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EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Skye/Kae]

Lin Kae woke up after another long night of overtime.  His shift had ended at 1900 hours, but he found himself sitting at his desk with a PADD until well after 0300.  With the computer set to wake him at 0700 for another shift in the Holodeck control center working on subroutines for Thea, he was paying for that long night now.  Stretching out as he sat up, the sound that escaped him was one he hardly recognized.  A Yawn, sure, but not like any yawn he had ever given out.  He ran a hand across his head, stopped by the sudden realization that there was far more hair on his head then should have been.  He traced it all the way down to her shoulders, where he wore a tank top.  Weird.  He never wore a shirt when he went to bed.  Looking down, he also didn't remember having breasts last night.

"What the fuck?"  He spoke in a voice that wasn't his own, but he knew it.  No, it couldn't have been.  "Computer, lights!"  He rushed for the bathroom, looking into the mirror at a face that wasn't his own.  The face looking back at him was none other then Skye Carver.

"Shit shit shit shit . . ." he cursed repeated as he searched through Skye's quarters for her com badge, finally locating it on her bedside dresser.  "Li - Skye Carver to . . . Lin Kae?"  She wasn't sure how the hell to say it, but he hoped that it connected him to his own combadge, that he might get an answer that wasn't completely insane.  Maybe this was all just a bad dream.  Sure, he would feel stupid when he woke up, but he might as well play through with it.  If it was a dream . . . he definitely couldn't tell Skye about it!

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She had a day off with nothing to do until late morning so Skye had stayed up half the night knocking back a few drinks and dancing around with some of the crew, some of the other pilots in particular.  The girls were rough and tumble and she'd bonded a little more with them all, helping ease that bit of unease she had whenever she was alone.

Stumbling a little into her room, she'd barely pulled off the uniform and had flopped in the bed in her tank and panties then promptly went to sleep.  Oh how hard she slept and without a sexual work out!  Then something started disrupting her slumber ... but ... it sounded like she was calling to herself.  "Nooooooo more tequila," she said with a hand on her face.

"Li - Skye Carver to . . . Lin Kae?"  "What the hell?" she said and it registered her voice was about half an octave deeper.  Shooting up out of the bed, thighs clamped together and suddenly there was a searing pain that knocked the wind out of her.  When she reached down the realization burned through the hangover headache that she was holding a penis and testicles.

"Hooooooolyshitmotherfuckerthathurtsrealbad," came across the link as Skye in Kae's body groaned.  "Please tell me ... this is ... a very sick joke," came Kae's very strained voice.  When she tried to stand, she was still holding the package out terrified she rack herself again.  "How the hell do you walk with these things and ... damn I gotta piss!"

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"If it's a joke, it's on both of us," He responded, looking down at Skye's chest and feeling a sudden discomfort running through . . . her spine.  "Does your back always hurt this much?"  Skye was well endowed, and that left strain on her back that Kae wasn't entirely prepared to deal with.  At least it was better then the discomfort she had to deal with between her legs, or his legs at least.  Adjusting to having your sex organs on the outside rather then the inside must have been easier then the other way around.

"Just . . . stay there and I'll be right over," He said, pulling on Skye's uniform from the other night, squeezing into her top before heading out the door and walking at a brisk pace towards his quarters.  The rubbing of her thighs left an unexpected feeling, one that made him walk much more carefully from that point on.  Within five minutes, he had arrived at his quarters, hitting the door chime to be allowed in by Skye.  He had a feeling that she would be in the same situation as her, requiring the need to see the other to truly believe that the unbelievable had truly happened.

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Kae's face screwed up in confusion.  "Sometimes I get twinges between my shoulder blades.  Maybe I slept wrong," she offered.  Standing there holding a semi-hard penis, a bit of a snicker erupted.  "See you in a few," she agreed and walked carefully into the bathroom.

When her body with him inside walked into his quarters, there was a very deep yet feminine giggle going on in the bathroom.  "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie," was the muttering along with the mirth.  "So this is what it's like, huh?  No wonder you guys walk like your pants are full ... because they are, just not what I originally thought."

