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DAY 06: Fighting Shadows [1600 hrs.]

Day 06: Fighting Shadows [1600 hrs.]

[ Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck-01 | Deck 8 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

With a loud audible yell Eun Sae quickly launched a swift kick that caught a man dressed in a white karate gi across the cheek sending the man sprawling against the mat that they were fighting on. As one man fell two more quickly rushed from the shadows to replace him. Scattered all around the mat that they fought upon were bodies all dressed similarly their formerly white gi's stained red with blood. As another man rushed forward Eun Sae quickly dodged a punch thrown her way and lashed out with her left fist catching the man directly in the nose. The man's head snapped back as blood shot from his nostrils he stumbled backwards before finally falling joining the numerous others already defeated by her hand.

If one looked closely they would be able to see the imbalance in the young woman. Rather than sure footing and a planted stance Eun Sae stumbled a bit here and there her feet constantly shifting to compensate for her body's lack of balance. "Come on I don't have all day!" Eun Sae slurred out in Korean her hand rising to gesture another foe towards her. The holo-deck generated opponents wasted no time granting her request rushing forward to launch another assault on the small asian woman. And once more despite her inebriated state she managed to execute a reverse side kick sending the man off his feet and off two the side to join the growing pile. However as Eun Sae's feet touched the ground once more her sense of balance escaped her.

She yelped flailing her arms out to the side as she felt her ankle rolling unnaturally sending pain shooting up her leg. And it wasn't long before she was on the floor gripping her ankle her teeth clenched tightly her mind now a bit more sobered than it had been previously. "Gaeseki!!" Eun Sae hissed. "Ah, jotgane!" She muttered as she felt her ankle throb with pain. The holo-deck simulation ending revealing the room's true empty form leaving Eun Sae sitting in the middle of the floor dressed in the ridiculous costume she'd decided to put on for the simulation.

[Petty Officer Ji, would you like me to summon a medical officer to your location?] A voice said seemingly out of thin air. Eun Sae's nodded "Ye Byung-Shin-a!!" Eun Sae yelled. Thea ignored the profanity yelled at her by the blatantly drunk and angry Korean woman and quickly went about searching the deck for any medical personnel both on and off duty. It didn't take her long to find one.

[Pardon me Lieutenant Commander Nicander, but your assistance is needed in Holodeck-01,] Thea said.

Gaeseki: Son of a Bitch!!!
Ah, jotgane: That feels fucked up
Ye Byung-Shin-a: Yes you stupid asshole!

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[ Turbolift | Deck 03 ]

Upon entering the six by six box, Lucan raised his voice. "Deck 24."

There were thirty options to choose from, and over hundreds of personnel aboard, yet he was alone for once. He breathed a sigh of relief, wishing for a time when he would be able to step off the confines of the ship and feel soil beneath his bare feet, and to shed the uniform that suffocated him each day. To be free of the act he played, and drop the charade. Speeding downward, he closed his eyes.  There is nothing for his sharp mind to be captivated by anyway, unless he meant to have a staring contest with the turbolift's doors. Rapidly, the numbers ticked away at the numerous but not taken stops.

Yet within seconds, he heard the doors open, and saw Heather McMillan enter. She was staring at him, and Lucan smiled to her. After a second, she blurted "H-hello," and managed to step into the metal cabin with a jittered shake to her movements. Lucan supposed that it was his bodily presence that made her fail to designate her destination, just like she failed to follow casual greeting protocol. The doors closed behind her, leaving them alone, and Lucan supposed - with private humour - that she remembered the last time they had ended up in a turbolift together, where a raging battle had made her end up on top of him.

Lucan's left eyebrow rose as he looked at her, a lopsided smile on his lips while he waited for a couple of seconds. "Where to?" he questioned, his voice light enough for a man's but rumbling all the same - like soft thunder. The biologist started, realised her mistake and managed to quip "Deck 19" watching the metal doors that sealed them in intently. Lucan could almost see how desperately she fought down her blush and kept her body from rocking nervously - even though it wanted to.

The Radiant's destination was on the way, so she slipped out without looking back. Lucan merely smiled after her, deciding to look her up in the database, to see how well she preformed under Simon Tovarek's command now that she held a provisional rank. The doors closed again, yet before his journey was over, Thea spoke up.

[Pardon me, Lieutenant Commander Nicander. but your assistance is needed in Holodeck-01.]

"This is Nicander," said Lucan, ready to play the never-ending charade again, "please take me there."

[ Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 ]

Before long, the sliding doors opened on the holodeck. Lucan had picked up a med kit on the way, such being stored around the ship for convenient access, and as he looked around, he spotted the woman on the floor. Despite the... costume and the setting, it did not take him many seconds before recognising her from the ship's personnel files as Eun Sae Ji, Chief Covington's new second-in-command in the ship's hangar.

"I came as fast as I could, what happened?" he asked, crouching down next to her - pale grey eyes scanning her before he'd do so with a medical tricorder. The sight of her made the beast inside coil, fancying what it saw, yet Lucan quickly suppressed the notion to take advantage of this maiden in distress, rather abiding to medical protocol. It would not do for his public image if he ever let the thing inside guide his hand... and especially not when he was alone with someone.

It had made people end up dead, and he - as the host - had been left to take care of the mess.

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[ Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 8 ]

By the time Lucan had arrived Eun Sae had resigned herself to lying on her back in the middle of the floor trying her best to keep her mind off the pain in her ankle. Unfortunately that plan wasn't working quite well considering the constant reminder that was the pain itself. Quiet mutterings could be heard escaping the young woman's lips in her native language as she stared up at the ceiling above her. The environment around her was questionable for sure considering she was lying in the middle of what appeared to be a Karate dojo filled with unconscious men garbed in white gi. Even Eun Sae's clothing was a bit outlandish considering it was comprised of near skin tight sleeveless leather shirt, a pair of similarly fitting shorts and a pair of knee high boots.

[ Petty Officer Ji, Doctor Nicander has arrived. ]

Eun Sae's only response was an audible groan as she shifted a bit rolling onto her belly to look toward the door seeing the man standing there. "Hi!" Eun Sae said her demeanor taking a complete 180 from what it had originally been. The face that had been twisted in pain moments ago now had a smile on it. A slight shift of her ankle however quickly made the smile fall from Eun Sae's lips her fist clenching tightly as pain shot up from her ankle up her leg. As Lucan came to crouch beside her she turned back over taking care to not jostle her ankle too much. "I fell." Eun Sae said simply looking down at her ankle. "I was fighting these guys." Eun Sae said gesturing to the unconscious adversaries around her. "And I landed on my ankle wrong." Eun Sae added.

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Having opened his medkit, Lucan stole a glance towards the woman's shapely derriere before she turned over, presenting him with the view of her body in the dim light. Her outfit truly didn't leave much for the imagination, which was a problem with the parasite's dark machinations - generating images of what it wanted to do before Lucan's eyes. Brief glimpses of the carnage. Synapses of malign intent. The exoscalpel in his hand, soiled with her blood. Her throat, gaping wide. The disjointed dance when the leather was torn off her torso. Snarling bites. Groping her corpse. Spending himself inside her cut form.

Lucan blinked it all away, focusing on the medical tricorder that he was calibrating to his standards. "How ironic," he said and gave her a lopsided smile, "that you would injure yourself in that fashion after having subdued them all. If I were to guess... the pain in your ankle is quite inferior to that bruise, isn't it?"

Done with his tricorder, he checked the readings while he waved his scanner over her body. It took him no more than a couple of seconds to determine the true cause of her injury. "Oh, I see..." he said, and lowered his scanner so that he could meet her eye. He kept the amusement he felt close to heart, but the ghost of a smile still creased the corners of his pale grey eyes. "Perhaps it wasn't so strange after all, was it? I thought I smelled something when I came in, but I just assumed that one of the Lone Wolves had taken a detour here after spending the night 'Below Decks'."

He took a deep breath, the smile still there, with just a bit of a teasing gleam in his eye. "Tell me truthfully, please, else my scans won't mean anything... how much have you been drinking?"

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Eun Sae shrugged reaching up to brush her fingers over the forming bruise that she'd failed to notice up until now. "Not really...I've had far worse before." Eun Sae said proudly her alcohol clouded mind unaware that injuries were actually nothing to be proud of. She moved her ankle just a bit and bit her lip as the pain shot up her leg once more. "And no my ankle is kinda the main thing right now." Eun Sae said quickly as she let the last of the pain ebb away not eager to test how painful her injuries could become again.

As Lucan scanned his tricorder over her she couldn't help but find her eyes drawn to the item as it moved back and forth over her body. She looked toward Lucan as he spoke tilting her head a bit out of curiosity. As he continued she felt her cheeks redden as the embarassment of having been caught in her current state. So far she'd thought that she had been doing a good job hiding her intoxicated state. Though nothing appeared to escape the doctor though. Eun Sae's pouted as Lucan finally flat out asked her how much she'd had to drink this evening. At this point her mind couldn't even remember how many she'd had before finding herself down here.

