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PROLOGUE: Supplementary [Cleaning Up]

PROLOGUE: Supplementary "Cleaning Up" - Part 1
Joint-Post by TheBanshee, Leonal & Auctor Lucan

[ USS Theurgy | Crew Quarters | Deck 04 | 1500 hrs. ]

It felt good not to feel the aches and pains that had become part of her life over the last day or so.  Having returned to her quarters from sickbay where she had been mended Tia had sat down for just a moment to contemplate and mull over the extraordinary set of events that had occurred.  With a deep sigh she stood once more and attempted to run her fingers through her hair.  The knotted mass of curls refused to budge and she looked over to the bathroom and once again considered a shower.

Sjaandin Fedd, the face came unbidden to her mind as she thought about the shower.  A shiver caught her by surprise as once again her thoughts ran away with her.  An involuntary gasp made her blush, even in the privacy of her quarters, and she giggled to herself as she shook her head.  With a smile she began to head towards the bathroom, determined to enjoy the shower alone despite the betrayal of both mind and body with thoughts of a fellow officer.

She hadn't needed anyone before now and she couldn't understand why she would need someone now.  A shower to clean off and cool off was just what she needed.

[ Meanwhile.. ]

Fedd's head was swirling with questions as he entered the turbolift. Questions like: What the hell am I doing here? Why must I make things more awkward than they already are? Can't I wait until I meet her Below Decks? And seriously, what the hell am I doing here?

"Computer, locate Tatiana Marlowe."

"Lieutenant Marlowe is in her quarters."

"Deck 04," he sighed. It felt odd to query the computer about her location when she had already told him where she was going to be--and if her mental shockwave of embarrassment was any indicator, perhaps a subconscious invitation. No, no; he flat-out told himself. This was nothing more than a polite apology. He was smoothing things over with his compatriot and new Chief Engineering Officer. Past experience had taught him that if you pissed the CEO off, you might find that the replicator in your quarters took a lot longer to get repaired. He had been overly forward, and that matter required urgent addressing or their future time working together would be awkward.

He repeated this, over and over in his mind, as he stepped out of the turbolift and approached the door of her quarters. His slender, precise fingers tapped the door chime once with perfect aim, and then he simply waited.

Tia had just managed to get her horribly discoloured under-shirt off when the chime had gone on the door.  For a moment she stood, deciding what to do and in the end chose to just answer it.  Whoever it was probably just after some information on something in engineering but why they hadn't just commed her was a question she was too frazzled to answer.

The shower was so damned close, she was so damned close to being clean again, so damned close to having hair that wasn't going to become sentient and try to strangle her.  Briefly she thought again about sharing that shower and the offer she had not exactly turned down in the corridor outside the turbolift.  Well it was too late now, plus she did say she would see him in the bar later.  Maybe they could talk first? 

That idea was laughable in itself, unless the conversation was about engines or starships she was pretty useless at small-talk.  Holding a conversation with a man like Fedd, handsome, intriguing and way out of her league in her opinion, was something she would never voluntarily do except in professional circumstances

Wearing uniform on the bottom half but only a regulation bra on the top she chucked the under-shirt onto the small sofa and, turning towards the aperture, said with resignation, "Enter."

The door slid open; clearly Marlowe had given Fedd permission to enter. His mind inflamed with thoughts unbidden of the situation he had so indecently proposed, their tongues dancing as their limbs intertwined under a sonic shower, or perhaps even a liquid one since he was fantasizing anyway. No! How improper. He should be thanking the Chalice he was the only unfiltered Betazoid aboard, otherwise he would be sending everyone from the room with his out-of-control libido. Really, it was unprofessional. Mind you, it had been awhile... his last time had been with... The Non-Com. The Ishtar Incident still filled him with guilt.

So it was with a contrite attitude he entered Lt. Marlowe's quarters and drew up short at the sight of her in a bra. "Oh, lieutenant. I hope I'm not disturbing you." She cut quite a figure, even in plain, vanilla, regulation undergarments, he could not help noting. Invite her to the bar like that, he thought, and then mentally slapped himself. "I... I wanted to apologize for being so forward earlier." Yet here you are talking to her in her quarters while she's partially dressed, he thought. What was the point of this apology again? Making things less awkward?

