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To Tell the Truth - A Connie MicroFic saga

To Tell the Truth 1
Speaking Ill of the Future
by Absinthe

From his desk John could see the door to sickbay slide open and the visage of the Captain appear. He watched as Captain Marcus Maye made his way over to him and leaned back in his seat, he already had a pretty good idea what this was concerning.

"John, got a minute?" Marcus asked as he got close enough to make conversation.

"I suppose so," John said with a knowing sort of smile. "Here to vent to me?"

"Was it that obvious?" Marcus asked sheepishly.

"We have Ambassadors from 4 of the major players in this region on board and all of them ready to go to war over a tiny spec of a planet," John observed.

"Look, I'm glad that they're here to talk, but I hate doing this diplomacy crap," Marcus complained. "I'm here for the strange new worlds stuff, I want something to discover, not sit down and negotiate over mineral rights."

"And yet it's part of the job," John replied with a shrug. "You're a Starfleet Captain, diplomacy is just part of the job."

"You're right," Marcus replied with a sullen sigh. "But it doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Personally, I think it's quite interesting that Starfleet sent us a Federation Ambassador," John observed.

"I requested one," Marcus said as he rubbed his temple.

"You requested one?" John repeated. "Why? I would have thought you'd handle it yourself, last I knew you were qualified."

"I'm doing it as a favor," Marcus said as he continued rubbing his temple.

"A favor? A favor to who?" John asked, raising his eyebrow.

Marcus looked away for a moment.

"I get it, not something you want to talk about?" John observed with a smirk.

"I figure if you can't guess at the start of this, you'll have it figured out by the end," Marcus replied and lowered his hand from his temple.

"So, what comes next for our guests?" John asked, making it a point to change the subject.

"First we have the reception and try and test the waters on where everyone stands," Marcus said leaning back.

"And then?" John asked, leaning forward in his seat.

"And then we find out how much time I'm going to have to set aside for negotiations while we make our way to this hunk of rock," Marcus said as he leaned his head back to stare at the ceiling.

"The way you make it sound we could travel at impulse and make it there about the same time they finally agree," John said with a chuckle.

"I'd rather go warp 9 and get this over with," Marcus said sounding defeated.

"Well, hopefully the reception goes well then," John said, nodding.

Marcus pulled himself up from the chair and straightened his uniform. "You know, you've been next to no help."

"I do try," John replied.

Marcus gave him a look and then turned to leave. About halfway to the door Marcus stopped and turned to face John once more. "You do realize you'll be at the reception too, right?"

Marcus then smiled and walked out of sickbay.

John leaned back in his chair and exhaled. "Well... shit..."

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To Tell the Truth 2
Old Frenemies
by Absinthe

"Evening Ambassador, I was hoping to go over the game plan," Marcus Maye said as the door to the Federation Ambassador's quarters slid open and he was greeted by the lovely as ever Helena Locke.

Helena was the sister of one of Marcus's oldest friends, but the wasn't the reason he had requested she be sent to the Constitution, now it was far more complicated than just that.

"Why Marcus, I hadn't expected to see you before the reception," Helena said and threw an arm around him, pulling him into her quarters, which were already a bit more than a mess. Clothing was tossed in seemingly random places and the dishes from a half eaten super remained on the table, not long abandoned.

"I see you haven't changed," Marcus replied with a smirk as he took in the sight and gave her a one armed squeeze back.

"Oh, I've been traveling for the past few days and I just wanted to unwind, I'll tidy up in the morning," Helena said, waving a hand dismissively.

"If you say so," Marcus said, taking a step away and turning to face her. "But I came her for a reason. About the reception."

"Right to business then?" Helena sighed. "What about the reception?"

"Well, I figured we should at least talk about the game plan before we actually do it," Marcus said somewhat exasperated, regretting his decision more by the second.

"Well, the Rogoans and the Temaril both have a somewhat legitimate claim to the planet. The Rogoans were the first to spot the planet in the sky and the Temaril were the first to actually send a ship to it," Helena said as she moved over to the sofa and took a seat.

"And were does the Federation stand on all of this?" Marcus asked, walking over and sitting in a chair after brushing it off.

"Well, the according to our own database we may have a claim to the planet as it is hard to tell who was the first to spot it and land upon it, we're willing to negotiate mining rights, but as the planet is within Federation borders, by all rights it should be ours," Helena went on.

"And I take it neither side is willing to budge an inch and want complete ownership," Marcus said, leaning back and rubbing his chin through his beard.

"I do have an idea to help ease the conversation," Helena offered suddenly.

