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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day - 5 [1430 hrs.] Something in the Ale
Last post by SummerDawn -
[ Lieutenant j.g. Kala Marika | Breshtanti Colony | Suspect Brewing Complex ]

Kala returned the kiss, the taste of Zark’s lip gloss (or whatever she wore) on Kala’s lips. She didn’t know if there was going to be a second time, but she would do her damnest to complete her mission no matter the cost. A little bravery wouldn’t hurt and as their lips parted, a soft exhale escaping Kala’s lips, she looked into Zark’s eyes, equal measures of determination and lust in her own. “For you Lieutenant, I’m coming back so you can do more then just taste it,” she said huskily as the Andorian’s fingers traced her jawline. “I want a proper taste of you when this is all over.

She didn’t have long before the shooting started, and once the enemy forces were distracted by phaser fire and tossed grenades, she ducked behind several vats, heading through a non-descript door, and onto a catwalk over what she realized were the facility reactors. She glanced around, phaser drawn, looking for anyone who might be a threat. She didn’t see anything except for stairs down to the reactor control level, and an almost overwhelming blast of desire to either pleasure herself and get her needs satisfied right then and there or run back up and jump the bones of that Andorian who’d kissed her.

She gritted her teeth, knowing she had to get to the reactors, start a chain reaction that’d destroy the facility, or at least cripple it long enough to get word out and a Klingon taskforce to sanitize the planet. The controls were unguarded, so she thought, and she went down the catwalk, quickly setting to work, figuring out the controls with the help of her tricorder. This was Klingon, and old hardware even by Klingon standards, but what worked, worked, so why replace it it with newer? Of course, that would make it easier to rig for overload, if she could just focus on the controls in front of her.

Whatever control she had before was ebbing away as the pollen lay thick in the air and she gave in to the heat, unzipping her uniform shirt all the way, shedding the over jacket on a nearby console as she focused as best she could. She had to focus but the itch between her thighs was becoming unbearable. A quick rub seemed to ease the burn for the moment, though it was perhaps a dulling rather then an easing, but it gave her enough to focus, start rigging the controls, setting injectors to ramp up to overload, constrictors to slowly clamp down on the power flow, build up pressure in the core, ready to explode. Just like herself she mused, just like herself.

In the darkness, the Niga lurked. To say it was sentient was wrong, it was no more sentient than any other plant, but it’s reflexes, its behaviors were complex, nuanced. It learned with each infection how to best strike its prey. The pollen it gave out incapacitated it’s prey, kept them focused on their lusts, on satisfying themselves, and spreading the pollen around, incapacitating others. In that way the prey brought others into the trap, closer to the plant. Eventually, consumed by their lusts, one or more prey would wander into range of the Niga and virtually incapable of defending itself, the plant would strike, like a Venus fly trap of earth or other predatory plant it would strike, capturing its prey in its leafy tendrils.

And now, it felt the vibrations in the ground, the movement of air on its leaves, its senses picking up another prey. Slowly, methodically, the plant moved towards Kala, her back turned to the darkness behind her. It didn’t care what she was doing, it cared not about reactors and scions, this being was prey and the niga needed to reproduce. It moved to strike, slowly advancing on Kala from behind, her attention focused on the work she was trying to complete, and the distracting feelings in her core.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Reunions |Day 02 1800hrs|
Last post by Scavenger01 -
[ Lt. Asra Tek | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra smiled bashfully at the compliment, right hand scratching the back of her head. "Well you knew me better than I did, I thought my plan was to avoid this like the plague", Asra gestured at the surroundings they found themselves in. Her face morphed quickly going from shy to sad " I wanted to say by the way that I'm sorry for dropping out of contact, I had a lot of upheaval at the end of that time and I just need to get away from everything." While speaking Asra's hand subconciously moved and rested over her stomach. Just as she was schooling her face and preparing to inject some new levity into the conversation Nara beat her to it. Whatever expression her face was origionally going for it lit up with a smile and excitement as Nara brought up her papers from the academy.