"I... look forward to working with you as fellow officers, and I don't wish to keep you from your shower any longer. I know how much we all want to take one. I mean, not take one together necessarily, just... after the encounter, showers are foremost on everyone's minds." Digging the hole deeper, Fedd.  He opened his mouth to say something else, but then he shut it and simply looked at her. No, that was unnerving, don't stare. He looked away. Now you look like a prude! Oh gods. His eyes bored into her with an intensity that might be mistaken for lust, as his mind raced for the appropriate things to say and do. Well, she looked quite good, maybe his eyes roamed a bit...

Tia's sharp intake of breath as she saw who was walking in greeting the Lieutenant and she stood, frozen like a rabbit in the headlights while he spoke his first apology.  At his pause she reached out, trying to find the discarded under-shirt but failing miserably and instead trying to cover her exposed midriff and cleavage with her arms in a vague attempt at modesty.

Inside her head was a different story entirely, her mind undressing him as he stood there, wondering what was beneath that uniform.  Her mind continued to wander, wondering what his lips tasted like, what his skin would feel like beneath her hands.  She couldn't help but look him up and down, the two encounters they'd had today had been sparking with attraction firstly from his shower comment and now her state of undress.  She was undeniably attracted to this man and her body was beginning to betray her, pupils dilating and cheeks flushing at his presence.

When he mentioned the shower again her eyes flicked between the bathroom and back to him, that shower had caused her so many interesting thoughts since leaving the conference room.  When her eyes returned to him he was looking directly at her, then looked away and then looked back with an intensity that made her shiver.  Swallowing hard before licking her lips she plucked up the courage to respond.

"I really do need that shower... ummm... you don't have to go... if you don't want to... I mean..." she was digging herself into trouble and she knew it but the words wouldn't come out right.  Romance was the one thing she couldn't cope with, climbing a sheer cliff - no problem, surviving rising lava - piece of cake, speaking to a member of the opposite sex in a non-professional capacity - nope, just nope. 

"I mean that if you still want to go to Below Decks, I won't take long..."

Fedd was doing a reasonably good job of keeping his mind buttoned up and closed off, but it was hard to miss the surge of lust from Lieutenant Marlowe. She radiated psychic heat like a warp core, and Sjaandin had trouble telling how much of his own response was his own and how much was feedback. His pants felt tighter, that was certain, although he fortunately did not embarrass himself by developing an enormous bulge like some besotted schoolboy. The way she looked up at him, pale eyes struggling to take in all of his frame, the way her regulation brassiere held what were already excellent examples of womanhood up for his appreciation; all of it made his lips part and his pupils dilate, unnoticeable inside his black irises.

Poor Tatiana was more awkward than he, it seemed. Fedd was once a ladies' man, a smooth talker and even smoother lover. His Imzadi's death had changed that, robbed him of some of his confidence. Well, it was reassuring to hear her stumbling over her own words. He smiled, a gesture both reassuring and overflowing with need, and reached out for her with one warm hand.

"Shh," he said, putting two long fingers across her moistened lips. "It will save time," he murmured softly, and took a gamble on his theory that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, leaning forward and letting his own lips touch hers as his hand moved aside to stroke her cheekbone.

As the fingers touched her lips her eyes opened wide and her hands instinctively went to his chest in a defensive posture although she didn't push him away or restrict him from coming even closer.  Tia watched partly scared and partly fascinated as his head came so close to her own, his hand moved across her cheek and his lips brushed against her own so gently.  With that first soft caress her eyes fluttered closed and a small whimper escaped her lips.

She moved closer, her hands stroking up his firm chest to his shoulders.  Not stopping there her hands crossed behind his neck and she leaned further into the gentle kiss.  He had been right, this had saved time, her body rushed with heat and desire for the man here with her.  The sensation was so intoxicating that she didn't want it to ever end and yet it was so terrifying that after a few moments she pulled her head away a little.  Her heart was beating hard enough that she was sure he would be able to hear it and her chest rose and fell with heavy breaths.  She looked into his eyes, wanting more but not knowing how to ask for it.  Her whole being needed a release, needed to feel close to another person.  After everything that had happened, she needed something more than just a gentle kiss.

Tia swallowed hard and slid a hand back from around his neck to the fastening of his uniform jacket, her hands shook with a heady combination of lust and uncertainty.  Maybe she was rushing things, maybe he would tell her to stop and she would end up embarrassed and feeling like a fool.  Whatever the outcome she had started now and all she could do was to wait for his reaction. 

