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Should Vector 01, the Helmet, remain for 20 minutes more in the Rendevouz Zone?

  • Yes! Let's still hope the other Vectors can make it there, despite how we might get destroyed!
    17 (68%)
  • No! Dammit! We're going to die! We should take the chance to leave while we can!
    8 (32%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Voting closed: August 24, 2018, 03:29:36 PM

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Story Development Poll #2 | Chapter 05: Vertex

Please see the final post in Vertex here, and make your vote in the poll above:,2333.msg17766.html#msg17766

To quote the options:

Yet worst of all, in their current trajectory, propelled by inertia, they were heading straight into a cluster of Starfleet ships.

When she had told them this, a couple of minutes ago, it had been evident that the Thames had to be destroyed post haste.

"ETA... three minutes." With this in mind, Dewitt spoke to Captain Trent in the middle of the bridge.

"Sir, I think we need to make a choice, since we might never get the chance again," she said quietly, though everyone could hear her. She folded her arms below her chest, looking down at the deck plating. "In twenty minutes, the time for the third and last rendevouz will have run out. If neither of the other Vectors show up before then, the Continuance Protocol dictates that we continue our mission on our own, as best as we might. It stands to reason that we are the last of what's left of the Theurgy, and the rest have been killed by the hands of the Savi, or even the very ships that we are hiding from now."

It was a chilling thought, that everyone else were dead. Dewitt was not sure she could quite wrap her mind around the enormity of it. Nonetheless, it was her responsibility to protect what was left. She slowly paced towards the starboard side of the tactical display area, before the CONN station. "Option one. If the engineers can keep this Vector together for one more warp jump, we can jump at the same time as the Thames is destroyed, and we might just be able to mask our departure that way. We run the risk of getting the last Vector of the Theurgy destroyed if we stay, that's why I bring it up."

Then, her pacing took her to the other side, and she paused before the Ops station. "Option two. We stay, hoping that the others might still make it here in the final minutes, and we might even have to risk activating the cloak again... for I don't see how we can keep avoiding Admiral Sankolov's ships in this condition."

Staying also meant a slim chance for Trent to reintegrate the Theurgy with the other Vectors, even if logic suggested that they wouldn't come at that rate. If the ship was whole again - or if at least one more Vector made it - then Dewitt knew Trent would try to save the abductees from the Versant. She did not relish the prospect, even if she hoped the other Vectors would show up above anything else.

Leaving the Rendevouz Zone, with little chance that any surviving Vectors would learn where they went - more likely being attacked by Sankolov - hope might be lost for the abductees. Yet the mission could continue, as Ives had ordered, carried out by the last part of the USS Theurgy.

For surely Trent wouldn't attempt going up against the Versant with the Helmet alone?

Need I point out, that if they try to alter their stealthy inertia-course now, Task Force Archeron might detect them, and they are in no condition to fight? They have to make a decision, and it's a big one. :)

Once the poll result is in, I will set up a new Chapter accordingly.

The whole sim can vote in this poll, not just those with characters on the Vector!


Auctor Lucan
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Re: Story Development Poll #2 | Chapter 05: Vertex
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Voting closes tomorrow! Don't forget to vote. :)


Auctor Lucan