"especially for anything under Warp 4" Asra let out a gasp as Nara drew her attention fully to her shirt, with a large smile and a bit of a blush that someone would wear something with her work on " They did implement them". Asra stopped with a cough, choking slightly in excitement " The did implement some of them, though not so much my work at low warp. Mostly they took my work on shaping warp fields, we found that if you changed the coils so that they were asymmetric around their internal axis and then tesselated them so the asymetry in adjacent coils was opposite then by changing the plasma flow to each individual coil segment you can accurately control the shape of the subspace field generated without the need to physically move the nacelle placement" Asra let out a small squeek, stumbling over the last word as she suddenly remembered why those paper's weren't fully published " Yes but because of our work on warp field shaping I then went back to the old models of extending lower power warp bubbles and found that one of the reasons why smaller ships were having more difficulties is that the older designs still were using some very outdated limits and ideas of subspace, hence my final thesis on how by using the deflector as a partial secondary emitter you can compensate for the subspace turbulance that the old warp fields created, it also helps reduce the subspace damage caused by some of those old drives."

Asra took a deep breath hand going back to scratch the back of her head again in embarressment, she hadn't meant to just go off on science tangent, she could almost feel Seree and Kozu's memories judging her. " Anyway that's all about my research I'm more interested in you. Last thing I read that you were working on must have been.." Asra trailed of in thought tapping her chin " Oh, it was your work on the properties and generation of Thalaron radiation, it was a really interesting read, though there were definitley some avenues that I think you should have persued, it seemed slightly cut short. Also I read your now a Cm what happpppppp....." Asra trailed off a look of horror quickly forming on her face " Oh god Nara I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up" Asra suddenly became very interested in her mug, staring at it as if it would reveal the secrets of the universe, slowly swirly the dark liquid inside.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [0200 hours] The crush of weights
Last post by Tae -
CM 1 Nara Nueva | Lower gymnasium | Deck 14 | vector 03 | USS Theurgy | attn: @Dumedion

Nara was thankful that Talia was helping to spot her. While Nara stuck to the too-heavy weights, she did take the subtle cues from Talia's hands, adjusting her position and going deeper and correcting her angle as she finished the first set. The athletic woman was receptive to the subtle cues experienced lifters would give each other. At the bottom of the set and in time for the rest, Nara practically saw Talia's mind slam into gear. Even upside down, Nara recognized the dimples and laughter. There we go. Talia does remember me.

Taking a series of deep breaths before speaking again, Nara was thankful that Talia had toweled herself off, especially as firmly as she was gripping her wrists, too tight to spot, but not enough to be painful properly. She just smiled then and spoke softly through panted breaths.

"You can call me Nara. Thanks for tacking on the Doctor, though. and You're looking good. It looks like you're prepping for a show." Nara's tone of voice was light and friendly, still that sibilant speech and rushed tempo, but her compliments were honest. And being in stasis for a few months or not, it had been a long time since Talia and Nara had seen each other, and while Talia wasn't as symmetrical as Nara and didn't have her lower body, there were things about Talia that Nara was jealous of. The sharp definition and perfect shape of the Arabian woman's deltoids and that sharp classic nose. While Nara could indeed work on her shoulders, that nose gave Talia a far more striking profile.

Nodding acceptance of Talia's mumbled apology, Nara begins the second set of eight reps with the dumbells slower and more precision this time though the tempo was still on pace for a four-count. She wanted to be more precise and steady now that Talia had recognized her, and she'd managed to get the sable-haired woman talking. While others might speak while doing their reps, Nara was serious enough not to say anything while working. Nara focused on her mind-muscle connection, focusing on flexing her pectorals whenever she lifted the weight up. The runner didn't focus her chest nearly as much as Talia did, so her small chest was relatively lean in comparison, but Nara could feel, and Talia could see the effort that she was putting in. With steady precision, Nara finishes the reps with Talia's help. And she sets the weights down then, taking a deep breath and another short breath as she reaches for the barbell. Since the bar and weight on it was heavier than what she had done by a whole 20 kilos, Talia might intervene and lower the weight on the bar from the 15.9's currently on there to something else, anyway, there was time to chat while the weights were adjusted and swapped out. If her spotter thought it was best, and it probably was.

