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CHAPTER 02: By The Luminescant Plants [2130 hrs.]

Simon Tovarek

Simon could feel that the young lieutenant was still somewhat nervous as they made their way to the bar yet she seemed to get more at ease as he talked about work. With a smile he thanked her for offering her assistance with his plans. "The gardens it is than!" He said with a broad smile as he took his own drink and made his way with her towards the subterranean system. To his surprise there were very little to no people around here as most of them seemed to prefer the white sands.

As she talked about persuading the captain to work with mai-tai's for standard meetings Simon couldn't help but laugh. "Mai-tai's huh?" He repeated after her and shook his head "I'm sure it will elevate the meetings to such a higher level." He smirked a bit. After a few more moments of walking they managed to get to a more secluded place in the gardens. Surrounded by huge plants that gave fluorescent colors of green and pink/purple, Simon sat down on the grassy underground and installed himself, letting Tatiana take a seat with him. "Which reminds me, did you know there is a cocktail called after you? Think it was called a Tia Colada Lusso.. Or something like that if my memory serves right..." he added as they got comfortable.

He then pinched in on her query about the blanks he was missing and he started off "Well, I need to know how much energy the device is using if it were to be active the entire time. Also I need to know if there would be any known side effects like engines overloading or life support failure."

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[Tatiana Marlowe]

"Oh I doubt it's named after me," Tia smiled with another light blush as she sat herself beside him amongst the beautiful foliage, "As much as that would be quite nice, I'm not drink-name material."

She sat on her right hip, legs curled up with her knees on the grass and faced him as they spoke.  He began to ask about the device and the information he was missing in order to complete his task.  She thought carefully for a moment before answering, "In honesty it was a bodged job to get it installed so at first it was taking up a huge amount of energy.  Not that it's not power hungry, my gods I've not seen anything eat power like it but it's a bit more manageable now."

Taking a sip of her drink she continued, "I can't see it causing any overloads in any of the major systems although if we're at warp I would suggest cutting out any unnecessary power usage just to be on the safe side.  The last thing we need is a power drain in the warp drive because someone wants a raktajino.  The energy consumption peaks when it's activated, just to get the cloak up in the first place but once it's on the consumption is pretty steady."

"Here's me speaking about a cloaking device like I'm an expert," she chuckled, "I've only had my hands on it for a day.  So as far as I can tell, from the information it and Thea are giving me, that's my best theory on it."

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"Why is that?" he asked her while he sipped from his drink, wondering why she thought she wasn't good drink-name material.

He nodded and made mental notes to himself as she gave more info about the cloak device. It were the last pieces of intel he needed to know where they could get without blowing themselves up. "So, in short, energy peaks at activation and stable energy consumption once it's running yet we need to keep unnecessary power drains out of the way." he summarized as he wanted to make sure he didn't forget anything. He managed to chuckle as she told him she was talking like a true expert now "Well, you are chief engineering. So you should be the authority on that subject. Thanks for the info though." He smiled and raised his glass to her.

"So.." He said softly now, wondering if she was up to make some conversation "Tell me a bit more about yourself lieutenant, I don't think I bumped in to you a lot before we made promotion." He said and looked into her eyes. His voice remained calm as before.

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[Tatiana Marlowe]

"I'm an engineer, engineers aren't usually cocktail people... or at least I've never met them if they are.  We tend to be the ones doing the drinking rather than the names people order at the bar," she said with a smile.

"That's pretty much it as far as I can tell... for now.  I mean I can't guarantee that there won't be some more hiccups along the way but it's working at the moment and it seems stable enough.  Just try and give me some warning if we need to shut it down in a hurry to fire on anything too actually, the shunt of power across to weapons might burn something out if it's not managed properly.  I'll see about increasing the load the weapons systems can take to be on the safe side but I wouldn't want to push it too hard until it's been done," the more she was speaking about it the more systems she was thinking about needing to check on.  She took a breath, it could wait for the morning so long as she got cracking on it right away.  Tonight was supposed to be about relaxing and celebrating the fact that they were all still alive.  Some of the people around, including herself, had had some close calls and they needed to let their hair down a bit.