She responded in kind, radiating want and need in close proximity to him. He nearly felt singed by the heat. She was giving off waves of desire, but also fear. It set him on edge, reminded him of her. Yet they both wanted this, both needed this... and for Fedd, it had been an uncomfortably long time (not counting the various incidents, of course). He realized he had allowed grief and guilt to rule and interfere with his sex life for months, perhaps even years. Why not get over it then? He allowed her to reach for the clasp of his jacket. Let her do with his clothing what she willed.

His breath quickened. Even as his arms reached around her back, his mind settled around her psyche like an expensive piece of chocolate, a sheet of muslin and a bubble bath all at the same time. It was a comforting touch, not a smothering chokehold, putting his telepathy out there and seeing if she responded. As his lips sought purchase on hers, his tongue emerging from its hiding place to teasingly flick at her own, his hands found firm grip on her hips, pressing them to his and letting her feel what he was earlier embarrassed to let her see.

Nimble fingers quickly opened his jacked and pushed it down his shoulders to fall at his heels.  She felt his arms encircle her and a strange sensation she hadn't experienced before, in her mind but seemingly all around her, the feeling of warmth and comfort.  Tia tensed for a moment with the strangeness of it and then relaxed into it, letting it wash over her and through her, enhancing the sensations she was already experiencing.

His lips returned to hers once more, a deeper kiss but still as gentle, his tongue reaching for hers this time and she responded and caressed his with her own, exploring his mouth and moaning softly. The moan became a gentle gasp as he pulled her hips to his, the heat radiating from his hardened manhood.  She blushed, excited and flattered that she could pull such a reaction from a man like Fedd.  She shivered as his fingernails drew up her back and she gasped again as his lips moved down her face and neck.  She leaned her head back, trusting him to hold her as he continued his ministrations.

His elbows kept her close as his arms bent and his hands roamed up her body once more, fingernails lightly trailing up her back to stop at her bra straps. His fingers nudged the straps perilously close to her shoulders' precipices, threatening to let them fall loose. His lips left her mouth and began seeking, hungrily but tenderly, a meandering path down the side of her face. From her cheekbone to her throat, small touches of his lips sent ripples of sensation into her, hardening him and his resolve, until he finally nipped slightly with his teeth.

Tia's arms stroked up his, moved over his shoulders and up his neck until her fingers ran through his hair.  As his head moved lower her fingers massaged his scalp and curled around strands of his short hair.  One hand stroked back down his neck her fingers spread as she held onto his back, her breath came in gasps as he became firmer and more intense, when he nipped her skin lightly she whimpered with delight and her fingers curled on his back, her nails digging in gently through the material of his under-shirt.

Her lust matched his as they looked at each other for a moment, she wanted this to last but badly wanted him to touch her, to be inside her, to make her cry out. 

At six-four he towered over her, and he savoured the smell of her hair as he straightened up and continued looking at her with lust-charged eyes. As she was already reaching around her shoulders, he unexpectedly looped his strong hands around her ass, briefly sampling its firm contours as he hauled her waistline level with his, looping her legs around his hips. She would feel the heat and firmness of his groin pressed against hers now, the angle much better for him to swoop in and cover the slopes of her breasts with light touches of his tongue.

Tia's eyes widened and she yelped with surprise as he lifted her up, she giggled as her legs wrapped around his waist and then groaned softly as she felt his stiff member against her lips.  Unable to help herself she rolled her hips gently over his groin, grinding herself against his swollen manhood and pleasuring herself in the process.  Those hot lips were now on her breasts, holding on to his shoulder with one hand she reached around and unclasped the bra.  She slipped one arm out of it and then swapping arms to hold on while she slipped the other out, now exposed to him entirely her hardened nipples pointed at him almost begging him for some of the attention too.

Fedd let out a small moan of pleasure as she dug her nails into his back and rubbed against him, making his manhood yearn for her touch. He wanted to feel her fingers around it, her lips on it, her tongue along its length, her throat struggling with it. He wanted to feel it wrapped in her sex, pure heat and friction driving them both mindless. Yeesh, he really was off his game if she was having to remove her bra for him, he thought as the hard tips of her breasts begged for his attention. No, they would have to wait. He would wait until she was nearly begging him to touch them, as much as he wanted to taste their dusky softness in his mouth.