"So, what about you, Talia, get that Doctorate in archaeology and ancient religions that you were shooting for? Also, want to meet up tomorrow for cardio? I can't wait to see if I can still smoke you on the track. Holodeck 05 tomorrow, same time if you want to join." Nara didn't want to sit up to rest and stayed in the declined position, all of her equipment in easy reach as she reached for her beverage. Nara smiled to herself, taking a moment to drink some more of her drink to rehydrate. That and it gave her some more time to appreciate running into Talia again, and it had been absolutely years. Nara had never seen a Doctoral Thesis from the Arabian woman, and she'd wondered if Talia had published her thesis under a different name. Nara had no idea that academy friend had shifted career after the Breen attack. Nara knew about that, of course, and that Talia must've been there during it. But her Starfleet career had taken her to a list of classified locations on the USS Oberth-A, trying to find ways to track Dominion fleet movements. Their careers had diverged, but now they'd met again, and that made the woman pleased.

At least until she was happy until the realization that she'd have to explain her demotion to Talia and then explain the reasons for doing what she did. Shit, I'm going to have to explain to a friend why I was researching illegal technology and that I'm not an officer anymore. Fuck!
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [0200 hours] The crush of weights
Last post by Dumedion -
[Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim | Lower Gym | Deck 14 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Tae

Talia nodded to the swimmer over her shoulder, noting the woman’s friendly smile and oddly familiar accent. Her eyes, trained to absorb information at a glance, told her that this one was as dedicated to fitness as she was. Her glutes are immaculate, she blinked in envy. You’ll never get an ass like that – you have no ass, she grumbled to herself as she approached the rack. Shut up, she told herself, slotting the plates back where they belonged. She paused for a moment to swing her arms across her chest a few times, stretching the lactic acid from her burning muscles. Gonna feel that tomorrow, she sighed. Tomorrow was cardio – not her favorite day – but she needed a day to rest her groups.

Her dark eyes watched the swimmer set up her station in the mirror. A part of her, deep down, recognized that this was an opportunity – best case, she could introduce herself and maybe make a gym partner. Worse case, Talia would go on as she was: alone, finding her new place in this screwed up version of life where everything she knew about Starfleet was turned on its head. Everyone she’d known probably thought she was dead, or worse, a traitor. You’re overthinking this, she huffed to herself as she turned, making her way back to the swimmer. She just wants a spot. Get a grip, Talia, she shook her head quickly, rolling her eyes at herself. She scooped up her towel and water bottle where she had left it, tossing her mane over her shoulders as she stood.

She watched the swimmer stretch herself out as she got into position on the bench, her eyes lingering on the woman’s abs. Perfectly symmetrical, she couldn’t help comparing herself – like always. Curse your weakling genetics, her eyes closed to half-slits with the thought. It had always been thus, for in her mind, competition came as naturally as breathing. As hard as she tried, she’d never be good enough – and people always judged, despite what they said or how they acted. It was human nature.

Talia took a deep breath as she neared the bench, trying to clear her head. She dropped her bottle and ran the towel over her face and limbs quickly, trying to absorb as much sweat as she could. She didn’t want to drip on her new partner – that was generally frowned upon – and gross. Once that task was done the towel joined the bottle on the deck and she wrapped her hands around her hair, tying it in a quick knot to keep it from spilling into the woman’s face. She tossed the rope of slick, sweaty darkness down her back, then positioned herself as the swimmer spoke; watching her kind eyes and the slight curve in her lips. “Two sets of eight, incline and decline with bar and dumbbells’ each. I know you look finished, so sorry to keep you over if you need to go pass out. I think you know how it is. I’m Nara, by the way. It’s been a while.”

Talia nodded as she moved her hands with the swimmer’s first reps, focused on what she was doing. After the first couple of reps, several things became apparent to her: too much weight, she noted, as her gloved hands hovered under her elbows as she moved. Angle is off – not going deep enough either. She was about to gently correct her alignment and murmur her name back in greeting when the name finally registered. Nara…, her mind connected the dots in a rush of recollection: the Academy, a brilliant, friendly physicist, a mentor and confidant of sorts to a young, shy, overwhelmed girl. Talia’s hands gripped the Doctor’s wrists, holding her mid rep as she gasped down at her.

