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Day 01 [1830 hrs.] Seeds of Malefaction

Day 01 [1830 hrs.] Seeds of Malefaction

[ Lahkesis Saugn | Primary Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS TheurgyAttn: Anyone who wants to come rescue the plant girl
With the injured from the attack now stable for the most part or having been released to return to their quarters to finish recovering there, sickbay had fallen quiet and that meant one thing, routine. Routine was a bit tighter now, being as they were still undermanned, being two doctors and two nurses down, and everyone had to pull extra weight to try and make up the difference.

It was this reason alone that Lahkesis Saugn was doing the regular checks on the stasis units. This meant one by one checking on each unit to ensure it was fully functional and making a notice to avalible engineers should any repairs be necessary. It was menial work, something that more often than not was simply skipped over, but today Lahkesis had decided to do it, mostly to be alone with her thoughts. Perhaps it was their relationship, or maybe it was the shared trauma of the memory of Phanatos Kilinvoss, or perhaps it was some deeper kinship between the time displaced Vulcan and the plant girl, whatever it was, this latest problem with Doctor Maya had left Lahkesis more rattled than ever. She could not trust any memory or thought to be true, real, or even her own. Maya had "accidentally" implanted memories in her before, could she have done more and had that even been an accident? Lahkesis could no longer be certain.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not notice when the door to the stasis room opened and the 3 men walked in.  The men were dressed in uniform, but had a disheveled look about them, like men who had not shaved or done much beyond a quick sonic shower and fresh uniform in days. They were still clean enough to not ruffle any feathers, but they looked more like people who no longer cared about their appearance. They moved silently and it was not until she stepped back and bumped into one of them.

She quickly spun on her heel to face the men, taken aback at how close one of them had gotten, standing only a few feet from her. She had been careless to not notice them, but she was not prepared just yet to consider them as dangerous. SHe knew the men, or at least was familiar with their medical records. The man closest was Michael Shive, he was tall with sandy blonde hair cut short. The one by the door was Jason Fring, not exactly tall, but quite muscular, he was the sort to spend his off hours in the gym from what she had noticed. The third man was walking around the room examining the stasis units, he was both tall and well muscled, Hank Thomas. All 3 were noncommissioned officer, and none of them had business in the stasis room.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Lahkesis said calmly.

It was Michael who spoke. "You have been selected to be the new Chief of Medicine," he said in a tone that said she should feel honored. She only felt confused.

"There is already a Chief Medical Officer on this ship," she replied flatly.

"And he has sinned, his blasphemy will not go unchallenged," Jason replied and it was then she realized he was not standing near the door, he was standing between her and the door. "He tainted Sarresh Morali and he must be punished for it."

Lahkesis' eye twitched. She could see there was something very wrong with these men, and she could not help get the feeling they were not stable. She was in danger and would not be able to escape easily.

"Nicander led them, Duv helped him, Vojona tainted his eyes, Maya tainted his mind, and Cardamone gave of her own body to taint him," Hank intoned almost like reciting a poem. "You are the highest that remain. You will purify Sickbay."

Again she could think of nothing to say, she only stood mutely, wondering what they had planned.

"Will you join us and purify this ship?" Michael asked flatly.

She paused for a moment as her mind raced. "I will not," she replied flatly, then made a move to step past him and out the door.

What happened next happened fast. Michael grabbed her by the neck and slammed her back against the bulkhead. "You will help us," he said dangerously, his hand holding her throat, but not tightly enough to threaten her ability to breathe.

"I will not," she said weakly, the wind all but knocked out of her from the collision with the wall.

He pressed against her throat as he leaned in closer, the smell of him invading her senses. "If you refuse once more, we will break you and leave you here to die," he said, his voice calm, but full of intent. "Now, I ask again, will you help us purify the ship or do we break you?"

