did not need clothes when the deity gave one fur, and K'Ren was grateful to slide into bed, feeling Daniel beside her, his arm draped over her, she purred as she fell into slumber.

Even in sleep she couldn't rest, the first few hours were fitful, the madness assaulting her even asleep, but eventually her body was so exhausted she passed out, her unconscious mind taking a break, letting her recover, even if in the slightest. After almost eight hours passed out, K'Ren slowly began to stir, her mind clear of the pain for a while. She felt Daniel beside her, how long he'd been there didn't matter, she started to purr contentedly as she slowly woke up.

Once she had fallen asleep Daniel took an hour to clean up his quarters a bit, for having such spartan quarters she had managed to cause a surprising amount of damage to them, he might have to request an engineering team to come in and perform repairs once her madness had passed.  He eventually climbed into bed alongside her, ready to help her through the next bout of madness, hopefully he'd be able to console her a little better this time.  He recalled their time on the Resolve and even back then it had been hard but they had gotten through it then and they'd get through this together as well.  He soon fell asleep holding K'Ren close to him.


Daniel slowly awoke to the vibrations of K'Ren's purring which he then heard as he slowly opened his eyes.  "How are you feeling?" He asked her softly.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

K'Ren's eyes fluttered open, her purr deepening a little, feeling him pressed close against her back. The two of them had wound up in spoons overnight, and K'Ren felt comfort knowing a male she trusted held her close, cared enough to remain at her side. She felt a hand on her thigh, a possessive gesture and she placed her paw on his hand, guiding it to rest against her belly below her navel as she rolled onto her back and looked into his eyes. "Better then yesterday," she purred, "The madness has parted, if only temporarily." She guided his hand a little lower. "I trust I didn't cause too much damage or injury to you loverr?"

Daniel didn't really think anything of it when she had moved his hand from her thigh to her stomach, he was far more concerned with how she was doing and she seemed to be doing better than she was yesterday.  Hearing her say that she was doing better than yesterday made him happy, he'd happily accept a lull in the madness if it meant that she could have some semblance of normality for a short time.  "That's good."  He responded, however as she guided his hand lower and then called him lover he raised an eyebrow.  "K'Ren, I think you may be a little confused, we're not lovers."  He said, not that he wouldn't mind having her as one of his lovers.

K'Ren purred, louder and deeper, feeling his hand against her belly, hovering just above her thighs, on the mound above her slit. She may not have been feeling the insanity of her madness, but it did not mean she was fully herself. "Then why is your hand touching me?" she asked, her paw still holding his hand there. She scooted closer, nuzzling Daniel, purring, aroused, her other paw pulling his waist closer to hers. "You want this Daniel, want to mate with me. I can smell it on you loverr."

"You moved my hand K'Ren, you're not thinking straight."  Daniel said, he figured if he moved his hand she'd just move it back so there was no reason to fight with her over that.  "K'Ren I think you're still confused from the madness."  He said as he attempted to pull away from her slowly, he didn't want her to get the wrong idea, though it seemed like she already did.  It's not that he hadn't thought about being with her but in her current state he didn't want to take advantage of her.  The madness was definitely clouding her judgment and he didn't want to ruin their friendship.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

K'Ren pushed the covers off, giving Daniel a good look at her body, purring as she gently rubbed his hand against her mound. "Confused orr not I feel fine, loverr." She reached up to his face with the other paw, tracing his jaw line. She desperately wanted him, wanted to mate with Daniel, some deep seated urge for intimacy in this moment. She rolled into a kneeling position, straddling Daniel's lap, her need clearly in her eyes, the passionate madness. Leaning forward, she pressed him against the headboard, kissing him. "Don't fight what you desirre loverr, therre is no shame in this moment, no shame in mating with me, I want this as much as you do."

Daniel was surprised when she pulled off the covers and gave him a full view of her naked body, which he had to admit aroused him.  Seeing her like this wasn't something new, he'd seen her nude in the showers before but not intimately like this.  He did enjoy the soft touch of her paw as she traced his jaw and as she straddled him he was sure she could feel his erection forming.  A moment later and she had leaned forward and planted her lips on his for a passionate kiss.  When she broke it and told him that there was no shame he looked into her eyes for a moment, then returned her kiss with his own and broke it a moment later.  "As long as you're sure that this is what you want?"  He asked her.  If she wanted this he was more than willing to help her out, especially if it meant he could finally have her.

