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Story Development Poll #1 | Nicander on the Allegiant?


Those who have not read up on the development in Chapter 01: Incendiary Prospects [ Day 01 | 1130 hrs. ] should do so now, because here comes spoilers.

As you can read in the Chapter, a potential solution to have Nicander incarcerated on the Allegiant instead of the Theurgy has come up, and Nicander's location might have significant repercussions through the story depending on where he is at. Arguments can be made for both solutions, one being which he can directly inform the crew of the Allegiant where to look for the next thalaron bomb, and the other being that messages can be left for the Allegiant through the subspace buoy that the Theurgy is using to communicate with Director Anderson on Earth.

Having the Infested Doctor on the Allegiant will demand for security arrangements, among other things having the device that Science and Engineering developed to emit transphasic light installed in the cell. Preferably, Nicander should not even be aware that he's on the Allegiant, instead thinking he's on the Theurgy, since otherwise Starfleet Command might know that the Theurgy has deployed the Allegiant on it's mission. Advantage: Response time, more lives saved. Using the subspace buoy is merely a messaging system, and not a real-time communication measure.

A disadvantage is that Nicander will be aboard the Erudite, and Nicander could be the only interest that their Savi allies have in working with Ives and the Theurgy. If they give up Nicander to be on the Allegiant as it is transported on the Erudite, could the Voice cut ties and claim Nicander as an asset of their own? This is a question of how much the crew trusts the Savi IC.

Another risk of having Nicander on the Allegiant is that the security arrangements are inadequate, and the parasite takes him over. This might prove disastrous for those on the Allegiant.

This Poll will be held for 3 days, after which the results will be revealed. Please open up for discussion below this post as well! :)

I will then post accordingly to the poll results, with either Nicander staying on the Theurgy or going on the Allegiant.

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

Re: Story Development Poll #1 | Nicander on the Allegiant?

Reply #1

The results are in, and Nicander will be staying on the Theurgy, and it will be through the subspace buoy that he can inform the Allegiant when and where the bombs will go off, perhaps also pinpointing the infested "bombers" so that they can be neutralised.

Pros being that Nicander is in a more secure location, and out of Savi hands. Cons being a delay in his information getting to the Allegiant, since the buoy is a messaging system and not a real time comms connection. With some effort between the Savi and the Theurgy, it could be that a better alternative can be created through the episode. A Story Objective, I think!

Thank you all for your participation in the first Story Development Poll! :)


Auctor Lucan

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