Walking out while drying hands, Kae/Skye looked at the other and sort of stalked around and paused behind the female body.  "Damn my ass is fine, those work outs paid off."  Back around front, the amusement was quickly leaving.  "Alright, silly time over.  If we're both experiencing this, then it must be real."  Skye poked her own boob for emphasis, seeing if Kae would react.  "And that means ... something's playing with us."

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Kae's, or more accurately Skye's face twitched at the sight of his own body leaving the bathroom.  It was just the concept that Skye had seen him down there, personal barriers being destroyed by this unexpected change in their situation.  Then, Skye commented about the quality of her own backside, currently serving as his rear end, and he suddenly felt a combination of self-consciousness and embarrassment.  It was only furthered when she reached out and pressed his finger against her own breast, sending a shiver cascading through the body he found himself in.  "You're taking this too well," he said, her voice coming out like a squeak.  Had Skye ever been as self-conscious about her own body as he was being for it?  There were far too many experiences that were foreign to him, but Skye was enjoying herself.

"Okay, let's just try and think through things logically.  The last time the two of us even interacted was during the Nimbus III away mission.  Did anything happen down there that would explain why this happened?"  It had been a few days since that mission, yet this only happened now.  Had something gone on that might have triggered the switch?  "Since I've gotten back, my routine has always been the same.  I work my proper shift, put in some extra time in the Holodeck control room, and then I sleep.  Did you do anything yesterday different from usual?  Anything that might have triggered something dormant from Nimbus III?"

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There was a bit of a compassionate yet firm look on Kae's face as a hand went to his hip and weight was put on that side, giving him a feminine air.  "We're Starfleet so we're supposed to take things well," was the pragmatic response.  "Can't say I'm happy getting switched like this but I'm not ready to freak out just yet."

The body began to move in that feminine stalking sort of way, probably further upsetting the young mind inside of her own body because it was so effeminate.  "Like you, nothing's changed in my schedule other than I'm putting more hours in on the holodeck for training.  I actually partied a bit last night, a little different but I'm trying to get to know more people on board."

It felt strange to shake her head without the usual swish of her hair and the hand went up to the chest, patting and the expression was one of consternation at the missing mounds.  "I spent nearly the entire time in that damn clinic so unless Lt. Jenkins did something to me besides surgery I can't think of anything that affected me."

Those eyes narrowed just like Skye's normally did when she thought about the engineer on the planet.  "You were with that woman for a couple of days.  Maybe she did more than dip your wick."  Suddenly a look of pure disgust took over Kae's features and there was a moment of feminine shimmying.  "Ewwwww ... I'm in a body that did the nasty with that woman!"

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"She was a . . . perfectly nice person."  Kae responded defensively, taking a bit of offense to Skye's opinion of the Risian engineer he had spent some time working with and, yes, sleeping with.  He didn't make a habit of it.  Really, she was the first organic woman he had ever been with, most of his romances (and they were romances) being with holographic women.  Kae always worried about his immune system, never took risks with any sort of potential disease, and that included STDs, not that such a thing had truly been a common issue in hundreds of years, thanks to top notch medical care coming in lieu of Starfleet medical uniting experts in all manner of health-related problems.

"Besides, why the disgust towards me?  How do I know you you've been with?"  That was murky territory.  He had never seen a holo-novel go well once a man suggested a woman was sleeping around.  Skye was tough, and maybe he was in her body now, but she still had all the skills to knock him down even with his frail, underdeveloped frame.  He had to quickly backpedal to get out of trouble there.  "Let's just . . . focus on the origin.  It was most likely Nimbus III.  It's the only time we had extended interaction.  So let's think.  Was there anything that both of us did there in common?  Any food or drink or . . . anything?"

It was no use, there was nothing that would explain why this happened.  If it was that simple, there would have been more then just them experiencing problems when they visited Nimbus III.  Kae brought a hand to Skye's chin as he pondered, so lost in thought he hardly seemed to notice how much he was playing with her bottom lip, running her finger across it almost like he was caressing her.  It was a comforting motion to him, enough that it was making her nipples stand on end, again without him noticing.