He kept the pressure up on her lips, his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. It slithered up inside her upper lip, running along her gums, while his incisors grazed the sensitive part of her face under her nose. He turned and stepped past her furniture and leaned against the bathroom wall, being familiar with the layout of an officer's quarters. His obsession with physical fitness paid off as he held her aloft with one strong arm wrapped around her torso while his other hand stripped her lower body of uniform and undergarments in one swift stroke.

His moan made her shiver, being able to entice such a sound from him pleasured her more than she would have expected.  Yet he didn't lavish her breasts with the attention she so craved and she whimpered into his mouth as the kiss intensified.  He knew how to kiss, she felt so inexperienced next to this but let herself go with the sensation and respond by instinct rather than thought.  As he pushed her against the wall she moaned deeper before gasping as he disrobed her lower half with ease. 

It was not the master stroke, however; that came next, no puns intended. He laid Tatiana out on the room's sofa as if he intended to mount her then and there, but such was not to yet occur. He left her hips wedged against the armrest so that her thighs lifted in the air and spread. Then he dove between them, his hands caressing her thighs as his lips sought out her womanhood and made contact. Someone as well-travelled as Fedd, and who had made *ahem* contact with as many species as he had, thus possessed intimate knowledge of most bipedal species' erogenous zones. Betazoids were no different, being the first territory he explored, and humans were conveniently similar. Even as his upper lip parted her labia, his tongue darted out and sought purchase on her clitoris. He was multitasking, too; while his mouth worked on her lower half, his mind sent waves of pleasure to lap at her mental shores.  The entire couch became a cloud of pheromones, flesh scent, moist warmth and erotic thought.

Now completely naked she opened her eyes and watched him as he lay her on the sofa.  She expected him to disrobe before her, take her there and then but instead he leaned closer, his hands caressing her thighs as his head lowered until only she could only see his eyes and hair and he kissed her.  Tia released a gasp of unexpected delight as he worked his way between her lips, a stifled cry followed as his tongue touched that swollen, sensitive bud so long denied attention.  Her breathing came in pants as he worked his magic, she tried to express her pleasure in words but only managed a strangled moan of bliss.  The bubble of warmth became hotter, her mind being filled with additional pleasures as his tongue danced around her sensitive womanhood. 

Fingers gripped the couch as though she were hanging on for her life, then would release and spread for a moment before grasping for support once more.  Finally she managed to reach for him, her fingers running through his hair as he remained between her thighs, her hips rolled with his movements and her eyes watched him for a moment before they fluttered shut once more and her body writhed and arched.

The combined sensations of mind and body were working to build her pleasure fast, faster considering her inexperience and the length of time since she had last done anything let alone shared pleasure with another being.  He just seemed to know how to make her body dance but then he was a handsome man who probably had women falling at his feet as far as she knew.  Her cry of pleasure was combined with her fingers curling into his hair as she bucked her hips, so close... so very close already.

She was close, and Fedd could tell. His years of experience with many different exotic women had given him some knowledge of the subtle little signs... the curl of her fingers, the length of her breaths, the flush of her pallor. Truth be told, he was so hard it hurt and he knew he would not last as long as he might have liked once he got his foot in the door, so to speak. His manhood was raring for action, and she was as prepared as she was going to get. The stains of the past were gone, scrubbed away by lust and mutual desire. The guilt was gone. There was nothing but him, and Tatiana.

His mind suddenly burst into flame, giving her the psychic equivalent of stepping into the bright sun on a summer day. The intermingled need and craving threatened to overwhelm him, and some of it had to have been seeping into her mind as well. He could wait no longer. His shirt came off, revealing lean, wiry muscles honed to perfection, a wonderfully sculpted set of abs and pectorals marred by a crescent moon scar under one dusky reddish nipple. In a hush of whispering fabrics, the lower half of his uniform hit the floor. He was all angles, but they were angles borne of muscle. His upper body tapered slightly and did not expand outwards from his waist, although his thighs looked strong. The lines drew the eye to his magnificent cock, which was at this moment an exclamation point of throbbing flesh punctuated by a small patch of pubic hair (Betazoids were not particularly hairy lifeforms).