"Oh?" Marcus asked, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

"I have a small supply of wine from this region of space, perhaps if we cater the reception with said wine, it may make things go more smoothly?" Helena continued and gave him a wicked smirk.

"So we get them intoxicated in hopes it makes them more pliable?" Marcus retorted.

"Exactly," Helena said.

"You really haven't changed at all," Marcus chuckled. "Okay, get the wine to the catering department before the reception at noon tomorrow and I'll see it's chilled and ready to be served."

"You have changed, Marcus," Helena observed.

"Oh?" Marcus asked as he got to his feet.

"You seem older," Helena opined. "More restrained."

"I guess I just finally grew up," Marcus replied with a shrug.

"Parish the thought," laughed Helena in response.

"Good night, Helena," Marcus said shaking his head and headed to the door.

"Good night, Marcus," Helena said as he paused at the door. "If you see Olivia before I do... tell her... well... make something good up."

"I'll come up with something," Marcus replied and then promptly disappeared out the door.

"Hopefully it will be better than what I could have come up with," Helena said to herself as she looked around the room, suddenly feeling alone.

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To Tell the Truth 3
Truth be Told
by Absinthe

"And with that I think it's about time we raise our glasses in celebration of this historic opportunity," Helena said lifting her wine glass and nodding to the other Ambassadors, sparing a glance to Marcus and Olivia.

Olivia was glad to have a drink. Of course Marcus would pull a stunt like this on a diplomatic mission. She knew he found them boring, but doing this? It seemed asinine.

As they drank Marcus glanced around. He could feel the anger radiating off of Olivia even from where he was standing, and he knew full well it was his doing. He only smiled and took a second drink.

"As I was saying," the Rogoan Ambassador began anew as he finished off his first glass. "Historical records are clear, no matter how disputed the map is, it was the first to show the planet on a star chart. Does not matter how inaccurate rest of the map is."

"An' as I say, we land their first, we have right to it," the Tamaril Ambassador said gesturing as he spoke. "Status of pilot means nothing."

"Status of pilot?" Helena asked, suddenly leaning forward like a cat pouncing.

"So what if he drunk, he knows where he landed," the Tamaril Ambassador said waving his hand. "And he not only one, pour more wine!" An attendant eagerly refilled the Ambassador's glass and he took a large gulp. "We all know truth."

"We do indeed," Helena replied with a smirk as she glanced over to Marcus. At this point she knew she had all the ammunition she needed to punch holes in both of their claims, and all it took was a little bit of wine.

"Don't drink the wine," Marcus suddenly whispered over to Olivia, grateful he'd only had a couple of drinks himself.

"You know what I think of you," Olivia said suddenly as she grabbed his shoulder.

"Well, shit," Marcus said suddenly aloud as he realized he was going to be in for a long night.

"How dare you bring her here!" Olivia hissed getting awful dang close to her Captain. "Are you trying to ruin my freaking life?"

"Easy, Commander," Marcus said pointedly.

"How would you feel if I brought your ex-wife aboard?" Olivia hissed jabbing him with her finger.

"You really are a lightweight," Marcus said, shaking his head. "And I don't have an ex-wife."

"Well, I do," Olivia hissed. She suddenly paused and looked around, aware that the room had gone quiet and she was now the center of attention.

There was a second where nothing happened.

Then Olivia smiled forcefully and said, "so sorry about that, allow me to excuse myself, I think I need some air." And then quickly made her way to the door.

The enraged scream was still audible even after the door hissed shut.

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To Tell the Truth 4
Early Morning Diplomacy
by Absinthe

The next morning, entirely to early for common sense, Captain Marcus Maye's alarm came to life and shook him from a warm and comfortable sleep. He crawled his way from his lover's arms, cursing the fact his duty shift started so much earlier than hers and pulled on his flannel pants. At the very least he would have some time to play guitar before he had to start the day.

He stepped from the bedroom to the main part of his quarters and very quickly had taken a seat and picked up the guitar, yet just as he strummed a single time his communicator beeped.

So he set the guitar down and picked up the communicator. "Marcus here. What is it?"

"Sir, I have the Rogoan Ambassador trying to get in contact with you," came the friendly voice of communications officer Badgeral.

"Alright, patch him through," Marcus said setting the communicator on the nearby coffee table and wiping sleep from his eyes.

"Captain Marcus of Maye!" came the gruff voice of the Rogoan Ambassador.

"Ambassador Krenta, so good to here from you," Marcus said forcing his voice into a pleasant tone.

"Are you playing games with me? We do not play games, Captain!" The Rogoan Ambassador growled angrily.