She couldn’t form words for several heartbeats. A tumult of emotions coursed through her, breaking the mask she wore before she could stop it. Elation, relief, surprise and yes, happiness. Here was someone from her past – not that her time at the academy was all sunshine and rainbows – but this woman knew her, knew she was alive, and knew she was no traitor. She couldn’t help the snorting laughter that twisted her lips, making her stupid dimples show.

“Doctor Nueva,” she shook her head, blinking down at her. She realized her vulnerability then, refocused as she returned her attention to adjusting the woman’s form. “Its…good to see you,” she finished, blinking her watering eyes clear. She realized then that she might have squeezed her wrists too hard, and muttered a quick apology. A dozen questions burned through her brain - she wanted to know where she came from, how she ended up here, how she had been since her days at the Academy - but she didn't know how. She chewed her bottom lip instead, embarrassed at her awkwardness.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [0800 hrs] Down the Rabbithole
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[ PO3 Lorad | Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 03 | Uss Theurgy | Qo’noS ] Attn: @stardust

"I thank you,” Lorad intoned as he gazed at the woman with his mismatched eyes as he puzzled over her words and the intent behind them. “I do not know what is common for Starfleet,” Lorad pointed out slowly, choosing each word carefully. “I only did what I swore to do when I joined this ship’s crew. To do less would not make look good for me or for other Remans. How is Commander doing?”

He listened as Commander Rutherford explained some of what Commander Fisher had endured at the hands of the Klingons as well as what his immediate future held. While not personally experiencing capture by an enemy and the torture that came with it, he knew of others that had undergone similar experiences to the Commander and the difficult road back that they had had to undertake. Some of them had not reached the end of it.

“The Commander appears to be a man of great resilience,” Lorad said, stumbling over the pronunciation of the last word. “I believe he will be able to recover well as long as those around him are there to help him if he needs it,” Lorad advised as another thought occurred to him.

“How are you recovering?”
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Reunions |Day 02 1800hrs|
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CM 1 Nara Nueva | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy] Attn: @Scavenger01

Nara was pleased to see the Asra coming through the doors in time to meet and catch up. She hadn't been in the lounge for too long, and she had a large glass of Sweet Tea in her hands. Nara hadn't been waiting too long and spotted the Trill in her TSM hoodie, waving her over. Nara's attire was a simple pair of khaki shorts and a blue tank top with fractals. While the design was overall abstract, the art was based on models of subspace turbulence caused when a ship entered Warp, something that she knew that Asra would be familiar with.

At this time of day, the lounge was pretty crowded with crewpersons that had come off duty and ones up in the middle of their night. So it made for a casual and friendly atmosphere. And if Nara hadn't been expecting and looking for Asra, she probably wouldn't have spotted her fellow scientist right away. Once Asra joins her at the table, she sits back and chuckles. It had been years since Asra had done her Master's research at the Daystrom Institute, and there was something different about her, mainly that it was Asra Nux anymore and was instead Tek.

"First of all, allow me to congratulate you on your promotion to Lieutenant. I always knew that you'd outrank me one day. I mean, it isn't every day that you get a Master's candidate that already has a different Doctorate. It's been too long, yes. And Nope, I prefer going early in the morning when there's no one there and getting more sleep after." As much as Nara wanted to ask about Asra's joining, the twitchy, almost neurotic behavior of Asra might have been a result of her joining, and she knew better than to pry into that immediately. So there was something else that they could talk about that she knew Asra would probably enjoy.

"So, I read the theses you wrote after the Insititute, on applied Warp Theory and Starship propulsion. And I have to say that your work was quite brilliant. I like the approach you took when working on the Cochrane-Archer methods of propagating low-warp fields. It's nice to see someone that took the old math and found ways to make it new. I'm quite impressed that you managed to find a way to correlate the formation of low warp fields with the stability of small platform starships. I'm not a pilot, and I have no idea if the SCE implemented any of the proposals for warp field formation, but I hope they did. I compared your work to the more recent methods, and your math seems a bit more solid, especially for anything under Warp 4." Nara smiled then and gestured to her shirt. The fractals were based on Asra's work, not just some random Warp fractals she'd found. Nara had a great deal of respect for the brilliant scientist sitting with her, and she regretted that they hadn't corresponded more, but each had undoubtedly made an impression on the other. Needing something to wet her mouth, Nara took a long drink of her sweet tea, needing the hydration and the sugars in equal parts right now.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Day 05 [0900 hrs.] Mind Games
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[ Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Wolf -11 | AKA Maxine ‘Max’ Gentry | Interrogation Room 01 | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Qo’noS ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan
“Who will it be today I wonder,” Max mused idly as she rolled her wrists inside the cuffs, trying to scratch an itch that was just out of reach. This was her second, no, third time in this particular room, though over the last four and a half days she had spent time in all three. She had been interviewed or interrogated no less than 9 times across the time she had been kept incarcerated. It was almost funny watching them try to understand why one Donna Petterson, who had destroyed the life she had to bring them a message would suddenly turn traitor and try to steal their precious future ship. It was even more confusing to them when she had passed the anyon scan; twice. 