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Skye felt her ire rising and a hand clenched into a fist, the urge to punch strong for the off-handed remark but she was looking at her own body and ended up just stamping a foot indignantly.  "I didn't mean ... not disgusted with you ... it's just ... I'm straight and I didn't like her the minute I laid eyes on her so ... ah hell never mind," Kae's arms flipped up in surrender.

They went over their mission to Nimbus III with a fine tooth comb and while they were both there, pretty much the entire time she'd been resting on that damn medical bed while Eve and Lucan seemed to try every damn position possible and Kae had just confirmed without saying that he had been fucking the Risan.  The lips pressed together in a tight line as she didn't say anything about either couple.  It was their own business after all and she'd never gossip about her crewmates.

Turning back to say something, Skye was a little shocked at the way her lips were being caressed and Kae's mouth fell open.  "Well that's something I didn't realize," she said in Kae's voice.  Kae's eyes had dropped to Skye's chest and then the arms crossed over the flat chest.  "Didn't know touching my lips like that would cause that kind of reaction.  Are they tingling?"  In spite of everything it had made her curious what he felt but then those eyes went wide with horror as Kae's body responded with a very obvious reaction.  "Oh no ... no you don't," she snapped but she wasn't looking at Skye anymore.  Instead, Kae seemed to be looking at his own erection, wagging a finger at it as if it were a naughty puppy.  "Down ... go ... back ... down!"

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Kae noticed it when it was brought to his attention, how Skye's perky breasts were currently seeing a handstand by her equally cute nipples.  Instantly, his hand came away from her lips, not even realizing that he had caused that.  He had just been thinking about how nice her lips felt, making it more likely he caused it with arousal then it being some secret, sensitive spot of hers.  He was left speechless as Skye was asking questions, trying to understand what he was experiencing.  From how fascinated she was, maybe she had missed her calling by not becoming a medical officer.  Of course, it would have been a waste of a damn good pilot of she had.

Then she noticed her own reaction, the stiffening of his member in response to seeing a pair of nipples standing erect.  Kae actually managed to chuckle a little, even though his voice was still sounding more female then male.  Unlike Skye, who had mastered getting his voice a few decibels higher, she still sounded very much like a soft spoken version of the female pilot.  "So much for you being straight.  Looks like you have no problem getting a hard on from your own body . . . that's got to be pretty perverted."  It felt good to turn the tables a bit.  Since the discovery of their situation, he felt like Skye was having too much fun, some of it at his expense.

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The look of shock and the bright flush on the cheeks were sure to delight the man in her own body.  "That's NOT me!" she protested and doubled up her fist, lashing out quicker than Kae probably ever could but the punch on the arm barely registered to Kae in Skye's body.  To make matters worse, Skye in Kae's body yelped and shook her hand frantically.  "Owwwwww ... that was so pitiful and it hurt."

Turning around so she wasn't looking at herself, she willed that erection to go away but it persisted.  "Snow down my pants ... old Winston trying to shake his wrinkled old money maker ... sitting on a whoopie cushion ..." she chanted with hands on each side of the face.  "And you can't talk about being perverted.  You like the way they tingle, don't you?  Bet you're just wanting to whip off those clothes and feel away."

Peeking over the shoulder, there was a bit of a smirk as the hands went to the backside and started kneading at Kae's buttocks.  "Not bony at least, not bad at all really," she said trying to turn the tables back on him.  He was so shy she figured he'd be mortified and they could get back to trying to figure out what was going on, so she made a little hip thrust and then gyrated his hips.

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Kae listened to Skye's attempts to give herself a mental cold shower with some amusement, but as she grabbed his butt, he was left with his smile slipping away from his face.  She was trying to get even with him now, trying to get things back to him being the uncomfortable one.  Damn, and he just turned the tables on her such a short time ago.  With a defiant smirk, he grabbed her own rear end, though quickly found that had backfired on him.  She could have told from his face he didn't expect to enjoy that much, the firmness, the fullness, the roundness of her, quite frankly, perfect ass.