"Tell me you want me, Tatiana," he said softly. She was willing, she was wanting, but the moment she implied otherwise everything would come to a halt. His mind touched hers, like a figure walking up to her psyche's windows and placing a hand on the glass; except the glass was like water and his hand passed through to touch her mind intimately. Crave me, need me, he crooned telepathically. Mind-to-mind communication was not difficult in this intimate atmosphere, when they were already getting as close to each other as possible. Cry out for me. Beg for me. Scream for me. They would be screams of ecstasy, if he had his way.

Tia barely heard his words through the sea of pleasure he was giving her, it took her a moment to compute his need before she obliged with honesty and desire, "Yes... oh god yes I want you.  I want you inside me Sjaandin... please..."

Her eyes drank his impressive physique, hungrier than ever to have him.  Never had she felt this way about another being, such primal lust for a man.  Inside her head she heard him again, clearer and yet so much more erotic.  Instantly she heard herself moan needily, "Sjaandin... please... I need you." She cried out once more as he worked his magic on her clit and then shuddered as the cool air of the room washed over the wet bud when he left it.

He gave her clitoris one last tongue-lashing and migrated north, a trail of kisses and nibbles winding its way from her mound to her navel, then up her ribs at a snail's agonizing pace. Then at last he came upon her pert breasts, those twin peaks that had early on begged for his attention. It was late in the game, but they would not be neglected. His teeth closed upon the left, not hard but enough of a nip that she would definitely feel it. He let his teeth drag across the sensitive bud before pouncing on its sister. His tongue circled her areola before drawing the nipple into his mouth and sucking upon it-slowly at first, but a moment later it moved in and out of his pursed lips. Then his tongue probed the valley of her collarbone and the very base of her throat before finding its way back to her lips.

His lips drew up her body in a way that left a fiery trail, he took so long to work his way up she was panting and crying out for him by the time he reached her breasts.  With an arched back she lifted herself to him as he took the first nipple into his mouth.  Both hands were on his head now, her fingers curling through his hair as the ache in her core grew to painful levels.  Her mind was awash with need for him barely aware that his own desires were leaking into her thoughts too. 

As his lips met her own once more she kissed him with a passion she had been unaware she ever possessed, tasting herself on his lips and tongue only made her hunger for him more. He lifted her bodily without much strain, somehow managing in his sex-fuelled haze to avoid giving her friction burns from the upholstery as he did so.

He slammed his back into the wall as he overbalanced slightly, but bore the blow with not even a grunt. His breath came in rapid, steaming pants as he let her left foot, the one nearest the sofa, touch the floor. Her other leg he bent up almost beside her head, exposing her weeping slit for his approach.

She moaned into his mouth as she felt herself be lifted, she felt her toes on the floor and balanced herself as best she could while he held her up, feeling herself completely exposed to his raging manhood.  All she could think of was him taking her now, begging him in her mind to fill her body with his own.

He kept her balanced, allowing her to support her own weight but being prepared to keep her upright with solely his own strength if necessary, and at long last entered her and gave her what she was begging for. His shaft slid inside, wetly slipping past vulva and labia until his sac rested against her asshole. His hands gripped her around her hips and thigh, his thumb resting on her clitoris as he began to move in and out, his other thumb pressed to her arse. "How's... that?" he panted, beginning to work up to a rapid tempo.

The tip of his shaft pressed against her and she almost went weak with the sensation.  She was so wet he slipped inside easily and she moaned as his impressive girth stretched her body around him.  She was tight, very tight, simply because it had been so long since she had been with anyone and he filled her up inside, keeping pressing forward until he reached his full depth and her own. 

His thumb against her already highly sensitive clitoris made her gasp and buck but when his other thumb pressed against her anus she whimpered, the pleasure from all angles now so overwhelming her mind was a fog of pure sensation, her body and his working together to create a blissful union.  Then he began to move, slowly at first, her tight tunnel holding around him so she could feel every vein on his instrument, every ridge of her passageway.  As his speed began to increase her breath came in rapid pants, each punctuated with a cry.  His voice penetrated her ears once more and her breath exploded into a reply.

"Yes... oh fuck yes... harder please... please... fuck me harder... I want to cum around you," she had no barriers to him, her mind screamed for more, her body ached for more.  She may have been shy to begin with but caged behind the walls she had built was a sensuous beast, hungry for passion and pleasure.  "I want you..." she cried, "I want to cum... I need you."