It had started with her being brought into the security centre; strip searched and scanned before being provided with basic undergarments and a set of plain coveralls. Apparently, they didn’t even trust her with a set of shoes. What was she going to do, suffocate herself on then? After all that, she had been questioned but when she wouldn’t offer any words at all, she had been secured in holding cell for the night.

That began a repetitive and boring, routine for Max as she would be disturbed from her solitude so that others could try to understand. And she played along, either being silent or recalcitrant in her behaviour but never once denying who she was. But neither did she confirm it either. Let them flail about in mindless stupidity. It unfailingly provided a laugh for her once she was back in her cell. 

Max wasn’t expecting this morning’s session to be any different.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [0700 hrs.] Blossoming wavelengths
Last post by Tae -
Cm 1 Nara Nueva | Xenobiology lab |  Deck 17 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy| Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia

Nara stood there with her arms crossed, not wholly receptive and a bit challenging. If Nara could read minds, she'd have known that Cir'Cie's suspicions were correct, Nara was challenging Cir'Cie to take that small step. And first came the apology with the caveat, a small smile tugging ever so slightly at the edge of her lips. Honestly, Nara hadn't ever been complimented in quite such a way by a Vulcan before. She didn't know how to feel about that, so she did settle on complimented.

Nara tapped the elbow of her left arm with her right index and middle fingers mulling it over, which would be tricky. Nara's career had been in a precarious position for several years now, and the Theurgy was a second chance for her. This wasn't something that she could back out f now, and she'd misplayed and had been caught in a gambit. Nara didn't know Cir'Cie well, but she did know all too well about the dangers of fraternization. She'd had to deal with people that wound up in unprofessional settings before. And as flirtatious as Cir'Cie had been already, there were all sorts of red flags, so this would be dangerous. Deciding her course of action then, Nara gave a polite nod to Cir'Cie.

"Sunday, the 26th, we can have dinner that day if you'd like. But I would like you to know that's as far as I'd like it to go, Ensign. You seem like a nice woman, and thank you for the compliments, truly, but you're an officer, and I'm Enlisted. Yes, we're on a renegade ship, and we're a renegade crew, but I'm hoping that we'll vindicate ourselves eventually, and I do need to rebuild my career. and Interdepartmental relationships can be messy."

 When in doubt, fall back on logic with solid logical arguments. While it might fall on deaf ears, Nara was quite aware of how Cir'Cie was posing and showing off her figure. Nara hoped that the Vulcan would see the logic in that. That and giving herself nearly a whole week to integrate with the crew would be better than going on a dinner date, even a casual one after the first time working with someone. And she hoped that Cir'Cie would catch Nara using their respective rank differences, it wasn't something meek or mild, but making a point of the fact. Even if Nara were still a Lieutenant, they'd be in the same department, and that carried risks.

OOC note: Sunday the 26th is Interregnum day 08.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 01 [0145 hrs.] Attack of the Coffee Zombies.
Last post by Tae -
|Lt Arven Leux | Main Sickbay|  Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SarahBerry

Smiled in thanks to Sarah, immediately taking a long sip of his tea, the Trill needed that right now, something to center his mind then. He stands there, eyes closed, breathing in the aroma letting the warm liquid slosh around his mouth for a moment before swallowing and speaking again.