Lahkesis looked from the man holding her to the other two men, both of whom had stepped forward. They looked at her like she were something to consumed. She saw the glint of a knife as Jason pulled it from his sleeve. A phaser might still alert security, a knife would not, and it would be just as effective in ending her life. But then again, her life was not something she cared all that much about anymore. She functioned, but it mattered little as she could no longer could trust her own memories. She really didn't know who she was. Perhaps death would free her from doubt, maybe that was why she didn't think to call for Thea's help.

"I will not help you," she breathed at last.

The look in Michael's eyes when she responded was that of both sadness and an odd look of joy.

"Then we will break you," he said and released her neck. She wasn't sure what he had planned, but then his fist slammed into her throat with a great deal of force. Her neck was not overly muscled and it easily collapsed her windpipe and did more than a little trauma to the area. Immediately her vision began to swim and she gasped for breath. Not being animalia in nature her biological response was to internal physical trauma was vastly different. The plant fibers that made up her larynx began to harden making in harder to breathe and functionally impossible to speak. Had she been human or similar she would die if she didn't get immediate medical attention, as it was, she had a bit longer before it would be to late.

But the trauma was enough to mean she was no to badly injured to fight back in anyway, with no strength to stand she slid to the floor, barely able to catch herself with her hand, her data PADD with the stasis information, the complete list of who was in which unit, fell to the floor. Michael kicked it away from her and Jason picked it up.

"Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to do some damage to you, but no reason we can't have a little fun first, not like we can make you any more impure than you already are," he said with a looks that made it clear what fun he was thinking of.

As he grabbed her by her now much harder throat and forced her to her feet, pressing her against the bulkhead, there was little she could do to fight back, she was doing her best to stay conscious with the severe lack of air she was able to pull in through her rapidly hardening vocal cords. With one hand on her throat his other hand roamed over her body, before he forced it into her uniform pants and into the lace panties she had been given as a gift some time ago.

And she knew what they had in mind then, how they planned to break her. She did her best to steel herself for it, to prepare for what was to come. She had memories of something similar, but this was different, she was not a trained sexual surrogate or a Vulcan.

"Boss," Jason suddenly said. "It looks like that Eve Jenkins chick is in unit 7."

"Turn it off," Michael said sounding now more dangerous than before. "She is just as tainted as the others. She was there, next to Nicander and Duv, defiling Morali's body. Let her die."

Jason moved to the unit and began to work the controls as Lahkesis was helpless to watch. Her eyes were wide and fear filled her as she could do nothing to stop them from turning off the stasis unit or even fight back against the hand now moving over her less than aroused sex. All she could do was concentrate on not fighting back, on breathing, and on figuring out how to survive in any way possible. She was at their mercy, and they seemed to have very little to offer her in that department. She wished she had taken the chance to alert Thea, but now it was too late.

Ok, so, anyone is free to reply to this one, if you want to have your character have a hero moment, go for it.

Re: Prologue 10: Seeds of Malefaction | Day 01 [1830 hrs.]

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PO2 Sithick | Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Absinthe

Repairs to Sithick's arm had taken a while before he had been back on his feet again. The pain he had suffered through was gone, and as much after a few enjoyable moments with his new found Salad below deck he had come to the realization that he was needed to work.

As fun as it would be to stay around his friend all day that was simply not a life he was familiar with, and in truth Jaya may have been a friend to him, but those were still very new and very merky waters, she was a stalker, and a little creepy at times. He tended to forgive her a little too readily for that. Going back to deck eleven there were plenty of shuttles and new craft still scattered about which all needed progress reports on and damage repairs to happen.

So deck 11 had been the obvious choice to start with. Not only could he get a good damage report on the ship's interior but he could check various shuttle craft and ships on his way about it. Opening a door he was prepared to check for damages with an engineering tricorder in hand, but that was when the voice reached his ears.

"Then we will break you,"

Immediately the former slave was on guard from that line. A low hiss escaping him as he felt a gutteral need to hurt something. He had to remind himself that he was not security. He should simply evaluate and call back to them. If he was found guilty of hurting someone from the ships crew, he was still new here, and the last thing he wanted was to be thrown out of the second home. Starfleet proper would never take him back, and he had no home with the Klingons, he would be forced into... civilian life.