"Alot." Eun Sae said simply it was the only answer she could give that didn't downplay the truth or become a flat out lie. "I...I can't remember how much exactly." She said.

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It was a rather clear sign that the woman was more intoxicated than she wanted to let on. She had even failed to grasp his meaning when he had indicated her victory over the holographic opposition that lay strewn about the holodeck. The bruise he had meant was proverbial, in the irony of her twisting her ankle after having managed to subdue her opponents. Given her inebriated state, Lucan supposed he'd have to be less witty with his wit, just so that he would avoid misunderstandings.

"A lot, you say," said Lucan with the smile in his eyes remaining. "A lot for you might be nothing at all for others, or the other way around. Admittedly, I am unfamiliar with your drinking habits, so I will have to make another scan. Please lie still."

Before he did... he tilted his head as he looked at her. He put his scanner down, and he reached towards her face with his tattooed hand - staring at her as he leaned down over her. He raked her hair back from a temple beaded with sweat, and his fingertips traced the smooth surface of her skin there. His pale eyes were cast in dark light from the overhead lamps, and his hair fell forward to frame his exotic features. He pursed his lips as he leaned over her....

"Yeah, that bruise won't be a bother to you. It might sting now, but it will go away quickly," he said and leaned back again, returning his attention to the medical tricorder and recalibrating it so that it could tell him how much she had poisoned her nervous system with her excessive drinking. "I would give you something for the ache, but I think you are numb enough already... If I give you anything more, you might fall asleep, and I would have to carry you back to your quarters."

Oh, he shouldn't have said it, for already, the thing inside was trying to make it so - to have her all to itself.

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Eun Sae nodded as she laid still allowing Lucan to run his scanner up and down her body. As he finished scanning she watched him place his scanner aside and reach out toward her. She remained still thinking that perhaps this was part of the examination but as he brushed a bit of hair from her face and let his fingers trace the side of her face. She noticed just how close he seemed to be getting and while the thought of leaning away passed her mind she didn't. Finding herself more interested in admiring the tattoos that adorned his hands her hand moving up to brush the inked skin with the tips of her finger tracing the design.

As he spoke she snapped out of the trance she'd been in lowering her hand. She felt just the slightest bit more sobered now as he leaned back away from her taking up his tricorder again and taking note of her readouts. She frowned she reached down to her ankle and frowned as she pressed her finger lightly against  it wincing. She debated protesting for a moment not wanting to walk on her ankle while it felt the way it did. But the smallest bit of logical though squirmed it's way into her mind past the haze reminding her that alcohol and medication likely wasn't the wisest of choices to make.

She simply resigned herself to nodding "Maybe...You could carry me back though?" She asked looking up at Lucan "T-This hurts quite a bit I don't think I can make it back." she said.

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The proposition that he would carry her to her quarters stirred yet another reaction from the beast inside, wishing to accommodate her wishes and much more.

Yet Lucan knew that she might get a lot more than she'd bargained for, knowing the current spirit of the malign presence inside him that it might seize control and hurt her. He was just about to tell her that he could ask Thea for a site-to-site transport to solve the predicament, but he found himself answering differently despite himself. It had been something about the way she touched his gadd that compelled his words.

"What kind of doctor would I be if I told you to walk back in your present state?" he said and chuckled in kind amusement. Instead, he shifted so that he could have her ankle in his lap. He removed his uniform jacket, pulling it back over his shoulders and tossing it aside. Then he hiked up the sleeves of his teal undershirt before removing any footwear from her. Carefully so, so that he might not hurt her more. Gently, he inspected the swollen area, applying his fingertips to the tender skin. Looking at her, he applied some pressure in an area that would stem the swelling, and numb the hurt. He was careful about it, taking his time, and making sure to not cause any direct discomfort. As he did this, he spoke with his deep voice. "The holodeck can provide for treatment on-site, so why not use it? Thea, could I have some ice, please?"

[Yes, Doctor.]

Beside him, a bucket appeared, and he picked up a cube seamlessly, applying it to the tender area. "How is that?" he asked, and his pale grey eyes sought hers where he sat. "This might be an unorthodox and out-dated practice, but given the circumstances, I think it is the best I can offer. Oh, and this being your simulation, might I suggest a change of setting. Some of your... 'challengers' here are beginning to stir, and I don't think they will be aiding in the treatment."

True to his word, they were coming around, and as it seemed to Lucan, they were none too pleased.