K'Ren purred as Daniel gave into the urge asking her if she was sure this was what she wanted. A chance to mate with a friend, her protector during her madness, she would hardly turn down such a thing. "I am surre Daniel. I desirre this grreatly." she said, her Caet accent thick as she straddled him. She kissed him on the lips, nuzzling his cheek before she began to tug at his uniform jacket, wanting to remove his clothes. She could feel the heat building in her belly, the need to have Daniel take her, mate her, claim her as his even if just for the now, driving her passion. She could feel his arousal stiffening, tenting his trousers as they kissed, proof enough to her he was willing, despite his incessant asking for permission. She knew why he did, but here and now one of her mother's kind would know the consent was implied in her actions, her initiating mating meant she wanted this, wanted him.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

Hearing her consent was what he needed, now he could fully enjoy himself with her.  He returned her kisses and slowly helped her disrobe him, with his help his jacket came off and a moment later his uniform shirt was removed, all that remained were his pants and boxers, but that wouldn't be as easy to remove with his now erect manhood.  He decided to take a bit of the initiative and flipped her down onto her back with him on top of her, now it was much easier for him to remove his pants and his boxers in one swoop.  Being fully naked with K'Ren now and his erection now rubbing against her made him moan a little from the pleasurable sensation.  "You're so soft."  He said as he rubbed his cock against her body some more.

She'd not expected he'd take the lead but she didn't object when he pulled off him, rolling her onto her back, stripping naked before her as she watched, arousal growing by the minute. "Mrrr," she remarked, "I like a man who knows what he wants, doesn't ask questions, just takes action." She could feel his cock rub along the side of her slit. rubbing against the fur, his firm member warm against her hip. Her fur wasn't as thick and luxurious as other Caet, but it nevertheless was there. She traced her paw along his flank, just enough claw he could feel the soft scratches, but not enough  to draw welts or cause any real pain.

Daniel slowly shifted his manhood against her slit, if this is what she wanted then he would give it to her.  "To tell the truth K'Ren, I wanted you back on the Resolve, but I was your superior officer back then, it wouldn't have been proper."  He said as he mounted her and slowly pushed himself into her.  He wasn't sure what to expect given that she wasn't fully Human but he penetrated her without any sort of trouble and pushed as deep as he could go.  She wasn't a virgin by any means but it did take a couple of thrusts before he felt himself hilt inside of her.

It was what K'Ren wanted, and she dug her paws into his flanks, claws retracted, pulling him into her, hissing a little as Daniel penetrated her, his glans spreading her open, worming into her belly. "I know Daniel," she said softly as he slid inside her, feeling the man she'd desired for a long time filling her up. "But now you can, and arre." She rocked her hips to meet his thrusts, helping him slide deeper, the last inches till their bodies merged, connected. This was what she wanted, a male who loved her, cared for her, that male taking her in her madness, undeterred.

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Re: Day 1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

She pulled him down to her, pressing noses against each other as she looked up into his eyes. "I wanted you too Daniel, but things back then were different. Now you can have me, take me, mate with me. I want, I want to be your caet'rett," she softly purred, a glint and gleam in her eye, a hint of the madness that still claimed her even if the anguish and anger had subsided.

Daniel smiled as he began to withdraw and then thrust back in, his hands beginning to move up her body to her small but pert breasts.  He slowly fondled them as he enjoyed being close to her like this.  "I want you too K'Ren."  Daniel said as he continued to take her, planting a kiss on her lips.  He continued to fondle her breasts with both of his hands as she continued to help him.  He broke the kiss and smiled at her again.  "I want you to be a paramour."  He knew that Miranda would definitely approve of K'Ren joining the harem, though he wasn't sure exactly how K'Ren would feel about it.

K'Ren held him steady as he rode her, filling her belly with pleasure as she made love to this man, made love to the man who cared for her in her madness, risked injury to hold her, protect her from herself. Her purrs a low rumbling in her chest, K'Ren rocked her hips with Daniel as he moved inside her, even as his hands played with the supple flesh of her breasts, inflaming her pleasure, firing her arousal. "If you wish me to be a parramourr loverr, I will not object," she remarked as she pulled him close to kiss him. "Do not hold back if you wish it vigorous, I can take it loverr, would love a good hard prr'hs'tk, a breeding mating."