"I am certain I have no idea what you are in reference to," Marcus said continuing his forced pleasant tone.

"The beverage you served last night, it makes people... talk," the Ambassador went on.

"Ah yes, well wine does tend to have that effect," Marcus admitted sheepishly. Even though he did note that the wine made people a bit too talkative.

"So you admit to drugging us!" The Ambassador roared.

"It's a common practice among my people, we meant no offense," Marcus explained quickly. "My people often consume wine at social gatherings as a way of celebration."

"Your people drug themselves at social gatherings?" The Ambassador seemed utterly shocked.

"It's a way of creative a shared experience, it also acts as what my people call a 'social lubricant', if you take my meaning," Marcus pressed on.

"Why would your people do this?" The Ambassador actually seemed curious at this point.

"There is a shared social anxiety among my people. By having a drink of wine, inhibitions are lowered to the point where people can interact without this social anxiety," Marcus replied with a shrug.

"I see, well if this is considered an appropriate cultural custom we shall allow for it, this time, however in future we would request fore knowledge of such rituals," the Ambassador replied.

"I will make sure you are given access to our cultural database for future reference," Marcus offered.

"I would be most obliged. Krenta out," the Ambassador said and the line went dead.

Marcus snapped the communicator shut and left it on the coffee table. He returned to his guitar and sighed as he prepared to play once more.

The communicator beeped again.

So he set the guitar down again and picked up the communicator once more. "Marcus here. What is it?"

"Sir, I have the Tamaril Ambassador trying to get in contact with you," again came the friendly voice of communications officer Badgeral.

"Alright, patch him through," Marcus said as he sighed and prepared for the same conversation again. He swore quietly to get to the bottom of this before the end of the day.

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To Tell the Truth 5
Uncovering Truths
by Absinthe

"Lieutenant Heron!" Came the voice of one Olivia Saugn, snapping the young scientist out of his train of thought.

"Yes, Ma'am," Jonathan replied spinning around to look at the Commander.

"I need a favor from you," Olivia said closing the gap between them, holding an empty wine glass.

"What do you need?" Heron replied looking at the glass somewhat confused.


"You ever think about requisitioning a therapist?" Doctor John Sember teased when he saw Marcus walk into his office.

"Okay, so I have good reason to be here, I need a scan," Marcus said with a dismissive gesture.

"Sure, what do you need me to scan?" John said picking up his tricorder and walking over to the Captain.

"Me," Marcus said with a smile.


"You were right, the residue on the glass contains a trace element of Delta-X7, a narcotic," Jonathan said leaning back in his chair and looking at the glass suspended in an analysis field.

"If I'm correct it's hard to lie or hide emotions while on that drug," Olivia replied scratching her chin. She was bothered, extremely bothered, by her behavior last night and she aimed to figure out what had happened. She had to clear her name before the issue was raised.

"Those tend to be textbook symptoms," Jonathan replied giving the Commander an odd look. "Now this isn't a wine glass from the..."

"Yes," Olivia said suddenly very upset. "It's my wine glass from the reception last night."

Jonathan nodded as he put it all together. "Then that would mean..."

Olivia turned and walked out of the lab, there was someone she needed to see.


"Captain, I hate to say it, but..." John said shaking his head.

"I've been drugged?" Marcus offered with a smirk.

"When of them nasty Delta drugs, easy enough to come by, but they can really make you do some stupid things," John said shaking his head. "Lucky for you, it doesn't look like you got enough of it in your system to mess with you."

"I figured it was something like that," Marcus said shaking his head.

"Real question is who would do such a thing," John said as he set the tricorder down and walked back around his desk.

"No, the real question is why, and I think I know the answer to that," Marcus said with a nod. "I'll catch you later Doc."

And with that Marcus left sickbay.

"Seems like he already knows who and why..." John observed to himself before he resumed his work.

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To Tell the Truth 6
One Man's Sin is Another's Righteous Act
by Absinthe

When the door hissed open Helena could not help but smile when she saw who it was. "Olivia! So nice to see you," she purred as she stepped out of the way to allow for Olivia to enter.

"Cut the crap, Helena," Olivia said, stepping past her and letting the door close.

"Right to business then," Helena said with what could almost be called a pout.

"Helena, I know what you did and you know that I know what you did," Olivia said pointedly.

"I'm certain I haven't a clue what you are talking about," Helena replied innocently. Yet she could not stop smiling in the way a wolf might when it spotted an abandoned sheep.

"The wine, Helena! The wine!" Olivia went on.