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Eun Sae watched Lucan quietly for a moment as he seemed to mull over his options toward her request. When he finally responded she smiled as he offered his agreement. Expecting be lifted up she was a bit surprised as he shifted so that he could place her ankle in his lap. She raised an eyebrow as he removed his jacket and hiked up the sleeves of his undershirt. The doctor wasn't the most muscular man she'd ever seen but he definitely wasn't frail from what she could see as she looked upon the muscles of his arms. She watched him inspect her ankle wondering what exactly it was he was up to. She gasped as she felt him press his fingertips into the swollen part of her ankle for a brief moment she felt a sharp pain travel up her leg causing her to bite her lip.

But as quickly as the pain had surfaced it ebbed away the area Lucan's fingers massaged quickly going numb bringing a relieved sigh to the young Korean woman. She watched as he summoned up a bucket of ice courtesy of the holodeck and Thea. She closed her eyes as she felt him press a cube of ice to her injury. Despite being quite numb she could still feel the cool ice slowly working it's magic on her injury. She smiled as he mentioned the practice being far out-dated. "I-It's alright my mother used to do this all the time when I got knocked around too bad during Taekwondo." Eun Sae said.

As he mentioned her challengers she looked around and sure enough her previous foes were beginning to stir from their unconscious state. "Oh right sorry." She said. "Thea change setting to Emerald Forest please." Eun Sae called out.

[Changing Setting.]

The world around them seemed to fall apart into thousands of brilliantly colored shards before quickly reforming itself. Each shard coming together to build a piece of the environment until they found themselves in the middle of a vibrant green forest beside a small stream. The only sounds around being the gentle flow of the water and the occasional bird with the wind flowing through the tree branches above. "Thank you Thea." Eun Sae said.

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Lucan was quite pleased with the setting, noting the stream and the outdoor gentle breeze that stirred the canopy above. Wind was dear to him, and he had precious little of that aboard the Theurgy. The feeling of it touching his face was like a balm, and for a moment...he closed his eyes. The memories made him go back to Envon in his thoughts....

Before he knew it, he had spoken words not truly his own. "I mean no disrespect... and I am sorry for saying so...." A light chuckle escaped his throat, completely disarming in tone. Seamlessly, he applied another ice cube while he spoke. "...but after your exercise, I am afraid that the perspiration has enhanced the scent of your non-synthehol drinking. It is rather... poignant, in fact, so unless you wish keep it like that publicly on the way there... I suggest you may want to rinse yourself off in the stream before I help you to your quarters. The chill water will be good for the ankle as well, and I can turn away until you are finished."

It had been completely natural, the way those friendly words came, and yet they were not entirely spoken on his own accord. The presence inside had sprung them, he was sure, but once those words were out, there was no way taking them back, so he had to roll with it. Adapt. It was all about savoir faire, as some Terrans used to call it. He may have exaggerated about the scent, of course, but it was actually a truth wielded in untruth.

Whilst he spoke, he had rubbed the ice gently all over the affected area, fingertips grazing her skin.

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Eun Sae watched Lucan's obvious pleasure with her new chosen setting. The Emerald Forest was a simulation based completely upon her memory of a place she and her family used to visit when she and her siblings were children during vacations. It had taken her a while but after staring at a few old pictures of her and her family there it hadn't been hard to recreate the place from memory. She was glad he liked it so much there weren't many people who'd ever been to the Emerald Forest considering only she knew about the program aside from Thea.

As he spoke she gave him her full attention what she hadn't been expecting though were the words he uttered speaking of her smell. Eun Sae blinked at the doctor for a moment before a dark blush formed on her cheeks as she experimentally sniffed her arm. She didn't smell that horrible did she? "O-Oh ummm alright." She said. Eun Sae inched away from Lucan taking great care with her ankle as she moved it from his lap and slowly got to her feet and made her way to the stream. She glanced over her shoulder making sure the doctor had turned around before slipping the top half of her Taekwondo uniform off as she sat beside the water's edge folding the clothing delicately before setting it aside on the bank of the stream.

Beneath the top she wore a black sports bra her pants came off next joining her top before she eased herself into the water garbed only in her sports bra and a pair of black bike shorts. She shivered as she entered the water gasping softly. "Aigoo." She muttered under her breath the cool water washing over her legs and hips immediately soaking her shorts. The water was cold but also refreshing and like Lucan had said quite soothing for her ankle as well considering the cool temperature and how the water softly washed over it.

