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"More then just shoes.  I'm just thankful for the modest dress code of Starfleet going down to underwear."  As far as underwear went, the only difference between a male and a female in Starfleet was that they were a bit shorter in the leg.  Boy shorts they had been called on 21st century earth, and he was considering it a blessing that he didn't wake up this morning in something much more scantily clad.  A woman who looked as good as Skye no doubt had some much more sexually enticing undergarments for when she was off duty.  If Kae had woken up this morning in her body and it had been a thong on her, he didn't know if he would have been able to handle walking in one of those.

"I just want you to know . . . I haven't looked."  he felt he should add that on, let Skye know that he hadn't been ogling her body like some hormone struck teenager.  The most he had seen of it was when she had been using his body to tease her breasts, and even then he only took the briefest of glances, nowhere near enough to truly perceive them.  He was of the opinion that a woman's body was something sacred, to be invited to witness, not something for stolen glances.  Maybe that was a bit of the religious nature in him that his mother tried to instill.

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Skye didn't have a shy bone in her body so she snickered, well Kae snickered.  "There's no telling what you could have woke up in but I'd drank quite a bit last night and didn't bother changing ... or completely undressing," she added with a wink.  She could well imagine how he'd have reacted if she were only wearing that little red g-string and nothing else.

"I just want you to know . . ."  That brought her attention straight to the eyes.  The next words brought a soft smile, not lewd or teasing but comforting.  "I wouldn't have minded if you did but thank you for being such a gentleman.  I wasn't nearly so well behaved I'm afraid but certain things require attention and I didn't want to have to clean up the bathroom," she added sheepishly.

Leaning in a little close, 'Kae' whispered to 'Skye'.  "For what it's worth, you've got nothing to be ashamed of my friend."  Easing back, hoping she hadn't embarrassed him too much.  "If you wouldn't mind taking a little time out now and then, I'd like to work on some weight training and a little more hand-to-hand with you.  I was lucky you were on Nimbus III and you could use your brain to take out that guy but there aren't always chandeliers available."

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Somehow, he knew that Skye wouldn't have minded, not only because she would have understood if he was in a similar situation as her with the bathroom, but because she had that level of comfort, of confidence, with her body.  Skye knew she looked good naked, knew both because she wasn't blind and because she had probably had men lined up around the block for a chance to be with her since she was eighteen.  Still, he was respectable, didn't want to steal a glance.  A proper gentleman accepted one when it was given, but he did not steal one.  The mention of him having nothing to be ashamed of, however, brought a blush to "Skye's" face.  He had never heard compliments about what he had to offer before, other then Rihen back on Nimbus III.  From a Risian, it just felt like flattery, but when Skye said it, it felt true, honest.

Nimbus III.  It brought up the situation in the bar, where brains had beat brawn with the use of a chandelier.  Skye was right that he was lucky it was there, that he found a way to use his intellect.  "I guess I never really had much use for muscles before.  If I'm going to be on more away missions like that one, maybe I should be learning what to do."  He was part Bajoran.  His mother's people fought a brutal war against the Cardassian occupation.  Maybe some of that fight was passed down to him, would serve him well in becoming a better man then he was currently, a man who could impress a woman like Skye with more then just intellect.

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Sometimes Skye could be honest to a fault.  She would put things out there that others would rather have their fingernails ripped off than say so when she had said that to Kae, it was bare honesty.  Everyone had a certain type of build they liked but she could appreciate many different types of men.

A sort of relieved look came over 'Kae's' face when he agreed he might need some more physical training.  "Don't get me wrong.  There's nothing wrong with being smart and figuring out something like that but if we'd been out in the desert they would have been all over us with nothing but our phasers and hands.  If my dear friend, Kae, is going to be going on away missions, I want him to have a few tricks up his sleeve."

She didn't think of it as a way for him to impress the ladies.  It was a way for him to protect himself because she thought he mattered and not just for his intelligence.  She was a Wolf for a reason, fierce determination and absolute loyalty.  The entire crew was her pack but there was an inner circle and Kae was finding out she included him in that small group and had even before this gender bender.