He started to worry that maybe Skye was right.  Maybe he did just wanna strip down, take in the sight of her body, let his hands, or more accurately her hands, explore every little treasure trove of flesh.  Thankfully her nipples were already standing, or they would have been at the sad realization of how right she was.  This was counter productive.  Their focus should have been on fixing the problem . . . but how?  There was no way to explain it, so how could have have undone the issue?

A distraction.  He needed a distraction.  Bypassing Skye, he reached to his dresser drawer and pulled out a medical tricorder.  He had always carried one since his immune system had grown strong enough for him to leave his sterile environment.  He was cautious of possible infections, always afraid that his system might one day fail him.  As a result, he checked himself out twice a day, one in the morning, and once at night.  Today, the tricorder would see some use as he scanned both his original body as well as Skye's.  "Nothing out of the ordinary.  Even our brain chemistry is as it should be.  Whatever caused this is so perfect that it's like we just . . . switched selves.  Biologically, we're exactly how we are supposed to be . . . oh hell."  Skye's head would tilt back as Kae stared up at the ceiling, seeing something in her medical scan he didn't exactly like.

"You're ovulating?"  That would have explained why he body was so easily excited, and to an extent, why her mind in Kae's body was also so worked up.  Even if she wasn't in her body, she was set to a certain biological clock.  Her hormones made her act a certain way, and now he had to suffer for it while he was switched with her.

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So her plan started to work, the smile was leaving and she figured now they'd start talking technobabble.  Well, he would while she nodded and agreed probably not knowing half of what he was saying.  But then he smirked and grabbed her ass.  "Uhh!" came the deeper tone of indignancy and then Skye turned to face herself, arms akimbo with shoulders back showing her mental cold shower had utterly failed.

Then there was that look, the look of liking what he felt and Skye could see the wheels turning.  "Don't you dare," she whispered but thankfully he seemed to think of something else and dashed to the dresser.  "You have your own personal tricorder?"  Then she thought of how he tried to keep things so sterile and it made sense which in turn had her peeking around to see the readouts as he explained.

"Ovulating?  But I take shots for birth control so ... oh hell.  Shit shit shit.  I was supposed to go for that check up before the mission but I sort of forgot because of Scosche ..."  Well there was a revelation of at least one guy she'd been with very recently, the celebrity gymnast who was now starting training in security.  "Wait ... I only have one ovary now.  You sure that thing's right?"

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"Don't worry, your body is in a state in which you can't get pregnant, but it doesn't change the fact that your body is going through hormonal changes."  Modern medicine had found a way to put birth control in effect without affecting hormones, long considered an issue on earth and among other races.  While it meant that mood swings and other such issues were solved, it also meant that the feelings that came around ovulation time were still present.  Skye's body couldn't get pregnant, but it didn't change the fact that some primal part of her wanted to, making her body react certain ways.  If anything, it likely explained any heightened state of friskiness she might have been experiencing the past few days.

"No wonder you're so horny," he muttered, crossing Skye's arms as he realized that applied to both her brain I his body as well as her actual body.  He soon pulled her arms apart as the sensation of pressure against her breasts had a  bad effect.  God, he felt like he was standing on a landmine, ready to go off if he made a wrong move.  Was this what women experienced around that stage of their cycle?  Or was he just falling victim to it even worse then she would have simply because it was all so new to him.

"By the Prophets, will you tell me how to fix this?  How do I make this stop?"

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"Oh thank the Maker," 'Kae' breathed out with obvious relief.  "That does explain the last couple of days though.  Things have been busy and last night was the first chance I got to blow off some steam but none of the guys around were interested ..."

"No wonder you're so horny."  A surprised snort left Kae's nose as Skye had never really thought he'd say anything like that but it proved he had potential.

"So what if I am horny?!  Just means I'm healthy and ... dammit," she grumbled as the part of Kae that had finally started to droop sprang back up.  "How the fuck to you live with this thing?  It's really like it does have a mind of its own."