"Ah yes, some potent stuff, probably not a good idea to consume as much as you did," Helena replied with mock concern. "Did it give you something of a hang over."

"The wine didn't, but the Delta-X7 you put in it did," Olivia hissed.

"I am certain I have no idea what you are in reference to," Helena said, turning her back to Olivia and biting her lip.

"Helena, why did you do it?" Olivia asked, folding her arms across her chest. "Where you trying to prove something? Were you trying to make a fool of me?"

"Oh, Olivia, only you could think I would drug a room full of Diplomats with a truth serum as a way to get back at you," Helena replied as she rolled her eyes.

"Then why do it? Haven't you made my life hellish enough?" Olivia demanded, feeling the heat rise in her face.

"Olivia, it really had nothing to do with you," Helena replied, turning around to face Olivia.

"SO, you admit you did it then?" Olivia asked glaring at the other woman.

"If you must know, yes, but I did it to get some answers about the other Ambassador's claims to the planet. Your little freak out was just an added bonus," Helena replied with a sigh.

"And I take it you got what you wanted," Olivia said, her face beet red.

"I got enough," Helena replied. "I've already made my report, you're welcome to read it."

"Did you mention drugging everyone, including your ex-wife," Olivia glowered.

"You know, I figure that will be in your report," Helena said with a sigh. "Will it not?"

"You could lose your position over this," Olivia said, not sure what to think of what she was hearing.

"Knowing Starfleet I'll be promoted and given even worse duties," Helena replied with a laugh.

"This isn't funny," Olivia shot back.

"That's the reason it could never have worked out for us, Olivia," Helena said, shaking her head. "To me, it is funny. The Federation now has the strongest claim to the planet, both other races will more than likely withdrawal from negotiations in peace with their claims in shambles. So there will be no war and mining rights can now be discussed without the threat of violence." She shrugged. "All it cost is a little bit of my reputation. Well, and yours too."

"And you think it's a fair trade?" Olivia demanded.

Helena shrugged again. "For peace, I do."

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To Tell the Truth 7
All's Well That Ends
by Absinthe

"Please tell me this isn't the drugged wine," Thomas said with a smirk as he looked around the room.

"Drugged wine costs more, this is the cheap stuff," Marcus replied with a laugh as he poured the engineer a glass of wine and handed it to him.

"At least I know what my worth is," Thomas said and took the offered glass of wine.

"Now then, what shall we drink to?" Marcus asked as he poured himself a glass and looked around.

Olivia paused as she was just about to take a drink. "Drink to? Can't we just drink?"

"Never," Marcus said as he took a seat on the arm of a chair. "You have to have some kind of toast for the first drink."

Olivia sighed.

"All's well that ends," John said raising this glass.

"All's well that ends," repeated the others and they took a shared first drink.

"Isn't it usually 'all's well that ends well'?" Thomas asked looking over to John and raising an eyebrow.

"In this case, I'll take it ending," Marcus said rolling his eyes.

"So we're not in trouble?" Olivia asked taking another sip of her wine, this time taking it much slower.

"Apparently not," Marcus explained. "Starfleet has sorted it out so there will be another conference, delayed long enough for everyone to come clean. The Rogoan and Tanaril Ambassadors have both publicly admitted their claims to the planet aren't as strong as previously thought, so it's looking like the Federation is coming out ahead."

"And what of that Ambassador? Helena something?" Thomas asked setting his glass down and looking from John to Marcus.

"She's received an official reprimand and withdrawn from the Diplomatic Corps, however due to her assistance in moving us closer to securing the region, nothing beyond that is being done," Marcus said rolling his eyes.

"You're joking," Thomas said in shock.

"I wish I was, but it seems that to better gain control of this region, especially in light of the Klingons beginning their investigation into the region," Marcus replied shaking his head. "It seems a certain level of leniency is given to more extreme measures."

"Just like Starfleet, you get promoted right up to your level of incompetence and if you screw up badly enough for them to notice, they sweep it under the rug as fast as possible," Olivia retorted.

"What is it about this region that is so dang important?" Thomas asked directing his gaze at Marcus more intently.

"It's a bit complicated," Marcus replied somewhat awkwardly.

"Please tell me someone else is going to handle the follow-up conference," John said leaning forward.

"Luckily for all of us, some Vulcan Ambassador is taking over and they're sending a full diplomatic team, so we're getting cut loose from this one," Marcus said and took a long sip of his wine. "Which means we get to go back to doing what we're good at."

"Making diplomatic messes?" John offered with a cheeky grin.

Marcus ignored him and looked toward the large windows and beyond them the stars. "Exploring."

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