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Eun Sae felt Sten pull at the hem of the shirt she'd borrowed from him slowly bringing it higher until it got to the point where it could go no further. She parted their lips and raised her arms taking hold of the shirt's edges and removing it the rest of the way herself before throwing it aside. With the last barrier between the two of them removed Eun Sae wrapped her arms back around Sten's neck drawing him back in and bringing their lips together once more. She shifted her hips upon his lap letting his member rub against her. She could feel herself slowly getting wet as she felt his cock rub against her nether lips.

Eun Sae placed hands slid down to Sten's chest one of them sliding lower to take hold of Sten's shaft. She raised herself up a bit higher rubbing the head of Sten's member against her entrance. She took a deep breath taking a brief look up at Sten before lowering herself down slowly biting her lip as she felt him enter her a small mewl of pleasure sounding behind her lips.

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Once Eun Sae shed the undershirt and pressed herself back to him, Sten found his member growing even harder, if such was possible.  Part of him was amused.  There was a time when men his age would find it hard to get it up in the very first place.  However, modern medicine saw to it that medication to assist with the process in older men would no longer be necessary.  And he certainly was glad of those advances. 

A growl rose from his throat as he could feel his tip rubbing against the young woman's slender, warm body and then he felt it.  One had snaked down and got hold of his length and he could feel how she was moving his tip about, and then his growl turned into a gasp as his length slipped into her innermost, tight-gripping depths.

Once she'd sheathed him within her, Sten started to rock his hip beneath Ji.  She was so light, for him the movement was beyond easy.  But it certainly felt good!

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Sten's cock filled her easily her arms tightened around his neck as she felt every inch of him slide into her soaking wet love canal. She bit her lip as she even felt him stretch her a bit as she finally managed to lower herself completely onto his thick shaft. She kept her eyes closed for a moment trying to grow accustomed to Sten's sizable girth considering Sten was her first in such a long time the feeling was a bit foreign to the young technician. Her eyes snapped open as she felt Sten shift his hips.

The feeling of him moving against her drew a muffled moan from Eun Sae as she bit down on her lower lip as she felt his manhood shift against her inner walls his tip stirring up her depths. She looked toward Sten her cheeks reddening at the sound she'd just made. It really had been some time since she'd been with a man enough time that it almost made her feel like a virgin again.

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Eun Sae's own moan was matched by a gasp from the older man.  She was tight all right.  Part of him had distantly remembered that, but to be reminded in such a way was certainly a very pleasant process.  And when her arms went about his neck, he took it as leave to further the process they had just started.  While both his hands had started at her waist, he let one arm go about her naked back, steady against her spine, and the other slid up along her ribs. 

A callused thumb first brushed at the firm globe of her breast, its tip teasing at her nipple and then he fully cupped it and gave it a squeeze that was firm, neither rough nor gentle before he let his hips buck beneath her once more, his length sliding out then back into her depths.  Now the question was, would she start taking a more active role in the process?

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Feeling her Chief's thick piston moving up and down her inner walls, and how wet she was, it did serve as an ignition spark for her to start riding him on her own. Together, they were two parts of an engine, and while the piston in ancient machines moved on their own, they would get a lot more traction if she moved too. "I... I missed this," she confessed, perhaps with a bit of shame since it had not entirely been their own choices that made them do what they did before. Should they be grateful to that alien entity, enabling what happened between them now? She chose not to think of it that way. Regardless, it was a fleeting thought in the maelstrom of sensations running through her.

Oh, but how the crown of his piston felt good moving inside her, as if a compression ring was rubbing her warm channel. She could not help but grin a little in elation as she began to shift against his thrusts - grinding down against him with each slow thrust. The coarse hair on his chest teased her bare breasts too, and her hardened peaks scraped against his skin. If she was an engine being filled by his piston, her hot breath was her emissions - the outlet for her lest she'd be overheated. She whimpered in pleasure, sighed and moaned in answer to his every movement, and she became more bold in her own riding motions. She even started to gyrate her hips a bit, experimentally, as if testing an old gearbox. She had definitely shifted from neutral to the first gear, but she was ready for the next, and did so before too long - the motions she made in Sten's lap becoming more fluid and insistent.

"I'm..." she said, eyes widening as she felt something coming over her. It started betwixt her legs and then shot up her body, a sudden sensation that she knew, but not like she felt right then. It was so sudden, and so powerful, that she was taken by surprise. She let out an uninhibited cry of satisfaction as the first climax hit her, and it made her press down hard unto him - feeling his hardness more keenly as her body flexed and convulsed around him. She lost control of her breathing completely, and she came to claw his skin with her nails as she held on to him while the euphoria lasted. She did not mean to, but she couldn't help it, eyes rolling on the waves of pleasure.

It was but the first of her many blissful seizures that night, until they both drifted off - another day awaiting them in the Fighter Assault Bay.

A day unlike those before, now that they were on far more amiable terms in regard to what lay between them...


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