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"That was my first away mission," he admitted, though it was probably painfully obvious.  He had been so nervous during it, eyes always looking around for some sort of danger, not just from phaser fire or environmental disaster, but even just the stray bacteria which his immune system might not have been able to handle.  "Usually, the closest I would get to an away mission is being the transporter chief when necessary.  I know the only reason I was there was because I was the only engineer who could be spared during the repairs, that I would be able to identify and check all the parts that the engineering department had requested.  If a more senior officer would have been available, it would have been him or her going rather then me."  Coming from Skye, his words seemed so wrong.  He was timid, shy, everything that the rough and tumble Skye Carver hadn't been in quite a long time, if she ever was.  It was a docile Skye, a gentle Skye.  In many ways, it was quite attractive, albeit a departure from the woman that Skye herself had become.

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"It may have been your first away mission but you handled it beautifully," 'Kae' said with a tone that fairly rang with pride.  "We're all up to our ears in mess right now but you took that opportunity and came back to the ship with a helluva lot more than they wanted and quite cleverly bent the rules.  Give yourself the credit you deserve.  You ..."  'Kae' beeped 'Skye's' nose and raised an eyebrow with that look like "don't even think about arguing with me."

It was Kae looking confident, challenging, almost cocky, perhaps just as perplexing for Kae to see but hopefully he would like how that looked on him.  That could really be him if only he would let himself, would stop being afraid of germs and not measuring up to others.  Skye believed in him, of that he had no doubts.  "... are intelligent, resourceful, compassionate, and altogether too cute for your own good.  Stop selling yourself short because you are a total package, someone who is a great friend and could be more with just about anyone if you let yourself."

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"You were pretty amazing too on Nimbus III."  Maybe it didn't seem that way to Skye, who had spent all of her time laying in a hospital bed, but Kae would remember the bar fight, how she fought to hold on, to not die then and there.  A wound as rough as she had gotten could have been the end of her, yet here she was.  She had paid a price when she lost one of her ovaries, but that she was already back on active duty after what she went to was a testament to her toughness.  "A admire all you accomplished down there, Skye.  I don't know how much you could see, but even when you were injured, there were still people who didn't look like they wanted to mess with you.  It was like drawing blood only made you something more frightening to them, just because of your refusal to lay down and die, like others would have.  You showed a lot of spirit."

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"Mom always did say I was full of piss and vinegar," 'Kae' chuckled but there was no real mirth in the eyes.  "Getting hurt's just part of the job sometimes but ... I feel like I failed on that mission.  I got careless and as a result I wasn't able to watch out for you and the doc the rest of the time.  If they'd had decent medical equipment down there it wouldn't have been a big deal, coulda been up and running again after a night."

Drinking down the last of the coffee, that almost shamed expression lingering, 'Kae' looked at 'Skye' and sighed.  "I wasn't so worried about the doc.  That ones got a mean streak in him," came very hushed tones.  "I caught him looking at me once and I swear I expected him to throttle me but why I haven't a clue.  You though, when I woke up and you were gone ... I was terrified something bad had happened to you and I was ready to rip things to shreds to find you."

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"After seeing what you went through on Nimbus III, I knew I couldn't just sit around.  You protected us, and got hurt for it, and you were gonna spend the rest of the mission laying in that hospital bed.  I figured the sooner I could complete the mission, the sooner we could get you back aboard the ship."  It was sort of sweet.  Kae was basically saying he tried harder for Skye's sake.  They were fellow crewmen, and when she had done her part, he knew he had to do his.  "I know you probably don't have much respect for some of the stuff I did there," he was of course referring to Rihen, who had made quite a spectacle of herself when Skye and Lucan had arrived to meet with him, "But I completed the mission as capably as I could.  You got back here, safe and healthy . . . for the most part."

She had lost an ovary in the fight.  Part of him wondered if maybe it could have been saved if something had gone differently.  If he'd been able to fight too, would he have been able to help her, help avoid Skye's injury in the first place?  Maybe it didn't bother her now, but if the day she ever wanted to have kids came, that would prove to add difficulty to her situation.  Would she look back on the away mission with regrets when that happened?

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Skye could read between the lines and rested both arms on the table, giving Kae her full attention.  "I hold nothing but the utmost respect for you and what you did on Nimbus.  Hell the way she acted I'm surprised you managed to get what we needed let alone all the extra stuff.  I'd say you certainly went above and beyond the call of duty, my friend."

The mouth twitched, obviously Skye was thinking about saying something lewd but fighting herself to behave.  "I didn't much like her was the problem.  She's the type that uses and cares mostly about her own satisfaction.  Maybe it's 'cause I feel protective of you but I wanted you to have an experience better than just gettin' a little and giving a whole lot, not a fair trade so to speak."