Her mind was whirring as he asked about her but it abruptly stopped as her eyes met his, "Well... my name is Tatiana but most people call me Tia which can get really confusing when Thea's in the same room... umm... I'm an engineer, I was one of the ones who transferred from the Harbinger.  There's... uhh... not much to tell really... I just like to fix things really."

She wondered how on earth he could remain so calm after suddenly switching the conversation around on her like that.  Tia swallowed hard but couldn't look away, she didn't know what to say really.  Even last night she had barely said anything before... but he wasn't a telepath and she would have to actually speak and not let her thoughts work for her.

"I'm not good at small talk," she laughed nervously, "but I guess you've figured that out already.  I much prefer talking about work.  Tell me something about you, maybe I can work out what I'm supposed to say if I hear it from someone else."

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[Simon Tovarek]

"There can always be exceptions, no?" He answered her with a smile as she told him engineers wouldn't normally get a cocktail name.

As she spoke about the cloaking device he nodded and took note that if anything should happen on a drastic pace that Tia would certainly be the first one he would contact if they were in cloak. He would be happy with the fact that their weapon systems and even more systems could be used while in cloak. This would be a formidable advantage over their foes, yet it was a thing that Sjaandin would probably have more knowledge about. For a split second he wondered if he could shout out mentally to him and wonder if he could hear him, but he laid the idea aside as his eyes made contact once more with miss Marlowe.

He smiled a bit as he saw how uneasy she got as he changed the subject to her. He nodded at what she said and when she actually said she was bad at small talk he nodded "Right, well lets see... I was born on Earth... Studied in Moscow and applied for Starfleet, went on a tour with the USS Buran. Oh, I do have a thing for robotics!" He started to sum up and the last bit he rather blurted out, as if it was highlighted in his mind with fluorescent paint. "No brothers or sisters that I know off... On the Theurgy since they left Earth.." He continued and stopped at that. "Feel free to pose some questions. Or if you like we could play it out like a game. Each one can ask a question to eachother and once the question is answered we reverse the roles." he suggested.

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[Tatiana Marlowe]

Tia listened and smiled shyly when he began to talk about himself, she never felt comfortable talking about herself and the ease with which Simon was letting it flow was beyond her imagining.  The robotics piqued her interest, not least because of the way it seemed to explode out of him like an unbidden thought without the patience to wait its turn.  Robotics, while not something she was particularly enamoured with, was much more like work and therefore a 'safe' subject.

Nodding slowly she licked her lips nervously and spoke again, "The game sounds like a good idea.  So I suppose I should tell you my background now... well, I was born on Earth too, England actually.  I learned about engineering from my Grandfather, helping him with his old car."  She smiled warmly as she remembered the man who had taught her so much about getting her hands dirty.

"As for family, there's my mother, father and older sister.  I've been in a few postings, starbases and ships, before I ended up on the Harbinger and then got transferred here," as she finished her brief overview she blushed a little and looked down at her feet, swinging them from side to side as she sat, legs outstretched.

"Umm... so... question..." she paused and tried not to ask something work related because she knew that wasn't what this game was about, "any hobbies?"

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[Simon Tovarek]

While speaking Simon kept a close eye on Tatiana as he wanted to see what subjects would spark her interest or which of them would turn her off. He couldn't help but smile when she told him she was an Earthborn as well and that she had resided in England. The fact that she still had a pretty much intact family made him feel a bit more curious about the entire situation yet he waited his turn patiently as he let her talk. He also wondered which bases and ships she was stationed on and what position she had there, yet it would seem that a question like that would not really be "workfree" material.