Even though he heard her pleas, Sjaandin could also feel the need radiating from her mind. So he quickly decided to cease his clever antics and give her what she really needed. Breathless, he picked up the other leg as well, suspending her in his strong arms while still inside her. Thus, with her legs bent over his forearms, he held her hips firmly as he turned her from the sofa and pressed her up against the wall - surging movements still thrusting up her slick inner walls. His muscular chest smothered her firm breasts as he moved, and his grip on her helped grinding her clit down against their joining.

She was a rag doll to his moving of her, malleable and willing to be in any position he wanted her to shift into.  His strength made her feel as light as a feather, the cool of the wall not in the least dampening her heated lust as he held her against it to give her what she desired.  It didn't take long for the cries to become screams of pleasure.  His manhood touching erogenous areas both inside and out as he surged in and out of her made her already slick walls beginning to pulse around him, her clitoris throbbing and twitching. She buried her face into his neck and wrapped her arms around him tightly as her whole body shook with the orgasm that burned through her.  The screams of his name muffled into his neck were not so quiet from her mind.

Her answer spurred Sjaandin's own need for release, yet he kept himself from filling her with his seed prematurely. Despite how her reactions might call for his release, he still slowed down a bit, shifting focus to lean down and suck at the hard pebbles that were her nipples. He soothed them with his lapping tongue afterwards, and then resumed grinding his length into her warm sheath. She was still tight to him, so his fleshy organ had to squirm past the inches of her wet confines every time he moved.

Tia was breathing hard, moaning as he continued to thrust into her - albeit more slowly now.  She still shook as he reached his full depth within her but she was finally able to lean back against the wall only to have his mouth on first one nipple and then the other in a moment.  He still felt so big inside her, still made her feel incredibly full.  Her body still pulsed with aftershocks as he worked on making his pleasure last longer still.

"Sjaandin," she moaned and panted, "ohhhh... you... just amazing... but... I still need... that shower."

[ To Be Continued... ]

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"Sjaandin," she moaned and panted, "ohhhh... you... just amazing... but... I still need... that shower."

Despite everything she couldn't get rid of the knowledge that she was still in desperate need of being clean.  The scent of sex clouded the room but her nose could still smell the burning and the sweat coming from herself.  She was still self-conscious about it even though it clearly hadn't bothered him.

Hearing her words, Sjaandin battled momentarily with his own need for release, wanting to continue surging into her for just a little while longer so that he could spend his seed inside, or on her, depending on what she prefered. Though her words were not a feeble attempt at conversation, for he could sense her discomfort at her own state of appearance and slight lack of cleanliness - that she thought herself too dirty to enjoy his company. He wanted to protest, to continue, yet he willed himself to abide to her wishes.

He set Tia's feet down on the floor and pulled his glistening length free from her sheath, rigid and swaying before his lower abdomen as he stepped back. His chest heaved with need. His hands were on her shoulders, and he smiled to her with pursed lips, a brief and winded expression that creased the corner of his eyes. "As my lady commands," he jested and let her lead the way to the bathroom, hands dropping from her to let her step out of the room. "Is it alright if I join you? You are quite amazing yourself."

Tia whimpered as he left her body, suddenly feeling empty.  She went with him willingly to the bathroom, legs a little weak from the powerful force that had rocked her body shortly before.  She said nothing but her eyes held the invitation, as she stepped into the cubicle she took his hand and gently pulled on it.

In an ideal world she would have run a real-water shower to fulfil the fantasy she had been running through her mind for the hours since their conversation outside the conference room but knowing the state of the ship she couldn't bring herself to waste resources on recycling the water after they had used it and instead turned on the sonic pulses that immediately began to clean her scorched and stained body.  She let out a sigh of satisfaction at the clean feeling washing over her, finally feeling worthy of being in his presence.  Her hands reached for his glistening shaft, stroking it gently, teasingly.

"Sjaandin," her dark eyes looked from the proud member to his eyes and held the gaze, "I need you inside me again... I feel so empty..."