"I'm glad you didn't get hurt though.  She could easily have lured you down, made sure you did all the mods needed, and then killed you.  No one was there with you to watch your back while you did all that repairing ... I was not there.  It doesn't matter you didn't get hurt, the fact was you could have and I failed to do my part.  It hurts even worse now that we're really good friends.  My life wouldn't be nearly as good without you in it, you know.

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"It was good for me.  I made it through an entire away mission with breaking in two.  No sickness, no injuries . . . I think I needed that."  He would have noted that he even managed to get some experience with an organic, but that didn't seem like proper talk, especially when they decided to call this breakfast a date, especially when Skye admitted to not liking Rihen much.  Skye had given him some experience too, showed him the female perspective when a part of the intimate dance.  Just the thought of that had him blushing, something he tried uickly to hide before she picked up on it.

He was about to distract himself with breakfast when he took a look and found both their plates empty.  The two of them had been casually eating while talking, the plates running out of food without them even noticing.  "I guess . . . breakfast is over.  That means we should be trying to find out what's going on."  Kae tried the combadge, but couldn't get in contact with either the doctor or the Captain.  Finally, he was patched into Commander Rez , who explained their case wasn't the most unusual she had seen on board.  The Trill commander had been divided in different bodies for each of her former hosts, while Skye's direct superior, Miles Renard, had also been split between the different forms of his Vulpinian nature.  The ship was in disarray, leaving no clue how to proceed.

As the call came to an end, he looked to Skye, or rather to "Kae" with an uneasy look.  "Looks like our situation is just one of many.  At least it means it wasn't something that affected us down on Nimbus III . . . unless we brought it back with us."

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'Kae' started to grin.  "I'm still going to get you to go tromping through some mud puddles with me some day," said with a finger wag and a hearty laugh.  She didn't know if Kae had ever laughed a lot but there was certainly a happy sound through his vocal cords.

Looking down at the plate, Skye realized she'd eaten about twice what she normally did and she was still hungry.  "Damn ... you got a decent stomach inside of you.  I'll be right back with some peaches."  Again Kae would see those hips start to sway in quite a feminine way, the fingers of the left hand snapping as if to a tune.

Sitting back down then kicking back while scooping out bites of the rich fruit, 'Kae' listened to the report and the head rolled back.  "Awwww mannnnn.  This is bullshit.  If this is what I get for my ovary, I want it back."  Realizing belated again she was in a man's body, a snort and then another belly laugh erupted though 'Kae' was trying to look apologetic.

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"Look on the bright side.  It isn't just us with problems right now."  It was a small consolation, but misery did indeed love company.  It also meant that they didn't have to feel more like freaks because of the situation, as who knew what else was happening on-board that hadn't been reported.  Theirs could have been one of the more normal cases for all they knew.

"So, we know we are stuck like this with no real explanation for how it happened.  If there's nothing we can do to fix it . . . what are we going to do?"  In their current state, they couldn't easily fulfill their duties.  Sure, Kae could have taken Skye's body to work, but after years of typing keys in his own body, a new set of fingers might prove a handicap.  The same could said of Kae's body for Skye, not possessing her hand-eye coordination or sharp reflexes for piloting a Valkyrie.  That effectively made him unfit for duty, and forced them to, as humans would say, take a sick day.

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"True that," 'Kae' said but grumped a little anyway.  "We're sort of stuck aren't we?  In more than one way.  I'm not used to your body so I really can't do my normal job.  I should report to Miles and let him know of our mix up.  At least he'll understand.  I guess we just sort of take a holiday?  Maybe just kick back and have some fun?"

That smile quirked up again.  "Mud puddles," came the teasing whisper.  "Or ... maybe we could use the holodeck for some rock climbing.  I could teach you if you don't already know," she offered.  It sort of felt like being a kid again and playing hookie from school though they would of course check in with their superiors first.

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"From what Commander Rez said, you might have some trouble getting in contact with your own commanding officer."  Edena had been talking to Miles, who also reported experiencing a split of his own.  Even if Skye did contact him, which one would she have gotten?  Perhaps it was better to just consider themselves on a sick day and just move on with it.

"The holodeck?" That was his comfort zone.  Within the confines of that virtual space, he left safe, secure.  It was enough to make him feel comfortable trying just about anything Skye wanted to do there.  "I've never tried rock climbing before.  Seen a few holo-novels which included it, but can't say I've experienced it, on location or in the holodeck.  Is it hard?"

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"I could always blame it on temporary insanity I suppose," 'Kae' said and then snerked.  "Only problem is most people think I'm always insane."  She figured with all the mix ups he was right and they should just go about their business.  "I just hope they really don't need me out there before we figure out how to get us back to normal."