It was quite embarrassing and she was starting to see why so many of the younger men sometimes blushed and stammered and even ran out of the room.  "Stop it?" she questioned and then snorted.  "It's not easy and unlike men, dunking yourself if cold water doesn't work.  Sometimes you just have to wait it out and get completely distracted in something else or find someone to help ... or literally take matters into your own hand."

Unable to stop herself, she reached down and tried to press the erection against the abdomen with a bit of pressure hoping it would sort of hurt and go away but the feel of the palm of her hand cupping around the shaft was not painful.  "Geeze Omicron," came the strangled words and stepping a little high, the body turned back away.  "You're a sensitive little bugger ... well, not so little," she said clearing his throat.

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Literally take matters in hand.  That was quite an idea, though he didn't know whether to say it was a good one or a bad one.  Kae did find himself staring down at Skye's hand, it trembling under the thought.  He couldn't do that.  It wasn't his body.  If he touched her, it would be no different then forcing himself upon Skye when she could not defend herself.  What kind of man would he be if he did something like that?

He broke from the thought when he heard Skye talking, turning to see she had turned her, or his, back.  With a curiosity, Kae stepped around to get a look at what she was doing, finding Skye pressing his erection tight against his body.  She was touching him, even went so far as to make a comment about his size.  "What are you doing?"  He sounded even more feminine then usual at that point, Skye's sultry voice almost a squeal of disbelief that his body was being abused in such a fashion.

"Just calmed down and stop touching it!"  He grabbed her hands, pulled them away from his member, pinning them like his body had been cuffed.  The result put him close, Skye's bosom pressed into his chest.  It didn't do much for his own futile efforts to fight off Skye's biological urges, and doubted it did much for his hard-on if Skye was thinking about how her breasts felt squished up against Kae's body.  "Don't think about it!  Think soothing thoughts.  Waterfalls . . . babbling brooks . . . beaches."

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When she heard her voice almost cracking, asking what she ... he ... was doing, she startled but then strong hands grabbed her ... his ... wrists and the eyes widened.  Skye knew she was strong though not nearly as strong as a lot of others.  It was quite a shock to be in such a weak body though, feeling the muscles bunch to try to get out of that grasp and unable to do so.

"I wasn't doing what you think ... just trying to make it stop," Skye spluttered.  The more her own body rubbed up against Kae's, the stronger certain urges seemed to surge and his suggestion of soothing things were far from soothing.  "Dammit not those things.  Do you know how awesome it is to fuck in the water?  To feel the water running over your body or how easy it is float down onto ... "  The there was a groan in obvious frustration.

The eyes of Kae's body were hazy with lust, the inability to control the urges in a body oh so different from her own making it hard to breathe.  "Okay, this is getting ridiculous and it's starting to hurt not to mention there's no way in hell we can try to go to sickbay or contact anyone.  Have you ever ... masturbated?"  She believed just about every guy did but Kae seemed so innocent.

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As she described how the soothing thoughts of water just brought different, far more sensual things to her imagination, he began to question if there was a word he could say that she couldn't even loosely associate to sex.  As he feared, even separated from her ovulating body, Skye's mind was still focused on recreational procreation.  It was the mindset she was in.

The sudden shift in topic left him stammering.  Masturbation?  How did things shift towards that?  "I-I-I . . . don't think I have to answer that!"  Any guy who could be so defensive and so nervous at the same time undoubtedly had masturbated in the past.  It was perfectly normal, though still not something people usually admitted to freely.  The fact that Skye was bringing it up now surely meant that things could swiftly turn even more awkward for him, depending on what she was trying to suggest.  "Why are you asking about that?  Are you . . . asking for my permission or something?"  Did she want to jerk his erection off, try to seek some relief from her sexually charged mind in a very foreign body?

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In spite of the frustration, Kae's face smirked and he knew she knew just by his reaction and answer.  "I'm just trying to figure out a fast way to make this stop hurting.  The only other think would be for me to take a cold shower while you go try to find help.  If we're suffering through this, there might be others who have been switched too but maybe someone on this damn ship knows what's going on and how we can fix this."