The shudder crossed his mind, but only so long as he saw what the men were doing as he walked up staying in the shadows his yellow eyes tracking the movement like a predator. The men were going to rape the doctor. Another twitch of anger, but when he realized this was the same doctor as before, the one who had fixed his arm he knew he could simply sit still.

He took a step out of the shadows from behind the stasis pod where he had first hidden when the door had opened. He had in that moment two choices attack the man who was attempting to rape the good doctor, or attack the much closer man who was trying to shut down life support to some stasis pod.

His choice was immediate and brutal. Grabbing the man who was closest to him with a large three fingered claw, the same claw the doctor had repaired moments before he let out a rather loud intense growl and heaved the man into the one who was attempting to hurt his doctor, in an attack that if not avoided would send all three of them to the ground.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn, Michael Shive, Jason Fring, & Hank Thomas | Primary Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS TheurgyAttn: Kaligos

The attack began before any of the men could respond to it properly. In fact, Hank had no time to react at all before the massive clawed hand of the Gorn met with his throat. All he really did have time to do was cry out before he was tossed in the air. Michael on the other hand heard the sound of Hank's cry and moved, meaning Hank slammed into Lahkesis and the pair of them hit the bulkhead hard. Lahkesis took the brunt of it as the back of her skull slammed into the bulkhead and even more so her vision swam and blurred. Together they fell to the floor, the plant based doctor pinned under the not overly heavy man, not that it would have mattered, t that point she was far too weak and disoriented to even try to push him off.

For his part Michael had reached into his uniform jacket and puled out a crudely made knife, one that appeared almost ceremonial, but also very sharp. He was not at all pleased to have been interrupted, even if the one who had interrupted them was not unclean in his eyes. It seemed a pity to end the life of one who could be such a powerful ally, but in his interruption he made his choice clear.

Jason too, held his knife and moved where Jason had been. It was clear to him that the creature was not to be reasoned with and the one in the pod had to pay. So he did what had to be done, he slammed his own knife into the control panel of the stasis unit, sending a shower of sparks and broken glass from the console. The good part of it was that it scorched his hand badly and he was forced to drop his knife.

Clinging to his now bloodied hand Jason stepped back and smiled.

In the second Jason stepped back Michael moved, lunging with the knife, planning to stick it deep into the chest of the gorn. Nothing but ending the life of the attacker mattered. Not the doctor, not his comrades who now were in no condition to fight, nothing.

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PO2 Sithick | Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Absinthe

Michael's knife struck against the Gorn's arm as Sithick raised a claw to defend himself, and the home made knife impacted against the thick scales of his body. The blade ran across his arm and cut him, but also caught on the thicker muscle mass and more protected flesh of the Gorn catching and holding the the knife as it bent and then snapped against his skin. The hilt and the blade breaking.

Sithick for his part was unmoved. Such injuries only brought him back to the days of his youth when he had been a child soldier. His yellow eyes shifted between the two targets, the one that had tried to kill him, and the one clutching his broken and burnt hand, both seemed insignificant against the fact that he had just done the opposite of what he had wished to do. He had hurt the doctor he had been trying to help.

Micheal attempted to back away after his knife had broken inside the Gorns arm, but was too close within Sithick's reach, and while he was absentminded and more worried about the doctor he did not allow the man to escape. His arm reached out and he grabbed the other. The wound bleeding as he flexed his muscles and brought his three fingered claw around the mans arm. Lime green blood for the second time that day dripped against his arm as he flexed, and heard the distinctive sound of bones being crushed under hand. "Resist and I break more."

Taking a step forward Sithick simply dragged the man behind him. Tapping his com badge. "Sithick to sickbay, I has medical emergency."

He leaned in closer to the doctor that smelled of flora, sniffing at her head as he moved closer to her, bringing a claw to her face tapping lightly against her neck to check for a pulse. "Please do not be dead."