She knew by that look she'd hit on something good for Kae and given he was in her body, it would make rock climbing a lot easier for him.  She just had to worry about herself in the weaker form.  Not that he was puny ... she was just used to her more bulky self.  "It's not always easy but we'll start out with the easier setting and of course the safety protocols will be on ... I seriously don't want to be an idiot and get your body hurt."

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"Well, I'll be counting on my instructor to walk me through it then," kae agreed, as they parted from the galley and headed to the holodeck.  The first one they tried was sealed, obviously already occupied.  No matter, they just moved on to the next one, where Skye was able to tell the computer which program to run.  It would result in the basic training program, starting with an indoor rock wall, where he could learn the basics of putting on the safety gear and practice on a straightforward wall only twelve feet high.  After he had the basics, Skye could activate any number of programs she had, covering all the best known rock climbing locations in the Alpha Quadrant.

Following her instructions, Kae set up his harness, adjusting it to the ideal tightness for each strap, while Skye had to learn what was the best setting for a guy, no doubt finding her first guess to be a bit too cramped between the legs.  Once set up, the rope's carabiner was hooked into their d-ring, providing their controlled fall if they lost their grip.  "So we just . . . climb?"

((How useful that the climbing equipment share so many common terminology with safety equipment I use for work lol))

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"My mother loved teaching people to climb and probably hoped I'd stick around and keep it going when she couldn't.  Loved to fly too much though," 'Kae' said as they strode along.  "She always thought I was fearless but there were a few times things got a bit scary, especially when I was a lot younger."

Ordering the program and stepping inside, it was definitely not an easy thing getting all the equipment in place.  At one point Kae would see his own face go a bit crosseyed and a long breath blown out as straps were adjusted ... along with a few mumbled curses that weren't quite understandable.  Standing a bit spraddle-legged, the hips waggled as if letting things settle into place.

When 'Skye' looked ready, 'Kae' nodded.  "Pretty much and just make sure to keep your line straight," he instructed and started leading the way, showing hand and foot holes along the way though for Skye even the easy setting was a bit of a challenge though not just about strength.  The longer arms and legs certainly took a bit of adjustment.

(Oh hush you!  I have no idea what I'm doing here!  *laughing*)

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Kae pressed his hand against the first hold, and after a few hesitant motions, lifted Skye's foot onto the first hold from the ground.  The other hand went a little higher then the first, the same for the second foot.  He was on the wall now, though it had been quite a long time since Skye Carver looked quite so uncertain on a climbing rope.  "There's no chance the ropes are gonna fail . . . right?"  After getting some reassurance, he started to climb, impressed with how easily Skye's developed muscles pulled her body weight.  This was a woman who didn't have trouble performing push-ups, pull-ups, or any number of physical exercises.  He envied her a bit, realizing how she was strong yet graceful, physically powerful yet still so beautiful.

He kept climbing, each step getting a little longer the farther up they went.  He kept glancing down, where the height began to unnerve him.  It was weird to think that just six feet off the ground could be so paralyzing, but all he could think was if he lost a hold and the rope didn't catch him, there was a risk of broken bones upon impact.  It wasn't just his life that was played with, but Skye's health.  What if he got her injured in a way that ruined her career?  Sure they had safety protocols in place, but did that cover a fall?  That wasn't the holograms hurting him, but himself causing his own injury.  Him causing her injury.

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This wasn't as easy as before but Skye was determined to, perhaps, show Kae that he could to more.  He had decent strength and agility and she was proving with his body that if he just believed in himself he could truly start experiencing life.  Looking back, there was a cocky expression on Kae's face.  "Don't worry, I put in the extra safety and if one of us does fall, it will be onto a nice big puffy cushion.  You're my buddy and I'm gonna keep you safe," she promised.

Now and then Skye would look back on herself to make sure things were alright, calling down to ask if Kae needed to stop or keep going.  "You're doing really good," Kae said with obvious admiration that the mind was determined.  Once they were at the top, a good distance up by all appearances, Skye contemplated something and once her body was up addressed the mind inside.  "Feel like being a little daring?" Kae asked with a little wriggle of the nose.  "You can either climb down or we can just freefall a bit."

