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Re: DAY 04: The Yeoman & the Suspect [1830 hrs.]

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[Nathaniel "Maverick" Isley Main Sickbay | Isolation Ward | Deck 07 ] Attn: Doc M, Auctor Lucan

Nathan let out a long sigh she seemed to cut right to the bone didn't she. He glared at Maya for asking a hard question like that. She did now have the majority of his memories pounding around inside of her head. Shouldn't that have cleared him any suspicion? What was she looking for by psycho analysing him now?

Paranoia he supposed it was common among ancient vulcan's that thing which caused most people to hate one another and must have lead to so many murders. It was once said that their cousin's the romulans would have a new set of leaders every few weeks because of the stress paranoia and constant assassinations that pleagued the society built on the ideals of cloak and dagger.

Breathing Nathan tried his best to clear his mind of that feeling for now it was just a doctor talking about previous medical history. "Well she never suffered through anything like Bendii syndrom if that's what you are asking. She was like all Vulcan parents only giving as much attention to their child as is logically needed."

Nathan laid back in the medical bed as he tried to recall his mother. "She's still alive, but I haven't seen or heard from her in a very long time. Not since I joined the academy. She didn't really agree with my desire to join yet another war. After all the battles for my homeworld she couldn't understand why I would seek yet more conflict. I suppose that might have been her way of looking out for me."

Nathan shrugged as he thought about it. "I mean being in our heads like we just were I know that somewhere down in you there is an actual woman, but with my mom? She was always so careful so smart but always." He paused for a moment thinking it over before he spoke again.

"It was like she was too logical for her own good. Though I suppose you were mostly looking for the medical side of things. Nothing really important... Oh except." He paused for a moment. "While I was in the womb she got ill and had to adjust me physically in order to save my life. Eliminate all the physical vulcan features for fear of some virus that had otherwise hurt my gentic structure. I never really think about it. I mean she often told me to embrace my human side, it was logical I mean I don't look very vulcan so it would have been impossible for me to really fit in with them."

Re: DAY 04: Yeoman & Suspect [1830 hrs.]

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Isolation Ward| Deck 07 ] Attn: Nolan, Auctor Lucan  

The remark about Bendii syndrome stung considering that Maya's last living relative perished from it, but after the mind touch both of them had disjointed memories from each other, despite Maya's attempt to purge the foreign memories from their both minds.  Instead she chose a chance to establish a rapport with her patient that didn't require telepathy.

"I must confess that my own mother behaved somewhat similar to yours," Maya replied conversationally.  "Although I suspect it was in reaction to my fanciful and rebellious nature.  To the Vulcans living in the province that I grew up in I appeared irresponsible and frivolous.  I believe my mother acted the way she did to get me to conform.  Hm," she abruptly stopped talking and tilted her head to the left as she narrowed her eyes and made a great show of pursing her lips. 

It was odd that his mother would encourage him to embrace his human side even going as far as to eliminate any cosmetic indications that revealed his Vulcan ancestry. According to Isley's memory, his mother acted stereotypically Vulcan and never exhibited "unVulcanlike" behavior.  Could Nathaniel's mother have had as unpleasant a childhood as Maya did?  Like Maya, did she completely divorce herself from her homeworld and do her best to find her own identity?  Maya had always believed that she projected a warmth and empathy atypical of her people's image.  The telepathic contact with Nathaniel Isley indicated that Maya did not appear warm and sympathetic at all.  Isley had compared her to his mother, someone he considered distant and cold.  The reason he didn't like Vulcans was because he didn't like his mother, someone who could have been just like Maya.

Maya briefly froze as self-realization set in.  Had she only been fooling herself in thinking that she was different than the rest of her people?  Did Nathaniel's mother believe herself to be more caring and nurturing than she actually was?  Was self-deception another trait the two women shared? 

Maya's face relaxed as her large hazel eyes blinked rapidly before she glanced at Isley and headed to the door.  "I better go schedule those tests.  Please wait here Lieutenant," she said in a quiet and distant voice.

"Everything okay doc?" Cal Reagar asked as Maya left the isolation ward.  "Did he give you any trouble?"

"Not at all," the little Vulcan replied stoically.  "He was so well behaved he could have been my own son."


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