The question she imposed on him made him smile even broader "Hobbies? Well I have a few... Where should I start..." He took a few seconds to get all his ideas in order so they wouldn't blurt out in a waterfall of words that wouldn't be really coherent. "The most important hobby that I have is watching movies and I don't mean the holocrap they're serving us today but more like the movies they gave to the public in the early two thousands. A lot of it has been stored on ancient data drives that barely work sometimes so I spend my time into fixing them and restoring the material so I can witness the greatness of those movies. Though I have to add, some of them really are... Absurd." He said and smirked a bit. "For the rest I do enjoy a good read with a satisfying alcoholic beverage. I'll not start about my experiments or I'm afraid I might frighten you." He ended and winked at Marlowe with a mischievous grin.

So what about your hobbies?" He bounced the question back. Knowing this was playing a bit false he shook his head "I'll ask you another real question afterwards." He said and looked fascinated at her while she would come up with an answer. After hearing her out he smiled and nodded "Alright, next question would be... What is your favorite food of all times."

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[Tatiana Marlowe]

Simon's main hobby certainly seemed interesting with his movies and having to transfer them off the old media in order to salvage them.  Her own passion for motor vehicles of a similar vintage was an amusing co-incidence.  The fact he 'experimented' piqued her curiosity too and she very much doubted that whatever he did would scare her that much.  Now however it was her turn to answer.

"Well, I guess I can't really take a break from work.  I like motor vehicles.  My grandfather had an Aston Martin when I was little, it's what first got me into engineering.  Until Theta Eridani I had a nearly ready internal combustion engine I'd built in my down-time.  Not from replicated pieces mind you, I machined them from spare bits of metal.  Unfortunately it was left on the planet when... well you know..."  Tia was genuinely sad about the loss, she had spent hours and hours working on building the engine and had taken it to the planet because it was a chance to finish it off while everyone else partied.  Now she would have to start again from the beginning.

"I guess I have my head firmly stuck in the past really, I like reading books from the same kind of period as the cars and I enjoy calligraphy too.  It sounds really stupid when I say it out loud... but I like it and that's what this game is all about," she did feel a little embarrassed about revealing that she had other things than engineering that she enjoyed, she didn't know why, perhaps it made her a little bit vulnerable.

"As for food... sheesh... that's a tough question.  Can't beat a freshly cooked steak in my book, just on the rare side of medium-rare, still juicy... my mouth's watering just at the thought," she laughed and shook her head, "see what you've done now?  Right, my turn to ask, if you hadn't joined Starfleet what would you have liked to do instead?"

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[Simon Tovarek]

"An Aston Martin?" Simon blurted out in surprise when she told him about her own hobby. He closed his eyes as he heard about the tragic loss of the combustion engine on Theta and he moaned painfully. "That's such a great loss... An Aston Martin really reminds me of an old classic called James Bond. Man he could do some fancy tricks with those cars..." Simon said now with a smile and shook his head. "Not to mention the girls he managed to pick up with it." He added and winked at Tia. "Well, I'll gladly help you to rebuild it if you like. When I have the spare time that is."

He listened attentively now as she started about reading and calligraphy. He couldn't really add on those subjects as he knew very little about it himself, yet he did find it all interesting and not odd or anything of the sorts.

When food came up now he smiled and couldn't deny that a good tasty piece of meat like steak would be a superb meal. When she told him how she wanted her meal, Simon couldn't help but feel a bit more saliva being produced in his mouth as he too wanted a nice chunk of that. "Wasn't my intention... Or now was it..." He answered her teasingly and winked.

He thought about her question now and looked up at the luminescent plants now as he cooked up his answer. "Well, I probably would have become a scientist and continued my experiments. Or if that would not have panned out I could always go back to college and teach there. I am a doctor after all." he answered her "Perhaps hit up on a few students or colleague professors." he added jokingly. "What about you?

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She'd heard of the James Bond guy, there were books about him too.  Tatiana didn't like him much from them, an obnoxious womaniser from what she'd read.  Maybe the films were different but she didn't want to say anything negative about a character Tovarek seemed to like.  "You know, I wouldn't mind an extra pair of hands to help rebuild it," Tia smiled when he offered to help.