She began to rinse herself off cupping some water in her hands before splashing it onto herself small crystal like droplets of water clinging to her skin as it slid down her skin to fall back into the stream as she rinsed herself off.

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Of course Lucan had seized the opportunity to look at the technician as she stepped into the water. Apparently, she had not been inebriated enough to bare herself completely, but the sight of her back in the sunlight that filtered through the emerald forest's canopy was quite breathtaking, and the thing inside coiled in answer. He had to act.

While Eun Sae Ji submerged herself partially and began to rinse herself, Lucan undressed behind her. He did so quietly, his garments shedding piece by piece until he only wore his Starfleet issue underwear. Barefoot, he stepped up behind the Asian woman, and while the demon was the catalyst for his intent, and it wished that he would strike her down and rape her while she thrashed in the water, he regulated the intent to something more... constructive. As the host, he had to control the impulse, and alter it to something more beneficial. Something that would not hold consequences outside the holodeck. Could he have denied the parasite its will altogether? He was not sure any more. Once, perhaps, but over the course of the weeks that had passed, he was not certain if he could deny it much longer. He had to do something about it, but he knew not how, or if it was even possible to resist the voice.

"Do you mind if I join you? With the upcoming mission, I might not have the time to visit the holodeck myself, and this lake is quite irresistible," he said as he stepped past her and out into the water. The chill of its touch was quite refreshing, and instead of rinsing himself like she was - a glimpse of her water-beaded skin caught in the corner of his eye - he dunked his head into the water. He took a sharp intake of breath at the cold that doused him, then he dove into the water - vanishing below the surface. There, he lingered, waiting while holding his breath - hidden by the turbulence int he water and darkness of the surrounding trees...

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Eun Sae felt a sense of nostalgia as she sat in the shallows of the stream the cool water lazily flowing around her keeping her cool while the sun's rays beared down upon her through the canopies of the trees above. For a time she was unaware of the world around her as she closed her eyes listening to the whistle of the wind and the calming sound of the stream.

She was caught off guard by the sound of Lucan's voice not far behind her. She quickly turned around and sure enough the doctor was right behind her. Her eyes slowly traveled up from the man's legs up to his face taking in every detail of his body that was shamelessly displayed for her to see. It takes her a moment to break herself away from the trance she'd found herself in so she could answer. "I-I don't mind." Eun Sae said before quickly turning away unwilling to allow the blush on her cheeks to be made obvious. She reached down cupping some of the crystal clear water in her palms before splashing it onto her cheeks temporarily holding her blush at bay as the cool water soaked her face and hair causing her raven black strands to cling to her face. It wasn't long though before her eyes were once more drawn to the doctor who had by now stepped past her to wade into the deeper end of the water.

She watched as he dunked his head into the water and ignored the suggestive thoughts that had begun to spring up in her mind. Eun Sae had never been the kind of girl to fawn over men a trait her father had adored about her when she had been younger. But now though seeing almost every inch of Lucan exposed to her eyes she couldn't help but be enamored. She could feel her heart quickening in her chest the more she thought about it making the blush in her cheeks harder to hide every second. Luckily for her Lucan appeared to have gone beneath the water's surface saving her from having to explain why her cheeks were slowly going red.

"Wait...How long has he been down there?" Her mind questioned. Eun Sae blinked frowning as she leaned forward trying to catch a glimpse of the doctor beneath the water's surface. But for the most part she could see nothing bringing forth feelings of worry as she slowly rose to her feet trying to get a better view of things.

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Lucan had watched Eun Sae Ji at first for a couple of seconds, seeing if she'd remained where she was, and then he swam out into the dark depths of the lake - still holding his breath.

To be immersed in the darkness was oddly comforting, until he realised the feeling sprung from the parasite within. Was this something comforting for it? Did it resemble something dearly known to it? Lucan had no direct means of knowing more than the senses that bled into his mind. It was the first time he felt this sense of belonging from it, and it unnerved him rather than providing the kind of comfort that the parasite felt.

With his breath still held, he returned to shallow waters, but chose to approach the technician from another angle entirely.  Lungs burning by then, and yearning for breath, he made sure to get as close as possible without stirring the water surface too much. In the end, he was a few yards out to her right side when he had to break the surface. And when he did, he did so by leaping up on his feet, throwing his head back as he filled his lungs with air. He might have splashed her by doing so, and he might even have scared her, but either way, he acted as if he was not doing ought out of the ordinary - raking his fingers through his dark hair and rubbing the water out of his eyes with his palms. He felt the residual water run down his body in rivulets, seeking paths down his tapered abdomen and joining the water that had soaked his underwear through - leaving nothing at all to the imagination.