Hearing her words made him smirk, "As you wish, lover."  He said as he began to thrust harder and faster into her, moving his hands from her breasts down to her hips to help keep her stabilized as he began to pound her into the bed.  Hearing her purr was such a turn on for him in this moment, the slight vibrations that it caused in her body was amazing; he'd experienced her purring before but not like this.  He leaned forward and kissed her lips.

She brushed her nose against his as their lips touched, her nose was flatter, a little moist, the cleft beneath her nose more pronounced and noticeable when she kissed Daniel. "Thank you for being close to me through the madness Daniel. Holding me, being by me through it." She kissed him again as she moved with him, "You are a good man, handsome and caring." she said, before nipping at him, her sharp teeth tugging his lip. Her purr was deep and rumbling, she wanted him, felt the movement inside, knew that he wanted her. She also knew the risks she was taking mating with him, a risk she was willing to accept to be close to him.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

Daniel slowed his thrusting for a moment and smiled at her, giving her another kiss.  "I'll always be here for you K'Ren."  He said as as he kissed her again and then continued to pound her into the bed, he could feel his orgasm building up inside of him, her purring was having an extremely arousing effect on him.  Although he wanted to try to time his orgasm with hers, he knew that he might have to suppress his until she was closer.

"You always have been," she purred back. She could feel his arousal, how he grew stiffer by the moment, knew he was close. This position, missionary she'd heard it called, just wouldn't do, not the night he made her his caet'rett. "Off," she said simply, "Forr a second." Once he'd pulled free, and knelt in front of her, K'Ren kissed him, before shifting into a kneeling position on the bed, butt facing him, tail merrily twitching. Her purr continued unabated, "Now make me yowl loverr."

Daniel smiled hearing her words but when she asked for to get up off her he wasn't sure why but he complied, maybe she didn't want him to release inside of her.  However as she kissed him and re-positioned herself on all fours Daniel understood what she wanted.  He placed a hand on her hip and penetrated her again sliding himself to the hilt before thrusting in and out fast and hard.  Once he had penetrated her fully he leaned forward onto her and gripped both of her supple breasts, continuing his thrusts and moaning from the pleasure.

She softly groaned as Daniel slid home again, his weight pressing on her hips and back as he took her. This was how she wanted their first mating to be, in her mind a proper mating, a breeding. Not that any position was better then any other, she just liked the close intimate feel of her mate above her, driving himself home into her belly, the almost animalistic feel of it. "Daniel," she moaned as he pushed her ever closer to orgasm, the sounds of murring and moans mingling in her chest. "Prr'hs'tk is best done kneeling, and I want you Daniel, want this." Part of her knew this was the madness, knew she was acting on instinct much like her heats, but the part of her psyche in control, wanted sex, wanted Daniel, wanted to be mated, and even bred.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

Daniel continued to thrust into her, enjoying the heat and the pleasure of their combined bodies.  He could tell that she was enjoying this position far better, while he wasn't fond of it, much preferring to be on top or have the girl on top of him, but if this was what she wanted he would give it to her.  Hearing her purr his name aroused him and he felt his erection twitch inside of her as he continued to thrust in and out.  "I-"  He began to say as he pulled out and then smiled down at her.  "I want you too K'Ren."  He said as he thrust himself back into her to his  hilt.

"Then when I am fully rrecoverred frrom this madness, and Prr'hs'tk is satisfied, I will, be your loverr, yourr female," she remarked, forgetting the human term girlfriend in the moment. Her purr was rumbling by now, audible throughout the room, Daniel was satisfying the urge, the need in this moment great. She moaned, the start of a yowl as he continued to move inside her.

Daniel smirked, it seemed that his harem was growing faster than he had expected, Miri had introduced him to Cammy and Becky and they had also expressed their interest to join, he wondered how K'Ren would feel about that, though that discussion would have to take place at another time, right now he was enjoying himself deep inside of K'Ren.  He had never thought that he'd be able to have her like this.  He pulled back and then thrust in again harder, several more strokes and he'd be ready to orgasm inside of her, he had taken his injection a few days ago so he knew he was safe.