Briefly Tia wondered when exactly she had eaten last, today had been busy with re-jigging the cloaking device so it no longer sat in the middle of Main Engineering with cables trailing all over the place while still keeping it on and working.  That, along with reports to read and sign off on, prioritising repair works and ensuring there was enough cover for those who wanted to attend this party had not exactly been conducive to remembering her own well-being.  No.  Wait.  She had something at some point... lunch maybe?  She hadn't even noticed she was hungry until the topic of food had come up, her own damned fault.

"Me?  I'd have probably gone into engineering anyway, probably mining or vehicle to be honest.  Stuck out on a planetoid somewhere remote fixing mining equipment, might not have been glamorous but it would have been a challenge.  I think it's your turn to ask by the way."

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"So engineering is basically flowing through your veins." Simon smiled and nodded as she told him it was his time for a question "Alright, next question, though it's more like a request..." he started and looked her in the eye "Would you be open if I'd give you a massage?" He asked her.

The silence that followed made him think over his request for a second but he shook the idea of revoking it out of his mind, instead he clarified "You look like you're under a lot of pressure Tatiana, even while we're just talking here you seem to relax a bit, but the biggest chunk of it seems to be stuck in your system. Perhaps a concentrated massage could loosen your muscles up a bitand bring your mind at ease." he said on a calm tone and looked at her face for any reactions.

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Tia nodded, almost apologetically, with Simon's rhetorical question.  She'd done nothing else, engineering was really all she knew.  All of her academic career had been spent trying to keep up with everyone else just to get to where she was now.  That's why her social life and skills had suffered so badly, and now why she blushed and almost laughed at his request.  Tatiana had not had the fun others in her peer group had during school or the Academy, while the others played or partied she studied.  It was why she had been working on her engine instead of enjoying the hot springs on Theta Eridani.  Last night had been the first time in a long time she had given in to her desires, it had felt good, the part of her that longed for companionship, for the touch of another, begged her to accept.

The blush spread across her cheeks, her inner monologue arguing with itself over the reply.  For what seemed to her like a long time she just gaped, trying to say something but it not coming out.  She was tense, she conceded to herself, with everything that had happened it was unsurprising really.  Even last night hadn't worked out all the kinks in her neck and shoulders... and other places.

Finally the answer blurted out of her, "Yes... please."

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Simon could notice the glowing red flush on her cheeks as she seemed to be processing the question. He couldn't help but smile a bit broader now as she opened her mouth but lacked any sound to escape. Once she accepted he looked up a bit surprised, apparently not sure that she'd agree to his proposal. "Oh, alright than. Well, turn around..." he said softly to her and he got on his knees and repositioned himself to give her the massage he promised her. He looked at the back of her white toga while he rubbed his hands together to generates some warmth. His hands were usually warm by themselves yet he didn't want to take the risk to touch Tia with cold hands. The natural reaction would directly be that she'd pull back or her muscles could tense up even more.

"Alright, just relax now. Let your body just..." He stopped talking now as the tips of his fingers started just under her hair in the back of her neck. Tip by tip made contact with her skin and when all his ten digits were on her soft skin he started to use a technique that he vaguely remembered from college. It was something he picked up during his free time with the other students from different departments, the memory of the young female students showing and exercising the technique on him made him warm on the inside but the thought faded away as he focused on the job at hand.

His fingers molded the muscles in her neck with quite some decent technique and he didn't go further until he felt that the muscles in her neck had relaxed. It seemed like Simon was hellbent on making her body relax to the fullest. So it did take him a while before he finally reached the base of her neck and started to use his both hands completely to rub away the stress from Tatiana her shoulders and eventually between her shoulderblades. His eyes were locked on her skin as he made sure to not miss a spot and eventually the toga obstructed him from going further down her back. "Tatiana, would you want me to go further down your back? Cause, if so I think it'll be easier if you removed the toga from your back." he said with a soothing and soft voice.