Once he had the water out of his eyes, he blinked to discern her reaction to his sudden reappearance.

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As Eun Sae managed to unsteadily get to her feet she slowly made her way to the deeper end of the stream taking care to have sure footing with each step. She tried to peer into the dark depths of the stream trying to catch a glimpse of the doctor but failing to do so. At this point she was starting to get a bit worried had the doctor gotten caught on something down there? Was he conscious? Should she tell Thea to call for help.

Suddenly the water to her right exploded as the doctor surfaced. Her heart quickened as she stumbled back a few steps losing her footing and falling back into the water. If she wasn't wet before she was thoroughly soaked now as she found herself submerged in the water up to her shoulders her hair now clung to her face as she caught her breath. When she finally realized that the thing that had surfaced was the doctor and not some monstrous beast trying to drown her she narrowed her eyes at the man brushing a few wet strands of hair away from her face back behind her ear. "Jesus were you trying to scare me to death?" Eun Sae scolded standing in the water once more. As she looked over the doctor though she found her eyes drawn to a certain part of the doctor's anatomy.

She felt her breath catch in her throat as she tore her eyes away and tried to focus on his face. "W-Well? Explain yourself!" She said

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Of course Lucan acted utterly surprised by Ji's reaction, pale eyes widening and eyebrows climbing in consternation. The excuse to search her for answers or possible injury - anything that might explain the trashing she made and the lash of her words - he was rewarded by the sight of her soaked appearance. Like with himself, little was left to the imagination, and the chill of the water had made her body's features more prominent. Usually, cold water might be unflattering to a man in that same regard, but with his ambition to woo this technician and the beasts eagerness to accommodate that very same desire... it had lent Lucan a tumescence that negated the effect of the cold water. While not erect, his blood already pulsed in will to continue the act - to let the charade make her spread her legs for him.

True, he might rape her easily, but wherein laid the satisfaction in that when he could make her grant the same pleasure willingly? Oddly, the notion to rape Eun Sae Ji was quite remote, more remote than such notions usually were, and it was a contrast clear to what the beast wished. Was he truly so unwilling to do it? How had he mistaken the parasite's will for his own so often, if that was the case? How could... No, there was no time for such errant thoughts. The important thing was that raping the woman would raise questions and make him end up in the Brig, and that would hardly be constructive, or aid in his kin's cause, would it?

"My apologies!" he said, tattooed hands raised and face animated in surprise, "I did not mean to scare you. I just took a swim for as long as my lungs would last me before I broke the surface, as I have always done. Of course you would not know this, and I should have told you. I certainly did not mean to alarm you. Did you hurt yourself as you fell?"

Saying this, he stepped forward to lend her support, running an arm around her waist and letting her support her step with an arm draped across his shoulders. I will lead you back ashore, and make sure you don't fall again. While the cold is good for your ankle, tripping on it is not..."

That said, he led her with his hand around her waist, walking next to her, and unless she protested, he'd start to lead her out of the water... But either way she tried to untangle herself or not, he'd let his step betray their balance, and he would act as if he fell, and pull her on top of himself. An act as any other preformed, but with a direct physical result in how she'd straddle him in the shallows of the water...

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Eun Sae was for the most part unaware of the water's effects upon her clothing and how much the revealed about her. She felt a cool breeze wash over her through the trees causing her to shiver a bit her nipples hardening beneath her undershirt. She blushed as she looked down at herself and finally noticed the effect the cold and the water had on her appearance. She quickly crossed her arms concealing her chest to the best of her ability. She looked away a slight blush adding a tinge of color to her cheeks. As Lucan offered an apology for frightening her she glanced back at him once more tearing her eyes away from the man's sizable manhood as her eyes traveled up his body to meet his own.

"I-I'm fine I just wasn't expecting it was all." She said. Perhaps she had overreacted a bit but she could hardly fault herself too much overreaction had always been a bit of a habit of hers ever since she'd been a little girl and she hadn't been able to shed herself of the habit since then. As he took a step close she nearly took a step back. "R-Really I'm alrigh-" She felt him wind an arm around her waist and resigned herself to allowing the doctor to help her out of the stream as she wound an arm around his shoulders allowing him to help her return to shore.