Skye paused a moment and awkwardly patted her shoulder.  "I'm not going to molest your body, I promise you that much.  Believe it or not, I respect you.  Getting all that stuff down on Nimbus III to help the ship was phenomenal and the little I've been around you, I know you're a good person.  It's why ... why I'm protective of you.  You're part of my pack and you deserve being protected."

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It wasn't just that he was worried about what Skye would do.  He was also worried about what he might do.  She was willing to go subject herself to a cold shower while he went to try and find them some help, but he didn't know how much longer he could hold out.  Every motion had her nipples brushing against her shirt, every step rubbed her between the thighs.  What might have been muted a little by years of experiencing it weren't present for Kae.  He was new to this female body, and the sensations it exploded with were leaving him in a state of near madness.

"I don't think I can do this," he said, pressing a hand to her heart, feeling it pound like mad.  The body was taxed, needed relief.  Without even realizing it, his hand had slipped from pressing against her heart to palming her breast, giving it a little squeeze that brought a sharp breath out of Skye's mouth, a sigh that came from Kae's need to see her body receive some kind of payoff for all the teasing it did to itself.  He looked at Skye for answers, chest rising and falling so fast that Skye would have thought her body just finished a lengthy workout.  In this case, the only thing being worked out was Kae's endurance.

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"Yes you can, you're brilliant," Skye-Kae tried to reassure and then watched as the hand went to the breast, a look of consternation creeping up on the male visage.  While in the male body, she was struggling for control as well.  Even in the slighter male, the urge was quite strong for release and there was a wince as it seemed to flare to the point of nearly splitting in half.

"Kae," came the soft sultry lilt though much deeper than Skye's normal.  "Just try to breathe normally, it's going to be okay.  Don't freak out but I think we might as well do it and get it over with.  It's weird as hell but I won't tell if you don't."  The expression was worried but there was caring as well as the hand went out to brush the flushed cheek of her own body.  "If it helps, I can probably make you go real quick."  She knew her body better than anyone so it stood to reason she could set off the trigger.

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I think we might as well do it and get it over with.

Do it?  What did she mean by it?  Was she suggesting they have sex?  In their reversed state?  It would have been strange enough if they were still normal, given how little they knew each other.  Rihen had placed him in a situation and seduced him into it, but what Skye was suggesting was even more casual.  It was made to sound as simple as there being nothing else better to do, so why not have a roll in the hay with whoever is close by.  He should have been refusing . . . but he wasn't.  He was just thinking about how much Skye's body wanted a release.  Needed one really.

"What did you have in mind?"  He wasn't fighting it.  It was her body, so she should have been the one more horrified then him.  If she was fine, who was he to argue?  Maybe he should have been thinking that it was his own body that was going to invade hers, with him inside it.  It had been strange enough to feel the response Skye's body made to the smallest of touches, but that?  How would be handle that?  Like said, they might as well get it over with, see if it might get them better able to focus again.

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Kae could see the flustered state of the mind inside the body, given the wrinkles in the brow and occasional frown.  "I just keep hoping this is a totally weird dream and I'm fooling myself that we're both experiencing this ... freaky damn shit ... probably just my hangover ..."  Skye was started to not believe what was going on, to think it was just an alcohol-induced delusion and started to laugh.

"So there's a few possibilities," she snickered and tried to compose herself again.  "If we really are experiencing this, we've gotta get our bodies toned down so we can seek the help.  If you're feeling wonky about it, you could take care of you and I could take care of me ... just like we're touching ourselves in private.  We can close our eyes if you want and just sort of sit and ... you know ... make things pop."

Another snicker escaped.  "Damn this is ridiculous.  Wake up Skye.  Wake your sorry ass up and no more mixing drinks for you ..."  She waited a moment, scrunching up Kae's face as she tried to 'wake' and found herself still in the dream, still in his body.  "Alright, maybe this is my mind telling me I need to slow down, not be quite so free with my body.  Just have to follow through and wake up, everything'll be fine."