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Tia turned around as he had asked, gratefully as she was burning red with the boldness of her own response.  As the first of his fingers slowly made contact with her skin she tensed and gasped before shivering and forcing herself to relax a little bit.  She did want this, it was just her natural shyness around others that made her react.  Soon it didn't matter what the scared part of her thought, Simon's hands, so warm and strong, were finding every tense point and turning them to jelly.

Slowly her eyes closed as his fingers worked their magic, her breathing becoming deeper and occasional sighs of pleasure as a knot gave in.  Tia had given herself over to his ministrations completely, the much needed relaxation being someone forced onto her muscles but not a complaint was heard.  It was as though her entire being realised that this was for the best.  It had even given up on being self-conscious so when the soothing voice in her ear suggested that to go further she would need to lower the toga she didn't hesitate at all.  The material slid slowly off her shoulders to her elbows, turning her head to Simon as far as she could she smiled coyly, "Is this low enough?  Or would it be better if it came off further?"

As her eyes met his her heart began to race a little, pounding harder in her chest.  She blinked slowly, licking her lips as the nerves returned a little, yet she was enjoying it all so much.  That's what the night was about, enjoying themselves, letting go a bit and finding that thing that in the darkest hours would give them all something to hold onto.  Tia wasn't sure about this sensual creature she was seeming to become but the feelings were impossible to deny.

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While Simon carried out his own suggestion, he demanded nothing more than perfection from himself in order to make the lieutenant relax to the fullest. His fingers and palms were getting honed to the massaging now and by the time he had reached her shoulderblades he had finetuned the massage to what he had learned. He noticed that Tia surely appreciated the effort as he could hear a few sighs now and than. He also noticed the difference in breathing yet he made no comment on it as he carried on.

After making his suggestion to lower the toga, he was rather surprised to see the coy smile of Tatiana. Was it really low enough? He couldn't help but smirk and answered her softly "Well, it would be much easier if not more... enjoyable if you could manage to get it off even further." His eyes darted up to her eyes now as he seemed to look deep into her eyes. In hindsight he questioned himself if this was the right thing to do, the shyness of Tatiana could easily scare her back by looking in her eyes like this. Yet he took advantage of the freed up skin that Tatiana had given him by lowering the toga to her elbows. His hands ran down her spine and stopped where the fabric hid her skin. "Yes, it would be much better if it came of further..." he concluded with a smile.
Having said so, he pulled his hands back a bit to see what Tatiana would do next. The entire situation though had given him the feeling that it got increasingly hot in the gardens. He opened up his white loose shirt and tugged it off, giving himself more freedom to massage Tia. Yet by doing so he exposed his naked torso. 'The temperature was just enjoyable to sit halfnaked, presumably warm enough to sit naked.' He thought to himself and he waited on Tatiana now to make her move.

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Tatiana swallowed hard, barely believing what she was about to do but feeling that it was a now or never moment.  It sort of reminder her of when, as a child, she would stand on the edge of a large puddle after the rain and feel that nervous excitement of whether to jump in or not.  This time she was jumping in with both feet.

Slowly she stood, holding his gaze as she did so.  Biting her lip she undid the tie holding the toga together and let it slip from her body to pool at her feet.  Her eyes dropped self-consciously for a moment but was met by his naked chest.  She looked admiringly at his body, now free to the air.  Slowly her eyes raised again, drinking him in with each moment that passed.  When her eyes reached his once more she asked with a husky voice, "Is it low enough now?"

Her breathing was heavier again now than it had been, her chest rising and falling with the increased rhythm barely visible at her side as she twisted to look at him.  Suddenly she realised she was stood there, completely naked, she tried to maintain some level of composure and seated herself in front of Simon once more.  She shivered, wondering what he would think of her for doing that, wondering if he would continue with the massage. 

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Simon his eyes kept on Tia's as she stood up now to undo her toga. He was a bit surprised that she dropped it to the floor without any or at least very little hesitation from his point of view. The moment the white piece of cloth fell down, time seemed to slow down. Simon watched how the fabric cascaded down her body, going over her breasts and dropping down against her thighs to finally come to a halt at her feet. The ripples caused by her natural curves were somewhat fascinating to watch. When she spoke up if it was low enough, time resumed as if it never had slowed down.