As they came close to shore though she gasped as she felt the doctor lose his footing. With her grip on him she quickly fell with him her other arm flailed out to the side trying to gain some sense of balance back but as they fell she felt the doctor pull her on top of himself likely to cushion her own fall. As they fell with a splash back into the water Eun Sae sighed wiping a bit of damp hair out of her eyes as she looked down at the doctor. She blinked as she realized she was straddling his groin. "I-I" She began only to remember the way they'd gotten into this position in the first place. "Are you okay?" She asked looking him over trying to find any sign of injury.

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Blinking away water from the splash, Lucan answered readily - chuckling a little.

"Oh, but I think I'm all right, aside from making a complete fool of myself," he said, and he did let his eyes wander her body now that she straddled him - seeing the sunlight filtering through the trees to dance over her wet appearance. He cleared his throat, the reaction to the sight not having to be an act at all. The technician was quite ravishing, exotic lightning or not. As if catching himself staring, he belatedly added; "My apologies, I am certainly not doing you any kind of favours in this medical emergency. In trying to aid you, I have ended up risking to hurt you even more. Please, there is no need for concern on my part..."

He put a hand over hers as she was looking him over for injury, and in catching it - resting against the hard planes of his chest -  he sat up in the water while she straddled him. As he did, propping himself up on his free hand, he just happened to make her grind down along his hardness in the movement. He blinked, making it apparent that he noticed her brief slide down his hardening shaft, and his lips pursed in reaction - stiffing a noise in his throat from the sensation. And in sitting up, he came to stare into her eyes - looking into them through the wet tresses of their hair. He was close enough to feel her breath mingling with his own, and he felt the base of his tumescence throb underneath the weight of her - pulsing with a warmth that defied the cold water.

"This... is quite inappropriate," he said, swallowing, but did not look away from her - did not let his lips pull back from hers. He made no motion to kiss her, making her want him to, and perhaps even teasing her enough to make the first move. If she didn't, however, and showed any sign to get up, he would let his lips draw closer, and kiss her deeply...

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Lucan's assurance helped Eun Sae relax a bit as her brief check on his condition came up with no negative results. For the most part the man seemed fine. As her eyes returned to Lucan's face she managed to catch just a brief glimpse of his lingering stare before he quickly broke away from her gaze and apologized claiming that he didn't appear to be doing her many favors in helping her. Eun Sae shook her head "You haven't hurt me at all doctor. Don't blame yourself for something you haven't done." Eun Sae said frowning. "All you've done so far is try to help and...I suppose I haven't been the most cooperative patient you've ever had." She said.

As he placed a hand over hers catching it as she moved to draw her wandering hands back to herself she felt a slight redness crawl over her cheeks as he kept her palms pressed against the hard sculpted planes of his chest. She made no moves to pull away only giving their joined hands a brief glance before directing her eyes back up to his Lucan's face. As he sat up she felt herself shift from her seated position against something hard. She was puzzled for a moment before her face immediately darkened her cheeks flushing a deep red as she realized just what her position atop him was doing to the doctor. As she was about to apologize and move away she blinked as she soon found Lucan's face just inches away from her own.

Her eyes widened as she could feel his warm breath wash over her lips. She could feel her poor heart pounding like a drum in her chest. As he gazed into her eyes she could feel a sense of vulnerability one that she didn't often feel. The look in his eyes made her feel like prey being stalked by a predator that would love nothing more than to devour her whole. She directed her gaze off to the side trying to resist the feeling inside her willing her to let him. "Y-Your right I'm s-" As she moved to get to her feet she felt a pair of lips descend upon her own cutting her off mid sentence.

She stood frozen for a moment her heart now positively thundering against her chest. "What am I doing? Push him away! Push him away!!" A small voice in the back of her mind yelled. However her mind did not have full control anymore and despite the insistence of the small voice so many others drowned it out that it made it hard to comprehend what her mind and body truly wanted. Finally she managed to garner enough control to lean back parting their lips by just a bit. "Why did you do that?" She asked quietly.

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She tasted like the water did, but with a carnal undercurrent that stirred him even more. Lucan enjoyed the warmth found behind the technician's damp lips for as long as the kiss lasted - which was surprisingly long given how he'd stolen the kiss from her in the first place. She had responded to it, however, and he had encouraged her in the exchange up until the point when she leaned back. Her question was hardly surprising, and Lucan had his answer ready.

Yet he took his time nonetheless, swallowing and feigning nervousness of his own. He did not wish to seem the predator he was, so a modicum of false uncertainty was in his favour. Or rather, it was in both their favours, he thought, provided that he could keep the parasite from ripping her throat out mid-coitus. He believed he could. He'd had plenty of practice already, with Eve Jenkins, Hylota Vojona and her brother, all of which were still alive. His tattooed hands had come to rest loosely on her hips where she sat, straddling his hardness below the surface of the water - throbbing against her in what may just be the most honest answer he would give her. With their faces so close, he needn't raise his deep voice - reverberating in his chest and his breath still meeting hers.