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As Kae finally reached the top, he was grabbing tight, pulling himself up more like a toddler into a chair then the season-hardened rock climber that was Skye Carver's body.  He laid face up, not bothering to look down at the ground, at how far up they can come.  Skye's chest was beating heavily, prompting Kae to put a hand there and feel the racing heart.  It was a reminder of those big, fleshy pillows that Skye had.  Damn they were some of the finest breasts he had ever known.  How strange it felt to be in temporary ownership of them.  "I thought I . . . already was being daring," he said, panting in the middle of the sentence.

He sat himself up and felt the vertigo the second he saw the ground.  In his mind, they were at least twice as high, his point of view stretching the distance to the crash pad below.  Looking up at Skye, lighting up his face with a mischievous grin, Kae dropped Skye's jaw.  "You aren't suggesting what I think you are, are you?"  Of course she was.  Skye Carver knew no fear, especially when she had as much control over it as the safety protocols of the holodeck allowed her.

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'Kae' was smirking, watching that hand twitch as if ready to fondle the breast.  He was such a gentleman though that he wouldn't do that or stand in front of a mirror topless shimmying for all he was worth just for the sheer fun of it all ... at least not in front of her.  "You are being daring, enough to get that heart racing and make you breathless but trust me that body's used to a lot more."

As 'Skye' sat up and looked over the edge ... eyes nearly bulging out like a cartoon character, the mischief only seemed to grow stronger in 'Kae'.  "Yes indeedie I am," 'Kae' almost crowed.  "C'moooonnnnnn .... it'll be fun and I'll even hold your hand," came the teasing-pleading sing-songing words.  Then there was a wicked grin.  "I dare ya ... no ... I double dog dare ya."  Standing up, 'Kae' unhooked the cable and held out a hand to 'Skye' with a saucy wink.

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He looked up at her, that strong confidence in Skye reflected upon his own face.  She was so sure of herself, and it was intoxicating.  "Next time, we do something I want to do," he said weakly, as he took her hand and stood up, mere inches away from the edge.  He held tight to her hand, as though they were about to fly, but he would only fall if he lost his connection to her.  It was a dizzying feeling to be up there, yet Skye kept him grounded.  ironic, considering she was the one trying to get him off the ground.

"If anything bad happens . . . you owe me," he told her, making her agree to that.  What he would use that favor for, he didn't know, but he felt like having that in the air would make sure that no harm came to either of their bodies.

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"Of course next time is your idea," 'Kae' replied.  "That's only fair after all."  He took her hand, or she took his hand ... damn this was still so freaky!  Still Skye was proud of him, willing to step out of his comfort zone.  "Computer ... make sure there's extra cushioning at the bottom for the free fall," she ordered just to give him a little more security.

Once 'Skye' was unhooked and both their bodies were clear of the rigging, 'Kae' walked back a few steps still holding 'Skye's' hand and then turned back to the edge.  "Alright, a few running steps and move like you're diving into water.  The only way we might get hurt is if you pull up at the last moment and we don't control the fall.  I'd rather not smack into the side but if you get too scared, just tell the computer to end the program."

The most they would endure would be a drop of about five feet ... probably a belly flop that wouldn't feel great but they certainly wouldn't ge injured.  Kae would be able to experience something thrilling yet was still perfectly safe, something Skye was doing her best to ensure.  "On the count of three we go ... one ... two ... three!"  'Kae' squeezed 'Skye's' hand and took off, leaping off the edge without hesitation.

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As they jumped, Kae remembered coming to the brief conclusion that Skye must have been at least partially insane.  Who else but a crazy person would throw themselves off a high place just for the sake of excitement?  He knew there were plenty of people who sought those thrills in life, but Skye was the only one he had ever truly met who fit the description.  Whatever his thoughts, they became shelved as the ground approached rapidly, the few seconds of free-falling giving weigh as they fell on the padded floor.  Safe and sound, just as she said they would be, but Kae's heart, or Skye's heart more accurately, was pounding like a jack hammer.

"Prophets save me," he said with an uneasy laugh, as his hand came to feel the surging force of Skye's heart again.  The uneasy laugh turned into a more hearty one, as though releasing it all might help stabilize the overstimulated body.  She was crazy, and he was going to tell her just that.  "You . . . are . . ."  but he didn't finish.  Instead, he only caught the reflection of Skye's face in his own eyes.  Her face was glowing with excitement.  It made her all the more beautiful.  Skye was truly like a bird in the way she flew.  She was only free when the skies were open to her.  Theurgy was a cage she could come home to, the Valkyrie her wings.  He understood her much better now.  She wasn't crazy.  She just lived what was the right way for her.

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