He had followed her into the sonic shower, entering the stall behind her and observing her as her mind became at ease with her own cleanliness. He had laid his hands upon her shoulder, feeling the thrumming pulse of the sonic vibrations clean him as well - the touch of the pulse doing nothing to ease his urgent state of arousal. It did not take long, however, before Tia wrapped both her hands around his throbbing girth, and when she asked him so directly, looking him straight in the eye, Sjaandin needn't his abilities to say she was being earnest.

"Turn around," he said, barely overriding the sound of the shower that pulsed against their bodies, and he emphasised his request by kissing her fully, her hands briefly trapped around his hardened member as he pressed his body against her - hands framing her face as he made her end up with her back against the far side of the stall. He let go of her to give her enough room, yet if he could reach, he was not about to forfeit the chance to keep his lips sealed to hers while she may turn her back on him. There was no chaste kissing taking place either, passion riding the raging need in his blood.

Tia loved that he was taking control, she didn't know what to do next but clearly he knew exactly what he wanted.  The kisses were an inferno, his lips and tongue hotter than the cavern she had been in not so long ago.  Tia was more excited than ever, despite having climaxed once she was hungry for more and hungry for him to find his own release.  Willingly she turned around and placed her hands against the wall to brace herself for what she knew was coming.

Sjaandin's large hands roamed her body as she moved, outlining her sides and going up her abdomen -cupping her breasts in his fingers. His erection slid against her inner thigh as he stepped close, brushing her nether lips slightly as they moved to get the angle right. He grabbed the base of his proud member in the end, and guided it against her slick heat - pressing into her once more. His hands pinched the Chief Engineer's hardened peaks between the sides of his fingers, and at the times he could not kiss her, he kissed her neck or nibbled her earlobes. The feeling of the human enveloping him made him groan in satisfaction.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as his hands slid softly across her body, she whimpered as he took her breasts and felt his shaft between her legs.  He was so close again now, so close to being where she wanted him.  Her fingers curled as he pushed his head against her opening, her head tilted to give him access to her neck and ear as he kissed her and his groan made her shiver.  Her own moan of pleasure joined his as she felt his thick member spread her tunnel around him.  His fingers on her nipples made her jolt just a little with the pleasant pain and she pushed back against him, wanting to take him as far as she could.

Her backwards thrust made her sex swallow his length completely - the slick friction of her walls the only resistance before he hit her back wall. He grunted hoarsely at the feeling, and with his needs being long overdue to being fulfilled, he seized her hips and began the pagan dance older than all societies in the Galaxy.

"Ohhh... god... Sjaandin," she moaned, rolling her hips as he moved, trying to give him as much pleasure as she could and hoping that this was working, "you don't... have to be... gentle.  Please... oh god please take me hard.  I need it... I need to feel... feel... alive."

And Sjaandin obliged her wishes in full, his fingers curling harder into her waist as he grunted with each new - emphasised - push into her sex. The thrumming massage of the sonic shower fanned the flames of their joining, coursing over their thrusting bodies, teasing their sensitive areas. Her mind's desires fed his own, like a mirror image reflected back and fourth across the close proximity of their bodies in the shower - his telepathic contentment bleeding back into her mind. Imagery more than words, feelings more than thoughts. Nonetheless potent, and soon, serving to make the Betazoid cross the edge.

Never having experienced anything like this Betazoid mind-meld Tia was overwhelmed by the pleasures he was feeling combined with her own.  It was as though she was one with him on an emotional level as well as a physical.  The sensations in her body peaked and peaked again as his pleasure mingled with hers, for a fraction of a moment it scared her but it was so good, so deep that she relaxed and let it all wash over her.  It built her own orgasm faster than she had ever had before, Sjaandin's making her own body rise to join him.

The climax hit Sjaandin hard, almost making his knees buckle with the force - seed gushing in thick loads into her love passage. His movements were disjointed while it lasted, still moving but out of sync and sense. Yet the starkest impact must had been the wordless and silent cry of his pleasure - screaming from the primal depths of his mind as his world narrowed down to the most basic elements of his existence. It likely affected residents in the quarters adjacent to Tia's, but it was positively pelting her psyche - waves of his pleasure hitting the shores of her soul.