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[ Lahkesis Saugn, Michael Shive, Jason Fring, & Hank Thomas | Primary Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS TheurgyAttn: Kaligos and maybe someone from security

Michael didn't seem to react to the pain in his arm, he was to focused on the task at hand. He could not afford to be caught now, the mission was too important, the lives of him and the other two were meaningless compared to what needed to be done. Without a word he pulled a small hand phaser from his pocket. It did not have enough power to do much to a gorn, but it did have enough to kill a human. He took aim in in short order shot both the unconscious Hank and the badly injured Jason. Finally he turned the phaser pistol on himself. Before he pulled the trigger one last time he yelled out, "THIS SHIP WILL BE MADE PURE ONCE MORE!" And to punctuate his statement he pulled the trigger, aiming the beam directly at his own heart.

And as his body fell limp the Stasis Storage Room fell silent, only cut by the raspy breath of the plant based Doctor.

Somewhere in the security offices an alarm clicked on, notifying whoever was paying attention that there had been a weapon fired in the room.

For her part Lahkesis simply lay still and did her best to breath. She was drifting in and out of consciousness and could not think well. The medical part of her mind knew she had a badly damaged larynx and likely a concussion of some sort. As with her nature her body responded to damage by hardening, she knew from the bruising she had gotten before this was the case, but she did not know what this would mean would happen to her brain if it to was damaged in a manner similar to a concussion

Then at last the communicator chirped. It wasn't medical responding, but rather security. "This is Crewman Cabrera
, I'm afraid the Doctors are busy at the moment. I just got a security alert on my panel. I do believe Doctor Saugn should be available, she was only doing a check on the Stasis Units, should I try and patch you through to her? I can of course bring a medkit to your location as well," came the voice from the communicator, seemingly completely unaware of what had just happened.

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PO2 Sithick | Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Absinthe

Sithick would have much rather seen the men go to the brig for their crimes but he was currently too busy to care or worry about the dead. He would probably be questioned by security which was annoying but so long as they didn't believe that he had removed the Doctors pants he would be fine. Which really just meant that he really needed the doctor to live. He could hear the raspy breathing coming from her lips which was good, it meant she was still alive.

"Bring the medkit, Doctor Saugn is the one in need of assistance." He spoke back to his com-badge. He looked at the doctor. He crouched over her for a moment when the security member arrived Sithick took the medical kit and swallowed, opening it up. He wasn't performing surgery on a person, she was a ship, she was a ship and he could fix that. This was not an organic just another broken thing he could put back into place.

Even so the medical tricolor was different in his hands, feeling all the smaller than the ones he had used for engineering work as he attempted to scan her body. Of course he had first aid, so much could go wrong with engineering work that he had gone through Federation training, but he had never thought he had to use it. letting out a hiss that his translator couldn't really catch he switched to English. "i'm an engineer not a doctor."

"Doctor please stay with us, I need your help how do I fix?" He looked at her hoping that her damage would not prevent her from assisting him. She wasn't going into shock which meant she had a concussion he couldn't move her head, and no other medical staff could help him, which meant it was up to him and the security member to fix her.

Well not entirely. "Thea, activate emergency medical hologram." the EMH as much as he didn't like the thing from his experiances on Opal it was the only viable doctor at the moment.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn, Crewman Cabrera, & EMH Mark 1 | Primary Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS TheurgyAttn: Kaligos

Not being all that great at medicine after handing the medkit to the massive engineer Crewman Cabrera just stepped back. The distinct smell of plasma energy from recent phaser fire had him on edge, even if it was clear that the three men who lay dead nearby had been killed by the phaser. He still had no clue what had happened and whatever it was he needed to report to the Chief Security Officer more sooner than later.

As it was he almost felt like rushing to sickbay to get a doctor personally, he could tell by the way Sithick was hovering over the woman, who he recognized as Doctor Saugn, that something had happened and she was pretty badly injured.

