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Topic: Should I (Absinthe) come back to the Discord? (Read 136 times) previous topic - next topic

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Should I (Absinthe) come back to the Discord?
Well, my one month ban is over and it's time to think about what to do. I am kind of ambivalent about the idea of coming back. I feel I've toned down on my angsty anti-DSC/anti-NuTrek stuff. Honestly that was more about me and these days I don't care anymore.

But it doesn't feel right to come back without asking the group. So I am letting all of you decide.

So yeah, I am putting this in controversial because o wasn't sure where else to put it.

So the poll will last 4 days and it's really to gauge the waters on the idea of me returning before I really decide on if I should. So vote, comment, give me your opinions. I want to know what people think.


Re: Should I (Absinthe) come back to the Discord?
Reply #1
We all get passionate about things, even to the point of being abrasive at times. So far as I'm concerned, you are more than welcome to return.

Re: Should I (Absinthe) come back to the Discord?
Reply #2
Ditto. We're all passionate about things, my big thing is Trek Tech (I'll argue for hours about tech and usually have the documentation to back my position up), and sometimes maybe too passionate.

I for one would love to have you back, and I've said this before but if you ever need a private place to vent so it doesn't come out in chat or the forums, give me a poke. :)

Re: Should I (Absinthe) come back to the Discord?
Reply #3
Well, this was a fun exercise in pointlessness, I can't rejoin anyway, lol. Looks like unless my ban is lifted manually I can't rejoin and perhaps it's for the best. Oh well, lol.

Re: Should I (Absinthe) come back to the Discord?
Reply #4
You're quite wecome to rejoin at your leisure.


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