While his cry was silent and in her mind her own was loud, filling the small room with the sound of their combined joy.  His thick length was still pumping inside her as she clawed at the wall and bucked into him again.  Her throat was raw when her mind came back from the primal core of her being but she was still whimpering with aftershocks of their passion.  She remained there against the wall, unable to move, barely able to think.  Her breathing was ragged and her lust sated for now at least.  Even as her thoughts became more organised once more she stayed still, not sure how to proceed with this situation, unsure whether to speak or to pull away and turn to him.  The lovemaking was easy, how was she to deal with the aftermath?

Gradually, as the tremors of his climax subsided, Sjaandin became aware of where his lover's mind was at. His hands still remained on her bare and clean body, and whatever egesta that had formed upon their bodies during the heat of their intimacy had all been removed by the sonic pulses that thrummed against them like a third heart in the stall. He grew aware of her hesitancy to say or move, uncertain as she appeared to be about what may be right or proper, and as soon as his breathing and the beat of his heart allowed for it, he spoke.

"Where there is such strong mutual need," he said hoarely, and by stepping back a little, his cock came free from her warm sex - immediately starting to be cleaned from the glistening juices of their joining, "...there is no need for more words." He turned her around gently and wrapped his arms around her slim waist, kissing her with aftermath laziness.

The sonic pulses cleaned the combined efforts of their lovemaking as they escaped her after he had withdrawn from her body.  Tia was grateful for his understanding and his taking control of the situation.  As he pulled her in for a kiss she let her hands slide up and around his neck.  There wasn't the crazed passion in the kiss any more but it was a sweet and gently gesture that was warm and comforting.  She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the softness of his lips and tongue. 

Parting his lips from hers, Sjaandin raised his hands from behind her back to rake his fingers through her hair - smiling to her. "I do not know what happened either, nor what may happen next, what this may and may not lead to, but I say we should savour the enjoyment we can since there is little to be found lately. I hope we haven't made things difficult between our divisions aboard, and endangered the mission in any way, but I like to think we can keep things straight, don't you?"

She smiled and nodded, "We're both professionals with a far too much going on to let something like this get in the way." Tia suspected that the handsome man with her in the shower wouldn't be here again any time soon.  He was at least honest that he didn't know if it would lead to anything but she felt he wasn't the one-woman kind of man, not for now at least or maybe just not with her.  It was ok, they had both needed this and it sure beat having to release the tension by herself as she would have normally done. 

"Agreed," said Sjaandin and removed his fingers from her thick, dark hair since it was hard combing it without hurting her given its current state. Instead, he kissed her forehead and ran his hands down her back to cup her dérriere. "I do not know you too well just yet, but you are very attractive, so I think the most just thing is that we'll take it very slow and see what happens without making things too serious."

She let her hands trail down his chest, enjoying the feeling of another person beneath her fingers before she pulled her hands away.  Tia made a conscious effort not to feel bad about what had essentially been a hookup.  She had needed the release and the closeness of another being just as much as he had and it had been good, very good in fact.  She pushed the negative thoughts to one side as she finished teasing out her hair, getting rid of the last few stubborn tangles.  She put the negative thoughts into those knots and as each one loosened another worry left.  It was just her way of dealing with it, she had never done anything like this before, it was all so new and strange.  She liked the man, he was handsome and intelligent, but deep down she knew that he wouldn't want her for anything more exclusive.  At least she knew she could do it now, find that company if she needed it, get that release with another being if he was in as much need, without regret.

Sjaandin lingered to share Tia's shower, being the gentleman to ease any difficult feelings by making some jokes before he dressed into the Starfleet uniform again. The garments were in the bedroom and the main livingroom so in backtracking there, it symbolically returned them to the point before things had gotten out of hand. Zipping his uniform jacket, he turned to her. "I'll see you on the Bridge. And... I don't recall if I ever told you so, but welcome to the Theurgy, Miss Marlowe."

He winked as he used the Terran titulation, hoping to ease any residual tension before taking his leave.

Tia watched him dress, she pulled on her dressing gown as she did, regretting that each piece that went on would hide part of his body from her.  She sighed as the zip finished things off and he turned to her and spoke.  Still he made her chuckle and she curtseyed to him, "Thank you Mr Fedd, this is definitely the best welcome I've had yet."  She paused, and straightened up a little bit before putting on her work face and nodding, "I will see you next shift no doubt.  Good afternoon Lieutenant."

"Good afternoon, Lieutenant," answered Sjaandin with a chuckle before stepping out through the sliding doors.

- Fin

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