"I believe it is..." He answered her with a low voice and smiled. His eyes slowly disengaged from her eyes now and slowly absorbed every detail of her body. She could probably feel his gaze going from head to toe and finally he looked back up at her and let her sit down. He smiled a bit and whispered "Tia, I must admit, you look stunning..." He said in her ear softly before he positioned himself behind her once more. It took a lot of effort to not just pin her down to the mossy underground and ravage her body like a wild animal, yet he'd endure.

"Lay down." he said softly and wanted her to lay down on her stomach. The moss was a bit wet yet held some warmth. Once Tia would lay down, Simon would move himself over her, placing his knees by her thighs and continue his massage over her naked back. He'd focus once more on stressed joints and muscles, but he'd also take his time to leave not a single piece of skin without any attention. Slowly he worked his way down to her lower back and eventually he arrived at her rear. He moved himself back a bit and continued to massage her, against her thighs and down to her legs. Yet teasingly his hands went up between her thighs during the massage, slowly snaking up to something that felt quite warmer than her skin.

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Relief washed over her as his tone suggested she hadn't taken things too far too fast.  His whispered words in her ear made her shiver and gasp involuntarily sending her into a renewed blushing fit.  When he asked her to lay down she nodded and, trying not to show him too much of her at this stage, lay flat on her front on the soft, mossy ground.  She placed her hands under her head with it turned to the right and waited with anticipation as to what he had planned for her.

She heard him move and felt the heat of his body over hers before his hands touched her skin again.  Continuing where he left off, Simon was making sure every part of her was relaxed and free from knotted muscle.  It was bliss, the air temperature was perfect, his hands were both warm and strong, in fact if it hadn't been for the incredible sexual tension that was electrifying the air Tia was sure she could easily have fallen asleep under his hands. 

Those hands kept getting lower, she forced herself to remain completely still as they did although her breathing sped up again.  His hands worked her legs as well as they had worked her back but she found her breath hitching as his hands wandered ever closer to the apex of her thighs, only to move away and continue the massage, an unbidden whimper of frustration escaped her lips.  This was heavenly torture, so slow and gentle compared to her last experience, yet that is exactly what she desired, slow and tortuous teasing that would end with mutual bliss.

Unable to help herself any longer her legs spread a little further apart, tempting and teasing Simon with a subtle glimpse of her glistening lips. 

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Simon couldn't help but notice how Tatiana her breathing started to increase once more and how small gasps and whimpers escaped from her while he continued his oh so subtle massage. He continued to brush his hands just close enough to her glistening lips, yet he didn't make contact with them yet. Each and every time he nearly got close enough, yet he pulled back to continue his work on her legs. Only when she slowly spread her legs a bit, Simon moved a bit further back so he could enjoy the sight of her moist lips.

Once again he worked his hands up to her butt and he lead his hands to the inside of the thighs.Teasing her another two or three times. But suddenly he reached further, the tips of his fingers slowly pushing against the glistening lips. Slowly he followed the contours of her nether lips with his fingers, going as far as he could before the mossy underground prevented any further exploration. He followed them a few times before his fingers than sought out the area between those lips. The warm, moister part of her. Slowly he ran his finger superficially through it, only to continue working on her by sliding his fingers slowly deeper each and every time. 

He took his time, as if time was not a bad thing at all. Slowly moving back and forth with his fingers. Only his index and middle finger were used for this special kind of massage and he kept it at a low pace so Tia could feel every little movement he made with his finger. "Is it enjoyable lieutenant?" he asked her softly in her ear while he bend forward a bit, stroking her back with his free hand. It was a bit hard to keep balance like this, but Simon could manage. Softly, he pressed a kiss in between her shoulderblades.