"Thank you kindly, Sarah. And It's fine. I'd rather be cast to the wolves than left in the cold. There are two kinds of people that it happens to anyway. Those with competence and those that are useless. And of course, it's for different reasons, a sort of career triage as it were." The calm demeanor that Arven spoke with might be a bit unnerving to some people, and there was an almost callous tone to his proclamation. Arven was many things, and one of them was an expert in triage.

When Sarah shares her past with him, the tall Trill leans back against a bulkhead, taking it all in with a curious look. Whatever the circumstances of her upbringing were, it was evident that Sarah cared deeply about her job and had the mindset to go with it. So nursing was a skill that she'd had and had used it. It was a more pragmatic background than Arven had expected. So many people had gotten into the medical careers to investigate their own illness, a family member, or to ease the suffering they saw. Sarah had a pragmatic streak in her that often wasn't seen in someone her age. The barest of smiles tugged at the corner of his lips as he thought back to his childhood.

"First, I admire that. You're more pragmatic than most are about this career, and I absolutely appreciate that. I'd wondered why you joined up as a nurse, and this career needs more pragmatists willing to help everyone. As for me, if I weren't a doctor?"  Arven blushed then, his cheeks reddening at the thought of voicing it aloud.

"I wanted to be a race car driver when I was a kid. Not the modern vehicles or even the older fuel cell models. Gasoline, internal combustion, rubber tires on pavement. There's something beautiful about those old cars, something primitive. Growing up, we lived next to this old gentleman, Mister Chong. He'd retired from Starfleet years ago, and he was this small man that would putter around his home. But he had a garage with an old car in it, a Bugatti Type 35, this beautiful blue machine that was almost all engine. This car had no safety equipment at all. Mister Chong told me that their skill was the only thing that kept the driver safe. I have no clue how old the car was or if it was an original or a reproduction, but it was beautiful in its simplicity. And the crazy thing? Is that Mister Chong drove it from time to time. He said that it kept the engine from rusting. One day my parents let me go for a ride with him. There was no space. The ride was cramped, painful, and awkward for both of us. But I knew that I wanted a car like that when I grew up. I wanted to race them like Mister Chong said he did." Arven had a vitality to his voice and a wistful expression on his face. The look was a fantasy unfulfilled but still one that brought him joy to think back on. Arven was lost in thought in a good way for once, and he got completely lost in the tea, staring at the far wall with a childish gleam in his violet eyes.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Reunions |Day 02 1800hrs|
Last post by Scavenger01 -
[ Lt. Asra Tek | Whetstone Lounge | Vector 2 Deck 13| USS Theurgy ]| Atn: @Tae

Asra was flapping around her quaters in a panic, technically she had gotten off duty an hour ago with plenty of time to get changed and ready to meet Nara for drinks. However she got slightly distracted going over Lt Arnolds notes on the installation of the QS drive and by the time that she had checked the clock she only had 18 minutes. Hence the mad rush back to her quarters, the quickest shower possible and now frantically grabbing clothes, pulling them on even as she left through the door. Asra ran through the corridors quickly stopping outside the doors to the lounge, skidding slightly as she smoothed her outfit back down. She had gone for a comfy casual look in cargo trousers and a simple Theurgy T-Shirt covered with a hoodie proudly bearing the emblem of the TSM. As soon as she felt like she was presentable she opened the doors, entering the lounge as she worked on slowing her breathing.

As she walked in Asra's eyes scanned the room looking for a familiar head of brown hair. Catching sight of her colleague already at a table she quickly glanced down at her arm pad checking she wasn't too late before sending a small wave towards Nara with a shy smile. Noticing that the older woman already had a drink Asra mimed her intention to Nara while walking to the nearest replicator. " CoffeeChocolate large please" She waited for the machine to make the drink grateful that she had managed to make it to this lounge earlier and pre-program her favorite beverage. Asra glanced over at Nara, taking in her outfit and hoping that she wasn't imposing and stopping the other scientist from getting to the gym.

Replicator finishing with a ping, Asra picked up her drink, in a thermos cup, and walked over to the table, both hands grasped around the beverage. "Hey, nice to see a friendly face out here, it’s been a while" Asra sat opposite Nara, face relaxing slightly into a tired smile as she actually got into the interaction. " Hope I'm not keeping you from something, you look ready to take on an entire gym" chuckling Asra gestured to Nara's outfit and took a large sip of her drink.
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