For her part Lahkesis looked from the tall green alien that seemed to blur in and out of her field of vision. Her throat was to badly damaged to say anything, though in her current mental capacity she would not have been able to say much that was useful anyway. Instead she did her best to lay still and just breathe, she had to keep breathing.

On her neck the skin began to take on a brownish hue. If the process continued she would revert back to a strictly Teslyliac plant capable of receiving new genetic information and making a new duplicate. It was how her species reproduced, it was how death worked for her kind. In truth death didn't seem that scary. It was entirely possible that in another form she would remember this life, or maybe it would be a new start. She didn't know, no one knew. Her kind had never been tested that far. If she died it would be a medical breakthrough.

Something about that made her happy. She would die on the very edge of knowledge. That would be ok.

"Thea, activate emergency medical hologram."

From nothing the short bald man appeared, saying the line he was perhaps most well known for. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency." The mark 1 EMH was not a popular hologram by any means, even if the upgrades since the return of the USS Voyager had made the model much more personable. He still was based to much personality wise on the still quite active Doctor Lewis Zimmerman and was thus a bit rough around the edges. Both he and the Mark 2 EMH were only used as true emergency backups, mostly because every medical officer despised them.

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PO2 Sithick, Edgar Rodgers, & EMH Mark 1 | Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Absinthe

Sithick was not okay with loosing one of the crew. For his part he was glad that the member of security hadn't thought him responsible for the injuries to her body. He had been in that awkward situation before, with crew turning on him due to his monstrous appearance. For his part he was glad to get the member of security that he did. "I will explain later now we save doctor."

Sithick's yellow eyes flickered between the woman and the EMH handing him the medical tricorder so that the hologram could read the scans he had already taken. "I'm going to need a nurse quickly. We need to stop the spreading reaction before it turns fatal." When neither man moved the EMH just shook his head pointing to the security guard first. "Show me your hands." as the man held them up they were trembling. So the EMH disregarded him. "You?"

Sithick moved his claws holding them up to show that they didn't tremble, but were still ill-suited to surgery in their own right. The EMH sighed at this point the lizard was better than nothing. "Fine you will do."

Sithick wanted to complain, tell him that he wasn't a nurse but at this point he knew he was in for a penny in for a pound, he just had to think of the woman as a piece of equipment and not a living thing. He was scared but for his part he wouldn't complain, the doctors life was in his claws, and he was not going to let her die.

((ooc: If you want we can skip over the surgery, or you can write however it works with my permission to use Sithick as your nurse.))

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[ Lahkesis Saugn, Crewman Cabrera, & EMH Mark 1 | Primary Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS TheurgyAttn: Kaligos

Taking a hypospray the EMH administered one of the few anesthetics that would work on Lahkesis's unique body. Her mind was not at peak performance, but as she slipped into darkness she was not certain if it was death that awaited her or something else. She knew she should have been at least a little afraid, but she felt warm, almost safe, but not quite. There was nothing to fear.

Once the plant based doctor slipped into unconsciousness the surgery had to be done quickly and thus was not the EMH's best work. Luckily there was some information in his database of Lahkesis and her kind's biology so he was able to calibrate the dermal regenerator and laser-scalpel to work with her unique tissue. With no fear of bleeding because of her biology it was easy enough to open the throat and began direct regeneration on the rapidly hardening areas of tissue. With little knowledge of botany the EMH only had the files on Lahkesis and her sisters to go off of. But as it was the dermal regenerator worked as well on plant tissue as it did on mammalian tissue.

In total the whole procedure took a few minutes, but there were a tense few minutes. The EMH was constantly swapping out tools and needing Sithick to hand him other ones. Though he did not need the massive gorn to do that much, it still was clear the security officer had been to stressed to act in the moment and it would have only taken up time he did not have.