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Tia's sounds only became more frequent and more intense as he worked his way closer but she remained still now, waiting and enjoying the anticipation of the first touch.  He was slow, almost painfully slow but that just made the build-up greater.  While he was slow he was busy, his hands never stopping touching her skin and massaging the tension away and causing more of a different kind.

Then there was the first touch of her delicate lips and sensitive lips, only gently and only brief but it was enough to cause her to gasp and jump a little.  Building up the pressure slowly again he teased her body with snippets of pleasure, he split her lips now with his fingers, slowly and gently reaching within her, each time going deeper and with each new depth reached causing her skin to feel like it was burning hotter.  The slickness with which his fingers moved spoke volumes about how much she was enjoying his attentions.  She only realised she was biting her lip with the enjoyment of it all when she realised it was hurting, her fingers were curled into the moss waiting for the next touch.

His other hand was on her back, caressing her flushed skin with soft touches that made her shiver and moan.  His lips burned into her back as he kissed her and she whimpered as he asked if it was enjoyable.  She nodded with short jerking movements that coincided with his fingers hitting the most sensitive parts of her.

"Yessss," she whispered, "Oh yes... oh god Simon... so good.  Don't stop, please don't stop."

Her whimpered words were bordering on begging with need and desire for him.  He was making her feel amazing, like someone precious and special, something she was unfamiliar with but was so very much enjoying.  She felt a twinge of guilt that he was receiving no pleasure, that he was giving her all of the attention but in this position she was unable to move.  Her body felt as though it were pinned down by the utter ecstasy it was experiencing. 

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Seeing the jerky responses, the elevated breathing, the gasps and moans. It all felt like perfection had been reached for Simon. He had the feeling that this woman was truly at his mercy. He continued now with his fingers inside of her warm depths. Slowly moving back and forth, escaping her lips just by an inch before sliding back in her. By God she was wet, yet Simon didn't utter a word as he made sure every new push inside of her would be different than the one before. Each and every time he inserted his fingers in a slightly different angle to see which angle would prove to be the most pleasureable for her.

Hearing her whisper or well nearly beg him not to stop, he smiled and continued his job. Going in and out every single time. Yet at some point he changed his method. After moving his fingers deep inside of her, he twisted his hand, causing for a circular movement of his fingers inside of her. By doing so, he reached forward with his thumb as he moved back and forth and placed the digit right on her clit. Slowly starting to stimulate the small piece he carried on to finger her a bit faster. This time however, his fingers would never leave her warm glowing cunt.

The tension and enjoyment of Tia had caused a semi hard erection in Simon's pants. Yet he knew Tia was in no position like this to pleasure him. He knew that before the night would end, they both would reach their climax.

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Tia wanted to move, she wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her.  Her arms twitched as though to push herself up but they remained in the same position.  She was in a state of pure bliss and no matter how much she might have wanted to move she couldn't.  Each time his fingers slid deep within her it changed slightly, never letting her get into a expected rhythm. 

Her hips bucked as he twisted his fingers around inside her dripping tunnel, stimulated in this new way causing waves of pleasure as new areas felt the pressure of his teasing touch.  It was the most movement she had made since he had begun his massage and yet it wasn't something she had had control over.  When his thumb pressed against her swollen and throbbing clit she arched her back, pushing her hips up a little towards him and she cried out.

Now his fingers were slipping in and out of her body faster than before, his thumb circling over her most sensitive button and her mind was gone.  She reacted on instinct alone, pleasure driving all conscious thought away as she felt herself burning with pleasure.  Cries and moans became more primal, more animalistic as she rocked her hips to meet his every thrust.  Her fingers clawed at the moss beneath her as though she was trying to hold on to the cliff she was perched upon.  The orgasm was building faster now he was stimulating every erogenous zone between her legs, she could feel her pussy walls beginning to pulse as the pleasure grew to incredible intensity.

