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Topic: SD 57563.92: Have You Eaten Yet? (Read 53 times) previous topic - next topic

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SD 57563.92: Have You Eaten Yet?
Have You Eaten Yet?

STARDATE 57563.92
MARCH 13, 2381
1230 HRS.

[ Maddrisa Maepilwud a.k.a. Maddy Maplewood | The Sunrise Café | Aldean Office Complex | Orbital Drydocks | Aldea Prime Shipyards ] Attn: @Patches
Maddy woke early, as usual, and after her daily routines, got dressed, and headed for her tiny establishment. The lounge café, if it really be called that, was very tiny, and set between a hairdresser's and a tailor's shop. It was like a little community of its own here, and she enjoyed her daily routine. Plus now, with the Federation starship undergoing repairs, there was an influx of new visitors, and an opportunity to swap recipes or listen to new tales of adventure. Klingon conversations were a little predictable these days, and there was only so many glorious tales of battle she could stomach. At least the Federation people had more interesting things to talk about...when they were willing to talk.

She waved and greeted all the shopkeepers on her way to her place, one of them asked her what she was planning to make today, and she replied, "Something human."

But she really was going to make more than one option. Seeing humans again was quite an excitement for Maddy, and she wanted to cater to as many tastes as possible. The night before, she had already premade several dishes, and after she'd opened up her lounge and set up the tables and seats, she entered the kitchen to get everything set. The morning patrons and the usual customers came and went, while she continued preparing meals, chatting with the customers. Her assistant came in to help in the kitchen, which was when she would go out to socialize and serve the food and drinks. Even her drinks were all specially prepared by herself, going from an assortment of fresh juice, to alcoholic beverages, to soft drinks, to something the occasional Klingon might fancy, which meant most others shied away from that option.

She smiled as the afternoon came by, and she leaned against the open door which led into the café, expecting more customers to show up soon. More mouths to feed, and people to meet.

She loved her life.
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Re: SD 57563.92: Have You Eaten Yet?
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[ CWO3 Liliana "Meerkat" Walton | The Sunrise Café | Aldean Office Complex | Orbital Drydocks | Aldea Prime Shipyards ] @Triage

Being docked at a Klingon shipyard still felt a bit bizarre to Liliana. The Klingon Empire had been former allies with the Federation for over two decades and Walton herself had flown with Klingons during the Dominion War, but somehow she never quite understood their culture enough to be fully comfortable with it. Haqr was a great Rear Intercept Officer, but he was a poor teacher of Klingon culture to a spacer whose entire ethos boiled down to communal wellbeing over individual honor or prestige. It had to be that way on the SS Rainbow's End for it to work well long-term. She supposed it didn't really matter in the bigger picture though, as long as the Theurgy and its crew could depend on the Chancellor keeping his word.

Walton had heard stories of Aldea growing up. Prior to its unveiling by the Enterprise, the planet had a mythical status similar to Atlantis. It was a tale passed around the spacefaring community, responsible for unrealistic feats and a place where dreams could come true in some way. Since Aldea returned to the galactic community, however, information on the place were still sketchy and light on details so it was going to be really interesting to see the truth of the place for herself. In the meantime, she was hungry for something that she would potentially not get from a Federation replicator. The safest place to start for that was the station itself - it would have Klingon proprietors, at the least, and perhaps - oh, a surprise!

The place was billed as the Sunrise Café and it was definitely not a Klingon bar or restaurant. This part of the station, now that she was thinking about it, was not as filled with Klingons as the rest. She supposed that meant she was in the Aldean portion of it, where workers and bigwigs from the planet could come do stuff with their Klingon benefactors. Everyone around her had the oddly shaped communicator that she now had on their sleeves. Her clothing set her apart, however, as she hadn't yet taken the opportunity to have a set of Aldean traditional clothing made for her. That was actually part of the reason she was on the station in the first place. In the meantime, her usual simple purple and black outfit would have to do.

There was a woman standing at the doorway to the café. She seemed cheerful enough. There was even a tailor shop next door, conveniently, so that made stopping in there more tempting. Most of all, though, the smells coming through the open door seemed more familiar than most on the station.

Is she Aldean or Federation?

Liliana waved and approached the woman. "Hello! I don't suppose you're open?"

Re: SD 57563.92: Have You Eaten Yet?
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[ Maddrisa Maepilwud a.k.a. Maddy Maplewood | The Sunrise Café | Aldean Office Complex | Orbital Drydocks | Aldea Prime Shipyards ] Attn: @Patches
Maddy turned her head to look at the approaching woman. She was definitely from the Theurgy! How exciting! Her eyes brightened, and her smile lit the place, as if she'd been given birthday and Christmas presents all at once. Her eyes quickly made an analysis of the outsider. She was far too thin and underfed for Maddy's liking, something she was going to rectify as quickly as possible.

With a small gesture towards the open door of her café, she said, "I'm most definitely open, honored guest. Won't you come in?"

She pushed off from the door and darted inside, the room was small and cozy, with rich cushion chairs, varnished wooden tables, small orbs that provided an orange illumination, and the walls were painted in a warm beige colour that wasn't too bright or too dark, and the barrista station was made of similar polished wood with a marble surface. Behind the station, there was a window to the kitchen, which was more brightly lit, and someone was working in there.

Maddy led the woman to a table and held the chair out for her. The center of a table had a hologram consultant that could open up a menu, as well as the station's emergency contacts and a map for easy reference.

"My name is Maddrisa Maepilwud, but you can call me Maddy Maplewood, it's easier. Mind if I ask your name?"

She smiled at the woman easily.