For K'Ren, protection and safety were the last things on her mind, weren't even on her mind in this moment. All that mattered to her was the sex, the feeling of Daniel deep inside, performing the Prr'hs'tk (mating ritual) on her. She was close to orgasm, moaning replaced with soft yowls as her body lay ready for him, the man helping her through the madness, a new mate if his words were true. She knew his words to be true, Daniel would not lie to her, and that pushed her to the edge. "Daniel, Please. Do it. Complete the Prr'hs'tk in me."

"As you wish my lover."  Daniel said as he thrust in and out, increasing his speed with each thrust.  He could feel his orgasm building, just a few more thrusts now.  Her soft yowls of pleasure continued to arouse him until a moment later when he felt his body tense and slammed himself deep inside of her releasing his orgasm.  Several thick ropes of his seed shot into her and he moaned out in pleasure.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

As Daniel kept thrusting, K'Ren leaned forward a little, head on the bed, yowling as Daniel pushed over the edge, her orgasm hitting her, a rush of warmth enveloping her as she came. Her body reacted to Daniel, enticing him to finish, to orgasm and fill her belly. He didn't disappoint and she felt him come deep inside her belly, filling her with his seed. She kept yowling, the two of them sharing a mutual orgasm.

As she had her own orgasm alongside his he enjoyed the tightening of her vaginal muscles around his erection.  He gradually began to slow his pace as he felt his erection begin to subside and a few moments later he pulled out of her and lay down next to her on the bed.  "You were incredible K'Ren."  He said.

As her orgasm subsided, K'Ren rolled onto her side, facing Daniel as she lay there, panting slightly, softly mewling. She curled up close to Daniel, a hand resting on his stomach as she nuzzled him gently, purring softly. "The Prr'hs'tk is satisfied," she whispered softly in his ear.

Daniel wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him, he knew that this was only a brief respite from the madness, it'd soon come return and he wanted to enjoy cuddling with her right now as much as he could.  He wasn't sure what would happen now that they had sex, he did wonder if that would effect the madness in some way, maybe she'd recover faster or be less aggressive now although for all he knew she was going to become even more sex-crazed; not that he minded that however.  "I'm glad."  He said, he still wasn't entirely sure what it was but it had made her happy and that was all he needed in the moment.

K'Ren kissed him on the cheek as they cuddled, curled up in the other's arms. His strength and warmth felt good, enveloped in the strength of the male who cared for her through the madness. She didn't know how long the madness would continue, how long this brief respite would last, but curled up in the arms of a lover, she didn't care. She gently turned his face towards her's, purring. "I do not know how long the madness will last Daniel, what will happen, but we have mated, the Prr'hs'tk is satisfied, and when the madness is over, if you still desire me, you can have me as your own."

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

Daniel kissed her as well as he enjoyed the feeling of her naked body against his naked body.  He nodded as best he could as she explained that she wasn't sure how long the madness would last.  "I'll be here with you every step of the way until the madness passes."  He said as he cuddled with her, she was slightly different that most of his lovers, Miri and Riley tended to go through several rounds of sex before they were satisfied, but then again he was sure that the madness was the primary reason behind this, plus some subconscious desire that existed between them.  "I still want you K'Ren, I'll still want you after the madness is finished."  He said.

K'Ren softly purred as Daniel held her close. "You have always been close Daniel, even when I chased after otherr males you rremained close." Looking into his eyes she could see the desire for her, lust and love in equal measure. "Now it is yourr turrn to claim me, turrn worrds into actions loverr. Do with and to me what you wish."

Daniel smiled and gave her another kiss.  "In that case it's time for my mating ritual."  He said with a smirk as he rolled her onto her back and mounted her in the missionary position.  He smiled down at her and guided his ever hardening erection with his hands back at the entrance of her womanhood and slowly slid back inside of her.  Once he was back in he reached a hand up and fondled a soft and supple breast before he started thrusting in and out again enjoying her a second time.