Then she was there, three short gasps of air matching the thrusting digits, no out-breath between them, the tension in her body reached a peak and she shook from the pressure she was feeling inside and then... then his thumb caught her clitoris again, just right, right where and when she needed him to touch her.  The silence, broken only by the soft wet sounds of her pleasure, was shattered as her cry split the warm air.  Throaty and passionate she cried out, screamed nearly, as his continued touch pushed her deeper into her climax.  Unable to anything but ride the waves as they rolled through her she barely moved a muscle, her walls pulsing around his fingers making the pleasure greater than if he had only been touching her clit.

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The struggle of Tia made Simon smirk a bit as he continued to please her relentlessly. He could see how much she was enjoying this but was somehow flattered by the fact she still tried to do something. "Just relax Tia." He whispered to her softly when he performed his twist inside of her wet tunnel.

The cries and moans that followed with the bucking hips were a sight for sore eyes. The rocking of her hips against his hand and fingers were somewhat rough yet determined and Simon was wondering how much longer she could take this tease. He could feel her walls convulse against his fingers as every thrust became harder due to increased tightness on her behalf. His fingers were soaking wet, each time he moved them back inside he could feel the excess fluids being pushed out, coating his hand and forearm with it. A small puddle had formed under her as he continued to stimulate her.

The three short gasps marked the moment Simon had been waiting for. His eyes went down to Tia now and he tried to look her in the eyes as he felt her body spasm. He knew which areas to touch now in order to get her there and as he touched her it happened. A loud throaty cry filled the air around them and he smiled as he carefully continued to deepen out the orgasm. He let her ride it out completely and slowly brought his fingers to a halt inside of her before slowly moving them out. He looked at the soaked fingers and inspected the wet fluids dripping off.

He looked at Tia now with a slight grin and he asked "Well Tia, how are my massage skills?" His voice sounded a bit teasing, somewhat considered naughty even.

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Shuddering as her climax subsided enough for her to function on a higher level than the base desires she had been a slave to, Tia heard his question and giggled.  It was the giggle of someone whose body had yet to come down from the incredible high she had been on.  Taking a deep, slow breath and after whimpering instead of being able to talk, she found her voice again and grinned in a hazy, lust-fuelled way.

"Simon... best massage ever.  Your fingers... all of the time, so good," she had found her voice but the words weren't there yet, still there was enough to piece together her enjoyment of the massage both external and internal.  She bit her lip as she closed her legs a little way, the sensitivity still sending shockwaves through her.  Slowly she rolled over, still between his legs, and looked up at him.  All of her shyness was gone, hidden beneath an ocean of sensual sensations that drowned out the nervousness.

"Simon," she sighed happily, "you have me at an advantage."

Her hands reached for his thighs and gently stroked them, sitting up a bit as she did, "I'm going to have to even the score."  Tia gently slid her hands close to his groin, close but not touching, before splaying her fingers and stroking the firm muscles of his stomach.  His skin felt even better beneath her hands than she had imagined it would.  Her hands continued upwards, slipping up over his chest and reaching behind his neck.  She paused there for a moment before wriggling a little to get closer to him, "How am I going to get even?"

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A short chuckle escaped from Simon as he heard Tia form a couple of words that didn't really make a sentence. 'Was the impact of her climax that high?' he had thought to himself but he nodded and answered her "Well whenever you are feeling tensed... Feel free to drop by." He refrained from touching her in order to prevent further stimulation to shock her body. He looked at how she rolled over now and looked her straight in the eyes. He could swear that her look had changed and to be fair he liked what he saw.

"An advantage you say?" he repeated after her and chuckled "How so?" he leaned back a bit so he'd sit right up on his knees, giving her the space to sit up as well if she would. A slow yet strong vibe flung through him as he felt her hands on his against his thighs. He let her speak and enjoyed her still innocent touches. His muscles hardened up the moment she moved her fingers over them and he moved his own hands behind Tia's back to let her sit up more straight before him.

"How?" he repeated after her and smiled "I'm sure you can figure something out that could surprise me Tia." He answered her, whispering it into her ear and nipping at her earlobe.

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