"I... do not know," he told her, unhurriedly, and he looked her deep in her eyes as he said it. "I would never stray from my oath, you being my patient... yet somehow... something got into me... and I suppose it could be my nerves before the mission, compelling my otherwise denied needs to be answered."

He said this quietly before he raised one hand from her hip and brushed some wet hair out of her face - pale grey eyes unblinking as he looked into hers. "Yet if I were to be completely honest, and not analytical about it... I am am just a man beneath my coat, and I am very... very attracted to you."

Saying this, he leaned back to kiss her again, but not in a possessive way - only firm and passionate if she let him be. If she lingered with him.

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Eun Sae felt Lucan's hands slip down to her hips keeping her in place upon his lap. She had no doubts that if she wished she could just stand and walk away but his hands upon her felt like weights upon her keeping her planted in place. She didn't dare move away not out of fear but simply because some part of her her psyche wouldn't allow her to. She could feel his length pressing against her throbbing against her just aching for attention that she could give him. It was obvious what he wanted despite the fact that he wouldn't openly say it.

Though in a way it didn't need to be said the message was already quite clear. As he spoke she blushed as he looked deeply into her eyes she wanted to look away but once again her body failed to meet the demands of her mind. This couldn't be happening things like this didn't happen in real life. The events currently unfolding were more common in the romance dramas she watched in the privacy and safety of her quarters or in the isolated corners of the hangar bay or mess hall. Her eyes remained locked with his as he spoke trying to find some explanation for his actions pointing out reasons such as nerves or denied personal needs.

As he lifted his hand to brush a wet strand of her hair from her face she could only sit frozen she'd never admit it but this was all like fulfilling a fantasy. Eun Sae was often the type of girl that could hang out with her male crewmates and just fit in as one of the boys. But there was still that small desire that wished to be swept off her feet into the arms of a handsome man like she'd seen in so many holo-dramas from Korea. And right now that was exactly what was happening she was powerless to resist him she could feel her defenses failing her as she took in each and every word he spoke. And finally the words she truly craved passed his lips. It wasn't Love but Attraction was more than enough for her.

As he leaned in to capture her lips once more Eun Sae mustered her courage leaning forward to meet him mid-way shutting her eyes tightly as their lips met.

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Oh, how sweet it was when success found its way to him. Lucan felt his heat beat quicker in the elation of her responding to his seduction. He kissed her deeply, hands running through her wet hair where they sat in the shallow water.

Why was that it mattered so much to him this time, with his particular woman? He did not know, for certain, only able to say that he was immensely gratified that the technician had hurt her ankle a little, so that he might enjoy her intimacy. His thoughts happened to stray to Kisane, and he realised that she reminded him a bit about her. That was, of course, before she was raped and had her parents killed before her eyes - leaving her at a catatonic state and beyond his means to help her. Before he spent years learning the craft he needed to help her, only to find her put to death by the authorities in Envon. No, it still hurt, and he shied away from the idea of comparing Kisane to Eun Sae Ji. He would settle for finding a false sense of forgiveness for failing her, in the arms of another almost like her. He knew it to be a slippery slope, but he could not help but plunging down it anyway - soothing wounds that would never quite heal.

He took his time, kissing her thoroughly, until a point where he leaned away for feigned need of breath. Doing so, he met her eyes again, saw her bruised lips, and then let his pale grey eyes wander down her body. Slowly, as if seeking her permission, he looked her in the eye as she began to pull her top off her - baring her upper body to the lights of the emerald forest.

And as gentle as he was, he remained hard - pressed against the apex of her legs where she sat - and he became even harder in response to the way they'd kissed. It almost hurt, her sitting on his confined hardness, but he made no motion to signal any discomfort - entirely focused on making her live in the moment. Accepting what was about to happen, every step of the way.  And indeed, she let him bare her front to him, and while she shivered from being so exposed, Lucan warmed her with his kisses, which now sought her hardened peaks and damp skin. When he did, whatever doubts that still lingered fled from the technican.

Before too long, he had carried her to the bank of the lake, and shed the rest of her clothes. She moaned for him to take her, and he did, pushing inside her when she was on her back, and had her legs wrapped around his waist. The rest was a dance he knew well, and he found forgivness in her willing arms.


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