K'Ren purred as Daniel placed her on her back, and pressed in against her, filling her again, playing with her body. She placed her paws on his hips, gently clawing him, her tail wrapping around them both. Soon the pair were lost in sexual bliss, neither caring what happened beyond Daniel's bed.


The next four days would be a roller coaster as K'Ren sank back into a depressive distraught state, punctuated by moments of rage, and times where she wanted nothing more then her Daniel in her (his) bed, making her yowl in pleasure. This was the way of the madness, erratically shifting between emotional states, unpredictable at best. Though as the fourth day wore on, K'Ren could feel the effects of the madness start to wear off, the pain inside lessened, and the naps she took between episodes grew longer and more restful.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

Daniel did his best over the next four days to support her, letting her tear his quarters apart and slowly repairing what he could while she slept.  He was definitely going to need to requisition new furniture, and a table, once the madness was through.  He hated to see her like this but knew it was a process that she had to go through, similar in many ways to the Human grief process, except more violent.  He had mourned the losses of Krissy, his squadron and other friends from the Resolve not too long ago, although he had drowned most of his sorrows in a bottle.  Although he had to admit that the wild sex was different but thoroughly enjoyable.

She didn't know when it was, how long the madness had lasted, but as K'Ren began to stir, she felt the beast inside had retreated, the wet blanket that clouded her thought, smothered her seemed gone, her mind returning to normal. It felt in some ways like she was surfacing again, waking from a long nightmare. As she slowly stirred, she felt a hand resting on her hip, the warmth of another being beside her, sharing her bed. Instinct told her it was Daniel, and she nestled into him, gently purring, his warmth reassuring.

Daniel woke up as she nestled against him and purred, he pulled her closer to him and whispered to her.  "Good morning Ren."  He said, trying out a new nickname for her, he was hoping that the madness had passed or at least had subsided enough that she wouldn't immediately claw at him for trying out a new nickname for her.  If the madness had passed and once they had gotten out of bed he'd ask her about getting to know Miri.

"Morning lover," she said softly, stretching a little under the covers, still gently purring. "I think the madness is passed, I feel normal again." She rolled over to face him, face her new lover. "I do not remember much Daniel, but I know you were there, holding me close." Curling in closer, she nuzzled his neck and cheek, enjoying his scent, a comfortable, now familiar scent in her mind.

Daniel smiled as she slowly awoke in front of him.  "That's good."  He said in regards to the madness having passed and as she rolled to face him he planted a quick kiss on her lips.  "I said it before Ren, I will always be here for you."   He said as he enjoyed her curling in closer to him.  "We should probably get up soon.  Are you in the mood to see anyone today?"  He asked her.  He had spoken to Miri a couple times over the past five days and she was anxious to see Daniel again.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

"I know Daniel, and you prroved that overr the past few days." K'Ren remarked, purring softly. She did recall some of it, little fragments of memory here and there, Daniel's hands holding her as she lay curled up mewling like a kitten, his tender touch as they made love numerous times. She thankfully did not remember the rage, painfull memories if she had. What mattered was she was here, now, her sanity back, and the man who'd held her through it lay beside her. She kissed him, "Rright now just being herre with you loverr, is peacefull and I don't want to move, but we should get up shouldn't we?"

"We should, but maybe in a few minutes."  He said as he snuggled in closer to her, he had reset his environmental controls about a day ago and they were acting odd, he assumed that they had been damaged during one of her fits.  So for the moment he was enjoying the warmth of her body.  "I know that Miri is looking forward to getting to know you."  He said, not only did Miri want to spend time with him but she wanted to get to know K'Ren as well, only having met her once or twice before.  "Would you feel up to that today or wait until tomorrow?"

K'Ren kissed him, holding him close. Her mating bond with Deacon was broken, the wound in her psyche healing as scar tissue (of a fashion) formed over the wound. She knew a part of Deacon would remain with her always, his scent, his memory, would follow her the rest of her life, perhaps distant and at times painfull, but she knew now she would move on, find another mate, honor his memory as she did Markus' memory, her first mate. A single tear dripped sound her cheek and she kissed Daniel, "I will need a physical at some point, but that can wait." She looked into his eyes, "I know you have several lovers Daniel, am I now among them? Did we complete the Prr'hs'tk, our mating ceremony?" She had fragments of a memory of doing so, but wasn't sure if she had, if they had, and if he'd claimed her as a mate.