Without warning, Kae's hands were on Skye's face pulling in for an immediately deep kiss.  Using that distraction Skye steeled herself and started massaging a breast, teasing the nipples exactly the way she enjoyed so much.  All the while, it was like trying to move a brick wall over to the bed as she decided this was her body wanting something different.  Rather than the rough stuff she normally got into, she was trying to make love with the knowledge of what her body craved.

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Kae tried to look at what she was saying with impartiality, to view it as though it were someone else they were discussing.  He would have been agreeing with her that it was the best course of action if it was anyone else, so he should have agreed with her this time too.  Even so, there was still an apprehension, a piece of him that made him do as she did, and try to wake himself up from what just had to be a dream.  No luck.  He should have known better.  Should have known this was too vivid to be just imagined.

Then, she pulled him into the kiss, something to get them started on the path they had to follow.  At first, he had been so caught off guard that Skye's big, emotive eyes were wide open in shock.  It was only her actions, feeling how skilled a kisser she truly was, that began to soothe him.  He couldn't remember ever kissing a woman that way, even though it was his own mouth that Skye was using.  Her lips felt good, even when he was the one who owned them.  It was a reminder how arousing it had been to just touch them, how that made her nipples stand on end.  No sooner did he think it was Skye playing with them, palming them and brushing along those sensitive little nubs.  Kae's body wasn't strong, but Skye's frame was highly influential, offering no resistance to being relocated to the bed.

He fell back, Skye's hair billowing out over the bed sheets as her buxom frame fell onto it's back, looking up at it's owner, inhabiting the body set to satisfy it.  It felt weird, like looking in a mirror, but the mirror acting far more predatory.  He was willing to bet it was the first time Skye's body had ever laid defenselessly, never put up a fight, be it a real one or a playful one.  She was the dominant in this game, making Kae feel like he might have been in the right body for once.  After all, what kind of man just laid back and took it?  Their role reversal was actually well suited.

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Thankfully uniforms were, well, uniform.  With hands larger and fingers thicker than she was used to, she still managed to unzip her own top as Kae's mouth drew toe-curling kisses alternating with nibbles that drifted to the soft area of the neck and ear.  Working rather expertly, Kae in Skye's body found the upper half completely bare and the sensations would increase exponentially as one breast was serviced with a hand and the other Kae's mouth.

Skye had never had an interest in women, never dreamed she'd ever be doing something with one and here she was ... and it was her own body.  Had something blown up the ship and this was her place in hell?  But that didn't make sense either because Kae was such a sweet person.  Of course he was the shy and quiet type and those usually did tend to turn out to be some of the wildest and most experimental in the sexual realm.

The tongue swept around in large circles, gradually becoming smaller until the nipple was firmly flicked and then nibbled.  The hand finally began to roam downward, caressing over the abdomen and then rubbing lightly over the hot space between Skye's legs.  Even through the fabric it was sure to set off even greater surges of need.  She knew if she were in her body at that moment that she would already be wet and wanting to speed things along.

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As a guy, being shirtless wasn't something he should have thought that much about.  It wasn't anything too vulnerable, almost expected in many cultures.  However, with him now inhabiting a female body, he couldn't help but feel self-conscious, even in front of the owner of that body.  At the exposure of Skye's breasts, he brought her hand to cover them, only to be easily brushed aside when she was ready to claim them. Moving from wonderful kisses along the neck to touching her own bosom, Kae almost felt like he should have been taking notes.  This was a woman pleasing her own body, which surely meant there were things to be learned from the act.

Her back would arch as Kae's tongue zeroed in on Skye's nipples, sending a jolt of life surging through the female body that could hardly be contained.  This was a far more innocent Skye then she had likely been in a very long time, docile and sensitive to every little thing.  What must that have been like for Skye to witness?  To see such innocence on her face to the touches provided.  Breathing became much more shallow and rapid as a hand pressed between her thighs, Skye rubbing sensually in a manner that made Kae want to squirm his way free, but also to work his way into the touch, to make it all the more powerful.  "Does it always feel like this?"  He had to ask, had to understand if this was what Skye always felt when with a lover, or if he was just getting a heightened experience.  If this was the typical feeling, he could see why she so enjoyed the act of love making.

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