Finally with her throat closed and a pale greenish color the EMH turned to Sithick. "Well, she should be fine, it might take a few hours for her to fully recover from the injury, but I predict no lasting injuries. Of course she should see a proper physician within the next day or so to check on her," the EMH said pleasantly. The surgery had gone well and he seemed to be in a good mood, or at least as good a mood as the holographic physician was ever known to be in. "Now, before I go offline, let's get that arm of yours tended to, don't you think." He was already reprogramming the dermal regenerator for use on Gorn physiology.

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PO2 Sithick, Edgar Rodgers | Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Absinthe

Sithick grumbled more because this was the second time his arm had been needing to be patched up in the last few hours. Though the burns had been much more painful the knife had actually left a shard of it's self embedded in his arm. With his steady claw he forcefully removed the sharp tip of the knife and tossed it aside with a loud guttural hiss and groan allowing the EMH to do what he needed to to patch the muscle and scales that had been punctured by the knife.

He groaned and whined like a child, but all the while his eyes never left the woman on the ground. She would live which was good, and she would be fully recovered which was better. The other things like why she was attacked, who these others had been on the crew. They had simply said that they wished to break her. From his days as a slave he knew those attempts, though nothing had ever needed the removal of ones pants before. Something he realized they had never actually put back on her body.

HIs eyes trailed down from her neck and face where his attention had been and down to the womans thighs and the pale smooth flesh. He didn't move to touch her, but her body was something unique and more importantly something the Gorn had never seen before. When his arm was fixed he flexed his claws and saw that no lasting damage had been done satisfied with the numbness that came with new flesh he looked around the room. When the EMH dismissed himself he started to look at the woman."It is saife to move her, but move where?"

Security would probably want a full report about how some group had gotten a hand phaser. He shook his head he did not wish to talk to security right now. Without her testimony it would be easy to set him up as a villain and he didn't trust these security officers, so he did the only thing that made sense. He stuck with the doctor. Insisting that if she had to be moved that he would pick her up and move her. That he would be the one to escort her to any location where she could rest. Considering the close proximity that ended up being one of the recovery wards in Sickbay.

Sithick sat by her side, waiting till she woke up. across from him was Cabrera who sat watching both of them.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn, Crewman Cabrera, & EMH Mark 1 | Primary Stasis Storage | Deck 11 | USS TheurgyAttn: Kaligos

To say the EMH was displeased by the massive Gown using his less than sterile claws pull out the bit of broken knife would have been putting things quite mildly, in truth he was as livid as his programming allowed. And he would have given the Gorn a piece of his mind, but his programming insisted that he first take care of the injury. So making sure the dermal regenerator was configured properly he set to work on the arm. His touch was less 'artistic' than the plant based doctor's had been and it was clear when he was done that the new scales were artificially regrown ones.

"It is safe to move her, but move where?"

Crewman Cabrera could only shrug at that. He did his best to try and inquire as to what had happened, but the Gorn only brushed him off as he took the still unconscious Doctor to sickbay. With little choice he returned to his post in security and made a mental note to send a message to the Chief of Security, Wenn Cinn.

In sickbay Lahkesis was able to be set up on a biobed in the recovery ward. Her lifesigns, such as they were, were stable. The nurse checked on her every so often, a memo being sent to the Chief of Medicine on board, Dr. Nicander, about her current condition.

It was almost a full hour before consciousness came back to Lahkesis Saugn. Her throat felt better than it had, but it still felt quite sore. She blinked a few times, but did not move immediately, doing a mental check of herself, making a mental list of everywhere on her body that had sensation and any that felt sore. When she was finished she slowly eased herself into the sitting position and looked around. She noted that she was in sickbay, the recovery ward to be exact. She also noted that the large Gorn that she had worked on not that long before was there. Her memories were as sharp as ever, though not integrated quite as well as usual. She had been attacked and he had rescued her... and something else, but she could not recall immediately.

She looked at the Gorn, Sithick as she recalled, and gave him a smile. "Thanks for the rescue," she said, surprised by how hoarse her voice sounded. "How long have I been out for?"

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