Daniel smiled at her and nodded.  "We did.  You were incredible."  He said as he kissed her lips again.  His relationship with K'Ren was special even before they had mated, she was one of the few non-Humans that he had grown close to.  Part of that was due to the situation on the Resolve, everyone on the ship had gotten close to each other out of necessity, and part of it was that there had been an attraction before but it hadn't developed into anything more than friendship for years, until now.  Daniel was happy that he was finally able to be with her and that she was accepting of his cultural beliefs of having more than one partner.  "We can schedule a physical for tomorrow, maybe take today to get back on your feet."

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

K'Ren nodded, "I had vague memories of asking for it, I wasn't sure you had or not." She curled up against him. "Prr'hs'tk during the madness is not binding unless both parties wish it to be." She paused, "Sometimes it's best a pair don't formalize the mating bond, many couples I am told do not, it's seen as a kindness on the part of the widow's friend to be close, but not hold them to a commitment made while not themselves." She waited a second, "I guess what i mean is you are not bound to me if you do not wish me as a mate, I know you do, but it has to be your choice, not one forced on you by custom."

Daniel gave her another kiss and smiled at her.  "I want you K'Ren, I want you to be my lover, my paramour.  I would not have mated with you if I didn't want it as well."  Daniel said to her.  "I would have used a phaser to stun you if I had to."  He added with a chuckle.  Daniel was sure though that if she hadn't acted first during the madness he wouldn't have tried anything with her out of respect for their friendship.

K'Ren grinned, "Stun me so I didn't mate with you? Horrible Man." She kissed him, "We may have to discuss Caet mating customs, but if you wish us to be lovers for now, not mates, I am okay with that." She rolled over a little to better face Daniel, "I would like to rest today, regain my balance and center. When that is done we can meet Miri. Or if she is okay with me perhaps being a little off while I regain my center, she could come over today.  Either is fine loverr."

He returned the kiss.  "I would have only done it for your safety."  He said with a smile.  "What's the difference between being a mate or a lover?"  He asked, he wondered if it was anything like his own culture's harem, where spouses and paramours had different meanings.  Daniel nodded at the mention of rest, he figured as much but knew that she would know herself better.  "I think she'd be fine with your current situation, but I don't think she'd mind waiting either.  I'll contact her and set up a time for tomorrow for the three of us to chat."  Daniel said as he gave her another kiss.

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Re: Day -1 [1830 hrs.] The Madness

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K’Ren, Callsign: Neko | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn’s Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] ]

"A mate is one you commit to forr life, humans call them spouses, you bond like I did with Marrkus and Deacon. A loverr is a perrson you feel close to and enjoy intimacy with, but you do not bond with." She nibbled at Daniel's ear, "Loverrs can become mates in time, and therre is no stigma to eitherr." When he mentioned he could arrange for the three of them to meet, K'Ren nodded, purring. "Sounds wonderful, I gatherr a new loverr needs to be accepted by an existing one?"

"It sounds almost like the harems in Neo-ECON culture, committing oneself to a harem is not done lightly, neither is leaving it, though it has happened albeit rarely."  He said, his parents and his aunt and uncle had left their harems, it wasn't common for that to happen though and he never really knew why they had.  "I wish to start my own harem and I can think of no way better than to commit to you and bond with you; that is if you're willing to accept that."

"Typically yes, it's different between spouses and paramours, in our current situation it's more of a formality but Miri has been looking forward to meeting you."  Daniel said.

K'Ren softly purred, "Given I've burried two mates alrready Daniel, and ourr prrofession is dangerrous, forr now I'd preferr just loverr or parramourr. I don't know if I could go through a thirrd madness so quickly, it leaves perrmanent scarrs in one's mind that never properrly heal." She kissed him, "But if you wish me as parrt of your harrem alongside Mirri, I would agrree, and perrhaps when this warr is overr and we can live in peace, I will bond myself to you."

"I understand."  Daniel said as he returned her kiss.  "I would very much like that."  He added.  "Would you like me to make something for breakfast?"  He asked her as he slowly started to sit up in his bed, stretching out his arms and slowly but surely letting his body get used to movement again.


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